Some of the things the Arsenal have said after this seasons defeats

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‘We know we are a good side, our confidence is not any lower than it was before the game’ Chezzer – Mancs

‘They were silly goals and we should have avoided them, we could have killed the game before. Still there are some positives. We kept our team shape well and we did not do things too quickly because they were behind the ball waiting for us. We played the Arsenal way but it did not pay this time’ Johan Djourou – spuds

‘We can switch off at the back. We are not there. With five minutes to go you make sure you win your headers when you play at the back and we were caught unfortunately’ Arsene Wenger – spuds

‘We did show spells in the second half where we were the real Arsenal, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. They were just better than us’ Theo Walcott

‘We lost the game but we have to try and do better next time. We have to learn from this game and we have to score goals because we had the opportunities to do it. We are disappointed’ Bacary Sagna

‘The positive is that we did fight until the last minute but it was just not good enough at that level to get three points’ Arsene Wenger – chavs

‘This team has great mental strength and is intelligent’ Arsene Wenger – everytime

Same old, same old, at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.

We have some players that we should either trade or simply off-load, we have 10 players out on loan, how many of them will ever make the grade, why keep them, we aren’t collecting football cards here, this is our future.

Almunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Squillaci, Koscielny, Song and Denilson, if anybody thinks they aren’t holding us back, look at their recent stats.

We have players like Coquelin, Lansbury, Jet and Frimpong that will make it, Chezzer showed me enough in two games that he is a decent keeper and should be our number one, every time we lose and so far this season that has been seven times, we roll out the above excuses, we will improve, the ref doesn’t protect our players and the last one, the pitch was poor, please! When will this stop?

One blogger today said Wenger blamed the quality of the pitch for Arsenal’s poor play, not the defeat, hmmm, what’s the difference? A bad workman always blames his tools.

Please don’t compare us to Everton, Villa or Liverpool, right now we make more money on matchday’s than any other team, we are charge more, we ought to be better, how many times do we realise before Christmas we won’t win the EPL or the ECL, how many years do we have to keep the faith before we realise that we are wasting our time?

I can’t find one sportswriter who thinks we will, not one TV pundit and not one manager, when does that time come when we stop believing the ‘judge me in May’ rhetoric. They can’t all be wrong, even the ex players say we need better players.

When does our manager come back in May and say he was wrong? NEVER, that’s when.

He is un-sackable and that can’t be right, there are no checks and balances, there is no-one at our great club that says ‘sorry mate, this isn’t working’ And still we go to the Emirates and hope. And still people get upset when we criticise, open your eyes people!

We are told in November that no players will be bought in January, so all the bad play by players goes un-punished, the highly paid players are as safe as the manager is and this can’t go on.

I love having a manager like Wenger, but let’s not forget before he came to Arsenal, he was a nobody, we made him as much as he made us, the day of reckoning is here, time to admit you have it wrong boss and change things, time to bring in some ready made players and time to win stuff again.

To say this will no doubt upset some schoolboys, but it’s no longer me saying it alone, most of blogland is, the Emperor has no clothes on, it’s official, unless of course you like not winning, then everything is fine, and we have a great, great squad.

Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up, we are in the semi finals because at long last Wenger has fielded a proper side and until this season he has always refused to do that, so you see when he admits he is wrong, things can happen, only of course he hasn’t said he was wrong has he?

Act now Arsene, because this team will never win the league, it won’t improve and if you think this is your best ever squad, you need help. It isn’t.

Have a great day Grovers, we should at least go back top on Saturday, that is if we can play Nasri in the middle, Robin up front, Song behind the midfield and Chezzer in goal.

Oh and Australia, are you watching on the box!

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  1. Gooby

    Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up, we are in the semi finals because at long last Wenger has fielded a proper side and until this season he has always refused to do that, so you see when he admits he is wrong, things can happen, only of course he hasn’t said he was wrong has he?

    that’s the purpose of the league, you have to be better than the others, if we are second it means we are better than the 3rd team and the 4th team. They slipped up more than we did, we can’r win all of our games.

    on that matter i don’t believe we’ll beat the chavs

  2. BigRed1

    Great posting but wasted on here,

    you should have sent it Gazidis, the Arsenal board, Kroenke, Usmanov, and every Asenal shareholder,

    and then superglue one to every seat at the Emirates If you shout the truth loud enough sooner or later people will listen

  3. Arse&Nose©

    The last thing we need is the CL draw, if we get Barcelona, Bayern, or Real Madrid our players will loose focus until Feb. It has happened every time we have had a big draw and it is inevitable because most of our players are foreign and don’t care as much about the English league.

