Arsenal money grabbers after your wallet again / Weak management skills

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The more I watch the Spurs game back the more I’m convinced that under better management this team could go the whole hog this  year. Individually, we’re a match for anyone in the league. On our day, we can turnover the best and play keep ball like any of them. A few problems have crept into our game over the past few years that really seem to be coming home to roost at the moment.

The first major issue I have is the way we defend as a team. In 2006 Martin Keown worked with Arsenal during the second half of the season. He trained with the defence and drilled them for a few months while he was working towards his UEFA Badges. He helped Flamini, Senderos, Sol Campbell and Eboue create the one of the most solid backlines in Europe that year using his methods (They broke a clean sheet record).

For me, this year, it is clear that our defence don’t work on anything in particular. There is no coherence, there is no communication and there are so many individual errors it’s painful to watch. The simple fact is, if you’re not going to sign world-class defenders, you have to drill them into the ground and create a unit. The collective becomes better than the individual. Just like the old back four under George Graham. They weren’t the best individual players, but George drilled them hour, after hour, after hour until they became one of the greatest back lines of all time.

It’s not like Wenger would have to look far to bring in the expertise. Martin Keown is still sitting on the MoTD couch and Steve Bould is training the kids on a pitch not too far away.

Why not call on the advice you have to hand?

Our other main problem as far as I can see is this complicated formation Wenger is trying to adopt. Well, it’s not really complicated, it just involves Alex Song bombing forward and someone else dropping in for him. For me, Song doesn’t have the pace to deal with that role and it generally confuses everyone. Isn’t it telling that against Spurs, with two defensive midfielders on the pitch, we didn’t have the nous to nullify them in the second half?

The other gripe I have is the deep seated fear our players have of taking a shot on goal. I remember teams of yesteryear pummelling the opposition goal relentlessly for 90 minutes. Sometimes we’d have 30 attempts at goal in a half. Think of some of the spectacular goals we used to score? This team seem to fear the shot and they’ll do anything to pass the responsibility onto someone else.

Arsene Wenger needs to own up to himself. His players aren’t good enough or intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves on the pitch. Jose Mourinho  and Alex Ferguson provide their players with a pre-match dossier on what their jobs are going to be in the next game. They know exactly how their opponents are going to play, they know exactly what their role will be and that prepares them incredibly well.

That is how you squeeze an extra ten percent out of players. If someone in Jose’s team doesn’t follow the rule book for the game, they’re dropped and everyone knows why they’re dropped.

As brutal as it sounds, Wenger doesn’t have the players he had in 1998, he doesn’t have the talent he had in either of the other two championship winning years. He’s asking players to win games on their own when they don’t have the talent or experience to do so. Simply put, if Wenger doesn’t have the best tools at his disposal, he has to man manage and I’m not sure he’s the sort of coach who can do that particularly well.

Sadly, he doesn’t recognise this problem and I doubt anyone in his management team has the guts to speak out. If we’re to make the most out of this season, something needs to change in how we prepare for games, something needs to change in the dressing room at half time to make sure everyone is fired up and Wenger needs to start ruling with more of an iron fist.

Dropping your best defender before an important game doesn’t send out the right message to anyone, especially when one of the goals you concede is lost in the air and the other came from losing out to 5ft2in Defoe from a long aerial ball.

A lot of people asked me this weekend why Geoff mentioned the queue for beer in club level. To give that some context, we sit in the bar before the game. This weekend we went their and Arsenal had cordoned off our area for pre-match hospitality which is a massive irritation. As some sort of punishment they’d roped of 8 tills at the bar and given us just one, squeezing us all into the tiniest area possible. The other side of the bar was completely empty. The point here is that we pay a lot of money for a ticket, only to be cattled off because we didn’t pay more money for a meal.

It’s all about money at Arsenal. They’ve even brought in mobile shops to our area as well that takes up yet more space. I’m waiting for them to turn the round tables into roulette machines. I think Geoff’s point is when does the money grabbing stop? How many more pennies can you squeeze out of already skint fans?

When do they give something back?

I only ask because Arsenal aren’t absorbing the VAT hike. They’re passing it onto the fan. So expect the most expensive non-hospitality ticket in World football to come your way this January. Yep, a £100 ticket! I’m staggered that a club as hugely wealthy as Arsenal couldn’t take that 5% on the chin for a year or so. They’re already coining it in with record amounts. It just goes to show you how out of touch they are with the fans. German league leaders Bourousia Dortmund charge £9 for their cheapest seat, what’s ours (plus booking fee)?

If Arsenal tickets were transfer targets, how many do you think Arsene would be signing each season?

It’s Braga tomorrow night, I’ll give you more of a preview tomorrow. I hope the boys are fired up for that one because they need to get back on track and sharpish…

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  1. arsenal4ever

    @ sixx pac: WEnger had clearly enough time to sort this shit out but failed again and again. I want this french kunt out of my beloved club.

