Arsenal need to win to go top, lose and we drop out top 3.

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Let me start by mentioning Jose Mourinho, he had this to say to the Sun yesterday, ‘Instead of speaking about Real Madrid, Mr Wenger should speak about Arsenal and explain how he lost 2-0 against a team in the Champions League for the first time. The story about the young kids is getting old now. Sagna, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin are NOT kids. They are all top players’

Well Arsene, he does have a point, one I whole heartedly agree with, one most fans can have no argument with and one you’d do well to heed, concentrate on your own team and work out how you can get back to winning again.

Today is match day, today we’ll all get behind you again, today we have to believe, win it and we are top of the league, don’t win and we’ll lose our third spot and get close to being overtaken by the spuds, something thought laughable this time last week. Last week we would have been top and ten points clear of them had we won, well we didn’t, so time to forgive and forget.

Arsene, today we are behind you, but today we need to win, so how do we do that? Pick a team that can win and hold on to a lead.

Here’s my choice.


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Gibbs

Wilshere Song Nasri

Walcott Robin Arshavin

Ok but this time tell the defence to stay in their own half, tell Song to stay just in front his defence but behind his midfield, and tell the forwards to shoot when they are within 25 of the goal should they see a gap.

Also time to start lobbing the hairdryer around the changing room instead of telling them they are young and special, they aren’t, trouble is from the  inside information I get, there are a lot of people in this team with attitude.

Nikki B has been shouting his mouth off about leaving if he doesn’t get played, you play him, he’s crap and you say nothing, not that we heard anyway. Time to start thinking of the poor sods that travel everywhere supporting this team, either that or start refunding them when the team plays like crap.

Good to hear that Robert Pires is telling the Villa fans he really wanted to play for the Arsenal, way to get the fans on your side Robert! I hope that the away fans find a suitable song to sing at Villa Park!

Aside from all the above, I expect us to win, and win well, it says a lot about a team that needs a 37 year old winger to help them win, go for it Arsenal, get some pride back, but please for the sake of every Arsenal fan, don’t play Denilson again, at least not in the same team as Song, two defensive midfielders don’t work, they might if it were Essien and Mascerano, but they aren’t.

Have a great day Grovers, live on the telly, early kick off and top of the league by 3pm, it doesn’t get better than that, a chance to put right what we should have done last week!

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  1. Gooby

    i am turning this off, the mancs are having a cool game, blackburn basically surrender in the first minute.

    hopeless bunch

  2. zeus

    Rvp is a notoriously starter when coming back from a long term injury. The only time he has coming flying out the blocks after an injury was at the tail end of last season vs Spurs was it? Not sure.

    Damn we need TV5 and big lump of a defender though.

    Is it a holiday in Spain on Monday? I don’t get why La Liga would want El Clasico played on a weekday, seems odd.

  3. patthegooner

    Well done Arsenal, it was important you hung on there. I fear we would have been finished if we had let a 2 goal lead go again.

    Mind you Wenger would have blamed the Ref.

    And jesus he would have been right. I was screaming for ages before the goal that Carew was interferring with play. The ref is looking straight at Fabianski who in turn is having to lean around Carew to see what the fuck is going on. Poor poor refereeing there.

    Arshavin easily MOTM. Still not getting carried away though, we defended very poorly again. Djourou should have started, but once again dropped for a poor Koscielny who did somethings right but ultimately his lack of quality shone through.

    Anyone else bricking it when Denilson came on for 10 mins!!! Jesus, I wish he would just fuck off.

  4. kev

    we dont need any new players zeus. the system is the main problem – that has to change first. song is always bombing forward and the centre halfs tear forward aswell at times – wenger has to stop that crap first

  5. patthegooner

    And why is it you persist with Berbatov in your fantasy football for weeks and weeks and he does fuck all.

    You transfer him out midweek and the cunt gets a brace!!!

  6. A

    pat I don’t agree at all about Koscielny – he had a quality game today imo, some moments where he showed his real class.