  4. Gooby

    evra made the “i told you so” idiotic statement, he’s really pathetic, nothing would be sweeter than to see the mancs lose everything this season

  5. Dutchman

    Wenger is ruining our club! I hate him. We have the money for players like, hazard,benzema or cahill but wenger is too stubborn. He doesn’t play the fighters like lansbury, no he plays denilson and squillaci instead of djourou. This is just unbelievable. Everyone sees that we need a topclass striker but wenger is the only man in whole the world who isn’t see it. That’s just stubbornes! Fack off wenger, just fack off! Let’s swap clichy for benzema!

  6. afrogoon

    boom shakalaka!!! was not aware the emperor had u fooled also bear man everything that has a beginning has an ending the king is dead, long live the king but till the death we kneel and kiss the….how sweet will it be if we won a domestic treble….that would make AW god….wait…he is god already..hahahhaahaha

  7. Gooby

    ribery is a cunt and is shit, sagna would have him in his pocket.
    robben on the other hand…he might be injured anyway!

    i’d take bayern they are 17 points off Dortmund in the league and have a really shit defence, we would outscore them any day

  8. Dutchman

    I think this team can beat everyone (not barca):
    sagna-djourou-vermalen-gibbs(when fit)

    Walcott is a wonderfull striker but wenger plays him on the wing. Wilshere is a wonderfull attacking midfielder but wengers plays him as a DM.
    Song is a good DM but wenger is playing him high up the pitch.
    Djourou is exactly what we need at the back but wenger doesn’t play him. Gibbs is our best left back when fit but he always plays clichy. Chezeer is the best keeper at arsenal but wenger is playing Flappy.
    A 4-4-2 is the best for us but wenger plays 4-3-3 or something what just doesn’t work with our players.
    Thanks wenger, you are something special!Cunt!

  9. Duke

    Dutchman, it doesn’t matter how bad they have been. Arsenal don’t win games which matter any more.

    ManUre have been shit this season, yet we had 1 shot at goal the whole game and lost 1-0 without ever threatening.

  10. Confidentgoner

    Same old, same old, at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.

    Good post the bear,

    The club are very Ok with 4th. If AW adds a trophy he has excelled. The problem with the team is that of a misalignment of expectations between the club and some fans. For as long as the majority of the fans are happy with 4th, the board and AW will continue with the dross. AW knows more than anyone that he has a team for 4th place. Problem is he cannot come out with the truth to preserve the confidence of the marmites. This is exactly why very good players leave Arsenal, because they see the misalignment and they know their trophy cabinet will be bare.

    This season is Cesc’s last for us, next year may be Real coming in for Nasri. The vicious cycle will continue untill majority of the fans force a change or the Yank decides he has had enough. Don’t count on either,,, Live with it!

  11. Slimjx

    Why is everybody tripping up Geoff? I’m a Nigerian and i read your blog everyday Geoff because i love it but when you make statements like the one you made in the blog, it gets me pissed off. Anyway, you’re entitled to your opinion.

  12. Arse&Nose©

    ‘Mentally Challenged’ Arsenal will lose against Bayern before setting foot on the pitch. They don’t have the balls to win against big teams.

  13. BigRed1

    Do any of us honestly believe we can win the CL this year?
    Sorry but I don`t,
    and neither do any of my fellow gooner fishing buddies
    but the bloody Spuds, Mancs and Chavs we have to fish every match with all believe they can,
    and its getting harder to argue against them

  14. Big Dave

    Wenger like most of his players have gone backwards.
    He should be producing us a trohpy every season, why reward him with a 3yr contract when he has not won us anything. Reward him when he delivers not now

  15. afrogoon

    Anyway geoff….with the logic that we are second because the competition is shit we can reverse it to mean the chavs also won because we were shit, non??It’s not like they were winning when the invincibles were around.You can only beat what is in front of you and the league table does not lie.We are second because we have accumulated more points than those below us.Lets hop we kick off from here.Nothing is lost yet.

