Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth

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Twas a day I felt proud to be a Gooner, seeing Cesc up there with his hands on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy… I didn’t care that he was only presenting it, in my mind he had won it!

The Ryder Cup team won team of the year and Colin Montgomerie got captain of the year, oh and Beckham got a lifetime achievment award, I must have missed England winning something then? I expect his next appearance will be best man at his new friends wedding in the summer, move over Harry.

Well the latest rumour is we are going to let Denilson go in the window to Wolfsburg (and Barca!) and use the £10million to bring in out of favour Jolean Lescott from City.

First of all I would pay £10mil to get shot of spinning head but it won’t happen, Wenger loves him way too much and it will be admitting he was wrong, as for Lescott, he is miles better than the two we got from France in the summer, but not good enough for us. I think it’s all just a press frenzied rumour though and it won’t happen.

Interesting debate on here yesterday about Barca’s fantastic youth policy and how they have proved it works, and that’s why we should continue. I said if their youth policy was so good why are they £450mil in debt? Anyhow, as the debate went on, I thought I would do some research.

Danni Alves, David Villa, Seydou Keita, Gabriel Milito, Eric Abidal, Jose Pinto, Adriano Claro, Maxwell, Javier Mascerano, and Victor Valdes all came from other clubs for money, even Pique did 3 years at ManU and one at Zaragoza. So 11 out of the current squad of 19 (their website) are not from their youth set up, hmmm some policy, then you add the kids they signed after they were 16 and there’s even less, how many came as boys? Well 3 actually, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi were the only ones that didn’t join from other clubs. And they only got Messi because they can get South Americans at that age and we can’t. So that leaves 2, the same as us, Wilshere and JET.

Oh and for the record, one player they tried to get and couldn’t, is Benik Afobe, who Steve Bould reckons is the best young player in the country! Whoohoo and up yours Barca!!!

Enough said about them and how wonderful they are, if you add to that the players of ours they took, Overmars, Petit, Van Bronkhurst, Henry and Hleb and if they go ahead and buy Cesc and Torres in the summer, the rubbish talked about their youth system policy, will be even more rubbished.

Swiftly on to us and what could happen this year, apparently we are considering a bid for the next Theo Walcott, one Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the son of former England player Mark. So what does that mean, we’ll pay him £60k a week to under-perform? Or does that mean he is super talented?

I believe Theo will be great one day, but he should be a forward, now if this kid Chamberlain comes in as an attacking midfielder and Wenger plays him in goal, it will be a waste of time, so why bother? Anyway we have an army of kids that may never make it, so should be concentrating on what quality there is in the window that we can bring in and help us push on.

Remember the days when we bought Gilberto and Hleb for little? And Petit and Kanu? Surely he remembers those days, and surely there must be players out there that are of that age and are good enough?

We’ll see and don’t call me Shirley!

As there were no games this weekend we can only speculate as to what, if anything we’ll do in the window, it’s a week until we play the chavs so we can hope that Everton beat the Northern chavs tonight and don’t go above us in the league.

Good luck Everton!

Have a great day grovers, it’s going to be a slow week and we’ll be speculating, so other than talking about the snow covered pitch, that will be the theme!

Watch out for snow leopards

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514 Responses to “Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth”

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  1. Gooby

    we look a lot better without cesc this season and we know what he can do when fit,

    him and nasri are going to rip this league apart, nothing would please me more than beating the mancs properly at the emirates and the humiliating the spuds in their shitty backyard

  2. Jaguar reloaded

    After wrecking the fortunes of the German superpower Werden Bremen,by selling Silvestre to them,it looks like Arsenal’s French mug Wenger,is trying to spell doom over Barcelona’s luck by selling them the fake Brazilian Denilson.Apparently,the main person who oversees the transfers Iwank Gazidis,had tried to include a BOGOF offer,by adding on another wanker in a football jersey called Dudaby into the package,which Barcelona took objection to.According to the Spanish tabloids,Arsenal will pay Barca about £12m,which will be funded by Le Voyeur’s greatest mate,the greasy haired spiky mug from the Iberians,Maureen, who manages one of the clubs from the Spanish capital.

    It could be an interesting transfer window for Arsenal fans,as another cash strapped club from Spain has come forward to buy Arsenal’s blondie Clownmunia,who is occassionally spotted across North London in a goal keeper’s jersey sharing pies with a French Voyeur.The cash strapped Spanish club,would accept Arsenal’s offer of £5m and Almunia.

  3. zeus

    Arsenal and Liverpool prepare bids for ‘next Theo Walcott’ Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Hahahahahahahaha. What a way to start my morning.

  4. A

    Diaby is no DM….

    Denilson is our only cover for Song, and even if he’s found wanting at times he’s still the best we’ve got!

  5. arsenal4ever

    A this is not out of world as Geoff and Pedro already said before we were after him before he moved to barca. Wenger needs to act if he is still ambitious.

  6. Gooby


    yes said once he was a “creative midfielder” and is played in that position due to lack of cover

    yes i remember you defended him

  7. Gooby


    that long post was quite hilarious imo, even if i don’t want us to sell diaby as wenger would replace him with someone from the reserve anyway

  8. A

    yes said that gooby?! i’m confused.

