Arsene Wenger, that was a disgrace and you should be ashamed.

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Okay, I just got back to my Islington office, and no I have not been drinking.

When I saw Denilson and Song in the same line up I knew what was coming. Having to suffer Koscielny, Fabianski and Squillaci was bad enough but watching the other two clowns was just a joke.

We went one up through a penalty, phew, but it wasn’t too long before our first howler and their goal.

Arshavin and most of our team were bad, but to not sub those two was a farce, the people behind me were referring to Denilson as Forrest Gump, harsh on Mr Gump.

I got back to my local (next door) and they were laughing, they all agreed we deserved to go out.

I should get my money back Wenger and you should go back to Japan, that was terrible, the team selection was terrible and if you think we don’t need to buy new players then you my son are…

The announcer said 59,000, rubbish, if their were 40,000 my arse is a kipper.

But the record books will show a win, the board will blow smoke up Wenger’s arse and no doubt Song will be man of the match. An utter disgrace.

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  1. jay

    wtf.article..tat was shit…….im hearing most of people saying arsenal today were rubbish…manu wil tonk..tem…hey news flash..yes we are weak defensively….but havent u seen the stats..manu scored..7..or 8..not 6 games…!!!..they scored wat like 2 goals at home(sowi if theres some stats mistake, but u get the point)..n we..wy do u look at the back..we scored…18 goals….we hav the best away win record in the league, we have the best chance of winning the carling cup, and we are through…n fr me..i wud want to face barca and all as soon as possible..if we go out..we hab time to focus on the league..i dont want to hab like last year..we did well.lost to barca..and bam….look were we ended…support the team..(ooh did i mention tat we r the top of the best league in the world..) take ta u negative gooners..:-PPPP

  2. DaleDaGooner

    I can see us doing well in the next round if we got Schakle….still had we played well and Braga beat Shaktar, we could still face Milan, Inter, Valencia or Lyon, these teams aren’t easy pickins either.

  3. Man

    Partizan are a poor side, that’s obvious. We weren’t at the races but I don’t think we were as bad as many are making out on here.

  4. Adam

    Let’s call it as it was… A flat performance.

    The absence of drive in the team has become a theme of our recent performances. Individuals, such as the currently sublime Nasri, are taking us to places, such as table toppers, which we probably do not deserve.. But football is a funny game and this season the prem is the equivalent to the Edinburgh comedy festival.

    If some of our individual performances could get converted into better consistency, maybe we could position ourselves for a chance of some titles when only the top dogs are let near the traps in the final sprint.

    However, the fundamental absence of talent in several key positions that matches our fans ambitions leaves us more defenseless than a snowball in a microwave oven. We melt when faced with power, and the power of Barca, Madrid, Chelski, etc is what awaits us if the club rises to our ambitions this season.

    What to do? Buy? We’ve said that for years… No joy?
    Change managers? Sacci (Italian mgr) said our football was pretty for the sake of being pretty and nothing else… Would changing manager change this? Possibly, but only if we got someone to take the best out of our attacking midfield up and be a visionary in recruiting a defense (interestingly, the opposite to what Wenger did when he came- kept the defense and sculpted the next 6 in front of them).
    Change coaches? Maybe, definitly a defensive coach would be an option. One with a significant say in player/strategy selection. Would this be a new model? It certainly works in rugby were a team performace generally dictates the outcome of the game more so than individuals.
    Anyway, I remain frustrated by our stop start season, our capitulation to the spanner spuds, our sensational individual one off performances, our rotational injury list – the like of which has not been seen in London since the black death, our generous (beyond the Christmas spirit) defense and our self-crucifixion in goalkeeping.
    However… Top of the league, sunny delight cup semi finalists, knock out round of the champions league… We can hope.. Remember in Manu’s 1st champs league win, by mid December of that same season they looked as if they were going to win nothing. Maybe, this could be the year we sneak up on everyone.

  5. Stu

    Im not looking forward to the next round to be honest. Even Schalke arent an easy team. They have quite a few good players imo. Neuer, Westermann, Huntelaar and they addedRaul and Metzelder in the summer.

    We’re getting too the CL final, thats for sure, but its not gonna be an easy journey.

  6. David

    Fuck that We are the Arsenal.

    Our away record is blinding.

    As long as Song and Denilson dont play then we should be OKAY!