  2. ACGunner

    Wenger… 2 away wins and we had matured. After the Spurs loss, we lack maturity. Who the fuck is he trying to con? And the cheek to say he don’t know what went wrong?? The problem is him, period.

    Replacing Djourou was an easy decision. A full French backline. Is he gunning for the French coach or what?

    And Chamakh… his CV states he is a striker, but when put through, he went soft and try to lay off the responsibility. Fucking irritating habit (or was it his lack of confidence to take on defenders?)and not the first time he did that. And what did Wenger defended? He is tired!!! FFS if you knew he was tired, we had options on the bench.

    And the backline… enuf said cos I’m still fucking pissed

  3. Walking Wounded

    So what was the deal with Kakuta?

    I thought they signed him illegally, but paid Auxerre off out of court. TO do that and then sign him up to a short term contract, and let him go elsewhere, makes no sense whatsoever.

    Why do we want him, if we have got Wellington and Ryu to join the ranks?

  4. zeus


    Exactly. He was signed last year was it? 2 years at the most and his contract is up already after nearly getting points docked. Bullcrap.

    I thought ANB was joking when he added……from twitter at the end BTW.

  5. Doublegooner

    Talkshite Debating now:

    Was Wenger outcoached by Redknapp ?

    Is this a defining change ?

    Is Wenger past it with us ?

  6. wardo

    incesc…….i took a look at that picture you posted @ 11:03!!

    Do you know what??? I was frightened of getting hit with the ball (in the face) when i was around 9 years old and standing in a wall !!

    So?? you know what i use to do ???? closed my eyes !!! could not see the ball coming then and if it hit you….tough luck !!

    By the time i was 23 y.o. getting hit with the ball in the face was just something that could have heppened (and did a few times) and you just have to accept it (unless you are a coward)

    I did that for free

    if i got paid £80k a week, i’d let the whole team kick the ball at me at the end of every training session……let alone in a derby with our most hated scummy neighbours

  7. zeus


    Hang your head in shame.
    1. Wenger feels no pressure from journalist whatsoever, his job is safe.

    2. Did you actually read who they pegged as Wenger replacement. Owen fucking Coyle????? Pffffft

  8. zeus

    Hahahahaha. Even Mourinho has adopted the Wengerism….

    Jose Mourinho says there is no need to go back into the transfer market in January as the return of Kaka will be Real Madrid’s “big signing”.

  9. zeus

    “Our big signing in the winter window will be Kaka,” he told the official FIFA website. “He’ll be a fantastic boost for us. How many clubs can sign a Kaka in January? There are no players of his calibre on the market.”

  10. sixx pac

    I would love kakuta if only for the fact that he’s coming from chelsea and they risked so much to get him. You know the feeling when u get something you shouldn’t.

  11. reggie 57

    lansbury goes out on loan! and we keep serial loser’s like denilson/diaby just about shows where this club is going………

  12. Truth

    That game on Saturday really pissed me off. Nightmare on Ashburton Grove is how I’ll remember it. From the comments I’ve read since many of us felt that the game was far from over at the half time mark, we all knew that the Totts have a very good comeback record, recent history shows that. Still yet we start the second-half at a half canter and push-up the field with the usual recklessness and abandon, whilst the freshly introduced defoe is lurking on the shoulder of our last defender.

    We all know what happens next, and the thing is most could see it coming, so why not our great leader?
    I get the feeling that Arsene does not do tactics, or any home work on the opposition whatsoever. For me his main strengths are sourcing talent on the cheap, player development, his business acumen, and his brand of attacking football,’wengerball’.

    The downdside of Wenger’s attack philosophy is the complete absence of any defensive strategy or plan, indeed most of our recent defensive signings are seen as technically good on the ball, as opposed to being natural defenders first.

    We still haven’t found a worthy successor to Seaman, almost 6 years on. Its often said that Arsene prefers to concentrate on strengths and not so much on weaknesses, which to me makes no sense. It appears that we only practice passing at the expense of any defensive work, set play variation or even shots at goal. For me our style of training seems to coach out the ability to shoot when in front of goal.
    Clearly Wenger needs help, without it we’re not going to win any major competitions just now. A well drilled solid back line and a competent keeper are prerequisite to any successful side, and having a plan b or some variation in style of play is also crucial as naturally no team can attack for the entire game.
    At times we can be very one dimensional, and most pl teams have learnt how to deal with our one style of play. We used to be the side that could go from one end of the pitch to the other in 5 or 6 passes, now its more like 26.

  13. woody

    As – a poster said earlier—LE SULK doesn’t seem answerable to anyone regarding our results,all the board are interested in is putting up prices,spending as little as possible,packing as many money making gadgets/games/food and drink items,in front of us all at inflated prices.

