Some of the things the Arsenal have said after this seasons defeats

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‘We know we are a good side, our confidence is not any lower than it was before the game’ Chezzer – Mancs

‘They were silly goals and we should have avoided them, we could have killed the game before. Still there are some positives. We kept our team shape well and we did not do things too quickly because they were behind the ball waiting for us. We played the Arsenal way but it did not pay this time’ Johan Djourou – spuds

‘We can switch off at the back. We are not there. With five minutes to go you make sure you win your headers when you play at the back and we were caught unfortunately’ Arsene Wenger – spuds

‘We did show spells in the second half where we were the real Arsenal, but it wasn’t meant to be tonight. They were just better than us’ Theo Walcott

‘We lost the game but we have to try and do better next time. We have to learn from this game and we have to score goals because we had the opportunities to do it. We are disappointed’ Bacary Sagna

‘The positive is that we did fight until the last minute but it was just not good enough at that level to get three points’ Arsene Wenger – chavs

‘This team has great mental strength and is intelligent’ Arsene Wenger – everytime

Same old, same old, at what point do we realise we simply aren’t good enough with this team, at what point do we decide it’s time to offload the players that are not getting any better, in fact some are worse, at what point does the manager admit he has made some poor signings and some of his players haven’t got the promise they showed at at young age.

We have some players that we should either trade or simply off-load, we have 10 players out on loan, how many of them will ever make the grade, why keep them, we aren’t collecting football cards here, this is our future.

Almunia, Fabianski, Clichy, Squillaci, Koscielny, Song and Denilson, if anybody thinks they aren’t holding us back, look at their recent stats.

We have players like Coquelin, Lansbury, Jet and Frimpong that will make it, Chezzer showed me enough in two games that he is a decent keeper and should be our number one, every time we lose and so far this season that has been seven times, we roll out the above excuses, we will improve, the ref doesn’t protect our players and the last one, the pitch was poor, please! When will this stop?

One blogger today said Wenger blamed the quality of the pitch for Arsenal’s poor play, not the defeat, hmmm, what’s the difference? A bad workman always blames his tools.

Please don’t compare us to Everton, Villa or Liverpool, right now we make more money on matchday’s than any other team, we are charge more, we ought to be better, how many times do we realise before Christmas we won’t win the EPL or the ECL, how many years do we have to keep the faith before we realise that we are wasting our time?

I can’t find one sportswriter who thinks we will, not one TV pundit and not one manager, when does that time come when we stop believing the ‘judge me in May’ rhetoric. They can’t all be wrong, even the ex players say we need better players.

When does our manager come back in May and say he was wrong? NEVER, that’s when.

He is un-sackable and that can’t be right, there are no checks and balances, there is no-one at our great club that says ‘sorry mate, this isn’t working’ And still we go to the Emirates and hope. And still people get upset when we criticise, open your eyes people!

We are told in November that no players will be bought in January, so all the bad play by players goes un-punished, the highly paid players are as safe as the manager is and this can’t go on.

I love having a manager like Wenger, but let’s not forget before he came to Arsenal, he was a nobody, we made him as much as he made us, the day of reckoning is here, time to admit you have it wrong boss and change things, time to bring in some ready made players and time to win stuff again.

To say this will no doubt upset some schoolboys, but it’s no longer me saying it alone, most of blogland is, the Emperor has no clothes on, it’s official, unless of course you like not winning, then everything is fine, and we have a great, great squad.

Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up, we are in the semi finals because at long last Wenger has fielded a proper side and until this season he has always refused to do that, so you see when he admits he is wrong, things can happen, only of course he hasn’t said he was wrong has he?

Act now Arsene, because this team will never win the league, it won’t improve and if you think this is your best ever squad, you need help. It isn’t.

Have a great day Grovers, we should at least go back top on Saturday, that is if we can play Nasri in the middle, Robin up front, Song behind the midfield and Chezzer in goal.

Oh and Australia, are you watching on the box!

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  1. arsenal4ever

    Gooby he wont join us in january cause he wants to leave in the summer. But if we press perhaps Le Boss can land him in jan. Someone even said we will sign 3-4 players with 3-4 going out. Exciting times ahead!?

