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Okay in a  week of the worst football I have seen from Arsene Wenger’s best ever team I have to question the job description of our manager, is he a manager (yes I know he was the best, years ago) or is he a neurotic and over protective parent who can’t see he has ugly kids?

I ask this question because as a true Arsenal supporter, I am beginning to ask myself if he is losing the plot, the rest of the Arsenal management team have quite clearly lost it with the building of new restaurants dedicated to Arsene, whilst ignoring that the executive boxes aren’t being renewed and we are losing our young fan base to teams around us that win things, that people is a fact, only the management are so wrapped up in their own little bubble of outrageous salaries and bonuses they fail to see the woods for the trees.

If Arsene could pick a team that included Diaby, Denilson, Eboue and Song then he wouldn’t hesitate, all children from project youth and all no better than average. Yet Wenger puts them down as better than Pires, Vieira, Dixon and Bergkamp (in order of their playing position if Diaby plays in the hole)

Never mind the fact he thinks that Koscielny and Squillaci are better than Adams and Keown, or Chamakh and Van Persie are better than Henry and Bendtner is better than Wright. But if he thinks that Clichy is better than Cole and Fabianski is better than Seaman then I believe he truly has to sit back and listen to himself.

And before anyone questions the fact he said squad, I can bring in Pires, Freddie, Campbell and Gilberto if you want, however you cut it, it’s a stupid unbelievable statement to make!

Denilson has played over 180 games for us, he’s hopeless at best, how the hell has he got to play that many games, if you then add up the others that are average, it really does show how many players we are carrying, no wonder Cesc wants out.

He says the most important quality he looks for in a player is intelligence, I find that incredible, he thinks his players are smart!

Robin is truly a world class talent, but when do we give up on a striker that manages a third of the season at best? When is it time to say goodbye and bring in someone we can bank on?

When is it time to see all the average players for what they are, average, and sell them, when is it time to stop playing them when the whole footballing world can see how bad they are and bring in what we need? 3 years ago you said judge me in May, I did, but what May did you mean?

Mourinho once said you had the safest job in football, he was right, but it’s unhealthy and bad business, when Arsenal finally realise they are losing support, you’ll be long gone and it will be too late, it’s just a shame the rest of the management team aren’t that bright that they can’t see it.

Blogland has even turned against you Arsene, this is a selection of posts written since we capitulated against the spuds last weekend. Have a read. The Online Gooner (Link) for me is gernerally the website that guages fan feeling at the stadium the best, there are newer blogs calling for change and blogs that have been established for years also posing difficult. Nigel Winterburn and Martin Keown are also making very credible arguments about fundamental problems that a top class coach should not be having.

People who just think that criticising the manager is a hanging offence should look around, if other teams aren’t happy with their teams performances they let their managers go, teams that have done that? ManU, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Newcastle, Spurs, West Ham, Milan,Juventus, it’s not heresy to say you aren’t happy with losing.

In other news, good luck to Aaron Ramsey who has gone out on loan to Nottingham Forest for a month. If anything is going to get you battle hardened, it’s a trip down to the Championship. Hopefully he’ll come back raring to go for the new year.

It’s also interesting to read Wenger’s comment about Cesc’s ‘little bit of a hamstring‘ problem. An interesting turn of phrase considering the immediacy of Spaniards call to the bench when he strained himself against Braga. It’s also interesting that he’s going to back in 2 weeks.

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Have a great day Grovers, let the jokes roll…

P.S. I don’t even want to mention the lurid headlines on the front pages of many papers around the world this morning. Embarrassing…

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  1. IvoryGoonz

    I must admit that despite being French born in Africa myself, I start to think that the problem is really too many different nationalities in the team. Most injuries are psyche related.
    If you take RVP who played percent-wise more games for Holland than for Arsenal., I would suspect AND expect that he’s more motivated when he plays for his country, more focused, and less injured.
    Same is true for Fab. Or others in the team.
    You need at least a core set of English players which is what Wright, Keown and others brought.
    If you want to play national team, then you have more chances to be picked if you play in that national first league, and you will play better in league matches because your selection depend on it.
    But the more international level players you have, the more travel and injuries they get.
    So you need to have the right balance there.
    I’d also have to say that the right balance should be applied to new players. You need youngsters. Ok. Ut bot as many as has been brought. All these south Americans will end up like Vela. Talented, underused, fragile.
    The rest is up to the MANager and COACH to do his job of motivation.
    Arsene, if you read me: forget the soft but don’t go a la Mourinho.
    But please. With all that money, bring in players that are already finished products to balance all these under 22-23, and consistent. Also either need to bring in real wingers and play 4-4-2, or bring in DMs to play a la Total.
    Thanks for reading.
    Best of luck, support and success for the 1er league title.