  16. pantsR2long

    The biggest downer is that I really can’t see Wenger leaving or changing his mind anytime soon. He’s way too stubborn and the board love him because he rakes in the cash for them, it gives me a real bad feeling in my gut. As you said he is un-sackable, he’s created the perfect job for himself and who in their right mind would quit their job when they are paid so well and yet so little is expected from them.

  17. timao

    we started the season at 8/1 for the title and are now 9/2 after slipping from 7/2 following the defeat to man utd. all of this suggests that pundits believe we have some chance of winning the league. all we need is one or two decent results and the belief will start flowing again.

  18. Dutchman

    Actually, wenger is lying whole the time to us, it’s like arsenal want the fans to become crazy or something.

    Wenger says every year that he is going to sign class players, what is needed for the team. Then he buys some shit frenchies.
    Wenger says every year that he is working with the best team he ever had. Everybody sees that this is the worst arsenal team ever. Why does wenger say then that it is the best? It’s just lying to us, absolutely ridiculoes!

    I can go on but those two things are just unacceptable and once again i hope that some arsenal fans will protest, other this shit will go on with wenger on board!

  19. gambon

    Awesome post, best one I can remember!

    Wenger is clueless, he doesn’t know how to improve this team so he keeps spouting bullshit everytime we lose about “ze mental strengz” and “we are a young team”.

  20. Zak

    All the time Wenger makes excuses Bad luck luck Pitches etc etc and the players follow with the same Wilshere “bad pitch” Woji “lucky goal” etc etc we will never improve.

    Firstly we have to accept that we are not good enough, only then will we improve

  21. afrogoon

    Can’t disagree too much with the post since we have been arguing for the cause for so many years but every year seems like we open another debate up instead of opening the trophy cabinet.There comes a time when enough is enough.Dour times indeed to be a gooner.Especially with the renaissance of our loud mouth neighbors up the road.

  22. Baafuor from Ghana

    Fellow Grovers,we have been moaning and moaning about the same things on here for God knows how long.It will NOT change any thing if we don’t show those cunts on the board what we feel.Demonstrations and protests like the one the Mancs are doing against the Glazers are what we need to give those cunts a kick up their back sides.And before anybody tells me ‘its not the Arsenal way’ ,let me remind you that going trophyless for years is not the Arsenal way.

  23. Arse&Nose©

    Some gooners I know have given up supporting the 1st team and only go to youth /reserve games at least at those games you get Banfield or Bould telling it how it is.

  24. choy

    Morning all,

    Great post..

    BD.. we can’t play 442.. we don’t have wide players and we don’t have two strikers that can play with each other!

  25. Jonathan

    The problem is Wenger.Get rid of him before he cause irreperable damage to Arsenal FC with his Wenger ball.
    I am getting sick and tired of getting beaten by the red faced.

  26. Dutchman

    I just can’t believe that the board is happy with fourth place. And i can’t believe that wenger is happy with fourth place. They are just too stubborn not to spend, whole the board has to be removed. And old arsenal players like Adams and Henry or something has to be more involved in arsenal. Then they are beginning to care about the fans. No we have hill-wood just another money maker and gazides the yes-man.
    It just can’t gon on like this. Why not buying worldclass players when we have the money. We are a football club not a economic bank. The money what arsenal get is for tranfers not for the bank. How more i think about this strange things how more crazy i become!

  27. Big Dave

    Don’t get that everytime Rvp comes on he is so deep, he should be up their it’s like they all do not trust eachother anymore

  28. Dutchman

    choy, bullshit, walcott is a perfect striker but you did never see him before there. You can see that walcott is a striker, he always was.

    And why not protesting, why not make a picture or something with “wenger buy!” or “we want trophies back”. Or something, or “where is all the money”.
    I think the last one is perfect 😛

  29. gambon

    A&N – Thats a good point. Banfield especially is very honest post-game. He says when the defence/attack wasn’t good enough, he says when we were poor, and that people need to improve. Wenger on the other hand just gives out new contracts after every defeat then tells them all theyre great.

    Afroman – Why would I be happy about the club ive supported since i was 5 stagnating & becoming a laughing stock?

  30. Gooby

    what i am sure about is that wenger didn’t damage this club at all, he’s not moving forward and winning stuff but did not “damage” us why someone would say that explain please

  31. A

    Big Dave it seems that that’s his role when he plays with Chamakh, playing in the hole but he drops even deeper to try and pick up the ball. Certainly hasn’t worked thus far.

