Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth

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Twas a day I felt proud to be a Gooner, seeing Cesc up there with his hands on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy… I didn’t care that he was only presenting it, in my mind he had won it!

The Ryder Cup team won team of the year and Colin Montgomerie got captain of the year, oh and Beckham got a lifetime achievment award, I must have missed England winning something then? I expect his next appearance will be best man at his new friends wedding in the summer, move over Harry.

Well the latest rumour is we are going to let Denilson go in the window to Wolfsburg (and Barca!) and use the £10million to bring in out of favour Jolean Lescott from City.

First of all I would pay £10mil to get shot of spinning head but it won’t happen, Wenger loves him way too much and it will be admitting he was wrong, as for Lescott, he is miles better than the two we got from France in the summer, but not good enough for us. I think it’s all just a press frenzied rumour though and it won’t happen.

Interesting debate on here yesterday about Barca’s fantastic youth policy and how they have proved it works, and that’s why we should continue. I said if their youth policy was so good why are they £450mil in debt? Anyhow, as the debate went on, I thought I would do some research.

Danni Alves, David Villa, Seydou Keita, Gabriel Milito, Eric Abidal, Jose Pinto, Adriano Claro, Maxwell, Javier Mascerano, and Victor Valdes all came from other clubs for money, even Pique did 3 years at ManU and one at Zaragoza. So 11 out of the current squad of 19 (their website) are not from their youth set up, hmmm some policy, then you add the kids they signed after they were 16 and there’s even less, how many came as boys? Well 3 actually, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi were the only ones that didn’t join from other clubs. And they only got Messi because they can get South Americans at that age and we can’t. So that leaves 2, the same as us, Wilshere and JET.

Oh and for the record, one player they tried to get and couldn’t, is Benik Afobe, who Steve Bould reckons is the best young player in the country! Whoohoo and up yours Barca!!!

Enough said about them and how wonderful they are, if you add to that the players of ours they took, Overmars, Petit, Van Bronkhurst, Henry and Hleb and if they go ahead and buy Cesc and Torres in the summer, the rubbish talked about their youth system policy, will be even more rubbished.

Swiftly on to us and what could happen this year, apparently we are considering a bid for the next Theo Walcott, one Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the son of former England player Mark. So what does that mean, we’ll pay him £60k a week to under-perform? Or does that mean he is super talented?

I believe Theo will be great one day, but he should be a forward, now if this kid Chamberlain comes in as an attacking midfielder and Wenger plays him in goal, it will be a waste of time, so why bother? Anyway we have an army of kids that may never make it, so should be concentrating on what quality there is in the window that we can bring in and help us push on.

Remember the days when we bought Gilberto and Hleb for little? And Petit and Kanu? Surely he remembers those days, and surely there must be players out there that are of that age and are good enough?

We’ll see and don’t call me Shirley!

As there were no games this weekend we can only speculate as to what, if anything we’ll do in the window, it’s a week until we play the chavs so we can hope that Everton beat the Northern chavs tonight and don’t go above us in the league.

Good luck Everton!

Have a great day grovers, it’s going to be a slow week and we’ll be speculating, so other than talking about the snow covered pitch, that will be the theme!

Watch out for snow leopards

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514 Responses to “Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth”

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  1. Arsene Nose Best

    This is England says:
    December 20, 2010 at 12:28
    Wonder how much the club lost from merchandise sales for xmas,food and drinks etc on Saturday.

    they will come out with some bollocks saying there on the verge of collapse or some shit like that.

  2. Jimbo

    Bendtner is easily as good as Chamakh, and has miles more potential.

    Selling him now would be insane – we’d be better off selling Chamakh now, £12m should be doable.

  3. Arse&Nose©

    ANB and Jimbo Chamakh vs Man utd and Chelsea made more tackles than any of our midfielders. To say he was anonymous is an insult to him, the midfield froze and gave him no service, yet still he put in more effort than them.

  4. goonermichael

    Big Dave
    I’ve just told the same Italians that told me the rumour lAlast week that he’s gone.
    I’ve got some idiot going on about the ashes now.

  5. Geoff

    Paul they won’t lose it, it just gets postponed and they’ll get it back another day, unlike the chavs, they couldn’t read a weather report, the whole of London knew it was coming, I was almost out the door on Saturday, it was a disgrace they left it so late again, I know it was the refs call, but it was obvious the day before.