    Denilson has always been a DM, he was a DM for Sao Paulo, and for Brazil’s youth teams. He was just very good on the ball when he was younger which made people mistake him for a more creative player

  9. Gooby

    denilson looks better in a more advanced position or playing alongside a Dm who does most of the defnsive job, in fact when he first came i thought he would challenge cesc for a first team spot as he looked quite decent.

    can’t see why he went into the dark side

  10. Geoff

    What a wanker, how does buying players mean we’ll lose £150mil.

    Why don’t the interviewers ever ask how he feels about ripping the fans off and buying nothing with the money. And how he feels about him and the team earning crazy money without delivering a trophy.

  11. A

    I don’t agree Gooby.

    His best attribute has always been his reading of the game and ability to intercept/win the ball back through his anticipation. The ability on the ball was just a bonus, and misled people into thinking that he was something he isn’t.

    He just lacks the athletic ability to really make an impact

  12. Mayank

    Hello all haven’t been around recently, how pumped is everyone for barcelona. Whatever about the result but I imagine the atmosphere will be brilliant.
    Sure we may get humiliated but something tells me we’ll do them at the emirates and get a draw away.

  13. boozy

    if we get tevez, we win the league.
    bac dj vm clichy
    song fab
    nasri tevez

    but i know, how its gonna be by jan, after he moves to the chavs.
    wenger would tell us he made a bid for him, but it wasnt enough.

  14. A

    I wouldn’t be against that at all Gooby!

    boozy as if Tevez will go to Chelsea. It’ll be Madrid. We wouldn’t go for Tevez, he’s a quality player but a troublemaker, overpriced and on absolutely ridiculous wages.

  15. 78692

    Watched Madrid v Sevilla last night.According to Spanish media Tevez is on his way to Madrid. Fiorentino Perez has unsettled him.

  16. gambon


    Here are my thoughts on that lineup:

    We need a proven world class GK with szczesny as backup, we need a much better partner for vermaelen than Djourou, We need a better LB than Clichy, We need a quicker & better DM than Song and JW should be a squad player for now, RVP should be replaced asap.

    I like the idea of Tevez coming in, but that team wouldn’t fix our problems.

  17. Jaguar reloaded

    Chamakh should be the most overrated Arsenal player ever.I dont know how he is called a striker,when he misses open nets,and try a backward pass,when he is through to an open goal.If not for his work rate,he wouldnt even be a footballer.

    Bendtner though mediocre is far more instinctive than this one trick pony Chamakh.

  18. Jaguar reloaded

    Sagna–A new CB-Vermaelen-Gibbs
    Nasri–A new DM—Fabregas
    RVP Tevez

    Subs:Wilshere,Song,Djourou,a New GK,Ramsey

  19. Keyser

    If we’re bringing any in, we should keep the players we have for at least a while yet, let them fight it out for spots.

  20. gambon


    Disagree…he hasn’t settled too well but he hasn’t been treated to well either. He has 5 in his last 8 for France and clearly has a lot of talent.

    Dare I say it would be very similar to the signing of another young French striker at a huge club in 1999.

  21. Jaguar reloaded

    If he is interested he would take a paycut,just like Arshavin,though I dont expect the parasite to sign him.He would rather spend the money on a couple of unproven mugs from some shit clubs in France.

    You bet,if we have a chance to sign Mascherano,Alonso and Matuidi,the French voyeur would sign Matuidi in a flash.

  22. Jaguar reloaded

    Gambon,I think Benzema is a bigger name than Henry was when he signed for us.Benzema would be a top top class signing.

  23. goonermichael

    I agree with Big Dave. City have said he can rot in the stiffs if he caries on and they can well afford to do that. I wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone involved with jorabchian he’s a dodgy cunt.

  24. Jaguar reloaded

    Definite no goers.

    None of them would simulatenously fulfill the conditions of being cheap,French and shit,which is Wenger’s prime criteria for a transfer

  25. A.F.C Lambo

    Jag you is off the fucking head fella . You make me laugh every time i see Jaguar reloaded…you tell the truth just like geoff does. Too many ,i can speak the right way without swearing wankers on here. Loving Arsenal is not about writing well or being better than the next man. Some on here know it all ,my bet they really know fuck all about going to games and being a supporter. They just write on here everyday ,checking stats on google .

  26. David

    Credit to you Keyser,

    You always take your own understanding of what anybody else says regardless of how they mean it.

    O’leary was never in the youth System with Adams.

    Adams learning anything at all from O’leary is no different to any youth player learning from a senior team member.

    You never seem to grasp simple concepts.

  27. Jaguar reloaded

    gambon says
    December 20, 2010 at 17:57

    Dare I say it would be very similar to the signing of another young French striker at a huge club in 1999.

    Keyser says:
    December 20, 2010 at 18:02

    gambon – Anelka ?!
    David you are right mate.Some fans who lick the French sex maniac’s arse,need to grow up to the reality.This mug didnt even know that Anelka had signed for us a couple of seasons before Henry.

  28. David


    Its pointless really.

