Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.

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Arsenal have confirmed that Ryo Miyaichi, an 18 year-old Japanese striker is joining in January, good move if he gets an exceptional talent visa like Song got but if he gets the Wellington Silva treatment we may have to wait 5 years to see him.

So is it a masterstroke signing or a cynical ploy to make more money, but this time out of the Japanese market, hmmm all these long termers are great, if they all work.

I remember Jermaine Pennant was the next big thing, him and David Bentley, Fabrice Muamba (England under 17’s) Senderos, Bendtner, Vela, Nordtveit, Larsson etc, etc, then what happened?

It’s great if it works out like Cesc, but it’s not so great if you wait and wait and get some of the above.

However there are some young’uns out there that are good right now, so if we sign Eden Hazard who himself is just 19, then we could have 2 wingers.

Lech Poznan striker Artjoms Rudnevs who at 22 years old has also said his dream is to play for the Arsenal, so one definite and two that are desperate to join, now I don’t know what Rudnevs is like, but I know Bendtner and Vela won’t make it so why not?

Swap Clichy with Benzema and stick Vermaelen in at left back and we are starting to look like we can take barca on.

What about Connor Wickham at Ipswich? I remember the chasing of Luke Freeman but I haven’t heard anything about him really, Afobe and Aneka yes, but not Luke Freeman and I’m sure they were all the same age group.

We seem to spend a lot of energy on young kids that rarely make it but not so much time on those slightly older that could benefit from playing in our team right now, they may become world class and not major disappointments like Senderos, Pennant or Bentley, though right now, I’d take Senderos over the two clowns he signed in the summer from France, wouldn’t you?

Eden Hazard is 19 years old, Serdar Tasci is 23, Per Mertesacker 26 and all of them want a move, so why not us, we could sell the players that other clubs want and finance these players with them.

Imagine having Germany’s centre backs in there, a couple of wingers and maybe Karim Benzema up front, or some of the others I mentioned, Connor Wickham says he wants to play for us, if we miss out on him, he’ll go to Spurs and you know he’ll be the nuts.

We could use Tomas Vermaelen as a left back or a DM so we would be spoilt for choice, right now though it’s not working, some from this lot may give us a real go, what do you think?

Look at who we would lose Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Randall, Rosicky, Koscielny and Squillaci, would you miss them? I wouldn’t.

I really like Vela, we waited 5 years to see him in an Arsenal shirt, he makes his debut and looks great, then we don’t see him again, and on the rare occasion we do, he’s hurried and I feel for him, but you know thats it, he’ll soon be gone, so 5 years of anticipation then nothing, and that happens a lot with our kids.

I was told the Wenger didn’t like what he was doing with his personal life, well enough said with that little kettle and pot!

Have a great Day grovers and let’s hope the big freeze thaws quickly, no football is boring, at least in the summer we could play golf!

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509 Responses to “Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.”

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  1. gambon

    It does confuse me that fans are quick to write off players the second that reach 30, but refuse to believe a 61 year old may not be able to do his job properly.

  2. patthegooner


    I was a big fan of Hleb and Flamini. Especially Flamini who I even liked when we had him at LB. And there have been a few games this season where we could have done with him at LB. I think we could cope with Hleb moving but Flamini was a massive loss and I honestly think that he and Cesc would have gone on to form a awesome partnership in midfield. I wonder if we would still be playing 4-4-2 now if he had stayed.

    You have hit the nail on the head there. I remember the comments coming out from the club about paying the best wages, and attracting the best players when we moved. I think they should be more honest. I also think it is a case of cry wolf now though. It might be coincidence but there does seem to be an annual acceptance of why it all went wrong and a veiled message that something will be done about it roughly about the same time as season ticket renewal. If the drought continues, I am not sure how long the current regime will survive for as I can see the gaps on matchday are getting bigger and more frequent despite what the stadium announcer says.

    I also remember a teenager called Wreh who chipped in with some valuable goals at the same time as Anelka.

    You are right none of this is new, but I think it is worse. I feel we are 2-3 players from really challenging and probably dominating the PL. What frustrates me is that those players could have been introduced over the last few years, yet to do so now would be classed as irresponsible.

  3. Arsene Nose Best

    what you also have to say is we had players who knew how to defend back then,we also had players who were willing to win at all cost’s,we don’t have that now.

