Arsene Wenger, that was a disgrace and you should be ashamed.

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Okay, I just got back to my Islington office, and no I have not been drinking.

When I saw Denilson and Song in the same line up I knew what was coming. Having to suffer Koscielny, Fabianski and Squillaci was bad enough but watching the other two clowns was just a joke.

We went one up through a penalty, phew, but it wasn’t too long before our first howler and their goal.

Arshavin and most of our team were bad, but to not sub those two was a farce, the people behind me were referring to Denilson as Forrest Gump, harsh on Mr Gump.

I got back to my local (next door) and they were laughing, they all agreed we deserved to go out.

I should get my money back Wenger and you should go back to Japan, that was terrible, the team selection was terrible and if you think we don’t need to buy new players then you my son are…

The announcer said 59,000, rubbish, if their were 40,000 my arse is a kipper.

But the record books will show a win, the board will blow smoke up Wenger’s arse and no doubt Song will be man of the match. An utter disgrace.

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  1. thedudeabides

    Let’s hope the New Year brings a trip to Shalke and some new defenders.
    It isnt even worth thinking about what Barcelona would do to this defence.

  2. Master P

    Spare tickets were everywhere!!
    Wenger needs to buy!!! Bring Dein Back for that!!
    If we don’t win atleast 2 cups (I obviously hope its the epl and champs league, but more likely one of the aforementioned, plus the cc) this season he needs to go.
    If he fucks the cc up, out next morning.

  3. maria

    Hmmm you are really pissed off. However can’t say as I disagree with ya about those back 2 every week we look more and more like the keystone cops in defence.

  4. Arsene Nose Best

    if we don’t win 2 cups,are you not watching this team m-p there’s no way we will win 2 cups defending like that.

  5. Erichero

    Boring post. Next.

    Yet another season in the Champions League knock out stage… it’s getting tedious. Let’s bring in Hodgson.

  6. choy

    We just set a Champions league record πŸ™‚ for scoring the most amount of goals in 3 home games in the group stage!

  7. martin

    get a grip nutter. we won 3-1 and we’re through….what more do we want from a qualification round? absolutely ridicules overreaction

  8. Master P

    I got back to my local (next door) and they were laughing, they all agreed we deserved to go out

    …when you said islington, did you mean tottenham?

  9. G STAR

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  10. Sach

    Think it’s a bit of an overreaction geoff. Posts are always best on the morning after the game give u time to think about the game properly. Sure u may write the posts before hand but recently the posts coming straight after the game have been poor. We all understand u don’t like wenger u made that quite clear but it’s not gonna change at least till the end of the season. Constructive critisism is the way forward not the constant swipes at the manager or players it helps no1

  11. Arsene Nose Best

    Gooby says:
    December 8, 2010 at 22:24
    we are second, that’s a bit shit, but there is no reason to panic me thinking

    why’s that then gooby?????

  12. DaleDaGooner

    We have a divine right to win the Champions league, infact we should be given it after Wenger walks away..that’ll cheer the lot of us up. 1st in the league, CC semi, another round in the CL, Where anything can happen. Milan, Inter are all second in their team, we bought of cheap defenders…why oh why didn’t we buy John Terry or Rio Ferdinand, in fact why haven’t we bought Carvalho, Pique, Poohole and sell off the shit we have now, surely these super class defenders will see us win al the trophies like we rightly deserve.

  13. Rohan

    I’m sorry but this post is one of the worst I’ve seen on here. Yes, we were disjointed and not at our fluid best, but we still won 3-1 ffs.

    What the bloody hell do you expect? To win every single fucking game 6-0? Calm down, save this for the end of the season.

    Little wonder, our home form is/was so poor given the attitude of some fans on here.

  14. Gooby


    it happens mate, we finished second where’s the big deal? we are going to meet big teams at some stage anyway. the reason is a shit attitude vs braga , shakhtar made the most of it credit to them.