    Jimbo, I think Bendtner is way overrated and mat be good in 4 or 5 years time, me I’m fed up with waiting.

  6. Jimbo

    Geoff – Bendtner’s scoring record last season was better than Chamakh’s has been now. They scored at roughly the same rate, but Bendtner has a track record of scoring against bigger, better teams, who have no problem shutting down the technically deficient Chamakh.

    Bendtner is a great reserve striker to have – instead of dopey Chamakh, we should have been on the lookout for a quality starting striker last summer. Instead, we did things on the cheap, and ended up with a duffer.

  7. jacob

    I have to say that I’m still struggling to reconcile today’s blog post with yesterday’s. Is the consensus now that our youth system is functioning pretty much as a youth system at a top club is supposed to function, in which case yesterday’s bellyaching was all for nothing really. Or are we still gripping that we have a youth system at all. I only ask because I honestly cannot begin to understand the point of today’s post.

    A youth system at a club like Arsenal cannot just include 12 year olds.. that makes absolutely no sense. For one thing there are restrictions in place as to how far kids can travel and there’s no law of nature that says that the best youngsters have to live within a 20km radius of London Colney.

    A youth system at a club like Arsenal, Barcelona or even Ajax will always rely on the importing of youngsters from other countries to create critical mass of high quality and competition that you need to produce good players… it is therefore nonsensical to discount Ashley cole, Fabregas, Kolo Toure, Clichy, Djourou, Alex Song or even Walcott from those that have emerged from our youth system. I know that the default mode on here is try and produce as bleak a picture as possible of all things to do with Arsenal but it really does beggar belief to discount all the Ashley coles, Kolo Toures, Gael Clichys, Johann Djourou etc as successful products of our system.

    Furthermore.. Larsson, Muamba, Sidwell, Upson, Bentley etc, etc are all making a living from the game at premiership level. Sorry to spoil the dooming but our system works.

    Barcelona’s debt is actually a problem for the people who are calling for more spending … albeit they never tell us how much more we should spend and on whom but that’s mere detail…. it is also worth pointing out that of the 11 starters against Real in their 5-0 win Pique, Puyol, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Pedro were all in some way products of the Barca youth system. That’s 7 out of 11 starters in a spell binding display that rocked one of the world’s best coaches …. Not bad I’d say. BTW Victor Valdez left the Barca youth system when his family moved to Tenerife according wikipedia… so in all honesty we can safely say that 8 out of the 11 that started that match had been through La Masia!

  8. Arsene Nose Best

    rumour coming out of le grove is that bbk will be back when wengker gets the sack and shit players like denilsong,bendtner have fucked off with there puppet master.

  9. Jimbo

    Jack Wilshere & Kiearan Gibbs are the first product of our youth system to break through to the first team in years, and even Gibbs looks 50:50 to have a career here.

  10. Jimbo

    goonermichael – I can see why people don’t rate Bendtner. What I cannot understand is why people think Chamakh is better. He’s obviously not.

  11. nuudles

    I agree Geoff, we are such a big club we cannot risk playing someone like Bendtner while he is clearly not good enough yet, yes he might be, but you play a top striker, it is not a place where we can gamble on someone coming good.

    Gambling on someone with obvious talents like Wilshere or Cesc or Rambo or Gibbs is worth it because they do not play in a lone role and if they do not perform there are others who can cover for them, but because the striker is such a crucial role and a lone man we cannot afford to have someone who has such massive off days as Bendtner, the days where he looks completely disinterested and just walks about/stands still we cannot afford because that will cost us matches.

  12. Jimbo

    WTL – maybe, maybe not, I don’t really care. At least Bendtner can play a bit of football though, and, you know, shoot. Not amazingly, but a damn site better than Cham-donkey.

  13. Wenger the Liar

    Jimbo –

    Shooting is not the way we play, I suggest take those new fangled ideas and go support spurs! 🙂

    So not one of you wankers speak spanish, no wonder Cesc wants to leave.

  14. goonermichael

    Bendtner has ahs a lot longer in English football. Chamakh just got here. Even pundits who love slating us say Chamakh gives us more options up front. He’s not and never will be Torres or Villa. Actually I like Nicky as wel I was trolling a little bit.

  15. Arsene Nose Best

    maybe the wenger apologist’s might become that bit more pissed off with him if they sell that great player denilson.

