Arsenal money grabbers after your wallet again / Weak management skills

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The more I watch the Spurs game back the more I’m convinced that under better management this team could go the whole hog this  year. Individually, we’re a match for anyone in the league. On our day, we can turnover the best and play keep ball like any of them. A few problems have crept into our game over the past few years that really seem to be coming home to roost at the moment.

The first major issue I have is the way we defend as a team. In 2006 Martin Keown worked with Arsenal during the second half of the season. He trained with the defence and drilled them for a few months while he was working towards his UEFA Badges. He helped Flamini, Senderos, Sol Campbell and Eboue create the one of the most solid backlines in Europe that year using his methods (They broke a clean sheet record).

For me, this year, it is clear that our defence don’t work on anything in particular. There is no coherence, there is no communication and there are so many individual errors it’s painful to watch. The simple fact is, if you’re not going to sign world-class defenders, you have to drill them into the ground and create a unit. The collective becomes better than the individual. Just like the old back four under George Graham. They weren’t the best individual players, but George drilled them hour, after hour, after hour until they became one of the greatest back lines of all time.

It’s not like Wenger would have to look far to bring in the expertise. Martin Keown is still sitting on the MoTD couch and Steve Bould is training the kids on a pitch not too far away.

Why not call on the advice you have to hand?

Our other main problem as far as I can see is this complicated formation Wenger is trying to adopt. Well, it’s not really complicated, it just involves Alex Song bombing forward and someone else dropping in for him. For me, Song doesn’t have the pace to deal with that role and it generally confuses everyone. Isn’t it telling that against Spurs, with two defensive midfielders on the pitch, we didn’t have the nous to nullify them in the second half?

The other gripe I have is the deep seated fear our players have of taking a shot on goal. I remember teams of yesteryear pummelling the opposition goal relentlessly for 90 minutes. Sometimes we’d have 30 attempts at goal in a half. Think of some of the spectacular goals we used to score? This team seem to fear the shot and they’ll do anything to pass the responsibility onto someone else.

Arsene Wenger needs to own up to himself. His players aren’t good enough or intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves on the pitch. Jose Mourinho  and Alex Ferguson provide their players with a pre-match dossier on what their jobs are going to be in the next game. They know exactly how their opponents are going to play, they know exactly what their role will be and that prepares them incredibly well.

That is how you squeeze an extra ten percent out of players. If someone in Jose’s team doesn’t follow the rule book for the game, they’re dropped and everyone knows why they’re dropped.

As brutal as it sounds, Wenger doesn’t have the players he had in 1998, he doesn’t have the talent he had in either of the other two championship winning years. He’s asking players to win games on their own when they don’t have the talent or experience to do so. Simply put, if Wenger doesn’t have the best tools at his disposal, he has to man manage and I’m not sure he’s the sort of coach who can do that particularly well.

Sadly, he doesn’t recognise this problem and I doubt anyone in his management team has the guts to speak out. If we’re to make the most out of this season, something needs to change in how we prepare for games, something needs to change in the dressing room at half time to make sure everyone is fired up and Wenger needs to start ruling with more of an iron fist.

Dropping your best defender before an important game doesn’t send out the right message to anyone, especially when one of the goals you concede is lost in the air and the other came from losing out to 5ft2in Defoe from a long aerial ball.

A lot of people asked me this weekend why Geoff mentioned the queue for beer in club level. To give that some context, we sit in the bar before the game. This weekend we went their and Arsenal had cordoned off our area for pre-match hospitality which is a massive irritation. As some sort of punishment they’d roped of 8 tills at the bar and given us just one, squeezing us all into the tiniest area possible. The other side of the bar was completely empty. The point here is that we pay a lot of money for a ticket, only to be cattled off because we didn’t pay more money for a meal.

It’s all about money at Arsenal. They’ve even brought in mobile shops to our area as well that takes up yet more space. I’m waiting for them to turn the round tables into roulette machines. I think Geoff’s point is when does the money grabbing stop? How many more pennies can you squeeze out of already skint fans?

When do they give something back?

I only ask because Arsenal aren’t absorbing the VAT hike. They’re passing it onto the fan. So expect the most expensive non-hospitality ticket in World football to come your way this January. Yep, a £100 ticket! I’m staggered that a club as hugely wealthy as Arsenal couldn’t take that 5% on the chin for a year or so. They’re already coining it in with record amounts. It just goes to show you how out of touch they are with the fans. German league leaders Bourousia Dortmund charge £9 for their cheapest seat, what’s ours (plus booking fee)?

If Arsenal tickets were transfer targets, how many do you think Arsene would be signing each season?

