Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!

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These were the words spoken by our manager, Arsene Wenger this weekend.

‘We have an opportunity to show how good we are – that is what you want in life.

Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not thinking about any weakness of Manchester United, nor about any weakness from us, just let’s focus on the day, to give your best, play with belief, play for each other and we have a good chance to beat anybody’

Stirring stuff and well said boss, that’s the sort of message our men need, think of our line up and imagine how you would feel if they all played for the mancs, me I would be cacking myself!

The ideal team for me tonight would be this, injuries of course permitting.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Nasri Wilshere Song Cesc Arshavin


I would then unleash Theo, RVP, Rosicky or Bendtner on them for impact, I was struggling whether or not to put RVP on from the off but it may be to early, Rosicky would be my choice if Cesc is unfit and Theo’s pace for the second half.

I would tell Song to stay in his own half and let Chamakh know he needs to shoot on sight, imagine if you were them, you have Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin and Wilshere buzzing around like disturbed hornets, then you have the hammer up front to slam them home in Chamakh, if this team believes it has arrived and ready to challenge, then tonight is the night, if they can’t, then it’s time to go forth in the window and find people that can, me I believe we can, tonight we can banish those kid demons forever, tonight Arsenal, you come of age.

Tonight Arsene you have the work of the last 5 trophy-less years on view and your belief that they can prove you and project youth right, I hope I’m eating humble pie and will be the first to come out of my box and say so.

I might also be the one that comes out and says we need to bring in some new blood, I hope like hell I’m not though. I want so much to see us go to Old trafford and do to them what they have often done to us, remember Overmars, remember Keown and remember Wiltord, those were the days and now it’s time to join those illustrious players and bring home the bacon. Time to wipe the smile off the faces of Fergie, Rooney and Giggs.

Alex they will put Fletcher on to kick you, show him how good you can be, keep the ball and prove me wrong, stay in your own half and find your mates, they will do the rest.

Chamakh time to find the back of the net with a few scorchers, Arshavin time to get back to instinctive shooting and Nasri, well just carrying on doing what you’ve been doing, destroying defences!

And Arsene, take the piece that Evra (who looks like his face was shut in the door) wrote in the French press and stick it on the wall of the dressing room (I know he didn’t write it, he said it)

I was trying to find a historical analysis for the game to night and the Battle of Copenhagen sprang to mind, the first was when Nelson was told not to go after the away fleet as there were too many ships, he put his telescope to his blind eye and said ‘Ships? I see no ships’ he then sailed in alongside their shore batteries and the shallows and destroyed them. Smashed them to a pulp! The second battle of Copenhagen was when we played Parma in the Cup Winners Cup, we went unfancied and Smudger Smith hit a first half volley into the back of the net, we sang one nil to the Arsenal for the next hour and came away with the cup, I know, I was there, not for the Nelson one, the Smudger one!

I expect us to wear yellow shorts tonight, I prefer all yellow, but either way, we have already won the best kit on show, so now let’s win the game!

We can do it and I believe we will do it, get in there Arsenal, win this one and we can all have a great Christmas and at last, start believing!

Have a great day grovers, our time has come. Go Arsenal go!

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  1. simon mcmahon

    another BIG Game another failure , wenger please go at the end of the season or with somebody with balls on the board stand up and challenge his appaling record over the last 5 years in big games.
    he has made this team a bunch of lightweights with no fight , Fit or not the captain of this club has to set the tone Fabregas is finished , he shouldnt be at the club , no more bullshit excuses about fitmess what the fuck did him and rvp bring to the game fuck all, and rosicky got a lovely contract extension, last year , he is finished .
    stop trying to defend this pathetic excuse of a manager all you akb’s.
    We have lost 5 games before christmas we will never win the league,Franchise is right we wont win against the chavs or the spuds lets look at the reality, only TV5 was missing tonight from the squad, i dont count diaby really (ramsey wouldnt have featured),
    the managers exuses make us a laughing stock I hate loosing , SHAME OUR MANGER AND SOME OF HIS PLAYERS DONT FEEL THE SAME..
    We had a chance to lay a marker down tonight and failed again, the pitch excuse is pathetic it’s all the mangagers fault , time with someone with balls on the board to make him accountable.
    Bring in hiddink in the summer .

  2. David

    Keyser says:
    December 13, 2010 at 23:44
    Paulinho – Gibbs is passable ? You don’t even think he has potential


    Fuck potential.

  3. SUGA3


    what is there not to understand? bunch of bottlejobs with fuck all balls, everything served, too much too soon, no one accountable for anything from top to bottom…

    if the things come too easy, you will struggle when there is ANY resistance, simple as that…

    if we did not lose to the shower of shite like WBA, I’d say we are the ultimate flat track bullies…

    oh wait…

  4. Keyser

    Paulinho – I know the point you’re trying to make, but it’s being made pretty badly, there’s little things that show Gibbs is very confident on the ball, just like they’ll be ones that show he’ still a defender.

    He’s got skill, bags of pace and he could probably be good enough to play in midfield, why he’s a defender is probably down to how regimented he seems to cut to the outside instead of being able to cut in onto his right.

  5. David

    It was fear imho lurch,

    they were scared.

    Half the team it was their first time at old toilet.

    Occassion got to them.

    Wolves scored against utd at old trafford ffs. Fucking Wolves, all the talent in the world doesnt count for shite when you dont play to your strengths.

  6. sir henry norris

    my self imposed exile from comment on our beloved ended after the Spurs game but such was my ire of the manner of defeat felt incapacitated.

    Albo @23.39 sums up my take on today’s particular game perfectly. And utd alway drench the pitch when we paly ’em, the c u next tuesdays….

    let me also say on record the make up of our current squad sreems 442

  7. SUGA3

    MOTM poll on

    * Wojciech Szczesny 61%
    * Bacary Sagna 4%
    * Sebastien Squillaci 1%
    * Laurent Koscielny 6%
    * Gael Clichy 5%
    * Samir Nasri 4%
    * Jack Wilshere 4%
    * Tomas Rosicky 1%
    * Alex Song 2%
    * Andrey Arshavin 1%
    * Marouane Chamakh 8%
    * Cesc Fabregas 1%
    * Theo Walcott 1%
    * Robin van Persie 1%

  8. David


    I wouldnt go that far, even though i cant really see the positives like the likes of Qos, et al.

