Time to take our ball back, tell FIFA to swivel and start our own comp, say hello to the WFA!

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That’s right people, it’s time to kick FIFA out of football, time to rid ourselves of corruption, time to get rid of boys clubs that support bung taking, turn a blind eye to racists and dodge taxes.

It’s time we took back our ball and rowed our own boat, time to get rid of pointless fixtures and injuries to the players whose salaries we pay, it’s time to put the power into the hands of those nations who make the World Cup and not the ghastly cheating bureucrats from nations that would never get into one on their footballing abilities.

It’s time for revolution! It’s time for the World Football Association!

So here’s how it works, we tell FIFA we are grateful for them seeing our bid but not reading it, but we really don’t want to listen to them, their directives, their stupid rules or their bizarre selection processes anymore.

We start up our own World Football Association, we firstly offer membership to all previous winners of the World Cup, they would all accept because they must be as sick of them as we are. We then allocate each winner a vote, votes only go to winners and that would take out most of the corruption. Before too long, every country that had a footballing culture would be on board and FIFA would cease to exist.

Now if those countries refused to join us, then we would be alone for while, so what? A world cup without England would be like an F1 team without a car.

Now as far as the World Cup going to Qatar, it has a few people complaining, let me tell you why it makes no sense to put the worlds greatest football tournament in the desert.

1) It’s way too hot and that’s why the ACN is held in January

2) Any country that bans alcohol to it’s people shouldn’t host a world cup, it may be their culture not to drink but beer and football go hand in hand, it’s in footballs DNA, so it’s footballs culture, and they should respect that. Thing is, they all drink anyway.

We are always faffing around respecting everyone else’s culture but seem to forget to respect our own, go with the majority and the majority of fans drink beer!

3) They aren’t a footballing nation and if they loved it so much then having their own league should be mandatory before applying for qualification. Didn’t they learn from USA 94?

I’m not upset because we didn’t get it, I think lobbying is just as dodgy as trying to influence voting, sending the 3 that we did was trying to curry favour and that was as bad as whatever we are accusing the others of. And we may think the three that went are the greatest (I don’t) but winning just one vote (thanks Cameron!) shows the rest of the world don’t.

Were were hugely arrogant and paid for it, sending 3 people that have never had a proper job and are hugely privileged  was never going to do it, and saying we sent the future King of England is a joke, if the Queen dies and if Prince Charles dies he may get the job, but he could be in his 70’s before that happens.

Anyway, onto all things Arsenal, another chance to go top if we beat Fulham, we stuffed them last season 4-1 in the last game, we were there and we looked good, Arsenal did too!

I would like to see Chamakh and RVP start today, the last time we saw that was Blackburn away if memory serves me right, I think JET is knocking on the door too, but 5 minutes is nonsense, maybe he can do a half each with Robin.

I think we’ll have Song back today so I hope he drops Denilson, he doesn’t deserve another chance, against Wigan he was hopeless. I expect Fabianski will be back and he’ll have a point to prove with Schwarzer at the other end. And as he has extended his (Fulham) contract I believe that rumour will end, I still expect to see Given in January and Manuel will disappear to the lower leagues of Spain.

Anyway, I expect a win and a convincing one, so have fun wrap up and enjoy the day!

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  1. SUGA3


    Qatar has a league, pants as it is 😉

    but I am fully with you on that – giving WC to Qatar is pure madness!

    country with the population of Warsaw? how do they expect to take about the same number of fans in? what about the hotels? will they be flat packed and sent to Africa too?

  2. ade

    geoff nice post
    but i think you should have talked more about arsenal today than FIFA.today is a matchday…get over it england and move on

  3. Geoff

    Ha, ha Jay, I stopped reading your comment when you said I stopped reading…

    Suga, didn’t know that, but I meant one with several divisions.

    Ade, thanks for the advice, I don’t give a shit about getting the world cup, read my post, I’m just fed up with FIFA, they are just corrupt old boys and it’s time we made a stand, it will benefit Arsenal in the long term.

  4. Geoff

    Jay, why would you think I would publish a dumb comment that slags my post off? That would make me as stupid as the comment I didn’t allow. Think about it.

    I allow debate, not slagging off though.

