Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!

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These were the words spoken by our manager, Arsene Wenger this weekend.

‘We have an opportunity to show how good we are – that is what you want in life.

Let’s go without any preconceived ideas, not thinking about any weakness of Manchester United, nor about any weakness from us, just let’s focus on the day, to give your best, play with belief, play for each other and we have a good chance to beat anybody’

Stirring stuff and well said boss, that’s the sort of message our men need, think of our line up and imagine how you would feel if they all played for the mancs, me I would be cacking myself!

The ideal team for me tonight would be this, injuries of course permitting.


Sagna Koscielny Djourou Clichy

Nasri Wilshere Song Cesc Arshavin


I would then unleash Theo, RVP, Rosicky or Bendtner on them for impact, I was struggling whether or not to put RVP on from the off but it may be to early, Rosicky would be my choice if Cesc is unfit and Theo’s pace for the second half.

I would tell Song to stay in his own half and let Chamakh know he needs to shoot on sight, imagine if you were them, you have Nasri, Cesc, Arshavin and Wilshere buzzing around like disturbed hornets, then you have the hammer up front to slam them home in Chamakh, if this team believes it has arrived and ready to challenge, then tonight is the night, if they can’t, then it’s time to go forth in the window and find people that can, me I believe we can, tonight we can banish those kid demons forever, tonight Arsenal, you come of age.

Tonight Arsene you have the work of the last 5 trophy-less years on view and your belief that they can prove you and project youth right, I hope I’m eating humble pie and will be the first to come out of my box and say so.

I might also be the one that comes out and says we need to bring in some new blood, I hope like hell I’m not though. I want so much to see us go to Old trafford and do to them what they have often done to us, remember Overmars, remember Keown and remember Wiltord, those were the days and now it’s time to join those illustrious players and bring home the bacon. Time to wipe the smile off the faces of Fergie, Rooney and Giggs.

Alex they will put Fletcher on to kick you, show him how good you can be, keep the ball and prove me wrong, stay in your own half and find your mates, they will do the rest.

Chamakh time to find the back of the net with a few scorchers, Arshavin time to get back to instinctive shooting and Nasri, well just carrying on doing what you’ve been doing, destroying defences!

And Arsene, take the piece that Evra (who looks like his face was shut in the door) wrote in the French press and stick it on the wall of the dressing room (I know he didn’t write it, he said it)

I was trying to find a historical analysis for the game to night and the Battle of Copenhagen sprang to mind, the first was when Nelson was told not to go after the away fleet as there were too many ships, he put his telescope to his blind eye and said ‘Ships? I see no ships’ he then sailed in alongside their shore batteries and the shallows and destroyed them. Smashed them to a pulp! The second battle of Copenhagen was when we played Parma in the Cup Winners Cup, we went unfancied and Smudger Smith hit a first half volley into the back of the net, we sang one nil to the Arsenal for the next hour and came away with the cup, I know, I was there, not for the Nelson one, the Smudger one!

I expect us to wear yellow shorts tonight, I prefer all yellow, but either way, we have already won the best kit on show, so now let’s win the game!

We can do it and I believe we will do it, get in there Arsenal, win this one and we can all have a great Christmas and at last, start believing!

Have a great day grovers, our time has come. Go Arsenal go!

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1,366 Responses to “Arsenal, time to go and show you are ready, we believe in you!!!”

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  1. Rocky7

    ‘Since April 2009, it reads: played 10, lost nine, drawn one, goals against 22, goals for five. It is a sequence so abysmal that Wenger’s explanation of Arsenal simply being beaten by “better” teams is inadequate.’ – today’s telegraph

    we really need to start turning this around… Tonight is a big judgement night for wenger and his ‘boys’ – if we get hammered (again) let’s hope he gets spending in the next month. But if we win you guys all realise that we will see bentdner, flappy, and denilson for the next few years….
    Double edged sword me thinks

  2. afrogoon

    the gaffer should put this post up in the dressing room……..if le-grove believes……..who out there can doubt….morning chums…..hope we wake up tomorrow to more glorious posts such us this

  3. Goonerpower

    Top top post Geoff, you have got me buzzing. Let’s smash the bastards into oblivion.

