Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.

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Arsenal have confirmed that Ryo Miyaichi, an 18 year-old Japanese striker is joining in January, good move if he gets an exceptional talent visa like Song got but if he gets the Wellington Silva treatment we may have to wait 5 years to see him.

So is it a masterstroke signing or a cynical ploy to make more money, but this time out of the Japanese market, hmmm all these long termers are great, if they all work.

I remember Jermaine Pennant was the next big thing, him and David Bentley, Fabrice Muamba (England under 17’s) Senderos, Bendtner, Vela, Nordtveit, Larsson etc, etc, then what happened?

It’s great if it works out like Cesc, but it’s not so great if you wait and wait and get some of the above.

However there are some young’uns out there that are good right now, so if we sign Eden Hazard who himself is just 19, then we could have 2 wingers.

Lech Poznan striker Artjoms Rudnevs who at 22 years old has also said his dream is to play for the Arsenal, so one definite and two that are desperate to join, now I don’t know what Rudnevs is like, but I know Bendtner and Vela won’t make it so why not?

Swap Clichy with Benzema and stick Vermaelen in at left back and we are starting to look like we can take barca on.

What about Connor Wickham at Ipswich? I remember the chasing of Luke Freeman but I haven’t heard anything about him really, Afobe and Aneka yes, but not Luke Freeman and I’m sure they were all the same age group.

We seem to spend a lot of energy on young kids that rarely make it but not so much time on those slightly older that could benefit from playing in our team right now, they may become world class and not major disappointments like Senderos, Pennant or Bentley, though right now, I’d take Senderos over the two clowns he signed in the summer from France, wouldn’t you?

Eden Hazard is 19 years old, Serdar Tasci is 23, Per Mertesacker 26 and all of them want a move, so why not us, we could sell the players that other clubs want and finance these players with them.

Imagine having Germany’s centre backs in there, a couple of wingers and maybe Karim Benzema up front, or some of the others I mentioned, Connor Wickham says he wants to play for us, if we miss out on him, he’ll go to Spurs and you know he’ll be the nuts.

We could use Tomas Vermaelen as a left back or a DM so we would be spoilt for choice, right now though it’s not working, some from this lot may give us a real go, what do you think?

Look at who we would lose Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Randall, Rosicky, Koscielny and Squillaci, would you miss them? I wouldn’t.

I really like Vela, we waited 5 years to see him in an Arsenal shirt, he makes his debut and looks great, then we don’t see him again, and on the rare occasion we do, he’s hurried and I feel for him, but you know thats it, he’ll soon be gone, so 5 years of anticipation then nothing, and that happens a lot with our kids.

I was told the Wenger didn’t like what he was doing with his personal life, well enough said with that little kettle and pot!

Have a great Day grovers and let’s hope the big freeze thaws quickly, no football is boring, at least in the summer we could play golf!

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509 Responses to “Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.”

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  1. Kushagra India

    ) Laporta manipulated the numbers. The the is not as good financially as he claimed. We knew that already. Checked.

    2) Sandro is manipulating the numbers. The club is not as bad financially as he wants him to look. Checked.

    3) Those who believe Laporta will say the club is fine. Those who believe Sandro just have to wait two years and read his financial statements then. Remember that you believe him when you read it. He will be talking about how far the economy is improving. “Its true Laporta’s era was full of trophies, but I-Sandro-Rescued the club” Hint!Hint!

    4) The bank loan was planned by the previous board. Sandro delayed it to reconstruct the loan proposal (hits his right as a new president after all). That created some mess. 70% of the bank loan was spent to close previous debts that was listed in the former board books in their last balance sheet (thats not an opinion, its the records that tell). So the debt didnt increase by 155 M.

    5) Even with this loan, Barcelona still has one of the lowest bank loans between the football clubs on the big stage. Records. The rest of the debt is related to operation management and services paid but not yet delivered. Bring me any company and I can make it look broken through playing with one number or two.

    6) As a practical example, There is the issue about TV rights returns that Laporta added as revenues as accounts receivable. Sandro decided that it shouldnt be recorded so. He will add it when it is actually paid. Thats few weeks difference. But it help skewing the books per favour.

    7) Back to Sandro the one who never lies 🙂 lets take a demonstration straight from the horse’s mouth. He said the following statements in less than one week:

    “We had to sell Chegrnskiy to pay salaries”

    “We have a transfer budget of initial 50 M plus what we get from transfers. Thats 89 M if you add Yaya and Chegrnskiy transfers”

    “We have 50 M transfer budget” Faus said so in his last interview.

    And still the club is trying to buy Cesc (as claimed) while every Barcelona fan knows that we will buy a holding midfielder as well. Do your calculations.

    This same club was in a bigger mess in 2003. Bigger loan. Collapsing entity. Collapsing infrastructure.Poor squad. damaged market value. You name it. I dont need to tell what happened since then. Today this is a club with one of the best market value. It is a cash generator. There is a squad and depth (youth) than can keep competitive for the following 10 years even without any transfers.

    Everyone says what suits his benefit. And everyone believe what they like to believe. Only time will tell. So rest the case.

    —From a barca fan

  2. gambon

    I love the way arsene goes on about spending £150m to try and deflect the question.

