Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.

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Arsenal have confirmed that Ryo Miyaichi, an 18 year-old Japanese striker is joining in January, good move if he gets an exceptional talent visa like Song got but if he gets the Wellington Silva treatment we may have to wait 5 years to see him.

So is it a masterstroke signing or a cynical ploy to make more money, but this time out of the Japanese market, hmmm all these long termers are great, if they all work.

I remember Jermaine Pennant was the next big thing, him and David Bentley, Fabrice Muamba (England under 17’s) Senderos, Bendtner, Vela, Nordtveit, Larsson etc, etc, then what happened?

It’s great if it works out like Cesc, but it’s not so great if you wait and wait and get some of the above.

However there are some young’uns out there that are good right now, so if we sign Eden Hazard who himself is just 19, then we could have 2 wingers.

Lech Poznan striker Artjoms Rudnevs who at 22 years old has also said his dream is to play for the Arsenal, so one definite and two that are desperate to join, now I don’t know what Rudnevs is like, but I know Bendtner and Vela won’t make it so why not?

Swap Clichy with Benzema and stick Vermaelen in at left back and we are starting to look like we can take barca on.

What about Connor Wickham at Ipswich? I remember the chasing of Luke Freeman but I haven’t heard anything about him really, Afobe and Aneka yes, but not Luke Freeman and I’m sure they were all the same age group.

We seem to spend a lot of energy on young kids that rarely make it but not so much time on those slightly older that could benefit from playing in our team right now, they may become world class and not major disappointments like Senderos, Pennant or Bentley, though right now, I’d take Senderos over the two clowns he signed in the summer from France, wouldn’t you?

Eden Hazard is 19 years old, Serdar Tasci is 23, Per Mertesacker 26 and all of them want a move, so why not us, we could sell the players that other clubs want and finance these players with them.

Imagine having Germany’s centre backs in there, a couple of wingers and maybe Karim Benzema up front, or some of the others I mentioned, Connor Wickham says he wants to play for us, if we miss out on him, he’ll go to Spurs and you know he’ll be the nuts.

We could use Tomas Vermaelen as a left back or a DM so we would be spoilt for choice, right now though it’s not working, some from this lot may give us a real go, what do you think?

Look at who we would lose Eboue, Bendtner, Song, Denilson, Almunia, Fabianski, Randall, Rosicky, Koscielny and Squillaci, would you miss them? I wouldn’t.

I really like Vela, we waited 5 years to see him in an Arsenal shirt, he makes his debut and looks great, then we don’t see him again, and on the rare occasion we do, he’s hurried and I feel for him, but you know thats it, he’ll soon be gone, so 5 years of anticipation then nothing, and that happens a lot with our kids.

I was told the Wenger didn’t like what he was doing with his personal life, well enough said with that little kettle and pot!

Have a great Day grovers and let’s hope the big freeze thaws quickly, no football is boring, at least in the summer we could play golf!

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509 Responses to “Arsenal cynical ploy or masterstroke in transfer market as New Ronaldo signs.”

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  1. Rickys had enough

    Rohan, he has a big ego. Theres nothing wrong with it, all big players have that about them.

    Only thing is if he can keep he’s game consistent without letting that ego get in the way.

  2. zeus

    Rohan says:
    December 19, 2010 at 23:48
    I don’t really rate Benzema. Don’t think he has the intelligence to play for us or atleast be what Henry was to us.
    Plus, he seems like a thick cocky cunty bastard with a shit work rate. I’m being very harsh on him I know but I just don’t like something about the way he carries himself.

    You could knock me over with a feather.
    But you like Bendtner? Every adjective you just used to describe Karim could be used for ‘YOUR royal pinkiness.’

    Not saying yes to Karim, but I PRAY to the heavens that we get shot of Bendy too. New Ibra my ass….

  3. Rohan

    Bendtner has a good workrate and although he is very confident, I don’t think he is cocky as such.

    I rate Bendtner, very highly I might add. If we were to let him go, we’ll go on to regret that. He’s not too far from the level Dzeko is at imo

  4. Jimbo

    Agree Rohan – Bendtner is far, far from lazy.

