Some of the things the Arsenal have said after this seasons defeats

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‘We know we are a good side, our confidence is not any lower than it was before the game’ Chezzer – Mancs

‘They were silly goals and we should have avoided them, we could have killed the game before. Still there are some positives. We kept our team shape well and we did not do things too quickly because they were behind the ball waiting for us. We played the Arsenal way but it did not pay this time’ Johan Djourou – spuds

‘We can switch off at the back. We are not there. With five minutes to go you make sure you win your headers when you play at the back and we were caught unfortunately’ Arsene Wenger – spuds

‘We did show spells in the second half where we were the real Arsenal, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. They were just better than us’ Theo Walcott

‘We lost the game but we have to try and do better next time. We have to learn from this game and we have to score goals because we had the opportunities to do it. We are disappointed’ Bacary Sagna

‘The positive is that we did fight until the last minute but it was just not good enough at that level to get three points’ Arsene Wenger – chavs

‘This team has great mental strength and is intelligent’ Arsene Wenger – everytime

Same old, same old, at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.

We have some players that we should either trade or simply off-load, we have 10 players out on loan, how many of them will ever make the grade, why keep them, we aren’t collecting football cards here, this is our future.

Almunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Squillaci, Koscielny, Song and Denilson, if anybody thinks they aren’t holding us back, look at their recent stats.

We have players like Coquelin, Lansbury, Jet and Frimpong that will make it, Chezzer showed me enough in two games that he is a decent keeper and should be our number one, every time we lose and so far this season that has been seven times, we roll out the above excuses, we will improve, the ref doesn’t protect our players and the last one, the pitch was poor, please! When will this stop?

One blogger today said Wenger blamed the quality of the pitch for Arsenal’s poor play, not the defeat, hmmm, what’s the difference? A bad workman always blames his tools.

Please don’t compare us to Everton, Villa or Liverpool, right now we make more money on matchday’s than any other team, we are charge more, we ought to be better, how many times do we realise before Christmas we won’t win the EPL or the ECL, how many years do we have to keep the faith before we realise that we are wasting our time?

I can’t find one sportswriter who thinks we will, not one TV pundit and not one manager, when does that time come when we stop believing the ‘judge me in May’ rhetoric. They can’t all be wrong, even the ex players say we need better players.

When does our manager come back in May and say he was wrong? NEVER, that’s when.

He is un-sackable and that can’t be right, there are no checks and balances, there is no-one at our great club that says ‘sorry mate, this isn’t working’ And still we go to the Emirates and hope. And still people get upset when we criticise, open your eyes people!

We are told in November that no players will be bought in January, so all the bad play by players goes un-punished, the highly paid players are as safe as the manager is and this can’t go on.

I love having a manager like Wenger, but let’s not forget before he came to Arsenal, he was a nobody, we made him as much as he made us, the day of reckoning is here, time to admit you have it wrong boss and change things, time to bring in some ready made players and time to win stuff again.

To say this will no doubt upset some schoolboys, but it’s no longer me saying it alone, most of blogland is, the Emperor has no clothes on, it’s official, unless of course you like not winning, then everything is fine, and we have a great, great squad.

Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up, we are in the semi finals because at long last Wenger has fielded a proper side and until this season he has always refused to do that, so you see when he admits he is wrong, things can happen, only of course he hasn’t said he was wrong has he?

Act now Arsene, because this team will never win the league, it won’t improve and if you think this is your best ever squad, you need help. It isn’t.

Have a great day Grovers, we should at least go back top on Saturday, that is if we can play Nasri in the middle, Robin up front, Song behind the midfield and Chezzer in goal.

Oh and Australia, are you watching on the box!

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  1. Pedro

    Terry Neill

    “Behind the scenes Martin Keown has been there on the training ground doing his coaching badges and I don’t think they could have had better mentors than Keown and Pat Rice.

  2. Rickys had enough

    We need to give jobs to keown & adams right now imo.

    On that note, anybody know who will be replacing pat rice next season?

  3. Queen of Suburbia

    I just think it’s daft to makes statements like “it was Keown the gave us the CL record” when all we know is that he was there, he helped out and kolo rated his input.