    I too hope you eat humble pie (I don’t mean that in a derogative way) you would be a big man!!
    And I just hope we can put our demons to bed. When you at that line up your right it would scare the living shit out of us, then to have the likes of Theo & Robin………it’s mouth watering!!

    Here’s to a great day/night Grovers!!

  4. arsenal4ever

    you made a mistake in your prediction!!

    Chezzer will start ahead of Flappy!!!!

    2-0 to the Arsenal with him in goal 🙂

  5. Baafuor from Ghana

    Smashing post Geoff!If u were to be in our dressing room this evening,we would kill those mancs today!!Its quite strange how most people around here think we are actually going to win this match.It rarely happens these days when Arsenal play the ‘big boys’

  6. Big Dave

    Actually their defence is not that great, we can get past Rio, and attck down their right hand side. Saying that our back line is a big worry also

  7. Rohan

    We’ve got sammmiiirr nazzzeeerrrrriiiii! He can do no wrong.

    3-0 thrashing. Nasri solo, RvP freekick and a Rosicky thunderbolt at the death to seal it.

    Come the fuck on you gooners!!!! Haven’t been this buzzed orf a game in ages now.

  8. A

    I hope Szczesny coming in wouldn’t change the line up Wenger puts out.

    Could imagine him wanting to protect him more and go for


    Sagna Squillaci Koscielny/JD Clichy

    Denilson Song Wilshere

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

  9. GoonerJohn

    i am glad you didn’t mention transfers of dzeko, sakho, subotic….

    let’s get behind the team and smash those scum manc

  10. Baafuor from Ghana

    Even if Cesc has recovered from his injury,he shouldn’t start cos he is not fully fit to start a match like this.Imagine unleashing Cesc,Robin and Theo unto them in the second half.

  11. Arse&Nose©

    chesney could get destroyed
    by that I mean before this match I thought we’d get a beating due to our poor defence.

    With Chesney in we will still get a beating but Chesney’s confidence will now take a hit as well, that is a double loss.

  12. finestcuts

    Back to the good old days of when playing against Man U was about who topped the table. Win tonight and despite Man U’s game in hand, we’ll have enough points to remain top if they win it.

    Chelsea are on the return, their big players are back and for the first time in the Roman Abramovich era they’ve shown that they lack strength in depth.

    A win tonight and we’re back to being title contenders, despite all our earlier slip ups we’ve been given a second chance, something that very very rarely happens in the Premier League. All of the big guns have had major problems and have won fewer points than everyone expected.

  13. Pedro

    Top post Geoff.. excellent indeed!

    I’m pumped for tonight… it’s going to be an excellent game and I really believe this is our time!

  14. Pedro

    A&N, Chesney will not get destroyed.

    He’ll come in and have a blinder… players like him thrive on games like tonight.

  15. Seb

    I think if he’s fit, the Boy Wonder will start ahead of Marouane. I honestly think Chamakh would get the shit kicked out of him by United, he isn’t dominant enough yet. Van Persie will be so up for this game it’s not true, and he will be only too glad to elbow those cunts in the face as required.

  16. gambon

    HUUUUUUGE game tonight! It could be the day this team finally comes of age.

    A, im not sure why Wenger would need to give Szczesny more protection, hes much better than Fabianski.

  17. Rohan

    Did anyone catch that hint of a smile on Nasri’s face when he says: “we will show them that we’ve grown up since 2 years ago”

  18. Geoff

    If he plays Song and Denilson then he has learned nothing and Pedro will be writing the next 6 months posts.

    Great news about Chezzer though, now he has the chance to show us he’s as good as he says he is.

    Strange that Almunia, who is going nowhere isn’t playing, injured or not, he seems to be third choice, he must be otherwise Chezzer wouldn’t have signed a new contract.

  19. Arse&Nose©

    I have faith in chesney, he is top class.
    Its the dimwits infront of him who will cock up
    Clichy will be caught up field
    Djourou will comit needless fouls, Squidleech will headbutt himself in the ass.