    Saying that the positive is that we can kick back now is something that isnt news imo. We kicked the shite out of Blackburn and Fulham and won, the problem is we still cant beat the top teams, kicking or not.

  9. Lurch LeRouge

    Nah don’t see it like that. I just see a congested midfield pushing us wider and wider knowing our crosses suck and we have no one but arshavin attempting to attack space centrally and his opponents are fletcher carrick and Anderson.

    We were tactically outmanouvered again and no central leaders making cohesive changes.

  10. Paulinho

    Well Keyser if I knew the point you were trying to make then maybe I’d express it a little bit better.

    It does seems you argue for the sake of arguing at times ; playing down and building up Gibbs in the space of a few minutes, not sure if your aware of it. If not, cool.

  11. Bradys right foot

    Evening grovers I see the glass is half empty which is understandable after being beaten by Utd.I didn’t see a gulf between the two sides, I thought we were pretty solid tonight defensively and in the middle of the park but creatively couldn’t work an opening which was down to a nmixture of a flooded midfield and sound defense by Utd and an under par performance by a few of the lads. It was clear that the effort was there not the execution. Diaby would have made a difference in this type of game, he was motm for me last year when we were robbed at OT and is effective against the formation used by Man Utd tonight. Don’t get me wrong Utd played well and were effective but I still think were in with a good chance this year. And for those bemoaning Wenger he sends every team out to win, Ferguson set his team out to counter us and nic a goal.Weneger is never going to change that because over a season you accumulate more points with that approach.

    Nothing to do with the result but I have to mention Howard Webb,truly awful performance. Imagine if an Arsenal player had made that Ferdinand challenge, straight red.

  12. David


    You could bet everything you have that Manure would play with 5 men in midfield.

    Nothing new that.

    The biggest problem for me today was that we didnt play to our strengths and our strength has always been our passing and our passing is always destined to be shite if nobody is moving.

    What the fuck is the point if we are chasing a game and the likes of Theo and even clichy put in a cross and only 1 arsenal player is in the box?

    We have litte to no movement, position wise was shite in attack and inevitably shite in defense.

  13. David

    incesc says:
    December 14, 2010 at 00:07
    its usually quite hard to work out what point keyser is making…


    David Likes This

  14. albo

    SUGA3 – feel free to actually do some analysis. Then we could actually talk about football instead of bitching and moaning.

    I’d contend that a goal that involves a cross skewing off a defenders boot at a completely different angle to what was intended, catching an off balance attacker on the head, who got lucky and guided the header from a seemingly impossible position, with the ball evading the keeper’s hand by about an inch is still fairly lucky…

  15. Keyser

    Paulinho – Don’t get all defensive, it’a all there if you follow it through, you’re critising Clichy, when it’s pretty obvious he had little to no help, I pointed that out.

    Then you brought Gibbs into the discussion saying he actually finds time to bomb forward when Arshavin plays in front, I disagreed and called it a bit of a myth, partly because he’s been injured a fair bit, hasn;t played many times against teams like United and even then you can see he reigns it in.

    Then for some reason you decided to point out that Gibbs isn’t even that good going forward, you only mentioned it because you think Clichy’s actually that bad.

    Which I disagree with again, because Gibbs can whip in a quality cross, is as quick and has enough skill to beat a man with a trick or two, the difference is he isn’t as good defensively and can be naive at times due to his age, so he hedges his bets and tries to be a bit more conservative.

    Overall we need the midfield to have more of a presence on the game as a whole, which was the point you started with and I agree, without Fabregas and with Wilshere still pretty young, we don’t always make the right decisions at times and play breaks down leaving us exposed.

  16. Lurch LeRouge

    Agreed. I just don’t think we are afraid of the occasion, if we are afraid it’s because we don’t believe our managers tactics are the solution.

  17. David


    not an unreasonable point youre making there, but im assuming you are more than happy to get a draw then?

    You seem to be rather obsessed with what the other team did offensively than Arsenal.

  18. David

    And as far as utd scoring, their attacker got to the ball quicker than ours did.

    Instinctive? Maybe.

    Lucky? I dont think so.

  19. SUGA3


    Clichy backing off instead of standing his ground or at least attempting a tackle is one, no one supporting him is another (see my earlier post about their players doubling up on Nasri and AA), Squillaci standing there like a cunt instead of trying to win a header is third…

    what is there to add?

    oh, I know: ‘the pitch was too green’ 😆

  20. Lurch LeRouge

    I blame Sagna for the goal. No way park should have been allowed yo make his run unmarked to the edge of the box.

    However Nasri was completely wasted out wide. We needed his grit and trickery centrally against Ferdinand today, AW missed that trick by time.

  21. Paulinho

    Keyser – Wasn’t defensive, more genuinely confused.

    Still am a bit to be honest, but your last paragraph resonated deep within my soul.

  22. pantsR2long

    Disappointed with the result, but not really surprised. After the first ten minutes I knew we were going to bottle it, the defense looked shaky and we were rushing things and playing as if we had ADD. We needed to slow things down and pick our passes, try to build some pressure and then pull the trigger, instead we were too eager to whip a poor cross in or try a sneaky back-heel or flick which of course was easily stopped by the UTD defense. Fergie knows how to beat us and it’s because of Wenger’s tactical naivety, he puts too much faith into the way we play and doesn’t go into these kinds of games with a set plan which is suicide. All Fergie has to do is pack the midfield with disciplined players and catch us on the break, if it weren’t for the lower teams having poorer players we’d get done in week in, week out.

    I thought a couple of our players were poor but we were very bad as a whole unit in terms of defending. Clichy was apprehensive to close Nani down because he was afraid of being beaten by Nani’s trickery, his cover was poor so he had little choice but to back off and try to force Nani wide. Squirrel is poor and we all can see it, he doesn’t win headers, he’s weak in the tackle and he’s positionally poor so I’m not sure why he starts ahead of JD, at-least he is dominant in the air. Sagna was pretty solid but was at fault with Clichy for the goal because he gave up on tracking Parks run. Rosicky had a bad game, he couldn’t find his passing range and he looked rusty all round. Arshavin looked disinterested yet again and I’m getting annoyed by his attempts at flicks and back heels that rarely come off, our game is built around possession and patience but we can’t do that when he gives the ball away every time he gets it. The subs had no impact whatsoever, Walcott was terrible, failing to make even the simplest of passes. RVP barely touched the ball and when he did he was hesitant and indecisive. Fabregas looked rusty as hell, couldn’t make a simple pass and looked slow when in possession.