    Paulinho will tell you whatever you say gets translated into “Keyser language” that obviously only makes sense to Keyser and fuck whatever, and whoever point is trying to be made.

    I do give him alot of credit though.

    At least he tries,

    Engages in debates and conversations.

    Which is much more than can be said about the lesser creatures that dont have anything to contribute than to constantly slag someone off day in and day out.

  29. Wenger the Liar

    You go away for a couple of hours and yet another “Denilson is misunderstood” conversation breaks out on le-grove.

    If Denilson could defend as well as people defend denilson he would be claude makelele.

  30. Keyser

    David – It’s why I wanted you to explain what you mean’t, I don’t get why it’s soo hard for you.

    O’Leary went up through the ranks at Arsenal, so I’m guessing it might have been valuable for Adams being a young player to learn from someone who had been through the same experiences at a young age at the SAME club, relatively the SAME position and so on.

  31. David

    That makes sense Keyser,

    But again that wasnt what Jacob was trying to say.

    That is no different to learning from any Senior team player that came through the Ranks.


    LMFAO!!! 😆

  32. Keyser

    David – You haven’t mate, you really haven’t.

    What was wrong with jacob saying that you need foreign players to come in to get to a standard of compeition and quality that will allow us to produce good players ?!

  33. David

    Sorry let me rephrase that.

    Was Adams competing with O’leary in the youth set-up?

    And does 1 player from Ireland categorize a “critical mass”?

  34. Keyser

    David – So you’re saying we don’t need good young players foreign or otherwise for us to keep producing from the youth setup ?!

    That having quality and comeptition throughout the younger ages doesn’t really matter ?!

  35. goonermichael

    There was nothing wrong with what jacob said. It just goes against the general mood on here and he forgot to mention wenger is a cunt.

  36. David

    There’s everything wrong with what Jacob said because we did not rely on importing any youth talent to produce the likes of Ashley Young and Tony Adams.

  37. zeus


    Bendtner – I’m determined to prove myself.

    I want to get back to 100 per cent, get back into the squad and take my chances when I get them to prove I should be there,” said Bendtner.

    “At the end of the season we can see where I am, see where the team is and how well we have done.

    “I hope we will win something this season. We have a great chance in the Carling Cup which I hope we will take full advantage of. The FA Cup is coming up and we are still in the Champions League. I think it looks positive.”

  38. Keyser

    David – I was messing about with the O’Leary comment, I have no idea about the youth set-up then, you just seemed to take the piss out of jacob for no reason.

    There must be someone that has more an idea about the youth set-up back then or how Adams was integrated to the team, but it doesn’t really matter there’s just too many differences now.

    Jacob basically said you need foreign players to come in and help promote the quality and competition of the youth we already have because it helps produce better players.

    What’s wrong with that ? If you have a collection of talented players from different cultures and backgrounds, footballing styles and pedigrees than unless English football in general has the greatest youth setup in the World, it would obviously help players to learn and have a wider ranging skillset.

  39. Keyser

    Ffs, I was just going to put a bet on aswell. Gray spent 10 minutes going through all his headers against Citeh aswell.

  40. David

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that Keyser

    and i agreed with him

    until he mentioned Ashley Cole.

    Then it became laughable.

  41. Pedro

    Jag, if you keep abusing player and staff at Arsenal, I’m gonna sin bin you.

    I thought you’d stopped all that bollocks?

  42. This is England

    Just saw an advert saying that Jaguar’s may become extinct maybe there is a God after all.Knowing my luck the one on here will be the last cunt left.

  43. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedro,I didnt abuse our manager.Just that he was caught with his pants down with a slut,which would make my abuse justified.

  44. Keyser

    FFS Jaguar sort it out, I read your post, then I wondered when he was caught with his pants down, and what sort of pictures you’ve been looking at, right now I’m trying to suppress a completely unwholesome image.

  45. Jimbo

    Bendtner’s pretty good. If he weren’t such a crock, he’d be starting for us every week (though that’s only because senile Wengker didn’t buy a decent striker in the summer).

  46. David

    Hed be starting where Jimbo?

    On the bench?

    He does that already.

    Although I agree he should be starting for us in the reserves

  47. Pedro

    Lurch, he connects with Wenger’s wife… crying into a pot of ben and jerry’s phish food, watching a box set of friends to numb the pain…

  48. Pedro

    Lurch, I love the Villagers… ‘Pieces’ is definitely the song that sends him over the edge!


  49. BigRed1

    Jimbo, Bendtner`s neither pretty or good, he`s just one of too many average players we have in our current squad, you know the one AKB has been building for 5.99 years, and his main man wants to leave,
    how much longer can he get away with it?

    Denilson could be our new sweeper…….the Dyson`s broken

    Diaby`s postman complaining about amount of Red Cross parcels he`s having to deliver…………..

  50. Gooby

    Pedro says:
    December 20, 2010 at 20:08

    Gooby, why does that have to be racist?

    just saying people focus on the nationality sometimes


    hope our team is watching this, they could learn a thing or two from everton’s fighting spirit

  51. Pat

    Yaya is used to playing tika take, not this shit ManCity style.

    He’s not even playing his position for City! He’s their creative midfielder ffs!