    At the end of the day, SOD the SUPPORTERS-SOD THE TEAM.
    THINK PROFIT.??????????????????????????

  14. Ricky

    I’d take mouriniho for the mangers job in a heartbeat.

    We need ppl like david dein upstairs not wenger! Wenger can fuck off to psg with he’s bollocks.

  15. Taxi for Wenger

    Qualiteee Abiliteeee Mentallllly strong we will focus ……..blah blah blah please just SHUT THE FUCK UP sick of the same old bollocks .Stale and boring god knows who should be manager but Wenger time to say goodbye

  16. Confidentgoner

    Get Eden Hazard and Lukau. Lukau is the future of football, Wenger don’t miss him in the Jan window. Get a defensive coach, a CB and move Koscienly to DM position cause he is quick and can tackle.

    Sometimes I wonder what we should have done for the 2nd half?


    Sagna Squil Djoru Gibbs

    Kos Song


    Theo Nasri Rosicky

    Bring in VP for nasri at the 80th min

  17. amit

    courtesy an arsenal fan post on f365:

    The Genius who can’t give a half-time team talk,
    With overhyped kiddies who walk the walk
    I’d love to not have to write such prose,
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

    A group of cowards, no commitment, no pride,
    Can’t soil my Armani shorts with a tackle, won’t bother with a slide
    It’s time for Wenger’s regime of ineptitude to come to a close,
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

    A North London derby they thought they’d won,
    Why defend? Why persevere? Why bother to run?
    The gormless locals began chants of Ole
    And popped open the Dom Perignon, the nachos and guacamole
    The Spuds taught us a lesson and gave us a good dose,
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

    One Arsene Wenger, no one could do his job
    6 mil a year, for spouting nonsense from his gob
    Profits, revenue and anything but trophies,
    And overpaid French kids who strut like show-ponies.

    The tactical genius who wouldn’t man-mark Messi,
    Then watched helplessly as his children were molested, it got messy.
    The top coach who spends hours musing that Chelski are rich,
    Whilst forgetting that Drogba has made us his bitch.
    The longer he is in charge, the more the apathy grows,
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

    Koscielny and Squillaci the French Chuckle brothers,
    Set-pieces and long balls? Defending? Don’t know why he bothers!
    Denilson, the wondrous boy from Brazil,
    Every smart person knows he’s really from Mill Hill.

    Chamakh the striker who can’t use his feet,
    Who looks for a pass with just the keeper to beat,
    The most overrated striking Arsenal mammal,
    I would happily trade him for a disembowelled camel.

    Six continuous years of repetitive woes,
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.
    With a fit RVP, we’d be Kings of the Prom,
    (Perhaps first we should learn to beat West Brom).

    Keepers with no vision, who can’t make a save
    A holding midfielder who plays as if he’d spent the previous night at a rave
    Title challengers? CL? You’re having a laugh!
    Someone needs to teach them that football ain’t just one half.

    Incapable of giving sweat and blood,
    It’s a sad day when effort is exemplified in a Spud.
    They need a slap back to reality, and a hit with a freezing hose.
    But you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

    Without Arsene there would be no club, no moon and no sky.
    No Clichy to make me want to poke out my eye,
    He pioneered the beautiful game, before him there was no art
    Picasso was a pauper, now Alex Thong, he looks the part!

    If he left, there would be no more light,
    As you saw in the derby, there would no longer be any fight.
    The next Haribo hero who states ‘We will learn from this’
    Should be made to drink a pint of Diaby’s p**s.

    Of all the insults and insufferable slurs,
    Is that of a ‘top-class manager’ who manages back to back league defeats to Spurs.
    To bring all of this nonsense to an untimely close:
    Without Wenger there’d be no club, and wed been losing to the Spuds
    So you know, that I know, that Arsene Knows.

  18. JJ

    “Wenger feels that the issue on Saturday was physical not mental.” WRONG! It was tactical and mental.

    How do you get caught on counter-attack when you are 2-0 up? Poor tactics is the answer and that is on you Wenger. It really isn’t a “mystery” as you called it.

  19. zeus


    Did Wenger actually say that? Cuz after the game he himself said when we have to win we can’t, qouteso n the .com and everything so…….


    Weird seeing poetic language being used on this site.

  20. Geoff

    How the fuck can we be resting Van Persie for the Braga game, he’s been off since fucking August, how much of a rest does he need.

    Wenger really has lost the plot hasn’t he.

  21. AA23

    I still want to know what the fuck was going through Fabregas’ head for that blatant handball?
    what on earth is he thinking to do that.

  22. AA23

    Van Persie must be pretty tired mate.
    Ive completely dismissed him as an Arsenal player now to be honest. He’ll play 4 games if we are lucky and then be injured again for 6 months.
    pointless player.

