Some of the things the Arsenal have said after this seasons defeats

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‘We know we are a good side, our confidence is not any lower than it was before the game’ Chezzer – Mancs

‘They were silly goals and we should have avoided them, we could have killed the game before. Still there are some positives. We kept our team shape well and we did not do things too quickly because they were behind the ball waiting for us. We played the Arsenal way but it did not pay this time’ Johan Djourou – spuds

‘We can switch off at the back. We are not there. With five minutes to go you make sure you win your headers when you play at the back and we were caught unfortunately’ Arsene Wenger – spuds

‘We did show spells in the second half where we were the real Arsenal, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. They were just better than us’ Theo Walcott

‘We lost the game but we have to try and do better next time. We have to learn from this game and we have to score goals because we had the opportunities to do it. We are disappointed’ Bacary Sagna

‘The positive is that we did fight until the last minute but it was just not good enough at that level to get three points’ Arsene Wenger – chavs

‘This team has great mental strength and is intelligent’ Arsene Wenger – everytime

Same old, same old, at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.

We have some players that we should either trade or simply off-load, we have 10 players out on loan, how many of them will ever make the grade, why keep them, we aren’t collecting football cards here, this is our future.

Almunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Squillaci, Koscielny, Song and Denilson, if anybody thinks they aren’t holding us back, look at their recent stats.

We have players like Coquelin, Lansbury, Jet and Frimpong that will make it, Chezzer showed me enough in two games that he is a decent keeper and should be our number one, every time we lose and so far this season that has been seven times, we roll out the above excuses, we will improve, the ref doesn’t protect our players and the last one, the pitch was poor, please! When will this stop?

One blogger today said Wenger blamed the quality of the pitch for Arsenal’s poor play, not the defeat, hmmm, what’s the difference? A bad workman always blames his tools.

Please don’t compare us to Everton, Villa or Liverpool, right now we make more money on matchday’s than any other team, we are charge more, we ought to be better, how many times do we realise before Christmas we won’t win the EPL or the ECL, how many years do we have to keep the faith before we realise that we are wasting our time?

I can’t find one sportswriter who thinks we will, not one TV pundit and not one manager, when does that time come when we stop believing the ‘judge me in May’ rhetoric. They can’t all be wrong, even the ex players say we need better players.

When does our manager come back in May and say he was wrong? NEVER, that’s when.

He is un-sackable and that can’t be right, there are no checks and balances, there is no-one at our great club that says ‘sorry mate, this isn’t working’ And still we go to the Emirates and hope. And still people get upset when we criticise, open your eyes people!

We are told in November that no players will be bought in January, so all the bad play by players goes un-punished, the highly paid players are as safe as the manager is and this can’t go on.

I love having a manager like Wenger, but let’s not forget before he came to Arsenal, he was a nobody, we made him as much as he made us, the day of reckoning is here, time to admit you have it wrong boss and change things, time to bring in some ready made players and time to win stuff again.

To say this will no doubt upset some schoolboys, but it’s no longer me saying it alone, most of blogland is, the Emperor has no clothes on, it’s official, unless of course you like not winning, then everything is fine, and we have a great, great squad.

Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up, we are in the semi finals because at long last Wenger has fielded a proper side and until this season he has always refused to do that, so you see when he admits he is wrong, things can happen, only of course he hasn’t said he was wrong has he?

Act now Arsene, because this team will never win the league, it won’t improve and if you think this is your best ever squad, you need help. It isn’t.

Have a great day Grovers, we should at least go back top on Saturday, that is if we can play Nasri in the middle, Robin up front, Song behind the midfield and Chezzer in goal.

Oh and Australia, are you watching on the box!

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  1. Maciek

    Do you rate gary Cahill guys. I have seen that many don’t rate him. I would like to see Zapata and Contrao from Benfice to replace Clichy.

  2. GoonerT1m

    it was a very strange answer and your right about how relaxed he looked, clearly he just doesn’t do fan/press pressure at all.

  3. Jaguar reloaded

    If Chamakh was playing for another team,none of us wouldnt have even noticed it.Chamakh is a mediocre player,who should be playing for West Ham,not the Arsenal.

    Any other striker,would have dragged the ball back and put it in the back of the net against United,when Vidic had already committed to a diving tackle.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    I just lost 1-0 to Man utd in fifa 11. They outmuscled the arsenal players and scored from a set-piece .