    Letting him go, especially for the sake of a donkey like Chamakh, would be a massive mistake.

  5. zeus

    Jersey Shore? No. I’m older than MTV now. Once you hit your 20s, you realize just how shit and irrelevant anything they do is.

    I’ve seen clips of the show though. Enough to know that it follows much the same formula as most MTV shows which is be stupid and outrageous.

    In this one clip ‘the situation’ was in the jacuzzi and he said something like ‘ I’m damn near perfect. I cook, I clean, EYES LIKE MONEY, work out 4 times a week and I’m great in bed.’

    When asked who the hell told him he was great, he responded by saying that he keeps ‘customer service cards’ at the side of his bed for his conquests to fill out. Thought that was funny. Positive it wasn’t off the cuff though. More or less everything is staged.

    Plus I have to admit to being a bit envious. Life can’t be fair that I go to school, study hard, have sleepless nights and all, and these idiots just party and work out all the time and yet they make millions (literally) because the American populous are moronic that they find the show entertaining.

  6. Rickys had enough


    You have to be the 1st person i’ve heard say NB is near the level of dzeko.. Even my father in-law who really believes the sun shines out of wengers arse thinks bendtner is complete shite.

  7. zeus


    Come off it. As of right now, that donkey is a far better player than Bendtner.

    Bendtner could learn a thing or two from watching Chamakh. Nothing annoys me more than seeing him (bendy) show is latest rendition of ‘new born lamb’.

    Quite how he conspires to tie his legs up as he does is beyond me. He is beyond cumbersome.

    Chamakh is too concerned about his passing stats for a CF mind you, but to suggest that Bendy be played ahead of him EVER…..

  8. Rohan

    Bendtner has a better scoring/assisting record per minute than RvP. FACT!

    zeus, clearly you know more about the show than me. I just saw an episode on tv because i’m done with the semester and have nothing else to do and am waiting until i fly out of this shithole.
    Either way, it’s a sad story of our times ain’t it.

    ssshhh, but I’m pretty sure that along with Big Brother are Pedro’s favorite shows.

  9. Keyser

    I doubt many people on here know what Dzeko’s level is, Bendtner’s nowhere near as good as Rohan or Stu think he is, but he’s got promise, Benzema ? Fuck knows what’s going on with him, he’s a decent finisher, but I’d still say too raw and pwerful for the type of finisher we need.

    Eduardo would have been great for this team if he’d progressed and built on the promise he showed, if Benzema could learn to finish the sort of intricate passing we end up playing he’d be great, he struggles at Madrid because at the moment he’s not dynamic enough to adjust and play around the sort of individual talent they have in the team.

    For me Higuain could be that player, he’d need to adjust to the league, but he’s quality.

  10. Jimbo

    Since when, zeus?

    Their scoring records are more or less on a par, yet Bendtner has proven himself capable of scoring against decent defences, Chamakh hasn’t. What’s more, Bendtner’s scored goals in a worse team.

  11. Rohan

    I’m not so sure zeus.. I posted this a couple days back- Chamakh has scored 10 goals and has 6 assists in 23 appearances.

    Bendtner on the other hand last season scored 12 goals and 7 assists in 31 appearances ( considerably more sub appearances I’m guessing) in what was imo a much weaker team offensively.

    Now, don’t misconstrue what I just said, I’m not saying definitively that Bendtner’s better than Chamakh, but given that Chamakh’s been pretty poor in the last couple weeks or so, surely it’s time to give Bendtner a go.

  12. zeus

    Higauin is the kind of forward we could use yeah. I see a lot of him at Madrid and for Argentina, and while I think he is very good, when things are bad, they are bad.

    I would like to see him play through the bad times a bit better, but overall, I think he more than any is the reason why Mourinho felt comfortable letting Raul go.

  13. A

    Noone has a clue what Dzeko’s level is, Bendtner would score for fun in the German league, and Dzeko could quite easily come to the prem and not be anything like as good a goalscorer as bendtner was for us towards the end of last season

  14. Keyser

    Chamakh isn’t concerned about his passing stats, he’s just finding his place in the team, he’s got his back to goal and in his mind he thinks what will be the better option for the team, to find a player in a better position ? Or to turn and get off a quick shot ?!