    He needs to start on Saturday in the middle, Chamakh can have a rest

  32. BigRed1

    Wenger can`be moved upstairs,
    for the new manager it would be like moving in with your mother-in-law after she promised `not to interfere`,yeah,right!!!

    There was life after George, and what a good life we had for 9 years, but only the neutrals then saw what was happening, not the blinkered Wenger worshippers.

    I was one of the those, but not any more, time for a change, Owen Coyle maybe, but whoever it is, as long as he had Bould as number 2 and Merse as his `hire em fire em` adviser, he`ll do for me

  33. choy

    Its the board, they don’t give a rats arse what we win.

    They just need CL qualification.

    Hence absolutely no pressure on wenger.

  34. Arse&Nose©

    Wenger worries that honesty will ‘kill’ the confidence of his babies.

    Banfield and Boulds approach is to be honest and toughen up the kids. I know most fans would prefer this approach from Wenger.

  35. Dutchman

    And what is it that we haven’t won against chelsea or united for years now, even blackpool or wigan have beaten them the last years. Why can’t we win against united or chelsea then? That’s strange isn’t it? Everyone can win against chelsea or united but we can’t because united and chelsea knows exactly how to play against us. That’s why wenger have to change his tactic against them but he doesn’t, another fault by wenger!

  36. A

    gambon the only time i’ve seen us viewed as a laughing stock is when people have considered sections of our fanbase just that – when we’ve booed our own players or people have said wenger out when we’re top of the league. and generally the atmosphere at the emirates at times, although that is exagerated imo

  37. Moray

    it’s curious, During our regular capitulation at the arse end of last season, Wenger looked destroyed and fed up, even physically ill.

    I was 100% sure at that time that, by his attitude, he would put some investment in the team, and get rid of the dead wood, but what happened? It sounds like we had one large bid for Reina, which was rejected, then bought the unproven Kozzer for over the odds followed by Squillachi as a panic buy when the extent of the Verminator’s injury was known.

    Curious. And this year we proceed along the same lines with the same results. Only this year we are leaking more goals and losing more games, particularly at home. I’m not sure what everyone expected to happen…Arsenal fans as a unit seem to have this crazy expectation that things will get either much better or much worse somehow, but actually nothing is changing…

  38. gambon


    Agree, he certainly hasn’t damaged the club, hes left it in great shape.

    However hes installed an awful policy & mentality post invincibles, and he cant take the club any further. Its just time for him to go, and us to bring new ideas in.

  39. A

    Merson BigRed?!

    Wrighty, Merse, Adams are all legends but should NEVER be allowed near the club in any sort of decision making roles! club mascots perhaps…. As long as they kept their ridiculous thoughts to themselves!!

    Bould, Keown, Henry, Vieira, Bergkamp though in a dream team….

  40. pantsR2long

    @ dutchman

    We can’t beat them cos we try to play the same way every game instead of going into a game with a plan and set tactics. The big teams know how to stop us playing and even the lower teams do but they don’t have the players to pull it off.

  41. Geoff

    Morning all, just a quick comment, A, you need to listen to other clubs that boo their players, this season, the mancs, chavs, scousers and barcodes have all booed their fans, they do it a lot.

  42. Baafuor from Ghana

    Another problem is that our players dont seem to understand the difference between playing a big match and a normal league game against Blackpool.But it all boils down to the same problem;ARSENE WENGER!He cant motivate his players enough to get fired up for such games.He just tells them to go out there and play ‘their game’.

  43. A

    Geoff I’m not reflecting on my personal opinions about that, I’m saying that that’s what I’ve heard people taking the piss out of us for or saying is ridiculous….

    Those teams have booed players off the pitch, but not booed individual players though….

    Villa did with Agbonlahor last season though, that was amusing.

  44. BigRed1

    A, the Merse quip was a bit tongue in cheek,
    but during a match he and Charlie Nicholas talk more common sense and have more tactical awareness than is ever forthcoming from the arsenal bench

  45. Jaguar reloaded

    I’ve always said that Wenger the mug will fuck off blaming the fans,once we finish below Spurs.By all means,Spuds will get some shit team,and they will be through to the quarters,whereas Wenger will get knocked out by a heavyweight.We wont win anything before we kick out this retard.Fucking french parasite.