  20. dza

    If Gibbs was fit do you think Wenger would have played him AND Clichy on the left? Double up on Nani and a decent crosser of the ball for Chamakh..

  21. katikiro charles

    I agree with Arse&Nose that they can defend, we cant, so it is draw. The kind of Man this one is, should not even get a draw against Arsenal, but without discpline in defending, and AW instructing his players to bomard forward (including players supposed to protect the backline, notoriously Song) irrespective the backline is not reliable, Arsenal is in for shock defeat!U get the feeling and dispair that under AW Arsenal will end up winning the League Cup. He achieved greatness with the backline he inherited!His buys, such as Toure, Ettame-Mayer, had to plug in the core of Bould, Adams, Keown, Dixon, Winterban, etc.

  22. Arse&Nose©

    agree Charles. It pains me to say what I say but I have to be logical.

    Man Utd are not as good individually but are better organised, and that is what counts in team sport.

  23. Melvyn

    Geoff – I believe your team choice would win but AW will make two changes which will completely destroy the team – denilson and Squilaci .

    Copenhagen was a great day and they kept playing one nil to the Arsenal on the PA.

    Tonight – your team 3-1 AW team 1-3 – simples Arsene let Geoff pick the team !

  24. Big Dave

    The thing is with us is that we can go 1 nil up or 2-1 but wont defend that lead like other managers do and sit, put 10 players behind the ball and this is where we fall down, we need to shut out the game.

  25. Big Dave

    Melvyn if we win 3-1 it would be like having a night out with Rihanna and Agullera, and back to thier place but if we get stuffed 3-1 then it would feel like just been out with Mary

  26. Mark C

    It will be interesting to see what happens with Cesc tonight.

    If you have been following his tweets he has been training with the team since Wednesday.

    He should play – if he does not play, my guess is that his head is still turned towards Barca and still wants out.

    And if that is the case, he can go, as long as we bring in some good players.

    Nasri, Ramsey and Wilshire can all play his role.

  27. Herbert

    Morning everybody!

    Hilarious and so true statement from Martin Samuel in the Mail. He writes about where Carlos Tevez might go:

    “Chelsea is the only game left for Tevez in England now. He has burnt his bridges at Manchester United, Liverpool are currently off the radar as a destination for major talent and Arsenal do not sign £30million players. We don’t know why, they just don’t.”

    I also don´t know why!!

    Read more:

  28. Eaglegunner


    Great stirring post! I’m looking forward to this game today, and dont worry even though i like Pedro insightful posts, hopefully he wont be posting solely for the next 6 months.


    Thats a cracking interview of Nasri….my favourite Arsenal player (Cos he has a mix of skill, talent and devilment), i liked the part where he said in response to Evra’s taunting that they will show them that they have grown up in the last two years.

    I think its going to be a great match and i have a feeling both Nasri & Arshavin will score AND we will win 3-1.

  29. BigRed1

    Geoff, if only you could speak french you should do the pre match talk………

    but threatening them with with Bendtner……..

    do you expect their defenders to fall over laughing or is that your cunning plan?

  30. MOH4

    COME ON FUCKING ARSENAL!!! Listen everybody out there. I dont wanna hear any negativity in this fucking post. I dont give a fuck what your problem is or who your beef is with. 2nite we all get behind our 100% NO MATTER WHAT!! There will plenty of time to bitch & whinge after the game. As of now, we all unite & get behind the best fucking team with the best fucking supporters. FUCK MAN U….. Arsenal champions 2010/2011…. Fucking music to my ears….

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    need to win tonight, cant have the mancs ahead with a game in hand…

    poor ramsay, even the weather is against him..

  32. gazzap

    Szczesny should start if Fabi is out. and Cesc should not start even if he is well. Wenger is not sure he is 100% fit so he should be on the bench. we keep risking cesc when he is not ready. A big mental boost if he travels. Rosicky should play in midfield with Nasri in attack.
    Is JD fit?

    Sagna Squill JD Clichy
    Jack Song Rosicky
    Nasri Chamakh Arsh

    Theo and RVP to come on and win the game.

