Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.

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Arsenal have confirmed that Ryo Miyaichi, an 18 year-old Japanese striker is joining in January, good move if he gets an exceptional talent visa like Song got but if he gets the Wellington Silva treatment we may have to wait 5 years to see him.

So is it a masterstroke signing or a cynical ploy to make more money, but this time out of the Japanese market, hmmm all these long termers are great, if they all work.

I remember Jermaine Pennant was the next big thing, him and David Bentley, Fabrice Muamba (England under 17’s) Senderos, Bendtner, Vela, Nordtveit, Larsson etc, etc, then what happened?

It’s great if it works out like Cesc, but it’s not so great if you wait and wait and get some of the above.

However there are some young’uns out there that are good right now, so if we sign Eden Hazard who himself is just 19, then we could have 2 wingers.

Lech Poznan striker Artjoms Rudnevs who at 22 years old has also said his dream is to play for the Arsenal, so one definite and two that are desperate to join, now I don’t know what Rudnevs is like, but I know Bendtner and Vela won’t make it so why not?

Swap Clichy with Benzema and stick Vermaelen in at left back and we are starting to look like we can take barca on.

What about Connor Wickham at Ipswich? I remember the chasing of Luke Freeman but I haven’t heard anything about him really, Afobe and Aneka yes, but not Luke Freeman and I’m sure they were all the same age group.

We seem to spend a lot of energy on young kids that rarely make it but not so much time on those slightly older that could benefit from playing in our team right now, they may become world class and not major disappointments like Senderos, Pennant or Bentley, though right now, I’d take Senderos over the two clowns he signed in the summer from France, wouldn’t you?

Eden Hazard is 19 years old, Serdar Tasci is 23, Per Mertesacker 26 and all of them want a move, so why not us, we could sell the players that other clubs want and finance these players with them.

Imagine having Germany’s centre backs in there, a couple of wingers and maybe Karim Benzema up front, or some of the others I mentioned, Connor Wickham says he wants to play for us, if we miss out on him, he’ll go to Spurs and you know he’ll be the nuts.

We could use Tomas Vermaelen as a left back or a DM so we would be spoilt for choice, right now though it’s not working, some from this lot may give us a real go, what do you think?

Look at who we would lose Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Randall, Rosicky, Koscielny and Squillaci, would you miss them? I wouldn’t.

I really like Vela, we waited 5 years to see him in an Arsenal shirt, he makes his debut and looks great, then we don’t see him again, and on the rare occasion we do, he’s hurried and I feel for him, but you know thats it, he’ll soon be gone, so 5 years of anticipation then nothing, and that happens a lot with our kids.

I was told the Wenger didn’t like what he was doing with his personal life, well enough said with that little kettle and pot!

Have a great Day grovers and let’s hope the big freeze thaws quickly, no football is boring, at least in the summer we could play golf!

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509 Responses to “Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.”

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  1. lukeroux

    I follow Polish Ekstraklasa and I think Artioms Rudves is nowhere near Arsenal level and never will be. I know he scored 4 goals in europa league, but even in poor Polish league he hardly looks like a great player. He replaced Polish international Robert Lewandowski in Lech Poznan side and the Pole is much better player. Rudnevs at best could play for Wolvez or Wigan.

  2. lew

    we won’t buy tho, so it’s pointless dreaming up names..and if you’re gonna dream up names, at least dream up some good ones

  3. Melvyn

    Wenger won’t sign anyone so whilst I agree with your views I have no expectations – but i am looking forward to seeing a gooner tonight who always performs 100% – Ray Davies – that will make up for lack of footy

  4. troope

    Wow, amazing post. Sell all the bad players, buy the good ones to take on barca! don’t worry about simple things like, oh i dont know, team chemistry and strategic imbalances. Be like Real!

    its a pity how low the quality of blogs are becoming these days. Seems like anyone with a half-assed completely unthought idea can write something and get hits aplenty. Maybe I should try it.

    All of us know we need to get a few players in, and we do have some bad players in the squad, but is this really the solution?

  5. skandibird

    What about the rumour of Carroll (Newcastle) going to Spurs, now that, would really piss me off! I hope it is only a rumour?
    Like Geoff, I would also like to see the two ‘germans’ in our defence with their experience and physical presence it certainly would be a 100% improvement, but, I really can’t see Wenger ‘surprise’ any of us in the January transfer window. Cynic? Yes I have become a total cynic.