  7. jd

    Geoff you need to calm down. Obviously the game was disjointed tonite and obviously we can play alot better. Yet we still won, and are through to the knockout stages. Ok so what if we get barcelona and get knocked out. I would prefer that than getting beaten in the final again. The point is you have written this team off and the manager yet again. Its too fuckin early to be ranting. No team has won fuckin anything or lost anything yet. So calm the fuck down and get behind the only team thats still in all 4 competitions.

  8. incesc

    agree with everything there adam

    great analysis


    we can beat any team bar barce or madrid for the moronhole factor and we have put ourselves in a position where its a 50% chance we get them

    Oh well, at least we can concentrate on the league.

    wenger please please please sort the defence by monday

  9. DaleDaGooner

    If we got Schalke, it would be fortunate, and can actually be a catalyst to great things laid out for us by the football gods, not that they are bad, but i’d avoid Barca or Real at this stage, or we can add to Real’ recent history of crashing out in the round of 16

  10. Stu

    The worst thing about tonight was that Shakhtar won and we finished 2nd, meaning twattencunts had a better group stages than us.

  11. incesc

    denilson has a twitter account, he obviously likes the net.

    maybe hes performaces are affected by all the stick we give him?

  12. Keyser

    I know people like to go on like spazz’s when they pick on players, but Diaby would have been good in a game like this. Even Ramsey.

    Denilson/ Song too similar in what they want to do for the team, though Song’s obviously putting more effort in going forward.

    At least with Diaby – Song/Denilson, one sits the other goes forward.

  13. sixx pac

    He gave away the ball a lot tonight Stu. He made silly backpass that Cleo nearly got onto but for the Brilliance of Koscielny.

  14. incesc


    our midfield was non existant all match.

    van persie was dropping back just to see the ball and influence the game as denilson and song werent creating anything and arshavin and nasri were out on the wings not getting any service.

    missed fabregas hugely but denilson as a senior midfielder now should be dominating more against a team like partizan, or at least getting in the game a bit more.

    some interceptions now and then arent enough for arsenals midfield

  15. trugunner10

    Once again our off the ball movement was very stagnant. What happened to the fluid interchangeable passing game we played in 07-08. This team lacks the movement to make space in the final third. Players are standing on the edge of the box thinking space is going to create itself. In defense we are an absolute joke. The players lack awareness and have zero anticipation skills to snuff out danger before it takes place.

  16. PonderA

    I’m sorry but to come here and write a blog about how shit we were but still qualified is a joke !! We cant always play well but still did the job !! It could be better I agree but to slate them every single time is crazy !!

  17. DaleDaGooner

    Toot-n-ham will face Milan or Marseille who are capable of putting them back in their place…i fear if they meet Copenhagen.

  18. km

    I know we won but would like to say that I was concerned with some of our play. Our GK just boots the ball up the pitch….he really needs to improve his distribution. Our CB’s are not comfortable with the ball under pressure.

    Our midfield needs a beast who has energy and drive,Denilson is ok but we need a top class DM if we are to compete against the top teams in the world.I’m thinking of M’villa or Sissokho frm Juve.

    We need a clinical striker.Chamakh is a workhorse but he doesn’t have the killer instinct. I was watching Walcott today and his finishing is superb but his link up play is awful for a winger….we need to move this boy upfront as a CF. I was impressed by Bendtner’s intelligence and his sharp interchange passing. However the boy lacks pace and can’t shoot to save his life.

    I thought Nasri had a smashing game today…he is becoming an awesome player.

    My fave player though is Arshavin.the guy is direct and was very influential tonight but if his team-mates were more clinical then he might have bagged an assist or 2.

    However as a team we need to learn to defend collectively,we are Fucking awful and I fear we might get a pasting if we meet Barcelona/Madrid

  19. Mish

    Blog post may be overharsh, but i know the feeling. Every time we’re putting under slight pressure we look suddenly fragile. We should’ve walked this one.

    Also, i’m all for beautiful footballing, but did anyone else count the number of backheels we did? Stop dicking around and put it in the back of the net already 😛

  20. DaleDaGooner

    I agree, Denilson+Song midfield should not be used, AT all. But another combo would be ok. Same with Kos+Squill

    On a side note…I’d have loved Benzema was in love with us and came in the same way Nasri did.

  21. David

    Sixx I was impressed with Kozzy tonight.

    He had a very good game imo.

    I thought Squidlachi was shite though.

    He’s really slow thats his problem.