    No-one expects that, maybe if he sold some of his little babies and perma crocks he could see that, but instead he wants to give them all new contracts.

  3. A.F.C Lambo

    Good post Geoff. Like your replys to that Jacob fella.

    Good shout with your wenger (same old swerve shit) interview.That man will not stop until he leaves us with no respect at all. I used to love wenger but we are slowly turning into a team no one fears and can work out in the first five mins of any game.Never beating utd and chavs in eleven says alot about the man. TOO many average players no fight,passion or idea of how to change a game . United game showed everyone what we have got. Pep and his boys must be worried…

  4. BigRed1

    Has anyone else noticed that with all the managerial changes and possible big european club sackings Wengers name never appears any more, funny that ………….

  5. Gooby

    every club and every youth system buys players who are 13 14 15 16 or 17 it’s part of it.

    the clubs shop for talents all around the country or in Europe if the scouting system is developed and sign them on trial. you can’t just rely on local kids from Islington

    why don’t you see it once and for all?

  6. patthegooner

    I thought Arsene was a bit of a politician in that interview with Al Jazeera.

    He dodged most of the questions.

    I dont expect us to spend 150 million but if we did, I think that they would probably earn us more than 2 points.

    Why is it that when we ask him to invest more in the squad, he and some fans think we are talking about 100-150m investment!!!!

    It is bullshit. Look at the Transfer League Table since 1992

    2003 – 2011

    And since we moved 2006-2011

    We are hardly on the verge of being bankrupt

  7. kev

    +1 AFC. its just too easy to figure us out. were stagnant at the minute – not getting much worse but definitely not improving. the match against barca is still a good way away but it will show our true level i think

  8. kev

    wenger is in a job for life face it. even if barca thump us and we drop out of the top 4 i reckon most fans will still lick his arse. thats why things are so laid back and stale – theres no pressure to really perform and push on. hes got a great thing going and he knows it. what other top club in world football would accept constant underachieving?

  9. BigRed1

    Wenger was a brilliant manager
    then he became an excellent mananager
    then he became a good manager
    now he`s become just a manager
    that`s deteriorating season by season,
    how long do the fans and the board turn a blind eye to the fact?
    A few years ago he was in the top 3, its probably top 10 now, is that good enough for a club like Arsenal?

  10. A.F.C Lambo

    Thats what i mean .. No top club would sit back and do nothing to a manager who is badly underachieving as wenger.

    Big red . you have said it ALL in that one. No it ant good enough

  11. incesc

    guys i think i know myles news!

    big sam has just been spotted in london talking to some influental people!

    our christmas wish might becoming true

  12. BigRed1

    Big Sam in? Hence the saying be careful what you wish for…………………….

    Yep can see Sam and PHW really hitting it off…..

    I think you`ll find he got off the bus at Upton Park…………………………….

  13. BigRed1

    The most annoying thing is that if Wenger went tomorrow and a new mananager was immediately appointed
    we would have probably £20 millions worth of new players in by the end of January
    and we all know what positions they are likely to be, so is Wenger now holding this club back?
    Like it or not look what a change of manager has done down the lane,
    he`s brought the club back to life while ours needs a transfusion………..

  14. A.F.C Lambo

    I dont want Owen coyle at the arse . Fuck him . Fat sam is down for job at united , warming that jocks chewing gum .Thats all he is good for .

  15. T2T

    An alternative is of course to start to look at different formations. In South America, 3 – 5- 2 is not uncommon (i.e. 3 – 2-3-2)





    ——Chamakh—–v Persie——

    Subs: Fabianski, Eboue, Squillaci, Wilshere, Diaby, Walcott, Rosicky

    Contenders: Almunia, Gibbs, Koscielny, Denilson, Bendtner, Vela

    When defending, it would in effect be a 5-2-3 with both Song and Djourou drop back while Nasri and Cesc would be DM both extremely comfortable on the ball and able to release the top 3 that should stay at mid field with two of them keeping the width and e.g. Chamakh in the middle. That would put so much pressure on any attacking team that they would likely keep at least 4 players back. We can even swap Arshavin and Walcott to further emphasize the “attack is best defense mantra”.

  16. kev

    its just been too long since arsene has been questioned he has all the control at the club and he does as he pleases. he needs to be reigned in and some of the control taken from him. the biggest question i want to ask is – has he always been a shit coach defensively? did the likes of tony martin sol etc cover up his weaknesses because they were such good defenders? or is the current inability to defend because he just lost interest in that side of the game?

  17. Keyser

    People talk of investment in new players and say we don’t need a 100-150 million pounds worth of players and then completely ignore the fact that thats exactly what teams around us are doing to achieve what they have.

    That’s why people mention exorbitant figures, because that’s what football is now, just spending over the odds to try and get a step ahead.

    At the same time as asking Wenger to spend for the sake of it, you’re saying that you’d trust his judgement enough to find the right players at the right prices, while everyone around us has simply chucked loads of money at any problem they have.

    It’s like Harry, he’s spent well on a couple of purchases, but he isn’t some sort of miracle worker, those players were just playing well below the level they should have been.