    Arshavin absolutely superb – where did that performance come from?! Lets hope he can continue it. Nasri class again, and Song had a very good game, as did Rosicky

  7. A

    Rating wise I’d go

    Fabianski – 7
    Sagna – 6
    Squillaci – 7
    Koscielny – 8
    Clichy – 6
    Song – 7.5
    Wilshere – 8
    Rosicky – 7
    Nasri – 8
    Chamakh – 8
    Arshavin – 9

  8. zeus

    Anyone else find it hard to analyze how well a player is doing throughout the game? How can you when the game is so open that you are having a slight heart attack?

  9. sixx pac

    Our game really does go faster without Fabregas. Love Arsh and Nasri’s directness. Arsh should have tried to chip Friedel on that last run though instead of cutting it back to Wilsh

  10. Kreshnik

    WHAT THE FUCK IS FAT SAM TRYING TO DO … trying to give ManU a good goal difference for fucks sake. Piece of shit of a person, and piece a shit of a manager … Fucking cunt, these cunts should be below the scum this year and instead are top again. Fucking hell, if we didn’t fuck up a 2 goal lead mind you, FUUUUCK

  11. Kreshnik


    Agree with those ratings, except Song gets a 7 for not disciplined, Jacky boy gets a 7 (6 fh, 8 second) and can you put Denilson in there as well and give him a 2 for fucking up our midweek mood and jeopardizing our CL

  12. patthegooner

    I just dont rate him.

    I think you are that used to him being really shit that when he has an ok game it gives you a false impression that he is good. Sorry not good enough for Arsenal imo. He might be further down the line, but at 25 with no caps at any age level, you have to wonder. We needed quality now not potential.

    I think he should have done better for their 2nd.

  13. This is England

    Clichy had a good game today as did Kos.Nasri goes without saying pure class.TR7 kept things moving very well.AA best game in ages.

  14. Rohan

    Koscielny was a god today imo. Didn’t really put a foot wrong. Pleased with his performance.

    Clichy i thought was very very good today although he should have closed Clark down and not backed off. Either way, that goal shouldn’t have stood because of Carew’s obstruction.

    Sagna I thought was a bit meh. Anyone think, it’d be prudent to try a Koscielny Djourou partnership?

    Arshavin had his game of the season. It’s good to see him firing again-we’ll need him with Cesc out and in the dark winter months. We’ll need someone to drag this team.

    We’re a lot more direct without Cesc imo and one man who played a great game and who is looking more and more impressive is Samir Nasri. This boy’s proper class-Prem player of the season.

    If van der Vaart is getting so much positive press, I don’t know why the fuck Nasri isn’t getting any. Fuck the media. Our away record now is frighteningly good- Everton, City and Villa away beaten??-now that’s mighty impressive.
    If we can just get our home form back, we’re back in the title race with more than just a decent shout.

  15. Rohan

    I don’t like the caps argument. Lucas is utter shite and half the player yet he has more caps. he’s not the greatest but I do think Brazil have been a bit unfair on him.

  16. patthegooner

    But the poorest person on the field was Clattenburg by a county mile.

    It seems to me that he likes to play god a little too often. He was looking right at Carew blocking Fabianski’s view and yet did nothing. That was such an easy call to make, and he fucked it up. If Carew was not stood their, Fab saves that 100 times out of 100, so how can you say he was not interfering with play.

  17. patthegooner

    Rohan, I am pleased Nasri is not getting the press. Let golden balls at the Spuds take it and keep Samir out of the limelight.

  18. korchha

    Good win – and good to see Wenger finally throw in some defenders to protect a lead.

    However – our defensive organization and execution needs more work – why cant we get a defensive coach?

  19. Kushagra India

    Off the ball running of manure was brilliant today but they still don’t have a proper midfielder we have a better team need to get better mentally

  20. BigRed1

    The better Nasri gets the more I worry that as Cesc marches out the front door to Barcelona we could find Real Madrid banging on the back door for Nasri.

