Arsenal manager or neurotic parent? | Rambo gone | Cesc mystery…

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Okay in a  week of the worst football I have seen from Arsene Wenger’s best ever team I have to question the job description of our manager, is he a manager (yes I know he was the best, years ago) or is he a neurotic and over protective parent who can’t see he has ugly kids?

I ask this question because as a true Arsenal supporter, I am beginning to ask myself if he is losing the plot, the rest of the Arsenal management team have quite clearly lost it with the building of new restaurants dedicated to Arsene, whilst ignoring that the executive boxes aren’t being renewed and we are losing our young fan base to teams around us that win things, that people is a fact, only the management are so wrapped up in their own little bubble of outrageous salaries and bonuses they fail to see the woods for the trees.

If Arsene could pick a team that included Diaby, Denilson, Eboue and Song then he wouldn’t hesitate, all children from project youth and all no better than average. Yet Wenger puts them down as better than Pires, Vieira, Dixon and Bergkamp (in order of their playing position if Diaby plays in the hole)

Never mind the fact he thinks that Koscielny and Squillaci are better than Adams and Keown, or Chamakh and Van Persie are better than Henry and Bendtner is better than Wright. But if he thinks that Clichy is better than Cole and Fabianski is better than Seaman then I believe he truly has to sit back and listen to himself.

And before anyone questions the fact he said squad, I can bring in Pires, Freddie, Campbell and Gilberto if you want, however you cut it, it’s a stupid unbelievable statement to make!

Denilson has played over 180 games for us, he’s hopeless at best, how the hell has he got to play that many games, if you then add up the others that are average, it really does show how many players we are carrying, no wonder Cesc wants out.

He says the most important quality he looks for in a player is intelligence, I find that incredible, he thinks his players are smart!

Robin is truly a world class talent, but when do we give up on a striker that manages a third of the season at best? When is it time to say goodbye and bring in someone we can bank on?

When is it time to see all the average players for what they are, average, and sell them, when is it time to stop playing them when the whole footballing world can see how bad they are and bring in what we need? 3 years ago you said judge me in May, I did, but what May did you mean?

Mourinho once said you had the safest job in football, he was right, but it’s unhealthy and bad business, when Arsenal finally realise they are losing support, you’ll be long gone and it will be too late, it’s just a shame the rest of the management team aren’t that bright that they can’t see it.

Blogland has even turned against you Arsene, this is a selection of posts written since we capitulated against the spuds last weekend. Have a read. The Online Gooner (Link) for me is gernerally the website that guages fan feeling at the stadium the best, there are newer blogs calling for change and blogs that have been established for years also posing difficult. Nigel Winterburn and Martin Keown are also making very credible arguments about fundamental problems that a top class coach should not be having.

People who just think that criticising the manager is a hanging offence should look around, if other teams aren’t happy with their teams performances they let their managers go, teams that have done that? ManU, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Newcastle, Spurs, West Ham, Milan,Juventus, it’s not heresy to say you aren’t happy with losing.

In other news, good luck to Aaron Ramsey who has gone out on loan to Nottingham Forest for a month. If anything is going to get you battle hardened, it’s a trip down to the Championship. Hopefully he’ll come back raring to go for the new year.

It’s also interesting to read Wenger’s comment about Cesc’s ‘little bit of a hamstring‘ problem. An interesting turn of phrase considering the immediacy of Spaniards call to the bench when he strained himself against Braga. It’s also interesting that he’s going to back in 2 weeks.

Finally, the winner of the Dennis Bergkamp t-shirt competition in associated with Live Breathe Football and Lady Arse is….

Gary Cook

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Have a great day Grovers, let the jokes roll…

P.S. I don’t even want to mention the lurid headlines on the front pages of many papers around the world this morning. Embarrassing…

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  1. Iceman10

    anyone know whats goin on with JET’s loan? i read somewhere that he was also goin out on loan and a few teams where in for him?

    oh and Arsene has surely gone mad…

  2. Duke

    We lost to the Yids and will not finish top of the easiest Champions League group, if we qualify at all, and will have to play Real or Barca but some people still get pleasure from commenting first on the blog. FOR FUCK SAKE.

