Arsenal need to win to go top, lose and we drop out top 3.

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Let me start by mentioning Jose Mourinho, he had this to say to the Sun yesterday, ‘Instead of speaking about Real Madrid, Mr Wenger should speak about Arsenal and explain how he lost 2-0 against a team in the Champions League for the first time. The story about the young kids is getting old now. Sagna, Clichy, Walcott, Fabregas, Song, Nasri, Van Persie, Arshavin are NOT kids. They are all top players’

Well Arsene, he does have a point, one I whole heartedly agree with, one most fans can have no argument with and one you’d do well to heed, concentrate on your own team and work out how you can get back to winning again.

Today is match day, today we’ll all get behind you again, today we have to believe, win it and we are top of the league, don’t win and we’ll lose our third spot and get close to being overtaken by the spuds, something thought laughable this time last week. Last week we would have been top and ten points clear of them had we won, well we didn’t, so time to forgive and forget.

Arsene, today we are behind you, but today we need to win, so how do we do that? Pick a team that can win and hold on to a lead.

Here’s my choice.


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Gibbs

Wilshere Song Nasri

Walcott Robin Arshavin

Ok but this time tell the defence to stay in their own half, tell Song to stay just in front his defence but behind his midfield, and tell the forwards to shoot when they are within 25 of the goal should they see a gap.

Also time to start lobbing the hairdryer around the changing room instead of telling them they are young and special, they aren’t, trouble is from the  inside information I get, there are a lot of people in this team with attitude.

Nikki B has been shouting his mouth off about leaving if he doesn’t get played, you play him, he’s crap and you say nothing, not that we heard anyway. Time to start thinking of the poor sods that travel everywhere supporting this team, either that or start refunding them when the team plays like crap.

Good to hear that Robert Pires is telling the Villa fans he really wanted to play for the Arsenal, way to get the fans on your side Robert! I hope that the away fans find a suitable song to sing at Villa Park!

Aside from all the above, I expect us to win, and win well, it says a lot about a team that needs a 37 year old winger to help them win, go for it Arsenal, get some pride back, but please for the sake of every Arsenal fan, don’t play Denilson again, at least not in the same team as Song, two defensive midfielders don’t work, they might if it were Essien and Mascerano, but they aren’t.

Have a great day Grovers, live on the telly, early kick off and top of the league by 3pm, it doesn’t get better than that, a chance to put right what we should have done last week!

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  1. Gooby

    1. messi
    2. ronaldo
    3. torres
    4. drogba
    5. villa
    6. milito
    7. eto’o
    8. Rooney
    9. forlan
    10. RvP
    11. higuain
    12. Tevez
    13. Pato
    14. benzema
    15. suarez
    16. aguero
    17. rossi
    18. chamakh
    19. klose
    20. muller
    21. robinho
    22. huntelaar
    23. llorente
    24. berbashit
    25. lisandro lopez

    based on my opinion i know it’s debatable but i find it fun to make lists

  2. Mayank

    They used to say they’d like to see what Roy Hogdson does with a big team. We can see that now. Small time players in the PL are small time for a reason.

  3. korchha

    I would love to see us line up like this:
    Sagna Verm JD Gibbs
    Nasri (DM) Wilshere
    Chamakh RVP

    Play Arshavin in the hole – Chamakh can do his hold up and lay offs for RVP.

    What we lack obviously is the DM – but AW will never buy one with his pets Song and Denilson still around.

  4. David

    Agreed Gm

    Id have Kenwayne over Shrekwayne


    Interesting Eto o and Milito play on the same team yet Etoo has scored more goals.

    And when its all said and done he’d have outscored more goals than Villa at Barca as well.

  5. Gooby

    i can’t make it accurate enough, but milito has been the best striker last season in europe without a doubt, him and eto’o are both top players.

    rooney should have been 13th though

  6. Gooby

    choy, RvP scores and gives loads of assists, he’s very intelligent and often makes the right decision that’s why he is awesome

  7. goonermichael

    It’s almost impossible to really rate RVP because he never really goes long enough without getting injured. Remember he scored 12 league goals before christmas once then got injured for a year. I put £50 on him to be top scorer once but he got injured (naturally) I don’t think he’ll ever really reach his potential. Drogba is worth at least 2 rooneys.