  2. steve biko


    I agree, what I however makes me a little happy is the fact that there is a steady drum beat from former players against theway the team has defended off late as well as now from the media. Wenger may not read Arsenal blogs but he and those close to him read papers and one can only hope they will come across such comments and change course.

  3. incesc

    The thing is if we stop being lazy, up the tempo of our play and close down quickly the defence becomes less of a worry.

    We are always going to play with a high line, and hold the ball up in the oppositions half leaving us vulnerable, but i’d rather that than sit back and invite pressure. This team always cracks under pressure so we need them playing to their strengths and attacking and outscoring teams.

  4. Baafuor from Ghana

    Djourou should start alongside Squillaci tomorrow, otherwise we will lose.We have won 86% of games when JD plays along the Squid whilst winnng only 36% wen KOs plays with the Squid!

  5. steve biko


    Be honest dont you think we have missed Diaby or as you call him duduyaby in some of our recent games? Surely Denilson is off no use.

  6. A.F.C Lambo

    Steve Howard .Wanker. What a easy target we are at the min . The last bit, North london Heavyweights. Spuds. Fuck me that beats Gallas ” we are going to win everthing” Mug.

  7. steve biko

    AFC Lambo

    I agree. But for me the most important part of his piece was his point that we need our former players to help the current team. Hopefully the drum beat grows louder.

  8. gazzap

    Fabregas is at it again
    “Guardiola is my idol,” Fabregas told Sports World magazine. “I do not envy the Barcelona players, but they are very lucky to work with him.”

    To me that says, I wish i could work with Guardiola rather than Wenger. Cesc has seen through Wenger – he is a very smart young man.

  9. Jaguar reloaded

    Steve Biko,I think we have still benefitted from Diaby not playing.If he had played,we would have lost the Everton and Wolves games as well.

  10. A.F.C Lambo

    Steve biko
    That part of the piece was spot on but that was needed 2/3 years ago . With their help (which would never happen) we could be so strong now. Dont get me wrong wenger was( was was) good but with some of the average weak players we have now we will never win anything. He cant see or dont want to see. Fucking sad time for all us gooners. saturday was THE END.

  11. gazzap

    Jaguar, I agree – Diaby being in the team would weaken us just as Denilson’s return has conincided with our recent poor run. Before when it was Wilshere (box to box) and Song (holding) we were much better.
    shit players cannot win the title, it really is very simple.
    Almunia and Bendtner also need to make way for better talent but fortunately neither are playing many games for us right now.

  12. goonermichael

    Guardiola competes year in year out? he’s only been managing 5 minutes and in a two team league. Let’s see if he wins anything this season

  13. zeus

    Just listened to the arsecast. John Cross reckons that Kozzer is shit (He said ‘short’, squad player at best) and ditto Squllacci.

    Figures we need a WC defence and GK (No shit Sherlock) and put forward Per mertesacker as a potential partner for TV5. I know some of you were saying the same during the world cup too.

    Boy we do miss im though.

  14. Willie

    We r all defending fab now?he’s a f**kin captain ffs!he can’t go yappin all around!it appears to me his only motivation over the years was to prove to barca that they should’ve kept him(rejection).cant deny he’s talented but may be wenger shoulda let him go-it’s like wanting a divorce n not gettin one!

  15. A.F.C Lambo

    Cesc wanted to go in the summer, should of let him. He knows what we got at arsenal just ant good enuf . wenger knows best. Bollocks….

  16. zeus

    The only way we could have let Fabregas go was if we went out and bout a player that is decisive in the pass. No one in the world bar Iniesta and Xavi are at his level and the only other I can think of that is of that quality but far from his equal is Ozil.