    Uf they hadn’t have improved, they would have been sold, they had little choice but to try and prove their worth.

    Bentley has to be the biggest waste of money ever.

  18. Keyser

    Kev – Don’t be silly, no-one knows what will happen, it depends on who they are, and how good they perform.

    20 million can be spent wisely and bring in the quality of Van Der Vaart, or it could be spent just as unwisely and have someone like Bentley come in.

  19. BigRed1


    djourou vermaelen

    Sagna Koz Gibbs

    Fabregas Wilshire


    Chamakh RVP

    I won`t even try and explain it other than there won`t be any high line/offside trap
    and Djourou, Vermaelen and Koz keep their shape at all times freeing Gibbs and Sagna

  20. pharo9ja

    Sure wenger quality as a manager has long depreciated and even his presence in our club may be d reason for our inconsistency and recent failure. We all knw that but the major issue is what do we do about it. Do we slag each other just bcos we dont have anything better to do, or do device a method to solve the problem with our Arsenal?
    The truth is Wenger calls d shots as regards purchases,team selection and style of play cos he’s the boss. We the fans can get 2gether and make our feelings known by having a peaceful demonstration at d next home game. It beats the faceless nagging that goes on EVERYDAY! EES!

  21. kev

    only messing keyser – im gonna have to start putting that at the end of my posts! its just a matter of adding to what we have. i want wenger to spend a bit most fans do i think but nobody is naive enough to think were gonna get rid of 8 or 9 squad members and replace them all it just wont happen. our defence is pretty much a shambles at the minute so that needs to be improved ASAP. 20 million would get sweet fuck all in the current market anyway – it would have to be 20 million on one player

  22. gambon


    I don’t think he is very strong defensively at all. He inherited a legendary group of defenders, and used to put very strong central midfielders front of them. That said, even wengers early teams under achieved.

    For me wenger has been 2 different managers, the innovative guy that changed English football then this youth obsessed accountant. Once he achieved the beaten season and mourinho broke him he decided to give up on winning and concentrate on developing kids and making shit loads of money.

  23. A.F.C Lambo

    He inherited a great group of defenders and like you say put strengh in front of them. That was a team no one wanted to play home or away. He done the business …. THEN…..The last five years ?? I think mourinho was the test of him and he lost.

  24. kev

    mourinho AND ferguson. cant remember off the top of my head the last time we beat united or chelsea outright. its been said time and again here and everywhere else – a team will win fuck all without a great defence. jesus i used to love watching tony and martin. good times

  25. BigRed1

    Gambon, thats very hurtful cos boy have you seen us play some crap defensive line ups this season…lol

    something got lost from my posting to the printing, i`ll try harder next time haha,

    but the main idea is to keep a triangle in front of the penalty area to cover any breakaway and force the attackers wide, and Koz would be doing a proper DM job which Song isn`t…………

  26. Ja_Gunner

    T2T I like the idea of 3-5-2…. but I would line them up like this…..

    …………….Chamakh………..Van persie…………..

    When we defend the 2 dms drop back creating a 5-3-2….Even RVP can drop into midfield and create a 5-4-1 defense……

    This way, the 3 primary defenders…Sagna, Djurou, and Clichy would never have to attack, they can concentrate on defending always…..

    There would be 2 DMs one of each can join the attack if needs be…but they should never both attack at the same time….If song goes up Verm stays back..if Verm goes up Song stays back….

    I think this formation could work….Arsh would never be played on the wing in this formation…he doesnt have the stamina..he should always play behind the 2 forwards…

    In this formation is allows us to have 2 forwards up attacking…too many times Chamakh has been left isolated looking for help…..

    And with Theo and Nasri on the wings…it would allow Sagna and Clichy to be stationed at the half way line…they would not have to join the attack at all…they could fully focus on defending..

    Djurou in the centre for his height…so he snuff out most crosses….And given the fact that we only have 3 fit CBs now..this formation with only one true CB may be good for us…

    What do u guys think?

  27. Marko

    Vermaelen at left back? A bit of a waste no. I would like a Hazard and Tasci/Sahko signing though. Mertesacker is struggling this season. Why not Gameiro too and get rid of Bendtner. All ifs and buts though

  28. BigRed1

    Ja Gunner, as with all the other line ups that get posted, apart from mine haha, against ordinary teams it should be fine but against Barcelona we could be humililiated, thats why i favour more strength through the middle,the way Kamara ran between our CBs was schoolboy defending, Barca would have had a field day

  29. ishan

    disappointing article .Vermalean at lb against Barca ?
    it was becoz of Clichy that Messi had to play central last time we faced them . infact the goals we got at nou camp were from the right. Thats y Madrid want him .coz he is ectremely good against the catalions .Neway Song and Rosicky are good players . Letting them go r a mistake .Look the problem with gooners is that we only see our players .CAN U REMEMBER the last time WENGER showed some tacticalBrilliance in a match ?

  30. kev

    speaking of cuntalona – another big win last night. messi is unreal set up 3 i think. we need to get back to what allowed us success in the first place – get defenders in the mould of adams and keown and concentrate on playing as a unit. at the moment it seems were divided in two – our defence then everybody else

  31. gambon

    There’s nothing wrong with our formation, we just need better players to do it.