  23. zeus


    A better question is why the fuck was he holding Chamakh’s hand. And why the fuck is Chamakh so concerned about not getting a ball to the face.

  24. amit

    @zeus: the poetry was more or less true…xcept would disagree with the poet on the chamakh paragraph…he really puts a decent fight till the very end…

    @geoff: only one word sir, “overconfidence”

  25. Queen of suburbia

    I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again.

    If you want things to change you need to be more organised.

    I’m personally of the opinion that more than a few of the “wenger must go” personalities are the same person or persons so perhaps there isn’t the groundswell of desire for change that this blog sometimes gives the impression there is BUT if I were you, here’s what I would do.

    Create a video of an arsenal fan sending an old arsenal shirt or item of merchandise for the attention of wenger. Publicise it on as many blogs as possible. Send it out as a press release via Prweb. Have Geoff issue a call for others to do the same. Pretty soon you’d create a movement IF and it’s a big IF there is as much support for change as you think.

  26. Queen of suburbia

    I can’t bring myself to watch it again, did cesc raise chamakhs hand or did he put his arm on chamakhs hand and chamakh did the arm raising?

  27. Pedro

    QoS, I think everyone is aware that Dan is BBK.

    He doesn’t make a secret of it.

    As for your idea, it’s not very British is it… nor practical.

  28. JJ

    Zeus – Yes, it was on As for holding Chamakh’s arm, I think it was an attempt to prevent the wall from breaking (like it did in an earlier game). Both Cham and Cesc raised their arms which is more stupid than anything else.

    Geoff/AA23 – the article that said he was “resting” RvP went on to say that RvP actually needs fitness. He said that it made more sense to make RvP train while the team was away rather than have him away for 3 days when he may not actually get any game time.

  29. Pedro

    QoS, he raised Chamakhs hand, but it ended up hitting his.

    One of the most bizarre acts I’ve seen a top quality pro commit.

  30. JJ

    Zeus – Wenger did say that it was worrying that on 2 or 3 occassions now we have had the opportunity to go top and we have failed. I thought the same thing after the loss and was at least happy that Wenger recognized that… Not sure how he can continue to say that we have “mental strength”…

  31. Queen of suburbia

    Then it proves my point pedro that once an identity has been released, it is possible to post on the same day several times flipping and flopping between personas.

    What’s not practical or British about putting something in the post? We invented the postal service!

  32. zeus


    Both of them raised their hands. But cesc inexplicably placed his hand on Chamakh’s and as Mourane raised his toprotect his face, Cescs hands went above his own damsn head.

    As a maater of fact both their hands were above their head. The oinly players with the proper stance was Song, who did a hands behind the back and hope for the best thing, Nasri, who turned his back, and Denilson who was covering his balls.

  33. Pedro

    I have seen the team QoS… I’m wouldn’t want to stage a protest and I wouldn’t want to put together a PR video.

    I think keeping it to the fanzines and blogs is far more civilised.

  34. Queen of suburbia

    Pedro from an Seo perspective do you ping the blog at all?

    If not it’s worth using pingomatic and pingoat they will both notify technorati etc that a drag blog has been written.

  35. Pedro

    I don’t QoS… I have feed burner which I thought pinged automatically (I pretend I know what pinging is!).

    Do you have any SEO tips?

  36. zeus

    To be a successful manager you need 2 of the following 3.

    1. The board. Of course, he makes them money.
    2. The dressing room. Of course, he is a legend in their eyes and he ‘pays’ them very well.
    3. The fans. Overwhelmingly still supports him despite an ever growing minority of dissenting voices.

    In essence, he still has all 3 at this point.

  37. Queen of suburbia

    I didn’t think you would pedro because I think your view is similar to mine that it’s far too early BUT reading the comments, I would say that there are some including GEoff who think they are right on insisting on change.

    My point is, if they think that’s in arsenals best interests they should act.

  38. Pedro

    QoS, Geoff has wanted Wenger out for at least 3 years… I’d just rather he pulled his finger out and started managing like he used to.

    I think this step change in management style has flopped again and he needs to get ruthless.

  39. Pedro

    QoS, that would be amazing if you could… I’m a bit lost with it and I’m aware linking into some sites can see you punished by Google.