  6. lew

    i’m tired of the players picking and choosing the games in which they decide to perform in..and even in those games, they still saunter around for most of it. i’ve never known a team to show as little effort as the current arsenal players and i’ve never known a team as mentally and physically weak as them either.

  7. Geoff

    Yes troope, but the truly amazing thing is we’ve had the same bad players for years now, and this year we topped it by signing two that were worse than we had.

  8. Lagooner Beach

    How does playing our best center half at left back solve anything? I’m not the biggest Clichy fan, but at least he has the pace to recover from most of his mistakes.

  9. Geoff

    Skandi he’ll never do it, if it were Fergie, he’ll realise his howler and put it right, Djemba Djemba and Kleberson spring to mind.

    Wenger will never admit he’s wrong, that’s the problem and why it’s time to go.

  10. Geoff

    He’s only our best centre back because we don’t have better ones. He’s short for a centre back, he’d be better as a DM or left back. As for Clichy, his mistakes cost us goals.

  11. SlickBangGoal

    I think wenger will sign players, freeman is injured which why you haven’t heard anything of late, he is really good.

  12. Pedro

    Morning all!

    Top posting Geoff!

    I think Vermaelen should be kept at the back and maybe this Subotic could come in and be his partner. He’s an absolute beast from what I’ve seen.

    Still, it would matter little if we didn’t sort out the defensive tactics.

  13. Cavalry

    You are 100 % right. Our policy in the transfer market has been style over substance for years. In the week where we draw Barcelona again, a team whose style we transpire to but will never attain until we change our policy on player acquisition. What should be the starting point in any player that you consider buying would be
    1. Attitude
    2. Toughness
    3. Spirit
    4. Will to win
    5. Power
    6. Skill.
    Yet with the Aresnal we always seem to go for skill only and forget the other five attributes in any successful player, hence we now have the small, weak and watery team that currrently represent the team that we love. Just compare them to the Invincibles with respect to power and balls and where do they compare??
    Just listen to Arshavin for example, mouthing off day after day in various blogs and twitters and yet when he goes out on the field he doesn’t try a leg. In essence he sums up all that is wrong with Arsenal at present. Skillful, small, lazy and with a bad team attitude. Will to win. You must be joking.
    Will we beat Barcelona. Not a chance. Because they will hound and harry us and work hard when they don’t have the ball. We on the other hand will again be indulgent.
    But look its no harm again to have a look and see where it is that we are trying to get to. And then possibly for the first time seriously, Wenger will be questioned on his and his board’s policy on the acquisition of players.
    Again your point on adding German centre halves to the mix is spot on. Will we buy them. No. How many Germans has Wenger bought in his time with us? Yet that is exactly what our team needs. Some much needed balls. Then we can get behind a team that we respect for toughness as well as skill.

  14. jacob

    Vermaelen is no LB. Ask any Ajax fan… have you ever seen Vermaelen play left back for any body? are basing your call for Vermaelen to play LB on anay actual evidence of his competence in the position??? Or is this latest brainwave to hit the Arsenal blogging community?????

    As for the comment that we seem to spend a lot of money on youngster who never make it … may be you ought actually try and understand what a youth based system is and how that system actually works… for every Messi that Barca have produced there have been a host duds too but the emergence of Messi alone covers the cost of the programme! That’s the LOGIC. After Messi and Fabregas (who defected to us) what has happened to the rest of Barca’s gilded youth? How many have emerged to play for Barca. What’s Bojan done? Has he kicked-on as predicted?? If you are going to criticise something it appears to me that the least you can do is have a basic understanding of how what you’re criticising actually works!

    And what happens at Barca is true of Arsenal too… even if only one of Chuks Aneke or Benik Afobe or Miquel make it of this current crop then the entire cost of the programme is taken care of… not only that but most of the players that don’t make it with us make it elsewhere… Muamba’s transfer fee and any sell-on clauses will more than cover what we spent on him… Bentley netted us a substantial sum of cash when he was sold to Tottenham, so did Pennant when he moved to Liverpool. So your carping is not only misplaced and misdirected but I’d say largely uninformed.

    What you are suggesting is so backward and out of date that it reminds more of the scandalous treatment of Andy Cole under a different manager at Arsenal. Andy Cole was breaking all manner of records as an Arsenal youngster but Graham sanctioned his sale …. and he went from Bristol to Newcastle to ManU scoring loads of goals and winning all manner of trophies… when Arsene Wenger or Liam Brady make that kind of error… moan then.