    Arsenal had 55% possession and more shots on target.
    can’t even escape from the frikin truth on computer games!

  5. A

    Yeah Kreshnik we’d need to get someone else in certainly.

    I’d be surprised if that happened in Jan, but maybe in the summer when Gibbs has spent the second half of the season staying fit, and maybe Santon brought in too?

  6. Gbenga

    Jaguar Reloaded, its only rational that people that recognise Benzema who has scored less than 5 goals this season will recognise Chammack who has over 10 goals + 5 Assists. Its just a matter of opening your mind to rational thoughts.

  7. Kreshnik

    A, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Santon from some Interistas friends, but haven’t seen him play much. I also think he’s fallen out of order with Rafa in charge.
    How do we think Benzema compares to Bendy … an improvement ?

  8. Gooby

    conetrao would be awesome addition, zapata plays in the centre or right flank.

    i don’t rate cahiil, he’s shite imo.

  9. Bernard Baines

    I think putting Koscielny and Song in that list is a bit harsh. I like Kozza. . .he’s been thrown in the deep end and I think he’s coped pretty well. He’s a tough fucker as well; he’s taken a real bruising on many occasions this season (Joe Cole, Kevin Davies, Squillaci etc.) and he gets on with it and doesn’t complain. I think he will come good, very good. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have preferred an experienced beast in that position.

    Can’t we all just discuss how vile John Terry is?

  10. Jaguar reloaded

    Strikers better than Chamakh
    RVP,Drogba,Anelka,Torres,Bendtner,Defoe,Pavyluchenko,Bent,Hernandez,Berbatov,Tevez,Adebayor,Fuller,Andy Carrol,Dempsey.

    There are 15 other strikers who are better than Chamakh.

  11. Jaguar reloaded

    Gbenga,better Chamakh’s african connections dont take the upper hand over your rationale either.Benzema is a far far better finisher than Chamakh,and he didnt play half as many matches as that of Chamakh.

    Benzema would have scored 20 goals for us,if he were playing instead of Chamakh.

  12. Jimbo

    Gooby – Tevez, Torres, Rooney, Adebayor, Drogba, Anelka, Balotelli, Defoe, Bent, Pavlychenko, Berbatov, Elmander, Gyan, Carroll, Odemwingie, Zamora…

    That’s a start.

  13. Gbenga

    @Kreshnik, Santon was a potential recognised about two seasons ago, however, he has really gone downward since then. Maybe due to the high expectation from him or the aftermath of his injury early last season. He actually lost his place in the team under Mourinho and he has not been able to rise up from thence. Example of horror shows from him was his 20 minutes cameo against Tottenham where he put every foot wrong…..He lost his chance in the Italian national team after the horror performance at the 2009 Confederation Cup……It speaks a lot when people rate a player that can not break into the present Inter team ahead of Clichy………………………..If Clichy has to be replaced, please let’s discuss someone better…………..and sincerely they are few in the market……no wonder real Madrid, Juventus, Man City etc couldnt get them even with their surplus cash

  14. DeiseGooner

    one trick pony who cant finish – except the 10 times in 20 starts he ‘did’ finish

    he’s by no means a world beater but you cannot fault his effort and impact hes made in quite a lot of games for us when thrown in as a starter due to RVP being RVP (injured when we need him most) and Bendy talking a better game than he plays.

  15. Jaguar reloaded

    Chamakh is good enough

    For Westham.Not for a top club like us.

    And why dont you compare him with better strikers who can actually score goals.

  16. Gbenga

    Jaguar, when last did you watch Benzema in a match? and dont tell me that he would have scored 20 goals with Arsenal if he couldnt with Real Madrid. Ronaldo has 17 league goals with Madrid and has scored 6 since when Benzema replace Higuain.

    Bent, Fuller,Elmander,Balloteli, Adebayor,Anelka, etc better than Chammack…………….Shows the level people spit rubbish to cover their ignorance

  17. A

    gbenga Santon made his debut less than two years ago, he’s only 19.

    He made his debut just under two years ago, was pretty awesome for six months, did his knee at the very start of last season, came back in jan but too early and had a recurrence of it, then didn’t get full fit before the start of the season.

    This season he hasn’t been great granted, but he’s been shifted all over the pitch and inter in general have been crap. He’s just fallen out with Benitez now.