    If we replace Fabianski, Clichy, Koscielny, song, denilson and Rvp we will be very strong.

  32. Jay2oh

    Yeah saw it was 4 mnths old.. Just tiught it was relevant, thats all. Fella hopefully does well.. If he goes straight into the first tam.

  33. Confidentgoner


    Most fans have bought into the AW hype of low expectation, euphemism for 4th place due to ‘ building a stadium’. They ‘ve also bought into the bull of ‘the alternative is to spend £150m’, there is no middle ground for them.

    If you plan a demo, am afraid you will be in the minority. With these type of performances, it won’t be long before the neutrals start calling for a change. it’s just that we are just ahead of the curve.

  34. Keyser

    Obviously Wenger’s strong defensively, the Invincibles weren’t a Mourinho team, they didn’t sit back constrict the space and midfield and then hit teams on the counter attack, though even that we did better than most.

    They were a flowing football team, Abramovich changed the face of the Premiership and the way teams competed, Mounriho’s just a vessel for it.

    Wenger’s the same manager he’s always been, brings through young players, tries to be as efficient as he can with it, what’s changed is the environment he’s applying that to.

    The thing you question is whether Wenger can adjust enough to the new environment to win things again/ whether it’s out of our reach/ or how we catalyse the thinking for the future thing.

  35. D

    Seriously, where is this all coming from? Every club has got some success story and some failure story. I’m sure even Barca has lots of young players that do not make it, who at one stage showed promising talent. The problem in England is that everything is publicized and we know all the ins and outs so it’s easy to point fingers. It is a fact that Cesc moved to Arsenal because he knew he will just be another of those promising young players with out really becoming the player he is today. It does not matter how good a player is, he needs a regular playing time to make it.

    The other point mentioned in this article is about our crops of defenders. I’m sure any defender in the whole world would struggle with the mid-fielders we have. They do not give any protection to the defenders at all. Clichy has been blamed a lot but for the many times he was at fault at the Man Utd game, Wilshere was just standing and watching him, failing to provide what Song and Nasri were providing to Sagna on the right wing. Before any of u open ur mouth to comment on this issue watch the game again. Man Utd won because they knew how to defend as a team, the do not always relay on the back four.

    I personally think that Koscielny is a good buy and has done well. His distribution and defending skills are amazing for a guy who only has one year experience of top flight football. In fact, I like his and DJ’s partnership. If my memory serves me right, they have not conceded a goal while playing together and Wenger should play them together more often. Adieu.

  36. Keyser

    Confidentgoner – Maybe they’re in the minority because they’re wrong.

    Feel free to join in though, then they’ll be two and then a few more and so on.

    It’s weird how people think, they want change, yet they do nothing to implement it and then criticise others for not doing it for them.

  37. patthegooner

    Not sure about that Keyser. I think Wenger is changing.

    My question is will it work, it is 5 years in and everytime I get a bit of faith that it is starting to bear fruit, we have a West Brom at home moment, or fail again when it comes to playing Man Utd or Chelsea.

    Abramovich and now the sheiks have changed football, and I think Wenger is trying to change his ways, but what he wont do is follow the sheep by throwing money at it. I think he is trying to adjust by doing it his way and that means adopting this youth policy, and if you look around, there are other clubs starting to follow suit. Will it work?

    I am not so sure, Wenger is a stubborn man and I am not sure there is a plan B if it doesnt.

  38. Keyser

    PattheGooner – There’s the problem in part, we mention Abramovich and the Sheiks and Wenger in the same sentance, it shouldn’t solely be down to him to go up against them, either the board does something more or they should explain why it has to be a slower rise than normal.

    We’ve lost to teams Like Charlton before and people look on those times with fond memories. It’s how precarious it is now to manage a football team here.

    Chelsea looked as dangerous as they ever have at the start of the season, since then the contrast has been staggering in form.

    The Youth policy has almost always been there, it’s only stood out because we’ve taken it to a higher level for a few years, but now they’re not soo young anymore, we’ll continue to produce players but we won’t rely on them as much.

  39. gambon


    I think what you mean is ” wenger created one defensively capable team in his 14 years at Arsenal”.

    Utd always play attacking football, yet they can defend, because fergie went out and signed outstanding CBs, wenger just looks for cheap unknowns to satisfy his ego and keep his bonus.

  40. A

    gambon Vidic’s signing was no different to Vermy or Koscielny’s. Ferdinand though granted was big big money and top top quality

  41. kev

    i dont question is it out of our reach – i think were capable of winning everything if we go about it the right way. its great seeing young players coming into the club or through the youth system and making it in the first team but that cant be the only way of putting a team together. every team in the world needs investment and were no different. its a balancing act and at the moment its massively biased in favour of frugal spending. in the long run it wont work. man u real and barca will always be there spending money and the likes of chelsea and city are there at the moment with big transfer budgets. even if abramovic and the sheiks back out theyll have laid the foundations for both those clubs to be competitive for a long time. we cant expect to compete with any of those by just putting faith in youngsters

  42. Keyser

    gambon – Bollocks defensively capable, they were one of the best teams around and more so because they didn’t sit around waiting for others to make mistakes.

