Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!

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These were the words spoken by our manager, Arsene Wenger this weekend.

‘We have an opportunity to show how good we are – that is what you want in life.

Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not thinking about any weakness of Manchester United, nor about any weakness from us, just let’s focus on the day, to give your best, play with belief, play for each other and we have a good chance to beat anybody’

Stirring stuff and well said boss, that’s the sort of message our men need, think of our line up and imagine how you would feel if they all played for the mancs, me I would be cacking myself!

The ideal team for me tonight would be this, injuries of course permitting.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Nasri Wilshere Song Cesc Arshavin


I would then unleash Theo, RVP, Rosicky or Bendtner on them for impact, I was struggling whether or not to put RVP on from the off but it may be to early, Rosicky would be my choice if Cesc is unfit and Theo’s pace for the second half.

I would tell Song to stay in his own half and let Chamakh know he needs to shoot on sight, imagine if you were them, you have Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin and Wilshere buzzing around like disturbed hornets, then you have the hammer up front to slam them home in Chamakh, if this team believes it has arrived and ready to challenge, then tonight is the night, if they can’t, then it’s time to go forth in the window and find people that can, me I believe we can, tonight we can banish those kid demons forever, tonight Arsenal, you come of age.

Tonight Arsene you have the work of the last 5 trophy-less years on view and your belief that they can prove you and project youth right, I hope I’m eating humble pie and will be the first to come out of my box and say so.

I might also be the one that comes out and says we need to bring in some new blood, I hope like hell I’m not though. I want so much to see us go to Old trafford and do to them what they have often done to us, remember Overmars, remember Keown and remember Wiltord, those were the days and now it’s time to join those illustrious players and bring home the bacon. Time to wipe the smile off the faces of Fergie, Rooney and Giggs.

Alex they will put Fletcher on to kick you, show him how good you can be, keep the ball and prove me wrong, stay in your own half and find your mates, they will do the rest.

Chamakh time to find the back of the net with a few scorchers, Arshavin time to get back to instinctive shooting and Nasri, well just carrying on doing what you’ve been doing, destroying defences!

And Arsene, take the piece that Evra (who looks like his face was shut in the door) wrote in the French press and stick it on the wall of the dressing room (I know he didn’t write it, he said it)

I was trying to find a historical analysis for the game to night and the Battle of Copenhagen sprang to mind, the first was when Nelson was told not to go after the away fleet as there were too many ships, he put his telescope to his blind eye and said ‘Ships? I see no ships’ he then sailed in alongside their shore batteries and the shallows and destroyed them. Smashed them to a pulp! The second battle of Copenhagen was when we played Parma in the Cup Winners Cup, we went unfancied and Smudger Smith hit a first half volley into the back of the net, we sang one nil to the Arsenal for the next hour and came away with the cup, I know, I was there, not for the Nelson one, the Smudger one!

I expect us to wear yellow shorts tonight, I prefer all yellow, but either way, we have already won the best kit on show, so now let’s win the game!

We can do it and I believe we will do it, get in there Arsenal, win this one and we can all have a great Christmas and at last, start believing!

Have a great day grovers, our time has come. Go Arsenal go!

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1,366 Responses to “Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!”

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  1. BigRed1

    Pedro or Geoff, new post today, only Chesney can be positive, the rest negative,
    because exposing the negatives is the only way to move forward.
    Gazidis needs to give Wenger £30m and tell him to spend it now or fuck off,
    or just tell him to fuck off and give it to somebody that hasn`t lost the plot

  2. Queen of suburbia

    It’s easy to make statements like that when you know that the ref is going to let you get away with an awful lot.

  3. tomb

    You know I think we have just hit a wall and keep on breaking our heads trying to get thru it. We are not getting any better agasinst the big teams

    I really think we need to go backwards to go forwards, I like wenger but I cant see him getting us over this wall he has hit. i think it would be good to even miss the CL a season and rebuild with a new team and manager, because this aint working as it stands.

  4. patthegooner

    Its a new dawn, its a new day and I’m feeling……

    Numb still.

    I cant believe we lost to one of our big rivals last night, and I am just not that bothered. I am that numb to this shit. Normally today and most of the week would be a doom and gloom write off.

  5. GoonerT1m

    Qos what leads you to believe we will beat stoke?….this team is already mentally weak, they will be even more so after that crap last night….I hope to god he keeps the gk in as he has the right attitude and spirit to pick them up.

  6. gambon

    Lol people moaning about the ref, what a shock, fucking embarassment to football.

    Wenger says we take a lot of encouragement from the game, deluded shit cunt.

  7. Queen of suburbia

    Not moaning about the ref per SE gambon, he was poor, hard to dispute that.

    Big games turn on little moments.

    Fletcher should have been booked for pushing the ref twice then he has to play a more disciplined role

    Would that change the result? Nah, we were not good enough to win.

    Does the result make it right that the ref was twice as likely to award a card for a foul by an arsenal player as by a united player? Of course not.

  8. rob green

    We are not good enough to beat united or chelsea we have lost the last 11 games against them!! We are the whipping boys for the big boys!!

    oh actually it’s the pitch is fault! wenger is a mug!!

  9. GoonerTee

    people coming on here with false hopes we r not gonna win the league 12 points given away to the Man Ure and Chelski are dissapointing. can u guys in all reality see us rolling over Chelski. dont think so. maybe we’ll win possesion stats hooray. why when were 1-0 down does this thickos wanna do back heels and stuff, i thought u do that kind of stuff when your like 3-0 up. We are not contenders for the league a wont be for a very long time. Real Talk.