Time to take our ball back, tell FIFA to swivel and start our own comp, say hello to the WFA!

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That’s right people, it’s time to kick FIFA out of football, time to rid ourselves of corruption, time to get rid of boys clubs that support bung taking, turn a blind eye to racists and dodge taxes.

It’s time we took back our ball and rowed our own boat, time to get rid of pointless fixtures and injuries to the players whose salaries we pay, it’s time to put the power into the hands of those nations who make the World Cup and not the ghastly cheating bureucrats from nations that would never get into one on their footballing abilities.

It’s time for revolution! It’s time for the World Football Association!

So here’s how it works, we tell FIFA we are grateful for them seeing our bid but not reading it, but we really don’t want to listen to them, their directives, their stupid rules or their bizarre selection processes anymore.

We start up our own World Football Association, we firstly offer membership to all previous winners of the World Cup, they would all accept because they must be as sick of them as we are. We then allocate each winner a vote, votes only go to winners and that would take out most of the corruption. Before too long, every country that had a footballing culture would be on board and FIFA would cease to exist.

Now if those countries refused to join us, then we would be alone for while, so what? A world cup without England would be like an F1 team without a car.

Now as far as the World Cup going to Qatar, it has a few people complaining, let me tell you why it makes no sense to put the worlds greatest football tournament in the desert.

1) It’s way too hot and that’s why the ACN is held in January

2) Any country that bans alcohol to it’s people shouldn’t host a world cup, it may be their culture not to drink but beer and football go hand in hand, it’s in footballs DNA, so it’s footballs culture, and they should respect that. Thing is, they all drink anyway.

We are always faffing around respecting everyone else’s culture but seem to forget to respect our own, go with the majority and the majority of fans drink beer!

3) They aren’t a footballing nation and if they loved it so much then having their own league should be mandatory before applying for qualification. Didn’t they learn from USA 94?

I’m not upset because we didn’t get it, I think lobbying is just as dodgy as trying to influence voting, sending the 3 that we did was trying to curry favour and that was as bad as whatever we are accusing the others of. And we may think the three that went are the greatest (I don’t) but winning just one vote (thanks Cameron!) shows the rest of the world don’t.

Were were hugely arrogant and paid for it, sending 3 people that have never had a proper job and are hugely privileged  was never going to do it, and saying we sent the future King of England is a joke, if the Queen dies and if Prince Charles dies he may get the job, but he could be in his 70’s before that happens.

Anyway, onto all things Arsenal, another chance to go top if we beat Fulham, we stuffed them last season 4-1 in the last game, we were there and we looked good, Arsenal did too!

I would like to see Chamakh and RVP start today, the last time we saw that was Blackburn away if memory serves me right, I think JET is knocking on the door too, but 5 minutes is nonsense, maybe he can do a half each with Robin.

I think we’ll have Song back today so I hope he drops Denilson, he doesn’t deserve another chance, against Wigan he was hopeless. I expect Fabianski will be back and he’ll have a point to prove with Schwarzer at the other end. And as he has extended his (Fulham) contract I believe that rumour will end, I still expect to see Given in January and Manuel will disappear to the lower leagues of Spain.

Anyway, I expect a win and a convincing one, so have fun wrap up and enjoy the day!

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  1. Man

    JD deserves a start, regardless of how the opposition play. He is both adept at aerial challenges and when the ball is played on the ground. He is the most physically imposing player we have and there is a sense of calm around his defending I find lacking in Squilacci’s.

  2. David

    If Koscienly wouldve gone down the ref wouldnt have blown for nothing because he collided with Squillaci.

    Nobody is bashing Koscienly.

    Its just that Djrouru is miles better.


  3. DaleDaGooner

    I just hope Koscielny will be ok…PLEASE! Somebody tell Arsene the right combo at the back is Johan Djourou and Koscielny…the two cunts everyone liked(s) to bash, but have had more clean sheets than any other pairing this season.

  4. Rohan

    Djourou is probably better than the Squid unsure about comparisons with Koscielny although both of them could be a great combo.