    Either way, losing Cesc would have been a step backward and after 5 years of winning F All, that was not an option. The only downside is that we still don’t have his replacement yet.

    Nasri is a different type and no way as good, Ramsey and Wilshere are about 4-5 years away really. The only good is if barca want Cesc they are gonna have to pay over the odds and at present the only way that comes about id if they go brankrupt or sell half the squad to buy one player.

    Either way we are rid of a wantaway player and a scurge in club football.

  17. Sahara

    2-0 to the good guys.
    Diaby does a job….., when a bell in his head rings.
    He’s also direct and is a ball carrier. Shame he’s never fit enough or consistent enough.

    We need our players to be more direct, take forward risks and reduce the very ineffective of late possession tip-tap.

    Thats why I forgive Arsh losing the ball. He runs at defenders and tries to make things happen. If he wont track back or defend, put him in the whole.

    Tip-tap, keep ball, look for Cesc, congested final 3rd, lose ball get caught on counter has to change.

  18. A.F.C Lambo

    You cant replace cesc Fabregas zeus. I know that but keeping a player who dont want to be with us is no good to anyone. Finding replacements isnt wenger strongest. Look at the team 2004 look at the team 2010

  19. Pharo9ja

    There u go,grovers and fans in general ignoring the true problem(s). Fantasizing,whishing & dreaming about laurels. I dont anymore because from what I’ve seen it’s not practicable. But I will continue to support this team not because of the dross we have in there. Not be because of Wenger but because I love this club and I will be the first to get on here and celebrate the win 2moro. but I wonder, if we loose at villa will it be business as usual- wenger this wenger that,denilson this denilson that or would you do something about it. If the latter is the case, then let’s face it we are as deluded as Arsene

  20. A



    Sagna JD Squillaci Clichy

    Nasri Song Wilshere

    Theo Chamakh Arshavin.

    Na na na na na na na na na na, Samir Nasiri, Nasiri, Samir Nasirii

    Possibly Denilson in rather than Wilshere, it’s a bit of a tough one

  21. gazzap

    Sahara, he’s not just inconsistent between games he is inconsistent within games too. Simply not good enough for a team like Arsenal.
    If you want to won trophies you have to reach certain standards – we aren’t a charity for helping nearly good enough footballers.

    Zeus its funny that you want a CB and a GK, I think we need a striker and a DM much more! Song needs proper cover more than anything else as we dont have another DM at the club (who is not a teenager).
    JD is playing well and we have Vermaelen to return, and I like Squillaci – its not his fault we play a defensive line on the halfway line – that is down to tactics from wenger. Plus Fabi has got it together in goal and chezzer is going to be very good.

    Nik B needs to go and with RVP’s injuries, we really do need a classy, powerful and direct striker who is not afraid to shoot.

  22. Ojaimo

    I can see we are still on the movie titled “slate Denilson, season 3”. Denilson may not the be the ans. to the DM problems at Arsenal but he was a DM in his early days. He was an AM. Arsene is trying to make him a DM and he is still learning his trade. Wait a minute, Some are still including Walcott in our starting line up. What has he done to merit a starting shirt. I will rather play 10 men than have Theo start in my team. He is just a headless chicken.

  23. gazzap

    Sagna Squill JD Gibbs
    Nasri Wilshere Song Rosicky


    Chamakh is too often isolated in our 4-3-3 and it takes ages for support to arrive from midfield by which time the othe team get 10 men behind the ball. I think with Arsh in the hole we could counter quicker, and Arsh could benefit from knockdowns from Chamakh.

  24. A

    Not a fan of that gazzap – Nasri has been our best player this season imo, and in a four man midfield he’d be isolated out on the right.

    Also don’t like the idea of Arshavin in the middle, he isn’t someone who can be involved enough to play that role.