  4. jacob


    you build a team with the players you have and each team reflects the strengths of its strongest parts. A team with Theirry Henry as its spearhead is never going to play the same way as a team with Fabregas and Nasri pulling the strings. I’d have thought that you’d know that much?

    On the one hand some folks on here accuse Wenger of inflexibility whilst on the other you accuse him of failing because he has tried to build a team that can most effectively utilise the qualities of its current best members. Which is it?

    We don’t have Thierry Henry any more. We don’t have Vieira any more either… we do have Fabregas and Van Persie and Nasri though.. are you suggesting that we play the way we used to play even though the personnel at our disposal possess very different qualities?

    The easiest thing in the world is to look back on some golden era that’s past and lament everything today whilst glorifying the past… all i can say is thank God Wenger lives in the present and deals with reality.

  5. goonergerry

    Jacob-what utter garbage. Arsenals record against the top 2 in the last 21/2 seasons is nothing short of embarrassing. Arsenal have become far too reliant on the youth policy. As a cure all it doesnt work-the aim of a football team is to win matches and trophies, not to make money. Making money is a means to an end-not an end in itself. Sixty thousand people dont turn up every other week to see a bunch of kids get rolled by our rivals-and then go home happy because the clubs making a fat profit.
    Arsenal have fallen behind our rivals because too much is expected of too many inexpeienced players too soon-and the club has failed to invest sufficiently in players who can defend.

  6. incesc


    you are a good representative of all that is wrong with the club.

    we moved to the emirates to compete and join the elite clubs in world football.

    but now we have the stadium and the financial clout we are still from fan to board level happy with mediocrity.

  7. Arsene Nose Best

    all i can say is thank God Wenger lives in the present and deals with reality.

    the reality is,we can’t DEFEND,no wonder we are not beating the big teams.

  8. BigRed1

    The gloom and doom is what we we had and what we have now.
    We were exciting to watch, now its just melting away like the snow, gone is the tingle of Champions league nights,
    gone is the thrill whenever the opposition were attacking
    you knew at any second it could be almost a cavalry charge down the other end,
    its like watching 5 a side football now
    after 20 minutes its mexican wave time

  9. gambon


    Did they fuck the club over?

    As far as I remember wenger tried to offload flamini to birmingham so he was never gonna hang around. Glen wanted to win something and could see that was never gonna happen at arsenal.

    Anyway my point was wenger loves the whole rebuilding process, Evra was completely right, were just a training centre.

  10. jacob


    I think that the reason Dein was so against the move was because he KNEW that it will take a bit of time before we could really compete especially as Chelsea were blasting us with 50 pound notes as Dein so memorably put it. If you think about it… 400m plus interest was always going to have a huge impact on team building no matter what anyone said at the time! I look at what is happening with the Spurs at the moment and you can see the same anxiety… Imagine that Spurs are willing to leave North London to us and move to Stratford!… and they don’t have a toxic dump to clear up!!

    I think that club and manager have done a remarkable job in keeping us competitive… where they’ve let themselves down was in continuing with the myth that Arsenal had wads of cash to spend. We clearly don’t have that much… in fact I’d say, having looked at the transfer fee table for the past decade or so, that the stadium would never have been built if our nett spend was anything like our rivals. We’ve definitely done the stadium thing in absolutely the hardest way possible.

  11. incesc

    its all wengers experiment isnt it.

    he wants to win the league with a bunch of average kids he is trying to mould into a top team so he can take all the credit and have his ego stroked.

    Its why he dropped arshavin for the fa cup final, so his “kids” could prove they could do it without the superstar signing.

    its also why he will never buy a fully fledged star of world football because he wont get the credit for making them.

    arshavin aside that is, but even he was relatively unknown in england before he came.

  12. BigRed1

    Wenger let Edu,Flamini and Gilberto slip through his fingers for £1,000,000 total, Diarra for £5,000,000 and he was sold on for 4 times that in 6 months, if he had a job in industry he`d have been fired,,,,,,,,,,,

  13. A

    yeah gambon, hleb went behind the club’s back to meet inter, and flamini lied to the club saying that he was going to sign a new contract then fucked off on a free. flamini wasn’t a massive loss imo, but hleb really was, such a nobhead though

  14. kev

    whatever way you look at it the mentality is all wrong from the top level right down to the fans. acceptance. theres always an excuse. thats where were falling down

  15. Keyser

    Arshavin was relatively unknown ? Are there players like that left nowadays, there’s always someone who’s been using player X for years on football manager and he’s won them the league and Champions League singlehandedly.