    Meanwhile in all your whining about the youth system and how much it costs (you don’t give us a figure so that we can compare its over all cost to the cost of any alternative you might suggest… but never mind) you forget to mention that the main reason Hazard has chosen Arsenal over Real is because, according to him “we give youth a chance”… so basically the system you are criticising is the reason that players you want to sign have said that they’d prefer Arsenal in the first place!!… can you not see that your post is logically incoherent?

    My view is very simple on all this… Wenger, the board and the players should ignore the moaning of some of our more clueless fans and get on with the FANTASTIC job that they’re doing… When we start winning things again as we surely would none opf them would admit to most of the stuff that they write now. I remember the criticism that the signing of Thierry brought from some fans… I remember the “Comical Wenger” T shirts and comments and I remember what happened then too.

  15. Pedro

    haha, nice one troope, lets just keep everything the same and carry on as usual.

    That’ll beat Barcelona.

    It’s tragic how low calibre some comments are on the blogs these days.

  16. Cavalry

    “My view is very simple on all this… Wenger, the board and the players should ignore the moaning of some of our more clueless fans and get on with the FANTASTIC job that they’re doing”
    Jacob you must be very easily pleased!!!!

  17. Pedro

    Jacob, the fact your didn’t know Vermaelen was a left back for Ajax is embarrassing.

    For a know it all, you’re not particularly knowledgeable.

  18. Confidentgoner

    How about this?








    Loan: Vela

    The team above will give Barca a game. Will he do it? No.

    The best he will is to get Hangelland and Hazard






  19. gambon

    If wenger put as much effort into signing ready made players as he does kids we would be 10 points clear.

    Evra was right.

  20. jacob


    Barca went through a relatively fallow period too… and then they blew a whole stack of cash on Ibrahimovic which has invariably contributed to them selling advertising space on the Catalna national flag AKA the Barca strip!… The Barca we see today is the result of foundations laid by Johann Cruyff! Solid success takes time and it requires someone who understands the system intimately, like Guardiola, to get the best out of it… when Cruyff was building the Barcelona system what was Arsenal doing?

    It is perfectly alright to oppose what is going on at Arsenal but you have to come up with a credible alternative… if you want Usmanov to buy the club and do what Abrahamovic is doing at Chelsea then clearly say so… otherwise come up with a CREDIBLE AND WORKABLE AND AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE.

  21. Cavalry

    troope, Pedro is right. You see it is the job of the manager and the board to ensure that at all times the balance of the squad is good. For at least five years now it patently hasn’t been. Nor would it have taken massive amounts of money to keep the balance right. But for far too long now we have been buying players who although very skillful, lack to power, pace and strength that is as important as skill in any balance. Our reluctance to buy centre halves and a midfield enforcer is apparent to everybody who goes to follow the Arsenal each week. You will not win without the correct balance.
    The Invincibles had it. Our team gets rolled over too easily. Just go back to the first Barcelona game of last year. They too have a very skillful side but compare their intensity when they hadn’t the ball to ours. You just could not compare.

  22. Pedro

    Jacob, Ibrahimovic was brough AFTER they came good. So that’s a bit of an irrelevant point.

    Barca have great foundations with youth like we do… difference is that they supplement it with world class talent. That’s why they’re the team they are today.

    They also work much harder than our boys, there’s a winning culture throughout the squad and they’ve got a modern manager who can adapt.

  23. jacob

    The point Pedro is that he was a very poor LB at Ajax… that’s why I suggested you talk to any Ajax fan! Read the post… and if he was a poor LB at Ajax what makes you think that he’d be a better one in the tougher competition in the Premiership? That what I want to know from you…

  24. Pedro

    Jacob, he was a very poor centre back at Ajax as well if you read the same reports.

    So again, you have to take that info with a pinch of salt. He’s a good player now, he has great attacking instincts and he has more discipline than Clichy.

    I wouldn’t want him there, he should be a centre back, but it’s a suggestion.

  25. Cavalry

    the creditable alternative is to buy players that give you the proper balance. You don’t need sugar daddies to do this. We already buy a good number of players each year, and many young players from other teams. But the problem is that they all tend to be of a type. High on skill but low on raw power. We have many players who can play in wide positions but how many good central back bone players do we have. Yet they are out there. Its just that we don’t seem to pick them up. Our blue print for the acquisition of players is just not right. I keep saying it. It is all about balance.

  26. Confidentgoner


    I am tempted to believe that by keeping the faith all will be well, but when I watch AW lack of matchday tactics, I know that we fall short with the manager we have and we fall sjort with his lack of ambition.