  46. gazzap

    My conclusion is we cant win anything significant or the big matches unless we learn to defend properly as a unit.
    Clichy is making individual errors but its made much worse by a total lack of protection from the left wing.
    The centre backs are making mistakes but its made much worse by Song going upfield and being out of position so often.

    Arshavin does not have it within him to tackle back and work the left hand side. song is often nowhere near the left back position either.
    I think Arshavin should be played in the Bergkamp role, central behind the striker, maybe for really tough games drop him completely and play another midfielder, like Wilshere or Ramsey.
    I think hard workers should be deployed on the wings – Nasri is a good worker, Rosicky tries too but is a bit old for 90 minutes twice a week these days.
    Theo is improving but still leaves sagna exposed at times.
    Gibbs might be a good option on the left, and maybe try Jack out there too.

    If wenger took these pragmatic approaches to a game we would improve our defence immeasureably and all with the same players. Of course, I’d like a new centre back and left back but even clubs with average defenders can set up to defend well as long as you get the right players in the right positions doing the right things. Mourinho would sort this lot out in a week.
    wenger needs help but he wont ask for it, so as long as he is in control, we wont win anything big.

  47. Gooby

    it’s shit booing our players, even if we are 20th in the league.
    Other fans may be classless, but i hate to hear people booing the arsenal

  48. A

    Gooby I don’t have a problem after a match, but booing individual players or jeering or anything of that sort during the match is just so thick and counter-productive – really winds me up!

  49. Sam

    I hope we get Barca or Madrid.

    Either we win that and be very confident for the rest of the tournament or lose and concentrate on the league and domestic cups.

    Its better than beating some shit teams and losing to the 1st big team in qtrs or semis.

  50. Gooby

    we should hold on our best players: cesc, RvP, verm, sagna, nasri;

    RvP is one of out longest serving players and huge talent, we shouldn’t sell him he’ll put the health problems behind him, wenger realised he can’t play him 90min every time

  51. BigRed1

    Ron Atkinson`s best line ever as manager

    Geoff Shreeves “What about the booing of your team Ron?”

    Ron “I started it”

  52. Jaguar reloaded

    The only person who deserves all the booing and abuse is a retarded clown in a manager’s attire called Wenger,who is taking us down the drains.How long before this mug show some manly balls and do the best ever thing which has happened since the invincibles,ie fuck off from our club

  53. ade

    Its a shame d flak clichy is getting. I think he played well against manure. And i think he has played A lot better than we give him credit for. We scream experience n ready players, but d minute a youth team player shows a little promise, we want to dump him in d first team. I rem wen we were all saying we dont miss cole!
    Sagna is a beta defender than clichy but he gets help. Arsh just doesnt bother! Watching dat match, clihy is beta than gibbs for now, wat we need is some1 from mid/wing to help him, like manure did against nasri n arsh.

  54. SD-London

    Wao i can see it is pure disdain for Wenger in this site , chill out guys.

    We will win a trophy this season and please be proud of the fact that we have stability in our team.

    Man city are a joke -they cant control their players.
    Chelsea is controlled by a freakishly obsessed owner that has sacked coaches like throwing away a bag of £1 chips.

    Man utd are riddled with dept

    Liverpool is just in shambles.

    The Tutts are always going to be admiring us (although they will deny.)

    We are a club that all other teams in PL will wish to be like.

    We are the best club in England in all aspects , just wait for a while before we start reaping the fruit of our labour.

    Remeber Wenegr changed the PL and our club dont ever forget he can do it again. He is not a stupid man although i agree he could be frustratingly stubborn.

    But i understand why he gives players as many opportunities as possible because it unsettles the squad if you keep making changes to the dressing room at every opportunity. Look at Man City.

    Can you imagine Fabregas saying anything bad about any member of the Arsenal board ?

    AFC is a model club and i am proud of it. 🙂

  55. A

    Clichy can’t kick the ball properly, that’s my biggest issue with him, although the ridiculous defensive errors have become pretty annoying too

  56. Gbenga

    @Gazzap, the way our team is shaped shows that Wilshere is supposed to play closer to the left foot back than Song, hence he should be blamed if there is any hole there.

    This shows the limited knowledge of most internet posters on footbaltactics, yet they are the best football manager within themselves…..