    A normal defender wouldve deflected that shot easily imo.

    I do worry that if we play this highline thing and let Utd counter attack us.

    Kozz against Rooney is not for the weak of heart.

  22. Keyser

    incesc – That’s why I wouldn’t hold Southgate’s analysis above all else. How easy was it for Partizan to push players forward and to by-pass our midfield and find Cleo in space.

    It was basically two defenders vs two attackers, with no pressure on them, watch all of our games over the past few weeks and you watch how many times the central defenders at least get tight to the striker who drops into the hole in front of them.

    They never got the chance this time and when one person dithers it leaves them with even more time to pick out passes.

    Even then the shot had to take a massive deflection to beat Fabianski.

    We lacked balance tonight, Chamakh and Van Persie isn’t going to work straight away and with Song and Denilson in midfield Van Persie had to drop deeper.

    Ramsey and Diaby would have helped probably in a big way, not that they’re that dominant, but they’re good enough to be the creative side in midfield.

  23. incesc

    i hate to agree with you dale but benzema would absolutely thrive at arsenal.

    proper predator and finisher and wenger makes great strikers. imagine what he could have done with a player like benzema.

    i like chamakh but i think benzema would be more of a star for us.

  24. David

    Chamakh did okay.

    Except for when it really mattered.

    He’s not used to playing with the brilliance of RVP.

    And by God, When Denilson is in the team we never pass the ball forward.

  25. DaleDaGooner

    yeah, now that i think bout it, Raul, Metzelder, Huntelaar..Real has beens, might give us some problem if we got them.

  26. Big Dave

    Denilson and Song should not be in the same line up, So worried that shrek will have a field day against our defence

  27. Bengali Gunner

    It was. flat performance today, very boring game and left me bitin my nails befor Theo scored.

    But what you have to realise is that good teams somehow always manage to pull out a result, even when theyre playing badly. Manure do it and Chelsea.. well they used to do it so in that sense I dont see it as that bad. We did win after all. Hopefully the players give their 100% against the Mancs!

  28. DaleDaGooner

    To be honest, Song is more creative than our Brazilian, who i expect should have more of the creativity. Oh well, he’ll come good when Wellington Silva comes in.


  29. incesc


    I agree koz and squid are exposed but do you not think they make rash and bad decisions all the time.

    they do not look like a unit at all, and all night i have been saying one of them needs to step up and organise and shout and lead.

    keown and bould didnt mind taking orders from adams, and i think squid should say to koz:

    take my lead, listen to me and lets play together.

    instead we concede again and again, they headbutt each other, get sent off, lose position, and concede after the first chance against us.

    we are always going to be a bit suspect at the back uncer wenger but this is the worst i have ever seen us.

  30. Man

    Wilshere needed a break for goodness sake. His performances in the last few matches have been average. Playing Denilson against Partizan was not a big risk as it turned.

  31. sixx pac

    I think Kozzer is probably the best one on one defender in the league. The weak link is Squillaci and I don’t think he was bought to play so many games. Squillaci gives me heart attacks most times. Its like he’s nervous whenever the ball comes his way. He just panics.

  32. This is England

    Fucking freezing again there tonight.Thought AA23 was shocking tonight as was Chamakh.Theo changed the game,thats whats good about us we do have options to change games.

  33. incesc

    sixx pac

    koz may be a good one on one defender but as a unit he is not organising the defense.

    part of being a defender is being part of a unit that covers, moves and defends as one.

    ok they dont get drilled like a george graham team but is it too much to ask for a player getting £1000s to communicate and take the extra time to learn to play with his team mates.

    fucking hell, they are at arsenal, its an opportunity billions would love and they have got extremely luck to be here. start acting like it. if the defence is not working, stay behind every day after training, talk and work out signals, shout when squid is about to head butt you or vice versa

  34. DaleDaGooner

    JO…..LOL….rich, what crest should be on then? Not that i think your opinion is not respected. But i can feel your pain.


  35. Aussie Jack

    It was my 75th birthday and I had to watch that shit.. and before it`s said to be a knee jerk reaction let me say you don`t get any kind of a jerk at my age.

    I`d be struggling to name MoTM but if Wenger is happy with this lot all I can say is he`s easily pleased. For the first time in my life I considered turning the TV off.
    The defence was it`s usual shaky self. In mid field Denilson was a waste of space, Asharvin was back to his old tricks…going nowhere ,whilst Chamakh has no idea where his feet are and his replacement is simply a log.
    Nasri (with that crowd pleasing smile) was are only real inspiration.
    The short passing game was a disaster and chances on target only came in the last 20 minutes.

