Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth

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Twas a day I felt proud to be a Gooner, seeing Cesc up there with his hands on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year trophy… I didn’t care that he was only presenting it, in my mind he had won it!

The Ryder Cup team won team of the year and Colin Montgomerie got captain of the year, oh and Beckham got a lifetime achievment award, I must have missed England winning something then? I expect his next appearance will be best man at his new friends wedding in the summer, move over Harry.

Well the latest rumour is we are going to let Denilson go in the window to Wolfsburg (and Barca!) and use the £10million to bring in out of favour Jolean Lescott from City.

First of all I would pay £10mil to get shot of spinning head but it won’t happen, Wenger loves him way too much and it will be admitting he was wrong, as for Lescott, he is miles better than the two we got from France in the summer, but not good enough for us. I think it’s all just a press frenzied rumour though and it won’t happen.

Interesting debate on here yesterday about Barca’s fantastic youth policy and how they have proved it works, and that’s why we should continue. I said if their youth policy was so good why are they £450mil in debt? Anyhow, as the debate went on, I thought I would do some research.

Danni Alves, David Villa, Seydou Keita, Gabriel Milito, Eric Abidal, Jose Pinto, Adriano Claro, Maxwell, Javier Mascerano, and Victor Valdes all came from other clubs for money, even Pique did 3 years at ManU and one at Zaragoza. So 11 out of the current squad of 19 (their website) are not from their youth set up, hmmm some policy, then you add the kids they signed after they were 16 and there’s even less, how many came as boys? Well 3 actually, Messi, Iniesta and Xavi were the only ones that didn’t join from other clubs. And they only got Messi because they can get South Americans at that age and we can’t. So that leaves 2, the same as us, Wilshere and JET.

Oh and for the record, one player they tried to get and couldn’t, is Benik Afobe, who Steve Bould reckons is the best young player in the country! Whoohoo and up yours Barca!!!

Enough said about them and how wonderful they are, if you add to that the players of ours they took, Overmars, Petit, Van Bronkhurst, Henry and Hleb and if they go ahead and buy Cesc and Torres in the summer, the rubbish talked about their youth system policy, will be even more rubbished.

Swiftly on to us and what could happen this year, apparently we are considering a bid for the next Theo Walcott, one Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the son of former England player Mark. So what does that mean, we’ll pay him £60k a week to under-perform? Or does that mean he is super talented?

I believe Theo will be great one day, but he should be a forward, now if this kid Chamberlain comes in as an attacking midfielder and Wenger plays him in goal, it will be a waste of time, so why bother? Anyway we have an army of kids that may never make it, so should be concentrating on what quality there is in the window that we can bring in and help us push on.

Remember the days when we bought Gilberto and Hleb for little? And Petit and Kanu? Surely he remembers those days, and surely there must be players out there that are of that age and are good enough?

We’ll see and don’t call me Shirley!

As there were no games this weekend we can only speculate as to what, if anything we’ll do in the window, it’s a week until we play the chavs so we can hope that Everton beat the Northern chavs tonight and don’t go above us in the league.

Good luck Everton!

Have a great day grovers, it’s going to be a slow week and we’ll be speculating, so other than talking about the snow covered pitch, that will be the theme!

Watch out for snow leopards

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514 Responses to “Cesc wins BBC Sports Personality of the Year / Exploding the Barca Youth myth”

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  1. Kreshnik

    Fully agree on that A, 100% and exactly what we needed in the summer. Would have been 7 – 10 points higher in the league now if we’d have gotten him. And probably topped our UCL group.

  2. Big Dave

    Yaya is crap and never gives you 3 + good games in a row, very overated. Not in the same class as Essien.

    Gambon. Casting couch

  3. Jaguar reloaded

    Pedders,please edit the home page of LG on Facebook.Reviews is wrongly spelt,and some other improvements can be made on it as well.
    And is that you,who look like a gay bastard on fan page?


  4. patthegooner

    Fucking well done Everton

    And well done David Moyes.

    in the first few mins after the sending off, you could only see Man City getting the goals back and going onto to win it.

    Moyes changed the personnel and the shape and it worked a treat.

    I wish I could be praising my own clubs manager for a tactical masterstroke like that a little more often.