  5. Mayank

    Arindam, set piece aside I don’t see how Utd will challenge in the air. If Berba plays CF then Rooney will play on the wing. Fergie hesn’t gone 4-4-2 against us in a long time. I’m sure Kos can match Berba’s aerial threat. With Nani, Berba and JS Park in the side, their going to try and turn our defenders. Kos will handle that situation much better.

    We need Vermi back.

  6. Gooby

    as far as i can see, kozz is better than squillaci, djourou is on the same level with kozz

    Dj better in the air
    kozz better on the ground

    but kozz is not ridiculous is the air as Dj is not bad on the ground

  7. DaleDaGooner

    …wow, I read on hear early in the season how Djourou was shit, and i remember challenging a few good folks here, I also remember the whole blog drooling over how good Koscielny is and perhaps rivals Vermaelen…how the tides change, Now Koscielny isn’t fit to clean JD’s boots..how long till JD gets his turn at being bashed?

  8. Arindam@KOL

    Squillaci isnt anywhere near world class – we will be found wanting sooner or later.

    JD and Koscielny is the answer.

  9. Man

    To be fair JD didn’t have a great start to the season which was understandable considering the long time he had been out injured.

  10. OPG

    How did we allow Fulham to pressure us at home really?
    I don’t think their midfield is all that on paper and they didn’t have Dembele or Zamora upfront.
    Top of the league but United with the game in hand mind, Spurs stumble but City stay well in contention with some fairly easy games coming up.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    now that most of us know what is the best combo at the center of defense, how I wish Wenger would take note…he has actually been doing some things we suggest here, ….*Whisper* oi1, Arsene, DJOUROU AND KOSCIELNY…Yes, go on, use that.

  12. Arindam@KOL

    “I’m sure Kos can match Berba’s aerial threat”

    Mayank , not really sure about that.
    I have seen Berbatov outjump guys like Carragher , Skrtel et al (players who are decent in the air) – we need JD , also you make JD sound like a mug on the ground. He is a better bet than Squid atm – esp , Manure will look to exploit the Squid’s lack of pace – which JD has far more of.

  13. Keyser

    It’s a head injury, you can tell he’s been absolutely clocked and he’s dazed, the ref’s standing right there, he should have blown the whistle right away.

  14. Mayank

    Wow! I think most of us just witnessed one of the best goals you can have the honour of cheering for. And we’re concerned with which of the current players we should sell to make room for the shiny new players who’ll make everything all good.

  15. DaleDaGooner

    On a side, side note, I am a little worried at our home form. Also, any think Birmingham is just a stumbling block for most teams? the halt teams progress…i hope WHU can beat them to Wembley

  16. gazzap

    Jd is on top form – been the best defender in every game he has played in the last 6 weeks. So he deserves to keep his place and I think he is good on the ground as well as the air.
    the problem today was the lack of communication between Koz and squill. No wonder they nutted each other in the head. And they failed to watch the danger man (Kamara) who was on their shoulder the whole game but it was like they were unaware of the danger. JD settled it all down.

  17. zeus


    As Keyser (I think) said, Geoff just said that shit to increase the comments count. Usually after a massive win, we come and be happy and go away in droves.

    Don’t fall for it I say, we are top of the league.

  18. Mayank

    Not too sure about that Arindam. JD’s pace especially when he gets turned isn’t great. Anyway it’ll be interesting to see what Wenger does and ow they handle it.
    Man U look decent in attack and in defence, we should own the MF though.

  19. David

    Squid is by far better than Koscienly.

    He’s more experienced and is for sure better in the air.

    I dont think you can mention one clanger he’s had.

    Kozzy has had at least 4.

    The only knock on Squidy is that he’s slow which is understandably since he’s old.


  20. Keyser

    They watched Kamara well, we play the high line and offside trap pretty well, Fulham’s only idea for an attack was the quick ball over the top and that’s our problem, how quickly we let play break down in midfield allowing a simple hoofed ball to be dangerous for quick counter attacking players.