    You can’t say that he’s gone downhill by any means, he’s still a top talent, and I’d be very happy if we signed him, with Clichy going in the summer, Gibbs moving into the first team, and Santon covering both full back positions before ultimately being our first choice right back

  18. Jimbo

    Gbenga – have you been watching Elmander this season? He’s finally found the form that he had in France, before coming to England. Yes, he’s been rubbish most of the time he’s been here, but since the start of this season he’s been quality.

  19. Gbenga

    Arsenal’s record in 1991-92 season with the impregnable defensive wall and a super coach : Played 42, Goals for: 40, Goals against :38 Position : 10th.

  20. A

    Gbenga what do you mean regarding Santon “horror performance in the Confederations Cup”?! He didn’t even make it onto the pitch during that, he was an 18 year old kid who was in the squad but had only played in one friendly….

  21. Gbenga

    Jimbo, its good that Elmander is now showing what he is capable of…..But dont you think Bolton fans wouldnt have prefered him doing what Chammack is doing for Arsenal in his first two seasons?

  22. eduardo

    Jesus Christ fellas, really? So were now saying on LG thats Chamakhs a cunt and isnt fit the wear the shirt… Hes been here since sodding August! what happened to letting players bed in? same goes for Kos imo….
    as for the comparisons, wJag you must be retarded (like AW according to you) if you think those players are better…Defoe? LOL I dont know if I can even read your opinions anymore because they dont seem to be set in reality.

  23. wardo

    so, no one wanted to check the stats of Chamakh start int eh EPL compared to Torres.

    I have no idea how many goals Torres had got this far into his first season but, it would be good to check.

    At least we would have factual information rather than insults about our new striker…

  24. Pedro

    Great line here:

    ‘It speaks a lot when people rate a player that can not break into the present Inter team ahead of Clichy’

    A 19 year destroys his career in a International competition he didn’t play in…

  25. Jimbo

    Who needs to check stats? check matches. Check our games against Newcastle. Against West Brom. Against Man Utd. Against Chelsea.

    Watch Chamakh the carthorse in plenty of games this season and you’ll see just how mind-blowingly limited he is. If he wasn’t at Arsenal, he’d be lucky to have 5 goals this season.

  26. gambon

    Chamakh is undoubtedly pretty limited, and shouldn’t be our first choice CF, but as a squad player hes pretty damn ideal.

    I don’t think theres a manager of a top European club that wouldn’t want him in their squad.

  27. Gooby

    jaguar’s problem with chamakh is the fact he speaks french otherwise he would love him because of his top stats so far

  28. BillikenGooner

    I’d prefer a striker with a quick shot or better feet to be at the end of a lot of the ticky tack crap we do in the box.
    Instead we have one that just tries to join the fun and make 1 more ‘perfect’ pass.

    But I can’t argue that he is a failure or no good. He’s done his job well and maybe the rest of his game is either being inhibited by what our team wants him to do or he just needs to come into his own somemore.

  29. wardo

    Jimbo – i wanted to see that stats on this personally.

    Anyway, i do watch games (every game without fail) and although i wont start slaggin off Chamakh, i know he is no TH14 !! He was put through vs the Spuds towards the end of the first half but did not go for it. He should have raced onto the ball, drove into teh box and got a shot at goal. I said to my mate (who told me not to worry as we were 2-0 up) that that could cost us !! it did

    However, would like to see the stats as if they are good and he continues to improve, then he might be a very good striker for us………

  30. Jimbo

    Bells and whistles maybe, but without the strength or instinct – which is a shame.

    I don’t think we’re getting much from Chamakh now that we wouldn’t get from Bendtner. Indeed, his scoring rate is more or less the same as Nik’s was last year, when Nik was playing on his own, with much less support. That’s the problem – we needed quality, and we bought averageness. Hard-working, and not always injured, absolutely, but an average player nonthelses.

  31. wardo

    A – thanks for that ! I agree that Torres is at another level also……never say never but, it is unlikely chamakh will get to the same heights as torres……..

  32. Jimbo

    wardo – not saying you don’t watch games (I’m sure you do).

    Honestly, I think Chamakh’s got a lot of slack because he’s a shiny new player, when in reality the majority of his performances this season have been really, really poor. He’s played well in a handful of games, and he works quite hard most of the time, but his ability is really weak, and he’s let us down up front with remarkable regularity.