    When I was a kid my grandmother had the walls littered with dowdy Victorian pictures which were easy to ignore but, as she said “they`re only there to cover up the holes in the walls”, bit like the Gunners.
    How they manage to be on top of the EPL is a mystery to me.

    Come the summer we need to seriously consider two full backs, two centre backs and one very mean stiker.

    There is room in the taxi for at least four, destination Heathrow.

  36. Big Dave

    Our CB tonight positional play is terrible, well in fact most games they are like that.
    Hope the club notice a lot of empty seats around again

  37. DaleDaGooner

    I like Sagna, but that was a red, and i’d expect Wenger to accept his player cocked up and be calm but make it known that that was stupid. But Wenger won’t and it’s admirable, but blaming the 3 official for an obvious red is ….well

    Point being, The defense has obvious tactical problems, and he won’t do the right thing and correct it.

  38. incesc


    we all know from loads of players testaments that wenger gives his players a lot of responsibility.

    the defence need to man up and take responsibility.

    wenger wouldnt say to them, no you cant practice defending together or no you cant come up with a communication system

  39. mel

    I don,t think the problem is with the individuals in the defense. Arsene does wonders but I wish he would bring in an assistant whose speciality would be organizing the defense.

  40. Keyser

    incesc – Yeah, but it’s not that straight forward, you say they make rash or bad decisions’s all the time, but it’s been how many games ?!

    All players make mistakes, and Keown, Bould and Adams must have made theirs ? Or did they gel right away ?!

    Not only that, but we didn’t just have a good backline then, we had a great defensive team, when Wenger first came to the club what he had to sort out, was getting us back to scoring goals again aswell as being as good defensively as we were.

    The first thing Adams said when Wenger said I want to play 4-3-3 was that that wouldn’t give them enough protection, so we ended up with Petit, Vieira and Parlour in midfield.

    At the end of the day we scored 3 today, conceded 1, we’ve got two players coming back fron injury on the scoresheet, Fabregas out, players rested, Nasri on fire and a busy schedule.

    Defensively, we’ve got our first choice defender out, we’ve got a defender who’s spent a year out, and two players new to the Premiership, we’re not doing that bad, and we can only improve.

  41. incesc

    its not true we can only improve keyser

    we have man u, stoke and chelsea.

    3 teams that love to expose our defence.

    i know there are a lot of positives, but we cant ignore the negatives at all.

    dont bury your head in the sand like wenger, you cant honestly watch this defence panic like they have done for 4-5 games and think champions?

    lady luck…

  42. incesc

    saying that, because i cant only ignore the positives, nasri, fabregas, arsh and nasri could rip hole in this leagues ass iff we start to take more of our chance…

    just think we should concentrate on our negatives more right now because the positives can only get better

  43. Marko

    We done what we needed to do and that was win and we spent as little energy as possibly before a big game against Man Utd. Make no mistake about it the only reason Denilson played tonight was to have Wilshere rested for United and because Diaby and Ramsey aren’t there. He is down the pecking order for sure. And honestly Geoff you gotta get off this Song vendetta cause the jury’s no longer out on him, he’s good and he’s an important player for us these days. And people have to calm down with regards the defense, It’s not great sure but we’ve only conceded 2 more goals than United this season in the prem and they have the best defender in the league.

  44. sixx pac

    incesc says:
    December 9, 2010 at 00:07
    saying that, because i cant only ignore the
    positives, nasri, fabregas, arsh and nasri could
    rip hole in this leagues ass iff we start to take
    more of our chance

    So we’ve got two Nasris?

  45. Ricky

    There were quite a lot of empty seats up the grove tonight. Quite supprised tbh, for a game of this magnitude you’d expect a full house.

    I guess when everybody heard the line up’s they turned around & went home! Denilsons enough to put anybody off.. How that guy continues to play for a club like ours is shocking! Only arsene hey. The chuckle brothers at the back did exactly what i expected of them. I was having a disagreement with a few lads beside us during the game about how often these guys get out done & you’ll never guess what happend before i got a chance to pause.? No, actually you will cos it happens every other week. lol!

    They called me a jinx but in all honesty anybody with 2 eyes & half a brain could see these 2 are useless.