  21. Mayank

    lol Keyser, I’ve avoided coming on here for too long post-match, but I was over the moon with Nasri’s goal and our performance. Should’ve known better I guess.

  22. Keyser

    David – Come off it, Squillaci was the wrong side of his man facing back to goal, it was Koscielny’s ball. He probably just couldn’t pull out in time.

    Dude I don’t get why you can’t just big-up Djourou, who had a very good game, without having to put down another player.

  23. David

    Thats because i clearly dont rate Koscienly.

    And thats absolutely bollocks.

    Koscienly plays on the left side of the central defence and was WAY out of position.

  24. Keyser

    Mayank – Yeah, I know, it’s fun to debate things sometimes and you get carried away, think there should be compulsory breaks from here to help deal with the tedious side.

  25. David

    Mayank says:
    December 4, 2010 at 17:54
    Wow! I think most of us just witnessed one of the best goals you can have the honour of cheering for. And we’re concerned with which of the current players we should sell to make room for the shiny new players who’ll make everything all good


    Yeah dude we want our team to be better!

    Still cant keep a clean sheet to save a hamster!

    It was 2 lovely goals tho 😉

  26. Keyser

    David – So what ? Are you saying that you’re not allowed to come across and cover the other side ?!

    That’s as bad an argument as A&N’s Clichy slating.

  27. Mayank

    ‘The next Zidane, are you having a laugh?’ How many times was this said last season? Just for a bit of perspective.

  28. Keyser

    We’ve had some pretty bad luck over the past week or so, Carew should’ve been offside, Vela’s penalty, the only reason Fulham even got a sniff is because we weren’t quite clinical enough and a player ended up with concussion.

  29. SUGA3

    and yes, it was caused by him being a bit too eager, can’t fault the effort, but this just stems from being young, and not having too much experience in a top league, that’s all…

  30. Keyser

    Suga3 – He didn’t have it covered, he was the wrong side and facing back to goal, where was he going to header it ?!

  31. David

    im guessing Sagna should just go ahead and run to the left side every time the ball is there…fuck the fact that clichy, he always shits himself anyways.

  32. David

    Keyser says:
    December 4, 2010 at 18:16
    he was the wrong side and facing back to goal


    Wrong Side?

    You mean the wrong side is in his position?

    Lol. Entertainment. 😀

  33. Keyser

    Squillaci was stooping, was late and unless he has the strongest neck muscles in world football was going to end up putting in a poor backward header or one to his goalie, the only reason we conceded is because Koscielny took an unfortunate knock.

    I swear refs are supposed to blow up for head injuries.

    Earlier I’m sure we lost it poorly in midfield aswell.

  34. SUGA3


    Koscielny getting in there did not help him either, plus, he left Kamara unmarked!

    the defence has fuck all discipline and it does not do our goal difference any favours…

  35. Keyser

    David – It’s tedious mate, you’ve found yourself someone else to pick on now Adebayor’s gone and everyone knows how much you hate Bendtner.

  36. David

    If kozzy had an discipline as Suga rightly put,

    Squid would headed the ball and the ball as well as Kamara wouldve been infront of our defence not where we want it to be not in the back of our net.

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Last game JD and Kos played, I remember an instant JD roved to the left while Kos was taking on his man, it isn’t in any rule book that the left or right CB has to stay put, a simple communication by Squillaci that he got it would have seen Kos let him have it..he reacted to cover what he thought was a gap, had the experienced defender commanded the back line, he wouldn’t have collided with his partner, …in the CC game, Kozzer commanded JD to stay back, he got it!

  38. A.F.C Lambo

    Lets get it fucking right. Both central defenders we have are not good enough. win the prem with them in the side? no fucking way. Goalkeeper ???? not good enough coming for crosses ,commanding HIS area.
    Koscienly NOT good enough
    SQUILLAI NOT good enough
    FABI Not good enough
    Djourou Not good enough
    Wenger buy some class THIS IS ARSENAL………

  39. DaleDaGooner

    SUGA3 part of that discipline is someone taking control of the back line and yelling out orders, Squillaci should have barked out the order to stand down, after all, Koscielny is the unknown,inexperienced, non-international defender

  40. SUGA3


    sure, they can switch positions, but it involves BOTH defenders to pull that off correctly, otherwise it is just kindergarten stuff…

    I am not slagging him off, I am just pointing out that he must be more disciplined than that, simple as…

  41. David


    Please stick to the argument.