  16. incesc

    i think wenger either needs to be sacked or he needs to be a very humble, admit he was wrong to try and dismantle an amazing team and build a new team around a 17 year old, and go back to his old philosophy of winning games and trophies with proper football players.

  17. gambon


    You accuse me of living in the past comparing how our 04 team played with our current team then do exactly the same with our financial situation.

    The idea that we don’t have money is ridiculous, in the last 3 years we have retained over £100 m of profits. Wenger and the board have said numerous times…we are very strong financially. Gazidis at the q & a said that any club has little need for excess cash.

    At some point you will have to accept that wenger doesn’t want to spend.

    We could easily spend £50m tomorrow without having to worry.

  18. jacob

    Gambon… You must make this stuff up. Flamini was picked by Wenger ahead of Lassana Diarra and what Flamini did to Arsenal he’d done previously to PSG. Flamini absolutely screwed the club and the manager. Wenger told him to buck up his ideas, which in fairness to Flamini, he did do and Wenger responded by making him a starter. The club offered Flamini a deal, he stalled and stalled and then Flamini demanded way more that he was worth… something like 60k a week on the basis that if Arsenal wanted a replacement for him that is what they’d have to pay. The club refused and he moved on to Milan where he could collect a signing on fee. In what way was Wenger’s management poor in that situation? He played the player in form even if the other player, Lassana Diarra was actually the more gifted footballer. Or are you suggesting that Wenger should have dropped the player in form and played the French international instead?

    On Hleb thing I’m just baffled. Hleb wanted to go to Barca… we let him go for 16m and bought Nasri with the money we got… where’s the mismanagement? we should have kept a player against his will?

  19. incesc


    do you think we wouldnt have been able to build the stadium if wenger had done his job properly and got in a proper keeper after lehmann left instead of a reserve from the spanish 2nd division?

  20. A

    agreed lurch. interesting about ozil – only once managed 90 minutes for madrid.

    benzema i still think could be class for us, but he has no confidence at madrid, and playing with ronaldo really doesn’t help him. it’s similar to reyes and henry

  21. BigRed1

    The crowd need lifting, the team need firing up, maybe we need a new dynamic number 2 to kick start the whole set up, the team is looking stale and bored and the crowd are coming out in sympathy…………

  22. Pedro

    Jacob, Flamini was told he could leave the summer before he had a blinder. That’s why he wasn’t contracted to us and that’s why he left…

    Loyalty works both ways, he felt if he hadn’t have made it that year, he’d have been out on his ass at a shit club.

    It was shocking management from Wenger because he he let Gilberto and Diarra leave. If you have a player on the verge of leaving, you don’t get shot of a player ahead of him in the international reckoning and Gilberto who was captain of Brazil.

  23. kev

    its either

    A. wenger is refusing to spend


    B. the board is refusing to give him the cash

    one or the other but anybody that says we have little or no money is totally wrong. like i said earlier check

  24. Lucifur

    Agreed with ptg.
    Because AW has created a squad filled with brainless infants who talk smack & delivers jackshit when it matters the most.
    And we pay them serious $ to waltz around giggling when those lil’ fancy passes end up in our own net. What has happened to the “never say die” mentality that made me fall in love with the club in the first place?
    Don’t know why we are so often compared to Barcelona. Yes I hate those catacunts too, but with the crop of tots, crocks & bollocks we’ve got atm, & master Yoda at the helm, what gives?

  25. Pedro

    Kev, you’ve only got to look at the accounts and listen to the rhetoric coming from the club to know that it’s Wenger.

    I know for a fact that internally there was a lot of pressure for him to sign players last summer.

  26. Keyser

    That’s pretty much the whole point isn’t it, Flamini never said he was on the verge of leaving, and Wenger thought he was going to stay.

  27. Lurch LeRouge

    One could blame khedira A, service has been really average through the mid. Diarra’s making Song look talented as well.

    They’re really missing Alonso.

  28. Keyser

    It’s weird he never gets in the Milan team or rarely does, but he hasn’t moved has he ? Anyone still keep track ?!

  29. Pedro

    Keyser, as a manager, you’ve got to prepare for the worst. As a football manager, you should never trust the word of a player approaching a massive pay day… especially one you tried to ship out to Birmingham the summer before.

    We sold Diarra in January for fuck all becuase he might have been worth less had he not performed at Pompey.