    There were a few positives though, Chezzer was good and so was Kozzer. LJW was good in the first half but faded in the second. Nasri didn’t have the impact we had all hoped for but if we were going to get a goal it looked like coming from him. Chamack worked his socks off as usual but he should have scored from the rebound off of Nasris shot. Song did his defensive duties well but he was out-muscled more than once which shouldn’t be happening considering his strength and his passing was hit and miss.

    So, overall it was disappointing as spectacle and a performance but not a surprising one. Let’s just hope the Chavs win against them and we win against Stoke, then it’s a must win against the Chavs at home. Lose that match and our season is already over.

  23. SUGA3


    Clichy was backing off, as he started on the wrong foot and did not want to risk being beaten by a simple dummy – once you start backing off like that, you can’t do anything else, as it usually ends up in a foul, hence all you can do is fucking pray!

    I used to play CB and I normally knew how to position myself not to allow someone to run at me like that, plus I had a few nasty tricks up my sleeve 😉

    ‘who, ref, me?’

  24. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate, it’s not too hard to follow, you can be critical of a player and still see his good points, I think that’s been the problem all along, we used to have the same one with Hleb if you remember.

    I’d say Hleb didn’t attack enough knowing he had the ability to do so and score goals and you’d say ‘Blasphemy’ – ‘Hleb’s not shit at all, I don’t know how you could think that’.

  25. stelsarsenalelysium

    We should have been prepared for that pitch… like we didnt know they’d do that past couple of weeks we should have been practicing in a pool….

    On the + side I have a RDO was my bday y’day and been flyin since Friday 🙂

    sex and drugs are always the answer lol

  26. Keyser

    Suga3 – He’s good on his feet and I don’t think it was particularly a mistake he got a block on it, it just happened to loop up hit Park at such an angle that it spun just inside the post, it also wrong footed Chesney because of that.

    It’s a jammy goal, how do you stop it ? You don’t let you’re defenders get exposed like that, some people think Walcotts shit, but if he’s constantly left to run at Evra at some point he’s going to get in a half decent shot or cross.

    United never let that happen, the only thing I’ll take from this game, is that we’re not wily enough to do the nasty tricks United had up their sleeve, also that we need everyone fit for the big games, because the others aren’t quite there yet.

  27. Paulinho

    Your mention of Hleb reminds me of another example of what I’m talking about actually. I remember comparing Robben favourably to Hleb(saying he was in a different league) and then you started building up Hleb as a response. I think it’s a reflex action mate.

    On another note, despite all I’ve said about Clichy, I still think he has the potential to be the best left back of the last fifty years, he has everything in his locker……….


    fucking bollocks

    arshavin and nasri shite as they both were against chelsea
    song and chamakh aint world class
    we have no proper striker at the club and its killing us
    and most importantly NOT ENOUGH LEADERS

    schezny our new number 1 only good thing to come out of tonight

  29. David

    Its interesting,

    I think the left wing are slowly beginning to understand that Arsene doesnt know how to win things anymore.


    song has 8 goals and 8 assists in 140 games so with a shit attacking stat like that you would expect him to at least be a domintaing ball winner with a presence in midfield but he isnt

    so what the fuck is he doing in the heart of our midfield week in week out

  31. Ja_Gunner

    I cant believe this motherfucking piss poor Manure are gonna win the league….Jeeeeezzzz

    Wenger is insane…we have the chance to be dominant just by tweaking tactics and buying 2-3 world class players but he just sits there and throws away the most winnable league in years…If that piece of shit Manure team can stay undefeated then its obvious that the other contenders are crap…..

    I have had it I think, why bother watch us spank shit teams to build up false hope….These players dont have the nerves to win big games…they are in a vicious cycle…the side needs purging…..

  32. albo

    David, I’m fucking gutted mate. And no, I might have taken a draw come the 85th minute, but til then only a win is what I’d have wanted.

    But I do think that too many people see a game like this one in way too simplistic a manner.

    For example, I for one have been driven utterly crazy by the way we have been caught on the break in recent years by both Man U and Chelski. I’ve always moaned about how we push everyone up when we still have ages to snatch the points and then get hit by the sucker punch. But actually, I think our offensive failure today was a direct result of trying to fix that failing. I think we were so committed to remaining disciplined and keeping our shape that we lost all of our attacking flair.

    And when man u have nicked a goal and have 10 players behind the ball, the one thing you need is some attacking flair!

  33. David


    Thats the best fucking comment ive read from the positive lunatics (no offense)

    Well said.

    So what would be a fix to the problem?

    Better players?


    Sound like a doomer for once 😀

  34. Keyser

    Paulinho – Because that’s the way you argue things, you don’t do it by just highlighting one players strengths, you do it by denigrating another.

    ‘Gibbs is passable going forward, but still looks like Roberto Carlos compared to Clichy.’

    You don’t seem to realise, but it explains everything now, like all those times with Hleb, where I’d say he’s a quality player, but he should be doing this or that..

    You’d simply only read the negative portion of it, no wonder you were/ are confused.

    “It does seems you argue for the sake of arguing at times ; playing down and building up Gibbs in the space of a few minutes, not sure if your aware of it.”

    See this is an example of it, I’ve just pointed out Gibbs strengths and weaknesses, where as you seem to think I’ve said he’s shit and then said he’s good a few minutes later.

    Seems pretty straight forward now, kind of a relief mate, used to think you were doing it on purpose to wind people up.

  35. Lurch LeRouge

    I’d agree with that albo.

    Its what I’m getting at, they weren’t fired up for it. They were sent there to be patient for 65 min at which point the subs would get a win.

    Epic fail.

  36. Ja_Gunner

    If I was manager I would purge this team out summer….

    Time to cut sentiment…..

    Get rid of Rosicky, he should have used his experience to run midfield today..but he didnt he passed on responsibility to little Jack Wilshere.