  8. Queen of suburbia

    Nervous Chozzer. People nearly passed out everytime song crossed the halfway line!

    Wasn’t keen on some of the oles but they soon died out when I fixed a stare.

  9. gunner6ft

    adebayor was a far better striker than rvp when he was with us..scoed more goals..i’m sure you lot would have picked the former ahead of the latter

  10. SUGA3

    nicely done, QoS 😉

    at one point the oles stopped and ‘Come on Arsenal’ started instead, that was a good touch, I wish the home crowd had that much sense 😆

    it’s nice to see them playing like they gave a fuck, well, more or less…

    Jack will be the Arsenal legend, I read he got some stick when he went to acknowledge away fans at Braga – truly undeservedly too!

  11. chozzer

    I thought the ole’ing would have died a death after the spuds first half. Some supporters are just too stupid for words.

  12. El tel

    As I expected some people in the room use computer games to assess football players.

    No mention of Edin Dzecko in the striker lists, Suares scores goals for fun but he plays in a shit league, here we go again. Wierd how that shit league has so many great players coming from it and that Holland were WC finalists AGAIN.

    Funny how that shit league produces some of the best Managers. Etooe must be in the top 5 and so too must Ibra as he scores in big games, something RVP has yet to do.

    Get rid of the vastly over rated RVP let Cesc go I say.

    Chamakh is a very decent forward and he scores goals. The man hasn’t played many games in the Prem the so called best league in the world yet he has fitted in well.

    As for the Mancs this is yet another game where I knew before it started that they would give them an hiding. That fat cunt should be locked up along with all the other Managers who are sons of Fergie.

    How can he want to smash us every time by fair means or foul yet experiment with his team against them. If there is no enquiry to this hen all of you prepare for the same outset for the rest of your football loving lives. The Italians sorted out their shit and the Scots will have to very quickly yet we still think the English wouldn’t do this. Very funny.

    Also guys we actually won today so even if you are still angry or unhappy at least let those that enjoy winning do so without abusing the players again.

    At the beginning of this season some were calling Nasri an overweight fat cunt. Where are you guys now that he is playing well?

    Yes things still are far from right but let’s be happy when we win. You never know,when these guys get a few games together under their belts they may gel.

    As that cheating tossed Moaninio says we have great players that he believes should be winning things. Let’s hope our Manager can turn it around and push these fellas to glory.

    Moaninio is more a voyeur than Wenger could ever be. Arsene gets asked the questions and answers them, I doubt he started to talk about RM off the cuff.

    Come on you Gunners.

  13. chozzer

    Some people “who know nothing about football” have a vested interest in declaring that Chamakh is shit. Best just to ignore the twats.

  14. El tel

    If the Arsenal are such an undesirable team all of a sudden how come the so called best Manager of all time spends so much time talking about us.

    Surely we are a non entity compared to the magnificent RM.

  15. Gooby

    Well said El Tel

    but i don’t agree we should get rid of RVP, he can do a rosicky and stay injury free. he’s an awesome forward, better than chamakh imo and he’s a gunner through and through.

    if cesc wants away, we should sell him to the highest bidders and bring a quality midfielder; shweinsteiger, m’villa, pastore,

  16. El tel


    I only really know about schweinsteiger from your list and I would love to see him play for us.

    I think RVP is the nuts mate but he is lightweight. Unreliable and I think Chamakh will improve to another level given time.

  17. El tel

    I still think a goalkeeper should be signed before any other player first. To let in 2 per match is a joke no matter how poor we play. Great teams don’t let goals in that easily and if we want to be great this needs sorting fast.

  18. Jaguar reloaded

    Chozzer,did you have the same opinion,when Chamakh passed it back to the nearest player,when he was one-on-one with the GK in the Spurs game.

  19. El tel

    So AA23 plays his best game this season because Sicky was covering Clichy. Good to hear that AA23 was used in he correct manner and that it isn’t his problem if Clichy isn’t good enough.