  21. leon

    i dont think they need defensive coach i think they neeed a nonense cb who extremly agresive and very good on set plays like verm of his ability or better also think they need play alot more direct and root 1 and stop try to score the perfect goal,i dont think this team will be able to find an experienced dm player not of the quality of essian or better i jsut cant see it but there are way around that but they have be more direct and get a box to box striker they pass far to much and for the chances they creat they are far to wasteful and they have made several times for that

  22. gunner6ft

    On a good win to end a disappointing week…
    I believe we had three good performances and for me against Tottenham we played well. We had a lot of possession in a difficult game in Braga and we responded well today. Overall you focus on the performance – you do not always lose when you dominate games and that’s what happened today. We played well, Villa had a good response in the second half but we managed to find the resources to win the game.

    On whether it was a surprising that it took so long to get the first goal…
    We were very dominant and the only regret you have at that stage is that you do not score enough goals. At 2-0 at half time you feel among the players that what happened last week had an impact in their head. When it came back to 2-1 it was an interesting test for my team. We could crumble or we could score again and we scored again. Villa are a good side with good strikers and a solid defence but overall I think we dominated the game.

    On the mental strength shown by his team…
    This team is very interesting because they are on the same wavelength in the way they want to play and [the way] they fight for each other. It’s very interesting to see and I think there is a lot more to come from this team.

    On Andrey Arshavin’s performance…
    He has been very sharp today I feel. I felt he was always dangerous. A good test is when you like a player to have the ball and you always like him to have the ball because you feet he could make the difference.

    On whether players had to step up in the absence of Cesc Fabregas…
    No, not really. I feel we want ideally Cesc to be there but I was confident before the game. We have a way we want to play football. Of course Cesc has his special talent but I still feel that no matter who plays we can have good team play.

    On going top of the Premier League…
    That’s the modern world of football, it changes quickly. What you do is focus on the quality of what you want to do and let people judge. I feel we played very well against Tottenham and they created less chances than Villa did today but we lost the game.

    On Arsenal’s poor home form…
    I don’t believe we have [a problem]. I prefer to have the problem this way around than the other way around. At home at some stage you will get things right. There is no fear from the players. Maybe we want a bit more urgency at home and feel at the start a bit too confident.

  23. Man

    I’d like to see JD start a few games but ahead of Squilacci…I’m not totally convinced about his pace and heading. I am pretty sure it’ll be JD-Koscielny against Wigan but I’d like to see that partnership in the league.

  24. Limestonegunner

    Chamakh has nine goals in all competitions, 6 PL and 3CL, more than Drogba, Rooney, Malouda, Berbatov, Torres, Anelka… Only Tevez and Bale have scored as many among PL players. He’s had more games than Tevez, of course but not that many more.

  25. gunner6ft

    we need a shoot on sight striker..vp is not good enough and has never been..i have more confidence in chamakh and bendtner than rvp

  26. Geoff

    Here’s my take, offer Bendtner for Schweinsteiger and if needs be cash, but he’s off on a free in the Summer and Bentdner isn’t good enough.

    Then sell Fabregas to the highest bidder, I know he wants to go to Barca, but they can’t afford it, anyway, fuck him, he’s turning into a crock and I hate what he did to us. Schweinsteiger and Nasri are as good and can do that job easily.

    Kozzer and Squillaci aren’t good enough for us and it’s time to find a world class DM.

    A keeper would be a bonus but I can’t see that happening.

  27. kev

    gunner6ft – a shoot on sight striker would be great but i guarantee wenger would coach that trait right out of the player. and i still say we could buy all the centre halves in the world but it wouldnt make a difference – its the way were playing

  28. BigRed1

    Gunner6ft,look who Barcelona have got in midfield and they are still trying to steal Cesc, and Nasri can adapt to so many positions.

  29. Gooby

    i agree on selling cesc and bendy and getting scwheisteiger in.

    i think squillaci is a two seasons player and wouldn’t start when vermy is fit.

    but i think kozzer is good enough for us and can be one of the best CB in the world, give him some time

  30. Rohan

    20 Appearances 10 goals 6 assists and not having taken penalties and having won quite a few is not to be scoffed at especially for our second choice striker.