    How can you as a manager be so negligent to leave Clichy exposed several times against ManU? I saw it, you saw it, but did he do anything about it? AW sits on his ass expecting miracles, but not actively directing his team when there are weaknesses. This is probably the only man in the world with such a luxury and to think he earns big bucks from it?

    I don’t mind any takeover as long as they invest in the playing squad, without taking us to the cleaners. That my friend is doable, with 3 sensible signings.

    A CD, a Striker and a winger, Kos can be a midfielder and would do well there.

  27. Geoff

    As for the player you say was breaking records, he was going down players pockets and taking cocaine, that why we got shot of him.

  28. Kushagra India

    Vermaelen made his name as a CB at Ajax but yep we can give it a try and I will keep KOS he is suffering due to inadequate cover by the midfield .

  29. jacob

    sorry Pedro but you only got it half right. Our youth system and barca’s are probably two of the best in Europe. (Clubs like Sao Paolo and Boca Juniors may well have better ones but their operating context is very different)on that much you are right.

    Where you very, very wrong is to compare the transfer spending of Barca who have had a facility like the Camp Nou for decades to ours. Barca had 90,000 capacity when we were stuck at 38,500! Barca were signing the likes of Ronaldo, Maradona, Cruyff etc, etc when we were over the moon with signing of Charlie Nicholas! Barca are able to afford to augment their youth because tey have the resources both of the club and the Catalan regional government. Arsenal does not have any of that!

    Arsenal’s board and manager are building the club sensibly, patiently and IMHO in entirely the right way. If want a Barca-like system with deep roots and a solid foundation then there’s no short cut… we have to put the playing tradition in place, the youth based tradition in place and the winning mentality and ethos that comes with all that will then surely follow… If you want to be a Chelsea or a Real Madrid then that is a different model and you should be explicit about what you want… that’s my point.

  30. Geoff

    Kush, there’s little point in having a centre back if he misses half a season (so far) no matter how good he is, so it’s irrelevant.

    Go buy a fit one.

  31. Geoff

    What a stupid comment, Barca charge 20 fucking pence to get in, at Highbury it was in the £30’s, but how would you know, you’ve probably never been.

  32. Pedro

    Jacob, we generate more money on match day than any club in the world. More than Barca… and we’re turning in £55million worth of profit.

    We don’t need to play the long game anymore… we can do what Barca do, in a slightly less exuberant fashion. Not addressing our flaws in the summer was of Wengers doing… not the boards.

  33. The BearMan

    It is a tragedy when you observe players with bags of potential suddenly develop a relaxed attitude and complacency sets in. Soon you observe that they loose their cutting edge and they become rather demanding (or else).

    What is needed is competition for every position, much like what we are currently seeing with the fight for the No 1 shirt among the keepers. A player with- out spunk will immediately ask for a transfer. Instead of going back to the training field and WORK HARDER.

    To often many buy into their own HYPE, and past performances. But what is the use of having a player making the same mistakes week-on-week and not having developed their own personal training & development programme. I can list a number of players in the first team where I feel this applies to, but as it is the Xmas season, the bear will share a little honey instead.

  34. patthegooner

    Jacob, I agree with what you are saying about a youth policy.

    It is true that for every one star there are a lot that will fall by the wayside. I think players like Messi, Cesc, Wilshire will always stand out and you know that they will make it, but for the rest, I guess it is always a unknown.

    However, I feel that not only are some of our duds still at the club, they actually form part of the 1st team. We seem to struggle to know when to let go.

    I also think that there has to be a bit of a balance. You have to mix the youth with quality and experience.

    It is not that we are not signing older more experienced players, it is just that they are not good enough. And others that are good enough, tend to be on the the treatment table more than the pitch.

    At the moment I feel we have a good team, but not a title winning team.

  35. clearview gunner

    does anyone know what ANR (myles palmer) was going on about when he said that something huge and amazing story was going to come out about the arsenal? ive not heard anything over the weekend about it in any of the papers……unless it was about the japanese player?

  36. yloops

    Guys lets not forget that Barcelona did not win anything for 5 years ( from 2000/2005 I think), before they started to win again… Barca went through exactly what we are going through now and now look at the team, this is the season to push of have faith guys, we are on the cusp of greatness!!!

  37. Kushagra India

    fully agree that GK situation was Wenger’s fault but Vermaelen’s injury broke our defense’s backbone and yes we need to buy a Kompany type of versatile defensive player in Jan who can augment both our midfield and defense .

  38. woody

    So that rules out the info i had earlier in the year from an ex player,that Honda was coming in early 2011???
    However he was right on the goalkeeper not coming.