  40. Son of Big Dave

    i think wengers time of being manager of arsenal has come . he is still living in 2004 with our ”untouchable” team how the hell is this our ‘best squad ever’. Gilberto and Viera or Song / Denilson err tough one eh ?? . Cesc doesnt want it all he sees is barca in his eyes and cant wait for the summer. Our defence is just not strong enough squallaci and koscielny are too weak , squallci being the more experianced should be able to lead the team , he only bought kos becuase he can speak french and communicate with the other defenders . What was he 9 mil , not storng enough , week in the air just not good. Why not spend that extar 6mil on mertasakcer? 6.5 ft german centre back , qualiry in world cup . nuff said but no the french league 2 superstar is the answer. Chamakh good free signing ill give him that , fantastic in the air , good link up play but … SHOOT ! drogba would of had a hatrick agaisnt spurs please shoot do you want goals or not ?? . Clichy isnt there thickest player, doesnt have a clue. Wenger please , all i want for christams is 2 quality centre backs , please.

    and also before the freekcik van der vaart asked the arsenal wall who wanted to go to barcalona , both fabregas and chamkh raised their hands 😉

    until we get a new manager we will not win anything for ages

  41. JJ

    Pedro – You allude to interesting points in your post. Here is some additonal evidence to back up your points:

    1. Wenger does not adequately prepare the team for upcoming games. Cesc even said that they do not analyze the opponent for strengths/weaknesses (like Spain does). They only work on their own game. Very naive and it shows.

    2. Wenger does not “coach” defenders. Dixon once said that Wenger “just let the defenders get on with it” when he was playing… Which may work with experienced defenders but obviously not the current crop.

    3. Song is far to advanced up the pitch when he does not need to be. Wenger joked in the last Arsenal magazine that Song started as a CB and could end as a striker. This just annoyed me when I read it.

    4. Wenger can not motivate the players. I can’t remember the game but apparently at half time Wenger shot up rocket at them and they came out in the second half and won. Cesc came out after and said he had never seen Wenger do that but he admitted that maybe he should do it more often because it worked. This shows that Wenger is all too ready to make excuses for his players and not hold them accountable for the actions. Players have nothing to fear when they put in a crappy performance so why should they care?

  42. gary f

    just about got over saturdays result now. i feel the problem is still with our defence, whats with the all french back four i went to see derby on saturday and they have a quality young full back john brayford who was outstanding, and will be snapped up probably by one of the big prem teams later this season but not by arsenal as he is english and wenger wouldnt pay £8m for like he has with an average kosienky

  43. simon mcmahon

    it’s fucking disgraceful, RVP rested after he has only played 80minutes of football in a week, WENGER IS PATHETIC, AND IS NOW A SERIAL LOSER,
    The new adopted club moto these arseholes on the board should put on our badge


  44. JJ

    BTW – I am not with the “Wenger out” crew either. I, (like Pedro), would prefer if Wenger woke up and saw what everyone else sees.

    However, if we end this season without a trophy, I don’t know if I can support him anymore.

    Like Einstien said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  45. simon mcmahon

    JJ PLEASE RVP NEED GAME TIME FITNESS, this is what is called match fitness , he has been doing laps at colney for three fucking weeks ,please dont believe thwe bullshit that is being said by wenger it’s fucking disgraceful and is further insulting to all gooners everywhere.
    ask the dutch coach if he needs training minutes or match minutes.

  46. SUGA3

    not taking RvP and AA (Clichy is pants, but should be on the bench, given how brittle Gibbs is) along to the tough away CL game is arrogance of the highest order! you have not learned zip Arsene!

    we have fielded understrength team against Shakhtar and got spanked, whereas we should have got it over and done with, then experiment, rest players and the like!

    RvP needs rest? fuck me sideways, he played one and a half game, this should just bring him up to speed!

  47. chozzer

    Perhaps he’s got a little knock, like a dislocated pelvis or something.

    Or maybe, Arsene can’t take three strikers and as HRP had such a blinding performance at Shahtar away, then RVP had to be left at home. 🙂

  48. SUGA3

    Wenger has lost the fucking plot, he has a bunch of kids holding him over the barrel and doing whatever the fuck they want!

    this empire needs a Führer 😆

  49. JJ

    Simon – Wenger doesn’t want to give him match fitness in this game as it is too important. He is not ready to start against Braga, which means he may not get any game time, even from the bench. I am also critical of Wenger’s decision making but I agree with him on this one.

    SUGA – Clichy is effectively injured (back).

  50. leon

    rvp is at leat 3-4 weeks before is match fit but he is only top striker we have,chamakh i realy like he real team player and offers another dimention i never sell an improvement ade without dought but not a finisher.fane need wake up to fact that wenger is not going change up thw whole style in which they play and there nothing wrong with as long as you alot more clinical this team creates more chances than any other team by far there greatest asset is there attacking midfield but its no good creating those chances and finishing the game off.i can never see this team being a well drilled organised team like a chelsea just aint going happen

  51. SUGA3

    or is he ‘injured’?

    if he is not fit to play Braga, why the fuck did he play on Saturday? why not play ‘100% fit and ready’ Bendtner with a point to prove?

    AW has really lost it…

  52. SUGA3

    it just shows how piss poor his man management skills are!

    previously, he had zip to do man-management wise with the team packed with seasoned pros and World Champions, even the tactics came naturally…

    but you can’t put an university teacher in a fucking creche and expect results – simples!