    If we were to go 4-4-2 (which we wouldn’t and shouldn’t)i’d rather


    Sagna JD Squillaci Clichy

    Nasri Song Denilson Wilshere

    Chamakh Theo

    Song AND Denilson playing would give Nasri and Wilshere more freedom to create, but either way we aren’t at all suited to 4-4-2 with the players we’ve got

  25. gazzap

    A, its precisely because Arsh is stuck on the left that he isn’t involved. He is not natural there and he doesn’t defend so clichy gets battered. Arsh can handle the tight nature of the hole and wriggling through, playing one-twos etc.

    I think Nasri and Rosicky would both play quite narrow anyway, I wouldn’t expect them to be doing much different to their role in the 4-3-3.

  26. A

    I don’t agree gazzap. Arshavin has a free role to get involved as much as he wants, just as Nasri does. He is just the sort of player who doesn’t have it physically to be involved all the time in the prem. He’s just an impact player, when he sees too much of the ball he just does ridiculous things and gives it away.

    In 4-4-2 they wouldn’t be able to play a similar role – that’s the point. in 4-4-2 they’d have to be much deeper, and much more disciplined defensively, hence why 4-3-3 is so much better for them

  27. goonermichael

    I never said guardiola was shit. I said he’s only been managing for a short time. His transfer dealings are shit. If you managed barca you’d “compete” for their domestic league and cup. I think he’ll be potless this season and the portugese cunt will show him up. Before you start I think wenger can fuck off now.

  28. David

    Theo a headless chicken?

    That chicken must be a president of some country or CEO of a World Bank.

    Once again Theo was electric and putting in some good crosses.

    And once again the so called striker he was supplying was so heavy filled with the brown smelly stuff he was nowhere near his position.

  29. Jaguar reloaded

    Why Pedro,I think he has been brilliant so far this season.Bendtner cant ever score a goal like the one Elmander scored against Wolves.Hold up the ball well,better finisher and experienced.Better than Bendtner in all aspects.

  30. zeus

    Arsene Wenger knew there was a problem and Arsenal certainly tried to address it.

    In the summer, Arsenal went for the likes of Phil Jagielka, Per Mertesacker and also looked at Gary Cahill.

    Furthermore, Arsenal also went for Pepe Reina and Mark Schwarzer to try and solve their long-standing goalkeeper problem.

    It’s often the same with football clubs. They will have a list of targets with some of them nearer the top than others.

    Arsenal went for Reina first and then switched attentions to Schwarzer when it became apparent that Liverpool would not sell their Spanish keeper.

    Similarly, Arsenal made two big bids for Jagielka which were knocked back and then Werder Bremen did not want to sell Mertesacker.

    They had always set their sights on Laurent Koscielny and yet, after the departures of Mikael Silvestre, Philippe Senderos and William Gallas, they definitely wanted one more.

    Clearly, they set their sights high – and ended up with Sebastien Squillaci. Squillaci reminds me of Matthew Upson. A regular international, fairly solid and a decent squad player at a top club. He’s not a giant in stature by any means either.

    Squillaci would be and is, in my view, a good squad player. Koscielny is the bigger problem because he is seen as a first choice whereas he would have been first reserve had Jagielka or Mertesacker come in.

    And in my view, Koscielny not up to the demands of the English game and not good enough for a top club like Arsenal.

    Thomas Vermaelen is Arsenal’s undisputed defensive kingpin and when he’s fit the first choice partnership is Vermaelen and Koscielny.

    Vermaelen is a superb defender, Arsenal have missed him greatly in recent weeks, a terrific competitor and has been a terrific signing.

    However, Vermaelen’s perfect partner would surely be a bigger centre half. The stopper alongside the smaller, more mobile partner.

    Mertesacker would fit that bill perfectly. Koscielny doesn’t. For a defender who cost a fee of around £8.5m – which could rise to £10m – you expect more from Koscielny.

    Koscielny has made mistakes and doesn’t command the penalty box. He’s had some good games and some poor ones too. Two red cards isn’t a great record.

    Koscielny was awful against Tottenham. He made elementary defensive mistakes, diving in and conceding fouls, not marking properly and, at the other end, heading wide from a great chance.

    The biggest problem Arsenal now have is their soft centre. Lukasz Fabianski has been much better of late but still doesn’t command his penalty box.

    If Fabianski commanded his penalty box, Arsenal would have been organised and not conceded Younes Kaboul’s late winner.