  46. Marko

    Anybody hear of these Ricky Van Wolfswinkle rumours? Please god let it be true. Best name in football. And please get rid of Bendtner, he’s trouble waiting to happen and he’ll never be anything more than 3rd or 4th choice here.

  47. Keyser

    incesc – I’m not burying my head in the sand, I just don’t think we’re suddenly going to click overnight and it’s not just down to the defence that we concede goals.

    It’s just like Arshavin said, that sometimes he can’t get back, but the team as a whole needs to work harder defensively.

    Just like you pointed out that our midfield struggled creatively with Denilson and Song together, considering we’re an attacking team, the more focus we put on trying to score those goals, is obviously going to affect us defensively.

    How many times did Henry used to chase one, two or three defenders down until they had to rush a pass ?!

    I think we should concentrate on everything, Theo had a good finish today, but mis-placed a few simple passes, Bendtner played a great through ball for Theo, but struggled otherwise.

    We need to be firing at both ends to win something this year, I like the way Van Persie’s being eased in, as is Bendtner and Walcott, we’re going to need them.

  48. incesc

    agree with all that keyser

    great post

    a lot better than saying stop complaining we are top of the league, or we are doomed as we cant defend for shit.


  49. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab

    Fuck it, we got what we needed, lets move onto Monday. We played shit against Wigan and now we face Ipswich in the semis of the CC.

    Lets save the big performance for Monday.

    I have to agree with Geoff’s post though, we do make hard work out of everything.

    I’m only the tender age of 20 and this season will see me go grey.

  50. incesc

    watching champions league highlights.

    gronkjaer is still playing and scored, wonder if myles saw it, good wanking material for him!

  51. incesc

    from ANR

    “Congratulations to FC Copenhagen, the first Danish club to qualify for the knock-out phase.They thumped Panathinaikos 3-1 and the second goal was a penalty for a trip on Jesper Gronkjaer, who buried the kick himself. Seeing that reminded me of an Arsenal-Chelsea match at Highbury. After the game we were told that Claudio Ranieri didn’t speak good enough English, so Gronkjaer would come up and talk to the press. Blond with a wickedly pretty face, he sat there looking like a pop star, a member of a boy band. The last question was a good one.”

  52. Tunde

    That was a woeful and forgetable performance by all standard thank God we qualified though up next in the second round, schalke(hopefully)

  53. Rohan

    If we indeed are going to get Ricky van Wolfswinkel, I’d be ready to forgo Bendtkamp for him just to have that on the back of my shirt.

    I’d also like to say I was the first person on here to mention him. 😀

  54. Marko

    Schalke or Bayern you wouldn’t mind and Real Madrid (I’ve a feeling it’ll be them) are beatable but lets avoid Barca at all costs even though just once I’d like us to play a big team with our first choice 11.

  55. incesc

    last season fabregas was on form and vermi for the first half of the season, this season its sami

    season before it was arsh at the end and the season before rvp was unstoppable before the injury 🙄

    can we get them all fit this season and on form a la campbell, vieira, bergkamp, pires and henry???

  56. David

    I think everyone is back now bar Vermy?

    The defence is worrying.

    We definitely need another defender.

    Kozz has some talent. But Squid is hit and miss.

  57. Marko

    Finally thank you David. I personally feel Koscielny has done better than Squliiaci so far. But I agree let’s quit pussy footing and use Vermaelen’s injury as an excuse to sign Zapata or whoever.

  58. Keyser

    I’m worried about Vermaelen and Fabregas, not really the defence too much, they’re both going to need games to get back fully match fit, Ramsey and Diaby are also nice to have around even if people don’t want them playing in the first team.

    We’ve got a month and a bit until we play the next round now, hopefully we can bring them all in so they’re fit for the end of the season rather than getting injured for the end of it.

  59. DEXTER

    I was at the game and what a poor display..nasri and one move by theo the only highlights rest of the team…shabby at best! I agree with this post.

    It is pretty obvious the club is “just” a commidity to the stakeholders, a wage packet to the players and an experimental ego trip to the manager. We will win the carling cup, come 2nd/3rd in prem, CL QF & FA cup QF at best! Nasri will leave for real madrid and cesc will leave for barca in the summer….the fans will keep all the aboves pockets full yet suffer the same pitiful existence of beautiful passing, glimmers of brilliance against adequate teams and embarrassment and disapointment when it matters.