  33. Arse&Nose©

    I just hate Man UTD, since I was a kid at school I have been surrounded by Man utd supporting scumbags who have made my life misery. I have always gone into these games wishing for the best and been let down and had abuse directed at me. Even now at work I’m surrounded my Man UTD fans and it makes my blood boil when they come out with the rubbish they do.

    I can no longer get excited about these games, I can only sit, shaking and hoping we avoid a 6-1 demolition.

  34. samir masri

    Nasri’s interview was fucking legendary. thanks pedro for that video. but tonight’s game will be one which we will have to win. and I do hope we do that. but it will take something of a luck to do that . and if we don’t win it then its clear that we will have to work extra harde to get back on top.

  35. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Morning All

    Good Post Geoff.

    Just before this game,Everyone is trying there best to fill up with all good thoughts,and build up high expectations from this team which hasnt yet won anything…Hmmm…

    Happy Birthday stelsarsenalelysium !

  36. BigRed1

    Howard Webb has learnt short hand to avoid writers cramp……………….

    Maybe if we signed players with very long names,
    like Vinegar of Wotsit, twats like Webb wouldn`t be so keen to book us……………

    But to save time, i hear that he`s writing all Arsenals 16 players on his cards before kick off
    so he can tick them off one by one, or maybe two by two……….

  37. MOH4

    Come on jag…. FIRE UP!!!… I hear u rspca my brother, i will have all my limbs crossed lol…. FUCK MAN U…. FUCK THE CHAVS…. FUCK THE THE NORTHERN CHAVS…. AND MOST OF ALL FUCK THOSE LILYWHITE SCUMBAGS, FUCKING PRETENDERS THEY ARE…. FUCK EM ALL…. We are the ARSENAL my boys, dont ever forget that!!

  38. BigRed1

    AAh, Denilson………

    In his last match he had his hair removed and we all noticed

    This time he`s had his brain removed…………

    oh well, one out of two`s not bad, i suppose………

  39. clearview gunner

    its amazing the optimism compared to the last few post. lets stick it up the northern bastards and go into the new year looking good!!!!

  40. Confidentgoner

    Tonite depends on what AW has learnt from our previous games with ManU. We concede even if we outplay them, because they lob the ball forward and get us on the counter. They have fast runners in Nani, Rooney, and Evra. Several things need to be put in place:

    a) Song should sit from the get go.
    b) Dennilson should not start, Jack preffered
    c) We need to hold the ball better, cross better and shoot from outside the 18yrd box.
    d) We need to defend as a unit. Press hard when we loose the ball to regain possession.
    f) Defenders do not need to be ball watching.

    How hard are these? Depends on AW and his team.

  41. clearview gunner

    can anyone help me out getting tickets for the arsenal chelsea game or the city one. im flying back to the uk for xmas and i wanna take my little girl to her first proper game

  42. enibee

    Good one, Geoff. And I have to say- that was pretty pretty positive coming from you! A really rallying call, sincerely hope the boss did better than you with the team… I hope we win…

  43. Big Dave

    we will go 1 up and be totally under pressure wont sit back wont put 10 behind the ball like other manager would then they will get a late pen

  44. WengersSweeties

    I have a good feeling about tonight, but in football feelings count for sh*t, Ferguson will have had his team watching videos of us and will be looking to take full advantage of our ridiculous high defensive line and will try to capitalize on it by playing a quick counter attack which we always get caught out on by Utd. Rooney and Nani love this strategy against us.

    This the the tactical difference between Wenger and Fergie, Wenger will try and play his game, and his game alone and Fergie will study us and try to home in on our weaknesses at the back…. question is…… who will win?

    Tactically Fergie owns Wenger in my opinion, so my guess would be that Sir Alec will mimic our formation and match player for player…


    We have a great chance to extend our lead on the table and whenever we’ve needed our boys to turn it on under pressure they have let us down time and time again…

  45. BigRed1


    Wenger picks Geoff`s team,

    gives the Churchill `beaches` prematch talk and not the Napoleon post match `waterloo` one,

    Doesn`t bring on subs that concede possession and free kicks round the box

    Shouts at the players more than he does the 4th

    and Webb has an even handed match for once

    we`ll do `em………………..