    Bendtner may come good one day but we dont have time to wait…

    1. Package Bendtner & Rosicky + money and get Sweinsteiger.
    2. Let Cesc go, he doesnt like the team anymore, plus he is becoming a crock we can get 45 mil for him, use it to rebuild the team.
    3. Possibly get rid of RVP because he is always injured anyway..We could still keep him tho.
    4. Get rid of Squillaci and get a monster CB.
    5. We can keep Song and tell him not to pass the half wayline.
    6. We can keep Diaby and Co as squad players…
    7. Get Benzema, he will be relegated to the bench once Higuain comes back or Mourinho will buy Ade or Etoo or Milito next year…so Benzema will be a bench warmer at go for him…We need a killer striker, he has the talent in him… Chamakh is just another tall midfielder…. In tight games, we lack cutting edge…its as simple as that..nobody wants to attack the goal….all of them are looking for the next pass so they can pass the responsibility on….

  37. David


    I suggest you dont waste your time with Keyser, He doesnt seem to understand that none of the big teams play with their best players consistently.

    Fuck, Manure didnt have Berbacunt, scholes and onetrick pony Valencia, Rooney hasnt scored in 50 games.

    Lets just call a spade a spade.

  38. albo


    Clichy backing off instead of standing his ground or at least attempting a tackle is one

    Well, Clichy, did the exactly the right thing actually. He didn’t fly in and commit to the tackle – which would have been disastrous if he’d lost out since as you say there was no cover. He actually bought the time for Kosser to get back into position. And when the cross was played, he did actually get a block in – it was just an unlucky one…

    no one supporting him is another

    Fair point this, though sometimes play gets stretched and there’s not too much you can do about it. I’d need to see the goal again to decide if it was just one of those moments, or if there’s someone who could have helped out.

    Squillaci standing there like a cunt instead of trying to win a header is third

    Think that’s a bit unfair. The ball spun off Clichy’s boot at a pace, and wrong footed everyone. And I don’t think its fair to say Park reacted quicker than Squillaci. It just shot right at him and he contorted himself enough to send it in. Sky are going on about the skill involved, but actually I still think there was a fair dose of luck in the finish. Give Park that chance 50 times and I bet he only scores once!

  39. Paulinho

    Nah Keyser, I’ve always built up Gibbs in relative terms i.e in comparison to Clichy, and I’ve always been aware of his weaknesses, so your initial critcisms of him were neither needed or indeed, relevant.

    Same with Hleb. I evaluated his strengths within the context of the team, whereas you just judged him as a player without taking that account, and thought that all our good football was due to the now much fabled “system” that Wenger creates.

  40. Keyser

    David – Look, why get involved ? We’re just having the sort of discussion we always have, I love Paulinho, he’s the friend I’ve never had.

    I’d rather Berbatov and Scholes were playing today, difference is I bet most United fans were happy that Fabregas and Van Persie were only on the bench.

  41. pawel

    I feel like I’m supporting a lost cause

    Every time they make me believe theyre grown up, fired up etc., the next thing you know they put in an a n o n y m o u s display

    Utter disgrace, esp. for all those who travelled up north

    Fuck I wont sleep tonight ;/

  42. David


    Are you saying the goal is undefendable?

    I dont agree with that imo.

    It all started with Squid losing out to Shrek who is a full 4 inches shorter than he is.

    All those bodies in defense and nobody picked up the shorted Korean kunt on the pitch?

    Its like with that Kaboul winner at the Emirates.

    Everybody was back defending and our defenders didnt pick up Kaboul.

    And i dont understand why does clichy always need help to defend?

    Im not sure how many times fabio got help defending Arshavin?

  43. Keyser

    Paulinho – I’d go back and read through what I wrote and ask yourself why you felt confused because you’re still struggling with it.

    You mentioned Gibbs, so obviously cricism’s would be relevant, because you didn’t seem to be aware of them and still aren’t.

  44. albo

    David – I wish I knew what the solution was. And I wish it was as simple as ‘better players’.

    But the one thing I do think is that none of us like to admit how much luck is a factor in a football match. It’s seen as a cop out, and the old cliche is spouted – ‘you make your own luck’. Pundits have to justify their existence by creating a narrative for every game to explain how it was won. But in the end, today’s match was a scrappy game with a flooded midfield that was decided by one key moment – a ball spinning of Clichy’s boot at a particular angle that spun it to Park’s etc etc etc. It certainly wasn’t down to the cross of Nani, cos that wasn’t the ball he intended to play. And if you watch it at full speed, I personally don’t think Park knew that much about it. He did his best to get his head on it and direct it on goal and he got lucky.

    Put it this way, if Walcott had got his head over that chance in the dying seconds and smacked it into the net (something we know on another day he has the ability to do) then we would have snatched a draw and the narrative would be all about Arsenal’s fight and determination etc. And yet our performance, with the exception of Theo’s boot being a few inches more over the ball, would have been identical to the one that lost 1-0.

    We obsess so hard about which player is to blame for a loss because its easier than just admitting that sometimes ‘shit happens’.

  45. pawel


    I agree, we bottled it tonight, utterly shyte in the middle of the park, no flair going forward


    you really cannot blame anyone for Parks goal. Pure fluke.

  46. Lurch LeRouge

    Squid vs shrek? Long ball flicked on??

    Pretty sure it was kozzer vs fletcher. Did I accidentally switch the spacecake in the pantry again?

    Was wondering where you was at Rohan, was missing your usual ebullient selves.

  47. Paulinho

    Keyser – I’ll make this really, really simple, and it will clear it all up. Go back to the moment you started spazzing out.

    Gibbs is ‘passable’ going forward. Clichy isn’t. Something that didn’t need spelling out, because it has been implicit in all arguments about both of them. Context my friend, context.

    Confusion over, mis-understanding cleared up, you can go back to making some semblence of sense now.

  48. pawel

    exactly Suga!

    even though we lost a flukey Manuresque goal, we shouldve outscored them! I cant believe we couldnt really play our game; an Anderson-Carrick-Fletcher midfield trio doesnt look like world beaters – I expected Rosicky and Wilshere to do better with them…

  49. SUGA3

    can you see Vidic and Ferdinand giving away a ‘fluke’ like this one?

    how about Terry and Alex? still no?

    looking at that goal again, how the fuck was there so much space beyond Clichy? how is it possible for a CB not to provide cover for the fullback? what the fuck do they teach them in training?