    The principles of the club do not represent the fans desire of winning trophies. The club has become wengers and the boards not the fans..we are just rowing the boat to the bank for all of them….the fans left dreaming with the pride of the seaman, adams, viera, pires, bergkamp and henry era which will never happen again, clinging to hope because we have the same person as a manager but not the same man..hes not held responsible for winning anything, so he is not under the same pressure so if he doesnt the board say nothing because he doesnt spend that transfer kitty.

    Victory through harmony?? they leave the fans thoughts and desires out of the equation…but not their money – the board and manager are not representing what we want so i am struggling to believe in the badge and our core value…i want to believe….but i cant…not in this team…not in this manager and not in this captain(just leave cesc u made it clear when u put that scum shirt on in the summer) the way the club make 3m per game, 20m for champs league qualifing, 16m for 4th in prem at least thats 90m per year easy…without shirt sales…keep filling the pockets of this club and you’ll keep getting the same results…you really think their gona bother with trophies when so many are fans are already fooled and happy with mediocrity. I hate you for being happy with it! We used to be the best and strike fear in to all…now were a joke!

  60. David

    Evans talking to himself Incesc

    A lil insane in the membrane.

    Marko your spot on,

    Zapata or a class Center Half.

    Sorry to say but Cahill wouldve comfortably blocked that shot

  61. DEXTER

    i’ll always support arsenal, i love arsenal! – but i dont believe in this team. Arsenals a part of my heart…im more than a fan son! you carry on being a fan! il carrying on wanting the best and not accepting mediocrity!

  62. sixx pac

    He’s mad He’s French and he’s taking ova
    Drogba beware of the man they call Kozzer
    A smile on his face you’ll never see
    Did I yet mention he’s mad and he’s mean

  63. ricardo

    The Song Will Shine

    I like Song – but he needs good players around him that can make things happen so he doesn’t have to! Then he can sit back and be the DM we wanted all along. The rest is spot on. What a bag of shit we really are. Wenger is hopeless at this competition. When we need to win (Braga) he rests our 2 best players Chamakh and Nasri and plays unfit Cesc “are you fit Cesc?” he purrs like mini-me. And now when we are playing quite possibly the easiest team in the tournament just before we play manyoo and chelski he plays Nasri and Chamakh. What a cnut.

    I like the Swinesteiger idea – someone to take over midfield and leave Song to play his proper game (he only has one song).

    is it me or just how poor is Arshavin?
    I can’t bring myself to mention Forrest Gump or that useless streak of piss who will come back for a couple of games Diabolical. Thank fcuk I was in Hong Kong and got cash for my tickets – SUCKERS!

  64. Obi

    Did we lose?…did i miss sometime?. I thought the point for playing the game was to win…the point of being a fan is to celebrate a WIN. I guess style points count…Arsenal fans are the most pampered fans the world

  65. Daniel

    I agree, Obi. I hate to say it but I have the feeling that some of the people here get more satisfaction from an Arsenal lose than an Arsenal victory. For instance, I’ve noticed that Jaguar posts a lot less after a victory than a win which suggests to me that he certainly isn’t much of an Arsenal fan.

  66. ardentgooner

    useless post….. overly emotional….i dont see the reason to get all emotional… we can’t win every game 6-0 ….. other teams are here to play football too….they are not going to roll over for us every day…..and yes other teams are allowed shots on goal too…wtf do people want…we should win 6-0with the other team pegged back in their half all the time? with szero shots on goal and our goal keeper can sleep for 90 mins?? yeah??? its football we dont have the divine right to win all games 5-0

  67. SUGA3

    OK, I shall add my tuppence here…

    I don’t see a lot wrong with this post – Geoff is peeved off with the team selection and the performace…

    fuck me, this game was BORING!!!

  68. JohnW

    Gooners have turned into mourners! A win is a win, you can’t expect Arsenal to score 10-0. Last season, Barca played all the football, Inter won and went on to be champions. What is it with you? In soccer what’s important is the win, how it comes is irrelevant.

  69. SUGA3


    well, we can expect a better performance from the team when they play at home against some second rate team who never won a single CL game!

    and we played shit, the result flatters us big time, no?

    ManUre must be trembling with fear…

  70. Socrates

    Team was sh*t last night. Play like that against an average team not even a good one and we lose. Having said that, were it Manu or Chelsea you might have heard that that is the stuff of champions…to play so poorly and come out on top. Don’t really care about the ECL this season, I want to get done with it as soon as possible so we can concetrate on more important matters domestically… bring on Barca, no point of advancing to the quarters or semis only to be bundled out and pick up injuries.