    Oh wait,

    You dont have one. okay. Bring up the past?

    Yeah Brilliant.

    Its laughable really cuz I always stood up for Ade.

  42. Keyser

    AFC Lambo – Mate come on, we’re having a technical conversation here, care to add anything ?!

    Suga3/ David – I was watching on a stream, so I’ll wait for the replay later, I still think it’s little things like communication, not really surprising, but we got through and we won.

  43. zeus


    Asked that question a few weeks back. Wembley tune its based off apparently. Subst. Nasri for Wembley and there yo go. Don’t quite know the tune of it though.

  44. DaleDaGooner

    A.F.C Lambo…i like to hear fans like you yelling buy the required acceptable players, care to tell us the names that will change our tactics? Instead of telling us what is not good enough…..?

    Gallas – Not good enough
    Toure- Not good enough

  45. David

    Lack of communication on whose part?

    Koscienly went for a ball he shoulnt have any part in.

    MOre like inexperience.

    Its really that simple.

  46. Keyser

    Suga3 – Mate it’s communication and a judgement call not discipline.

    Either one of them comes or stand his ground, there’s not one or the other that’s right, there’s a reason Koscielny got to the ball first and that’s because Squillaci was struggling, he wasn’t going to get a good head on it.

  47. Keyser

    David – So Squillaci would’ve headed the ball straight up into the air and that’s it ? Not to the goalie, not out and clear it, but straight up in the air, what are you talking about ?!

  48. David


    Obviously youve never played in defence before Keyser.

    We’ll just leave it at that.

    Your reasoning is a little embarrasing.

    I guess by that logic.

    Sagna should travel all the way to the left side to Clichy and kick the ball out because clichy wasnt going to make a good slide tackle.


    In that situation you should always let the man deal with it.

    At worst it wouldve mean that the opposition would have to head the ball again since it was in the air..as opposed to making a defence splitting pass!

  49. SUGA3


    it’s pretty hard to communicate when you have to focus on the ball, no?

    poor judgment, maybe, but it only comes with experience, unless you are a footballing god, so for me it is lack of experience and discipline…

  50. David

    Yeah Keyser straight up in the air.

    That way the defence can reset itself.

    You wouldnt know anything about defending tho so no worries.

  51. DaleDaGooner

    terry, it’s what we get every time we win or loose,we aren’t allowed to rejoice a win, the other team should roll over for us, otherwise we need Real Madrid kinda fundings to revolve players in and out. Granted some of the players aren’t needed, but it always seems that we have to pick on even the good ones to prove Wenger is a cunt.

    On the verge to winning a trophy, and some one came on here mopping about how irrelevant winning it will be….no wonder our players give 50% at home. Our fans will moan at anything, necessary and unnecessary.

  52. Rohan

    What a fucking cunt!

    Alan Hutton collided with Stephen Carr in the dying moments and appeared to headbutt the ex-Spurs right-back after Carr tackled him. Redknapp was honest with his assessment of the incident, admitting that he did not see the aftermath.

    “I know I might sound like another manager but I promise you I saw the tackle but looked across to tell Palacios something and I don’t know what went on after that,” he explained.

    [Hutton] can’t retaliate but I didn’t see what he did. I’l’ look at it later on but I didn’t see it at the time.”

  53. David

    Its all abit silly really because if that was JD getting himself knocked out like that how many on here wouldve been saying how “clumsy” he is etc etc.

  54. ritesh

    Whats wrong with Wilshere at the moment. He is not having the same impact on games as he used to before.

    Walcott is a waste of time, we should cash in on him and buy a player with a brain ireespective of whether he is a champion sprinter or not.