    He plays the percentrages game, Bendtner has the confidence to try and turn and shoot, but his success rate is poor, Bendtner could go on to fulfill the potential we see all too rarely, or he could have already plateaued, either way his ego could lead to him falling short.

    Van Persie is the ideal player at his best, with a Bendter/ Chamakh variation for different teams.

  15. Rohan

    minutes/goal scored

    Yeah, and school tends to be a shithole when it’s damp, cold and raining, all yer mates have gone home and you’re waiting to go back home after 2 weeks of living on 3 hours of sleep on average a day in hell of a semester.

  16. Rohan

    I agree with that A. But I do rate him, atleast more than Huntelaar. Now, I am pretty sure Bendtner is better than him atleast.

  17. Keyser

    Jimbo – What was gambon saying ? Chamakh’s scored against Lyon, Bayern and so on ?!

    He’s absolutely quality in the air and we haven’t exploited that yet, but that should come with time.

  18. Rohan

    Higuain’s a flat track bully. Never ever performs on the biggest of occasions. Atleast that’s what Madrid fans tell me. He’s painfully slow too for his size.

  19. Keyser

    zeus – Raul’s like a watered down version of Higuain now, he’s just too old and knew he wouldn’t get games ahead of everyone else, that’s probably why he was let go, he was living by on his reputation as a Madrid favourite rather than anything else, like Guti ? Dunno where he is.

    Also disagree about Aguero and Romario, Romario was a clinical finisher, I mean he’d go round keepers twice he was that cocky, Aguero’s not as clinical but has a whole lot more to his game.

  20. Rohan

    There’s no way Bendtner has plateaued. in my opinion, despite injuries his improvement has been meteoric over the last 3 years.

    Fine meteoric is a bit rich

  21. Rohan

    Could Aguero play up front for us in a 433. Does he have the required level of physicality…

    I know he’s stocky and very strong, but his lack of height does render him a bit of a luxury at the moment imo

  22. zeus

    Jesus Christ. Just how many goals did Bendtner score last season? 12. 6 of those in the league. This idea that Bendtner ‘scored for fun’ is simply FALSE.

    The only reason that you all look at his exploits with big stary eyes is because those goals were vital and it kept us in the title race for a little while longer than it would without those goals.

    I could check the stats, but I would wager he scored no more than 3 goals in the last couple months of the season in the league before our pitiful capitulation.

  23. Keyser

    Yeah, that’s it though, if we want a figurehead striker as the team is now, we need a player like Van Persie, with more resistance.

    Higuain’s just the most visible option, he works hard for the team and is happy to defer to others.

  24. Keyser

    Roahn – It’s been nowhere near meteoric, look at his header against Stoke, that’s an absolute’sastounding header, how many times has he done that in his career ? Umm, I can’t remember any others, and that’s the thing, how do you know he’s going to do it again ? Or if he does how many headers like it will he miss before he does ?!

    There’s no consistency or anything to back it up.

  25. Rohan

    Bendtner has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. You can’t teach that sort of instinct. You’re born with that

  26. zeus


    Higuain is a player with good pace, don’t get where you get that from. Big player for the big game? Henry never really showed up for any major finals or for club or country and that didn’t stop him from being a legend.


    Aguero is ice cold in front of goal. Also think you do Romario a disservice. Sure he was no Ronaldo (you know the one) but he was much more than a ball in the back of the net striker.

    On aguero yes. Good engine, its of working hard and running, finesse, and I think with a proper side he could really announce himself as a top player spoken of in the same breath as Ronaldo and Messi and co.

  27. Keyser

    Rohan – If I was to play the role of David here, the first thing I would point to after that statement is what ?

    Hint. Champions League.

  28. Keyser

    Zeus – Henry showed up in plenty of big games, even finals he just didn’t score.

    Romario was Ice Cold, I’m not doing him a disservice he was a great finisher, but Aguero has a much more varied game, he’s stronger physically and works a lot harder for the team.