  39. jacob


    With all due respect I have to disagree. Song is no light weight neither was Kolo Toure. And to play the sort of football that Wenger (and incidentally Barcelona) is committed to then you have to place a premium on a certain level of skill. No one is arguing that mature players won’t be a help to us… the problem is that world class mature players, which is what we need to kick on, are exceptionally expensive. That’s the point.

  40. Gooby

    connor wickham? when afobe is clearly better.

    Geoff why do you only talk about signing new players? do you really think senderos is better than what we’ve got?

  41. Rupe

    Kos and Squillaci are criticised too much. They were brought in to be 3rd and 4th choice… one a younger one needing development, one more experienced. As such they were great signings… not many clubs have world class 3rd and 4th choice. And how can they be the cause of our defensive problems when those problems are exactly the same as they were last year: lack of defensive help from midfield, shaky defending from both full-backs, lack of confidence in keeper, as well as any centre back problems.

    Jacob has it 100% spot on when it comes to the youth system. And yes, we are heavy underdogs against Barca. Nothing that happens in the transfer window will change that. You have to accept that and look at bit further with your plans for the club than the next big game.

  42. Pedro

    They’re not exceptionally expensive. Vermaelen, Sagna and Arshavin all came for a good price.

    Regardless, we can afford to spend £20million on a player.

    Banging on about expense when we’ve got £120mill in the bank is a bit weak.

  43. clearview gunner

    pedro do u know how i can get any tickets fro the man city game i sent an email to le exchange but not heard anything back….i fly in from australia next sunday and want to take my daughter to her first game?

  44. gooner66

    Morning – just point one thing out – on your list of putative next things, Bendtner certainly has lived up to the hype. There aren’t that many strikers better than him for his age. Im sick sick sick of gooners labelling him with the likes of the pathetic Vela. If he played for any other big club, he would be worth an absoluet fortue

  45. patthegooner


    Who do you think was 2nd choice? Whilst imo I always wanted to give Djourou a chance and now I feel he should be our 2nd choice, I dont think Wenger saw it that way. I think Kos was brought in as the 1st choice partner for Vermaelen.

    And again, I do feel that the transfer window could help us in Jan, but I dont see it happening. We are ok in numbers but I feel we could improve in quality, and it wont take a ridiculous amount of money to do it.

    It is too early to judge how we will do against Barca. If we go into the game with a fully fit squad, I honestly think we have a real chance, but if the likes of Vermaelen, Cesc, and RVP are still out, I fear we will take another battering.

  46. Mr B

    For a team thats supposed to plat ‘Total Football’ we surely lack versatality in the defensive department.

    I mean what makes song a better DM than Vermalen?

  47. clearview gunner

    at the moment mrb we play twat football. the total football dissapeared awhile ago. and i think it will take a revolution to play it again. we seem to have lost that dynamic fluid skill we posessed post wenger mental brake down

  48. Geoff

    Gooby, what would you like me to talk about, the snow covered pitch?

    Gambon, apart from Cesc, who we bought, the only youth team products Wenger has had in his time at Arsenal is Wilshere and sometimes Gibbs.

    Not a whole lot to show for 13 years is it?

  49. The BearMan

    Three kids made it in and another 3 – 4 are waiting in the wings. The problem is you cannot be paying first team players £55k + and have them warming benches.

    You have to crack the whip, get then to player hoping that they produce a little magic, then sell them when the window is open again.

  50. Bengali Gooner

    What about phillipe mexes? Is he any good?
    Wenger would probably get him cos hes french and would be cheap.

    I think Cahills good too, not the best but better than what we already have so why not?

  51. gambon

    Mixes is at the same level as most of our CBs, good as a squad player, but we need an outstanding cb to play with verm.

  52. Jaguar reloaded

    Jacob,I saw you wearing a Tottenham t-shirt and kissing the cock on your chest the other,will help you find the way to your mate Shitwood’s site,from where you swallowed all the shit,which you spouted here just now.

  53. This is England

    Clearview re the tickets.Quite often people dont know until the last minute whether they have any spares,we then contact Pedro.As it stands i may have two for the Chelsea game,not sure about City.