  20. TOMTOM

    A good centre back would really make a big difference but I also agree that we need a new keeper and left back. I’d also like to see us clear out all the average players in our squad

  21. Big Dave

    1 result does make us happy after the week that was however villa were poor today and we were lucky it was not Stoke as I feel it would had been a loss.
    Clichy worries me, he is just not good enough, glad not to see Denilson starting, and we played better without Cesc. Plus side AA23, TR7, JW. Song needs to learn to sit and help defend with 20 min to go instead of bombing forward and leaving a whole at the back

  22. El tel

    We are talking real football Jagman not a computer game where nothing makes mistakes. Chamakh was dead on his feet against them Wenger fault not his and funny how the first half of that match was probably our best performance of the season with Chamakh leading the line and scoring I might add.

    You like RVP and there’s no problem from me about this but we were easy to defend when he came on as his movement is not good enough to worry defences.

    If you hate Chamakh because he isn’t a big name Charlie then fine but to say he is rubbish doesn’t make sense.

    Chamakh is also an Arsenal man and if you read what he said when joining you would know this, except Chamakh wants to play for the Arsenal unlike a certain RVP who likes to sit and watch.
    RVP is a No.10 IMO not a striker.

  23. Gooby

    i know chamakh is a gunner too and i never said he is rubbish i like him and think he’s done very good.

    i am saying RvP is better, anyway we’ll see when he plays again

  24. El tel

    Good thanks Choy how about you pal?

    Big Dave you are right about Villa being poor mate but to hear that fat Sam experimented with his team in their most high profile match stinks. I bet they don’t mention that while digesting the glory of scoring 7.

    I can’t remember seeing any team lie down against us wether they are weak or not.

    Watch teams who play the Mancscum sit off them and let them play yet ALL teams get into our faces and many play their best game of the season against US.

  25. El tel

    Gooby mate. I never said you saying Chamakh is rubbish, I was commenting on others from earlier posts and over the past week.

    I agree that RVP is better but he doesn’t play often enough and we need consistency if we are to succeed.

  26. ritesh

    Gooby, on these kind of performances, it would be unfair to put Chamakh on the bench to be replaced by a part time Arsenal player like Glass Persie or a player who believes he is as good as Ronaldo.

  27. Big Dave

    Fat Sam allways lays down and sucks Fergie cock.

    I like MC29 he might not be everyone favs cause he is no Eto o or villa, but he is good for us and deserves to keep NB52 out the side

  28. El tel

    Fat Sam should be nicked mate not sacked as he will go elsewhere to assist his mate Fergie.

    Wolves last year fielding a weakened team and now this. How many points per season do they get by default?

    They play in Europe just a few hundred miles up the road then come back to get a freebie.

    Nobody breaks their players legs or even tackle them.

    Shrek is lauded by some earlier posts yet he has only scored a couple of pens in months for a team who get away with murders.

    How does this make him one of the worlds best. I watched the WC too and he was toilet.

  29. chozzer

    “Jaguar knows nothing about football£, I haven’t given any opinion on Chamakh. I know that all players have good games and poor games. I’m not cretinous enough to decide that a player is shit before he’s even played for us and then have to try to justify that view for ever more.

  30. Gooby

    i am very happy with chamakh atm. He should stay in the starting eleven for now, but surely RvP will get minutes and i am confident he’ll be back to his best within a month, if he doesn’t break something again.

    el tel

    sorry mate i misunderstood

  31. David

    Anyone see Sakho play against England?

    I thought he was shite.

    I dont understand the hype about him.

    And yes.

    How i miss Gilberto Silva,

    these young Brazillian DM’s are disgraceful.


    how can a player who in 19 starts has 10 goals, 6 assists and has won 3 pens be rubbish

    get real

    yes he does have flaws in his game but overall has been a sucsesfull signing who gives 100% and offers us another dimension

    andrey was top draw today and tomas and jackie were both very good in second half
    kocielny also impressed

    all in all a great day after a terrible week

  33. David

    Koscienly clearly the weak link for me in that shambolic defense.

    Lost everything in the air to anybody really.

    Rosicky was my MOTM after Arshavin.

    He covered for Clichy very well!

  34. David

    If he was super as was Squillaci as, was Sagna as was Clichy then why was our defending so shite?

    Someone made mistakes.

    Guess who?