  50. albo

    SUGA3 – well, from that video I’d say they’re both attacking the space the ball would have ended up had it not deflected of Cliche

    And David, unless we’re talking about a different moment, it actually all started with Kosser losing out to Fletcher, who is most definitely NOT 4 inches shorter than him!

    I’m not saying its indefensible, I’m just saying that sometimes ‘shit happens’. Squill had picked up Park, and had got goal side of him, but the deflection wrong-footed everyone.

  51. Paulinho

    1. Just good enough to be acceptable; satisfactory.

    Clichy is absolute shit going forward, against every side, thus he is not what I would describe as passable.

    Just to make it a bit clearer.

  52. SUGA3

    fuck me, Rosicky was sooo shit, and don’t even get me started on his performance as captain – not vocal enough, not leading by example, etc.

    why the fuck does OGL have to make it so much harder for himself? he must be barking mad or a masochist…

  53. pawel

    I can see every CB partnership vulnerable to a deflected shot in the penalty area, which rebounds straight on the face of the smallest guy in the zone and goes in off the post…

    Actually, by The Arsenals defensive standards AD 2010, I think Squid and Kozz did quite well

  54. David

    I think its fair to say that we were under pressure before they scored, and we deflection or not we couldve easily lost by 4 or 5 goals.

    Shrek and Nani shooting into the crowd saved us a bit.

    Also wtf is wrong with Arshavin.

  55. albo

    SUGA3 erm, have you seen Terry and Alex lately?!?

    My answer to that is a resounding ‘yes, I can absolutely see them shipping a ‘fluke’ goal like that. Actually I can imagine far worse. How about Alex missing a passback to his keeper and letting a striker nip in and score…

    Do you watch football very often?

  56. pawel

    what kills me the most is that once again, before the match I told the doomer inside me to shut up, and for each and every of those 94 minutes I had hope for this probably lost cause

    Im off now, but Im surely not gonna sleep well

  57. sixx pac

    Okay you people chill out. We are all mad at the result but… We go back top of the league Saturday. Chelsea beat Utd on Saturday and we’ll be there for a week until we play Chelsea at home,hopefully with a fully fit Cesc and RvP

  58. Keyser

    Paulinho – You were making a bad point, pretty poorly, now you’ve confused yourself into going off on another tangent, context of what ?!

  59. David


    So you mean shite has been happening everytime we play united?

    What about Chelsea?

    I do believe in you creating your own luck, and United had more of the possession, more chances, more shots on goal and more pressure before they scored.

    It may not have come from the deflected foot, but it couldve well have come later on because once they got their one goal lead they just sat back and ran out the clock.

    That was not the case at 0-0.

  60. SUGA3


    yeah, I would say quite a lot…

    here we go again, a patronising specimen 😆

    we don’t understand each other – whilst defensive cockups are flukes for that lot, they are more or less the norm for us…

  61. David

    The game where they beat us at the emirates keyser,

    You can throw in Fabio in there if you like.

    It doenst really make a difference.

  62. albo

    David – I think its fair to say that we were under pressure before they scored, and we deflection or not we couldve easily lost by 4 or 5 goals.

    Not sure about the 4 or 5 goals bit, but totally agree we were under pressure before they scored. But that’s one of those moments where we have to get over our disappointment and have a reality check. We were playing Manchester United at Old Trafford! I know they’re a bunch of cunts, but they’re a pretty good team on their day! It’s not exactly the most heinous crime to have been under some pressure playing one of the best teams in the country away from home!

  63. SUGA3


    are you seriously expecting Chelsea to beat ManYoo, then come to us and lose?

    Mancs conceded 16 goals so far, Chavs 12, just to let you know 😉

    sorry to break this to you, but if there is a team that can suffocate our play better than MU playing at home, it’s Chelsea playing away…

  64. Paulinho

    Keyser – Okay this is getting a bit tedious now, ruining all the fun.

    My extolling of Gibb’s virtues were in comparison to Clichy’s crapness, so they were made in that context, and you then interpreted them in your own, entirely self-created one.

  65. David


    Agreed but united were supposedly shite this season right?

    I mean this is an arsenal team that thrives off possession even when we lose and you did mention that we showed them too much respect, so even going by that alone we only have ourselves to blame.

  66. David

    Yes Keyser.

    I guess you can only see one side of the point youre trying to prove so i;ll give you a bit of time to figure it out.

  67. zeus

    SUGA3 says:
    December 14, 2010 at 01:26
    fuck me, Rosicky was sooo shit, and don’t even get me started on his performance as captain – not vocal enough, not leading by example, etc.

    Hahaha. You know the Manc bastard at work turned to me and with the highest pitched upward inflection imaginable said ‘ Rosicky is captain?

    He couldn’t believe.

  68. Keyser

    Paulinho – Of course it’s getting tedious, you’ve lost sight of your original point, and confused yourself into arguing another.

    The point was made poorly in that context as I pointed out from the start when you mentioned Gibbs, that it’s a bit of a myth that he bombs forward.

    Also I’d still disagree that he was simply passable, and it’s why I asked of potential, because he has the skillset to be a very good left back in the future.

    Also just like Clichy, if he was given the right circumstance, with a stable team and players who offered up more support he would obviously excel as he grew into the role.

  69. albo


    So you mean shite has been happening everytime we play united?

    What about Chelsea?

    Well, to some extent…yeah!

    But don’t get me wrong, we blatantly have a block when it comes to those teams. And football can be a bit like a game of rock paper scissors. You can have certain teams that are just naturally set up to beat others, but then the winning team might be susceptible to a team the other has no problem with. Look at the Chavs for example – they have serious problems playing Spurs at WHL, but by no stretch of the imagination have Spurs been a better team than us for the past 5 years…

  70. sixx pac

    Suga3 you really don’t have to show me the stats. I’d like to think I’m more than capable of reading them myslef. And yes I do believe that they can beat Utd on Sunday and yes I do believe we can do them next week.
    You can bring up whatever stat you’d like.

  71. Keyser

    David – Ypu’re either on a wind-up or talking shit, just spell out your point, it had almost fuck all to do with what me and Paulinho were talking about and like many times previous I don’t think you know what it is anyway.

