Time to take our ball back, tell FIFA to swivel and start our own comp, say hello to the WFA!

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That’s right people, it’s time to kick FIFA out of football, time to rid ourselves of corruption, time to get rid of boys clubs that support bung taking, turn a blind eye to racists and dodge taxes.

It’s time we took back our ball and rowed our own boat, time to get rid of pointless fixtures and injuries to the players whose salaries we pay, it’s time to put the power into the hands of those nations who make the World Cup and not the ghastly cheating bureucrats from nations that would never get into one on their footballing abilities.

It’s time for revolution! It’s time for the World Football Association!

So here’s how it works, we tell FIFA we are grateful for them seeing our bid but not reading it, but we really don’t want to listen to them, their directives, their stupid rules or their bizarre selection processes anymore.

We start up our own World Football Association, we firstly offer membership to all previous winners of the World Cup, they would all accept because they must be as sick of them as we are. We then allocate each winner a vote, votes only go to winners and that would take out most of the corruption. Before too long, every country that had a footballing culture would be on board and FIFA would cease to exist.

Now if those countries refused to join us, then we would be alone for while, so what? A world cup without England would be like an F1 team without a car.

Now as far as the World Cup going to Qatar, it has a few people complaining, let me tell you why it makes no sense to put the worlds greatest football tournament in the desert.

1) It’s way too hot and that’s why the ACN is held in January

2) Any country that bans alcohol to it’s people shouldn’t host a world cup, it may be their culture not to drink but beer and football go hand in hand, it’s in footballs DNA, so it’s footballs culture, and they should respect that. Thing is, they all drink anyway.

We are always faffing around respecting everyone else’s culture but seem to forget to respect our own, go with the majority and the majority of fans drink beer!

3) They aren’t a footballing nation and if they loved it so much then having their own league should be mandatory before applying for qualification. Didn’t they learn from USA 94?

I’m not upset because we didn’t get it, I think lobbying is just as dodgy as trying to influence voting, sending the 3 that we did was trying to curry favour and that was as bad as whatever we are accusing the others of. And we may think the three that went are the greatest (I don’t) but winning just one vote (thanks Cameron!) shows the rest of the world don’t.

Were were hugely arrogant and paid for it, sending 3 people that have never had a proper job and are hugely privileged ย was never going to do it, and saying we sent the future King of England is a joke, if the Queen dies and if Prince Charles dies he may get the job, but he could be in his 70’s before that happens.

Anyway, onto all things Arsenal, another chance to go top if we beat Fulham, we stuffed them last season 4-1 in the last game, we were there and we looked good, Arsenal did too!

I would like to see Chamakh and RVP start today, the last time we saw that was Blackburn away if memory serves me right, I think JET is knocking on the door too, but 5 minutes is nonsense, maybe he can do a half each with Robin.

I think we’ll have Song back today so I hope he drops Denilson, he doesn’t deserve another chance, against Wigan he was hopeless. I expect Fabianski will be back and he’ll have a point to prove with Schwarzer at the other end. And as he has extended his (Fulham) contract I believe that rumour will end, I still expect to see Given in January and Manuel will disappear to the lower leagues of Spain.

Anyway, I expect a win and a convincing one, so have fun wrap up and enjoy the day!

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  1. Thierry Henry is god

    What this team needs fore and foremost is leaders.

    Look at our great teams in the early 2000, half of those squads were potential, future och actual captains of their national teams, that says it all.

    The defensive issue is a problem, but mainly because we don’t have a natural leader in our defence.

  2. Honest Bill


    Haha no worries. Yeah i think Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Arshavin is a lineup to scare the shit out of any defence

  3. David

    Funny you should say that Gooby cuz im watching Milan and no sign of Flamini.

    Doesnt help that Prince-Boateng scored as well.

  4. Keyser

    I think it’s better that we ease Van Persie back, we should do the same with Cesc, now the fringe players are starting to take more responsibility and the others have to fight their way in.

    Cesc takes a massive focal point of our play and now we’re seeing everyone else find their place in the team instead.

  5. David

    3 goals already and theyve barely played 30minutes Gooby.

    I think With Van P just behind the striker defenders are going to want to respect his left footed shot leaving gaps for Nasri to run in behind.

    Its games like today that i feel Eduardo wouldve strived on with his movement.

  6. Big Dave

    Fantastic Nasri goals.

    Does concern me that we can’t hold a lead, defence still a worry.

