Arsenal need to win to go top, lose and we drop out top 3.

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Let me start by mentioning Jose Mourinho, he had this to say to the Sun yesterday, ‘Instead of speaking about Real Madrid, Mr Wenger should speak about Arsenal and explain how he lost 2-0 against a team in the Champions League for the first time. The story about the young kids is getting old now. Sagna, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin are NOT kids. They are all top players’

Well Arsene, he does have a point, one I whole heartedly agree with, one most fans can have no argument with and one you’d do well to heed, concentrate on your own team and work out how you can get back to winning again.

Today is match day, today we’ll all get behind you again, today we have to believe, win it and we are top of the league, don’t win and we’ll lose our third spot and get close to being overtaken by the spuds, something thought laughable this time last week. Last week we would have been top and ten points clear of them had we won, well we didn’t, so time to forgive and forget.

Arsene, today we are behind you, but today we need to win, so how do we do that? Pick a team that can win and hold on to a lead.

Here’s my choice.


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Gibbs

Wilshere Song Nasri

Walcott Robin Arshavin

Ok but this time tell the defence to stay in their own half, tell Song to stay just in front his defence but behind his midfield, and tell the forwards to shoot when they are within 25 of the goal should they see a gap.

Also time to start lobbing the hairdryer around the changing room instead of telling them they are young and special, they aren’t, trouble is from the  inside information I get, there are a lot of people in this team with attitude.

Nikki B has been shouting his mouth off about leaving if he doesn’t get played, you play him, he’s crap and you say nothing, not that we heard anyway. Time to start thinking of the poor sods that travel everywhere supporting this team, either that or start refunding them when the team plays like crap.

Good to hear that Robert Pires is telling the Villa fans he really wanted to play for the Arsenal, way to get the fans on your side Robert! I hope that the away fans find a suitable song to sing at Villa Park!

Aside from all the above, I expect us to win, and win well, it says a lot about a team that needs a 37 year old winger to help them win, go for it Arsenal, get some pride back, but please for the sake of every Arsenal fan, don’t play Denilson again, at least not in the same team as Song, two defensive midfielders don’t work, they might if it were Essien and Mascerano, but they aren’t.

Have a great day Grovers, live on the telly, early kick off and top of the league by 3pm, it doesn’t get better than that, a chance to put right what we should have done last week!

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  1. Confidentgoner

    We have gone complacent again! Too much exhibitionism, no direct shooting at goal. Why do we work every move to death? This is surely a weakness!

    I fully expect Nasri, Chamakh to do better. The only guy that shoots is Arsh

  2. yangkamp10

    as soon as we’re ahead we loose an edge. Ole’s to passsing?!?!

    who are these fucking fans out there? Did they see the spud game. Do they not know what happens when we relax?

    Villa are still dangerous

  3. Seb

    Because our midfield just stand there like lemons and watch the defence try to hold off their attacks. Which is like watching a seven year old trying to hold off a rapist.

    We’re like a fucking Swiss cheese at the back.

  4. Ja_Gunner

    These players are a bunch of idiots…..why is the game so open?

    These players never learn….and our side is becoming like the West Indies…Every fucker makes sparkling debuts against us……and set all kinds of personal records….21 year old Keiron Clarke scores 2 against us..his first 2 goals for Villa…..

    Our fucking team dont care to defend…we should be stting back and picking them off..not trading attacks……

  5. zeus


    Thx for the heads up on the new post..

    Geoff and Pedro do your jobs. Me and David have been over on the other one by ourselves.

  6. Confidentgoner


    AW will always gift you goals. HE DOES NOT TAKE DEFENSE TRAINING AS SERIOUS!

    I will really be upset if we fail to come out with the 3 points

  7. Ja_Gunner

    Suga I figure Russia is very cold in November but I am just repeating what Arshavin allegedly said on his website…..He said something like he is not used to playing in winter……

    And as I said why the fuck are we trading attacks? We should be consolidating and counterattacking them….

    I mean what the fuck is wrong with the team? EVen Wenger said that they are not cautious enough…..

  8. Seb

    Every single team in the Premiership and the Champions League, every single player, every single manager, they all know we are about as resilient as a snowflake. Looks pretty, but not exactly substantial and prone to melting altogether in seconds.

    We are swiftly building a reputation for epic collapses. Even if we win today, everyone else will be keenly aware that no matter how far ahead we might be in a game, there is still a chance we can chuck it away. Good times.

    If we can somehow see this one out, the rose-tinted will be crowing that we are top of the league. The clear-sighted will come away from this deeply anxious about the rest of the season.

  9. Swedish Gun


    completely agree about the ole´s

    fucking dumb away fans

    only get our players complacent and fires up the oppo

  10. Confidentgoner

    Take off Kos and bring in DJ. Their strategy is to Lob balls and head in to our goal. Wonder why Wenger has not reacted to that

  11. ritesh

    Why wait so long for the substitutions.