  55. DaleDaGooner


    Obviously youve never played in defence before Keyser.

    We’ll just leave it at that.

    Your reasoning is a little embarrasing.

    I guess by that logic.

    Sagna should travel all the way to the left side to Clichy and kick the ball out because clichy wasnt going to make a good slide tackle.

    David, a bit comical, I’d take your argument serious if it was a little realistic and logical, The center backs have access to roving left or right, hence being centrally positioned, To use Sagna roving all the way to the left is not an argument, but comic relief.

  56. Keyser

    David – You’re just talking shit now, so Koscielny running over 5-10 yards to make a clearing header for his defensive partner is the same as Sagna running 50 yards to clear for Clichy.

    What Logic was that then ?! Again I’ll watch it in a bit and I’ll see.

    Simple fact is Koscileny made the header, the unfortunate part is that Squillaci either didn’t hear the call or couldn’t pull out in time, fuck all to do with discipline just a bit unfortunate.

    The idea one central defender can’t cover for another CENTRAL defender is frankly silly but typical of you when you think you have a point.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    A.F.C Lambo…who is the cock, me or you? Obviously it’s you, as you can’t argue logically, without insults….i’d leave you to be the cock you are.

  58. kev

    good win today – got a bit nervous when fulham equalised but we managed to get the 3 points. still shaky at the back but if we keep grinding out results i wont complain too much

  59. DaleDaGooner

    How many times have we seen Koscielny leave a ball to Squillaci only for us to concede a goal? maybe not too mnay times, but i can assure you at least 2ce.

  60. David



    Dale and Keyser.

    You muppets are hillarious.

    How many times has sagna come all the way to the left side to make a last ditch tackle?

    Stop it.

    What are you people like?

  61. Keyser

    Suga3 – He made the header, he would’ve had time to regain his position like you said about Squillaci, the thing that stopped him was being nearly knocked out by Squillaci.

    Look at the link mate and how late Squillaci was, actually that’s pretty ridiculous.

  62. DaleDaGooner

    QoS…..lol, just to make clear, in case you can’t be bothered to click on the link=

    THERE you are, peacefully reading an article or watching a video on the Internet. You finish, find it thought-provoking, and scroll down to the comments section to see what other people thought. And there, lurking among dozens of well-intentioned opinions, is a troll.

    “How much longer is the media going to milk this beyond tired story?” “These guys are frauds.” “Your idiocy is disturbing.” “We’re just trying to make the world a better place one brainwashed, ignorant idiot at a time.” These are the trollish comments, all from anonymous sources, that you could have found after reading a CNN article on the rescue of the Chilean miners.

    Trolling, defined as the act of posting inflammatory, derogatory or provocative messages in public forums, is a problem as old as the Internet itself, although its roots go much farther back. Even in the fourth century B.C., Plato touched upon the subject of anonymity and morality in his parable of the ring of Gyges.

  63. Rohan

    Maybe I’m being a bit daft but comparing Koscielny helping out Squid is a lot different to Sagna covering for Clichy on the other side of the pitch is a bit rich isn’t it?

  64. DaleDaGooner

    David says:
    December 4, 2010 at 18:46


    Dale and Keyser.

    You muppets are hillarious.

    How many times has sagna come all the way to the left side to make a last ditch tackle?

    Stop it.

    What are you people like?


    A Trollish comment.

  65. A.F.C Lambo

    DDG. I can argue with anyone , anytime. All i care about is arsenal . This site is full of a lot of tossers and you are one of them. Go and tuck your mum in ….cock

  66. Keyser

    Suga3 – Mate I thought it was closer than that to be fair, but there’s almost no fault of Koscileny at all, Kamara even runs from behind Squilllaci into the space left by Kosicielny.

  67. David

    If koscienly failed to communicated with Squillaci that is also inexperienced.

    Now that i look at it again, it shouldve been a standard knock back to the keeper.