    Not great all of them today. But a win is a win

  7. Charlie boy

    Great to be top but if fulham could of kept onside we would if lost by 3 goals, we either play a very good offside trap all of a sudden or we were very lucky, I think we were very lucky, that defence needs drilling hard with the games we got coming up, good to be top but huge gaps in our defence.

  8. LAzer

    The post today was laborious to say the least. Valid points in it though but right now I am too much on a high not to instantly talk about that gem of a player Nasri. Have been calling it on him since he arrived, have to say I told you all so, even when everyone was slagging off last year.

    What a genius, confidence filled 2nd goal, right now Nasri is looking head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch. Cesc demands so much of the ball when he plays it leaves Nasri isolated at times. And when Cesc has a bad day the attack is very disjointed. I would still like to see Cesc, Nasri, Chamakh, Arshavin, Rvp in one lineup.

    And a word on Arshavin, I know he dropped off a bit 2nd half but whether anyone has noticed or not the man has been giving terrific balls all season to whoever makes a run. We should have finished at least two more of his through balls today.


    wat a fucking great day
    i admit i was calling for samis head in summer after his 2 years of inconconsetancy but the boy has proved what a player he is
    djorou and vermalen would be a great partnership
    next monday is our biggest game in the league for a couple of seasons fucking huge

  10. solman

    Can someone explain to me why JD aint starting the big games. He’s clearly on top form and when he’s had a good game he gets dropped in favour of an all French back four. Biast twat. It’s our main downfall right now – but the league is there for us to take


    lazer agree on andrey

    his stats this year are top class
    and is a player that can win u games (big games aswell)

    buzzing for united away now
    squad is looking good
    id play schenzy wednesday the boy is ready to play this season as our number 1
    only few twinges id make in jan
    ship off bentdner and sign a striker with pace who lusts for goals and sign another centre half

    those 2 things will see us champs im sure
    come on u gooners

  12. Keyser

    We do play a very good offside trap, it’s just not completely infallible.

    Anytime we lost the ball Fulham constantly punted forward to test it. We can’t lose posession in midfield soo cheaply.

  13. LAzer

    Wenger says he wants to ease JD back after 16 months out. Actually I think currently our best two would be JD and Koscielny but with his concussion maybe he can’t go with Squillachi filling in.

  14. zeus

    Hehe. I just read the post.

    ‘We start up our own World Football Association, we firstly offer membership to all previous winners of the World Cup, they would all accept because they must be as sick of them as we are. We then allocate each winner a vote, votes only go to winners and that would take out most of the corruption. Before too long, every country that had a footballing culture would be on board and FIFA would cease to exist.’

    What the hell is Geoff on about?

  15. Charlie boy

    Keyser, fulham split us apart about five or six times and each time it was a knats whisker from offside, and that’s a team 4th from bottom, we were lucky today and with 10 minutes to go we didn’t know what to do with the ball, we’ve got to tighten up all over with the games we got this month.

  16. LAzer

    Don’t you feel we should at least keep Bendtner around till the end of the season Mark? who knows how many twists and turns lie ahead. I know he looks slow and out of form maybe and can be a prat but a few times a game he will pretty much always turn up at the right place at the right time.

    Nasri makes Walcott look like a clueless idiot even playing on the right. Walcott can only really be a striker it seems…

    So currently we have Bendtner, Chamakh, Walcott, Rvp, Vela as strikers and VP can play further back.

  17. Arsene Nose Best

    song is shit,always has been always will,wenger hasn’t got a clue when it comes to defending,again that is what will cost us,koscielny is a joke.

  18. David

    Rodwell is worth 20m imo.

    He can play as DM and CB.

    I say we donate Bendy to struggling wolves, and go ahead and buy a Honda.

  19. Keyser

    Mate they didn’t split us apart, it’s the whole point of an offside trap, we play it well, last year I think we were one of the top teams in catching opposition players offside.

    It don’t matter if they’re 4th from bottom, that’s the whole gameplan be hard to break down catch teams out on the break with pacy strikers, we’re probably lucky that Zamora’s out and Johnson’s just coming back.

    Where we need to improve is in how cheaply we give the opposition the ball back, the closer it is to our goal, the easier it is for them to utilise the pacy counter attack, also we need to be more cinical up front, Song had a poor game, he should’ve scored the volley that went just wide.