    We should have closed shop again and brought on Walcott.

    We need to get a coach to work with the defending as it is really crazy what happens at the back.

  12. ritesh

    If we had made the subs earlier, we might even have got a goal or 2….Now we are balanced!!!

    why have waited for 80 mins

  13. Seb

    Overlooking the badge kissing, nice play up front there.

    But the cunts have still made it a fucking painful afternoon’s viewing. I don’t feel much joy at all from this result.

  14. David

    First thing JD did when he came on was win the header off of Dune and the ref blew for the game.

    When we play the likes of stoke please take note Arsene.

  15. yangkamp10

    seriously. Could a team be any more suspect?

    If JD cannot get a place in the team we need to sign a dominate DC who can deal with the high balls when things get desperate.

    And we need to sign a defensive midfielder. 6.0″ + to shield the defence from the ariel assault. Song is now a box to box man – he misses too many headers anyway. And Jack is being asked to do too much defending.

  16. Sahara

    4-2, 2-0, Heck, we won.
    Well done Arsh, Jack, Chamakh, Nasri. And not just because they scored. Hopefully the players can start believing in themselves again.
    Bring on Wigan.

  17. yangkamp10

    Arsh is mustard in the hole. Best position. Trouble is half our squad plays there. Wenger – get some proper wide men!

    Jack kissing the badge has made my wknd.

  18. G STAR

    man city will lose 2 stoke,
    tottenham will beat liverpool,
    chelsea will draw against newcastle,
    man u will will against blackburn

  19. pantsR2long

    fun for the neutrals but as an arsenal supporter its a mixed bag. Attacking was fine, especially arshavin and nasri, but the defending was shambolic. Looks like the flapster is well and truly back and djourou has got to start in cb, he may look clumsy sometimes but those clean sheets speak for themselves.

  20. G STAR

    man city will lose 2 stoke,
    tottenham will beat liverpool,
    chelsea will draw against newcastle,
    man u will win against blackburn

  21. Hitman

    Just posted on the wrong blog edition. We are top the league. Wont last long but Spuds will drop points..
    and chance Fat Sam team may get something at Old Toilet as Clatterbergs isnt refeering that one

  22. Seb

    Villa were fucking awful, that’s why our own display was so shameful. Dunne must be about 55 now.

    It just doesn’t feel like we ever dominate the other team. We need a Vieira or (forgive me) Keane figure to put a rocket up the rest of the feckless twats, because Wenger never will.

  23. zeus

    Just saw the replay again and was right the first time. On the first goal, though it should have been offside, Clichy was again caught in two minds.

    As the ball was coming down to that kid, Clichy was closing him down, STOPS, and goes back giving the kid room to shoot.

  24. Kushagra India

    Rollocked them all over the pitch defending was shambolic in Cesc’s absence Arshavin ran the roost
    Chamakh didn’t capitalise or it would have been home and dry in the first half itself

  25. incesc

    Just texting back all the spuds that abused me last week. Top of the league!!

    Gotta take the small victories these days

  26. zeus

    Lets not go overboard with AA23’s performance. Its winter and the goal gave him confidence. But this is the first time this season that in the 80th minute AA23 is still busting a gut. By HT he is knackered.

  27. jason

    ARSH and WILSHERE totally rock’em up!

    In case u guys didnt notice, wilshere made so much in the defending. My god, Wilshere is really great!

  28. Kushagra India

    not many players have been busting a gut in 80th minute for us and average Arshavin has been better than many players in our squad take a chill pill mate!!!

  29. Dobbi

    Top of the league! Frail defensively but should have scored ten goals with a more clinical striker like RvP on. Arshavin was a beast today! Well done boys! Now lets get the team and support them all the way.

  30. Gooby

    i can’t stand park, he looks stupid, no expressions on his face whatsoever.

    Rooney on the other hand do look like a greedy little pig

  31. zeus

    Arshavin had a good game against a decent side. I’m not prepared to say give him Cesc’s central role though.

    Rosicky performed there today. I like AA23 and long may this good form continue, but for all the’amazing’ stats that your talking about, that was his 1st goal in 11 games.

    Lets hope this run continues though.

  32. Erichero

    Arsha plays terrific in winter 🙂

    Arsenal 15 15 29
    Chelsea 14 19 28
    Man Utd 14 13 28
    Man City 14 8 25

    If we could have seen this table at the start of the season, would you have taken it?

  33. David

    Naa Rosicky had the most chances in the first half and he’s still hopeless infront of goal.

    Cant get it on target to save his life.

    We’d have scored 6 or 7 if he hit at least 1 of them on target.