    Add Fabianski to Koscielny’s weaknesses and suddenly you have the reason as to why Arsenal looked so vulnerable against Tottenham, why they lost to Newcastle and why, ultimately, they are still behind in the title race.

    Beating Tottenham would have put them top. Losing at home to West Brom and Newcastle also exposed defensive frailties.

    Quite how Arsenal contrived to concede Braga’s second goal on Tuesday night is anyone’s guess. They had three defenders swarming around Braga’s Brazilian striker Matheus and he still scored. Incredible.

    Vermaelen’s absence is a big factor. Squillaci and Johan Djourou – inexplicably dropped against Tottenham after recent good performances – are good squad players. Djourou was the pick of the defenders in Braga on Tuesday night.

    But Koscielny and Fabianski are not good enough first choices for a title winning team. It’s as simple as that.

    Arsenal lost Gallas on a free transfer and spent £10m on Koscielny. That’s not good business. Gallas could be sullen, divisive and unsettling. But he was a top class defender. Much better than Koscielny.

    Squillaci was brought in for good value from Sevilla. He cost around £3m. You can see why he was good for Sevilla and also in the French league. The same goes for Koscielny.

    But are either Koscielny or Squillaci up to the physical demands of the Premier League? In Spain and in France, you don’t get the same number of high balls and centre forwards challenging in the penalty box like you do in England.

    Koscielny and Squillaci have been exposed in that regard. Just look at the Newcastle defeat and – not that Arsenal fans can bear to watch it again – the Tottenham humiliation.

    Vermaelen was more prepared for the examination having played for Ajax. He’s also a different character. More determined and rugged. But Squillaci and, in particular, Koscielny will continually be exposed by England’s physical game.

    Wenger has an excellent all-round squad. Arsenal have brought in Marouane Chamakh, they have a wealth of midfield options – boosted by the emergence of Jack Wilshere – and superb attacking players.

    But is the squad better than last season? They’ve got more options and strength in depth in midfield and attack, but gaping holes at the back.

    Arsenal have a soft centre in central defence and in the goalkeeping areas. They will go close in the title race and may still win it. That’s why Wenger’s own future and position is a non-issue because no-one is even talking about it.

    But if Arsenal had gone the extra yard and, for example, got Reina and Mertesacker just imagine the strength of the team now.

    You can’t knock them for trying so why didn’t Wenger get his man?

    In my humble opinion, Arsenal would be running away with the league by now if they had shelled out on a world class defender and keeper last summer. Instead, they are left asking bargain buys to become world class defenders.

    Arsenal is a world class club, their financial figures are superb, they have a great stadium and the best manager in their history.

    So surely the team deserves world class players to match. They’ve got quality in abundance in midfield and attack. So why not at centre half and between the sticks?

  31. Jaguar reloaded

    Rewind trwo/three seasons back,change the name of the players mentioned in the above article.You would find many similar articles.

  32. ade

    bedtner is slower than snail…
    pedro,can you tell me one very good thing about bendtner?he is average in whatever he knows to do best.

  33. ade

    kozzer isnt a bad player at all…he only shouldnt be 1st or 2nd choive for now…
    maybe after a year.he could be judged.
    malouda was called a flop at a time after all the ligue 1 experience before coming to took him years yo he is one of the best attackers in the E.P.L
    Even vidic took a while to adapt.

    just be a little patient with for denilson..he is supposed to be in west brom or blackpool at best.he can be a king there but not 100% arsenal material.

  34. ritesh

    Denilson is shit??? Put a guy like Keown or Viera in that dressing room and see how the little Brazilian sprints up and down that pitch. You dont become the Captain of Brazil if your not good.

    I think the problem is the attitude. He thinks he can shield them by being protective so they can deliver better…but it actually backfires.

  35. ritesh

    Houiller has actually a good record against us…
    Could we lose against Villa?
    Would the Board question Lord Wenger then?
    Will Usmanov finally make a takeover bid?
    Is DD waiting on the sidelines for the Wenger credibility to diminish, and then enter the fray?

    The Arsenal team is a bit like democracy in Europe…its been hijacked by a bunch of leaders!