  20. solman

    Arsene knows best – Song was quality today. seriously what is people’s problem with him. He did his job AND some today

  21. sixx pac

    I’ll tell you who was shit today, Wilshere. Jeez. But of course he’ll get an 8 from Pedro tomorrow. What gives?


    jackie boy is the man
    even when not playing well he still offers us somthing that not many in our squad can say
    always 100% and has a heart 10 times the size of our fake brazilian’s

  23. Ja_Gunner

    Team for Belgrade


    We have to protect Nasri at all costs… He is a Man United Killer….The was responsible the last we beat them….Theo will be ok against Partizan…they are not good at all…..

    Hopefully we can go 3-4 up and then take off Chams, Arsh etc…and give RVP Vela and others a run out before the Manure game…..

    Fergie will rest some players but hopefully Valencia will run them ragged because Valencia will want to win the group by beating them..so Manure cant take the game lightly…..and in our situation..we know we have to win and Partizan have nothing put pride to play for….hopefully we smash them 7-0 and build some confidence….

  24. solman

    Sixpac – he wasn’t that bad. he was very quick moving on the pass. he didn’t dominate the game, but he got our attacks moving. I really don’t know why as Arsenal fans we sit here and point out our weaknesses. We all know what they are. BUT HEY it could be worse…. we are top of the league and we could support Spurs!!!


    ja gunner
    dont post up teams on here with denilson in them

    the guys is a weak pussy and needs to fuck off with almunia asap

  26. Charlie boy

    When they were offside they played the ball around us very neatly and were marginally offside but each time when the final ball was at kamaras feet he was un marked and if not offside all on his own with just fabianski to beat and that is frightening how many times that happened today, drogba or Rooney will not be offside, fulham passed the ball around our 18 yard box with ease at times, we were lucky,if only the rest of the team showed the same drive and commitment as nasri.

  27. zeus


    Wouldn’t say he was shit. He was simply unspectacular and tidy. I think his contribution for an 18 year old this season has been very good, but has been overblown.

    A CL game vs Braga aside, I don’t remember him being too brilliant. What he has been is very good at what he has been asked to do ie staying back deep and defending the back 4 and passing out from the back quickly.

    Hasn’t really done much by way of assists though. Not slagging an 18 Yo gem off, just an observation.

  28. solman

    Tony – Cant agree more. Sagna is on top form right now. He was quality for France against England. Not sure if people saw his fast pace run down the wing today which ended in a whipped in cross right on Chamakhs head. First class, he was going so fast most people would of skewed the cross for a goal kick.

  29. Rohan

    Henry was in the crowd today. Nasri gave a performance that he would have been truly proud it.

    Also, I’d like to point out that I was one of the few on here who always believe in him, so haha….

    Whisper it softly, but 1- Perhaps Nasri really is the new Zidane and more importantly 2- Maybe he can become an even better and more influential player than Cesc???


  30. Rohan

    The best thing about Nasri is that he has a mean streak in him and can more than take care of himself. If he can add a defence splitting pass to his game I daresay he’ll be nigh on unstoppable.

  31. leon

    i think the big problem with 2 new defenders is they are both very new eachother and prem a large part of the reason why gallas verm clicked so well is partly verm is top top defender but gallas has tons of experience playing the prem that huge help verm has been huge lose but i think the 2 new defenders have not done all that bad so far they just need time to gell

  32. Rohan

    Yeah I wouldn’t either unless we’re in need of some inspiration. Although it’s an extremely important game. RvP should play though.

  33. JJ

    @Geoff – We all agree that FIFA are a joke but to say that a WC without England is taking the piss. Maybe if the team was better.

    Also, I doubt we are getting a new keeper in January after Wenger’s comments this week. The best we can hope for is another CB. I don’t think Squirrel was bought to play this many games. He is being exposed more and more as each game passes.

  34. JJ

    Song was awful again today. Gives the ball away so often when there is no pressure on.

    AA played a big role today. His first half passes were splitting the defense everywhere.

    After we get a defensive scare and/or concede, we get nervous and our whole game slows down. That allows the opposition to come back into the game.

    AA got back on the ball in the second half and got Fulham worried about defending again.

    AA needs to impose himself more often in these situations.

    Rosicky does nothing with the armband. Where is the leadership when we are rocking?

  35. gnarleygeorge9


    The crickets looking shit 4 us. England & Wales are the greatest. There now we can put that to bed.

    The moment Sep Splatter pulled out the name Russia, Chelski officially went back to being shit again. Roman now has a new hobby. Bye Bye chavski ๐Ÿ˜†

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    Also Geoff

    England is just a broke state of Europe now. You’ve handed out all the money/gold you once had, from centuries of plundering other nations, to basket cases like Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain etc,etc & they are never going to be able to pay you back.

