Bring on the mancs, then bring on Barca, says Arsenal’s Theodore Walcott! Time to support the boys again, this is the biggest game of our season!

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Top fighting talk Theo, and that was said after the Partizan game, well that’s what we all hope, we need our top players to start the rallying cry and Walcott has started the ball rolling, but can we beat the mancs?

We all know they haven’t been at their best this term, but they are still unbeaten and no-one but the Arsenal can go all season unbeaten, it has to happen at some point so why not this Monday?

If we play our best available team and if they chase down every ball, this team can beat anyone, even Nani sees Arsenal as their biggest threat, I know you’re thinking he’s going to say that as we’re next up, but I think we can tear them apart if our boys are on form, all we have to do is keep it tight at the back, and the way to do that would be to protect the back four.

How do we do that then? Well the first thing we have to do is put in a DM, we have two to chose from, my pick is Song, leave Denilson in London. We saw how rubbish we were when he played them both, so I would stick him in front of the back four and flood the midfield with ball winners.

This would be my team.


Sagna Koscielny Song Djourou Clichy

Nasri Cesc Rosicky Arshavin


Why Koscielny when I’ve been giving him a tough time? Well for me Squillaci is too slow and has not been playing so well, Kozzer is highly rated by our coaching staff and maybe he’ll be more effective with Djourou, why Djourou? He’s the best we have, he wins balls in the air and against the mancs, we need height.

The real key to beating them is to keep the ball and that’s why I would put Rosicky in ahead of leaving Chamakh up front on his own, flood the midfield, if we keep the ball, we can’t be attacked, Robin is showing signs he is back and with his skill, he’s less predictable than Chamakh.

If Song stays back, the backline will have another in the way and the back four will become a back five, so we are almost playing 5-4-1 but when we attack we will be back to 4-3-3, complicated I know, but the team that has the ball will be the team with the threat.

Then we have Theo, Chamakh and Bendtner for impact, so I know I said leave Denilson at home, but on the bench will give us a back up in the hole behind the midfield should Song get injured.

I also expect the mancs to play defensively as they won’t want to lose this one, but we are top of the league and they need to win, if we win, we are proper top and that will send a message to the rest of Europe, yes we get the harder tie in the next round, but so will someone else – us!

A little snippet is that Manuel is off to Spain in the sales, could my Shay Given story be coming true? Wenger did say unless we lose someone we won’t be buying. Rosicky to Villa for £8mil would be good business but I do like Mozart, especially for Monday, we’ll see, but then maybe we’d bring in Toulalan or Inler, hmmmm.

Have a great day grovers, a draw from the Chavs and the northern chavs will be a good result, Theo I hope you are talking it up with the boys and it rubs off, for all my negativity after Belgrade, we can’t be that bad again and I hope Wenger has learned from it, the title is in our hands boys, go and win it for us.

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  1. pantsR2long

    You staying up or waking up for the game Stels?

    I personally find it difficult to sleep the night before Arsenal have a game.