  53. JJ

    SUGA – He is not injured. According to Wenger, RvP is not like other players that can play when less than 100%. He has tried giving him sub minutes but they have not worked – no impact.

    Wenger will not start RvP in this game because he in not match fit and to travel for 3 days where he may not get any minutes is kind of a waste.

    I agree with your comment about starting Bendy though. Maybe he will play against Braga(?)… or maybe he is being punished for opening his mouth… The latter is unlikley though under Wenger.

  54. SUGA3

    “And Van Persie [will not travel] so he can improve his fitness because he is back in the squad but is not 100 per cent fit at the moment – I mean his physical condition to fight in a top-level game’

    fucking arrogance – was the derby not a top level game then? deluded fool, once again sights firmly set on the CL!

  55. SUGA3


    snubbing Bendy has only played into Nik’s hands, now he has more of an excuse to leave…

    big time punishment, go on, there’s the naughty step…

    how about saying: put your money where your mouth is, son, face a few jeers for talking shit and win the fans over – Bendy wants to be loved by the fans, he would have played out of his skin IMO…

  56. JJ

    Suga – I am not sure that the tactics “came naturally”. It is more likley that the previous group of experienced players knew better than to pile forward when we didn’t need to. Given what we are seeing now, I don’t give Wenger credit for prior tactics.

    Previous defenders learned to defend before Wenger arrived. The invincibles had Keown to teach them. Since Keown there has been a void in this department.

  57. SUGA3

    well, how about Our Glorious Leader rising his bony French arse off the bench and making a few gestures to make the team sit back and hit these cunts on the counter then?

    if that is too much to ask of him, perhaps he should send his lap dog to do this?

  58. JJ

    SUGA – I think Wenger is making this comment AS A RESULT OF the Spuds game. RvP showed Wenger that he is not ready to play in a top level game… as opposed to Wenger thinking that the Spuds was not a top level game…

    I am not disagreeing with your Bendy comments. That said, if Bendy is going to sulk and want a transfer out of this then he can go IMO. I want players to want to play but mouthing off is out of order and talking about transfers takes it to another level. I agree Wenger could probably handle it differently but I don’t know for a fact what the real situation is anyway.

  59. zeus

    I don’t look at passports. We didn’t mind the frenchies during the invincibles.

    All I want now is quality over quantity. Instead of 2 moderatley talented players, how about just one very talented one.

  60. JJ

    SUGA – Now I COMPLETELY agree with that comment (Wenger to call out instructions from the sideline – defenders to sit deeper to prevent counter-attacks).

    This showed a huge flaw in his managerial ability. He appeared to be flustered and could not think through the problem in front of him. We should have been the counter-attacking team at 2-0 up. No argument from me there.

  61. SUGA3

    piling forward at 2:0 up is playground stuff, really – if we can’t expect the manager who is getting paid £6M per year to do something about it, then we are seriously screwed…

  62. simon mcmahon

    JJ SO you believe every thing on , wow you are misguided, the same site that said after blackburn that RVP would be out for two to four weeks, the site that is ran by stalin wenger himself…
    MATCH FITNESS IS THE ONLY WAY HE WILL IMPROVE, ask any athlete what they gain running around training tracks or competing in meets ,
    wenger is finished , take a poll ,JJ read this Blog , read the gooner ,more so Listen to the fans that have been going for more than 12 years ,
    he is a spent force with his pathetic judge me in may statement year after year, and finally JJ is JD 20 sitting on the bench to improve his fitness.
    off for a run now to think of who should be our next manager .
    TIME FOR A CHANGE, as said before no other manager of this club would go 5 years without a trophy and be in work.

  63. SUGA3


    I am not getting over this until I see some of these mythical ‘qualidee’, ‘mental strength’ and the gem of the gems ‘winning mentality’ in flesh!

  64. JJ

    No need to apoligize Suga. I am still bleeding too. I watched the game over and over again (despite how much it hurt) to see what went wrong. It all comes downt to tactics.

    We either play negative with the ball (Wenger’s words) or we pile forward in attack. Wenger has not taught this team how to play on the counter-attack… Maybe because he does not know how to(?) The players obviously don’t know what to do in this situation either…

    Despite their individual skills and ability, they don’t know anything about tactics and at this level it makes all the differnce. A team with exceptional skill can be beaten by a team with average ability if they are well organized… Sound familiar?

    Song is the perfect example. He could be a very good DM but more often than not, he is like a headless chicken.

  65. SUGA3


    I just don’t buy into this ‘Wenger does not know how to play counter attack’ stuff, he is just unable to instigate discipline IMO…

    how about: ‘do as you are fucking told, stay back, you are not Maradona’ for starters?

  66. Rohan

    Seriously though, I’d like to see Nicklas given a go up front tomorrow. If he could put in a good performance, it just might give Chamakh and our team the spark that is needed.