  4. A

    04/05 – 36 conceded
    05/06 – 31 conceded
    06/07 – 34 conceded

    04/05 Pascal Cygan started 15 games, more offensive style of play
    05/06 Keown was at the club, more defensive style of play.
    06/07 Sol Campbell had left the club

    Small differences between goals conceded with many contributing factors. I’m sure Keown being around the club was nice for the players, but for people to make out that he’s somehow some prodigal figure when he had nothing to do with the actual organisation of the defence as a whole, and the difference between his being at the club and not was minimal, is just plain ridiculous imo….

  5. Franchise

    Martin Keown: ‘Poor defending has cost Arsenal the title’ an interview in Feb 10

    Clearly hurt by the recent run of poor results, Keown was full of criticism for the Arsenal back-line, blaming the centre-backs for their inability to win the battle with Didier Drogba and the full-backs for their relentless bombing forward.

    some quotes

    “It’s like watching two heavyweight boxers,” he explained, referring to the Gunners’ recent matches. “If someone connects first, the guy gets knocked out cold and Arsenal have been knocked out cold twice now – now their Premier League season is over.”

    “Somebody had to upset his rhythm,” he says. “The problem with playing against Drogba is that you don’t deal with him when the ball goes to him, you deal with him well before he receives the ball. Way before that you need to make sure you take his space, you’re strong, you’re dominant, you win that battle.”

    “OK, they still play the offside trap,” he says, “but they don’t press the ball like we did. Then again it’s what you get from the players in front of you – you need to make sure you defend as a team.

    “As a defender, if the player in front of you doesn’t put pressure on the ball, then you have to drop off and that creates lots of space. That’s how the opponent gets time to hurt you – he can pick his passes or put the ball in the back of the net.

    “If you’re a full-back and you keep going forward all the time and they keep punishing us in that hole, then you have to start picking and choosing how many times you get forward,” he says. “You have to ask yourself the question, ‘are you creating a problem for the opposition or for the team?’.”

    “We can’t all go forward,” he says in exasperation. “Somebody has to sit in midfield and occupy space and slow the opposition down.”

    “The philosophy of the manager is that he creates this belief in the players that they will conquer all with their own play,” he says. “Arsenal are losing games by trying to win them but when you’re playing against the heavyweights you’re going to get hurt sometimes.”

    This guy know what he is talking about

  6. Queen of Suburbia

    Stop the trolling gam bon, I asked a question.

    Pedro tried to suggest I’d asked a different question and franchise kindly cleared it up.

    For schooling see anytime you engage with surfer. It’s like watching Evra vs arsenal. With you being arsenal.

  7. Pedro

    A, you failed to mention how depleted our defence was for the second half of the season.

    How we went through 8 left backs… and still only conceded 31 goals.

    That’s a pretty incredible feat.

  8. Sam

    Denilson for 9m to wolfsburg. Should bite their hands off.

    But we can be pretty certain he wont be replaced with ramsey coming back soon and Frimpong coming back later in the season. So better denilson than nothing.

  9. incesc

    So this Surfer has been calling gambon a training facility, telling him people will remember barcelona more than him and telling him he fears chelsea more?

    the motherfunker!!!

  10. gambon

    Snack… was a dominos pizza covered in burgers with hot rods sticking out the top.

    Now don’t you go getting upset at the pasting you took today!

  11. Franchise

    i think our defensive problems were all summarised in the interview with keown

    1. we dont press
    2. full backs keep attack too much
    3. cbs dont harass opposition forwards enough
    4. we dont defend as a team with culprits like arshavin being very guilty

  12. A

    Pedro he didn’t drill the defence, he assisted whoever it was drilling the defence….

    I agree though, left back wise we were very depleted, but flamini was absolutely superb there….

    i’d rather have a defence with flamini left back than i would pascal cygan centre back!!

    Yeah Sam it’s only possible to compare the league – or did Keown only come in before champs league games?!

  13. Franchise

    did anyone notice that when barca played madrid in the 5-0 el classico hammering that alves didnt attack as much as he normally does? TACTICS spurred by respect for their opponets

    Barcelona’s off the ball pressing is probably the most organised in Europe anyways?

    That helps reduce the pressure on their defence a lot

    Arsenal try to play Chelsea the same way they will WestHam you cant do that

  14. KM


    New manager – Bould/Hiddink
    Elia (left winger)
    Hazard/Alexis Sanchez (Right winger)
    Eto/Torres (topclass striker)
    DM = M’Villa/Inler


    Cesc (sell him for £50m +)

  15. A

    Agreed totally about the pressing Franchise, our inability to do that costs us dear.