  35. ethangunner


    if you would rather have a crocked RVP i can see you have NO aspirations at all of a title ..

    you cannot plan game to game tactics with a player like that and im sure wenger blames him for a lot of our misfortune , coupled with that and his belief in players like diaby – denilson and song , the goal keeper problems and cesc wanting away , the lack of general leadership on the pitch and more importantly the experience lacking and you have major long term issues that seems to be ignored . CONTINUOUSLY

    some of you might agree with me now after 3 long fruitless years since le grove started, however some of you STUPIDLY , still do not … keep the faith …

    RIGHT ?

    yeah right , things need a shake up and have done for some time …
    it is funny to read the same plonkers bible bash the greatness of certain players like they are ducks nuts ….

    ducks nuts without a trophy !

  36. ethangunner

    gunner6ft says:
    November 27, 2010 at 21:32

    chamakh better than RvP …fact!

    its hard to say how good RVP is , as he disappears
    so often he is like a NEW TRY HARD STRIKER after every long term injury , if he had a season or 2 without injury ( i know its IMPOSSIBLE 4 him)
    but if you could see that maybe then you could judge .

    but the end result is chamakh is better by default mainly due to his PLAY-ABILITY on the pitch ..

    and having a supposed TOP STRIKER always side lined has further hurt this team over YEARS !

    many years , yet wenger has faith he will return , better each time ….

    i said 2 years ago sell the cunt , and again who was right 🙂

    by the time wenger wakes up and does it, he wont be worth 2 bob!

  37. DaleDaGooner

    Wow, what does Koscielny, Chamakh and Squillaci have to do to get a pass in this team? Even Djourou as well?/ Some of you just like to complain. We could get Rooney and he’d do fuck all like he is now, and he’ll get a pass, or David Villa… fact is Chamakh has given us something different, rarely gets injured, scores headers, puts a few on the ground, holds up well, Koscielny hasn’t played top football, yet he is doing some pretty impressive things, i reckon, Vidic wasn’t high and mighty in his first season, lets judge Kos after 2 years, k? Honestly i expect less knee jerk reaction from some of you. We were in seriously for Jagielka and he didn’t want to come, we tried Metersacker, and his team didn’t want to sell….we aren’t entitled to every player you lot want. Cesc is the issue this season, his antics before the season and his play currently are not inspiring, we can’t keep blaming the unknown newbies. I reckon some of you know squat. Yes stick to unnecessary moaning.

    Now that being said, my grief with Chamakh is he needs to shoot on sight, like he did one time today, he needs to be selfish and ruthless, but other than that, where is RvP? I’ll gladly take Chamakh.

    Koscielny will come good. As much as we love Vermaelen, he was pants in some games last season. I reckon they will come good.

  38. Gooby

    read what i said again.

    i’d rather RvP over chamakh when fit because he is better player, but chamakh can do the job. it doesn’t hurt to have two good striker, does it?

    david, first goal was clichy’s fault, the second was song’s

  39. DaleDaGooner

    Currently, Chamakh is better than a lot of strikers in the league based on form and fitness, now class might be something else, but he is still more classier than some notable European strikers. I’d put him in top 30 strikers in Europe, not bad considering what is out there.

    And Jag, Adebayor isn’t “Francophonic” he is actually Anglophone by origin. His name is purely Nigerian which is an English speaking country, ok son?

  40. Queen of suburbia

    The first the Lino gets the credit for. Interfering with play, the second I’d suggest was zonal marking. Poor goal and clichy could have perhaps done better.

    Generally the kos was excellent surprisingly verbal as well, marshalling the defence. It was good to see, the lad is growing in confidence and stature.

  41. DaleDaGooner

    Agree with QoS, My goodness Clatter-bung and the Lino had that all day, that was no goal, I mean Fabianski was trying to look around that cunt who stayed in front of him checking himself out for damage. And Clichy as usual could have charged him down. Second goal, lets be honest, the scorer just lucked that one in…no skill to back heading it, i guess someone should have marked, stay on him like white on rice.

  42. SongtheGreat

    well….if it hadnt been for one gunslinger Song..Song..Song….heey Geoff time you joined the gang ;

    what an important win….still im determined that wenger must go..we should sell RvP…Denilson..Fabianski….Bendtner should get a kick in tha butt….and cesc what can i say…get the feck out of Our club you are a walking disgrace…

    ….and oops…i thought Nasri had a splendid game 🙂

    but thats me..