  57. gambon


    Worst post ive ever read. Is that Arsene?

    We are a joke. We as fans now accept that we will be beaten by the best teams in the league every season, we accept that we wont win the league, we accept that we will be humiliated in the latter stages of the CL.

    How is that right?

    Its also “fans” like you that make this acceptable! Always excusing this pathetic regime.

  58. Gooby

    song was sleeping against the mancs, how could he? if i was on the pitch i would work my arse off until i can’t walk, to beat those cunts

  59. Maqitlarge

    SD – even if that is all true, we’ve still got an average TEAM compared with those around us. We’re no better than at least 4 other teams in the league.

    If the club don’t want to do everything in it power to be the best, then they shuoldn’t charge the highest prices. Plain and simple. We’re all getting pretty sick of it and the resentment is building further still.
    Thing is, they just dont care.

  60. Big Dave

    The debt has nothing to do with it at present. They can win big games, defend proper as a unit, and they are still unbeaten, and as for city so called problems that are not very far behind us at all. We should had been at least a good 7 points then we are at the mo, we only have ourselves to blame.

    We are in a great way finance wise at present, and that is why its so frustrating as we could had bought some good players by now.

    Do you think Fergie, JM for that matter would accept players like

    chuckle brothers

    Doubt it

  61. Maqitlarge

    Also SD – I don’t know too many 60 year olds that suddenly and drastically change their ways, lest admit they’ve been horribly wrong. So I don’t think Wenger will change the PL, let alone Arsenal.

  62. Jaguar reloaded

    Fans like SD-London would still be singing ‘There is only one W***er’ even if he takes us down to the championship.

  63. A

    Big Dave thats’ shit with regards to Cesc.

    Mourinho wants to sign Clichy so i’m sure he’d accept him for one!

    Eboue and Song would be at least squad players in most big clubs too, Eboue would be Utd’s first choice right back!

  64. Sam

    Arshavin being the senior player should have talked to the players saying “Lets teach evra a lesson”. Rather he was almost sleeping against the wall in the tunnel before the man u game.

  65. BigRed1

    We won`t attract star players while we look like a club in decline.

    We have just offered our star player Nasri less than Campbell and the same as Adebuywhore, farcical

    Millions are being wasted on players and their support staff who will never contribute anything on the pitch at first team level

    Chop the no hopers, hangers on, sick notes and use the money to keep the stars we already have and attract the players we need

  66. afrogoon

    Gambon….your comments never seem like someone who is grieving.More like hate filled tirades and joy at the failure of AW once again which i find paradoxical because if AW wins The Arsenal wins.Each to his own way of expecting grief i guess.

    Anyway, if anything AW has left the club in fantastic shape.I think that is part of the frustration too.That we are so close yet so far.This is why i don’t buy the we are in crisis nonsense and bring back the GG era bull.If anything we are stagnating around the peak but don’t seem to be able to make the final step.Should the next appointment be the right one we have all the tools to be a dominant side.We have the money,the youth, we just need someone to make it work.I wish it would work for AW because our future success will be a result of him and his team’s hard work.They have laid the foundation for success.Aneke,gibbs,wilshire,afobe,lansbury,coequlin,bartley and so many more.I believe we have the tools to be a very dominant side with these ‘local’ lads who have grown up the arsenal way.

    If anything when he says goodbye i would be saying thanks for some fantastic work,some brilliant memories and helping the club become bigger than it was.

  67. gazzap

    Gbenga – then its not working is it? If wilshere is meant to be near Clichy but isn’t then it needs changing. he is often further forward, same as song. The answer to help clichy should come from the left not the centre.

    You must be limited by your head.

  68. Big Dave

    A. Whats shit ? that he is still not quite their fitness wise so sorry if you thought he was, AW said at the mo he is ok for 20 min runout. Maybe chavski he can start the whole match

  69. Chris Beef

    great post.

    we are a luaghing stock – everyone says we say we play pretty football but can’t win anything – that is a joke to them. It’s a joke when AW embarrasses himself saying he didn’t see such and such incidence then blames the pitch. No big teams fear us anymore – we’re too predictable and they set their teams up to play against our all too apparent weaknesses (apparent to all except AW).

    I like AW, I always have – but enough is enough. I would prefer he just admitted his wrong and bought some quality experienced players. I would also prefer he had less power at the club and more checks and balances were in place and let him go back to concentrating on football matters rather than running the whole club.