  3. Pedro

    Chozzer, cracking video! haha!

    Geoff, good post this morning… calling this squad the best he’s had was a pretty big PR gaff!

    Lets hope they can deliver this weekend, if we can have a good Decemeber, there’s no reason we can’t compete for the league in the 2nd half of the season.

  4. Pedro

    QoS, I think Denilson is one of the players that’s never really been good enough but he keeps getting game time.

    He’s not strong enough or fast enough to hold down a regular place.

  5. Master P

    Are we 2nd in the league at the moment?
    With CL progress in our hands, with a home game?
    On a good run in the CC?

    You’d think not going by the tone of the post….

  6. Queen of suburbia

    I think you’ve bought shares in online gooner Geoff!

    Each to their own I guess but I’m of the opinion they are so full of it their eyes are brown!

  7. Pedro

    Master P, the league position doesn’t disguise the obvious flaws in our game.

    Who would you money be on to turn this mess around, Arsenal… or Chelsea and United?

  8. Chris Beef

    Do you think AW is hinting Cesc doesn’t really have a problem at all?

    “That’s what is remarkable in Cesc’s case: usually, people who are exposed to hamstring injuries are sprinters like Owen or Ryan Giggs, but Cesc is more a stamina player and that’s what puzzles me a little bit.”

    Or maybe he’s just exaggerating the problem?

    I don’t know how people can honestly rate Denilson. He is about as good as David Hillier was.

  9. pharo9ja

    Right now I dnt even know whom to be more angry with;the deluded team led by the gaffer and the money grabbing board ,the deluded optimists(arsene fans) who think we can be successful with the status quo or the cynists(doomers) who nag and bore me everyday on this blog with the same points/issues we’ve known about for so long instead of expending the same energy on useful ways of getting our feelings known. I’ve been advocating a kind of peaceful protest outside the stadium since last summer but it has always been discouraged with one reason or another. Yes I dnt leave in london to participate ,but you guys over there can. Are u aware that Nigeria has the largest Arsenal following in Africa and one of the largest in the world? Do u knw that fans have been attacked and to please jaguar,pictures of wenger burnt on days like the westbrom,newcastle and spud defeats? U guys should borrow a leaf frm us and demonstrate ur true feelings. The media would have a field day and I guarantee we the fans will be happier for it. Its up to us to decide on what to do,how to do it,and when to do it…we all know why we should do it! The blogsphere should be used to galvanise support for this purpose. WE CANNOT WAIT IN THIS STATE FOR ANOTHER 3 YEARS. Its either we fix or get rid of the problem(s).

  10. Queen of suburbia

    If anything this season denilson has shown that he won’t be pushed around.

    Agree he lacks pace but not sure he’s slower than song.

  11. chippy

    Maybe to protect the back four and outrun the ref from time to time,

    Better than what – Hillier or the Traffic cone ? Be careful the Traffic cone has feelings,

  12. Queen of suburbia

    Then if Geoff feels that way, why doesn’t he do something about it?

    If I thought it was best for the club for him to go, I’d have him out or die trying!

  13. chippy

    Ive got splinters – For the first time ever im questioning if he is the right man to lead us forward due to the fact that if Fergie was in charge of our current squad hed get more out of them and i never thought id say that,

    I pray and hope he pulls his head out his arse mind as id like nothing better than to see him turn back into a winner but the longer he persists with some of the dross he currently plays that looks less likely,Would be Great to see the likes of that cunt Howard in the Sun have to write something nice about him and the club again .

  14. drona

    It is really painful to read the mainstream media where the Spuds are receiving all the adulations.