  72. SUGA3


    no offence, dude, but what kind of argument is that? Chavs may have struggled against that lot on their turf, but we have struggled against the top teams, which are considered our direct rivals for the last few years…

    Chavs vs Spuds is something like us vs Bolton/other teams suffering from ‘fatsamitis’, in theory irrelevant as far as the final success is concerned…

  73. Lurch LeRouge

    I suspect that Keyser and paulinho are in fact twins separated at birth raised by different foster parents that somehow through coincidence refound each other here.

    The movie will star jack black, twice.

  74. Paulinho

    Keyser – Nah Keyser, you didn’t understand my original point, hence you being confused and not making much sense from that intitial spaz out point.

    Give you quick example to illustrate your inability to grasp my long time held position:

    “Then for some reason you decided to point out that Gibbs isn’t even that good going forward, you only mentioned it because you think Clichy’s actually that bad.”

    Again, I’ve always maintained Clichy is “that bad”. In fact my whole championing of Gibbs was based on Clichy being shite, rather than Gibbs being that great. Shouldn’t read too much into adjectives either.

  75. albo

    Agreed but united were supposedly shite this season right?

    Yeah, but football doesn’t work like that – especially not in this league! United have been shite at times this season, but they were well organised and defended well tonight (and had their first choice centre backs fit for the first time in a while).

    To clarify, I don’t think we played particularly well. But I think that was because the game was horribly scrappy and nobody (on either side) played particularly well. And if you want to bash Wenger, I suppose you could say that’s cos he hasn’t come up with a solution to Fergie’s tactics against us. Fergie knows from experience that by flooding the midfield and keeping the game scrappy his team will usually edge ours because our strengths are so very much skewed to a flowing game.

  76. David

    You need me to clarify the shite points you make Kesyer?

    A bit tedious but id be happy to.

    As regards to the point Paulinho was trying to make he made his point clearly and even gave you a dictionary definition of the word “passable” but your either too thick to understand it or your just a consistent wind up merchant, or you just dont understand the orginal point anyone makes and then go on about on an incoherent tangent and then forget what the point was.

    I think this forgetfulness comes quite in handy to AKB’s actually.

    A prime example is asking me to spell out my point after i made it in the first place at 00:57.

  77. el tel

    Here comes my view of things and yes they will sound bitter and twisted as usual. Before I start I too think Wenger has got to be booted for shit tactics but tonight I am going to defend our Team.

    In the first ten minutes we looked pretty comfortable then bam. The Referee starts to do the dirty work. Our defenders get first to the ball but commit fouls almost all the time yet the so called greats Ferdinand and Vidic push and shove our forwards plus tackle from behind at will.

    Yes I am going for the Referee shit again but I will list many reasons why. First the stats.

    Tackles Them 25 us 20. Fouls them 9 us 17. Yellow cards Them 0 us 4. we had 53.9% possession with 51.5% being territorial advantage.

    There was two occassions in the first half where fouls were commited against us on the edge of their box and he waves play on with our players having nil advantage 3 onto 1. Did he call the freee kick when advantage was lost. Did he fuck.

    For all our territorial play we had not one free kick that I can remember in or around their area. Chamakh was even bundled to the ground when a cross he may not have got too came flying over and slow mo showed the defender the Brazilian RB had played the man.

    I have no problem with this if it was equal to both sides but wham. Clichy falls over the ball strikes his arm and the Pen is given. The lino made a gesture to the ref saying Clichy had scooped the ball away when in truth he was just putting out an arm to support his body. The fact the Pen was missed is irrelevent, they got one again against us unfairly.

    Back to the first ten minutes. I could see our guys getting frustrated as no matter what they did they got penalised for it. Now how can anyone say we played without passion and will to win when we conceded so many fouls. Are we weak or not. IMO we are not. You can’t commit fouls then get called for not trying or can you.

    When nothing gets given please tell me what tactics you can use to play? This imo makes them unplayable. It wasn’t an isolated case either. There was lots going on. Sagna got assaulted for BRAVELY going for a 50/50 ball probably knowing that he was going to take a kicking. Not only was this a sending off offence but a free kick wasn’t even given and they nearly scored from what happened afterwards.

    Nani was diving all over the place and Rooney was at times too.

    Their defenders though got away with whatever they liked. There was an incident near the end when RVP had the ball up the left near the corner flag. The Brazilian defender pushed him first then grabbed him around the neck almost wrestling him to the ground. The result was a goal kick to them.

    Anyway the Ref bit is covered and I know I missed lots out, now for the performance.

    For me the two CBs did well seeing as the two full backs were getting taken to the cleaners time and time again. This is our weakness, the wide players are simply not good enough with Sagna marginally being better than our biggest problem Clichy.

    Watch it again and take a look at our LB who someone earlier posted that he will be the best in the world and he has everything in his locker. The only thing I would want to see in his locker are Gibbs clothes. Get rid of this useless pile of shit asap.

    There was one incident where Nani beat him again Squiddly headed the ball clear only for Nani who carried on running watched by Clichy ten yards behind him volleyed the ball wide. Pathetic cunt. If Dennilson had done this everyone would be screaming for his head. This prick lets players run at him into the box before making a lunging tackle, all teams target the weakest link in our team.

    Clichy can’t tackle he can’t head and he can’t pass/cross. He can run thats for sure. I wish he would run off to another team asap. Putting your toe out to make a tackle is what he does and thats waiting for trouble. If he were to go through a couple of tackles and take the lot with him we might see a change but after 5 years of watching him this Sagna was shocking and I would take Eboue over him any day.

    We have found a keeper at last, and for me this guy IS the real deal. The goal was lucky times 1000 no matter what pricks think he meant it. The dog eater was almost laying backwards when the ball hit him on the head and if there wasn’t so much spin on the ball it would have probably have it the middle of the post and come back out. Total fucking fluke.

    That my friends was all the great all conquering Mancs had against us a so called shit team.

    Other than this against all odds we had as many chances as them but they had the rub of the green again.

    Our midfield was poor tonight and that can only be Lord Wengers fault again. Nasri our best dribbling player out wide with the hopeless Sagna to play one twos with. Jackie boy played well enough but had to cover that prick Clichy far too often.

    Song did ok winning the ball even though the Ref constantly punished him for getting his body in between the opponent and the ball ( since when did this become a foul?) But Song was careless with his passing as usual. Rosicky didn’t play too well tonight but maybe he was the wrong choice and we would have been better starting with RVP instead.