    Talk about looking after your bonus before the good of the club…

  30. jacob

    incesc… who would you have got? You guys just spout this stuff as if there’s no context. Wenger has a budget for Transfers and wages… if he spends too much in one area he clearly has to cut back in another. The man is basically trying to keep the team competitive on a shoestring… look at the transfer fee table and tell me who else would have managed to keep us competitive on that nett spend… Wenger literally had to get rid of his highest earners from the invincibles to make sure that we could afford to sign the likes of Cesc up to a long term deal. If he’d bought an expensive keeper and Cesc was now at Barcelona you’d be berating him for not offering Cesc more money! And remember that the talk two years ago was of Almunia getting English citizenship so that he could keep goal for England… so how poor exactly was he??

    You guys think this management lark is easy… i suggest that you actually try it…

  31. gambon

    Lol Jacob, you are a true wenger apologist.

    He let Diarra, flamini and gilberto go within a 6 month period…..and replaced them with a 20 year old denilson, 20 year old song and 21 year old diaby…..its called professional negligence.

    In fact having just read what I wrote its fucking ridiculous.

  32. Pedro

    ANB, nothing my end… I haven’t had a good chat with my guy for a while. Diaby is back in the mix though and I’m pretty sure Fabianski is back in contention.

    It’ll be interesting to see who Wenger picks against the Chav’s

  33. incesc


    i would have got 1 of the 100’s of better keepers in world football you mug.

    its not like he was the only keeper available we could afford for 5 years…

  34. Pedro

    Jacob, this poor club you’re talking about gave Thierry Henry £200k a week in our first year at the new ground.

    It was never going to be a case of getting a new keeper over paying Cesc, what a laughable comment.

  35. kev

    keyser couldnt give a toss about flamini to be honest. he was never gonna make it and become a first teamer at milan. another who fucked up his career somewhat by leaving us.

    so hes really just a stubborn old man then pedro! its just i spend so much time listening to wenger lovers its hard to distinguish fact from fiction.

  36. jacob

    Sorry Pedro but I disagree with that… a manager’s job is to get the players playing and if Flamini was hell bent on leaving then he ought to have told Wenger. Flamini had already run his contract down with PSG so it’s not like he was doing this for the first time.

    And any manager has to balance the immediate needs of the team with any long term considerations. There’s no way we would have been able to keep both Flamini and Diarra and Flamini was absolutely playing out of his skin so IMHO Wenger did the right thing in keeping the player in the team. How was he to know that lure of playing for a top club in ECL would not be enough to keep Flamini?… Flamini was a fantastic player for us that season but he always was a greedy ass.

  37. Pedro

    Kev, just look at the financials (though people like Jacob will tell you Arsneal lie if it’s to protect the story that the board don’t let Wenger spend).

  38. Pedro

    Also, it’s called competition for places… you absolutely can keep three defensive midfielders.

    If Flamini had a history of breaking contracts, was miffed at not getting offered on by us… don’t you think Wenger should have seen it coming? He’s paid £6million a year to be attuned to things like that.

    In a normal company, you’d get disciplined for an oversight like that.

  39. jacob

    Gambon… you just weave these webs of fantasy. Diarra had already forced a move from Chelsea and he was totally unwilling to play second fiddle Flamini especially as Diarra was a starter for France whilst Flamini hardly ever got a call up. you just make stuff up. Diarra left because a player in form was a fellow french national who could have taken his place in the National team Wenger didn’t have much of a choice. Flamini screwed the club and manager and Gilberto wasn’t even starting when he left the club… a mature Brazilian international was never gonna sit on our bench no matter how deluded some of our fans are.

    I will however say that Wenger’s handling of Gilberto and the captaincy was one of his worst decisions ever as manager IMHO… giving the captaincy to Gallas was a bone headed decision. The funny thing is that I was in a very small minority of fans who said that Gallas was not captaincy material at the time!

  40. Pedro

    Jacob, so shall we just sell any player who isn’t getting in the first team? You don’t believe in competition for places?

  41. Lurch LeRouge

    Who was managing France at the time Jacob?

    Or did french player of the year Samir-the-man-nasri really deserve to miss the WC as well??

  42. Lurch LeRouge

    Whatever it was, it happened just outside the box Keyser so harsh IMO. He did go down easily, but it looked like a slip.

