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Okay in a  week of the worst football I have seen from Arsene Wenger’s best ever team I have to question the job description of our manager, is he a manager (yes I know he was the best, years ago) or is he a neurotic and over protective parent who can’t see he has ugly kids?

I ask this question because as a true Arsenal supporter, I am beginning to ask myself if he is losing the plot, the rest of the Arsenal management team have quite clearly lost it with the building of new restaurants dedicated to Arsene, whilst ignoring that the executive boxes aren’t being renewed and we are losing our young fan base to teams around us that win things, that people is a fact, only the management are so wrapped up in their own little bubble of outrageous salaries and bonuses they fail to see the woods for the trees.

If Arsene could pick a team that included Diaby, Denilson, Eboue and Song then he wouldn’t hesitate, all children from project youth and all no better than average. Yet Wenger puts them down as better than Pires, Vieira, Dixon and Bergkamp (in order of their playing position if Diaby plays in the hole)

Never mind the fact he thinks that Koscielny and Squillaci are better than Adams and Keown, or Chamakh and Van Persie are better than Henry and Bendtner is better than Wright. But if he thinks that Clichy is better than Cole and Fabianski is better than Seaman then I believe he truly has to sit back and listen to himself.

And before anyone questions the fact he said squad, I can bring in Pires, Freddie, Campbell and Gilberto if you want, however you cut it, it’s a stupid unbelievable statement to make!

Denilson has played over 180 games for us, he’s hopeless at best, how the hell has he got to play that many games, if you then add up the others that are average, it really does show how many players we are carrying, no wonder Cesc wants out.

He says the most important quality he looks for in a player is intelligence, I find that incredible, he thinks his players are smart!

Robin is truly a world class talent, but when do we give up on a striker that manages a third of the season at best? When is it time to say goodbye and bring in someone we can bank on?

When is it time to see all the average players for what they are, average, and sell them, when is it time to stop playing them when the whole footballing world can see how bad they are and bring in what we need? 3 years ago you said judge me in May, I did, but what May did you mean?

Mourinho once said you had the safest job in football, he was right, but it’s unhealthy and bad business, when Arsenal finally realise they are losing support, you’ll be long gone and it will be too late, it’s just a shame the rest of the management team aren’t that bright that they can’t see it.

Blogland has even turned against you Arsene, this is a selection of posts written since we capitulated against the spuds last weekend. Have a read. The Online Gooner (Link) for me is gernerally the website that guages fan feeling at the stadium the best, there are newer blogs calling for change and blogs that have been established for years also posing difficult. Nigel Winterburn and Martin Keown are also making very credible arguments about fundamental problems that a top class coach should not be having.

People who just think that criticising the manager is a hanging offence should look around, if other teams aren’t happy with their teams performances they let their managers go, teams that have done that? ManU, Chelsea, Madrid, Barca, Newcastle, Spurs, West Ham, Milan,Juventus, it’s not heresy to say you aren’t happy with losing.

In other news, good luck to Aaron Ramsey who has gone out on loan to Nottingham Forest for a month. If anything is going to get you battle hardened, it’s a trip down to the Championship. Hopefully he’ll come back raring to go for the new year.

It’s also interesting to read Wenger’s comment about Cesc’s ‘little bit of a hamstring‘ problem. An interesting turn of phrase considering the immediacy of Spaniards call to the bench when he strained himself against Braga. It’s also interesting that he’s going to back in 2 weeks.

Finally, the winner of the Dennis Bergkamp t-shirt competition in associated with Live Breathe Football and Lady Arse is….

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Have a great day Grovers, let the jokes roll…

P.S. I don’t even want to mention the lurid headlines on the front pages of many papers around the world this morning. Embarrassing…

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  1. Kwik Fit

    Listen guys you know that sex is important but not all that important !becauce i will manovere when the posion requires it!