    Anyway the past few days nothing seems to have gone right for us and fans are in a near state of panic with Wenger the prime target for brickbats. I am compelled to be bullish on the prospects for Arsenal currently plainly due to the fact everyone is writing off Arsenal.

    As for Wenger’s personal life he has lost a bit of respect from me after that episode. I was really surprised at his indiscretions when he went out of the way to ensure none of his players were filling the tabloid pages for the wrong reasons. I fully understand what he does is his private business but for a man who has held a clean image surely this is a body blow and I wonder if the players may have lost a bit of fear for him. By the way even Jack Wilshere seems to have hogged the tabloids after some stupid pub brawl and a lap dancing episode.

    I pray that Wenger gets back on track and rubs a few fans and media noses on the dirt.

  15. Chris Beef

    Denilson won’t be pushed around? You mean like the second goal against spurs where we was sent flying?

    He is a weak tackler, not a very good headerer of the ball and is too slow. He can’t dominate the midfield against strong teams. He’s not a great attcker- he’s an average player that shouldn’t be in the team.

    He typifies the mediocrity that is currently acceptable in this best ever squad.

  16. chippy

    I was implying that with regards Howard in todays paper basically saying the North London powerhouse is them cunts 🙂 Fucking Wanker,

  17. Queen of suburbia

    I disagree pedro. A little imagination is required though. I think he could put a lot of pressure on wenger. I’m certain I could.

  18. ml

    must win tomorrow. 1-0 deflected goal in the last minute. dont care, just need to win. get some morale going. id go

    sagna djourou scillaci gibbs
    song nasri jack
    RVP Chamackh Arshavin

  19. Jules

    You know what I am starting to think 4-4-2 is maybe the way to go as well. Get Nasri on the left wing in a Pires type role:


    Sagna Squillaci Djourou Gibbs

    Walcott Song Fab Nasri

    Chamakh RVP

  20. nuudles

    Great post! Just like most I used to believe in Wenger, but he is getting more and more protective & stale in his older age.

    I get telling the players they are better than the legends of yesteryear to motivate them, but surely this creates a culture which makes Bendy think (clearly unjustifiably) he is the bee’s knees & Song that he can maraud all over the pitch because he is a Messi/Veiera hybrid? There must be other better ways for Arsene to motivate his players and get them believing, show them some tapes of how we beat Man City in the PL, Tottenham in the CC, etc, show what what they are capable of, tell them that if they believe and fight they can achieve what his best teams have (invincibles)…

    Good luck to Aaron, hope you are back in Jan with a great preparation and hungry to show us what we missed!

  21. Matt

    The silly french goat is having a very public mid/late life crisis. No wonder he has completely lost his marbles when it comes to the team.

  22. Jules

    This may be controversial, and I absolutely despise the man…but I am almost at the point where someone like Mourinho for a couple of seasons to sort out the boy’s heads and get them winning is becoming more and more appealing! I know, I know…absolutely wrong in every way, I just feel so sick of this current situation. We always seem to be missing a tiny bit, just never know quite what it is!

  23. Matt

    True, but they got out of a much tougher champions league group than us while playing some very entertaining football. If it was anyone other than Spurs we would be holdng our hands up and saying fair play!

  24. gazzap

    QOS, seriously you think Denilson is good? I mean I can hardly believe that. If you think he is good then I guess that explains why wenger thinks he is good. I had originally put it down to a pride thing, where wenger could not possibly bring himself to admit that he bought a donkey. And thats why he keeps persisting, and hoping that one day he’ll turn into a useful player. But it isn’t happening. I think wenger may be looking at his stats too often. I know he often talks about Denilsons passing accuracy. that worries me. The stats dont show half the story of a players performance.
    but it rings true because I dont think wenger has the feel for a game, he rarely is able to react to a glaring problem. His subs are predictable on 60 minutes and rarely reflect what is happening. I am beginnging to queestion wengers ability as a football manager.
    So I think wenger picks a team based on stats – and thats why Denilson gets picked so often. But he is actually not even good enough for a top half premier league club.