  16. Jimbo

    That’s true, goonermichael, but that’s no excuse for not being able to shoot, or not have the instinct to take a shot when you’re 1 v 1 with the keeper – there are things he’ll improve on, but these are footballing basics that, if he can’t do them by his mid-20s, he’ll never be able to.

  17. Wenger the Liar

    “Arsene why hasnt Arsenal won a title in five years”

    Arsene “well it depends what you call a title…..”

    My eyes drifted over to the babe of the week at this point and i blocked out the usual shit that comes out the mans mouth.

  18. Nick

    I think koz will come good given time remember he was signed as an improver not a starter his been in at the deep end and held his own considering imo Squalici is the disappointment for me but again he might get better with time

  19. Goonerman

    Why would Cesc wanna go to Barca when he gets treated with credibility here? Sports Personality of the Year show and the Heroes Awards.

    In Spain he would treated like a Barca sub!!!!!!!!! Ignored.

  20. Nick

    maybe but he needs more time for me, before I can agree.
    Wenger does give to much time sometimes ie denilson senderoaf and to a point nikkib wenger has stuck by that prick and now his half trying to force a move, always was a big headed prick now he thinks his the fucking king of denmark you can imagine the way struts about the gaff cock

  21. Jimbo

    What on earth are you talking about Nick?

    You want to sell Bendtner because you’re imagining him ‘strut around the gaff’???

    He’s obviously a better footballer with more potential than the eejit Wengker bought to play in front of him – he’s done more on the domestic AND international stage than Chamakh, yet Chamakh gets every single game! I’m hardly surprised he wants to go!!!

  22. Wenger the Liar

    Goonerman –

    I am sure when we get turned over 7-1 on aggregate that the thought on the top of Cescs mind will be his appearance on Sports Personality Of The Year.

  23. Nick

    Anyway waffle over im off keep up the good work Geoff & peds might see you at the chavs game someone has threatened me with a ticket so see how that pans out if not happy crimbo and new year one and all.

  24. Nick

    Jimbo his useless more chances then enough to put his words into action I have always backed nikkib but the attitude doesn’t warrant the talent

  25. gambon


    Reasons for Cesc to go;

    – He will play for the team he has always loved
    – He will be back home
    – He will win trophies
    – He will get a payrise
    – He won’t get over playing injuries
    – He won’t ever have to play with Denilson, Song or Diaby again
    – He will play for his idol
    – He won’t get told third is a trophy
    – He won’t be promised, but never delivered, “super super class players”

    Reasons to stay;

    – BBC sports personality of the year appearance
    – Possibility of “the Cesc Fabregas show 2”

    Hmmmmm tough choice.

  26. David

    What were you saying about me joining the conversation at the end yesterday sixx?

    Or do you just have the over-all compulsion to badmouth David on a daily basis.


  27. Geoff

    WTL sorry, yes!

    Paul, but with all the empty seat we would have had just like last year, Wenger would have said it was Christmas shopping, remember?

    Jacob, I’m pretty sure you would struggle with anything I wrote, why do you bother save to read your own posts which I have to say are getting tedious, monotonous and a tad predictable, if you so disagree so much, why bother reading then commenting. It’s a bit like liking the sound of your own voice.

  28. David

    jacob says:
    December 20, 2010 at 12:42
    A youth system at a club like Arsenal, Barcelona or even Ajax will always rely on the importing of youngsters from other countries to create critical mass of high quality and competition that you need to produce good players



    Youre a star jacob,

    You should do your own stand up comedy.

    The man used “critical mass” to describe a youth system.

    Barca, Ajax, and Arsenal rely on importing youngsters, lmao.

    Its just hilarious rely, i guess this busts the myth about “homegrown” talent.

  29. Wenger the Liar


    Do the spanish literally say peace and love – paz y amor or do they say peace and charity and mean peace and love – paz y charidad?

    LOL sorry for the bollocks question mate, just want to know. No I am not joining some spanish hippie movement!

  30. Jimbo

    sixx pac – are you making this shit up?

    The stats say very, very different.Bendtner has a significantly better goals / minute ratio than Chamakh, both at club and Internation level. Better player, all round.

  31. gambon

    Sixx pac

    Don’t agree with that, bendtner has a better record at ing level….and I don’t remember chamakh scoring at the world cup.