    I really don’t get why you post on here, it’s like you’re just here to wind people up.

    Fergie went 5 years without a trophy at the start of his United career, he went through the youth phase, and he’s had a board that’s kept pace with him every step of the way in building United into the club they are now.

    Because of that board he’s been able to sign those outstanding centre-backs for British record fees and it’s the team we’ve had to compete against since before Wenger even got here.

    ..and yet Fergie’s still signing the likes of Smalling.

  43. patthegooner

    I dont think it is solely up to him, I just think that clubs and managers will try and do it in their own way.

    Spurs and Man Utd have tried throwing money beyond their earning potential at it. Liverpool tried it to, but a poor manager spent big on some average players.

    I know we have lost to the likes of Charlton before, but this season it has happened 3 times already and the performances against West Ham and Fulham were hardly convincing.

    As for Chelsea, two things have affected them, for the 1st time they lost the spine of the team through injuries and in Drogba’s case Malaria (And look what it did to Kolo) and losing a favourite like Wilkins will have had a affect on Morale. I know they are well played footballers, but when they see a friend treated in such a poor manner, their love, loyalty and commitment to that club will be affected.

    The youth policy has always been there, but never at the same level it is now. We are always snapping up a kid here or there. Wenger did not do that as much in his early years at the club.

  44. Rohan

    That’s true that, I’m surprised Wilshere hasn’t been criticized in recent weeks. He really shouldn’t be playing week in week out.

  45. Keyser

    Kev – I don’t think it’s the only way nor do I doubt Wenger does, but it’s been something we’ve gone through for a relatively short period on top of everything else.

    I can’t believe anyone really thinks we’re going to do this every year ? Of course we won’t, I dunno about the rumours for Carvalho, but of course we go after olders ready made players.

  46. A

    Because at the time we have Kolo and Sol gambon, and certainly didn’t have a great deal of money then to spend on positions we didn’t need players for….

  47. gambon


    They were immense, but weren’t especially amazing defensively….just good.

    And since then wenger has made a real mess of rebuilding the defence. Poor defending has cost us so much in recent years its not defendable.

  48. patthegooner

    And to me, there are 3 big problems at our club

    1. Complacency
    2. Stubborness
    3. Lack of Leadership

    Complacency in that we pay kids far too much money, they get contract renewals with bumper rises for achieving very little, and failure is rewarded in the most part with a continued presence in the starting lineup.

    Stubborness in that we dont know when to let go of players. We have Rosicky who sadly will never be the same player as he was prior to the injury, yet we gave him a new deal a couple of games into his recovery!!! And players like Denilson and Diaby who are just not progressing, and are taking up valuable squad places that should be filled by the quality that is needed to take us to the next level.

    And a lack of leadership. I love Cesc, but captain material he is not. It stinks of an appointment aimed at keeping him at the club. Vermaelen is the only leader I see at that club. And the lack of it was all too evident against Man Utd. We were all over the place and desperately needed someone on the pitch to grab hold of the team. We didnt have one.

  49. Keyser

    PattheGooner – It shows how hard it is now, not in previous years and how even the most extreme approaches can fall down.

    Chelsea aren’t as infalliblle as before simply because at some point, Abramovich couldn’t keep spending what he did, they’re starting to feel the effects of that, nothing else.

    If you look at what you’ve listed we’ve had to deal with far harsher conditions than that.

    Look at what Wenger did do in his early years, in his second season, he supplemented the squad with a whole host of players.

  50. gambon


    We had enough money to buy kids left right and centre. Wenger was pleading poverty then paying 9m for a 16 year old with 20 championship games under his belt.

  51. Keyser

    gambon – That’s because you consider things in isoltaion, we were a quality defensive even more so because of our attacking philosophy, where they fell down was the quality of squad.

    It hasn’t got so much to do with the defence as getting the quality throughout the side right, Chelsea have struggled just as much trying to score goals as because of their defence.

  52. patthegooner

    I think Abramovich has probably been left a little dissapointed Keyser.

    I imagine he had visions of building a super club with a huge stadium and a huge fan base.

    Yet for his outlay, has he had a good return on it?

    I dont think so, I know he has won the league, but the CL continues to elude him, The fan base is not growing and when the likes of Robinho snub him, it shows that maybe he still cant attract the worlds best players.

    I think he is now sick of throwing money at it, and that is why he is starting to demand a return on the vast sums he invested in their academy.

    I would question whether his appetite for the club is anywhere near as strong as it was 7 years ago, and I wonder if you will see him concentrating more on the 2018 World cup in the next few years.

  53. Keyser

    PattheGooner – There’s nothing wrong with Rosicky, Denilson or Diaby, it’s whether there should be better players in front.

    We need that deep a squad to compete nowadays and even then you need some luck.

  54. gambon


    Agreed. I don’t think we have any 1 huge problem, just lots of things that need tweaking.


    – we can’t defend
    – too many injuries
    – too many kids
    – no leadership (this includes wengers poor management)

    All of these are very much interlinked and affect eachother. As such one or two new players won’t help, we need to strip the squad down and start again.