  31. Rohan

    A midfield 3 of Schweinsteiger Nasri and Gourcuff would rival Barca’s. 😀

    Of course, it would be preferable to keep Cesc.

  32. nishanth

    Thought Rosicky was a class act today.Sad that he has lost that goalsocring ability though.But he kept things ticking.And his work rate is excellent.Great assist for the 3rd goal

  33. goonermichael

    I don’t mind Chamakh I think he’s doing ok considering he wasn’t meant to be first choice. I agree with jaguar for once though, he’s not a world class striker. But he was free so what can we expect?

  34. Jaguar reloaded

    Rohan,Adethewhore being one of the worst strikers in the world,scored 30 goals a season for us.If it was Torres or Drogba in his place,they would have scored a minimum of 50 goals.

  35. BigRed1

    In the 78th minute we`re 3-2 up and Song is on THEIR dead ball line kicking it out for a throw-in, I despair sometimes!

  36. Rohan

    Yeah, nish. He had a great game today. He’s a very very good squad player to have. I wonder where that thunderbolt shot of his has gone. Very strange- at one point, he had one of the best long shots in Europe.

  37. Gooby


    this is good enough imo, good enough to win the league.

  38. nishanth

    Next game in PL is fulham at home..Will be interesting to see the formation for that one.Playing 4-4-2 at home won’t be that bad an idea.Arshavin was sublime today though.Should give him the free role.

  39. Rohan

    He isn’t our first choice striker is he? It’s not just his goals, it’s his hold up play, work rate, intelligence in bringing others into play which make him a valuable asset.

    Yes, he probably isn’t a world class striker, but there aren’t too many better 2nd choice strikers out there.

  40. Rohan

    Arshavin Nasri and Wilshere are a great combo in midfield to have. If Arshavin does start firing now on during winter, it’ll be great news.

  41. Gooby


    50 goals a season? are you having a laugh?

    i can see that cunt ade begging us to take him back at some point of his career. I reckon he’ll end up playing for a shit team when shitty buy more strikers

  42. Man

    I’m not quite sure Chamakh is our second choice striker. His continued run in the side has meant that the way the team play has developed in a certain way that utilises his strengths. RvP has a big fight getting back into this team.

  43. Gooby

    i wish arsahvin plays well in every game from now on.

    against the mancs we need him, nasri and RvP in to form to win the game.


    nice bit of formation eh?

  44. Rohan

    Naah, RvP is twice the player chamakh is. Our play is always a lot more fluent when he’s playing.
    When fit, I’d go as far as saying he’s among the top 5 strikers in the world.

  45. patthegooner

    Geoff, nice thought but do you honestly think Schweinsteiger would come to Arsenal???

    Back in 2005 was the last time we could attract players of that quality, but sadly not anymore.

  46. Rohan

    Anyone else feels Nasri is more of a leader on the pitch than Cesc. He’s a lot more involved I feel. He may have a legitimate shout for captain when Cesc leaves.
    It should be RvP though but that’s dependent on his fitness. Then comes Vermaelen in the pecking order.

  47. Jaguar reloaded

    The best strikers in the world
    1)David Villa
    2)Messi(If you want to count him as a striker)
    5))Ronaldo(Same as that of Messi)
    9)RVP(if only the league was a five match affair)

    Chamakh wouldnt figure in the top 50.

  48. gunner6ft

    ptg..why wouldn’t schweinsteiger come to arsenal? he wouldn’t think twice about a move to us..he be a fool to refuse a move to one of the top 3 teams in the best league in the world

  49. A

    Jaguar don’t you have to put the same disclaimer on Torres as you do VP?! Suarez can’t be up there until he’s played in a proper league

  50. Rohan

    He’s definitely better than Higuain ( definition of a flat track bully) and arguably better than Ibrahimovic.
    I also don’t consider Ronaldo and Messi as CF’s

  51. Mayank

    Fuck me I completely agree with Jaguar’s list except Ibra. who has no business there, maybe Milito but haven’t seen too much of him. Chamakh would figure in the top 30 but only just.