  54. jacob


    we have board made up of people who are Arsenal fans as well as astute business men. If Arsenal are making huge profits then they have absolutely every incentive to plough that money back into the team. Do you have any reason why the board would refuse to spend money when the money is just lying fallow in an account? Why would they do that? And why was David Dein so against the building of the stadium? He was a board member, he must have seen the projections, why was he against the building of the stadium, if after 5 years we would be in a position to splash the cash? what is 5 years in the greater scheme of things? Things are better now, of that their can be no doubt, but to suggest that we are in any kind of position to start splashing the cash seems to me to extremely misguided. Wenger has said openly that he spends what he is given to spend… to my knowledge no one has contradicted him from the board. So who has all this money you talk about and what do they want to use it for? Will not the value of Arsenal shares rise the more successful the team is on the pitch… so who would deliberately deny the manager money? Or conversely what kind of spineless board would allow their manager to hold back team development?.. If we have all this money why did Arshavin’s transfer take so long and why did Usmanov say that we were struggling to meet the payment for the Arshavin deal? Why did Dein bring in first Kroenke and then Usmanov if our match day takings plus our TV money has left us so flush that we can go and splash the cash? I only ask because you seem convinced that arsenal are flush with cash… what’s the evidence?

    BTW Barca’s ticket prices are very comparable to ours in some ways…especially given that the government of Catalunya treats Barca as a social resource with all the benefits that accrue from that… a check on their website shows that while you can pay 20 Euros (14 euros for a member) for a category D match, for a Category A++ match against Real you have to fork out 78 Euros to sit in the gods high above the pitch. For a Champions League match you pay the same amount! So the notion that Barca are handing their tickets out for toffee is laughably wrong! They have a bigger stadium and some explicit social obligations so they have a very different pricing system. We are a football club based in one of the world’s most expensive cities and we get no government aid… so we have different pricing structure… bottom line is that Barca has access to more resources than Arsenal at this point… even our sponsorship deals are suffering because we needed to build a stadium! how much is Emirates paying us for our shirt deal? How much is Barca getting for theirs??!

  55. gambon

    Barca have the perfect balance. A youth system with very high standards, but they’re more than willing to sign Henry, Ronaldinho, Villa, Toure, Alves.

    We supplement our youth system with denilson, diaby and koscielny.

  56. Bengali Gunner

    I think the problem would be solved by just buying one world class juggernaught defender to partner vermaelen, and play gibbs at left back.
    We dont need a million signings.
    Look at Man U, deyve got unreliable players like rafael at RB and Carrick but you dont see their defence all shakey.

    Clichy has gone downhill but he looks worse than he alredy is cos he doesnt get no support from Wilshere or Arshavin. Sagna gets a lot more support from Nasri and Song so we dont look that bad on the right side.
    The solution to our defence isnt buying loads of internationals, its trying to get our wingers and midfielders to actually defend at the back when needed, we need to defend as a unit and then were sorted.

  57. Gooby

    barcuntlona have 3 players nominated for top 3 in ballon d’or and all of them are trained at the club

    it’s clear who’s the best youth system in Europe

  58. gambon

    So nordveit looks like he’s leaving for the bundesliga, another example of project youth not working.

    If we’d tracked him when he was 17 we would now see he’s not good enough.

  59. Gooby

    project youth takes time to start producing talents on regular basis, our system may lack the experience of other clubs like ajax, barca.

    i think the talents will start to emerge every year soon.

  60. jacob


    I commend your courage and I firmly believe that everyone, no matter how dumb, should be free to have their say on any given issue.

    But speaking seriously you should go to the shallow end of the pool where you belong. I don’t post for the likes of you to read… no offence. It’s just that you show no evidence whatsoever of being able to comprehend any complex issue or contribute meaningfully to an intelligent discussion. How you post and what you write is up to you but i don’t have engage in the mind numbingly tedious stupidity that often characterises your contribution.

    Having said all that I must say that I do find you rather amusing… a bit like a dog that walks on its hind legs or a smoking chimp you are good for a laugh. Whether ‘at’ you or ‘with’ you I’ll leave for others to judge.

    I’m off to get on with my life now. Thanks to everyone for lively mornings debate and sorry if I couldn’t reply to every post directed at me.. especially from intelligent guys with opposing views like Pat the gooner… but duty calls.


  61. Gooby

    the afobe, aneke, miquel, cruise, lansbury, wilshere, jet are better than theo, randall, cesc(only exeption), bendy, song, denilson, clichy

  62. gambon

    The problem is Gooby that the more kids that come through the younger our team will get.

    I’m really excited by Ramsey, Wilshere, Frimpong, Coquelin, Aneke and Afobe…..but the fact is kids don’t win things.