  55. Hitman

    Denilson off to Wolsburg for £13m. Christmas has come early.. you know what I mean.

    I’ll drive him through the snow to make sure he gets there.

  56. Keyser

    PattheGooner – It’s hard to tell with Abramovich, because he hasn’t just spent big on the team, he’s built a brand new Academy and training base off his own back, and he’s spent shedloads on young talent aswell, where he’d be disappointed is in finding the right manager to take the club forward.

    Mourinho got him the short term reward, but for the money they spent in those years, he’s left what ? A team of aging players on massive wages, still a quality side, but there’s no consideration for the future.

  57. patthegooner

    We disagree there then Keyser

    Rosicky is a shadow of his former self, and is no doubt on a very lucrative contract.

    Denilson is an average player that has not improved to the required level. Personally I think he is more suited to the German or Italian league.

    Diaby is an injury prone 1 in 4 player who will put in a world class performance one week only to follow it up with 3 woeful displays, and after that he generally picks up a niggle that keeps him out for a couple of months.

    Personally I think we would be better off without all 3 of them.

  58. patthegooner


    I would be pretty worried if I was a Chelsea fan.

    Without him they are nothing, and they were in deep deep shit before he bailed them out.

    They dont have the pulling power or the fan base to survive at the current level without him.

    And I reckon he will be gone by 2018

  59. Arsene Nose Best

    i reckon the best moment at the bowl was when henry scored against the mancs to win the game,apart from that it has been shit.

  60. Hitman

    “We dont have any 1 huge problem… we need to strip the squad down and start again”.
    That sure IS one huge problem.

    Our players are second rate. Sometimes third rate if I am bring honest.
    Starting again is the only solution to our problem but Wenger wont admit failure.

  61. BigRed1

    Wenger seems to have total disregard for CBs and GKs, Stepanovs, Cygan, Shaaban, Almunia, if they were boxers they`d be called Mexican road sweepers.
    He has an obsession with creative players but has had total disregard for the defence, and we have 5 years of naff all to show for it.
    How many games do these 2nd rate players get, especially if they`re french.
    He has been called a genius but if hadn`t inherited Geoeorge`s Back 5 and Rioch`s Bergkamp how much would he have achieved?

  62. gambon

    Chelsea would be far from fucked without abramovich. They have no debt, good revenues, and an over inflated wage bill.

    They would have to work on reducing it to a sustainable level, which would be about our size, so they could maintain a squad of a similar calibre to us.

  63. Confidentgoner


    Not sure the majority is correct. The team has always been short of best by 2-3 players each year. These 2-3 players need not cost the moon considering the ones that he needs to let go.

    Every football pundit sees it, only the Arsene Wenger supporters and the board are blind to it. They see it but they ignore it. If it goes on it will surely tell on the club followership and ability to attract top talent.

  64. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Rosicky’s not as good as he used to be, but he’s still a quality experienced player to have, especially with the players we have around him.

    Everyone’s on lucrative contracts, there’s money being thrown at players left right and centre, if anything I’d say we’re quite reserved when it comes to players who are older in the team.

    Don’t really see the relevance of that, the others Denilson’s a good backup, if you want someone better in front that’s another thing.

    Diaby has to be one of the unluckiest players around, that could be more sentimental though even you realise he’s quality on form.

  65. Keyser

    gambon – Yeah, but you want us to more forward and add to the squad, and you’d say we have the scope to do it ?!

    Chelsea dropping down a level isn’t good for them in the slightest, nor are their long term prospects.They do have debt don’t they ? They just don’t know when it’ll be collected.

  66. BigRed1

    Within 2 years we could be Liverpool, our best players disenchanted and enticed away, and star players refusing to join because of a lack of the club`s ambition……….

    while the fat cats get fatter and the fans/serfs get poorer……….

    And the jam tomorrow promises get trotted out…..

  67. Confidentgoner

    … and with our wage bill, we are not very efficient. We pay too much money to mediocres.


    a) Theo on 60k
    b) Daiby on 50k
    c) Denn on 50k
    d) Jack on 50k
    e) Rosicky on 70k
    etc etc

  68. patthegooner

    Just dont see it Keyser.

    I think it would be unfair to ask if you think any of those 3 would get into the invincibles or even the 98 or 02 teams.

    But in current times, do you think Diaby, Denilson or Rosicky would get into the 1st teams of Man Ure, City, Chelsea, Spurs or even Liverpool. I dont even think they would get in their squads.

    I see them as the kind of players that would get a game at the likes of Bolton or Wigan

    I would love to see all 3 make it at Arsenal, I just cant see it. I think they are the kind of players that Wenger has slowly accustomed us to over the last 5/6 years.

  69. Keyser

    Confidentgoner – Ask those same pundits what they think of the future of Arsenal and they won’t paste a bleak outlook, they’re also paid for an opinion.

    Don’t segregate fans into groups just because you disagree with them, if you feel that strongly do something about it.

  70. gambon


    We scored 73 goals with the worlds greatest striker in our team….we weren’t that attacking, we just had some outstanding attacking players in a fairly defensive setup. That has been the blueprint for success but wenger wants a tippy tappy possession team.

