Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!

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These were the words spoken by our manager, Arsene Wenger this weekend.

‘We have an opportunity to show how good we are – that is what you want in life.

Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not thinking about any weakness of Manchester United, nor about any weakness from us, just let’s focus on the day, to give your best, play with belief, play for each other and we have a good chance to beat anybody’

Stirring stuff and well said boss, that’s the sort of message our men need, think of our line up and imagine how you would feel if they all played for the mancs, me I would be cacking myself!

The ideal team for me tonight would be this, injuries of course permitting.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Nasri Wilshere Song Cesc Arshavin


I would then unleash Theo, RVP, Rosicky or Bendtner on them for impact, I was struggling whether or not to put RVP on from the off but it may be to early, Rosicky would be my choice if Cesc is unfit and Theo’s pace for the second half.

I would tell Song to stay in his own half and let Chamakh know he needs to shoot on sight, imagine if you were them, you have Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin and Wilshere buzzing around like disturbed hornets, then you have the hammer up front to slam them home in Chamakh, if this team believes it has arrived and ready to challenge, then tonight is the night, if they can’t, then it’s time to go forth in the window and find people that can, me I believe we can, tonight we can banish those kid demons forever, tonight Arsenal, you come of age.

Tonight Arsene you have the work of the last 5 trophy-less years on view and your belief that they can prove you and project youth right, I hope I’m eating humble pie and will be the first to come out of my box and say so.

I might also be the one that comes out and says we need to bring in some new blood, I hope like hell I’m not though. I want so much to see us go to Old trafford and do to them what they have often done to us, remember Overmars, remember Keown and remember Wiltord, those were the days and now it’s time to join those illustrious players and bring home the bacon. Time to wipe the smile off the faces of Fergie, Rooney and Giggs.

Alex they will put Fletcher on to kick you, show him how good you can be, keep the ball and prove me wrong, stay in your own half and find your mates, they will do the rest.

Chamakh time to find the back of the net with a few scorchers, Arshavin time to get back to instinctive shooting and Nasri, well just carrying on doing what you’ve been doing, destroying defences!

And Arsene, take the piece that Evra (who looks like his face was shut in the door) wrote in the French press and stick it on the wall of the dressing room (I know he didn’t write it, he said it)

I was trying to find a historical analysis for the game to night and the Battle of Copenhagen sprang to mind, the first was when Nelson was told not to go after the away fleet as there were too many ships, he put his telescope to his blind eye and said ‘Ships? I see no ships’ he then sailed in alongside their shore batteries and the shallows and destroyed them. Smashed them to a pulp! The second battle of Copenhagen was when we played Parma in the Cup Winners Cup, we went unfancied and Smudger Smith hit a first half volley into the back of the net, we sang one nil to the Arsenal for the next hour and came away with the cup, I know, I was there, not for the Nelson one, the Smudger one!

I expect us to wear yellow shorts tonight, I prefer all yellow, but either way, we have already won the best kit on show, so now let’s win the game!

We can do it and I believe we will do it, get in there Arsenal, win this one and we can all have a great Christmas and at last, start believing!

Have a great day grovers, our time has come. Go Arsenal go!

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1,366 Responses to “Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!”

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  1. David


    Webb, has always, will always, and is always a complete and total disgrace.

    I cant believe nobody was talking about the Kungfu master Kick on Sagna by Ferdinand.

    Or you think Webb was being fair on that one ritesh?

  2. timao

    i’m disappointed but not downhearted. szczesny played at last and he was a huge plus. a performance that says we will grind on and win the league. their pen was a joke. ok we didn’t get anything, but we can and will play better than that. i just hope szczesny keeps the no1 spot.

  3. Paulinho

    We should try Fabianski has a playmaker, our new quarter back, with the ability to pick the ball up and three or four times in a match and use the ‘sling’ pass.

  4. ritesh


    The performance of Manure was dreadful.I would be pissed off if we had to water the emirates to stop a team from developing good football, put 10 of our men behind the wall and wait for lady luck to find a goal after a crap performance.

    I watched the Classico and loved it. People talked about it for days. I watched this match and …. the quality was poor. Its like a match in a belgian or hungarian league.

  5. Keyser

    Suga3 – You’re right I am winding you up and it’s working, why don’t I get to abuse our players aswell ?!