  2. arsenal4ever

    david he wont. hazard often enough said how much he wants to join arsenal. I think Wenger was or is already in constant contact with him. At least scouts him often.

  3. Stu

    Xavi Alonso?

    Hazard eh..probably not gonna happen. How often do we sign players that say they want to join us, good ones i mean.

  4. David

    Hazard on the left, Theo on the right, and not a team in the world will stop us on the counter.

    We’ll be like lightening.

  5. tevmar92

    Before anyone says we are second and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup, we are second because everyone else is tripping up


    Or is it that we have tripped up?

  6. Arsene Nose Best

    Last month I attended a series that had nothing to do with football and everything to do with leaders. It was an illuminating experience to put it mildly. It was about leadership, greatness & vision.

    And it asked a vital question, why do great men fall?

    And in an odd twist of fate as I relaxed one sunny afternoon watching tippy tap footy being played at The Grove it suddenly let me to an insight. And I wondered, what’s the key difference between Le. Prof and Sir Red Nose, really? Apart from the obvious class clash and different views/outlook to life, there remains the similarities in their intense desire to win, their love for football, Fergie will take time off from football, Wenger will watch football videos even in his sleep. They just go about it in different ways.

    Nobody disagrees with the fact that Arsene Wenger has been one of the most brilliant, innovative and far thinking coaches in the world. He revolutionized English football and to some extent football as we know it. He changed how it was and is played, introduced players we had never seen before, powerful, fast, athletic players. A fast incisive passing game and a team that captured the worlds attention. But like most great men, the very thing that makes you great usually becomes your downfall.

    And I wondered to myself, what has made Wenger veer into despotism? He has great skills in many facets of his life and a great deal of people admire him and his achievements immensely. But one thing you need as a leader of men is a true friend. Someone who will slap you straight and let you know when you are being silly. Someone who doesn’t buy the PR machine drivel that you spout in public. Someone who’ll tell you, “this my friend is not a big spoon”. Someone who’ll call it as it is and tell you the cold hard facts. Brutally. You know, this person knows you well and you know they have your best interests at heart. In that aspect, Wenger lost a lot when Dein left. Someone whose opinion he probably valued and the only man who could truly influence his decisions, and wasn’t afraid to challenge him.

    Take a look at Alex Ferguson. A ruddy hard-boiled man. Someone who has seen a lot in his life as a football manager, but you always get the feeling he has the humility to know he doesn’t know everything. That he’ll bring in or talk to certain people just to get their take on a few issues here and there. That in itself has the ability to keep you grounded and focused on what is truly important. And its also one of the reasons why he has been so successful for so long.

    Every Arsenal fan knows at some point 4-5 years ago Wenger decided to dismantle the invincibles. Knowing him, he probably had a vision, or do I call it an experiment? He probably calculated how long it would take to achieve it, what players he had to buy to get there and how the whole set up would run. What no one is sure of is why he did this – why he saw the need to get rid of all the tall, powerfully built warriors he had and decided to go for smaller more technically gifted players he has now.

    Wenger is faltering and deep down he can feel the ground shifting beneath his feet.

    By now he has an inkling that his ideals may be on sandy foundations. Is it contrary to his nature to seek people of a different belief or mindset? Will he be able to recover sufficiently to change and adapt? Life’s about that. Change or die. When does the desire to see through an idea, a project, morph into an obsession, who draws that line for you when you are alone at the top? How do you know your ideas are not workable especially if this same system has yielded such dramatic results before? What methods does he use to step back and review objectively the way forward?

    The sad nature of human beings is that we see only those things that support our value system. So whether he analyzes the tapes and the data for eternity, there are things he might never see by himself.

    Wenger is an intellectual, a scientist with precise methods and scientists usually have a torrid time changing things they can’t replicate or analyze. They have trouble realizing when a new paradigm has hit town. So he might just be stuck on the facts and stats he sees. For someone so far seeing and creative, he has a famed sense of myopia. Ferguson in that aspect is his polar opposite, a person who prefers to speak to people on their own level. Someone who doesn’t mind looking foolish occasionally. Have you ever seen him celebrate a goal, he’s like a small child. Wenger even at his most enthusiastic still maintains strict control over himself. Both have short tempers, but Wenger will rarely shout at his players, as for Fergie, well hair dryer is a term we’ve heard of once in a while in his many years at the helm.