  36. zeus


    You don’t become the captain of Brazil…….?
    A bit disingenious don’t you think? What was he captain for, the U16s and U21s?

    Doesn’t matter how good you look at that level. Ryan Babel got player of the tournament in 2006 for the Euro U21s, and 4 years on he looks a little shit.

    Denilson was more mature tactically and technically at the junior level, but thats not the case now, which is reflected in his 0 apps for the senior side with several different coaches in power, Parrera(Sp), Dunga, Menez.

  37. goonermichael

    Arsenal will go into the game without influential midfielder and captain Cesc Fabregas, and although Merson is worried about the Spaniard’s performances, he thinks the team will be good enough to win without him.

    He said: “Cesc Fabregas is injured, but he hasn’t been playing that well of late anyway. I watched him against Newcastle and I’ve never seen him give the ball away so often.

    I’m glad he’s out I think he’s a liability. He’s supposed to be captain but he looks like he doesn’t giva a fuck.

    Redknapp said gallas is the new bobby moore. what a fucking cunt

  38. Dan,The Gooner.

    ade says:
    November 26, 2010 at 18:38
    kozzer isnt a bad player at all

    he is,it’s disgusting he plays for arsenal,an embarrassment.

  39. confidentgoner

    The problem with Arsenal is incompetence from the bench. We have let in goals mainly from counter attack and set piece. Why have these reoccurring weaknesses not been addressed? Are we in it to win or to come 4th? I think its the latter, which explains why critical failings are unaddressed.

    Let the Board go and let them go with Wenger. We need better, afteral we shell out the most.

  40. sixx pac

    Dan Koscielny isn’t a bad player at all. Infact I think he’s our best defender. And I d ont give a fuck what John Cross says.

  41. zeus


    Many respected pundits have come out on the same side as Cross.

    Just last week Phillipe Auclair was saying the same thing.

  42. sixx pac

    Zeus I don’t get my mind made up by what journos say. If I did then I woulk Arsenal are the shittiest team in the world

  43. kev

    draw tomorrow. they wont beat us but i think the way were playing we wont get the win.

    i think a lot of expectation has been placed on verm coming back. people seem to think that hell turn the whole thing around. id have to disagree. i do think hes a good defender but hes not top class either. there were times last season he looked very dodgy. its gonna take more than verm coming back to fix our defensive woes

  44. Limestonegunner

    Everyone has opinions, but when Philippe Auclair expresses some doubts about a French league player coming to Arsenal, a team he really seems to like, it is worth paying attention. He didn’t say Kosc was bad just not the finished article and needed some development and experience yet when it comes to positioning and strength. He wins tackles but Auclair pointed out that the best CB’s have low numbers of tackles won because they position themselves and intercept or dispossess attackers before having to throw themselves into the riskier move of tackling.

  45. Limestonegunner

    Koscielny has lots of good attributes, is clearly a fighter, and has pace. I am sure he will come good and take a leap up, but he just came into the PL and has been moving up divisions very recently, so expectations have to be tempered. The issue is really whether we have the quality needed to pair with Vermaelen, when healthy? Our current four are better overall than the four last year, perhaps, but you could hope for a fully developed and top class partner for Vermaelen. The other place to make improvement in the defense is in DM–we could certainly use a competitor there for Song who provides leadership. I like Song but we need a vocal leader and established figure there who shields the defense principally. The problem is you can’t just bring new players in and expect them to be leaders when they are new. That’s why we have really missed Vermaelen.

  46. kev

    in fairness limestone what would anyone expect from a player that only had one season of top flight football? wenger mustve seen something in him but he shouldve known kos wasnt gonna just slot in and be an immediate success. to be honest he probably needs another 2-3 seasons of PL before hed be suitable for us. really he needs a season long loan

  47. David

    Well thats certainly your opinion sixx,

    cant fault you for having one.

    I think everyone generally agrees that on form at the moment JD is clearly our best defender.

  48. Rohan

    Here we go again. 😀

    Anyway, I’ve jsut had an epiphany. One of van Persie or Rosicky is going to score an absolute screamer tomorrow. Mark my words.

    I’m going for a well fought 3-1 victory with an Rosicky thunderbolt, a Bendtner header and a RvP penalty.