    We played a much deeper line, had 2 big & physical cms and fantastic balance in the back 4, all of which we don’t have now.

  71. Hitman

    Didnt think it possible but in Kozzer & Squillaci Wenger has found 2 defenders who are worse than Senderos. At least Senderous could header.
    £15m for those two turkeys. We are in Stepanov territory with those two. Inexcusable for a club that feigns poverty.
    Why not just buy a world class real mcoy for that kinda money?
    Wenger player recruitment has been shambolic of late.

  72. jacob

    I wonder how we ever got to have a back 4 of Lauren, Kolo, Sol, Ashley Cole with Mad Jens in Goal! I think they were all signed by Graham’s ghost somehow… That they went through an entire season and then some unbeaten in the league isn’t much of an achievement either!!

    That Wenger really knows nothing eh, BigRed?? Or may be it’s ungrateful fans that are the problem… who knows???

  73. patthegooner

    I dont think Abramovich will leave them in debt. I think he will just write it off or maybe sell up.

    I think there issue could be the wage bill dependant on who is left at the club.

  74. Keyser

    BigRed1 – We’d never be Liverpool, they’re still at Anfield and with no prospect to move forward without huge investment.

    We have/ will have enough money to buy our way out of such trouble if it happens.

  75. Jaguar reloaded

    What a fucking wanker this Spuds fan J***** is.Why dont you fuck off ACLF where you can lick Wenger the wanker’s arse along with the eunuchs over there?

  76. incesc


    how can ungrateful fans be the problem?

    we dont turn song into a useless piece of shite?

    or make fabianski throw it in his own goal.

    or make denilson not track back

    or make bender miss 1000s of easy chances.

    and so on…

  77. Keyser

    PattheGoner – Mate, footballs moved on since then and to think that Diaby wouldn’t get into Liverpools or Tottenhams team at leats is ridiculous, forget their squads.

    Rosicky’s on what a 2 year contract ? Like I said Denilson makes a good backup for us, Diaby s quality if fit.

  78. patthegooner

    Lauren, Kolo, Sol, Cole

    That was a solid back five.

    It was really sad what happened to Kolo. Do you think the Malaria wrecked him. I have heard that you never truly recover once you have had it.

  79. patthegooner

    I dont Keyser.

    Diaby would never get in the Spurs midfield. Not convinced about Liverpools either.

    Rosicky was all about sentiment. Personnally I think it would have been better for the player and the club to move him on. I want the experienced players in the team, but ones who are at the top of their game.

    The only person that will ever convince me about Denilson is the man himself. I just dont see it in him. Again I would love it if he came good, but I really would have hoped that it would have happened for him by now.

  80. Keyser

    gambon – You look at 73 goals, think others scored more, so that team must be more attacking, that’s too simplistic.

    We were as confortable as a team could get on a football field, from front to back there was a balance, it wasn’t that those players were big, it’s that they were quick and agile enough to play the way we did.

    It’s not just how good we were in either aspect, but the quality of football we played while doing it.

    Bolton could kick lumps out of the whole team, we could go down to 10 men and still put on a performance of quality football.

  81. jacob

    Gambon… you don’t half talk balls. We had the world’s greatest attacker in our side but we didn’t attack very much? What the hell were you watching or alternatively what were you smoking? That team attacked the hell out of their opponents.. we often destroyed teams by the way we attacked… in fact Koeman’s Ajax arrived at Highbury and literally refused to leave their half because of what Ronald Koeman had seen us do to ManCity!

    That team attacked and attacked with flair and speed down both flanks and through the middle too. That we also had mature, gifted midfielders capable of protecting a mature and solid back 4 didn’t make us any less attacking.

  82. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Liverpool have Lucas, Poulsen, Maxi, Kuyt and Babel turn out for them regularly, Diaby would walk into their team, forget about the squad.

  83. BigRed1

    Jacob, they were Wengers and served us well but he had a superb foundation to build on,
    but theyv`e gone and what has he left us with?
    and look who he had protecting your back 4,
    not so sure they`d do so well at the moment with our DMs, and yet again, its all down to one man

  84. Arsene Nose Best

    why would arsene want lescott when we have got the best defenders in the world in the shape of kozzer and squilla…

  85. gambon

    Post of the day from ANB.

    We won’t be selling denilson, and certainly won’t be signing lescott, papers should be fined for writing such shit.

  86. patthegooner


    In the 37 years I have been on this planet, that team was the best I have seen. The attacking football was breathtaking and the way the whole team worked for each other was a joy to watch.

    I think that is part of my frustrations in the current crop. I am sure it pisses Wenger off too despite what he says in public.

  87. patthegooner

    And for me that has been Wengers biggest failing in that the transition from the invincibles to what we have now has not been great management at all.

    I dont expect us to blow 150 in one summer, but with the money that came in for the likes of Vieira, Henry, Toure and Adebayor, I do think we could have transitioned from then to now a lot better.

  88. Arsene Nose Best

    the papers are desperate for a story from arsenal,so they decide to write such crap,and it’s not even the sun or mirror,it’s the fucking metro.