  46. Melvyn

    Big Dave – Rihanna please – her legs go all the way to heaven she really has the seX factor or should that be fuctor – in my dreams .

    Come on AW leave Denilson and Bendy in London and we can do it

  47. Arsene Nose Best

    another game where we lose to united because we haven’t got a clue about defending,same old,different game.

  48. jay4741

    im all for being postive about tonights game but i think alot u r forgeting our record at man u, will be lucky if we score once.


    big game , big presuure, Howard Webb (Fergie Ref), Rooney

    3-0 Mancs enough said.
    Not enough mental strengh

  49. gazzap

    Wengers Sweeties, If I know Fergie he will pick players that will disrupt our rhythm in midfield, and so Anderson will play, not Scholes, but you are right that Fletcher and Park will play. They are busy, hard working players who wont give up, and thats what Arsenal hate.
    Otherwise your United team was correct.

    Arsenal will need to pass very well tonight if we are to win. We need to tire them out. but of course united will play plenty of long ball and Nani will put clichy under huge pressure. United can score goals from nothing in a moment, Arsenal take a couple of minutes to build up to a goal. Arshavin is our only really incisive player and he can have a big role tonight.
    I predict a draw but our weak links are Clichy and the centre backs.

  50. dantheman

    we miss Vermaelen.. and all we need to do is stay close to the rest of the pack and when he’s back our defence will better.

    Think about it, the defence we have, have never played together before this season. Clichy and sagna aside.

  51. dantheman

    Also we might win this game because mentally Man Utds’ players mentally think they’ve already won. Evra and Park (who!) have both come out and said we don’t have the muscle, experience, blah blah blah.

    Fletcher says he’s not dirty and is going to try and prove that tonight.

    I think we have a great chance to win, we’re focussed on ourselves and they’re too busy talking about us.

  52. pharo9ja

    Great war cry Geoff my man! Whether we win or lose, I’m printing the fucker!
    Whomever slates u (except me ofcourse),let me at him. LOL! Priceless post Geoff,priceless.

  53. jay4741


    u know mate, when we play them Drobga, Lampard, Essien all back firing on full cylinders, and will probably have half our first team again
    always the same old shit, just like tonight manu u will have all there big players back/fit

  54. SurferX


    Geoff says:
    Morning all, what the fuck is the matter with you all, my negative posts are far more constructive.

    gambon says:
    HUUUUUUGE game tonight! It could be the day this team finally comes of age.

    See, thats^ why I love Le Grove. A couple of the biggest doomers around- but still honest enough to say we have a chance and this is a huge game for so many reasons.

    Me, Im not confident at all. I think we’ll lose- I just can’t see as breaking the hoodoo that United have over us. But, if all our attacking players fire; if our defence manages to hold; if we dont have any Flappy / Clichy howlers; if the referring isnt completely one-sided.. them we can turn them over. Just so many ‘ifs’ though. I desperately want to be wrong though-

    I said 2nd at the start of the season (behind Chelski)- now their season is unravelling its up for grabs. Anyone that puts a run in between now and the FA Cup game can put a big marker down for the rest of the season. This is a ‘dont lose’ match- I just hope we can do enough.

  55. pharo9ja

    Great war cry Geoff my man! Whether we win or loose, I’m printing the fucker!
    Whomever slates u (except me ofcourse),let me at him. LOL! Priceless post Geoff,priceless.

  56. jay4741

    gambon, dont no why dont fancy Jack wilshere for this game will be out muscled in midfield dare i say it probably go denilson other than that will be wengers team i reckon

  57. BigRed1

    Song a big worry for me, guaranteed 3 fouls and off, an early booking and its walking on eggshells time with Fergie`s toyboy Webb,

    Wenger`s substitutions might need to be more based on whose been booked than anything else,
    and don`t bring on Denilson till we`re 5-0 up in the 9th minute of Fergie stoppage time
    if we don`t finish with 11 players our chances are crap