    Chesney had a shit first half, he looked nervous and was sloppy, all to be expected, but why should he get an objective opinion when no-one else does.

    and stop trying to insult me, mate, heh.

  6. Big Dave

    albo. out of the top 4-5 teams we have the worst LB.

    Read other blogs/ twitter etc they all say how bad Clichy is, to soft no footballing brain. But that is just not the only problem, our CB are just as bad, and to think Song is some sort of superstar footballer who could take on the world is utter wrong

  7. Man

    Webb was the least of our problems. He is one ref I don’t rate but I must say he had one of his better games. It was us doing the kicking in the first 30mins

  8. Keyser

    Lurch Le Rouge – I’m almost worried to what you’d favour, you little cunt you. Heh. All fun and jokes on Le Grove.

  9. Gooby

    we need cesc, RvP and vermy fit asap, impossible to be consistent without those three.

    stop do shit sell cesc talk… it’s like the sell fat nasri thing last year

  10. Paulinho

    The ironic thing is people always accuse us of lacking width etc, but yet whenever play a decent side we always play to the flanks too much and don’t play through the middle enough, making us oh so predictable.

    Only when we’re playing lesser lights in europe do we feint to use the flanks and play central instead, and thus penetrate a whole lot easier and actually, shock horror, score a few goals.

    Walcott’s little cameo at the end was a complete embarrassment and technical retards like him have no choice but to take solace from the space at the flanks.

  11. incesc

    chesney is no where near ready just like fabianski

    thats the problem, wenger needs to buy some experienced powerful players otherwise it will be same old forever.

    you dont go to old trafford with kox, squillaci, wilshere, chesney and chamakh all in their first seasons.

    its just retarded.

    He should have got in premier league fighters this summer.

  12. Jaguar reloaded

    Keyser was trying to be a prick by abusing our best player on the pitch Szczesny,whereas its the retarded wanker Wenger,who is to be blamed for the loss.Fucking tool

  13. ritesh


    True, that was a card. But we got a few calls as well. Rosicky’s or JW professional fouls were also worthy of reds.

  14. goonermichael

    Jaguar I like keyser. On the other hand you just repeat your same extremely limited vocabulary and it is so boring. You made your point about a year ago and you just go on and on and on and on and etc

  15. Queen of Suburbia

    I agree that Thierry was a once in a generation talent but in the big games its clear to me that what we lack is exactly that.

    Arguably Cesc is at that level, but he never plays in the big games.

    We need a player who can break down a top defence and in order to do that, you need to be a top player. Torres.

  16. Gooby

    united were shit, but they got lucky and took the 3 points after defending with 8 men behind the ball ALL the time. we should try to play counter attacks sometimes we were good at that not so long ago

  17. David

    Cant understand why the Walcott bashing.

    He put in 2 fantastic crosses and did more in 5 minutes than Arshavin did the whole game.

    Couldve scored at the end as well.

  18. Keyser

    AA23 – Mate I wouldn’t bother, it’s like fighting a mental midget, holding his head and watching him swing away.

    Though it’s pretty funny to watch the fight. I can’t believe it’s a real person. It’s not you with another account to take the piss is it ?!

  19. SUGA3


    because it’s just typical of you – it’s called trolling, you know?

    and no, he wasn’t shit, yes, his distribution was a bit off, but it’s not like the bunch of muppets in front of him would do anything with ANY ball, is it?

    his only mistake was coming off the line for the goal, but you would expect a defender who is towering over Park to win the header, wouldn’t you?

  20. Lurch LeRouge

    By their nature Lurch’s are not little, Keyser. However your partially right, we are rather cuntish specimens!

  21. DaleDaGooner

    I’m sorry, Rosicky was the shittest out there today…i just had to shit on him…he reminded me of a certain Brazilian oday when i saw him strolling while we were being attacked!! Arshavin, he was trying, but totally off. Could Szcezsny have really saved that, i mean could he? But sad fact is Clichy backed off, something he seems to do a lot, and Squiilaci does that too!..
    Guys that gave it a real go

    Koscielny..attacking everything that came his way, might be over-zealous at times

    Sagna seemed more determined to fuck up Evra, same with Wilshere..good guys today

    Chezzer saved some crucial goals, he was big and manure saw that, hence Nani, Anderson and Shrek bottling their deciders.