  71. Socrates

    I think Diaby is taken for granted, I think we could have used him in the home games that we have lost. He is good in situations where we need to be more patient in looking for oppotunities though not good in moving the ball fast.

  72. makenzi

    last season u were talking about winning ugly. now we are winning our matches you are complaining. As for me I dont care as long as arsenal is winning. I would like to see what people on this site will say when we beat ManUre. U guys u wish arsenal bad so that u have something to write about. I am beginning to doubt this site. It could be a tiny totts site trying to make arsenal fans hate their manager and players

  73. Socrates

    makenzi, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because it is a post on a blog does not mean its the official position of Arsenal fans. A lot of people dont agree with the post or authors most of the time. It is a forum for debate not a petition.

  74. SUGA3


    that’s absolute bollocks – we are all Gooners on here and we are not entirely happy with Our Glorious Leader trying to convince us that we are better defensively, when we clearly are not and all that!

    and we are not happy with repeating the same shambolic mistakes over and over again!

    need I carry on?

  75. Aussie Jack

    Got to agree. Concentrate on the domestic scene, take Europe as it comes, maybe take out the Carling Cup maybe not, who cares, same with the FA Cup, see what happens on the day, it`s the EPL that`s important.

  76. SUGA3

    and if we were wishing Arse so bad, we probably would not attend the games at every opportunity, eh?

    fielding weakened team against Shakhtar was fucking criminal – now we have the uphill task of facing Schalke, Bayern, Real or Barca…

    and I have the feeling we may get dicked by every single one of them if we play like we did last night!

  77. Moray

    makenzi, the point is two fold:

    1) you should win ugly against the better teams. Shit teams like last night’s we should be rolling over, and certainly NOT conceding against

    2) Almost every game we let in goals. Sometimes we get away with it, sometimes not. We are kind of like a whore with no underwear.

    If we beat Man U, ugly or not, then of course we will all celebrate, but what worries me most isn’t that we give so many opportunities away, but that we concede from a very high percentage of them, and are prone to mistakes, whether in goal, defence or midfield. i think the Spuds had three shots against us, and scored form all. That is diabolical. A team like Man Utd, on their day, could rip us a new asshole. Just look what Barca did.

    Winning against the dross is not enough for my ambitions. We need to step up and start to beat the better teams. This is something we have noticeably failed to do over the last few seasons and it has cost us badly.

  78. BigRed1

    Many of you old gits like me will remember that when work was being done on the north end of Highbury they put a giant mural of a crowd behind the goal.

    Fortunately they saved it

    and are now cutting it up and using to fill in the fucking great holes in the crowd when the cameras turn up……………

  79. Socrates

    We will be gutted and skinned and after being hung out to dry, frozen, packaged and sent back to London to be defrosted, fried and served meduim rare Suga if we played like that.

  80. Moray

    I tell you what I find strange this year is the lack of consistency in any of our players.

    I wonder if this is a motivational thing?

    some games, AA plays a blinder and the next he completely disappears, Nasri the same (though he has been phenomenal in large patches), our defence is largely shit, bt even they occasionally do okay, Chamakh and Rosicky ditto.

  81. BigRed1

    Van Persie starting to play and look like a man who knows he`ll be gone at the end of the season, and i for one don`t care.

    As far as i`m concerned he, Cesc and Diaby can go and ply their injuries somewhere else

    and bring in players with the attitude and desire ochamakh and Nasri

    Nasri must stay and offering him the same money as Adebayor was on is not the way to go

  82. Confidentgoner

    Point is Sir Alex would have smiled watching yesterday’s game. To beat Arsenal is really park the mid and defense and counter attack. And boy they have the players to do it: Nani, Rooney. Anderson, Park. Their side against Valencia except the goalkeeper is the side that would play us.

    We were very static with the and without the ball, poor movement.

    Dennilson, what’s the point of this guy on the team?

    Partisan midfield outplayed our mid ffs!!!!

  83. LAzer

    Ppl said it before, I’ll say it again. Over reactive post typical of the commentators at ATVO as well. True we had a shit game, true Denilson was total crab and was good for about 5-10 mins in the 2nd half , true Arshavin had a shit game, true we conceded AGAIN and Squillachi goofed up and true we are through to the rd of 16. This is Football folks, I’ll take a 3-1 any day playing shit, now we need a win playing good (like the game vs. Chelsea).