  43. JJ

    Did anyone else find themselves yelling at their TV’s for Song to get back and defend?

    We are still suspect at the back. Squirrel was ok for a few games but he doesn’t look to have the quality or consistency for a full season. Could have something to do with the fact that he is 65 years old…

  44. Gooby

    adebayor got nigerian parents but was born and lived in togo so i thing he is a francophonic, and considering he is a mug too

    that makes him a francophonic mug, so jaguar was right.

    on the other hand i can’t understand why jaguar hates the french, maybe he got traumatise as a child or turned down serveral time by french women or had a tough time learning french at school. can’t figure it out.

    racism is bad!

  45. JJ

    Why don’t our players challenge the ref? Had Fabianski or our senior players gone to Clattenburg and told him about the interference he may have thought differently.

    It is like the Vela incident during the week. I wanted to punch him in the face for smiling (after not getting the call). He should have been giving the ref a piece of his mind. Smiling tells the ref that he got the decision right.

  46. JJ

    I am not saying they should abuse the ref and get a yellow. Just that they should put the doubt in the ref’s mind that they got it wrong. E.g. Fab could have told the ref that Carew was in his line of sight and therefore interfering. He could have told the ref to go ask the touch judge if he was right. Worst case, the doubt is in the ref’s mind and we might get a “make up call” later in the game.

    Vela’s smiling drove me nuts. Tell me it didn’t do the same to you?

  47. David

    Id rather Vela ahead of Bendy on the wing, dont see what Bendy has done to merit a start.

    Agree with the squad although I wish we still had Cocquelin.

    And Fran Merida for that matter.

  48. Stu

    Neither Vela nor Bendtner have done anything to merit a start. So why not start both of them, they seem to have a good understanding.

  49. Stu

    Adapt the 4-3-3. Vela tucked in a bit on the left, push Bendtner over to just right of centre and whoever plays right wing (might be a midfielder), they can act as a midfielder.

    Not gonna happen though because Theos gonna be on the right.

    4-3-3 with Vela given a bit of licence to roam could work though as long as whoever plays left DM is smart enough to cover Gibbs at left back.

  50. A

    connor henderson is certainly not ready to play for the first team. it’s a pity lansbury has gone on loan, or even ramsey for that matter, would’ve been nice to have had a look at him.

    bendtner is just back from injury, he needs game time to get match sharpness back, same as vp and theo. it is a pity for vela, which is why i want him to go on loan in january.

  51. Gooby


    few players in the league got his abilities.

    1. creativity and vision are word class, he open ups defences better than any other striker in the league.

    2. powerful left foot shot, isn’t afraid to take them, you can see he is on the pitch to score. his right foot isn’t ridiculous either

    3. His stats are amazing, when he plays he constantly scores and assists.

    4. he holds up play, he makes the right decision most of the time, he is influential, not to mention he’s the most technically gifted striker in the league

    5. winning mentality and loves the team, he is prepared to die on the pitch, a gunner through and through.

    i think he’ll prove his critics wrong when he plays again, if there is any arsenal player i have blind faith in, it has to be RvP.

  52. goonermichael

    the first villa goal should have been offside. flappy couldn’t see through that big fucking offside lump in front of him. He’s trying to stick his neck around the side. Shearer loves Chamakh xx

  53. Rohan

    RvP if he is ever able to reach his full potential is one of the best players in the world.
    I’d rather trust the judgement of Marko van Basten than some you mugs. 😀 😀

  54. gunner6ft

    Rohan, what do u expect Van Basten 2 say of his fellow countryman, that he’s shite?? common we all know we have never depended on RVP for goals..agreed he makes us play well, but goals win games and championships..nuff said!

  55. kneelbeforewenger

    gunner6ft. Don’t be silly mate. Iru iwo loun fun wa ni oruko ti o da.

    Robin Van Persie is among the top 5 strikers in the world when fit. And Bendtner is extremely Shite. What arsenal matches do you watch? Berekum Arsenal?. Stop going round insulting people just because someone is richer than another… Its that silly mentality that isn’t making our country move forward. At the end of the day, its our deeds that make us who we are. not some silly 40,000 pounds a week.

    I’m a Nigerian, and all Nigerians I know in Lagos love RvP and Severely dislike Bender… Where do you live exactly?