  15. arsenal4ever

    ‘I agree with you on Denilson but thought Song had a good game. Our CB`s are a fukking joke. Wenger had enough time to sort this out!!!

  16. Kushagra India

    Agree with rohan there Manure will be the real test keep the spirit alive gooners meet u on Monday nite all

  17. Arsene Nose Best

    well when you buy players like them dale you have a damn site better chance of glory,the cunts we have got now are disgraceful.

  18. Uba

    You need to learn to calm down before writing are too kneejerk for a blog of this statue. It funny we are the only English team to win in this matchday, yet it’s our fans that are complaining the most..You British lot are some spoilt brat. I wish I could attend games as often as you do. You never give contrustive critism. Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.

  19. incesc

    saying at least we got through tonight with this defence, is like west ham beating man u in the carling cup and saying mathematically they could be champions still

  20. Gooby

    fuck gareth southgate, if he knew something about defending he wouldn’t be such a shit manager . who takes that cunt seriously anyway???

  21. Pedro

    G-star, behave yourself, you’re annoying people.

    Geoff, though a poor performance, I’m not sure I can agree with the post.

    A win is a win… I’m not sure I can get that upset over it. We’re through… right now, that’s all that matters.

  22. Arsene Nose Best

    choy says:
    December 8, 2010 at 22:29
    BBK.. no need to over react!

    We’re through to the round of 16! Whats so bad about that!

    that’s exactly the problem choy,because that is where it ends.

  23. Chipo

    Absolutely pathetic post.

    We won, we got the job done.

    Stop throwing your toys out the pram, we can’t win every match 5-0.

  24. G STAR

    My apologies Pedro.

    Champions League – Barcelona
    FA Cup – Chelsea
    Premier League – Arsenal / Manchester United
    Carling Cup – Arsenal

  25. Master P

    Little wonder, our home form is/was so poor given the attitude of some fans on here.

    …that goes for about 80% of the fans who actually go to the games too πŸ˜‰

  26. Gooby

    yes incesc better than gallas, i was drinking beer but i am fully awake and i think he is better than gallas.
    gallas was more error prone, kozzer performs well 90 percent of the time

  27. DaleDaGooner

    Funny how coincidence, most International Arsenal fans appreciate the team, bar some obvious shit, but so far most of us like Koscielny….i think Wenger pissed the English fans off by not kidnapping Gary Cahill to our squad, or how dare Wenger lose Chris Smalling to ManUre….how dare he spend 10m on an average player that has refused to be better in umpteen games in his first season in the EPL,.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Master P..I’ve actually said that before…I would n’t want to play well @ home when i read the crap i see sometimes.

  29. Ardian

    Not good game,at all! I agree that combination Song Denilson was not the best one. However, you are overreacting, it was an unfortunate goal and reaction was swift.

  30. Rohan

    Fucking hell, you would think we’re about to get relegated or something. We’re top of the league, into the Champions League knockout stages, and the only big club in both domestic cup competitions.

    I really don’t see the reason for the unreasonable amount of negativity on here. Before someone misconstrues my statements and calls me an AKB, let me reiterate that I do believe that we have a lot of room for improvement.

    If as a fan, you can’t get the joy of winning, I ask ye, what is the point?

  31. Arsene Nose Best

    aahhh keyser you prick what’s happening,i supposed your happy with that result,people like you normally are.


    Easy mate…….Arsene was looking for Monday,and besides how may shots at goal did Partisan had?Their only goal was a fluke

  33. incesc

    im shocked gooby, very very shocked!!

    gallas was a suling little shit but a very good footballer.

    koz has potential, but right now is a liability

  34. bubble9

    Rohan you seem to forget that this was the easiest of all the groups and arsenal still laboured and ended up 2nd and were it not for a blatant dive by RVP then things could have got quite butclenchingly awkward.

  35. Keyser

    BBK – Yeah you dipshit, we won, we’re through, nowhere near full strength, couple of decent goals.