    Song actually defended well, again Rosicky, Nasri and Arsh were busy strolling up field, but i can allow Nasri stroll around, after all he can be lethal in front, but what was Rosicky doing strolling???

    Is Cesc fit? Though game changed a bit when the 2 giants came on, but man, they must be crocks cause they haven’t added what we expect to games.

    Chamakh, all the hard work (defending and link up) is going to be overlooked cause you aren’t greedy enough son!

  22. Gooby

    chavs could beat man u next weekend and i hope they do. i can’t stand manc fasn who are all idiotic glory hunters, no football brain whatsoever….
    i don’t think we’ll beat the chavs ourselves

  23. BillikenGooner

    I’d rather a new Bergkamp to a new Henry.
    Someone to not just put awe into opponents, but into his own teammates. Someone to inspire confidence and belief that they are on the pitch with God himself.
    He made those teams tick.

  24. Cartman

    Why cant Wenger get the best out of his players? The manure team is full of very average players. We have better players than them yet they keep beating us and win trophies for fun. It just shows the gulf in class between Fergie and Wenger. I reckon Fergie would do wonders if he had this Arsenal squad.

  25. Gooby

    chamakh worked his arse off, he missed a chance but the guy gives 110% on the pitch.

    wilshere is going to be the best midfielder in the league some day

  26. SUGA3


    and Squillaci was the worst of them hands down…

    I am just baffled – what does he contribute? he has no pace, back off too often, doesn’t tackle – WTF?

  27. BB

    Gooby – saw the game just like you

    Squill is very poor no creativity upfront and less so from season to season

    and we are missing big Abou

  28. zeus

    As for the this team, evolution or revolution? I can’t decide.

    Defence is crap, and forward line not good enough. We only play well in the middle 1/3rd of the pitch.

    This is a joke now.

    Only an Alan Davies rant can cheer me up now.

  29. Keyser

    Paulinho – Agree with the flanks and central midfield thing, bit disappointed in how cheaply Wilshere lost the ball, but I guess it’s a learning curve for him, we lacked Fabregas’s assuredity and looked nervous because of it.

    Don’t get the Walcott bashing, even in a poor game he made them think twice about covering him when he had the ball, with Fabregas and Van Persie on form, he wouldn’t have to think for himself.

  30. Cloggs

    Priceless; Shrek missing a penalty against our 4th choice goalkeeper a la moment supreme. Must have been a deja vue for the overpaid prostitutes he had been visiting recently.

  31. Gooby

    we need to start building form the back, create a solid basis to let our forwards express themselves on the field and give the proper passes to exploit from the back. we are shaky

    i would bench squillaci, put djourou in the team.

  32. Transylvanian Gunner

    Ehh, don’t blame the polish keeper, in my opinion he was awsome, he kept the all very well, the biggest problem was our midfield, they.
    Honestly I’m fed up with this manager, his a joke…

  33. David

    Thats exactly right,

    Same tactics all the time, same results.

    You put 5 men in midfield, chances of beating Arsenal are very good.

    Ask Braga.

  34. incesc

    whats the point in chamak working his ass off the rest of the game if he gets a chance to score 3 yards from goal and he puts no effort in the chance at all.

    fucking waste of space.

  35. Keyser

    Suga3 – No, it’s not typical of me, don’t be a dick all your life.

    He played a poor first half and seemed to have pretty weak kick outs, he’s young and it’s a massive game so I’m not bashing him, that’s to be expected, it’s why he should keep his mouth shut about being thrust into the first team.

  36. reggie 57

    Even Jason Cunt Cundy laughing at Wenger on your on sky sport’s blaming the pitch too greasy hahah!! you cant make it up!!

  37. JJ

    Compare how much room we gave them on the flanks to what they gave us. Clichy backed off until they were in our box… and we couldn’t get anywhere near they’re box. That is where the main differnce was.

  38. SUGA3

    and what is more: how often did you see their players doubling up on AA or Nasri?

    and how often do you see our players do that? oh, right, we are too good for that…

    and Wenger blaming the pitch has to be the ultimate adding insult to the injury – didn’t seem to bother Manure players, did it? or did they play with spikes in their boots?