  33. Pedro

    Jimbo, he’s more prolific than Ade and has far better instinct.

    He has better touch, work rate, aerial ability, attitude, hair style and intelligence.

  34. A

    Elmander didn’t take time to bed in – he has just never scored many goals. The most league goals he’s gotten in a season is 11, which he did twice in France.

    His 8 goals in half a season is the first time he’s reached this level, he’s either a one season wonder or a late developer

  35. wardo

    Jimbo – i like the way he manages to stay onside and hanggs off the last man of the ops defence !

    He is not a bad player imo
    I think the problem you have is that you have had the pleasure of watching Wright, Bergkamp, Anelka and Henry before Chamakh.

    Thereare not many strikers that would come into Arsenal and match the standards of the 4 mentioned player. I mean two of them broke the goal scoring records at Arsenal

  36. lauren

    I too am fed up with this team but I don’t agree with the focus on the players.

    This blog article asks “at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.”

    That is not my question. My question is: “at what point does the club finally realize that this manager is incapable of coaching and training a trophy-winning team in the modern game?”

    I don’t blame the players. I honestly believe that if you put these players in the hands of a Ferguson or Mourinho (regardless of whether or not you think they’d have them in their team), they would be drilled and coached into a much tougher, more disciplined, more fighting, more cohesive and organized unit. Look at last season: we had Vermaelen and Gallas almost the entire season–top notch defenders. Yet we conceded 41 goals.

    If they played in a Ferguson or Mourinho team they would not have conceded that many goals because they’d be playing in a team that defends collectively for the entire game, that concentrates until the final whistle, that’s organized and disciplined, that fights for every ball throughout the entire match, that closes down opponents quickly and decisively (and consistently) – a team that doesn’t just wilt when they concede a goal.

    Look at what Keown did with Senderos and Eboue. And look at what happened to Senderos and Eboue once Keown left.

    For me the issue is not really the individual players. It’s the manager.

    It’s the manager who chooses not to prioritize defensive training. It’s the manager who fails to instill defensive discipline, cohesion and organization. It’s the manager who REFUSES to prepare his team’s tactics according to the opponent – insisting instead on just telling them to go out and “impose our game” regardless of who they’re playing.

    It’s the manager who’s stood still while the modern game has passed him by. Today even average managers with some tactical understanding know how to set out a team to stop us effectively. We’re very easy to figure out. Top managers like Ferguson and Mourinho have an incredibly easy time of it, we’re so predictable.

    It beggars belief that an intelligent, experienced manager of Wenger’s level puts out a team with the mentality of “just imposing our game” against the likes of Barca, for example.

    We have good players – but they’re coddled, not trained to be defensively tight, not punished or demoted when they repeatedly make stupid mistakes or refuse to backtrack, close down opponents and support teammates. They’re not trained or coached into a winning team.

    And that’s the manager’s fault. Not the players.

    And I don’t see that changing – because with Wenger it’s ideological, dogmatic. He simply won’t change.

  37. A

    lauren keown was just helping out and doing his coaching badges, the extent to which he made a difference has been HUGELY exagerated to create one of these blog myths

  38. Jimbo


    Pedro – he’s got a worse strike rate than Adebayor did with us (apart from his first half season). So no, he doesn’t score more goals.

    Touch – evens – both are awful.
    Work Rate – Chamakh wins now, though Ade was superb until he got his fat contract.
    Aerial ability – Ade is better. Chamakh’s is massively overrated.
    Attitude & Hair – Chamakh wins. No contest.

    However, when it comes to things like strength, pace, directness and instinct, Ade tops him. Which is a shame, because Ade is a cunt, and Chamakh seems like quite a nice guy.

  39. Jaguar reloaded

    Very well put Lauren.

    Even if we get the likes of Messi,Wenger wouldnt select him over his love children and play him in an unfamiliar position,thereby ruining his career.The sooner we get rid of these senile loser Wenger,the better for the club.

  40. Jimbo

    A – Elmander’s actually shown a pretty good all-round game too this season though, which is the big change. He was dreadful (and massively unfit) for the last couple of years.

  41. Jaguar reloaded

    Chamakh looks a nice guy with a better attitude than Ade.But unfortunately he is not good enough or never will be good enough for an ambitious top club.