  5. NiXTriX

    Top of the morning lads. I don’t agree with the reasoning of giving votes to only the winners. What would the netherlands be then and don’t tell me they don’t have a footballing heritage. And what about the countries who don’t have a long history but would like to increase the each of football in the country?

  6. Geoff

    NIXTriX my point is, too many people from insignificant countries have a vote, and they more often than not they abuse that power.

    There has to be a cut of for how many votes, and giving it to winners is the easiest way, it’s also an incentive to win the world cup, tell me why on earth Trinidad get a vote?

  7. Mayank

    Now, now Pedro, mo meed to be nedrist.

    Time to get the home form monkey off our back. If we keep the away form and get back the home form we’ll have a spanking dec. Then Jan we might get to lift the cc. Might just give us the push we need for the title. Oh and beating the mancs at ot will be great too.

  8. NiXTriX

    Geoff Probably bcoz they are a member country. I mean it its better than having the would cup in the same countries over and over again. My point being in many countries the raaun the game hsd not taken off is bcoz of lack of infrastructure.the world cup is a great opportunity to get that set up. True for example india.there’s huge football fan base but no god suraina and has not come to the mainstream Yet.

  9. Mayank

    If the wc didn’t go to exotic locations usa wouldn’t have had the team they did and wouldn’t have embarassed Green.

  10. Geoff

    NIX England spend more money promoting football to poor countries than any other nation on earth, that’s a fact, but sucking up to these people for a vote is wrong.

    You should win the bid for the right reasons, not because you need developing.

    How many Trinadians do you think travel the world supporting their team, then work out how many English do.

    I saw Argentina play West Germany in Mexico in 86, England Paraguay in Frankfurt and I watched Corinthians play in San Paulo, how many Qatari’s can say that?

    I suspect none. What do you think?

  11. Mayank

    Nix, you can hardly say there’s a huge fan base. It’s a large number but I doubt even 1% of the population is into it. Especially away from the urban areas and Bengal

  12. Young Guns Rule

    Morning All,

    Geoff & Pedro, I created this Facebook page thing yesterday on the hope of getting a few members on board to express the nations disgust at Fifa, search for

    ‘petition to investigate blatant corruption within Fifa…..oh and blatter’ – feel free to encourage people to join and post comments etc to add some weight to the row!

    below are a few quotes from Russia for your own enjoyment – SHOCKING!!!!!!!

    Quotes on Russian sports inherent Racism –

    Haminu Draman from Ghana – at the end of the training session, he described what it was like being a black player in Russia.
    “If you play against some clubs that don’t have blacks in their team, especially in St Petersburg, it’s crazy,” he said.
    “If you are black certain things happen…..I’m ok, I just play my game, I am not listening to these people.”
    After the verbal racial abuse he says he’s suffered over the past three years, he’s concerned about Fifa letting Russia host the World Cup.
    “Some people will not like it because of the racism in Russia and I hope everyone knows about it.”
    “I think if the other countries like Africa qualify for the World Cup when it’s hosted by Russia, I think it’s going to be hard for them too, unless these kind of things change here.”
    Racism is deeply engrained in this country, with one football expert describing how black people would be “looked on with curiosity like wild animals” in areas where they’ve not been seen before.

    direct quote from a Russian agent about Peter Odemwingie-

    Russian sports agent Vladimir Abramov tells Sport.ru why it happened. “Peter is a professional, but that’s in contrast to other Nigerians. They are very insolent, headstrong, and black nationalism is evident in them. When there are more than three Nigerians, watch out: they aren’t afraid of anyone.” Other highlights from the interview: • An influx of Nigerians in a city means “drugs, and ultimately Aids”. • “The French national team, in which black players play, has no relationship whatsoever to Europe”. • “Teams shouldn’t have more than one dark-skinned footballer. When there’s more than one they are aggressive.” • Plus: “Look, I am very respectful towards blacks: among them are very good people with whom I have made friends. But Russia isn’t ready for them , That’s the way it is.”

    Unbelievable……… Anyway come on the Arse lets take these fools today and put a smile back on Le Grovers faces.

  13. Hitman

    I agree with WC going to Middle East – but Qatar is not the right country. Half the size of Wales, its just too small to host it.
    Disagree with the alcohol issue. If you cant stay of the booze for 4 weeks in 2022, frankly you’ve got problems.