  32. Geoff

    To be honest mate it’s not one I hear much in the circles I mix, mostly it’s tranquilo.

    Which is more calm, peace and take it fucking easy Geoff, it’s only a game and the fat German cunt will play us through!

  33. David

    Its Hilarious Geoff,

    We should encourage more to blog, Mondays need a few good laughs.

    You mentioned Ashley Cole.

    So which foreign kid created the “critical Mass” to make cole a “good player”?


  34. A

    I forgot about Silvinho, only with us for two years but he was class. Dodgy passport did wonders for Ashley Cole’s career though!

  35. David

    No worries Keyser,

    I know you often dont read before you interject into the conversation.

    And then blame others for the same thing.

    Its called being a hypocrite.

  36. Keyser

    David – I read YOUR post mate, O’Leary’s from Ireland, unless I’m wrong and Adams probably learn’t quite a bit from him.

    Silvinho was a quality left back to before Cole.

  37. Geoff

    There’s the thing guys, if you have, you have it, good players can help you get better but you could drop Song and Denilson down Bergkamp’s underpants and it would make no difference, Cesc and Cole on the other hand are like Nasri and Wilshere, they are born good.

    No fucker found them. Sorry Arsene.

  38. Geoff

    That’s funny, Wenger tried to get Palace to keep Cole when he was there on loan, it didn’t happen and then Wenger wanted the credit when Cole came good!

    Cole was from the GG era.

  39. David

    I appreciate that you read my posts Keyser and that you responded to it,

    Its just that you mouth off bitching about how people jump into your conversations without reading the whole story and youve just done the same thing.

  40. Keyser

    David – read what I wrote, the difference between me and you is, is that what I write usually still ends up having some resemblance to what the topic’s about.

    You on the other hand rush in, swear a bit, pretend you’re laughing your ass off and then write something that doesn’t quite make sense.

    What was wrong with with what Jacob said ?!

  41. Wenger the Liar

    Dont know how many of you have ever met Patrick Vieira but if you ever do you will see that all he ever bangs on about is the influence of Steve Morrow on his career, Steve Morrow taught me this and Steve Morrow taught me that.

  42. David

    What is right with it Keyser?

    You dont understand written English?

    Who was swearing?

    Or are you off in your dreamland again?

  43. Keyser

    WTL – Good point, and it’s backed up by the fact that I can’t ever remember Adams picking up Vieira on his shoulders.

  44. Keyser

    David – Just explain what you understood by his comments and what you thought were wrong with them, pretty simple, if you can’t then, well..

    I rest my case.

  45. sixx pac

    I really think scoring ratio is vastly overrated just like Denilson’s passing stats(right?). Chamakh has scored some about 60 goals for Morroco. He was one of the leading goal scorers in Europe last year ( as was Bendtner) and this year as well.

  46. Geoff

    Jacob is a bit of a sad prick, he just comes on to argue, never to contribute, can’t think who that reminds me of though, oh yeah London, that why I put him in moderation.

  47. Keyser

    Geoff – If that’s the criteria for being a sad prick, I think we can safely say we all are then. Bit broad ranging that.

  48. David

    Id love to sit back and watch you make a fool of yourself with basic comprehension Keyser,

    But i actually have to do some work now.

    Read the post at 13:41 Keyser,

    Its written in English.

  49. David

    Your probably to Lazy to do that Keyser,

    But if you or Jacob can mention the “critical mass” of foreign youth talent it took to produce the likes of Adams and Cole id like to know.

    You obviously see the sense in that.

    So id give you the benefit of the doubt to explain since Jacob isnt here.

  50. Keyser

    David – Ah, so now you’ve got some work to do, or are you trying to avoid having to explain what he mean’t ?!

    Have a nice day mate.

  51. BigRed1

    To guarantee a trophy in 2011
    Wenger has decided that Arsenal will be providing all 4 teams in next years Emirates Cup………….AKB!!!

  52. BigRed1

    Geoff, re Cashley Cole, i was under the impression that Liam Brady threatened to resign if Cole was sold and for once in his life Wenger backtracked

  53. Keyser

    David O’Leary came through the youth system didn’t he, Adams must have learn’t something from him even though he was a first team player by then.

    What’s the criteria here for critical mass ? O’Leary is Irish isn’t he ? Could be considered foreign ?!