  70. A

    BD – just in general that Cesc isn’t 100%, I wanted to see our balanced midfield of Cesc Song Diaby back home against stoke, along with VP central, so that we can get back into the swing of things before Utd….

    Eboue would be way ahead of Rafael as right back. He’d absolutely be first choice for Utd, their right backs are shite. Rafael could BECOME better but is only potential at the moment

  71. gazzap

    Gooby, those players are shit, but fergie gets them to play well as a team, so they can carry shit players and still not be totally exposed. Its about tactics. wengers solution to letting in too many goals? Push Song even further forward and try and apply pressure up the field. what do we expect to happen with our full backs up there and all our midfielders up there.
    He’s been wathcing Barca but our players do not hunt in packs like Barca – they work incredibly hard. wenger is trying to copy but he is miles away.

  72. BigRed1

    My wife just asked me what I want for Christmas,
    I replied

    “Wenger gets vote of confidence from the board”

    That should take care of my New Years present as well…………………….

  73. stonroy

    Newly-crowned French player of the year Nasri, who refused to shake hands with ­Gallas before the North London derby last month, said: “Why should I have to shake his hand in front of the TV ­cameras just because he has gone to ­Tottenham?

    “That is not me. I am not a two-faced ­so-and-so. When I don’t like someone, I tell them to their face and I don’t shake their hand.

    “We don’t like one another, the entire world knows this, and he even wrote about it in his book, so I’m not going to act as though nothing had happened.

    “Nonetheless, after the Spurs game I heard him saying it was ‘my loss’ that I hadn’t shaken hands with him.

    “‘My loss?’ What the hell is all that about? He has forgotten how he bitched about me.

    “When we play our return game against Spurs, I still won’t shake his hand. That is for certain

  74. Jo

    I think a typical example of wengers ineptitude is persistently thinking Rosicky is still world class, he has been on a downward curve since he put pen to paper.. Even us mug supporters know it and other teams so why can’t the mystical genius that is Arsene Wenger see it? maybe it’s positive feedback from his number 2 . Prat Rice

  75. gambon


    Probably a bit early for that. I dont think we usually loan them out at 17, mind you Afobes already out so who knows.

  76. BigRed1

    Afrogoon, we have always had wonderful kids that are going to be our future but tomorrow never comes,
    if you take the last 20 years you would struggle to field a team of youngsters that have come through the system
    especially since the bumper crop of Rocastle, Davis Thomas, Gus Caesar(bet you laughed at that one)
    And if tells me he`s `building a team fot the future` one more time coupled with `mental strength`………

  77. A

    yeah i guess so gambon, i do forget how young he is! probably is too early to loan him out, although he’s already pretty big and physical as JET was at that age.

    Probably best to keep him around though, have him lead the youths to fa youth cup glory, play for the reserves, and train with the first team

  78. eduardo

    WTL: you know Flatley was born in Chicago?

    beautiful… so according to silly season we are signing Mertesacker and Benzema?
    I would be over the moon! NEVER.GONNA.HAPPEN
    Did you see all the chilean miners at OT on Mon? Guests of ManUre apparently…
    That was handled all wrong…if it was up to me I would make sure EVERYONE was dressed like Planet of the Apes when we got them out!

  79. gambon

    So…AW knows what hes talking about?

    From ANR

    “Some friends and I met Wenger pre-season a couple of years ago. We were dining at the same local restaurant and when he got up to leave one of my friends invited him to join us. He did and we chatted to him about Arsenal and football generally for about 45 minutes. One of my friends suggested that AW should buy Yaya and AW instantly replied that Yaya didn’t run the distances that AW thought were necessary for a midfielder”

  80. GoonerDNA

    Chamakh plays like that, nothing to do with what he’s been told, he scored 30 goals in 2 seasons for Bordeaux of which most were off his head (best heading record in the whole of Europe) Which shows how fucking shit we are at crossing, but he’s never been known as a goal poacher.

    We should of cashed in on Cesc and got Gourcuff and Toulalan.

  81. Big Dave

    Read that ANR site and see Neil Shreeve reply to what I c+p on here the other day from another gooner.