  63. ubmasinga

    ok for years Wenger has been telling us ,the team is growing and getting better,right but for how long how do you solve problems by justifying others.think of the keeper,thanks God they are improving,the defense.we need players not winning over simple concepts after losing.the problem is wenger ,hye just doesn’t not like the idea of being wrong yet the truth always stare in the face,wake up wenger and give fans what they want.

  64. Gooby

    mate every club and every youth system buys players who are 13 14 15 16 or 17 it’s part of it.

    the clubs shop for talents all around the country or in Europe if the scouting system is developed and sign them on trial. you can’t just rely on local kids from Islington

  65. Gooby

    Wenger job is to create a good basis for those talents to be introduced with more experienced lads to learn from like cesc, vermy, RvP, sagna, nasri and song. it might work for them

    re my last post, iniesta was scouted in kid’s tournament by barca coaches, him and messi are hardy cuntalans

  66. patthegooner

    Lansbury seems to be having a very good loan spell at Norwich.

    It is a shame we cant loan more of these kids to PL teams. It is hard to judge if they will make it, when they are loaned to the Championship. For instance Manonne is doing very well at Boro.

  67. patthegooner

    Next six PL Fixtures

    Chavs H
    Wigan A
    Brum A
    Man City H
    West Ham A
    Wigan H

    The failure to beat either Man Ure or Chavski is starting to get quite concerning now. I think that is a huge game that we simplay cant afford to lose or draw. We need to re-address the balance and start beating them. If we do, i think we could get on a bit of a run going into the new year.

  68. Emmagunner

    Jacob, good to know people with perspective still existed here, good arguments to back up points not aimlessly catching strawls and making desperate points to save face… There was a time when le grove still had perspective. They didn’t always agree with the manager neither did I always agree with them but they made sense. The comments sections were filled with more reasonable debates… Those days are long gone… These days the authors are in a constant fight to prove they are better managers. Every little achievement is waved off with the ‘that is what we have been saying in a long time’ remark and every failure greeted with ‘I told you so’. And everyone agrees 100%. Excess navel- gazing fools them to thinking their opinions matters so much to Wenger or the the world watching the ‘le grove vs Wenger show’. At the end of the day Wenger will make the calls he thinks is right regardless of what anyone here thinks…. All we have is opinions… Wenger has not always been right but he still is the right man for the job IMO…

  69. gambon


    Lansbury has the attitude but I don’t think he has the quality…he’s 20 and still on loan in the championship.

  70. ANewPlayerForChristmas

    “now I don’t know what Rudnevs is like, but I know Bendtner and Vela won’t make it so why not?”

    that right there is whats wrong with the fans of today – oh i read a 22 year old scored 5 goals in the europa league while hes a starter for a club in the equivalent of the championship therefore he must be better than a couple of 22 year olds we have been developing at a higher level and that have been getting games and good performances in the champions league –

  71. SongtheGreat

    was abit shellshocked reading this post…

    we all like different players and thats fine…but wanting that fiasco vela to stay instead of Song…crazy…hope you didn’t really mean that…if…well…

    we would be far better off…if we offloaded crocks sell Rvp…kick cesc as far away as possible…an ingrate acting as captain thats plain disgraceful…sell Bendtner…vela is never gonna make it…nor ramsey injured players like that never gets back to full capacity….almunia has to go…and more important….get rid of the dictator wenger…then maybe we can start hoping for long gone glory again ….

  72. A

    Don’t agree at all gambon- Lansbury probably isn’t on the same level as Ramsey and wilshere but certainly the next level, he should be a very good squad player for us at worst for a long time.

    Surprised me he went to a championship team on loan but it was outside the transfer window so it was that or nothing. He’s 20 but lost a good year plus so in terms of his development he’s still a teenager

  73. arsenal4ever

    19 Dec 2010 12:37:08
    Arsenal Rumours
    Deal has been agreed for Sakho of PSG. Undisclosed amount but been told its an initial £10 million with add-ons

    nothing found yet hope this is true. massive talent even if it is another frenchy!!

  74. Geoff

    It’s obvious Jacob is not that old, he sees this perfect Barca blueprint that is built on youth, he should ask himself why they are £450mil in the red! But he won’t as that requires thinking.

  75. Geoff

    Arsenal4ever, don’t get your hopes up, I asked Wenger to sign him when PSG played Rangers at the Emirates Cup (see archives) he didn’t, he’s already said we’ll sign no one, except if they are kids of course.

  76. Geoff

    STG did you see Songs stats in the ManU game, how the fuck can you want him, he is truly shit.

    Also has committed more fouls in the EPL than anyone else because he get skinned so often.