  39. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA3, agreed, I was weiry of his signing, when he got number 18, i said to myself, not bad, better than Silvester…but why he is starting so much is starting to baffle, me…he backs off and has no pace, but i don’t wan to blame him, just can’t understand why Wenger lets this happen…gosh don’t even know anymore! i sure hope we win the carling cup, only chance at joy…everything else is BAU…

  40. gambon

    I wouldn’t mind szczesny taking number 1 now.

    His kicking was awful, but he just has much more presence that the guy who starred in ‘The Mummy’.

  41. Gooby

    we do mis diaby he gives us a physical advantage in those type of games and he usually works hard against big teams, him in place of sicky would have been positive today.

    we gave united huge advantage tonight, they are 2 points clear with a game in hand without being impressive. the chavs need a win and i think they can beat them. we aren’t out of it (yet) but aren’t going to win the league unless we keep our best players fit (nasri, cesc, robin, vermy) for the rest of the season. i doubt it though

  42. ritesh


    If Clichy had not backed off, Nani woulld have dribbled him and be through on goal…he dragged him on the inside to force a cross instead of a shot.

    Having said that, Clichy should be better with all the PL experience he has.

    Park should never have that free header. It proves we have a lack of organisation in defence…not necessarily bad defender as Squid did well against Manure and Rooney/Park at OT with Lyon.

  43. Keyser

    Pedro – Most of the team looked nervous, it starts from the front for us, you can’t constantly blame the defence, how many times were they left 1 on 1 with Nani, or Rooney down the middle.

    Nasri’s had a great start to the season, but you can see he still needs others to help him out, same with Wilshere.

    As a team you could see the inexperience, for all people quoting stats about how many times we’ve lost to these sides, I bet we won’t have put out the same line-up in any of them.

    We simply need players like Fabregas, Van Persie, and even Vermaelen, because at the moment the supporting cast doesn’t have it in them to lead themselves.

  44. David

    No no no.

    Chezzy isnt ready.

    He cant kick a ball past the half way line.

    And keeps putting Sagna under pressure cuz he doesnt know what to do with it.

  45. Lurch LeRouge

    Wenger blamed the pitch because the question was posed to him what his teams performance lacked….

    well clearly it was lacking fluency due to both teams spending loads of time on their arses. so it’s a fair retort IMO.

  46. albo

    Big Dave – strangely I form my opinion on a player by actually watching the game rather than just parroting the opinions of other blogs.

    I agree that Clichy is probably not as good as Evra or Cole, but those 2 are probably the best 2 left backs in the world. Tonight Clichy got no support down the left from Arshavin, and yet he still fundamentally dealt with Nani. Even the goal he was unlucky with his deflected block.

    I’m not saying he’s the best player that ever lived – but I do think in the blogoshpere there are some popular opinions (Denilson, Clichy etc) that people keep reinforcing by focussing on all the negatives of that player after each game, rather than actually analysing the entire performance.

    And the trouble is, they’d now have to put in an impossibly immense performance for these people to say even the slightest good thing about them.

    For what its worth, I think Clichy is as much as anything a victim of our formation that sees him play behind Arshavin. If we regularly set up with Clichy behind Gibbs, for example, we’d have a very different opinion of him.

  47. gambon

    Wengers excuse making is reaching epic levels.

    Deluded old cunt is starting to sound like he has a serious case of alzheimers. Someone shoot him with a bolt gun in the face.

  48. Paulinho

    If Wilshere wants to be real special player then he needs to break out himself from the current Wenger template that Wenger seems to install in his midfielders.

    He tried a few ambitious things but he’s falling into the same trap alot of our players fall into; taking the easy option and passing the buck.

  49. Melvyn

    Suga3 – plus he always heads out weakly and to the opposition – bargain basement player and we are a big club – not whilst arsene’s in charge

  50. Colonel Mustard

    let call this a day..Wegner deserves a Director of Football role. Move upstairs and lets get a progressive tactically aware manager and give him the cash.

  51. Gooby

    how can wenger go from an undefeated season defence to this???

    campbell and toure were monters back then, what the fuck was wenger thinking when bought squill?

  52. BillikenGooner

    “confidentgoner says: Anybody care to tell us how the AKBs have taken this loss?”