    Just goes to show that their is a 50/50 divide as to wenger stays or goes brigade

  82. Wenger the Liar

    Its funny the expectation level has been reduced to such an extent that now when we are linked to a player of the caliber of Benzema, in a transfer that on the face of it could be concivable, we dismiss it as speculation.

    Why would a player who plys his trade for Madrid come to us?

    Would Arsene ever spend more that £10 and a packet of M&Ms on a player?

    These sort of doubts, wether real or imagined, highlight the small club mentality that holds back the club, imposed by the manager, reinforced by the board and now very real in the minds of the fans.

    Even if we were to win anything under Arsene again we would never “dominate” (only 1-2% away!) because of the approach the club takes to competing. It is not a freak occurance that we have never defended the league under Arsene, its the consequence of a lack of ambition.

  83. Gbenga

    @Gambon, that bit by ANR is idiotic. Yaya was here as a trainee and couldnt be signed because of work permit issues. Myles Palmer writes a lot of rubbish to be noticed….

  84. SD-London

    Wao! Guys are still very angry

    Maqitlarge : you are wrong , we are second so we are better than all other PL teams right now except Man utd.

    Big Dave: You will be surprised that Jose M will snatch up Clichy if he is available.
    Juventos wants to buy Eboue.
    Barca made enquiries about Denilson in the summer
    Athletico Madrid wants to buy Alumina if he leaves(not saying he is the best goal keeper around)
    Any Italian top team will snatch up Song at any chance(my opinion)

    Maqitlarge: You are wrong , Wenger did change the PL by introducing Physio to every players no teams did.
    He changed their diet and banned Alchohol before games (every team now does)
    He showed PL teams to play attacking football (you need to watch the English league in the early and mid 90s)
    He showed other teams to invest in scouts in order to discover talents, Henry,Anelka,Fabregas,RVP,Pires,Toure,Gilbeto,just to mention few.All other teams now have scouts all over the place.
    Wenegr changed the way every team now plays – Wigan,Westbroom,Blackpool,Bolton now Blackburn has sacked their coach because of the style of play.

    Jaguar reloaded: We are not going to the championship because we are second at the moment and also do you know Arsenal is the only team in the PL that hasn’t being relegated before ?Even Man utd has being relegated before.

    I think we are in a better shape this season and wenger is being careful with his star players so he is not rushing them back but he can help those players by screaming at them to be consistent and maybe strengthen the team with another DM to compete with Song.

  85. A

    Reflecting on the missed opportunity to sign Toure, Arsene Wenger told Arsenal TV Online:

    “We were very close. He has some trials here and we had an agreement with Beveren at the time he played there. We were very close.

    Asked what stopped the deal, Wenger continued:

    “Passport, passport. At the time he did not play with the national team, he was very young and couldn’t play for us. We needed patience to get a Belgian passport.”

    Such a pity….

  86. Gbenga

    I am absolutely right. I have been following Yaya’s career as an African before he became the World star you all know now.

  87. N21 TONE

    Morning all – Joke Thursday??

    A man in a London Tesco tries to buy half a cauliflower. The very young produce assistant tells him that they sell only whole cauliflowers. The man persists and asks to see the manager. The boy says he’ll ask his manager about it.

    Walking into the back room, the boy said to his manager ‘Some prat out there wants to buy half a cauliflower.’
    As he finished his sentence, he turned to find the man standing right behind him, so he added, ‘And this gentleman has kindly offered to buy the other half.’
    The manager approved the deal, and the man went on his way.

    Later the manager said to the boy, ‘I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier. We like people who think on their feet here. Where are you from, son?’

    ‘ Liverpool , sir,’ the boy replied.

    ‘Well, why did you leave Liverpool ?’ the manager asked.

    The boy said, ‘Sir, there’s nothing but whores and footballers up there.’

    ‘Really?’ said the manager. ‘My wife is from Liverpool .’

    ‘You’re kidding?’ replied the boy. ‘Who did she play for?’

  88. ozrus

    WtL, if any player is up for sale in principle, if the price is right that is, then any manager could be made to be sensible. You can do a class action type of thing, or pool fans’ money and buy a proper fucken forward, or an act of terror anyone?, like a horse head in bed

  89. gambon

    Erm what about when he went from Donetsk to Olympiakos, or on to Monaco, or on to Barca.

    Im not talking about when he was 17 years old, im talking about all the other chances he’s had to sign him.