  67. SUGA3

    and this certainly has to be curtains for Denilson once and for all – what fucking excuse does he have?

    hmmm… internationals?

    I saw the first goal and he just backed off the monkey boy! fuck him!

  68. JJ

    Simon/Suga – I am not disagreeing with you. I have plenty of issues with Wenger. All I said is that I think Wenger is right in leaving RvP behind for this one. You need to choose the right game(s) to give your players match fitness in, and for me, Braga is not the right game… just my opinion though.

    I also think JD earned his chance but Kos and Squirrel should have still done the job.

    I know Wenger always tells us to judge him in May… For ME, this may jut be his last chance. Others may have already judged him and that is fair too.

  69. alex

    Team for tomorrow:
    Eboue Kozzer Djourou Gibbs
    Cesc Song Wilshere
    Walcott Bendtner Rosicky

    BTW Rambo should play tomorrow for reserves

  70. SUGA3

    Koscielny is what he is – a French second division player, who just got lucky, that’s all…

    there was a good shout about turning him into a DM, his tackling would probably do less harm that way…

    and I don’t like the way JD was dropped – it has Sendy written all over it…

    and I am not going to reserve my judgment until May, I will prosecute, try and judge each and every fuckup!

  71. Queen of suburbia

    Nah Suga he just got outpaced by monkey boy.

    As for your phrase “you dont put a university teacher in charge of a crèche” that was a full on David Brent special! It actually made NO SENSE! Lol!

  72. leon

    jj that point has demonstrated so many times in prem,you dont have to the most gifted as long you are well drilled and organised and a little attacking ability but thats not down to indivual players its down to mentality which not keep a lead its go another goal there is nothing wroung with that as long you have at least 1 25 goal season striker that fully fit,wenger is either going have change style in which they play and make them more drilled and organised or if whiches continue with this open style then he needs off load players like vela nad bretna and bring in top 20+ strikers

  73. SUGA3


    just watch it again, he did not exactly bust his gut, did he? he is s squad player, there would be no harm if he just chopped him down and even got sent off!

    and what do you mean it made no sense? let me explain to you then: at the university, some things just come naturally and you expect certain standards by default, as for the creche, well, there is a lot of things to iron out!

  74. JJ

    prosecute – lol

    Qos – You are right. Denilson just got out- paced. Kos cutting him off didn’t help either.

    I am also not convinced that Wenger “told” Song to sit back… but he should have.

  75. JJ

    My guess is that Wenger told the team at half-time not to rest on the lead and be positive with the ball – last time he said that we appeared to be “negative with the ball”. This probably translated in their minds to mean – continue our all out attack game plan, as usual.

  76. SUGA3


    but how many times can you actually allow the bunch of athletes to figure it out for themselves, even though they had history of folding like a pack of cards?

    this is a result business – I wouldn’t give a flying fuck if I fell asleep during the second half with Arse in the ‘boring, boring’ mode and woke up to see 3:0 on the board 😉

  77. Queen of suburbia

    Suga he’d have to catch him to pull him down jn fairness!

    Suga, your explanation of your brentism makes even less sense! Haha!

  78. SUGA3

    whatever, QoS, if you don’t understand plain, simple English, then suit yourself…

    he wouldn’t have to pull him down if he ran after him from the very start, simple as that…

  79. Queen of suburbia

    Personally I’m off the opinion that it’s cesc and song that both lack discipline when we are in front.

    Witness the first goal, cesc nowhere to be seen, song closing down essoacunto (eventually) somewhere near the edge of the spuds box.

  80. JJ

    I am not disagreeing with you Suga. I think Wenger probably needed to be clearer in what he wanted them to do in the second half… For example: Defenders sit back a little and try catch them on the counter-attack. There is also no need to send 3 defenders and DM up for set pieces with a 2-0 lead.

  81. sixx pac

    What the fuck is going on here. I go away for a month and now JD is our best defender and Bendtner should start. What the fuck? 😆

  82. SUGA3


    the buck stops with OGL here – ‘do as you are fucking told’, this is what management in any job is all about when everything else fails…

  83. SUGA3


    this is all about merit and match fitness – JD had a few games under his belt and formed good partnership with SS, no?

    why fix something that is not broken?

  84. JJ

    The sad thing is that most teams know our weaknesses and are organized to exploit it. Those who try play “football” against us have managers as stubborn and Arsene.

    One goal against us can easily be 3 in quick time and everyone know that. No team will ever fold against us because we have the ability self-implode in a very short period.

  85. JJ

    lol Sixx. It is funny and sad at the same time. Rest assured in that those are the only ‘new things’ when it comes to our team. 🙂

  86. JJ

    No point looking to replace Wenger mid-season – if that is what you were getting at. It will never happen. Therefore I won’t waste time thinking/writing about it.

    Wenger will either resign or leave at the end of his contract. The Board will never sack him.