    Against Utd Rosicky was getting really annoyed with it, he’d press someone and then there’d just be an easy pass on because noone else had done the same

  16. Paulinho

    It’s okay having full backs going forward, but when they get forward they actually have to able to cross or make something happen. Too often our full backs go forward and our play breaks down, leaving us ripe for the counter.

    Clichy crosses the ball like it’s an American footall helmet.

  17. A

    Sam you mean compare how many goals we conceded in the champs league with the other seasons we’ve played the same number of games?!

    incesc in an interview (which was praising his influence, good for the kids etc) whoever it was, possibly the same one that pedro posted earlier it said he “helped out and shadowed the other coaches” whilst doing his coaching badges.

    Obviously someone with no badges and no experience wouldn’t ever be given the responsibility of doing the main organisation of anyone

  18. TOMTOM

    I was suprised that Pedro wanted Rosicky starting against Man U but I’m glad he now realises how wrong he was and that Rosicky should be sold or shot if no bidders come in.

  19. TOMTOM

    Agree with Paulinho,Clichy cant cross or shot so his speed is of no great advantage. He’s also shit in the air and teams target this alot

  20. Limestonegunner

    Would it hurt to have someone like Keown helping mentor our inexperienced and new to the PL CB’s? Since we presumably want what is best for our football club rather than scoring cheap points against one another (haha!), what is the purpose in insisting on direct testimony of Keown’s role and precise evidence of it helping secure the best defensive record in the CL? If he was a part of it at some level, why not spend a little money to bring these legends who command respect from our current players to help out, offer advice, be a source of guidance and continuity with our past successes and model for young players the professionalism and determination and nous needed to secure future success?

    The best clubs seem always to have top former players involved if they have some capacity to provide good advice and examples for new and younger players. We spend millions in non-footballing operating and administrative expenses. Spending some to address issues like this doesn’t seem a lot if there is a small chance it could help.

    We are close to winning something this season–why not make a little extra effort to get these players over the hurdle?

  21. dza

    Gareth Bale is awful at left back but decent at left mid, maybe Gibbs could do the same if we changed our system? Remember that scorcher he scored against Legia Warsaw?

  22. JJ

    After the Spuds I was gutted for a week.
    After the Mancs I was disappointed but not surprised.

    Going forward, I refuse to prove the definition of insanity – i.e. to keep doing the same things and expect a different result. Arsene keeps doing the same things so I won’t EXPECT a different result.

    If Wenger won’t change his tactics then I have to change mine… If only to keep my sanity and avoid the highs and lows.

  23. Limestonegunner

    JJ, what do you plan to do differently? How do you insulate yourself emotionally, or will you just not watch?

  24. Queen of Suburbia

    I am constantly amazed at A’s ability to calmly point out the facts with retaliating to the provocation of trolls.

  25. incesc

    whats with the whole calling people a troll fad?

    all the people that love to argue about how good they are at arguing are doing it.

  26. David

    choy says:
    December 16, 2010 at 13:57
    Bendtner is the reason we’re playing CL footie this season.


    Actually, Sol Campbell is the reason we are playing Champions league footie.

  27. David

    I dont understand what the Keown debate is about really.

    Surely there is a hint of success by getting to a champions league final with his input and never being able to reach there again since he left.

  28. zeus

    Everyone a bit aggro today.

    Were the rumours pf Pat Rice retiring at season’s end true?

    Wenger would no doubt promote from within. And it would be Bould I feel. Anyone watch the U18s enough to have an idea of how the defenders under his tutelage operate. (Granted they are not senior players mind you)

  29. Queen of Suburbia

    not live no, I do have a property down there though, it’s where I met my husband.

    My favourite place in the world.

  30. simon mcmahon


    Wolfsburg manager Steve McClaren has made Arsenal’s Denilson his surprise January transfer priority, according to reports in Germany.
    The industrious midfielder, 22, started the season injured and has struggled to re-establish himself in Arsene Wenger’s first-team since returning from his abdominal problem.
    The emergence of teenager Jack Wilshere has forced Denilson down the midfield pecking order and the Brazilian has made just three Premier League starts all season.
    And McClaren is ready to offer Denilson the chance of more regular first-team action at Wolfsburg, who are currently only four places above the bottom of the Bundesliga.
    According to these reports, Wolfsburg would be ready to pay as much as £11m to land Denilson, who has been at Arsenal since 2006. (Give Me Football – Official PFA Website)

    take the money !!!!!!!