  29. Rohan

    That’s a bit rich. Henry performend in countless big games agianst United, Chelsea. What about Madrid, Juventus et al?

  30. zeus

    Fair point on the PL set. But as much as it irks me to
    do this, that Madrid side was far from the best incarnation of that team, ditto Juventus.

    That comment was in reference to his goalscoring though. Meant to say that Higuain doesn’t often scores in most of the top games. But he does have many assist in him. Top player.

  31. Rohan

    I don’t know….That’s a big reason they even bought Benzema. There was a big doubt among madridista to whether he could really replace Raul

  32. zeus


    Doubt that. In the past 2 years he has been close to winning the pichichi in Spain. I think they were confident in his goalscoring abilities.

    It was just a matter that he was the only true CF at the club. Him aside who else was there after they dropped Raul?

    Benzema was poor today, his birthday apparently, and had Higuain not been injured and maybe requiring surgery he would still be warming the bench.
    Dzeko to Madrid I feel.

  33. Rohan

    The ever-so-modest Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho pats himself on the back and underlines his achievement in 2010: “I would give myself an 11 out of 10. I won every championship I played in last season and we currently have lost none of our chances to win titles at Real Madrid. The league is very open still. We’ve qualified for the last 16 both in the Copa del Rey and the Champions League. We also were the best side in the Champions League group stage. This season has been perfect for us so far.”

    This is why I don’t want Mourinho at our club. Fucking egotistical cunt

  34. charliegeorge


    The nutty professor speaking to Al Jazeeera Sports:


    On not winning anything for the last five years, he said:

    It depends on what you call a title.

    I think we have built our team with very young players and managed to stay at the top. Don’t forget that in the last five years we have been in the Champions League final, in the semi-final and in the quarter final.

    We just lost in one or two occasions the Championship and in England competition is very hard so overall I believe we lacked a bit maturity but we are slowly getting there.

    The longer that lasts the more pressure we face from outside to deliver. I can understand the expectation level but on our side it’s more important to focus on performing and playing the football like we want to play it and that’s the best way to delivery trophies.


    What fucking trophies you WANKER!

    “It depends on what you call a title.”

    You are the master and inventor of SPIN! You are a pillock who belongs nowhere near a football club. Your days are and have been numbered for five years. Someone please certify this plonker. FAST!

  35. Confidentgoner


    He is correct. Am sure he is not unaware of the hiding at the Nou Camp, but they are only 2 points adrift… very much in contention. It is not beyond Barca to slip, so don’t count out JM.

  36. goonergerry

    Jacob- so Arsenal have remained competitive have they? Its just another sound bite AKB myth. Yes, we have up to now qualified for the CL – however,without a hope of ever winning it. We have fizzled out in the EPL every year for the past 3 when the heat has been on.
    Taking part in a competition is not the same as being competitive in it with a realistic chance of winning it.
    Although Wenger has probably done as well as anoyone could do as a result of spending as little as he has on rebuilding and refreshing the team- It is a fact that Wenger views transfer windows as less of an opportunity to strengthen the side than he does an opportunity to make a profit from selling players. This always comes at a cost- he trades experience for potential- because it is cheaper and he likes young players. He has made a profit on 3 of the last 4 transfer windows. yes its great to have the only manager in the EPL who makes a profit during the transfer window.
    But will the AKB recognise the inevitable consequence of this – that results not opinions show that this Arsenal team is no longer competitive at the top level in England and Europe? The facts speak for themselves.
    Man U and Chelsea have comfortably beaten us on the last 15 occaisons we have played them. Spurs have beaten us on the last 2 times we have played. Barcelona? we are not just talking about a loss- we were outclassed.

  37. silentstan


    well jacob talks more sense than you ever do. you suggest Vern is only a good CB cos we made him so, then he is pointless cos he is injured so ‘go buy another’
    typically is so easy isnt it. and vela has never shown anything against a half decent team, only CC wifs and strays. our youth system costs very little, by the way, because of what we make on sales.barca’s is only good because they do not have same stupid visa restrictions as us, they are also 450m in debt.