  14. SUGA3


    the thing is that it will cost stupid amount of moneh to build infrastructure and a few fuckers will have a field day ‘dipping their beaks’…

    but to be honest, as I said before, England stood no chance against Russia anyway, due to olympics in 2012, which was won against France who hosted a WC in 1998 – as a politically aware person you should know that…

  15. NiXTriX

    I see your point Geoff. However what exactly do you think are the right reasons? I agree that England does promote football in other countries but what do the other 150 odd countries do? Nothing.
    But I agree no sucking up should be necessary

  16. incesc

    great post

    your gonna get some stick today, but fuck em.

    I totally agree, Qatar is completely undeserving of having a world cup, they havent even got a proper football team or even a proper player.

    Arsenal to win 5-2 today, arshavin and RVP to kill them!

  17. SUGA3


    it’s not like it’s about ‘staying off the booze for 4 weeks’

    it’s about: I will go and have a normally priced beer whenever the fuck I feel like it!

    plus, beer and football always went together, go together and will!

  18. BigRed1

    As I`m 66 I don`t give a tuppenny toss where the 2022 World Cup is held………

    still being around and realising what`s going on is my main worry…….lol almost

  19. kpomzi

    Lol! Only 2 votes!!! Fifa had me in stitches all weekend! Now that’s humilatingly pathetic! I heard England gave designer bags to the executive committee members wives!!! Isn’t that another way of lobbying and trying to influence the votes to sway in Englands favour? Guess England were taken as Mugs and that should be in exchange for trying to berate via the English media! So if it is true England gave designer bags to their wives, they are just as guilty as any other bidding nation that tried to influence the votes only that others were better than it than England! The best protest from England would be to boycott the 2018 and 2022 world cup in protest!!! Lol That will at least spare the world of a technically poor team and a loud obtuse media filled with sour grapes now for not winning the bid because they weren’t smart enough to know how to handle football politics

  20. SurferX

    Geoff- agree with the WFA suggestion- but completely disagree with your suggestion. Having only the previous winners able to select where its held would not eliminate corruption- its not ‘who’ selects thats the problem, its the ‘how’ its selected.

    Create the WFA. First things it does it split all counties into two leagues. Major and minor nations determined on rankings. Every alternate year, there will be a ‘major’ and ‘minor’ world cup- with the minor winners being guaranteed a place in the major.

    For qualifying, you only play teams from your section. So major and play major, minor play minor. That should get rid of about 50% of the meaningless internationals we see straight off. As effectively the world cup is every two years this does away with the European Championship.

    Internationals will only be played at 3 points in the season- autumn, winter, spring, summer (which takes place at the end of the season). Domestic football will stop for 14 days at each point to allow each for country to play 3 games in each window- 12 games per year.

    The WFA will not have a lobbying process as all the panel will do is set out the criteria for selection and then appoint an independent body to assess the bids according to the criteria. This body will rank the bids according to the criteria and will select the winner accordingly. All findings will be published and transparent.

    The tournament should be rotated on the following basis on reflection of the importance of football in the various countries;

    European Winner – S America – Major – Minor

    So, every 8 years you would see a world cup in;

    Europe- England, Spain, Germany, France, or Italy
    America’s- any ‘Major’ America’s country (North or South)
    Major- Any other country from the ‘major’ list
    Minor- Any other country from the ‘minor’ list

    That way, every 8 years you will have football in at least one established European country, one established American, one from everyone else, one from a developing market (the ‘minor’).

    Having the system open and according to criteria ensures lobbying is a thing of the past (its pointless when its scored from assessment).

    Thing is- if you took all the bids made recently- England / Spain could on won it (European), Russia / Holland could of won it (‘Major’)- even Qatar could of won it (‘minor’ developing). But it would depend on what the year they were bidding was for.

    There ya go- World Cup every 2 years; the end of meaningless internationals; a reduction of international friendlies; and end to political lobbying; and a world cup seen by more people in established countries and developing alike.

    Thats the World Cup sorted.

    Arsenal 3 Fulham 1.
    England to score 600 1st innings against the Aussies.

    Great day munglers.

  21. Woolwichstilhere

    Hey, i knw you. If i see you running across the pitch again, i wil personaly smack that smile off your face. You can do that if we beat totnum or barca not the toon?