    We’re going to really struggle over the next few days.

    At least there’s Citeh – Everton tonight.

  54. finestcuts


    If we are selling Nordveit we have to bring in someone better to replace him.

    Lots of rumours at the moment about transfers, especially now Wenger has suggested he may buy in the window.

    Denilson for a rock solid defensive midfielder? Would be good, dunno who’s gonna be available in Jan? Shame we didn’t go after Mascherano…..and that’s the type we need, rock solid and you have to pay a decent sized transfer fee for players like him.

    I’ve heard the one about Lescott, I’m not sure about him. He was great for Everton, hasn’t exactly been stunning for City. Is he better than Squillaci…..it’s difficult to say, Squillaci lacks a yard of pace, Lescott has it, although Lescott shows poor professionalism so if things aren’t going his way he might decide to do what he did when in his final days at Everton. And that’s a big risk because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow.
    Almunia looks like he’s off….maybe to Atletico Madrid?
    Vito Mannone looks likely to be sold considering Hull are languishing in the relegation zone in the Championship. I’m sure it’s not all his fault but if he can’t save Hull when they’re struggling there are big doubts whether he could do that at Premier League level.
    We really need a rock solid centre back to partner Vermaelen who we all hope is back to full fitness ASAP, and a defensive midfielder better than Song, even though Song on his day is good, but I don’t like the idea of him being given a licence to roam forward. Fair enough he won a game for us once with a last minute goal but the risk is we’ll concede far more than we’ll gain with this approach.

    Hopefully Wenger will bolster the squad enough to give us a fighting chance to beat Barca. Maybe we can get a 2-2 in the away leg, and win at home by a goal, and of course we’re chasing silverware. We don’t want to be K.O’d so early in the FA cup again and should give the competition the credit it deserves.
    And of course the League cup, if we win that…..that would put us in the perfect frame of mind for Barca, we’d be spot on and ready to take on anything……so the Carling Cup final as well as fulfilling the objective of winning a trophy also serves as excellent preparation for Barca against whom we were embarrasingly forced to play Mikael Silvestre who could do nothing to stop Messi. Wenger better not get it wrong this time……I know how much he wants to beat Barca like we all do, so this may be a blessing……that Wenger will at last get his finger out and buy us top quality players so we’re fully prepared for Barca…..that we giveit our best shot with the best available resources.

  55. leon

    it seams to me alot fans want have there cake and eat it too,you a cant run down wenger for not investing in the squad and then appluad him for keeping club so well run,for me i dont mind if the club goes in the red a bit to get a better squad.what poeple need to remember arsenal run the club as a business and will not entertain going in the red at all,barc may be be in alot of debt but they wining titles and top players cost money

  56. A

    finest Mannone has only just come into the side for Hull and he’s been superb for them, good few clean sheets. Certainly nothing whatsoever to do with him that they’re down there, would be more accurate to say that he’s the reason they aren’t lower down the table…. I don’t rate him but you have to be fair with him.

    Nordveit leaving is very annoying, I really thought he’d make the breakthrough this season. Not sure about replacing him though, we don’t really need to replace players in the reserves, the next youngun in line can step in to take his place….

    Lescott I really wouldn’t want, he’s worse than what we’ve got. No idea who I would want if Vermy was fucked meaning we’d get in a new centre back.

    Rather we got in a quality DM and Song would therefore be extra centre back cover

  57. finestcuts

    OK cheers for the news A, haven’t been tracking Mannone’s progress, to be fair I should have checked before posting. I’m glad I’m wrong then…..because he looked promising, especially when he played against Fulham. I presumed he played from the beginning of the season.

  58. BigRed1

    Leon, Its like having a local restaurant where the owner is up to his ears in debt but the foods fabulous,

    or the restaurant up the road wher the owner owes nothing but the food is not so good,

    where do fancy dining most?

  59. A

    I don’t rate him at all finest but he has been impressive for Hull, gotten a fair bit of praise. Wouldn’t be totally against him as 3rd choice if Almunia goes, just until the end of the season

  60. Geoff

    Keyser, well if the cap fits… I want you to know I said nothing!

    BigRed, then maybe a bit more of that should take place more often.

    Finest, where did you read Wenger may buy, do I get excited?


  61. gambon

    So I said Eduardo would leave and got told I was a doomer.