  42. Keyser

    Aerial ability – Adebayor’s was vastly over-rated, you got that the wrong way around, he’d always mis-time jumps and rarely put in powerful decisive headers.

    The thing is here, Jimbo, you’ve said he’s played well in a handful of games, what you’re missing is that he’s only played a handful of games.

  43. wardo

    i’ve heard it all now lmfao !!!

    “even if we get the likes of messi,wenger wouldnt select him over his love children”

    No course he wouldnt !! Its like when you said that Wenger got rid of Keown as he was doing a good job when working with our defence!

    If Wenger was really like this, do you not think he would have outed PV4, DB10, TH14 etc etc as they would have taken his limelight away ??

  44. Franchise

    cham is a decent striker but in all honesty i dont see him as a striker that would ever terrorise top defences

    if strikers are split into 3 grades with no. 1 being the world class fearful strikers, chamakh imo is a no 2

    his lack of desire to take on defenders, create shooting oppurtunities and his one footedness are his biggest flaws

    as long as VP continues to spend more time on the treatment table, Arsenal dont have a world class striker IMO

  45. DeiseGooner

    Attempting to move away from one opinion splitting player to another – AA23

    Deserves to be dropped?

    Now that Cesc is back why not play AA23 in his natural No10 position and move Jackie Boy to the wide attacking position?




  46. Jimbo

    Chamakh’s touch is top class?

    In your words ‘loool’.

    His touch is terrible. Honestly. Try looking at the last partizan game, he couldn’t control anything.

    And yes, Ade scored a lot of goals with his head – in a team that was largely shite at crossing. lool..

  47. Jimbo

    One thing that worries me a little about Jack is that Wengker seems to have trained the ability to shoot right out of him – he almost never looks to have a shot.

  48. wardo

    chamakh also holds the ball up better than any other player…..alswo, i have seen him take a few digs when holding the ball up and he takes it well imo

    again, not saying he is the next TH14 (think it may be quite some time before there is another TH14 at Arsenal (sadly)) but, there are positives with his play imo

  49. A

    I agre Jimbo – Elmander has looked very good at times this season. His goal where he showed quick feet was very out of character!

  50. Kreshnik

    Exactly … what is the modern game, cuz I don’t see Mou winning with any modern tactics, instead I’ve seen him even beat Barca with the defending coming straight the fuck out of Italy’s 40’s – 50’s books and get humiliated 5 – 0 with any sorts of modern approach.

    I do agree completely on the motivation front and defending as a unit tho … but that has been with us since who the fuck knows when

  51. Gooby


    i suggest t watch chamakh play and see how class his touch is that’s why he holds the ball well and link up play, you make him as shit as jeffers when you talk about him

  52. Franchise

    cham was very frustrating in the chelsea loss

    OMG the amount of times he refused to shoot from good positions was staggering

    he is 26 if he had that in his game we would see it already. he is more or less a finished product

    he scored most of his goals in bordeaux winning season with his head. Says it all

    A team that doesnt like to cross has a striker who leads the line that his heading ability is his greatest strength

    cant really blame chamakh. clueless tactics

    why dont we mix up our play when we find it difficult?

    against manure we should have tried to get the balls to the flanks faster and send a mixture of aerial and ground balls in

    we kept forcing to pierce through the middle

  53. Jimbo

    Can you perhaps give me examples of games where you think he’s showed a class touch?

    I can give you more examples of games where he’s barely been able to control the ball.

    He’s obviously not as shit as jeffers, but he sure ain’t great either.

  54. Gooby

    Jimbo you can see it in all his games

    chamakh isn’t world class he’s a decent forward though and is doing a good job, can’t deny it.

  55. Franchise

    the amount of goals tim cahill scores with his head is impressive. I bet if he were at Arsenal he wouldnt score that much cos

    a. the quality of the crosses are very poor
    b. the frequency of the poor crosses is low

    we want to play like barca with players that dont have the balance, movement, technique and control that barca have

    fine it works against the smaller teams but when the big boys come around its a different story

    barca are so rehearsed that irrespective of the opponet the play the same way hoping that the quality of their players prevail

    would barca be as clinical without iniesta and xavi in midfield?

    would pedro be as impressive if he came to arsenal?