  52. yangkamp10

    did it the hard way today – i almost smashed my keyboard posting about the”oles” today. Can you fucking believe that with a two goal lead they were ole-ing and incouraging the players to play for passing? Who are these fans – did they see what happenend last week?
    All that shit does is galvanise the opposition and make us look like arrogant wankers. Then guess what? Villa scored and we looked like we would throw it all away. AGAIN Le Grove should start the anti-ole movement…No more ole’s till we’re 4 goals up. And in injury time. And they’ve got 10 men.

  53. Mayank

    Fuck Man U won 7-1 and Berba scored 5 goals! He’s scored 9 of his goals in just 2 matches. Talk about being a confidence player.

  54. Mayank

    Good point Yangkamp, I can’t understand the point of the Ole’s at all, how are they supposed to positively impact the performance? I don’t remember where we didn’t have a disastrous spell after the Ole’s.

  55. yangkamp10

    Interesting debate on the strikers there. I think he is a workhorse-like type of striker. he’d surely make the top 50. he’s featured in the CL top scorers list for the past two seasons!

    That said i’m not his biggest fan…He could do with more quality in front of goal, and a more killer instinct. With him it’s about agility, work rate and (fair dues) good ariel ability.

  56. sixx pac

    HRP to get married next April. This has forced the Prince William to postpone the British royal wedding,due to fears it might not get enough press

  57. Man

    The premier league needs to charge Allardyce for bringing the game to disrepute. He actually admitted to using the second half of the match to ‘blood’ younger players in the squad. They were only 3 down and still had a chance of coming back…all he has done is gift manure a healthy goal difference. What a twat!

  58. yangkamp10

    Eto’o ranks for me as one of the worlds best. Seasoned, with pace and devastating finish. I’d have him in a heartbeat.

    Anyone think Chamakh is a starter in the spuds team? I dont.

  59. Jaguar reloaded

    Mayank,I think Eto’o is far more clinical than Rooney.It could also be down to the different roles they play in their teams.

  60. Mayank

    I just think Chamakh has been overworked. He never seems to have the legs to do what he’s trying to. Maybe if he was better rested he’d have better control. Right now I don’t see him as being a title winning CF, just good backup for RvP.

  61. Mayank

    Eto’o can be brilliant and is certainly better than Ibra, but he’s not in the same league as Messi, Drogba or Torres. Rooney v/s him is a tough call but Rooney shades it because he plays in the PL which is much tougher. Debatable though.

  62. Rohan

    Half of that list are fucking despicable cunts I wouldn’t want anywhere near Arsenal.
    I’d rather do without Ibra, Eto’o, Rooney, Drogba.

    I would love a fit Torres and just might be willing to swap him for RvP. On form, he’s the best striker in the world for me. He relishes playing up front be it any role.

  63. Mayank

    Gunner6, I think you might have forgotten the player RvP can be. If it was a choice b/w a fit RvP and Chamakh it’d be Chamakh everytime. But a fit RvP is about as common as Tigers in Africa.

  64. Mayank

    A, I hate Rooney as much as the next guy but he did a tremendous job at a young age for Utd. Maybe he’s plateaued or even gone downhill but he’s better than Eto’o on his day. Nevermind his off the ball workrate.

  65. sixx pac

    Gunner6, I think you might have forgotten the
    player RvP can be. If it was a choice b/w a fit
    RvP and Chamakh it ’d be Chamakh everytime.

    Sure that’s what u wanted to say Mayank

  66. Man

    There is Messi and the rest, I wouldn’t place any other player with Messi….so from the rest I’d pick Villa….with Ibra coming bottom on a list of 10

  67. A

    Mayank he’s had one top top class 6 months in his entire career. The first half of last season is the only time he’s been really world class, and deserving of being mentioned alongside the likes of Etoo and Villa

  68. Mayank

    It’ll be interesting to see how Jose controls Barca’s MF. If Barca are able to beat Real, Real should retire from the La Liga.