Arsene Wenger, that was a disgrace and you should be ashamed.

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Okay, I just got back to my Islington office, and no I have not been drinking.

When I saw Denilson and Song in the same line up I knew what was coming. Having to suffer Koscielny, Fabianski and Squillaci was bad enough but watching the other two clowns was just a joke.

We went one up through a penalty, phew, but it wasn’t too long before our first howler and their goal.

Arshavin and most of our team were bad, but to not sub those two was a farce, the people behind me were referring to Denilson as Forrest Gump, harsh on Mr Gump.

I got back to my local (next door) and they were laughing, they all agreed we deserved to go out.

I should get my money back Wenger and you should go back to Japan, that was terrible, the team selection was terrible and if you think we don’t need to buy new players then you my son are…

The announcer said 59,000, rubbish, if their were 40,000 my arse is a kipper.

But the record books will show a win, the board will blow smoke up Wenger’s arse and no doubt Song will be man of the match. An utter disgrace.

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  1. Truegooner

    By the way who the fuck is Dexter………..someone please put him out of his misery what a sad child.

  2. Goonerpower

    It certainly isn’t our best squad, I hope Wenger is just saying it to get a rise because we all know that’s just silly!!

  3. Transylvanian Gunner

    Oh, Sczezny in the goal? Ahahaha, the little Polish will show his quality.

    I expect only a victory, nothing less.

    Go Gunnerz!