    If a team thus reflects the managers personality, then Arsene has lost his old one where he was a winner, athlete & performer all in one and become a mild, technically proficient wuss bag. I think in a way Arsenal are lucky the opponents have become weaker so the teams frailties aren’t really as glaring as they could be. Any truly great player within the team set up at the moment with a mind of his own, realizes that something is not quite ticking the way it should.

    What was I trying to say at the beginning of all this, because I think I got lost somewhere is, Wenger needs another Dein or at least an honest person who’s not a sycophant.

    Someone who will help him take the club to the next level, someone with new ideas, a different perspective. A partner who’s unlike him in so many ways, but more importantly someone who does not owe him anything. A different voice and brain, someone to keep him fresh, if he doesn’t, then the road ahead might be very grim indeed. But change needs a realization on the part of the addicted, whether he sees that or not really depends entirely on him. The people around him now won’t challenge him on much really, he’s become immune to criticisms, and that’s where the slippery slope to the end becomes steep. For me it would be a sad ending to a great beginning if Arsenal’ greatest ever manager was to fall from grace.

    And so the big question is:Will the great man turn over a new leaf, or fall like so many others before him?

  7. moray

    ANB, nice take on Wenger. I think it is worth adding that this has all happened before – at Monaco. It only ended when the Board sacked him.

    I think the main strength (and downfall) of a leader and an innovator like Wenger is stubbornness. How everyone laughed when he said we could go a whole season unbeaten! Too many fans judge him by the Invincibles rather than what we have now, like comparing McCartney’s Beatles work with his later efforts. Effectively, we are watching the Wenger “Frog Chorus”. I think it can only end one way.

  8. Keyser

    BBK – At least link the ANR article to it.

    It sounds like it’s been written by a United fan, who’s ass-licking Ferguson.

  9. Pat

    Myles Palmer wrote this in his most recent post:

    “I’m already as bored as I can possibly be, David.

    But there is good news. Something MEGA will happen soon.

    I wonder whether it will be in the papers tomorrow morning. I wonder how long something like this can be kept secret.”

    Someone e-mailed him telling him that Rice was furious with Wenger during the Spuds game b/c he wanted to make subs, but Wenger didn’t listen. Didn’t we hear a rumor not too long ago that Rice wanted to quit? Hmm

  10. Keyser

    Pat – Heh, I went and read that, did you think that he might have just put that in to keep you reading until the end ? His sites been like he doesn’t give a shit for months now.

  11. Moray

    hmm MEGA…

    Arsenal MEGA or another club MEGA?

    Arsenal MEGA is Bendtner changing boot colour or Pat Rice using a different brand of tea bags in the half time tea urn.

    Interesting comments from Wenger today about knowing who we will draw in the CL. I have to say, it does seem possible to guess most of the draws at the QF stages onwards. It seems to be the same teams playing each other time and again.

    And I thought the only one with heated balls was VP10, from warming the bench so often!

  12. nishanth

    Cole illegally spoke to his current employers Chelsea as he was not happy with the terms of his new contract at the time, to the anger of the vast majority of gooners.

    The disagreement was reportedly over his wages being lower than those of the ‘French clique’ at the club, and former Gunners goalkeeper Seaman believes Cole was right to feel aggrieved.

    In an interview on, he said: “The true stories never come out. And on this occasion the true story will not come out. That is all I can say really. Ashley has been dealt with wrongly by the club and I am not going to go into anything else on that.

    “I love Ashley as a player and as a man. He is also the best left-back in the world, not one of them, the best left-back. He got dealt with badly at Arsenal and he was hung out to dry a little bit and that is all I can really say.

    “He used to get changed down but one from me, because he was number three, I have seen him grow up into the great player that he is now, and I feel really proud for what he has achieved. I know some Arsenal fans may not like that, but I am sorry but I know what I know, and I like him.”