    Stop winding people up. Buy some comfort food, fuck your girlfriend, play some playstation, or trek to the foothills of the Himalayas and fulfill your lifeling ambition.

  36. Arsene Nose Best

    DaleDaGooner says:
    December 8, 2010 at 22:34
    Funny how coincidence, most International Arsenal fans appreciate the team

    yeah it’s beacuse your clueless.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Gooby, incesc and BBK hold Gareth Southgate in his highest esteem, we know not what we do when we don’t listen to Gareth Southgate. after all i was watching Donkey and Shrek when Gareth Southgate said Koscielny was shit in today’s game.

  38. Rohan

    Also Geoff, I don’t think you should write match reports right after a game. It really lowers the standard of the blog and shows you in a bad light.

    Much better to wait a bit and let the emotions settle. We all know you hate Wenger and want him out, but I do think that as an Arsenal blog, you should cut down on the needless and baseless slagging off of Wenger and some players.

  39. DaleDaGooner

    ANB, Yes…..thanks, I’d rather be clueless and back the team, at least when they are doing just well enough, than all knowing in the shit and windup department like you.

  40. choy

    WTF is all this southgate shite now?


    LG is a riot! I’ve never seen so many people unhappy with what was record setting match result!

  41. Byo

    This post does not sum up the match I just saw! Nothing constructive, nothing educational or objective. That is why this blog has the reputation of an anti-Arsenal site.
    And Gareth Southgate? If he knows so much about football, how come he made such a mess as a manager?
    Bottom line? We won 3-1.
    ManU and T’ham played for draws, and Chelsea lost! I guess they should fire their managers too. I really do not understand all this hyperventilation.

  42. Arsene Nose Best

    nah keyser not that way inclined,you might get some joy out of the other bum boys on here if your offering.

  43. DaleDaGooner

    What did Song do wrong in that game????? It’s a shame when you just have it out for certain players no matter what Song does, he will never be good enough for Geoff, we know…but to each his own.

  44. incesc

    dale while you were eating 4 buckets of kfc and watching 25 subway adverts, all gareth southgate did was show a 2 videos in slowmotion, which very simply showed how utterly stupid and inept squid and koz are.

    he didnt manage anyone, he just cued up and pressed play.

    get over your self, no one was bigging up gareth southgate, he just had the opportunity to say on tv what 99.9999% of football fans, managers, players, pundits know (apart from dale), which is koz and squid are shit!

  45. yangkamp10

    good result on paper, and while the performance smacked of all things wrong with Arsenal (negative passing, lack of goal attempts, concentration etc) surely the post is a heat of the moment reaction to a (slightly) less than impressive performance?

    Agree Geoff that Song and Denilson should never play in the same side. Too many loose balls being sprayed about, and i think once Denilson passed right the way back to highbury!

  46. Ston

    I’m with you, there’s too many mediocre players in our team. The defence is a joke and if we persist with this you score 2 we’ll score 3 policy Bendtner needs to go!
    Our only realistic chance for a trophy is the Carling Cup, and that’s because players like Kostcutter, Flappy and Squidacci are generally rested.
    On a positive note when Cesc goes Super Samir has more than proven himself!
    Hope he signs a new deal asap.

  47. goonermichael

    JUst woke up and I`m about to go to the airport. We won and I can enjoy that as I haven`t seen tha game. See you all on Thursday

  48. Keyser

    BBK – The other bum boys ? Is that your FaceBook group ? Look mate, sorry, though we were just having a laugh like you always play the fool on here.

    Everything cool blud ?!

  49. DaleDaGooner

    by the way…should you visit the US soon, please don’t forget to visit our Taco Bell restaurants too……what a muppet 99.99999%?? why do we support the same team? You’d thought….let me leave it alone…it aint worth it.

  50. Pedro

    So, looking at Geoff’s post. He’s said Denilsong + Arsh were crap, the back 4 were crap and there weren’t 59,000.