  31. Queen of Suburbia

    Yeah st Ives is great, just the right combo of art and commerce for my tastes.

    It’s allowed itself to go a bit upscale without losing it’s charm, and the beaches are still the best in the country.

  32. Queen of Suburbia

    Neither are mine and A’s really though?

    He’s more of a football geek than I am and far more likely to go look something up!

  33. David

    Wasnt being sarcastic Zeus,

    If someone opens up about something private in their life it shouldnt be a motif for ridicule.

    I produce short films on the side. I was actually quite serious.

  34. Queen of Suburbia

    James posts on here. He confirmed it on aclf ages ago but wouldn’t say who as!

    I reckon he is Pedro. He gets very defensive whenever I mention his name…

  35. Honest Bill

    I actually thought we were much better, tactically speaking, against the mancs this time around. We didn’t really let them create anything, and kept reasonably deep and compact.

    Our forward players were just all scared shitless and could not utilise their creativity to break down the mancs well organised and well drilled team.

    That was my take on it anyway.

  36. Queen of Suburbia

    I didn’t read it as sarcastic David, and then felt a bit stupid when Zeus insinuated that you were being so!

    Actually, when we met,in St Ives, I was moving back to London the following week and he was moving to London that week also. Turned out we were working 100yards from each other.

  37. finestcuts

    Chesney looks like he’s done enough to keep the number 1 spot. Wenger has proved to him that he trusts him by giving him a top Premier League debut, you can’t get bigger than Manchester United away…..and he did the business. I read today’s article about Wenger finally admitting to the fact that top keepers start young……
    I reckon he’s known this all along and why he has stuck to Almunia for so long given the token transfer fee we’ll get for him is a total head scratcher.

    And those bastardos at Barcelona want to steal another on of our players…..Chesney…..they want to piss us off and make a bid for him in summer.

    I love the way Barcelona play football, I admire the passion of their fans but I hate the way they conduct their transfer dealings and treat us like we’re their training school.

    Needless to say Chesney won’t want to sit on the bench waiting for Valdez to hang up his boots.

    But they’ll be knocking on our door again in the summer offering us half price for our best players, launching propaganda so that Barca fans think Arsenal is a prison camp which won’t let their players go despite the fact that they have players on long contracts (Bojan and Busquets are reportedly signing new contract to 2015) with buyout clauses that even Man City would find a rip off.

    Barca think that they can bully Arsenal, Wenger has to stand up to them again this summer and refuse to do any business with them unless it’s on our terms. They got Henry for a pittance……16 million……they got Hleb and didn’t even stick with him.

    Every summer they want something on bad terms and if they can’t get their way get their players to talk to the newspapers playing the sentimental note.

    I really hope we get them in the Champions League and turn them over and I know what a huge task it is……but it would be so nice.

  38. Limestonegunner

    I liked the beach at Porthcurno a great deal this summer. But certainly St. Ives is a wonderful mix–loved the Tate gallery there as well. But it is a bit crowded for a beach, that’s why the cove at Porthcurno was nice.

    Lucky you QOS. Nice place, but the world is vast with its wonders-villages in the mountains of Lebanon, Istanbul and its environs, the Owens valley in California and Yosemite National Park, the old medieval towns of the Amalfi coast, the beaches of Kelibia in Tunisia, Gilgit in the Pakistani Himalayas… Have not been to South America, Subsaharan Africa or East Asia yet. Perhaps Brazil for WC? London and New York are still the best cities though Paris is more beautiful. But places are always special through the memories associated with them.

  39. Limestonegunner

    Zeus, someone who lives in England should answer that, but since I was there a few months ago, it is in the extreme South West of England in Cornwall 10 miles North of the largest city, Penzance.

  40. Limestonegunner

    Finest, it is a toss up–would it be better to defeat RM or Barca for an Arsenal supporter right now? At the moment, I would settle for a home win against Chelsea to lift my spirits.If spuds managed a draw, anything less than a victory would be an embarrassment.

    Let’s see if Chesney does well v. Stoke, will he get a start v. Chelsea? If he gets three good games in a row, doesn’t he keep his spot as the in form GK?