    Like the old saying goes. “if you sleep with dogs, you catch fleas”. Your chanceller of the EX chequer must feel like he’s got hives he’s that itchy ๐Ÿ˜†

    As for a WFA. We won’t be joining, we don’t need England anymore, except for its sensational Premier League and/or its footy comps in general to watch for our pleasure. Down here FIFA don’t mean jackshit, AFL is king

    Rule Britannia, Britannia rules…….well fuck all now ๐Ÿ˜†

    Don’t worry, deep down we still love you lot, except when you belt us at cricket ๐Ÿ™

    COYRRR (Top of the League)

    We shall not we shall not be moved….just like a team thats going to win the Premier League, we shall not be moved

  37. gnarleygeorge9


    At times I have felt but alone in my support for Big Johan. That Kozzer geezer is all over the place whereas when YoYo20 came on he showed poise/a cool head & he is very good in the air like you say. I just wish old mon ami would open his eyes and see it too.

    “He’s big, he’s black, he crashes through the pack Big Johan, Big Johan”

  38. Lurch LeRouge

    Nasri balon d’or material.

    With him and Arshie on form & attacking space and Cesc bringing up the rear with slide rule passes we just might do the mancs.

    Song needs to stop his straying bullshit and sweep.

  39. Honest Bill

    Nasri’s potential is quickly turning into genuine results. He’s really stepping up to the plate and showing he has actual bona fide footballing genius in him. such a skillful player and now added pace and determination.

  40. Lurch LeRouge

    Yeah Bill. Best thing about it his Nasris character – he’s Defo a legend in the making. He was unplayable today.

  41. David

    gnarleygeorge9 says:
    December 4, 2010 at 23:26

    At times I have felt but alone in my support for Big Johan. That Kozzer geezer is all over the place whereas when YoYo20 came on he showed poise/a cool head & he is very good in the air like you say. I just wish old mon ami would open his eyes and see it too.

    โ€œHeโ€™s big, heโ€™s black, he crashes through the pack Big Johan, Big Johanโ€


    David likes this

  42. LAzer

    Tells you the nature of Football…with 30 mins to go the scores read Chelsea 1-0, Spurs 1-0, Arsenal 1-1. We all the know the end results.

    5 pts out of a possible 18 for Chelsea. They quite frankly looked ragged and hardly created too much. If it isn’t for Neville’s back pass and the penalty they may have even lost. For the first time in years they have had their main man in midfield Fat Frank out for an extended period of time and look what has happened.

  43. David

    Song and Squid were at fault but even more so Song.

    Cuz he stayed on his arse,

    I think Squid was more concerned with Koscienly than with Kamara so i cant really blame him.

    But its a bit worrying because Song has been poor recently and Jack hasnt been his best if im honest.

    I love Walcott to death but he really did stink up the place today.

    I think RVP starts on the Wings. and let Cesc play behind Chamakh

  44. Limestonegunner

    I saw that Henry was at the stadium. It looked like JET was sitting there with him and Henry was really giving him pointers and explaining things he was seeing on the pitch and giving his advice and commentary. I was so happy to see that. The man loves Arsenal; what a legend! So great that he was sharing his knowledge with a young Arsenal player.

    I wish we had kept a few of those experienced players around a bit more. I love this team and the potential of these young emerging stars, like Nasri, but it would have helped some of them to develop in a squad with fantastic pros who knew what it meant to win and play at the highest level with Arsenal.

  45. Limestonegunner

    I think we were pretty weak in midfield tonight–Song did not play as well as he has at other times this season, Jack hasn’t been as sharp since his suspension…

    But we gutted out an important home win and should do fine in the Partizan game-enough to qualify and get RvP minutes for the big game against ManU.

    I had marked this as the one to watch since our defeat at Stamford Bridge. This will be a very good indicator of where we stand.

  46. Rohan

    Yeah, true.

    Perhaps, it would be a good move to instate King Henry as Arsenal manager when Wenger retires?

    God knows he has everything from class to charisma to respect to knowledge. Most of all, you don’t get more Arsenal than him.

  47. SUGA3


    I’ve just watched highlights on ATVO and it seems like Squillaci and Sagna were behind Kamara when the ball was passed, Clichy was marginally closer to the goal – you can see that Clichy got closest to him when he scored,,,