  56. Kushagra India

    If we had Eto’o our last 6 years wouldn’t have gone barren,he would average 40 goals a season for us,his goal against spuds showed what we are lacking a proper Ronaldo-esque(Brazil) Henry-esque Torres-esque sort of striker.He is a different player to Messi (beyond comparison) and Ronaldo(perennial big game flop ),a big game player.

  57. Kushagra India

    Bendy due to his attitude will remain a 3rd choice CF similar to Wes Brown everyone says u r talented and u realise u r 29….I hope i am proven wrong.

  58. Rohan

    Ok,fess up. Which one of you was the mug who ran on the pitch when Wilshere scored and started dry humping the players?

  59. Rohan

    One thing we can all agree about RvP is that he’s quite obviously the best penalty taker in the world.
    Christ, he has a great left peg.

  60. David

    naa eff that, thats just idiotic.

    Whenever we needed a goal RVP has the one that provided it.

    HOw the eff can anyone say Mr.Arsenal himself is shite. wtf are you lot smoking?

  61. Rohan

    Agreed David. RvP is a fucking god. Arsenal through and through. I just hope to god this is last big injury layoff and he’ll be back for good because then the good times will roll.

  62. David

    Im a bit more patient with him just because i know he scores important goals.

    If he is crocked again once more i do think we should sell to the highest bidder though.

    Eduardo didnt get the same chances.

  63. kneelbeforewenger

    RvP’s injuries have come to an end. so says me.

    He will not get injured again for 2 years or so, during that time he will win the ballon D’or. Ha, was just having a nice arsenal dream. Why did i have to wake up 🙁

    RvP is the most creative STRIKER i know. his ability to spot a pass a couple of seconds early is something no other striker in the world has. He is top class without a doubt. I know he’s very susceptible to injuries, but like Rosicky, I just have a feeling that his injury days are behind him. Though, whenever he is tackled, or nudged, or tickled, or whenever there is a strong wind :), i fear for him… Am I the only one?

  64. kneelbeforewenger

    True, David… I wish we had given dudu one more season… He’s tearing it up over at Shaktar now. Didn’t Wenger want him to stay, and didn’t he refuse?

  65. kneelbeforewenger

    3ft, No, he doesn’t, Drogba is more of a…. Tevez like striker. Anyone can pass, its the ability to do it creatively thats special

  66. SUGA3

    RvP shite? you are having a fucking laugh…

    when fully match fit, he is as good as fucker on that planet, shame he has injury record to match or better Diaby’s…

    and he is Arsenal through and through – if he was fit more often that not he should be made at least vice captain (not sure about the idea of forward being the captain)…

    last few season:

    07/08 – missed 2 months
    08/09 – missed about 2 months combined
    09/10 – missed 5 months in one go

    this season he has missed about three months now – I surely hope this will be his last injury this season…

  67. LAzer

    We are playing 5 in mid in this system. Cesc has been the weak link in games he has played. Arshavin and Rosicky were both better today through the middle when they used the space. And amazingly even their passing was better.

    And Nasri, even though a center attacking mid, has much better ball control skill and reading of the game than Theo to be able to play on the right better than him. If Theo had anywhere near a Henry-esque ball control he would be a great striker.

    My 11 for league cup


    Sagna Squillachi Djourou Gibbs

    Wilshere Nasri Denilson

    Theo Bendtner Vela

    Is Vela in contention though?

  68. LAzer

    And that answers my question nishanth…I think Wenger plays him here, he played him as a sub in the CL as well. Let Rvp take the day and train for a start at home vs. Cottagers.

    Loan makes more sense, let the boy out on loan to a Bolton if they are takers in the prem, see what he comes back with. Silva can take his 4th striker spot come Jan.

  69. nishanth

    Agree with you.There will plenty of takers for Vela.Aston Villa could be a decent option.Or maybe even fulham.Not just Silva we also have JET as an option

  70. Pedro

    Chozzer, you thought in a game where Villa hardly attacked… and we conceded two goals, one in which Kozzer was out jumped, the other where both were too slow off the mark… was a game in which they both did well?

    We conceded twice again. That’s not good enough.

    As for Clichy… I thought he had a hand in the first goal as well.