    I said Merida would leave and got told I was a doomer.

    I said one of Bartley or Nordveit would have to leave and got told I was a doomer.

    Seems Gambon and his merry band of realists are always right.

  62. A

    Nordveit didn’t “have to leave” gambon – he was obviously a greedy bugger and we didn’t meet his contract demands, therefore we had to sell when realised he was off for a free in the summer.

    Assuming he was honest with us and actually told the club that rather than the nobbish behaviour of merida and flamini

  63. Geoff

    Now that’s what I mean, we wait 3 or more years (Nordtveit), we are excited that we may have the new Adams and he disappears without a word.

    And that happens with all these young players we scour the world for, apart of course from Song, Denilson and Flappyianski, they go straight into the squad.

    Apart the the season one of them was like a fish up a tree.

    Then we get shit players like Denilson who come out and say they aren’t leaving, what a fucking downer.

  64. sixx pac

    Lol Jimbo. Check ur stats and come back to me. I think he has played 200 odd games and has about 58 goals. Don’t know where you’ve gotten 15 lol

  65. A

    sixx pac you think chamakh has played 200 odd games for Morocco?!

    he’d be comfortably the most capped player for any international side in history!

  66. gambon

    A, of course one of them has to go. You can’t bring 2 19 year old CBs through at the same time at the top level.

    We tried that with Denilson, Diaby and Song:…….and look how that went.

  67. sixx pac

    LOL LOL I have had a David Moment. Easily the most stupid thing ever said here. What have I been smoking. My apologies Jimbo. LoL Lol

  68. Geoff

    Don’t be a pair of cunts, Beckham will easily beat that, 15 seconds a cap means he won’t get injured and should beat Shilton’s record in about 5 years time.

    Fuck he deserves it, he doesn’t get any credit for anything.

  69. A

    I hoped that Nordveit would cover at right back and DM gambon, looked very very good at right back in pre season, very comfortable on the ball and intelligent. I reckon he’ll probably go on to be a very good player, disappointed he’s off.

  70. Gooby

    sixx i was on soccernet in no time after reading that haha.

    nordveit might turn into a fuck up, he looked good plus i thought we pay good wages for top prospects, can’t theo take a pay cut?

  71. gambon


    Nordveit hasn’t the pace to be a fb in a wenger team. He’s a good player but I think Bartley has been highlighted as the big hope, I expect him to be integrated next season.

  72. A

    yeah gambon nordveit isn’t particularly pacy certainly. he did well in pre season but might’ve been found out in real matches.

  73. Arse&Nose©

    15 days of rest for the arsenal team, then bang bang 4 games in quick succession! I hope there are no excuses of tiredness.

  74. A

    i’m sure the team will be tired Arse&Nose, we’ll need a good amount of rotation to get us through it – i just hope we don’t pick up too many injuries!

  75. incesc

    hopefully the game goes ahead on the 27th, i can see guys like lampard, terry and cole getting smashed over xmas and not being in the best shape on the 27th?

    or am i clutching at straws?

  76. A

    Could well happen incesc. I’ll be furious if it doesn’t go ahead – spunked a silly amount of money on club level tkts for it

  77. A

    talks to sign him in the summer with cesc going the other way perhaps.

    we wouldn’t sign him in jan unless denilson was on his way, and we wouldn’t let denilson leave with only mascherano coming in as mascherano wouldn’t be able to play in the champs league.

    we were in for him in the summer and he’s hardly set the world alight in la liga but i still think it’d be a weird one for january transfer window

  78. A

    why not incesc – it’d potentially weaken us before our game with them! we’d need to offload someone to fit him in, and mascherano would be cup tied, so we’d be minus a squad player!

  79. denis

    Mascherano ll never join us ! Mark my words… i’m sure Wenger ll bring a french midfielder now or this summer. A guy like Matuidi…

  80. incesc

    oh yeah his cup tied.

    it wouldnt weaken us tho.

    it would help our league chances.

    masch sitting infront of vermalaen and a new keeper who we would also buy.

    plus rvp playing 7 games in the 2nd half of the season and cesc hitting some form.

    we might get 4th!!!! wooohooo

  81. A

    Yeah I mean weaken us vs them incesc.

    I would assume that IF it was true, then it would mean that Denilson chat is true, and we’d be without a sub DM in the champs league….

    League wise though he’d make a big big difference