  41. RasDef

    Hey all,
    What I really dont understand is why did Wenger change the teams formation from a 4-3-3 (which was working fine) to a 4-5-1 (which Arsenal have not been playing).. And why did it take so long for him to sub AA23 when it was totaly obvious that he would keep losing ball posession like he’s been doing ALL SSN LONG!!!! Here is an article that I totaly agree with and is a fantastic read,

    BTW, il be coming to the Emrites stadium on Sat and was hoping someone could advise me on a good pub to watch the match around there since I dont know london for shit…

  42. ritesh

    Hahah…Geoff is making an appeal to wenger to mand ways…

    It wont change till the guy is around. He said he will bring a trophy by 2014.

    The board just love to have this guy around, he makes them happy over and over again. 😉

  43. JJ

    Limestone (17:27)
    I will still watch all the games but instead my mindset will have the expectation of a loss. If we do better than that, then it will be a good thing. If not, then I won’t feel as bad. It is a very sad situation but I sick of this team ruining my week(s).

    Incesc (17:30) – I know what you mean. When I wrote “highs and lows”, I was struggling to think of the last “high” that we had…

    As mentioned earlier, my wife is a Denver Bronco fan. I have learned a lot from her this season. (Was) a great team with a great tradition. 3-9 this year but she still watches every game. It kills her to watch but her expectations have changed. In previous years I could not talk to her for days after a loss. Now she accepts it better. When she finally gave up all hope, out of nowhere there was a God-send… THEY FIRED THEIR HEAD COACH!

    It is a sad position to be in but here we are…

  44. TOMTOM

    I totally agree with JJ,I dont even expect a victory against a top 6 team anymore. We really are in decline and we all know Wenger wont make the big signings needed to change things.

  45. sixx pac

    What’s this I hear about an Arsenal fan killing a Utd fan in Kenya because of the result. Do these people have nothing better to do with their time.

  46. JJ

    Lauren at 15:18 – Well said. Couldn’t agree more.

    If you haven’t read this comment, scroll up and do yourself a favour.

  47. sixx pac

    Kresh I’m a hardcore Arsenal fan and I wouldn’t go to those distances. I think a girlfriend would do them well. A way to release some of the tension

  48. Rickys had enough

    I’ve been telling ppl this all along gambon..

    If anything i thought most of you guys would have known that.

  49. Rickys had enough

    Our problems go beyond wenger & the players he buys. The cunts upstairs are holding this club back more then anything else! If they had high ambitions do you think wenger would be allowed to go this long without a trpohy? Im not saying wengers not to blame for the players he puts on the pitch but seamans comments make total sense to me.

    There were rumours going around about us treating cole badly around the time he was in talks with chelsea. David dein was treated badly also by those tossers upstairs.

    Fackin PHW & he’s 5% shares needs to choke on a bone or something.

  50. Rickys had enough

    Bloody ell suga3!

    It seems like it gets lower & lower everytime i mention the twats name.

    Tbh thats bloody shocking. 0.8%? Wow!

  51. SUGA3

    ‘In total, Arsenal’s board of directors currently hold 45.6% of the club’s shares; as of May 2nd 2009, the largest shareholder on the board is Stan Kroenke, with 18,240 shares (29.9%) owned via Kroenke Sports Enterprises, next is Danny Fiszman (a London diamond dealer), who holds 10,020 shares (16.1%).Richard Carr (who sits on the club’s board, but not that of the holding company) has 2,722 (4.4%) and club chairman Peter Hill-Wood owns 500 (0.8%), with all the other directors holding nominal amounts’

  52. Samir

    Bendtner OUT >
    Clichy > Out (Benzema swap)
    Almunia > OUT
    Vela LOAN >
    JET LOAN >

    <Benzema In
    <Santon In
    <Good CB IN.

    And we'd be sorted 😀

  53. Stu

    Read the latest rumour about Clichy swap for Benzema. That must be a load of shit because noone is thick enough to want rid of a potentially world class striker, just so they can get an error prone left back that cant cross.

    If its true though then its pretty much bye bye Clichy coz Wenger is a big fan of Benzema.

  54. arsenal4ever

    Hazard will be ours. The rumours he wants to join us wont go away and as the above poster already showed you all he rejected Chelsea in favour to grow up and come to us!!! A new Ljungberg with a lot more skills is coming to us. Wohhhhoooo!!!!

  55. arsenal4ever

    We have another plus in Vermaelen. It is said him and Eden are good friends. Benzema and Hazard in, Rosicky and Bendtner out with Vela going on loan to bulk up his confidence and fitness!!