  43. jacob

    And how many years did we pay Henry 200k? We basically had to cut the wage bill that’s why we only sold Henry for the same amount as Tottenham paid for Darren Bent! Henry’s salary was basically unaffordable as it made Wenger’s room to manoeuvre exceptionally tight …

  44. sixx pac

    Wow defending in Spain is really shit. The Goalkeeper comes out to close down Di Maria and no one goes to cover the goal line. Shocking

  45. Confidentgoner


    Have you been watching Real Vs Seville?

    Do you see how active JM is involved in the game? Dishing instructions, responding to changing situations? We rarely get that from AW, that’s why am highlighting!lol

  46. jacob

    Pedro… Gilberto was a senior player on a reasonable wage. We simply couldn’t afford him on the bench. In a normal world, of course Wenger would have kept Gilberto… in much the same way that he kept Bould, Adams, Keown, Winterburn and Dixon. The point I keep making to you is that the last 5 years haven’t been at all NORMAL in any sense of the word basically because of the stadium.

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    AW doesn’t play tactical football at all Confident. He’d be the first to admit he sends his teams out with the same intention always. Only time he’ll change anything is put on a second DM when we are 2 nil up at 89min 😉

  48. Pedro

    Jacob, thing is, you can keep spouting stuff like that, but you’ve got nothing to back it up bar your own desire for it to be true.

    Look at the facts.

  49. jacob

    Why did he HAVE to leave country because of that? He couldn’t afford a new house? Pleeease. You don’t sell your best player just because he gets got with his pants down… and you definitely don’t accept 16m quid for player like Henry just because he might have a little domestic! hah!

    Gambon… Arsenal must be the only comapny on God’s earth whose accounts are so transparent… so tell me on which page does it tell you what Wenger has to spend??

  50. Keyser

    That was shocking, how many times would that get reeated on Match of the Day with everyone tutting if Di Maria did it against Bolton.

  51. Pedro

    Lurch, those tactics work when you’ve got world class performers in every department.

    Martinez is suffering the same problem at Wigan. When he was at Swansea he played great football because he had the better footballers. Now he’s at Wigan, he’s trying to get them to play great football… something they’re not capable of.

    I feel for him…

    Shit football will always win out in the lower regions of the Prem.

  52. Keyser

    Hah, I remember people arguing Henry left because he’d had enough of Wenger and being surrounded by mediocrity, good old days.

  53. Lurch LeRouge

    Don’t get me wrong Pedro… You must know I deplore his tactical naevity. I was outlining that it’s pointless to make comparisons between AW & JM. It’s like chocolate & cheese.

  54. ritesh


    Henry left because he was going through a divorce as he was used to sleeping around. Officially he said because he wanted to win the CL, the only thing lacking on his CV.

    He asked for a transfer to Barca and Wenger agreed as he had been a good servant for the club.

  55. zeus

    That MAdrid game was a joke. Madrid players with no chemistry whatsoever.

    As for Benzema, do we really need yet another player who doesn’t score enough but thinks he is a top player and future Balon’dor winner?

    That ref put a smile on my face as well. So many yellow christmas cards, a joke of a referee’s performance.

  56. Keyser

    Take away all the dramatics, and basically what Mourinho did was make a sub, yet because he runs around like a spaz people think ‘oooh, look at him he’s really making an effort’.

  57. ritesh

    Zeus, Benzema is shit, we dont need him.

    The yellows are actually the normal. But in the PL, they dont even give fouls for these things 😉

  58. zeus


    WTF are you talking about? hehe

    Said it before, I need to pick up basketball fulltime again.

    I would take up ‘American football’ but the season is too short and for some reason I think they are pussies for wearing so much padding. The European and Australian versions have players in shorts, shirts, teethe guard and maybe headgear.

    Plus I can’t get into having so many ads per game. Lets just have it already. Seeing the tactics play out is fascinating of the superbowls I’ve seen in the last 3 years though.

  59. Confidentgoner


    Best position for Nasri is in the hole. Then again we have several players who’d do well in the hole. Cesc, Arsh, VP. We lack natural wide players. Its like Wenger thinks wingers are no more needed i the modern game.

  60. zeus

    Not a Benzema fan at all right now. Give me a dude that is just for the love of God gonna pull the trigger and score. Heresy you will say, but Van cunty roy would do this team just right for me.

  61. Keyser

    Vick is awesome, like the Eagles, hate the defensive teams, bit like the Premiership, DeShawn Jackson I think ? Is electric, proper dick when it comes to celebrating, but he pulls it off.