  77. This is England

    No doubt Song has gone backwards this year.I remember Paul Merson saying he looked like a fish up a tree whilst on loan at Charlton

  78. SongtheGreat

    hehe:) This is England oh dear its quite clear you are an Englishman not in New York mate but on a trip in the jungle 😉
    Geoff…i know that you deep down recognize the fact that after nasri Song has been the best Arsenal player this season..and if you would like to critize anyone..have a go at that no good wenger….who have told Song to get forward…thats plain stupid and really not Songs fault mate..

  79. Paulinho

    The thing is Wilshere is barely just about playing at a level befitting that of an top four side with aspirations for more, and we can’t afford a drop off from that, so tht and counts Lansbury out for now unless he develops alot.

  80. arsenal4ever

    I am also sick of the fukking french connection!!! Buy class not babies or nationalities. We are an english club and most of them speaking french including fukking wenger. this is a disgrace!!! We have often a first 11 without any english man in it. Unbelieveable. Wenger should feel the heat if he doesnt buy. Miaygi cant be count he was agreed already in the summer!!

  81. Confidentgoner

    How many DMs are better than Song in the League? I think the problem is that the guy is often played way too high and that my friends is the managre’s instructions.

  82. This is England

    No problem STG.For the record i was backing Song last year as our most improved player.This year obviously under instructions he is playing a different role.

  83. arsenal4ever

    yeah incesc but I am sick of his interviews. It angers me just to see his face!! He did nothing learn since 5 years and wont until to spend!!

  84. Big Dave

    a4 ever.

    Hope you didn’t get that rumour from transfer rumour siteas that is dog shite of all sites. Anyway Sakho is going to milan.

  85. Big Dave

    Not heard of that site, got the info thru an agent I know of, a Spanish side also want him but milan look to be favourites at present

  86. kev

    read the post and all the comments – good reading there. to be honest though we all know wenger and how he conducts his business and its 99% certain there will be no arrivals in january so well have to make do with what we have against barca. hopefully the ship will steady and we can improve our form.

    somebody asked wheres the proof about the money we make and our profit – try going to and looking at their football rich list. 3rd richest club in the world

  87. Rickys had enough

    I cannot believe how wenger dodged all those honest questions the lady asks.

    Does he not realise that nobody is asking him to spunk a £150m? Really shocking how he continues to dodge these questions hoping everything will boil over.

  88. Big Dave

    Yes of course I have asked him, every time I see him it’s the 1st question I ask about us. Sadly he has heard of nothing coming in this Jan, btw he is not a “big” agent over here, he mainly does work for foreign clubs, he has a youth player here at WHU. But he hears a lot of gossip, and when I questioned him on sakho when he was over here playing for France v England he said milan were fav to sign him, no Arsenal interest. Getting any info out of Arsenal is very very hard, it is all top secret, so any bit of snippet I do get I share

  89. Rickys had enough

    Lady: Arsene, why has’nt arsenal won a title in 5 yrs?

    Arsene: starts he’s reply with, We’ll it depends what you call a title.. (a fuicking title you senile fool! you know what she means)

    Lady: Arsenal fans love you (used to) but for how long do you think there trust will last?

    Arsene: I dont master that, i can only guarentee my commitment & every part of inteligence i have is to be sucessfull with this club (then he continues to dodge the question again. Exactly what is he committed to? finishing fourth? cos thats all the ambition he’s showning everybody)

    Lady: what is the clubs priorities? is it winning titles or making money? (This ones obvious to any normal football fan)

    Arsene: If you look back for the last 14yrs you will see arsenal consistently at the top level in all competitions (yh nice one but means sod all if you’ve not one nothing in europe in all that time & nothing domesticly for the last 5 yrs)

    Lady: why is it that you dont buy big name players?

    Arsene: Because we respect our badge. you look at clubs spending a £150m but if we do that we go bust! (smart arse bloody well knows we dont need to spend that much so why does he continue to dodge these questions with that lame answer? he knows what she means. i dont recall of any players costing a 150m)

    Lady: so your saying business priorotises over winning titles?

    Wenger: err, ahh, err, ahh… If i tell you we can win 2 more points but lose a £150m what do you say? (here we go with that stupid figure! Last few yrs i looked back on we were behind the leaders more then 2 points right? yet another question dodged!)

    Lady: Will you be buying any players in january?

    Me: No he bloodywell wont! & even if he does it wont be anybody much needed.

  90. Pedro

    Emmagunner, most boring comment of the day.

    The sign of someone with no counter argument is a comment attacking the site….Zzzzzz…