    Chamakh tried very hard but got NOTHING from the Ref, he was pushed all over the place and when he did do well there was nobody within 30 yards of him.

    AA23 was simply awful, his shooting was schoolboy stuff and those silly little flicks do not work when there is no movement around you.

    The Subs were not right, surely Theo should have come on first so he could get a run at Evra, RVP for me should be swapped for any half decent striker and Cesc was injured.

    Wenger you fucked up again and should just pack your bags and let a new Manager have the kitty for the January sales.

    As for the great Manu is this the team who defended with the minimum of 6 players at all times on their own turf, the team who played hopeful long passes into areas just like the Wimbledon of yesteryear. The team who need help from the FA and chums week in week out.

    Come on guys we are not as shit as you think we just get played harder than ALL the others because we are The Arsenal the most hated team in the Country.

    I am not paranoid at all just telling it as I see it.

    Good night to all you Doomers, AKBS and whoever else.

  78. David

    Yes Albo,

    And time and time again, we get hit on the counter attack, the fact is when you look at teams with Success against Utd have World Class Forwards.

    We need better players, simple as.

    We’ve needed better players forever.

  79. albo

    no offence, dude, but what kind of argument is that?

    Thought it was a pretty good one actually. 😉 Just because they’re our direct rivals doesn’t mean they can’t be our bogey team!

  80. Keyser

    Paulinho – Now we’re getting down to it and that wasn’t your initial point. I understood what you were syaing, just thought you were talking shit.

    Because of the lack of cover from the midfield and Arshavin in front. It tied in to your other point about the lack of penetration through the centra, which kind of helps explain away your own criticism’s of Clichy.

    It wouldn’t really matter if Gibbs was there, in fact we’d probably be worse off, because at least Clichy could see that we were struggling in midfield and kept some discipline to his game, where you read this as him being shot and not being able to initiate attacks.

    I’d see that as him realising how poorly we were playing through the middle and that he needed to keep sight of Nani.

  81. Keyser

    David – Stop being a dipshit and trying to wade into others conversations. all you’ve illustrated there is you have fuck all idea what me and Paulinho were talking about.

    Then you mentioned something about the players United were missing for some inane reason, clarify that point please ?!

    You do this all the time, you can’t help yourself, the only thing I’m surprised about is that you haven’t turned it into a Bendtner debate, or were you leading up to that, do you think we were missing him ?!

  82. David

    fuck that albo

    Our bogey team is Bolton FC.

    Not Wanc United.

    We are better than those c8nts. Accepting that thats just the way things are is a farce and shame on you for not displaying the proper “mental strength” 😀

  83. SUGA3

    er, how many times exactly?

    let’s concentrate on the league games, shall we?

    played 8, won 2, drawn 1, lost 5…

    come to think of it, we could perhaps add two cup games, both lost, while we are at it…

    impressive, eh?

  84. albo

    And time and time again, we get hit on the counter attack, the fact is when you look at teams with Success against Utd have World Class Forwards.

    OK, really gotta go to bed, but just have to say, I genuinely think we do have world class forwards. I know not all of them are at their very best right now, (and even the ones at their best didn’t play great tonight) but you’d need to spend crazy money to get players anything like as good as Arshavin, Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie, Wilshere, and even Walcott (on a good day). I concede, it would be amazing to have a real terror of a stiker who never misses the target – an in form Torres, or a Drogba – but there’s only a handful of them around, and its easier said than done signing them! (Just ask Man U who lost out on Benzema last season)

  85. SUGA3


    yeah, but how many bogey teams can you allow to have if you are serious about winning stuff or at least giving it a damn good go?

    and how many times can you allow for the same scenario to unfold and learn fuck all from it?

    not to mention that losing to a direct rival is pretty much worth 6 points, not 3…

  86. Moth

    We need some real, pacy wingers to add an extra dimension to our attacking forays down the flanks. Nowadays we tend to just come in from the middle or rely on our full-backs to deliver crosses which are really poor half the time. That’s why we’ve become so predictable to opposing defences who know how to shut off the supply to our strikers.

    Just look at Spurs on Sunday – Bale and Lennon were terrorising the Blues non-stop and you could sense danger every time one of them takes off on a run. Meanwhile Modric was pulling the strings in the middle, which is something Rosicky should have done for us today.

  87. Paulinho

    Keyser – Because when Clichy plays against lesser sides, when our midfield is playing well, he really excels going forward doesn’t he?

    Oh wait….

    He hasn’t made a run into the penalty area and taken a shot in his entire career, so I’m afraid you’re just spouting pure conjecture. There’s zero evidence to suggest he would have gone forward with any effect if any of those factors mentioned were any different. Anyway, he did go forward at times but guess what – he can’t cross, so he’s crap going forward when he actually does “go forward”.

  88. David



    Wow, I did try my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, i thought you were on a wind up I didnt know you are geniunely this thick.

    Paulinho said what his original point was and being as shockingly thick as you are youre trying to tell him that that wasnt his point.


    The only reason how that even remotely makes any sense is if you are Paulinho as well and you are having a spat with yourself.

    Why the fuck do i need to clarify anything if youre going to tell me that isnt what im trying to say?

    Go on, Argue with yourself then.

  89. David


    are we going to go with there are no World Class forwards out there?

    Van P is WC agreed, but i dont think you can say the same about Chamakh.

    I do like him alot tho.

    We had the chance to bag David Villa.

    Wenger said no.

  90. albo

    SUGA3 – yeah, but how many bogey teams can you allow to have if you are serious about winning stuff or at least giving it a damn good go?

    and how many times can you allow for the same scenario to unfold and learn fuck all from it?

    not to mention that losing to a direct rival is pretty much worth 6 points, not 3…

    Totally agree with everything you’ve written there. It sucks!

  91. albo

    David – did we really? (And I’m genuinely asking – I hadn’t heard that rumour)

    I do think a lot of the bad press Wenger gets about that kinda thing is that he (rightly) keeps quiet about transfer attempts. As a result all these rumours fly around and we have no real idea if they’re true. You know, the ones about us losing out on Alonso for the sake of 50p etc.

  92. Keyser

    Paulinho – Oh shit, you’ve started exaggerting for effect again, mate go back and read what you wrote.

    You deemed Clichy was shot, that he at least used to have the pace to get away from precarious situations and initiate attacks in previous years or whatever.