  49. Rohan

    Just think he’s having a little bit of a bad patch. He’ll come through it. He has a heart of a lion.

    In a couple of games I saw, I was absolutely stunned with his performances ( i think the Tottenham game was one, in the Carling Cup that is ). He has it all in his locker to become one of the best in the world. This does probably sound a bit rich, but I do see something special.

  50. David

    But going by one performance against Tottnshite in the carling cup you’d think Baptista was the second coming of Zico

  51. Rohan

    To be fair, I did think that at one point. 😀

    But seriously though, when we were having that golden patch in late september through october, he was absolutely outstanding in my eyes.

  52. Rohan

    Koscielny strikes me as a proper defender, who views defending as an art. A proper student of the game, much like Tony Adams. He loves what he’s doing and is a perfectionist.

    I’ll stop now before the doomers smoke me out.

  53. David

    I hear what youre saying Rohan,

    and i like the optimism alot but my worry is that Wenger keeps on selling us potential that he selects potential ahead of the form players now.

    Some years back Eboue was red hot at Right back but as soon as Sagna gets fit he gets dropped.

    Same with Gibbs.

  54. Rohan

    Yeah, I still think that along with the Eudardo injury what also screwed us over in 07/08 was him dropping Senderos who was absolutely fantastic for Toure.

    A case could also be argued for Cashley for Flamini.

  55. David

    And diaby has all the potential in the world but 8/10 times he’s shite…and yet always walks straight into the first team.

    Thats what happned with Kozzy and JD.

  56. Rohan

    Not so sure. It’s not like JD has a proven track record of being very reliable. I still find him very dodgy. He’s great in the air, but I really don’t feel all too confident on the ground.

  57. sixx pac

    I remember in the summer Pedro was as giddy as a schoolgirl over what he was hearing of the Kozzer in training. I still think that’s there and certainly the form players(JD) should play. But I don’t buy that he’s shit.

    Obviously there are some like Dan and Jags who want him to fail so they can say I told you so.

  58. David

    I dont buy the clumsy arguemnet.

    Where are people getting this clumsy crap from?

    I agree that kozzy is better than JD on the ground very much so but overall strength, speed, height and anticipation, “intelligence” lol 😀

    Great shout with Flamini and Cashley.

    And i think its fair to say that its Potential arguement thats keeping Fabianski in at no1 as well.

    Its very worrying.

  59. Rohan

    Dunno, it’s just a feeling I get. I feel very shaky and I feel so does the defence when he’s in there.

    I might be wrong but he does seem a bit dodgy. He does get on the wrong side of his man a bit too often and his lack of pace I fear along with that of Squillaci will hurt us. ( Aston Villa being a prime example )

  60. sixx pac

    Apparently we are linked with a Portoguese winger, Zezinho who is described as the next Ronaldo.Don’t remember which club, but they want £20 mil for him.

  61. Rohan

    wtf, the biggest social retard in our high school apparently just got laid by some milf (32 year old) in Southampton apparently. LOL

  62. Marko

    SO whats this about a mistress? I’m absolutely clueless about it and yet I don’t care. Sounds like bollox cause he’s a bag of bones

  63. leon

    i know alot of fans have big problem with wengers lack spending over the past 4-5 years in the long term it will help the club particualy with the new rules in 2012 were clubs will not be allowed to go in the red at all so other words if dont have it you cant spend it so alot of clubs are going have problems but not arsenal were completely in the black and wenger could spend 70 mill would still be fine,if you think about wenger has spent less 15 mill per season for past 4 years and still keep this team in the top 4.

    now this project youth nonence i dont you can throw that card any more these players 22-23 now these are no longer kids.poeple keep harping on about the abount huge players we had in the team but i think fans need to remember that in the early 2000 there alot more talnented players than there is now.the fact is there are extremly few players that are same ball park viera i know we need a players like that in the team but who out there right now is that good .

    on the 2 new defenders i think they are good squad players for sure and kos looks very good but will need time and is real improvement on what we had before but i still think we need 1 more top defender

  64. Kwik Fit

    I am kwik fit i have suporrted arsenal for a long time ! the person who supported me for a long time was charlie george!