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Morning grovers, apologies for the slightly inflammatory headline… it’s for a good cause!

The good guys over at ‘Make the team’ have been in touch with LG about their Charity and what they’re hoping to achieve. It’s a volunteer scheme that hopes to get people involved in football related community projects up and down the country. If you’re unemployed at the moment it’s a great platform to bolster your C.V and I know from speaking to people who work around charities that good deeds like the ones on offer below do lead onto other opportunities.

So if you’d be so kind, please read on and sign up.

Oh… and just so you know, Kieran Gibbs is helping with the campaign!

‘Make the Team’ is organised by v, the National Young Volunteers Service, which helps 16-25 year olds to volunteer and gain recognition for what they do through the vinspired awards scheme. attracts over 90,000 visits per month and has provided over 900,000 new youth volunteering opportunities across England.

v’s new national campaign, ‘Make the Team’, hopes to harness the passion and enthusiasm that young people have for football and their favourite club to encourage young football fans to volunteer in their local community.

Sky Sports commentators Martin Taylor, Andy Gray and Chris Kamara are helping  the project, along with footballers Kieran Gibbs, Stuart Pearce and David Seaman, and the campaign is being advertised on radio stations such as Galaxy, Choice, Capital and XFM and in publications such as FHM, 442 and Metro.

(Chris Kamara can be seen promoting the campaign at here)

In addition to helping communities volunteers will also benefit from the work they do. There are a wide range of opportunities covering a broad spectrum of interests and any work completed can help to develop their skills and enhance their CV. In some cases volunteering may also lead to other opportunities – such as the chance to complete the FA level 1 coaching badge – and new opportunities are being added all the time.

Examples of volunteering opportunities include:

• Coaching young children
• Stewarding at local matches
• Helping to run football groups for people with learning disabilities and mental health problems
• Delivering footballs to children in Africa
• Promoting ‘Make the Team’ online

(The full list of opportunities can be found at vinspired opportunities)

Volunteers will also be entered into a draw and given the chance to win tickets to see Premier League clubs. Details of how they can do this are given below.

How can you help?

1. Go to vinspired
2. Sign up (it’s free)
3. Click here, select ‘click here’ and then ‘I’d like to do this’
4. Select your favourite Premier League club and state male/female
5. Volunteer for one of the opportunities on offer
6. Upload a photo of yourself volunteering for the chance to win tickets to see Premier League clubs

Sign up to do good deeds… and win Premier League tickets?

It’s a flipping no brainer!

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  1. BigRed1

    Kos tackles better tha Denilson, who doesn`t

    Kos passes better than Denilson, who doesn`t

    Kos is quicker than Denilson, who isn`t

    Kos would sit in front of the centre backs

    Then why not try hm in that position, Mr Wenger

  2. Pmolly

    Different year the same Head Down The Toilet – Vomiting
    Different day the same Recurrent Nightmare
    Different era the same Malevolent Vampire Preying
    Different game the same Piss-take
    Different death the same Autopsy
    Different country the same False Prophet
    Different colleagues the same Walking Undead
    Different roller-coaster the same Nauseating Acrid Puke In My Nostrils
    Different team same Stinking Excrement
    Different bodies the same Anemia
    Different words the same Empty Academic Discourse
    Different cut the same Death From A Thousand Wounds

    Springtime – in May – the same coffin – put to rest – with another handsome profit etched on the coffin lid in Diamonds with no Silver in sight

    Every season – the same reflections in the Mirror, Older, No Wiser with No Redemption but with That Cold Clammy Grasping Claw on My Shoulder with demands for Money.


  3. doublegunner

    I can think of one reason BigRed1. Despite the incredible adulation and goodwill that the muppet Koscielny has received, he is an utter disgrace to the shirt he wears. So far hes worse than Cygan, and thats saying something. Kos and Squillachi have almost been blended into one player with the coverage they recieve with, if anything, Kos getting the more favourable coverage. That is unfair. The truth is,Kos is worse than useless, while Squillachi is a decent player, and should partner Verminator when fit. Far as I’m concerned, Denilson and Kos should never see anohter first team game between them. Song is the only class defenisve midfielder we have (well, he was class before he started scoring this year, he has regressed hugely since thanks to the managers failure to point out his job in the team). In short, if Song is not fit, I would way way way rather see Chesney (or indeed Pat Rice) sit in front of the back four than either Kos or Denilson. And, to use the AKB logic when Kos was signed, dont judge him until you see him.

  4. Bengali Gunner

    Kos, Denilson, Bendtner and Diaby have to go, they are dreadful. Why did wenger by koscielny for 8m when he couldve got someone a lot better and experienced, what a waste. Diaby and denilson are just pure lazy and having Bendtner is like having a tree in outside the penalty area, he just stands there. Useless mug needs keep his mouth shut.

    Fabregas out? Thats worrying but noone else but AW and the Arsenal medical team are to blame.

    Why JET and Vela dont start confuses me. About a month ago AW was praising JET saying hes “knocking on my door a lot,” yet he still doesnt get a first team chance? Wtfs that about?

    Wenger talks about complacency and stupid defensive errors after the defeat and then starts moaning and blaming the referee.How about you shut the fuck up Wenger and you bring in a new defensive coach and teach the players how to defend, how to handle set pieces, make them stronger and buy a few new players. Either that or leave.

  5. DOP

    dbkghdbjhhghgdgh/hsGHI? ghhtfgfgetugygyriovvhsghdfjgh jgfdhfdjhiojojhhjhoeijhdfijhehdfjerhjjethorjthiohpjthgokahjartjhrtjhjthjhjshjsjhsj

  6. Rohan

    Dunno if you know this Pedro, but the links wrong.
    It should be to not

    very sloppy that. 😀