    If you watched the game you’d realise how ineffective the midfield was and how exposed our defence was left, that he had little place to go half the time because they crowded us out and held us up allowing our players to drop back but also for themselves to reste their formation.

    The thing is you noticed this, but couldn’t help yourself picking on one of your favourites to rag on again, you can’t make one point without taking signficance away from the other.

    You obviously know this and are just arguing for the sake of it now.

  93. Keyser

    Daivd – I’m not going to tell you anything, you don’t have a fucking clue half the time what you’re talking about.

    If I guessed what your point was you’d change your mind and pretend you were on about something else.

    At least from now on you hopefully won’t bother.

  94. Moray

    Rohan @1:04 – you have just come back from a rape exam?!?

    Is this what they’re teaching now over there? no wonder the quality of students coming out of college is falling every year. It makes me realise A levels were referring to something else entirely.

    Did you sign up for Professor Leslie’s class or Professor Assange?

  95. David

    Tevez is also available right now Albo,

    Do you think Wenger will take a punt?

    I think you and I know the answer to that.

  96. el tel

    I am not saying we deserved to win as we certainly didn’t, in fact we were shit but ask yourself this.

    Why did the Mancs play with 6 and more often than not more defenders around their 18 yard box if we are so crap.

    Yes Fergies tactic was to counter attack but they were at home, they are one of the so called greatest teams on the planet.

    They have some good players of course they do but they showed us immense respect (far more than our fans have)for the way we play otherwise they would have played 2 up front and come at us without the long ball counter attack.

    Ferguson said before the game that matches verses us are contravercial but thats just the way he likes it. He wants the Referee involved as it always suits them.

    We had a young keeper playing his first big game tonight and he looked awesome, beaten by a totally fluked header. The Kos has played very few games for us or in this League but he looked like he will improve to a very high level imo.

    Jackie Boy was looking very comfortable and until he took a kicking (another free kick not given) he was doing a decent job in a far to deep position to be able to see his greatest talent. He runs through defences and picks the right passes more often than not and he will be our best player within a couple of years.

    Chamakh battled well against probably the toughest defensive pairing in the League, a partnership that are allowed to push shove and kick without punishment plus the only defenders I know who are allowed to slide in from behind.

    Nasri could have done better but Lord Wenger decided to nulify his game by playing him out wide with the hopeless Sagna.

    Song, well he gave the ball away as usual and he gave away many free kicks although to me some of them were not free kicks, but he gave it his all and he wins many tackles and headers too.

    The Squid, he played ok and because he doesn’t go flying all over the place or dive into tackles he is getting bad press at Le Grove. He is a decent defender who hasn’t even had half a season in the Prem yet.

    There are some serious bad points so here goes.

    Clichy, he won a couple of challenges by toe poking the ball away from Nani but he was targeted by them and he exposed the Kos and squiddly time and time again. Many blame AA23 for this but no matter who plays in front of him or close by in midfield makes zero difference. This fella is shit.

    AA23, Genius or Average. I like this guy but he doesn’t impose himself to much in any game which is a shame as he is a great player.

    Sagna, He looked the most nervous player tonight and he put Chesser in all sorts of danger with his short back passes. Evra gave him a doing over imo and when he did get forward his final ball was totally useless. He is brave though and always gives 100%.

    Rosicky, I love the way Sicky drives at teams but he seems to have lost his mojo and we need a replacement asap.

    Theo, came on too late, yet another poor tactical decision by Lord Wenger, he does run into blind alleys but Theo looks confident at the moment and at least he tries shooting.

    RVP, If I read anymore on here lauding this guy I will throw up, he is the most over rated waste of space at The Arsenal. He is probably the most skillfull player we have but what a lazy up himself twat he looks to me. If we get any more free kicks around the Oppo box from now till he has gone then let Nasri, Fabrigas or even Theo take them. When was the last time RVP scored a free kick. Just like the Bermuda triangle his goals from them are a myth.

    Cesc, Get rid of him in January, I think he shouldn’t have come on tonight as he was not fit but let him go and spend all the dosh where we need it most.

    I would have liked to have seen Nikki big bollocks against them tonight with Vela playing alongside him, this would have been a surprise to their tactics and possibly been rewarding. Bring on Chamakh and Theo in their place with 30 mins left. Job done.

    We can all have a go at Managing but it will make no difference as Lord Wenger is The Manager and we all know what he is going to do don’t we.

    Players to trade.

    Nikki big bollocks

    Dzeko or Carroll
    Suarez or Benzema
    Llahm (RB or LB)
    A second Keeper ( Chesser might get injured)
    Vergon…. The Ajax CM or Toulalon.

    Or just get in a decent Manager who can tactically sort these players out.

  97. charliegeorge

    Actually, El Tel, a new manager and new players, in that order.

    Now the French twat is blaming the pitch for the defeat – does he have no self-respect? The snake-oil salesman again dives into his bag of excuses – what next? “Erh, the quality of the fish and chips was not up to scratch.” Fuckwit.

    When will people ever learn, Geoff included, the more you pump up these couldabeen champions, the more egg gets splattered across your face. It’s bollocks to put wannabes on pedestals, they are what they are and no amount of rhetoric will change that.

    We had the same number of points going into this match as the same time last year What does that tell you? It tells you that we haven’t improved, the better teams have come back to the field.

    Yap, yap all you like, until and unless the greatest spin doctor to have never won a European trophy in all his managerial career, goes, Arsenal will look exactly as they did today – all talk and no walk.

    Arsenal pre 2005, RIP!

  98. Kushagra India

    Chamakh gives his 110% helps out in midfield a total team player but no Drogba Rooney Torres and that shows in big games I know this is his first season and he shouldn’t be playing the big games but thats whats going to happen when RVP is still our top striker we never play against the big 4 with our best team some are injured some are coming from the injury ….

    AA23 was left isolated,the only one attacking and finding space infact the front 3 were isolated thats why Rosicky was the biggest culprit in my opinion

  99. reggie 57

    You can dress it up anyway you want (too much water on the pitch,nine man midfield)face facts the team has no stomach for a fight and that stem’s from the manager right down to the player’s !!wenger’s post match comments were pretty lame dont you think!! all phone in’s all saying wenger is past his sell by date but still people will defend him!!me i think its time for a radical overhaul starting at the top and lets get the arsenal up where we belong!!