  22. Mayank

    If you really want to get high before a game you could always get some hashish. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to obtain there.

  23. NiXTriX

    @kush 1% of indian population is still more than Qatar probably. And you are forgetting the states of goa and kerala. Everybody plays only football in these 2

  24. ritesh

    Were people seriously thinking that England would host the WC? …apart from the locals obviously…Take a chill pill dude!

    The whole world is corrupt, that does not mean we should migrate to Mars.

    I wonder if Wenger will shake hands with Hughes today 😉

  25. ritesh


    The Commonwealth games were enough…lets not look for trouble 😉

    We are better off at cricket…at least there all international teams corrupt each other peacefully.

  26. Hitman

    ‘Football & beer go together’ – not in Middle East they dont. Maybe on the terraces in West Midlands.

    Its not everyones cup of tea. Sometimes you have got to accept and respect people in other parts will do things differently from you.
    The its called the WORLD Cup for a reason.

  27. SUGA3


    well, it does in the whole world, bar the ‘dry’ countries – why the fuck does everyone have to go along with the loud minority, dare I ask?

    plus, Qatar is not suited to hosting WC, period…

  28. woody

    Big Red i was doing my maths as well ,im 62 so not much interest really,i think a European super league will be in place shortly anyway, all these tuppeny happeny country’s need us, more than we will ever need them.

  29. NiXTriX

    come on man. India needs this. Just bcoz of some corrupt mother fucking pieces of shit, india shouldn’t stop hosting such events.
    honestly wouldn’t you love to have the would cup in india?

  30. BigRed1

    Hitler`s Third Reich was partly brought down because of a lack of fuel

    Blatters FIFA fuel is money

    If UEFA could be encouraged to break away, their main fuel supply would be gone

  31. nicky

    FIFA is corrupt and should be cleansed.The answer must be from within its membership NOT by creating a new breakaway Federation. I don’t know how this can be achieved but this must be the only acceptable method.

  32. Raif

    Nice idea buy it will never happen, The fiddlers at FiFA will be around for a very very long time and by the time Septic Bladder steps down he would have groomed some other crony to carry on what his doing now,

    England’s Bid was naive and poor, the media didn’t help at all either, but if by some merical England wins a WC by then no one will care to much,

    When can we start bidding for the Euros Again???

  33. ritesh


    India have 8-10% GDP growth planned for next 7 years, so financially it could do it. But organisation wise, it would be possible only if the private sector drives it. The public sector is accustomed to accepting second best unfortunately.

    I think the financial aspect played a big role as the 2 who got it are secure on funding and have good growth prospects compared to the looming financial armageddon in the US/UK at the end of this business cycle (2020?). That leaves only the Aussies to host it now.

  34. Pedro

    Hitman, the difference is called tolerance. We pretty much let people do whatever they like over here.

    If you don’t drink beer, don’t drink it… you don’t have to enforce a ban on people who want to.

  35. SUGA3


    Platini and Blatter are so far up each other’s arses it will never happen!

    we just need to wait until the big clubs tell them to go fuck themselves and their power wanes…

  36. Pedro

    Kmpnozi… what you forget is in 2018, most of the England team will be Arsenal players who will be technically superior to most.

    Muppet… Nigeria had a blinder at the WC didn’t they. A dazzling array of talent at under 21… then they get their real passports out and they’re too old to get a 2 year deal with Arsenal.

    I also don’t buy that England players aren’t technically gifted. Rooney, Cole, Gerrard, Wilshere, Gibbs, Rio, Terry, Hart… the list is pretty long and pretty gifted.

  37. Goonerman

    Reminds me of Eurovision Song Contest where the rest of Europe vote for each other and ignore England and Ireland.

    I wonder how billion roubles were paid as bungs to voting FIFA members?

  38. ritesh

    The England team are greatly gifted Pedro.

    Having a local Manager would make them play with more passion and raise their fighting spirit, characteristics which are recognised and appreciated the world over.

  39. GoonerJohn

    Wenger said: “When England didn’t get the World Cup I turned it all off, so I didn’t see the Qatar decision.

    “It is difficult to explain to people that the technical bid of England was perfect but you get only two votes.

    “It is not rational. That’s why maybe we have to get a bid process that is far more technical and computerised than human. You feel it is more down to human decision than providing the technical criteria.