    I’ll hazard a guess:
    We didn’t really lose because…
    They cheated by watering the pitch.
    They played anti-football.
    They should have been down to 9 or 10 men.
    It doesn’t matter if we never beat United or Chelsea again, it has no bearing on the fact we have a better squad.
    We dominated possession, so dominated the game.
    They got a fluke goal.
    We were unlucky.
    If we were fully healthy, it wouldn’t have been close.
    If you watched this match and have any other opinion than the above, you are a doomer, are not a “true fan”, and don’t understand football.

  53. 1886-2006

    Hughton, Allardyce, Wenger. The board at Arsenal want to maximize profits and to do that you need a successful team and management. You also need investment in experienced players who will add something that is missing. Currently Arsenal have neither due to penny pinching policies and a manager that is becoming a bit of a liability due to his own ego, The board I think will push him before the rot can set in.

    I know the AKB’s will say that we are 2nd in the table, but that is because the teams below are playing crap, we have not improved and are treading water. After xmas you will see manu and chelski and possibly city kick on and leave us in there wake (as usual).
    What is needed is to finish out of the top 4 and the money men to start to panic about life outside of the “big boys” and in with the also rans.

    Since leaving HIGHBURY we have not kicked on the way we was promised, “The revenue generated is going to bring riches and success back to Arsenal”, ‘My ARSE’. Increased ticket prices and increased wages for increased egos amongst the squad. I feel that fans would be happier to hear Wenger and the board say that we are in a financial situation that does not allow us to spend on top quality players, so you will have to settle for at best average and at worst Denilson. Sorry it is wrong to pick out 1 player when it is actually a squad problem, i’m sure he tries his best and that would be acceptable if you didn’t have a manager trying to convince you he was the new ‘Socrates”.

    As for tonight, who didn’t see that performance coming.

    With Allardyce looking for a job, would he be worth a “PUNT”.


    This is my first post so a little about me.
    I left England in the summer of 2006 and have not been to the emirates and to tell the truth from what I have heard I am not missing much, I know people who no longer go due to the prices, people who want to take their kids along but are restricted by cost, if this is the price of leaving HIGHBURY, then I think the fans have been sold a wrong ‘un.

  54. zeus


    “Don’t get the Walcott bashing, even in a poor game he made them think twice about covering him when he had the ball, with Fabregas and Van Persie on form, he wouldn’t have to think for himself.”

    Wouldn’t have to think for himself? What does that even mean. You realize he gets paid tens of thousands a pound a week don’t you.

    I wish I had a job like his.

  55. Paulinho

    Nah Clichy is shot. A couple of years ago he at least had the pace to motor away from precarious situations and start attacks, he can’t even do that anymore.

    He loses every header, never stops crosses, inexplicably stands off when he can just tackle and clear out the ball for a throw in. Useless.

  56. Man

    You’d be stupid to take Wenger’s words literally, as stupid as Jason Cundy I would think…It is clear Wenger fears for the adverse effect such a defeat would have on the players’ psyche so his ‘silly’ excuses are a form of damage limitation…they still have 3 other competitions to play for.

  57. Doublegooner

    I’m stuck in China, couldnt get a link..All I had was the boys updating me.

    Same old same old.

    Do us Favour Wenger & Fuck off.

    Those of you missing Denilson should get to see him with his partner Song on saturday !!

  58. SUGA3


    how about telling it as it is for once? how about giving them a right ol’ bollocking?

    ‘we were not good enough today, the team needs to step up’

    spineless management is more demoralising than merited criticism!

  59. Queen of Suburbia

    Wenger can’t really say, we were not very good and a couple of experienced players phoned it in.

    Well he could i suppose but its not his style. I quite like that he gets mardy in defeat.

    I once threw a tennis racket at an umpire. I was 31.

  60. Keyser

    Paulinho – Wilshere’s fine as is Clichy pretty much, Wilshere obviously needs to add to his physique, but the way he went up to Flecther when Webb was shitting himself was class.

    Need more like Wilshere, don’t get what you’re watching with Clichy, Rooney was covered, the real player we needed to track was Nani, they gave him almost no other duty then to be availble for counter attacks.

    It’s simple really, Arshavin provides no cover, Wilshere struggled to cover and Clichy’s left there thinking if I go upfield, we’re fucked in behind.

    But you should know that by now, there was a marked difference when Nasri switched sides and Fabregas was on the field though.

  61. timao

    ARSENAL! ARSENAL! ARSENAL! piss off all you gloomer wankers – ARSENAL are the greatest! season ends in May, we will win. that’s all that matters.