  25. N21 TONE

    Paddy goes to the vet with his goldfish. “I think it’s got epilepsy” he tells the vet. Vet takes a look and says “It seems calm enough to me”.
    Paddy says, “I haven’t taken it out of the bowl yet”.

  26. N21 TONE

    Paddy spies a letter lying on his doormat. It says on the envelope “DO NOT BEND “. Paddy spends the next 2 hours trying to figure out how to pick the thing up.

  27. N21 TONE

    Paddy shouts frantically into the phone “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” “Is this her first child?” asks the Doctor. “No”, shouts Paddy, “this is her husband!”

  28. N21 TONE

    Paddy was driving home, drunk as a skunk, suddenly he has to swerve to avoid a tree, then another, then another. A cop car pulls him over as he veers about all over the road. Paddy tells the cop about all the trees in the road. Cop says “For gods sake Paddy, that’s your air freshener swinging about!”

  29. Woolwichstilhere

    Look, i have a feeling that by may we will all have to eat our harsh words. Think we should give the team some time they might suprise us. Instead of flooding this blog like FLIES ON SHYT

  30. Willie

    True pharoja.about 43% of football fans in kenya follow arsenal…tha stupid mancs-37% n tha rest negligible.ppo here hav committed suicide over lost games!how much more would we do were we anywhere near London.these guys appear to be pretty ballless!

  31. nuudles

    Denilson is a decent backup and he would be a very good smaller team addition, a poor man’s Essien, for a club like Blackpool or WBA. He has his days (like against Everton) but he is way too inconsistent and slow (and easily pushed aside).

    That said I would much rather play Song as a backup DM with Rambo/Wilshere alternating the DM role when the other one goes forward (and both back if we are under pressure).

    I hope Wenger plays Nasri in the main role in the middle 2morrow. Nasri & Song & Rosicky/Wilshere in the middle with AA23/Chamakh/RVP in front. If RVP is not yet ready for a full game rather start Walcott & bring RVP on after 60 mins.

    And please please play Djourou, he has been solid and him and Sagna are easily our best defenders!

  32. BigRed1

    I`m starting to believe Wengers private life is affecting fans and players. Especially Fabregas, if you have a role model and you suddenly realise the `paragon of virtue` man is a sham it must have been shattering. Wenger has lost everyones respect, and without that you cannot manage.

  33. nishanth

    Great Post..Denilson is never going to be world class..Can’t wait for Rambo to gain some fitness..Denilson shouldn’t even be a squad player

  34. Willie

    John is hangin with three of his mates n looks gloomy.
    Paul:y u so gloomy mate?
    John:sad news,ma wife’s got AIDS.
    (After a few minutes)
    John:just kiddin.why r u guyz so gloomy?

  35. gazzap

    I think the hole is Arshavin’s only decent position.
    Personally i would play him behind Chamakh with Nasri on the right and either Walcott or Rosicky on the left, with Jack and Song in the middle.
    I think Arsh is wasted on the left and he doesn’t proect his left back at all. Arsh would happily drop deep, right or left to get the ball. Would Bergkamp have been a good left winger? I dont think so.

    JD and Gibbs should retain their places.

  36. N21 TONE

    Square pegs in round holes – Wenger has always done it. When his little project “Henry” worked, he thought he could do it with a whole stream of players.

  37. A

    Yeah N21, it’s just following the same blueprint.

    Pires and ljungberg were central attacking mids, wenger moved him wide, and then rosicky and hleb, now nasri

    lauren was a midfielder and moved to full back, same with gibbs now.

  38. N21 TONE

    A – Toure? He was a Midfielder. There is a whole list. Don’t think it brings out the best in the player when that happens.

  39. Gooneroo

    There’s 3 tampons walking down a street. The big one is walking toward the other 2 alone, whilst the medium and small tampons are walking together toward the big one. Who says hello first???