    Arsenal’s major problem is the overall quality of the team

    its just a shame that the manager wants to do everything on the cheap

  56. A

    hopefully not very good incesc – last time we trained for stoke and played a team to defend stok we were crap.

    we need to ignore who we’re playing and try and click going forwards. we should tear stoke to shreds at home, not sure we will though

  57. lauren

    The modern game is one in which tactics matter more than they ever did–in which smart managers have an answer to pace, interchangeable positions, flair, power, creativity. Wenger’s teams used to intimidate most PL teams because they had no answer to their strengths. Now those same teams with just average players are not so intimidated anymore even at our home ground – they come to the Grove with a simple, basic, effective plan to stop us and we’re no longer able to impose our game as we used to. We struggle a great deal even when we win and almost never keep a clean sheet.

    Ferguson has adapted to the improvement in awareness of other managers. Wenger hasn’t.

    And no, sorry, Keown’s influence on our defensive training is NOT overhyped. It was Keown who gave us the best CL defensive record (which I think is still one of the best in the competition). Not Wenger.

    Thanks for the welcome back, Pedro.

  58. incesc

    chamakh is better then ade on attitude, staying onside, tracking back, in the air, on the ground.

    think of ades first season then think of what chamakh is doing.

    ade has more confidence but thats it for me, chamakhs confidence will get better and he has been frustrating lately but for a first season he has worked his bollocks off.

  59. A

    How’s that incesc?!

    Last time we came up against Stoke Wenger played all of our tall players and tried to cater for their physical threat, it failed completely!

    Same with the way the keepers had special starting positions for the long throws etc, obviously been practicing, and again it failed!

    I want him to adopt a very different policy!

    We need to try and get ourselves firing so that they’re worrying about us, we shouldn’t be worrying about them

  60. A

    lol Lauren, Keown assisting the coaches, ie us helping him out and letting him get a bit of experience, shadow our coaches is solely responsible for the defensive record in the champs league?!

    definitely the case….

  61. incesc


    one thing we know for sure is that pulis would have been winding them up into a frenzy all week so we better be ready for a fight!

    no dopey songs or grinning denilsons allowed.

  62. Keyser

    lauren – Mourinho’s applied the same tactics teams have for decades, they are as basic as anything you’d see anywhere, he used the same tactics that he used with Inter against Barcelona this time around his team got annihilated.

    What happened ?!

  63. vinnyjones

    lots of valid points. especially re players holding us back. kos may have potential but honestly for the money we paid we could of signed subotic, who is touted as the next vidic fits the age category at 22 is an international and a big part of why dortmund sit atop the bundesliga. as poor as we played vs united, and i know geoff and pedro will disagree. but if not for vidic`s block on chammy which was a superb piece of defending, the match ends a draw. they were scared of us make no mistake. we are close, but not close enough.

  64. Queen of suburbia

    Lauren, what evidence is there that keown made the difference. Pedro said he got a mention in Ashley Coles book, other than that do you have inside training ground info? Statements from players? The manager? Keown himself?

    Not saying it isn’t true, but if it is, surely it’d be easy to prove?

  65. incesc

    no it was a one off

    mourinhole has a great record in big games, i dont see them getting a pasting like that again any time soon

  66. Paulinho

    A – Eh? Last time we played Stoke we played very well with Ramsay and Cesc running the show after a familiar nervy start.

    The FA Cup had players like JET but then we had clowns like Eastmond as well. Arshavin scored against them last year at the Emirates as a central striker!

  67. gambon


    He did make the difference, i analysed everything that happened that season, applied detailed mathematical formulas, filtered out the luck factor and the answer read: KEOWN

    Also, Paul the octopus said it was Keown.

  68. Pedro

    QoS, your comment is beyond ridiculous.

    Where is your proof to the contrary? The statements that he was a detrimental factor to the side?

  69. Paulinho

    To try and play like Barca you need a fast, mobile number nine.

    Barca were at their best with Etoo, and now Villa is giving them that option. When they tried a slightly different approach with Ibrahamovic they started to stall somewhat.

    I still think if we gave Vela about ten games as lone striker he would be the best of the lot.

  70. Swedish Gun

    If we lose to Stoke (not unlikely) we could find ourself at 5th place before we play the chavs monday 27th

    how about that?

  71. Keyser

    incesc – He played the same tactics this time as he did with Inter, he’s lost both games, he was lucky last year that Barcelona had a goal disallowed.

    It’s as basic a set of tactics as you can get, the difference is the players he has now.