  2. ethangooner

    good post. cant help but think wenger and his mind set will ever change from corperate mizing. i said 3 year ago, the board are responsible for making wenger adhere to this spend no money to gain fame franchise, and maybe if the chev’s and man shittys didnt ruin the party maybe wenger would be hailed. but time has proven there is no subsitute for spending money on quality.

  3. Colonel Mustard

    Rosicky in….his form has been poor. ineffective. Theo our best early season player is benched regularly now. questions…

  4. Erichero

    Chesney on the bench, even though Almunia is fit. This is a landmark day friends.

    Nice to see some creativity in midfield with one of Nasri and Rosicky taking Fab’s role. No Denilson.

  5. izzo

    Kiss the badge Wilshere!!! Kiss it!!! Hahahahaa. I have no problem with this team’s away form but its the home games that seem to be the problem.

  6. ooh2bagooner


  7. Honest Bill

    Get in.. Top of the league.

    Tried our hardest to give the game away though for fuck’s sake.

    Anyway i missed the first half, can anyone tell me who scored our first 2?

  8. leon

    sorry but i am far from impressed arsenal had so many chances to kill this game off but once again there lack majority was out on display i seen far to many times and i have to admit this team could do with top class cb and without dought a top class finisher there lack of rufelessness could have cost them dear.this team does need a some injection experience

  9. Honest Bill

    Leon yes i’d say that’s exactly what we need, but only couple of players. Not a massive overhaul.

    But what i would say. Is that i think Wenger needs to accept that he can’t operate outside the current inflated transfer market. And if he goes that extra mile with regards to what he’s willing to spend, and buys a couple of already established top class players (If clubs are willing to part with them) Then he will need to spend less in the future as the young players gain so much experience from playing alongside them.

  10. TOMTOM

    Arshavin looked good today,I would love to see him cut inside and shoot more often. Defence was soft again tho. Chamakh is looking ok and almost scored withy a brilliant header but one goal and one assist is good

  11. TOMTOM

    Cant wait until we get Vermy back and and if we sign a big strong centre back in january we would be looking strong but Clichy is still playing badly and Song is not good enough to be our DM

  12. leon

    honest there were getting to cockie and aragont quite frankly in second half at 3-1 they should have looking to kill th game off but they let villa of the hook and seen all to many times they do need a finisher i dont think rvp is the answer either i think vela is going anyway and bretna is not that great either he needs at very least a box to box finisher and a real top top class cb,dont get me wroung 2 new defenders are good but not extra specail wich is whats needed

  13. earthworm jim

    For god sake. Arsenal WON 4-2!!

    Song had a great game as did Clichy who bossed young all game!

    Their first goal was Carew interfering with play CLEARLY!

    It’s quite extraordinary how a bad result is enough to condemn a man but a good result and performance isn’t enough to redeem him.

  14. Rohan

    Fuck me, Villa away really isn’t the best place to go to at the best of times. Anyway, it wasn’t a vintage performance, but this will do the team good as far as confidence goes.

    And as for Nasri, what a fucking player he’s turning into. I wouldn’t put him getting 20 goals past him now. Absolutel legend.

  15. Rohan

    Oh yes, Arshavin’s was a proper scorcher, and Nasri’s was a very sweet volley although it did get a slight deflection

  16. Limestonegunner

    Important win. ManU away and Chelsea at home are now the two defining games to see where we stand before the transfer window. The defense looks shaky on set pieces and Fabianski though not at fault didn’t look commanding–he might have come out and got to the ball after we lost the header on the corner that clark then headed in. But neither of our biggest rivals have gone to Villa Park and been able to come away with more than a point, so that is a big victory.

  17. leon

    lime seen enough to see without question unless wenger buys a striker defender and maybe keeper this team has zero chance of winning the prem far to complaisent to aragont dont know how kill teams off at the back 2 cbs are not to bad but at set plays far to easy to break down they were just lucky they facing a heavily depleated and inexperienced team