  62. Keyser

    Zeus – You should see some of the fights, especially in Rugby League, just all out fists flying, like 15 stone of muscle just trying to dismantle each other.

  63. BigRed1

    Keyser re your suicide dig earlier,
    if its wrong to point out where mistakes are being made and where improvements can be implemenented is hardly going to have the Samaritans drafting in extra staff tonight,
    The Arsenal management team aren`t performing as they should and suggesting we bring in a new number 2 to get things firing again is not going to boost the suicide rate,
    apart from the lifeless Arsenal bench, either Wenger has to go or changes need to be made on the support staff…………

  64. Lurch LeRouge

    Nasri’s fine out on the flanks if Cesc is playing.

    But yeah he’s Becoming deadly centrally, but the hole? Nah not for me, I’d rather he was a playmaker.

  65. sixx pac

    Zeus I used to hate the NFL. But I gave it a shot and I like it now. As with any sport, you just have to identify a player and a team. My player was Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

    I know he isn’t everybody’s cup of tea,but he is a great player. Shame he’s out for the season

  66. Keyser

    BigRed1 – It’s one thing pointing it out, it’s completely another to be just generally miserable.

    The teams bored and stale, the supporters have nothing better to do than turn up to feel sorry for the players ? Come on dude.

  67. ritesh


    I think he stopped buying flying wingers afer Overmars/Reyes & co were slaughtered by defenders regularly…without protection from refs as usual.

  68. gambon

    Lukaku is everything we don’t need……17 year old, promising striker.

    We have good backup strikers, what we need is a great striker for the first xi.

  69. Confidentgoner

    Mind you need a guy with presence. The Lukaku guy is stronger than any of our forwards already, even at 17. Is that his real age????

  70. Confidentgoner

    Aguero too short for the EPL. Eto too much ego, AW may not be able to control. Dzeko, another Berbatov- hit & miss.

  71. A

    Not much point thinking about forwards – isn’t gonna happen unless VP leaves as well as Bendtner….

    Unless Wenger see’s VP playing as the playmaker as a genuine future option, which I’d hope he doesn’t following the two trials that system has had….

  72. A

    VP is injured alot, and that’s the only reason we signed Chamakh. No way (unless VP gets a serious long term injury before the end of the transfer window) that Wenger would sign another forward, as that’d mean Chamakh not even making the bench.

    I agree though that we could do with someone who when through on goal will score more often than not. Maybe in the summer things could change.

  73. Rickys had enough

    It wouldnt be a bad idea at all getting shot of rvp even though i dont know what we’d really get for him considering he’s always injured.

    Between 10-20m would be good business imo.

  74. A

    If VP doesn’t stay fit between now and the summer I could see him being offloaded, with someone else coming in. I really would like Benzema, or perhaps it could be Lukaku though he’d be a risk

  75. Rickys had enough

    I think a benzema at arsenal would be a different player to the one were currently seeing at madrid.

    He’s got a bunch of mates at arsenal with a french manager (though im not sure how that would work after the french teams theatrics in the WC) but my point is he’s games much more suited to ours then it is madrids.

  76. zeus


    Not so sure about the height factor. We already have that in Chamakh and RVP none of which are going anywhere anytime soon. Just play him ahead of the infuriating Russian (much shorter than Aguero) and with the constant changing of positions and his eye for goal he would do well. Honestly believe him to be the next Romario, can’t believe he is staying at Atletico, real up and down roller coaster that club.

    But alas, we will sign no one. By then Diaby will be back before he goes out again, added to the Ramsey return. Up top we would need one of our forwards to leave but Bendtner won’t go and RVP will be fit for a month before his brittle bones give way again.

    At the back, you are seriously high if you think for one second that Wenger is gonna sell either Koscielny, a player he spent 12m on and identified him as one for the future, or Squllaci, a player who has only been here for 6 months.

    Look how long it took him to rid us of Senderos, a player brought to tears (as stated by his father) after Torres destroyed him in the CL. Instead of cut our losses, we had to go through 2 years of loan spells and bench-warming when it was clear he was not good enough mentally or otherwise.

    We are as we are til the summer. And then only 3 more years of Wenger.

  77. Rohan

    I don’t really rate Benzema. Don’t think he has the intelligence to play for us or atleast be what Henry was to us.
    Plus, he seems like a thick cocky cunty bastard with a shit work rate. I’m being very harsh on him I know but I just don’t like something about the way he carries himself.