  62. incesc

    well he could say my players have let me down and the badge and i want more from them on sunday instead of letting the rot settle in any deeper.

    the fact we arent all that pissed off as we expected to lose to united is worrying.

    ontop of the loss to spuds at home, this team just has no fucking mental strength at all and wenger is not helping at all with poor excuses like that.

  63. Doublegooner

    Wengers CV is adjusting & getting stronger by the day;

    100% Arrogant

    100% Tactically Inept.

    100% Total belief in substandard squad.

    100% Pleased about the Cash Fund

    100% Pleased all the appartments are sold.

    101% Lucky he has no one to answer to.

  64. Man

    Suga, this is Wenger’s way and I really can’t see him changing. At the end of the season, we’ll see…I wonder if people will be happy with a CC, top 4 finish and good runs in the FA Cup and CL.

  65. Cloggs

    @Col. Mustard
    Yeah, Park is a funny creature, nobody, apart from fergy, takes him seriously. But only fergy knows Park is a state of the art footy bot, programmed by Gus Hiddink and built by Hyundai.

  66. confidentgoner

    We lost today as predicted due to poor tactics and wrong team selection.
    Leaving Clichy unprotected.
    Arsh should not have played.
    Djouru should have started
    Probably missing Eboue to play ahead of Clichy and to draw foul

  67. Keyser

    zeus – Mate, this isn’t a kick about on some park field, it’s the top of the Premiership, and as high a level as you can play at, it’s not tha Walcott doesn’t know these things.

    It’s that we’re playing a team that won’t give him the time to thing all the time, so the more things other players do for him, the more he can worry about what he does next.

    Fabregas and Van Persie afford players that time, look at the Fulham goal for Nasri, Van Persie draws 3 players with feigning to shoot, that’s all the time Nasri needs to know that he can put his foot over the ball and shield it before he faces the next player.

    Those are the little differences top players afford others. That’s what we needed out there, and hopefully we’ll have for Chelsea now, if we can get past Stoke.

  68. Jake

    As stoney says the opposition have a patio laid and the barby on by the time we break.gimme lauren to pires to henry goal!9.5 seconds

  69. SUGA3


    speak for yourself, dude, I expected a result, so I am fucking fuming!


    CC is being served on a silver platter with a line of charlie, we will be out of CL in the next round, top four will be touch and go for us and I am not that fussed about the ‘good run’ in the FA Cup if we don’t win it…

  70. Big Dave

    I have grown up watching quality LB



    Cole (cunt)

    Wenger can’t spot a good left back or even a CB to that matter. To give Kos the number 6 shirt is disrespectfull to Adams

  71. Hitman

    The only consolation tonight was that Utd were sh!t. A decent team like Blackpool would have beaten them.
    Thats how poor we were.

    Utd rubbish. Chelsea rubbish. Strewth that means Spuds will win the league!!. Razor blades….

  72. zeus

    We need John McEnroe as defensive coach.


  73. Keyser

    The one thing that was good today, was when Fletcher went off like a spaz tryng to get Chamakh booked, Wilshere just went right at him and was like ‘who the fuck are you’.

    That’s what we need more of in tight edgy game, love Sagna, but Lauren would have got retribution or at least led with his own kung fu kick.

  74. Paulinho

    But yeah Keyser, as we’ve discussed ad nauseum before, Gibbs seems to have no problem bombing forward with Arshavin the side.

    Rafael at the start of the second half and throughout the second half bombed forward, with Nani on his flank, in your words, being just used solely counter attacks.

    Clichy is incapable of making a difference offensively. Nothing do with who plays in front of him. If anything he should know that the only way to negate that defensive weakness would be for him and Arshavin to impose themselves on the opposition, not the other way round. The best teams don’t think so negatively. Remember we are supposed to be an attacking side and it’s players like Clichy that make that tag so laughable.

  75. TonyS

    OK people – one day Wilshire and Ramsey will be running the Premiership. Until then, sink a few Mojito’s and hang tight!!

  76. goonergerry

    Do we face reality or do we delude ourselves into thinking we can win the EPL with this team?