    And what a classy finish by Walcott. Nasri continues to ooze confidence. And a terrific setup by Song for Nasri’s goal. Robin slowing the play down when in midfield, he needs to play further forward. And poor poor Gibbs, he looked on fire early on. Feel sorry for the lad, hope its not serious.

    Everyone’s Team vs. Utd??

  84. Rohan

    It’s not like United look any good is it. They’re fucking shite. I’ll be very disappointed if we don’t atleast draw them. I expect to win.

    Their central defense looks very very shaky, much worse than ours. I bet Nasri, Arshavin and co. are licking their lips.

  85. Tunde

    Koscielny and squillacy together are the worst defensive partnership I’ve seen in a long time right up there with a titus bramble and mario melchiot combination, mscheewww

  86. Confidentgoner

    Geofff is a genuine fan. He is chuffed by yesterday’s performance and he is in fact correct. Its our own internal le grove medicine and we should look at why we played badly, the result not withstanding. Geoff is as happy as anybody that we qualified, but the problems in the team are as clear as water. The defense is not solid enough. We got dominated in the midfield plus our players were not pressing and lazy. A better team would have torn us apart.

    We should not come here pretending that everything is honky doky, because we know its not and our leader tells us he is not buying. We all know he needs to buy.

    Would anyone be unhappy if we get a genuine striker, a genuine DM and a beast of a CD and release Bebdy, Dennilson and a few other marmites

  87. Sam

    Man U have let in 2 goals less than us in the league.

    They did not concede for the 1st 5 games in the CL.

    They are unbeaten in the league so far this season.

    How can you be so confident we are going to roll them over. That too at old toilet. Our recent record against them is bad as well.

    I am not saying we dont have a chance. It is going to be very tough. But looking at ydays game , it does not inspire confidence, does it ?

  88. nuudles

    i think you guys are being very harsh on Koscielny, I thought he did decently, Squil was more shaky and should not have given their striker so much space when he scored the goal.

    Arshavin was absolutely pathetic.

    I saw some glimpses of great things to come from RVP. I think with a little more experience in his role of last night he can become deadly there. Him and Nasri seem to be good friends and I think they will be deadly if they really start to link up well.

    Agree that Denilson was shocking, he made one or 2 decent tackles but for the most part he was useless.

    Luckily Walcott looked hungry and turned us around. Nasri tried hard and showed moments of brilliance, also a calm finish.

    The front 6 of last night but with Cesc in place of Denilson (playing more forward obviously) and Song staying back more would be my preferred starting front 6, except if Arsh played like he did last night, then start Walcott and put Nasri on the left.

    Kos and Squill just seem to not click together. Squill and JD looks much better, but I rate Kos as a better defender than Squill.

  89. Big Johan

    Song and Denilson were fine.

    Focus on where the problems are: Kozzer and Squillaci looked poor and Arshavin played probably his worst game for the club.

    PS we are top of the league – it could be worse

  90. nuudles

    And I thought Song had a decent game.

    Yes RVP slowed down the play in the middle, but he looked much better when he was a bit more forward. Remember he played in front of Denilson & Song so he had to play further back than he would have wanted. I dont understand why Arsene would not start someone like Rosicky, he can then play between Song and RVP, sort of in a 4-1-1-1-3 formation. Nasri and RVP can drift around and interchange. That is how I would play it with our current list of players that are not injured.

  91. Geoff

    How anybody can take anything out of that game is beyond me. Partizan scored only 2 goals in this group and both were against us, how on earth can people not think that is worse than last years defence?

    As for the combo of Song and Denilson, I don’t know what Wenger watches, we created nothing because between those two there is none.

    So that game was won 4 players short, and people think this post was an over reaction.

    Well it’s now morning, Arsenal lied again about the size of the crowd, all the people that didn’t go get upset with my comments, well had they been there they would have known I wasn’t alone, most of the time you could hear a pin drop in that half empty stadium.

    Emperors clothes again.

  92. Goonerpower

    It wasn’t our best performance and I agree that denilson is well below par, but really was it that bad I think not. What happened when you called for us to win ugly…..we did and have for a few games now and still not happy. Please Geoff don’t turn into jag.

  93. gambon

    Yeah our defence is mightily worrying.

    Schalke are the only team we can beat in the next round, which is embarassing.