    “At the moment we don’t know what wins and loses the World Cup bid. That’s where football has to improve.

    “I’m humble enough to accept that I am completely wrong. But I’m speechless because I don’t understand what happened.

    “That’s why people should know ‘this is the criteria, this is the weight of the criteria’. People are intelligent enough to create a kind of programme that makes it more understandable for everyone.

    “If you are beaten in some areas by other countries, then at least you know where you have been beaten.”

  40. Pedro

    Tolerance isn’t a racist word because there are plenty of things people from other cultures do that I have no respect for.

    Scots – Batterd mars bars

  41. jrrgtd

    We need to be realistic. We lost cause the FA is a bunch of muppets.

    We need to fundamentally reform the FA – starting by appointing Dein as Pres.

    Then we need to get inside FIFA and reform it from the inside.

    Then we will be given WC in recognition of our work in cleaning FIFA up.

  42. Billboy

    Good article but I feel surferx is right. I spent a lot of my career awarding contracts and the process must be open, objective, transparent and the required outcomes clearly defined. As Arsene said, a mechanical process, tick the boxes.
    One of the problems I see for FIFA is that they have an inferior product. The EPL, La Liga and others produce much more watchable football and probably mean more to the fans (AFC winning the EPL means more to me than England winning the World Cup). The same appies to the Champions League. Who were the prime movers in the creation of that?
    In terms of what we do about FIFA, I think one thing worth considering is organizing a mass boycott of all the sponsors products. Other countries’ fans could easily be drawn into this. Such a campaign could be very effective. I prefer Pepsi anyway! Losing sponsors would bring enomous pressuse for change.

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    Haha top post geoff.

    …IF the queen dies and if prince Charles dies….love it.

    As for the racist Russians – no surprise their women are so damn hot – their gene pool hasn’t been tainted! 😉

  44. Steve Palmer

    FIFA has done us a favour, twenty odd years before we stand a chance again, i wont be around so i can concentrate on the Mighty G’s, we may have to wait that long to get a decent National team. all we can do is build a team that can win the world cup each time it comes round, that can also be said of Arsenal maybe this year, wouldn’t that be nice.
    Please dont give them ideas of new federations, we have enough comps now

  45. SUGA3


    no, it’s just rotational – no country will get to host 2 major worldwide (not talking rugby or cricket) events within the space of six years, it’s as simple as that…

    once again: politics wise, England stood no chance against Russia for a number of reasons…

    then there is the Panorama nonsense – I don’t believe anyone could be that fucking stupid, hence I think it was deliberate to have something to blame!

  46. SUGA3


    fair enough, forgot about them 😉

    still, this is just an exception to the rule and Brazil will at least benefit from hosting these events…

    again, Russia had all the cards here – FIFA in the ‘legacy’ mode, FIFA’s general dislike towards England and all that…

  47. Geoff

    Hitman, I could accept the holier than thou shit if the people in those countries weren’t so hypocritical.

    I’ve been to Dubai a bunch of times, go into any hotel bar and it’s full of Arabs drinking booze with birds sitting on their laps whilst their wives are sat at home covered up.

    And homosexuality is rife, they hold fucking hands in the street for fucks sake. Do that in the East End you’d find yourself in trouble!

    Yet they tell the world they don’t accept alcohol and homosexuality as their religion forbids it.

    Shame on them and shame on the arsewipes from FIFA who bury their heads in the sand and go along with it.

  48. Green Gooner

    There’s plenty of small nations who are also sick of the corruption and cheating who would be keen to dump FIFA for a WFA. After the derision and collusion to pervert the course of justtice, following Thierry’s hand of shame incident, expect Ireland to be first in a long queue !!

  49. Joppa

    When people say its better to have the World Cup spread around the world and not in the same places all the time I just cannot get my head around it. Why is it better to play it somewhere with zilch football heritage? What good comes of that?

    Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, England, Spain, France (just about), Italy, Germany, Russia and occassionally USA and S.A / Australia/ other South American country.

    Keep it to where the game belongs. Yes it might not be politically correct to say it but its the way it should be.