    That said, he will have a lot of explaining to do if he goes potless again this year.

  87. SUGA3

    the fuck he will – he is not held accountable at Arse, we will have the same pre-moderated AGM and that’ll be that…

    and I am not the one to advocate sacking him, I just want him to do his job!

  88. ritesh

    Wenger wants to have control over everything…Fair enough, cause the belt ends with him. But if he had a guy like DD to work with him on transfers and a Man leader like Viera or Keown to do the dressing room stuff, then he could focus on doing more his job.

    He has fragilised himself in his quest of utopic perfection.

  89. zeus


    Hahahahahaha. Ditto on JD. Everyone is ‘why did he drop Djourou?’ Maybe because its Johan Djourou.


    I beg you un-fucking-believable pardon……Cesc is beyond reproach. The only thing he has ever done wrong is the handball in the box like a dick.

  90. SUGA3

    utopian stuff is just what it is – utopian!

    this is simply due to what the human nature is – all these ‘perfect’ visions don’t wash in the real life, otherwise there would be no hunger, wars and all that crap by now!

    at the same time, you have the others around you who act in pragmatic fashion and get results…

  91. SUGA3


    but who is Laurent Koscielny? oh, he’s French, ain’t he?

    he was pencilled to play for Polish national team until he came here, AW worked his magic and he did not even show up at the prearranged meeting with Poland’s coach, how’s that?

  92. JJ

    “fragilised”… Wow, I had to look that one up. French verb which means “to weaken”…

    Le-grove – Educational too!

  93. ritesh


    Actually by being a bit imperfect, we can generate passion, something missing in this team.

    Look at Arshavin before he came to us a now. We transformed him into a librarian.

    A team without passion cannot fight back… If Wenger requires academic justification for everything, he should device a matrix for this as well… if he is intelligent i.e.

  94. SUGA3


    I think this is all down to tolerating failure for way too long – players seem to think that it is not a big deal to lose a game…

    remember JW’s comments after one of the losses? it was something like ‘a bad day at the office, no big deal’ and he is 18, ffs…

  95. gnarleygeorge9

    Weather warning! Weather warning! Its going to be over 30c today 😎

    Stop moaning people, all that spud stuff was in the past. They would be reading this & having a laugh. You are playing into their hands.

    Spuds are so shit, yet they are getting to most of you. They are still shit, we all know that 😆

    Fuck the Yid Army, I still wipe my arse with them. Revenge will come, just be patient 😈

    Now The Arsenal still has more chance of winning all the Cups, lets run with that.

    Then at seasons end if Le Chocker 😳 I mean Le Gaffer has still failed then we have cause to turn the screws on him.

    Spuds may have won the battle, but we all know they aren’t up to winning the war.


  96. SUGA3


    the fact that we have been beaten by the shit Spud side, actually, scratch that, we have bent over and handed them the fucking lube is really doing my head in…

    with this kind of mentality, we will not win a single of these shiny cups!

  97. SUGA3

    each and every goal we conceded was fucking pathetic – how on earth does a midget like Defoe outjump Koscielny who is much taller? foul him, you twat, since you are shit you can at least take some cards for the team!

    how that fat cunt Kaboul managed to squeeze in the winner is beyond me – once again, it was Koscielny nect to him…

  98. This is England

    I have probably been supporting longer than most on here,this team plays with my emotions more than any i can remember.

  99. Chris beef

    Cesc just doesn’t look like he’s trying anymore. You wonder how much is due to injury and how much is not wanting to be here anymore?

  100. gnarleygeorge9


    So is that it then. Every Gooner turns it up now & lets these Yiddy Come Latelies boss The Arsenal around. Be fucked they will.

    “There comes a time, when every Gooner must fight
    When he believes in justice and right
    He’ll take so much till he’ll take no more
    They’ll hear us coming when they hear the mighty roar

    Shoulder to shoulder, we’re gonna stand
    We’re gonna fight to the very last man
    Can’t be defeated, don’t know the word
    Shoulder to shoulder, we’ll fight the world”

    I understand the frustrations of Gooners who are pissed off, shit I’m a Richmond supporter 🙁

    I’m meaning for anyone support get behind Arsene Wenger, or the Board, or any other individual. All that matters is The Arsenal.

    In 1989, did Georgie Graham & the boys give up when everyone outside the Club didn’t give us a chance?

    Well we are 2 points from the top & can realistically go top this weekend. Can spuds?

  101. SUGA3


    I know exactly what it is like for everything to come very easily and what hard work it is to breed the character if this is the case 😉

    I would not be half as pissed off had they won the game fair and square due to being ‘better’, but I’ll be fucked if I stand for this figure skating bollocks…

    tomorrow, I want to see work, dedication, heart and I want The Arsenal to show The Arsenalistas why they are just an imitation!