    I agree with it all.

    Not really sure what everyone is so upset about?

    We just played a shocking team and made hard work of it.

    We’ve got Stoke, Chelsea and United coming up… I think there is every reason to be worried about tonight’s performance.

    Anyway, have a good night and don’t get too upset… it’s only an opinion.

  51. incesc

    been to LA Dale

    its fucking horrible

    went to the supermarket and asked where the fruit and veg was and they looked at me like they were stupid…

  52. Keyser

    Pedro – I don’t think anyone’s upset really, they’re just letting him know what they think of his opinion, it’s kind of the point of the comments section.

    Good Night mate.

  53. Keyser

    BBK – How’s that the point ? I’m being nice to you know, I’ve realised you’re just looking for some attention, how’s your day been ?!

  54. incesc

    no your getting yourself mixed up, must be the e numbers dale.

    99.999% already know the defence is shit we dont need showing, i think gareth was hoping you was watching!

  55. Master P

    neatly taken penalty by rvp.
    instinctive, clinical finish by theo.
    nice exchange with song and nasri, great trickery and slick finish by nasri


  56. Pedro

    BBK, bad language is banned against fellow bloggers…

    Keyser, fair enough… this is the blog to have an opinion after all.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    oh well…till Monday, i’ll be in Cabos till the next windup and trolling. I’m going to enjoy it now and let Wenger sort the defense out…

  58. gambon

    Lol Theos interview – “I’d Like to go back to barca and do them again”


    Samurai for player of year? Maybe, but we need to win something.

  59. Limestonegunner

    Song played fairly well, but tbh you cannot praise anyone other than Walcott, Eboue, and Fabianski besides him for their performances. We managed to win against a very determined and well-organized Partizan side that sat back and managed to look dangerous on the counter. We should be able to deal better with breaking down their defense, but we weren’t in rhythm. Perhaps the pressure got to us.

    We are through–that is enough. The main concern is that we have to play better if we want a result, and we need one, at Old Trafford. Our away form is good. So I still expect a cracker.

  60. David

    gambon says:
    December 8, 2010 at 22:59
    Lol Theos interview – β€œI’d Like to go back to barca and do them again”


    The man is Legend.

    Absolute Legend.

  61. DaleDaGooner

    i wouldn’t call it friendly fire, we just like to take shots at muppets dressed in British fatigue, who are a dwindling power, that need us for muscle.

    But i accept your peace.

  62. Pedro

    Southgate is actually quite interesting as a pundit.

    Didn’t hear what he said tonight but I can’t imagine it was too far from the truth!

    Glad to hear Theo is confident of smashing Barca!

  63. Stu

    Beautifully written. Shambolic match, we only won because partizan were shitter at the end and we had a few seconds of magic for each goal.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    Chelsea could very well meet Inter or Milan, who can turn around and be good enough to do them silly. Same goes to the cocks, I dare them to take on Roma or Milan.

  65. incesc


    southgate showed 2 videos, one from the goal and one from the send off where the defence was nicely positions then dropped off and went out of position giving partizan acres of space.

    koz ran out first time unexplicably and squid the next time.

    one of the 2 french men need to take the lead and organise the defence, to be in a top team you need to take some initiative and earn your wages.

    then everyone got their knickers in a twist because arsenal were criticised after a win, despite the fact it was an awful flat performance and we were lucky to play such a toothless side.

  66. David

    Thats the thing thats so great about Theo Sixx,

    He already scored a fantastic goal was looking to create for others.

    Unlike a certain selfish egotistical cunt.

  67. sixx pac

    I wonder if people actually understand football when they say that Partizan were shittier at the end. Its absolutely obvious what happened at the end. We took off one ineffective player in Arshavin and replaced him with the fastest player in football to run at their defence. It worked to perfection. Nothing to do with Partizan being shitty at the end.