  89. Keyser

    Phillipe Auclair mentioned that Nasri’s the second quickest player after Theo in the team, is it me or does that seem a bit odd to people ?!

    The wya he burned Jagielka was class, but I didn’t think he was that quick, either that or the summers exertions really helped him.

  90. gambon


    You don’t know much about football do you?

    When Henry was in the team we played much deeper to draw teams out, which naturally gives you more defensive stability. We also scored half of our goals in transition, something we rarely do now cos our game is now tippy tappy slow football.

  91. Arsene Nose Best

    we will not see football like that ever again from an arsenal side,that 03-04 team was as good as it got for arsene,he clearly is failing to build another team,he should just call it a day now.

  92. gambon

    Wenger said Walcott, vela and Traore were the quickest. Nasris wouldn’t be far behind them, quicker than he looks, especially now he’s not a stunt double for chunk.

  93. Keyser

    gambon – We didnt always play like that, that was just one tactic that the team used, because they were comfortable enough to do that knowing that they could force the mistake and create space for themselves in return.

    We didn’t set out to stifle teams, we adjusted to how they played and outthought them.

    We were comfortable enough to do that 2 years ago and we try it now, we just don’t pull it off because we end up gifting posession in dangerous areas. Watch how deep our players drop to pick up the ball to drag players out of position and start moves.

  94. patthegooner


    It was the Pompey game in the cup that said it all.

    We battered them for nigh on 90 mins and won 5-1 at their place, yet the home fans stayed and gave the Arsenal team a standing ovation. They repeated it when we came back and played them in the league a few weeks later. They gave Henry another standing ovation.

    Wenger will always go down in History as being the man that put that team together, and whilst I dont think it will, it is why I still hope that this master plan that is currently ongoing will eventually bear fruit.

  95. Jaguar reloaded

    By the look of things,its really hard to believe that the French sex maniac who is managing the best team in England,had once managed a team,which redefined the footballing history in the English leagues,by going a season unbeaten in the most competitive league in the world,playing the most beautiful football on the planet and prevailing over their opponents in grand style.

  96. Keyser

    Gibbs should be there, Sagna’s got good stamina if not as quick to start off, I’d have thought they’d be loads of players quicker than him.

    Its’ weird how they judge these things, like Van Persie’s supposed to be quick to.

    Ljungberg was supposedly the quickest player on the ball Wenger had ever seen.

  97. Limestonegunner

    Chelsea has built up a soft following of glory hunters internationally but not a much larger base in England apparently. The club is bigger commercially than it used to be but without Abramovitch’s money it is something like Spurs. They made the champions league before Abramovitch took it over, so he had more to build with than the Abu Dhabi group did with ManCity.

    If Abramovitch wants to call it quits, he could sell it now that the club is known globally. But otherwise Chelsea would sink down in a couple years to the Everton, Aston Villa or Spurs level, without the transfer funds they have lived on. They were financially doped but at least have an academy and some commercial success internationally due to their PL titles and strong performance in the CL since 2004. He should have built them a stadium–but now he has to build them in Russia as Putin is calling in the favors from the Oligarchs who plundered the country in the 90’s.

  98. jacob

    Pat… I completely agree. That team gave me some of happiest moments of my life and I can tell you that I have been very fortunate in more ways than one. I think that the problem we have right now is one of managing expectations to be honest. If the board had been honest with the fans and told them straight up that the stadium move was gonna require some serious sacrifices and that we’d struggle for a bit… may be all this doom and gloom from too many fans and bloggers might not be at this bizarre self-hating level we’re witnessing on too many Arsenal sites in the blogosphere. Then again telling the truth isn’t always the best policy when it comes to many things. The main reason I think that the winning of a trophy has taken as long as this has to be down to loss of Flamini and Hleb from a young team… that knocked us back a fair bit. When people talk of 5 years they never appear to consider the actual things that the manager has had to deal with…

    Personally I firmly believe that the team is now on the cusp of something great. The quality, despite what you might think, is there… what is missing is the self belief and till the team wins a big match then it will constantly lack that bit of true belief… which why I was so disappointed with the game at ManU. But the most important thing is quality and we have quality.

    For me none of this is really new. When Ian Wright got injured and Wenger insisted that he wasn’t gonna buy anyone but that he’d rely on a teenager called Anelka I remember the doubt amongst the fans and the media at the time… we were chasing the title and we’d lost our most lethal striker and everyone expected Wenger to buy another striker. He didn’t and we won the title and then did the double. I remember Thierry saying that Arsenal didn’t have the belief to beat ManU just before we turned around and beat them… I remember during our run to the ECL final how everyone wrote us off against Madrid… and did so again against Juve…

    None of this is new mate. The team and manager will get it right and then no one will ever admit that they wrote a load of posts dismissing players as useless, worthless or whatever. Fans are fickle and often have memories that would shame a housefly. Me… I believe. Still.

  99. Arsene Nose Best

    the amount of northerners that support the chavs will surprise you,all i ever see these days is mugs with chav shirts depressing.

  100. Arsene Nose Best

    part of this doom and gloom has come from us getting a spanking on more then one occasion over these past 5-6 years,it also hasn’t helped that the manager has had a big part to play in them defeats.