  68. DaleDaGooner

    It’s pointless having a chat with things such as A.F.C Lambo, I’ll gracefully bow out so you can argue or insult yourself with such undergarment stain remarks. How old is this troll? seriously? Pedro\Geoff, do something about this person, he is a skid mark stain on this intelligent site.

  69. Keyser

    Yeah standard Knock back to the keeper if Kamara wasn’t there, the only reason he doesn’t have a run on goal, is because he sees Koscileny’s getting to the ball first, Kamara would’ve got to the ball before Squillaci or at least put pressure on him.

  70. SUGA3


    I am sorry, but I have to say that I stand corrected: the ball was Koscielny’s all the way, Squillaci should have gone past Kamara to block any potential shot…

  71. DaleDaGooner

    “He can argue with anyone at anytime”,…argue with yourself mate, no one in their right mind should argue with you, ya have nothing of substance to argue about. on that note….no response from me to you.

  72. Honest Bill

    Squillaci is at fault if anybody is. The truth is they were just eager to get the ball, which is what people are always crying out for in our defenders characteristics. It is just unfortunate that this time they collided.

  73. David

    I agree Kamara wouldve got to the ball before squilaci but wouldnt have beat him in the air to it.

    Did Kamara even attempt to jump for the ball?

    If Kozzy had stayed in his position Squidy wouldve knocked it right back to the keeper.

    Again lack of communication, meaning a lack of experience on Kozzy’s part.

    He saw Squidy running to it miles away.

  74. ritesh

    Our finishing was poor compared to the invincibles. We should have been 3 up after 20 mins.

    The midfield was below par today. Wilshere and Song were jaded.

    Nasri is the player who can bring us to another level. The fact that Blanc is building the French team around him has given him a lot of confidence.

    I thought the back 5 looked fine. Kos and JD did their jobs well and Clichy was actually quite good today.

  75. Keyser

    Yeah, he could’ve nutted him in the shoulder, avoided the head, and we’d probably have been fine, Koscielny carried on the last time Davis hit him, it’s just Squillaci’s got that indestructible killer feel about him and caught him full on.

  76. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, David, lets just enjoy the win, and hope we do better, Koscielny is still a very good defender, and i think the issue is still all tactics. As we have seen, it has nothing to do with the exaggerated “Sagna to the left” arguement. Kos had a right to that ball, he wasn’t backing off it, he wasn’t taking any chances, it was an unfortunate accident and he even tried to stay on his feet to stop further cock ups, but it was too late and he was too dizzy.

  77. Keyser

    Kamara didn’t challenge for it, because even he knew it was Koscielny’s all the way, Squillaci was off balance and struggling which is why heprobably couldn’t pull out of the way, he might still have got to the ball but a bit of pressure from Kamara and he could’ve put in a poor header that let Kamara in on goal.

  78. Keyser

    Anyway, at least for once we’re arguing over which defender should start, instead of how new recruits we need to bring in.

    Djourou had another solid game, to think we don’t even have Vermaelen in the team yet.

  79. David


    You can never fault a defender for trying to track back to get the ball,

    He did what he could and you are right there was an over eagerness in which case 3 players went for the same ball.

    Its miscommunication from a lack of experience, i figure if Squid was where Kozz was he wouldve been pusing and shouting.

  80. DaleDaGooner

    Ok, David, i just looked at SUGA3’s video, you have no argument, Koscielny was the LAST MAN and HAD A RIGHT TO THE BALL, Squillaci had no business running to him, He was worried he had been beat cause he was sitting i the high line, Kos was watching the ball, only thing here ws communication, Kos should have yelled out, and Squillaci being the slower of 2 should have been the last man…anyway..I hope Kozzer is ok for the next match, he has to be the starter along Djourou.

  81. OPG

    MH made a big mistake taking off Kamara and right after that we scored. We struggle with pace and directness it seems, remember Odemwengie playing for WBA against us in September but I think Kamara is average in comparison..

  82. David


    Weve sorted it out.

    I agree. No-one was at fault.

    We could however have done better with a little bit of communication just like Keyser said.