    None of them, they’re all stuck up cunts!!!

  40. Wellington


    how can you stick up for denilson and ask “what do people expect from a dm”

    well i tell you what i expect, i expect a DM to be strong mobile brave have a presence about him on the pitch and get in peoples faces and most importantly show some fucking heart


    its no coincidence that 99% of gooners say the same thing about him

    180 games for a club like ours is fucking disgraceful
    he is a waste of space in our squad and offers fuck all in those 180 games how many has he been excellent in??? NONE
    he has come of the bench and done well a few times, goodison park most recently and barca at home spring to mind

    other then that he is total bollocks
    rewind your mind back to rooney’s goal at the emirates or the 2nd goal against stoke in fa cup last year and the 1st goal the other night
    lack of determintaion to track runners
    for a supposed DM that is unnaceptable
    i dont blame him as all he can do is play when selected. The problem is he should never be selected

  41. A

    Nah N21, Kolo was always a centre back, it was midfield that he moved him to briefly before he was ready to be a centre back

  42. dennisdamenace

    The latest Christmas toy has just hit the shops – a talking Muslim doll.

    Nobody knows what the fuck it says because no one has the bollocks to pull the cord…..

  43. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    It is funny that Arsena;’s poor form has coincided with his off the field romance and subsequent impending fatherhood (If the Sun is to believed)

    I don’t usually go in for the tabloid fayre, but he has definitely taken his eye off of the prize!

    How will Alex Song feel when (like a father to me) Wenger is actaully a father?

    I’ll leave the rhetoric with you

  44. Franchise

    Geoff what are u on about? this team is better than any Ive seen in my life and I watched chapman’s boys lift the league title in 1932/33

  45. chippy

    Im sure Kolo was a centre mid A, Wenger didnt think he had the stamina to play that role so dropped him back to centrehalf, All through his early years he played in midfield it was in the summer pre season friendlies when Wenger gave him a run out as a centreback (Think it may have been Rangers) but could be wrong, and the rest they say is history.

  46. Walking Wounded

    I see that Heather Mills is dating another Millionaire…

    She’s landed on her foot again, don’t you think?

  47. A

    nah chippy he arrived as a centre back, always was before he was a gooner. wenger played him all over the place initially because he wasn’t ready in his eyes to play there, then at the end of the season toure had a meeting with wenger and said that he wanted to play in his “proper” position, not as a utility player, and wenger agreed that he was ready.

  48. katikiro charles

    It takes quite often a far deep footbal eye to discover a good footballer, and that is what AW is good at. I wont therefore be surprised at the level of bashing on Denilson. The team is not in such acrisis as is being potrayed; all I see is a punicked head in the name of bloger and the most fans commenting here! Just some few amendments like getting one commanding CB to get Squid eternally on the bench, and a Vieira in the DM. AW is enigmatic for sure, and too many people are correctly questioning his integrity, including myself. He is strongly entrenched in his belief, which is way off modern footbal realities. It is nonetheless fruitless to continue arguing and writing too many I dont know you call them blogs, since there is nobody listening between AW himself and the board. I suggest Arsenal fans, especially those who pay highly to get into the Emirates, read carefully what Pharo9ja above said. They have some great amount of powers on their hands to force changes.

  49. Aaargh-senal

    Denilson’s display against West Ham was one of the worst I have ever seen. Even his trademark 6-ft passes sideways went astray and he got robbed of the ball too many times – as for his tackling/tracking back: non-existent. Wenger too stubborn to admit Denilson and Diaby aren’t good enough for a team that aims to win Premier League and Champions League.
    By the way how much did we pay for them? I seem to recall they didn’t come cheap …

  50. N21 TONE

    Wiki – Touré did not make his debut for the first team until the next season, against Liverpool in the FA Community Shield in August 2002.[2] Initially regarded as a utility player, he started his Arsenal career as a midfielder as well as in right back. He scored his first Arsenal goal at Stamford Bridge in a 1–1 draw against Chelsea.[3] Arsenal failed to retain the Premiership crown that season, but Touré made a big step in his career nonetheless, winning the FA Cup as an unused substitute in the final.