  50. RayGooner

    With the Blackpool-Man United game cancelled due to weather conditions and Chelsea always having tough games against Everton at Stanford Bridge, this could be an awesome weekend…(if we win that is)…

  51. RayGooner

    I for one hope that Song scores today, cause when he scores Arsenal ALWAYS WINS!

    Song has scored in 8 games in his Arsenal career and all those games Arsenal has won…

  52. Gooby

    we could be top of the league, but fuck the game in hand advantage.

    i really hope they stick 2 games in short space of time for the mancs so they can lose points, but red nose always manage to get a good treatment

  53. RayGooner

    Our home games against Fulham (of all time) is a pretty good reading too…

    23 games played, 20 games won, 3 games drawn and lost none whatsoever….

  54. Stu

    Think your memory has misled you Geoff. Chamakh and VP didnt both start against Blackburn. Chamakh came on when VP went off injured in the first half….and i didnt even see the match, shame on you!

  55. RayGooner

    This is our 3rd time in a row that we have the chance of going top of the league…

    The first time was against Tottenham, we didn’t take that chance (a win would have got us there)

    The 2nd time it was against Aston Villa, we did our job and was top of the league for about 30 minutes before Man Utd took the lead back…

    This is the third time…so third times lucky, right!?

  56. RayGooner

    The really interesting thing would be to see if this Arsenal team can cope with being top of the league so early…

    For me, that would tell if they are Champion material or not, to handle the pressure of being top of the league…

    I said before the season started when i saw the fixtures that if Arsenal were within 5-6 points of the leaders come christmas they’d have a great chance of winning this season…

    Why i thought so was the tough first half of the season with away games against Liverpool, Blackburn, Man City, Sunderland, Everton, Chelsea, Aston Villa & Man United…

    But with our away record being even better than our home record so far, maybe i should be worried…

    Or maybe not…

  57. Stu

    Whats all this shit about Qatar wanting to move the WC to January. This would never have happened had the WC gone to a country with a decent league because they wouldnt want to risk the players mid season.

    Mark Twat Lawrensen just compared Coyle at Bolton to Wenger arriving at arsenal. Is fucking mad? He should have retired from all football things years ago.

  58. Geoff

    Stu, I was pissed that day in Seville, I was at a wedding and played golf that morning, won longest drive, came off the course and then watched the match, so my memory is a little hazy!

    Trez, but it would be fair, cheaper than bidding and an incentive wouldn’t it.

  59. RayGooner

    The Top teams fixtures until January 1st:

    Arsenal – 29 points
    Fulham (h)
    Man United (a)
    Stoke (h)
    Chelsea (h)
    Wigan (a)
    Birmingham (a)
    (I think Arsenal will take 16 points = 45)

    Man United – 31 points:
    Arsenal (h)
    Chelsea (a)
    Sunderland (h)
    Birmingham (a)
    West Brom (a)
    and maybe Blackpool (a)
    (I think Man United will take 14 points = 45)
    (If the Blackpool game won’t be played during this period then United will take 11 points = 42)

    Chelsea – 29 points:
    Everton (h)
    Tottenham (a)
    Man United (h)
    Arsenal (a)
    Bolton (h)
    Aston Villa (h)
    (I think Chelsea will take 9 points = 38)

    Man City – 26 points:
    Bolton (h)
    West Ham (a)
    Everton (h)
    Newcastle (a)
    Aston Villa (h)
    Blackpool (h)
    (I think Man City will take 16 points = 42)

    Tottenham – 25 points:
    Birmingham (a)
    Chelsea (h)
    Blackpool (a)
    Aston Villa (a)
    Newcastle (h)
    Fulham (h)
    (I think Tottenham will take 12 points = 37)

    So my Table after January 1st:
    Arsenal 45p
    Man United 45p
    Man City 42p
    Chelsea 38p
    Tottenham 37p

  60. wrightsnake

    Ah right – well, do you know if all the tickets for today have gone? I’d like to know so I can get on the bus down to the Grove, haha

  61. Kushagra India

    Mayank Nix
    even Kolkata has got more fans of football than Qatar the football clubs East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are older than Qatar,we qualified for the World Cup in 1950 finished 4th in 1954 olympics,dont be such a doomer mate!!

  62. Kushagra India

    yeah Nix and Mayank were on it before India vs Qatar to be more precise I reduced it to Kolkata vs Qatar and still it wasn’t competitive enough…