  83. ritesh

    I think the head clash on the goal was accidental.
    Nothing to do with positionning or tactic, just unlucky. It could happen to anyone.

  84. Honest Bill


    Kosser should have pushed Squillaci into the attacker and headed it clear.

    I don’t think he relly had much opportunity to guide Squillaci as he was hardly aware of his surroundings while charging for the ball like that, he just knew he didn’t want the attacker getting any piece of it and tried to bully it out.

    Kosser just was unfortunate he was in the way and showed balls leaving his head in to get the safer clearance and fair play to him for trying to defend after taking a head in the face like that. Most other players would have been on the floor crying already

  85. Keyser

    Honest Bill – He should’ve been on the floor like Drogba twitching after Evans kung fu kicked him, Foy would’ve stopped the game then.

  86. Honest Bill

    Still though. Nasri is Arsenal quality.. Such composure, that’s exactly what we need, and now he has added such amazing confidence in his play, he is practically unstoppable. Both goals were of the very highest quality

  87. Keyser

    Love the way Nasri made sure he got the ball in this time.

    Last few games he’s rounded the keeper and struck the ball with his left into the side netting for wide, he sqivelled 360 and made sure with his right.

  88. zeus

    On a hard-fought victory…
    It was a good game. Overall I think Fulham played well and we played well. They put us under pressure because Gera and Kamara combined well and their midfield was efficient, they played quite a direct game to expose us with balls behind our defenders. We needed not only quality but sprit and resilience today and we got it. We scored two exceptional goals from Samir that were a combination of touch, intelligence, special talent and calmness. He needed to be patient to finish in both situations and he did very well. I’m happy because he had a game that at the start was only based on coming to the ball and now he has more variation in his game. His game is improving and of course he is more efficient.

    On whether he has been Arsenal’s best player this season…
    It is always difficult to compare but what is important when you are a manager is that you want to get the best out of players and I always was a strong believer in him. Many people questioned me when I took him here but he is showing that he has exceptional talent and I think there is more to come from him.

    On what he has improved about his game…
    Like every player that is good on the ball he was too much attracted by the ball. We wanted him to do more runs off the ball, going in behind [the defence] without the ball because we have many players who can give him the ball.

    On Fulham’s goal…
    Having seen it again with the referee’s body position he believed Koscielny would go on because he didn’t immediately lie down. You can understand why he let the game go.

    On the extent of Koscielny’s injury…
    [He has] concussion. I don’t know what the medical people will say and how long he will not play.

    On Johan Djourou’s performance…
    He is doing very well. He has been out for a year and as you have noticed I have rotated him a little bit. We do not want to lose him and a guy that has been out for a year you cannot play him three games a week. From the start of the season he has gone from strength to strength and today, in the difficult period when we had to defend in the air, he was dominant. He has not only shown dominance but also personality. That’s why I am very happy. He came here as a midfielder and we transformed him into a centre back.

    On whether he has made a case for starting…
    The players know that from game to game we rotate and everybody will have to start in our squad.

    On the Arsenal defence…
    I agree with you that at some stage we looked a bit vulnerable in the air but don’t forget we finished the game with five strikers on the pitch, so I expected to suffer from corners. Overall I believe in the second half our defenders dealt well with the high ball.

    On whether Arsenal are good enough to win the Premier League…
    We are good enough to go on that is for sure. Every single team struggles to be consistent and at the moment we are where we are despite losing three game. That means every game is a cup final and if you are not ready for it you will not take three points. We have the spirit and the quality but we faced tough opponents and it will be down to consistency. We are far from winning the championship yet, the only thing I can say is we have the spirit and the desire to fight for it.

  89. GoonerT1m

    Was at the game today, the goals were superb. There were a couple of issues but I don’t want to be negative, we are top, let’s hope we keep the squad fit and who knows, keep believing.

  90. David

    Fuck Cesc HB.

    He can go to Barca for all i care 😀


    Cesc goes to were Wilshere is ofcoarse.

    Thats where he’s played for most of his career anyways.