  72. Paulinho

    Our best defence in that champions league was our ball retention in midfield. We defended well but came perilously close to conceding several times, with Lehmann saving our bacon. It was when our ball retention dipped in the second leg against Villarreal that we fell apart and got ripped open constantly, with only Villarreal’s poor finishing saving us.

  73. A

    Good point Paulinho – my mind’s playing tricks on me in terms of dates!

    I was thinking back to the season before last, when we started with both Bendtner and Adebayor, along with Song and Diaby….

  74. Queen of Suburbia

    Where have I said Keown was detrimental to the side Pedro?

    I asked where the evidence was that he was responsible for our CL league record?

    How bloody hard is it to get a simple answer to a simple question. I can’t remember seeing a more stupid Twisting of a question before?

  75. Pedro

    QoS, your question last week was whether there was any proof the story was true… now you want statements from players and the manager like they’d just witnessed a street mugging.

  76. incesc


    i dont really watch moronhole games as they bore me to death and he is a scumbag but i thought inter went through?

  77. Queen of Suburbia

    If I’m going to believe a wild statement presented to me as fact, that keown was responsible for our record setting CL run then I’d expect the person making the statement to be able to back it up.

    So I’m waiting. Come on, if you believe it then back it up. Explain why he was responsible.

  78. Keyser

    incesc – Yeah, but it’s about tactics and the modern game though, people highlight his tactics as if they’re revolutionary, they’re not, they’ve been applied countless times before, the difference is the teams and the players he’s used them with.

  79. Queen of Suburbia

    If I’m going to believe a wild statement presented to me as fact, that keown was responsible for our record setting CL run then I’d expect the person making the statement to be able to back it up.

    So I’m waiting. Come on, if you believe it then back it up. Explain why he was responsible.

    Who other than a faceless blogger has suggested this is a true version of the events?

  80. A

    Pedro I’m sure it was good for the kids to have him around, obviously.

    But his shadowing/assisting coaches and giving a bit of advice to the kids certainly wasn’t the sole reason for our defence doing well!

    Our defence in the league was pretty similar to how it was when he wasn’t there too.

    I’m sure it was nice having him around the club, but that’s it. He wasn’t in charge of organising anything or anything to do with tactics….

    It might have helped but to claim that he was the sole contributer to our defensive organisation is plain silliness, and has occurred through internet chinese whispers

  81. incesc

    he was there, the defence turned into a well drilled machine and broke records for not conceding.

    he left and we went to shit again.

    come on its not rocket science

  82. Queen of Suburbia

    What did cashier say?

    I’m not asking for proof in a court of law, just even a shred of convincing argument.

    Still waiting….

  83. Sam

    When keown was working with our defence, we went on a superb run of clean sheets in the CL and almost won the CL.

    What more evidence is needed ?

  84. Queen of Suburbia

    How long was he there incesc? The whole run? Part of it? Was he the only one? Wasn’t Dixon there at the time?

  85. Sam

    Chamakh has one glaring problem. He is so afraid to shoot.

    When we play a 1 striker formation and that striker is not very good at shooting with his feet then there is bound to be trouble. More so when we have poor crossers.

  86. A

    In 05/06 we conceded 5 goals less than 04/05 but scored 19 less.

    I’d say that the slight reduction in goals in 05/06 could well be down to our playing with a less attacking style….

    In 06/07 we conceded 3 goals more than 05/06, a tiny difference that i’d put down MUCH more to Sol Campbell leaving the club than anything else….

  87. Walking Wounded

    I have a funny feeling in my stomach about the Janury transfer window.

    Wolfsburg are interested in Denilson (9 million)
    Roma want Eboue (4 million)
    There is interest in Almunia (1 million)
    Ajax want Bendtner (12 million)

    Wenger will not ADD to the squad, but he must replace to maintain the squad strength.

    So our 4 most frustrating players (arguably Diaby instead of Eboue) leave and we get better versions of each in replacement, strikes me that that could be good business.

    26 million in and spend 50/60 million to replace.

    I think the Geoff argument of ticket prices would fade away, if and only if the right players are signed.

    Premonition: 1st of February. Fuck you Wenger, you tight-fisted bastard

  88. incesc

    i know he did a great job because a second string defence played superbly in the champions league and looked more drilled than they have done in the years since.

    the job he did was defence management facilitation arouser