  51. GoonerDNA

    If you hear Theo and other Arsenal players talk about Diaby you would think he’s one of the best player in the world. I wonder how well he plays in training WHEN fit.

    I haven’t heard a good word about Den silly son from the players or fans. But like I said yesterday once Ramsey is back I can’t see him playing much just hope if Cesc goes we sign a good CM so he doesn;t get the chance to play.

    Song, passing is crap most of the time but then he does something special and I forgive him I like his work rate I like the fact he puts in silly challenges I always thought that we missed someone like that, and when he ain’t playing you can see it a mile off.

    Eboue, won’t win you the league and won’t win you a match but every squad needs a guy like that in the dressing room he brings energy and fun to the squad, don’t take things off the pitch for granted actually that is what we miss an a strong voice and a presence in the dressing room a leader otherwise there’s just 11 wenger’s

  52. A

    Nah Pedro there’s just a very detailed interview with Kolo about it where he talked in depth about everything. It was in the Times I think, said things very specifically so there’s no room for interpretation!

  53. BigRed1

    I never realised how good Kolo and Gallas were till we signed Kos and Squeal, and how come Arry got a shift from Gallas like that against us in 3 months that Wenger never got in 3 years?

  54. A

    The academy’s status changed one miraculous day in 1999. ASEC had won the African Champions League and faced Esperance of Tunisia, one of the continent’s greatest sides, in the African Super Cup. Against full-strength opponents, they decided to field a youth team. Toure and company produced a 3-1 victory, which turned the heads of football cognoscenti across the world. “No one was thinking we’d win, so the stadium was empty, but we were doing great,” Toure says. “When we came out for the second half, the stadium was almost full. The match was on television and people watching had to come and see for themselves.”

    Toure still regards it as the greatest game of his life. He played in central defence, which was always his position before he joined Arsenal. His sheer athleticism (Toure was second only to Henry in Arsenal’s annual sprint tests last summer) and willingness led Wenger to try him in a range of roles initially. Last close season he went to see the manager. “I said to the boss, ‘I want to play in my position’. I like to play everywhere , but I can’t make a career like that. If you play left back, right back, midfield, you can’t learn properly and you’ll only end up on the bench. The boss will say, ‘I can put him there because if there are injuries, I can put him on in any position’. I didn’t want to be like that. One of the nice things about Mr Wenger is he listens.”

  55. incesc


    what you on about Gallas putting in a shift???

    fucking hell, if chamakh could finish a one v one and koz didnt head over an open goal from a yard out we would have scored 5.

    Gallas wasnt brilliant at all. We gave them the fucking game, they didnt have to do fuck all to win it, no spuds player played particuarly well.

  56. BigRed1

    Incesc, love your passion, but be fair, if it hadn`t been for Gallas it could have 5 by halftime, but as pigging usual it wasn`t, and defensively we folded like a pack of cards and gifted them it.

  57. TOMTOM

    It was the Irish sun that had a front page headline today of Wenger’s mistress being pregnant and the paper also says that the club is rocked by revelations that Jack Wilshere has two timmed his girlfriend with a lap dancer called Jessica Jensen.

  58. BigRed1

    Sssssh TomTom, lead article says not to mention it, even though it could be the main reason Baron Hardup is losing the plot and the peasants are revolting! Oh no their not, oh yes they bloody are!!

  59. TOMTOM

    Maybe the players and fans are loosing respect for Wenger but I think the article in the paper could be bullshit and juat attention seeking from the French bird but if it is true it really makes Wenger look like a complete cunt

  60. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    dunno TOMTOM. Alot of speculation right now.. Arsene is seperated from his wife i’ve heard. If that is true, then he really hasn’t done anything wrong unless of course you are religious and believe in the sanctity of marriage and all that.