  5. gambon

    I wonder what moves could do with a £120m wage bill available to him and £130m in his skyrocket?

    Top managerial talent.

  6. Kreshnik

    I don’t know A, I think that if we actually wanted to, we could have gotten him. Especially given that our style of play would have been more attractive and familiar to him than City’s.

  7. A

    Don’t agree at all Kreshnik, he went to City and is paid double what our highest paid players are. He was also unhappy with our treatment of his brother.

    He said that we were in for him in the summer didn’t he?

  8. BigRed1

    It`s official, he`s staying, what board is gonna get rid of a manager that get`s £38,000,000 for Adebuywhore and pub player Toure and has the sense not to buy the other pub player Yaya.

    But Arsene mate as its Christmas

    maybe a couple of prezzies from Harrods and not the Pound Shop this New Year………..

  9. patthegooner

    I dont think it will be long before a top club gives Moyes a chance.

    It would not surprise me if Man Ure take him on to replace Ferguson.

    still dont think I would like him at Arsenal, but he is one of the better managers in the PL.

  10. patthegooner


    How could I forget that little nugget.

    Might be because I have not clicked on one of their bullshit links in years.

  11. Daniel

    Yeah, just making sure that all of the guys circle-jerking over Everton’s result realize that.

    That said, it was a great result for Everton, and us as well.

  12. David

    Only reason why i would even say we should keep Kolo is to get Yaya and then we sell him off imo.

    Wenger shouldve been patient. Kolo wouldve brought his brother to us.

    But as far as being a CB Kolo wouldnt have improved what we have right now.

    You can see how dodgy he has always been with that Cahill goal.

  13. David

    I went too far didnt I.

    I shouldve said you can see how dodgy he has been as of recently he’s been on the decline for the last 3 years.

  14. Samir

    Just saying Daniel :L
    This team isn’t good enough. Everyone knows it deep down as-well…Back in the old day’s I feel comfortable playing ANY team in the world…These days I’m shitting my pants against most teams 😐

  15. Daniel

    Fair enough, Samir. I agree, we are not the best team in the world but we are certainly in the top 10. More good things are said about the Spuds (even though they are 5 points behind us and spend much more money on transfers) than about us on this blog. When AW finally goes I’m pretty sure that a lot of people here are either going to disappear, find something else to moan about, or admit that they’re not actually fans and admit their loyalty for another team (Jaguar).

  16. Marko

    They still say Fabregas learnt his trade at Barca but he left them at 16 and has played for us till now so I’d say he’s more from our youth than theirs

  17. zeus

    Why even argue over Lescott. It won’t happen.

    And heres an idea, if you thunk we have shit players, how about we remedy that by buying a good player, instead of marginally less shit player.

    Lescott isn’t even first choice at City, doesn’t that say something.

  18. Moray

    hmm, I have the feeling that we could even make a good defender look ordinary. for example, Gallas is a very good defeder, and very accomplished, however he did look ropey at the heart of our defence.

    Is it our training, formation, mentality or manager decisions?

    And i don’t think Lescott is that good. We need at least one back with strong international experience and the ability to LEAD. someone who can head a goal or two in from corners would be nice too. Especially now we have Jack taking decent ones.

  19. Kushagra India

    that our youth system is acting just fine and its not the root of all our problems ….especially being trophy less for 5 years and except South America everyone buys foreign talent for their youth academies .
    Every new owner harps on developing a strong youth set up….John Henry is a prime example

  20. Kushagra India

    Henry said, “On the field we have to be smarter… Arsenal and Man U have depth that is young and capable. We do not. We have a lot of work to do there. A lot of work. And we will, but we have to be smart about it.”

  21. GARY C

    I read the interview that AW gave. Does anyone give credence to what this man says anymore?”Would you rather have 2 points or lose £150 million?”WTF is that all about?. Even by his deluded standards, that interview was on a different planet

  22. zizou

    I can not understand why Arsenal fans do not rate Laurent Koscienlny he was our best defender by far, and in year time this player will be a legend as Nasri is now, and to be fair Johan Djourou did have a great game, just keep the hard work son, you will be one of the best in 3 years time, and i am glad that Diaby is back because Jack need a break, and please keep away from the booze you are a prof footballer for God seek. we do not need a Gazza in Arsenal team.