    In reality this was a more disciplined defensive performance but we never looked like getting an equalizer. For me it was a repeat of the Chelsea game earlier this season. In reality it was not close. If we had fluked an equaliser- United would have scored again. It was as comfortable for them as it has been in every encounter since 2008.
    To be honest under Wenger I cannot see Arsenal ever beating United- home or away. In defence and midfield every United player performs better than every one of ours-better that is- not flashier but performs more effectively- is stronger- wins the ball uses the ball more effectively and with a fraction of the Arsenal players effort and knows how to defend- and they always do.

    In reality Ferguson must wish he could play us every week- its an easy 3 points.
    In reality Evra (much as I loathe him) is right.

    We need a new manager at Arsenal- because Wenger has yaken the players as far as he can.

  77. gambon

    Wengers CV

    – can’t win the champions league
    – out managed by his rivals with regularity
    – obsessed with French kids
    – gets rappers (French of course) pregnant
    – runs a training centre in N London

  78. timao

    calling ALL gloomers – right now, please take the rest of the night off. Thank fuck none of you has any real influence in the world. We WILL win the league this season. Because we are fucking brilliant!

  79. Gooby

    spuds will never win the league.

    if i was in command (wish i was)

    i’d swap denilson for m’villa, walcott for hazard, bendy for benzema or caroll, squill for sakho and sell rosicky tooo

  80. Lurch LeRouge

    Put it this way. Always go the insanity plea!

    Alas I’ve only visited, never been an inpatient, well not yet anyhoooo.

    Another couple of seasons like this and who knows hey???

  81. Keyser

    Paulinho – The Gibbs thing is a bit of a myth, that he routinely bombs forward with Arshavin in the side, though he is obviously going to be a better prospect going forward.

    Gibbs doesn’t, but he does pick his time and his skill going forward helps him out. Gibbs has also played pretty infrequently and isn’t as good defensively.

    A goal up United have played out the scenario time and again, we simply need our top players available.

    Of course it’s to do with players in front of him, as soon as Nasri switched sides and Fabregas was on the field, we began to at least impose some pressure, partly because United sat deeper, but also because we were more assured to at least probe going forwards.

  82. Lurch LeRouge

    Thought song had an ok game. Made some timely interventions against the long ball counters destined to Nani as well.

  83. SUGA3

    ‘Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not thinking about any weakness of Manchester United, nor about any weakness from us’

    is it me, or does it translate to:

    ‘Let’s not think of any game plan, in order to try targetting their weaknesses nor nullify our own’

  84. Hitman

    Spurs were also rubbish in the 2nd half but managed to put 3 past us.

    When we are bad we are really bad and worst of the lot- its shocking. 5 defeats say it all.
    Like tonight Utd didnt have to break sweat to beat us. It was an easy 3 pts.

    We need some quality not qualitee to rectify.
    That costs money. You cant win the league on the cheap.

  85. albo

    Why are people complaining about Wenger’s post match comments? Of COURSE he’s going to put a positive spin on the night. He’s been our manager for over a decade and you still haven’t learned that he likes to keep negative comments about the team behind closed doors?

    By the way, my more general take on the game is that a back 4 of Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Fabio, with a 5 man midfield in front of them is probably about as strong a defence as the premiership can imagine. And united only pack everyone behind the ball against Arsenal. In other words, probably no team but Arsenal will have to face that defence playing that defensively for the entire season. And in the context, it’s always going to be hard – especially once they’d scored (yet another) slightly lucky goal.

    I know its more fun (and make us feel better) to get fucking angry at our players and come on here and write what cunts they are, but for the most part, the analysis here is a bit lacking in depth 😉

  86. Man

    “…In fairness we were not dangerous enough to dominate the game and create chances.”

    Some folks on here are worse than the tabloids, seriously.

  87. Cloggs

    I call it a day. Good night fella gooners, sleep well and leave all your troubles behind while you doze away but don’t forget to renew your ST or membership next spring.. because Arsene knows!!

  88. Paulinho

    Keyser – he’s good, but pretty basic. You seem to think that I’m building up as Roberto Carlos though so I’m trying to make the point that it’s more that Clichy is complete garbage than Gibbs being some phenom.

  89. SUGA3


    fuck me, lucky? which one of the errors that led to the ‘lucky’ goal do you want me to analyse in depth first then?

    and AW’s comments turn us into a laughing stock – a Polish saying about a crap ballerina moaning about poorly made costume springs to mind!