    If he isn’t, well he’s shown himself up to be a bit of “knob”

  61. SillKingKolo

    Great post. Think Wenger is close to his sell-by date now, the project is starting to turn, gettin a bit whiffy… I genuinely don’t think he needs players that are miles better than he has…these players just don’t care enough. They don’t really work hard. They may think they do, but not compared to other sides. They have to work like they did against Wolves in every frickin game. But they can’t manage it. Denilson, Song, Clichy, Diaby, Walcott, Arshavin are players who cannot commit to playing well when it isnt going well. They don’t have sense. Bendtner is a waste of space. I’d rather have Heskey (not kidding). The goalkeeper is a decent number 3…even the Spuds have Cudicini on the bench… these players were told for too long that their skill deserved something…take a look at Taarabt in the Championship more skill than our boys but no heart…plays for QPR. I think a midfield of Wilshere, Ramsey and Frimpong would work harder than the others…and also be humble enough to defend. An utter joke the rest of em. Nasri and Sagna I like. New signings get a bye. The rest including Fab don’t know how to get over the hype

  62. SillKingKolo

    …and another thing. People who say these team play good football are in dreamland. When was the last class goal we scored from one end of the pitch to the other… now that was a squad.

  63. Wenger the Liar


    Yes, Diaby has “headless chicken syndrome” the doctors have said that it has been with him undetected for years. Symptoms include: beating four opposition players and still not raising your head to look for a pass but instead trying to beat that one last opposition player.

  64. TOMTOM

    She looks pretty hot in the pictures in the paper and Wenger is 61 so if I was in his situation I would probably do the same,especially if I was seperated from my wife

  65. TOMTOM

    I was talking to a Southampton supporter on holidays recently and he reckons Diaby is an amazing player and he cant understand why he only starts occasionally. Maybe a casual football supporter can see him on occasions and think that he is very good and its only when you watch him alot that you see that he is shit

  66. Wenger the Liar

    Diaby is frustrating as fuck however I would keep him within the squad without a doubt. I think if Diaby was given a set role, stuck to it and was motivated he would be a very useful player. Playing in the DB10 role is some sort of sick joke and insult to the fans.

  67. TOMTOM

    He has a good first touch and some great skill and strength on the ball but his decision making is terrible and he always seems to be injured

  68. Wenger the Liar



    She is a dog mate, at best she is on the edge of the Stella scale, the amount of stellas you would have to drink before thinking of banging someone, Being on the edge of the Stella scale is the point where your intoxication might make you want to have sex with dog like beast before your eyes but the alcohol wont let it happen, its natures way of reducing the amount of ugly people on the planet.

    61 or no 61.

    Typical Wenger, instead of going for the big name proven world class talent like Naomi Lenoir, he goes for the second rate never be world class dross.

  69. metalhead

    To be fair to Wenger, I think Wenger he said he has the best squad. What he is actually referring to is the depth of the squad. He isn’t making any individual comparisons. He is not foolish enough not to realize that the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera etc are better than the current lot. I think the invincibles had had superb eleven. Outside the eleven there was Edu, Kanu, that I can think of who were top class. The depth certainly wasn’t there.

  70. TOMTOM

    I heard Wenger was too tight to buy a condom and only finished things with her so he could avoid buying her a christmas gift

  71. paul mc daid

    Anyword off wenger getting a boss yet,best job in the world,six million a year and do as you please,its a fucking disgrace.

  72. BigRed1

    Why this season is Nasri the only player that has visibly improved? Walcott passes then runs next to a defender so he can`t receive it back, Bendtner is never in the killing zone when a cross comes over, Arshavin has aged 5 years in the close season, Flappy still flaps, Clichy is still Clichy etc etc. Just what is going on at the trainig ground? Same players doing the same stupid things, week in week out