It’s Braga tomorrow night, I’ll give you more of a preview tomorrow. I hope the boys are fired up for that one because they need to get back on track and sharpish…

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  1. A

    Big Dave because we’ve had tough games, and a big squad. VP, Bendtner, Theo all need to build up fitness, but Chamakh has done superbly, Nasri has been our player of the season (imo) and Arshavin is Arshavin, can be crap but seems to still be effective at least a couple of times a match, not to mention Rosicky in the mix too.

  2. Dave

    I am asking the fans to think beyond the Spurs game. The only reasons why debate got so hot is because it was SPURS that showed us.

    But before spurs did so, we got shown by many smaller teams CONSISTENTLY. That is the worry.


    No point venting anger on these sites we need to instigate a movement, afc fans are so laid back,we come on here and argue and shout but do nothing at ,wheres the banners? wheres the messages? chants for change? i can appreciate the man u fans now for the way they protest we do nothing at all. if these writers really cared you would try to arrage a protest or a banner.le grove, arsenal action, etc I dont expect nothing from untold arsenal though! ITS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE while we continue to give Arsenal money you need to hit them where it hurts and thats POCKET!

  4. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    incesc.. we are third , we have lost 4 games, conceded more goals than any other top ten side,,this team sucks!

  5. Dave

    Check the site. Wenger just admitted he had no idea why his players consistently switch of.

    No idea? Nevermind.

    Players switching off consistently? Now, come on. Fix that shit. Did you give them a very firm defensive structure to work on?

    Or is it all creative and fancy like the attack?

  6. gazzap

    Tactically we got it all wrong in the second half. Spurs had another striker on but strangely Arsenal pushed higher up the pitch going all out for a third. If spurs scored on the break or from a simple long ball – at 2-1 we all knew they would be back in the game. The lack of defensive cover at 2-0 was very poor. We should have been soaking up the pressure and hitting them on the break, not committing suicide.
    when we are away from home we defend properly as a team. even the wingers are covering their full-backs. But at home we are lazier, we think its all too easy, and we are arrogant. This is why we lost the game.

  7. Dave

    @gazzap Right on. That was the Arsenal of old. We were counterattacking wizards. That was how our wingers were key, Overmars, Parlour, Pires, Ljungberg, Henry, etc

    We are now trying a central approach which has not been yielding results because our center pushes up too high together with the midfield and the back is exposed to the high heavens.

  8. Jimmythegun

    Morning all,

    As soon as the ape-boy scored I knew we would lose. I actually think that in some ways the inevitability helped reduce the pain a bit.

    If last week’s game against Everton had have been 5 minutes longer we would have drawn/lost that one too. Same against Shaktar – once they equalised there was only going to be one winner.

    To my mind this is a purely mental thing, nothing to do with the player’s abilities but more to do with the attitude of the club as a whole. There is no pressure at Arsenal whatsoever, Wenger shields his players from any criticism and hides behinds clichés that I am not sure he even believes anymore.

    Pads – loved the bit about Maureen; spot on mate!

    Not sure when it started, but can’t believe we have gotten ourselves into a situation where we need to keep a clean sheet to win a game!

    And you all know how good we are at keeping clean sheets…


    @ incesc I understand what you are saying and appreciate the optimism but we will not win the league mate,i Promise you we will never win the league again until wenger goes the best hope we have is carling cup this year.This team has no idea how to win a title and I dont think wenger does anymore either. Im not one of these fans who says these things when we lose and when we win I parade wengers name, I want him to go ALL THE TIME! the day dein got sacked i knew things were going the wrong way the day we moved to stadium i knew the clubs motives and aims were changing ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! FACT

  10. mickj

    is pat rice the worst coach in football he puts the training cones like a real pro but thats all time for and wenger to go

  11. Walking Wounded

    Apparently in a training match recently, Wellington tore Gael Clichy a new one.

    Wither Wellington is a fantastic prospect or Clichy is as bad as everyone seems to think he is!

  12. incesc

    the day david dein got sacked you knew things were going the wrong way??


    please no more david dein statements.

    we have good players, its nothing to do with recruitment anymore.

    we have a better squad than man u, 2 world cup finalists, wenger has amassed a huge squad without david dein with bags of quality.

    they are just a bunch of pussies and dein wouldnt be able to change that

  13. Big Dave

    Incesc, we our very own worst enemy, everytime we have the chance to go top we choke.

    And if our home support was any good at all then maybe we would get behind our team more often

  14. Colonel Mustard

    A few points:

    1. Chelsea have their two centre backs out for a week and have lost twice. Either through injury or manager choices we play without proper centre backs every week. Kos and Squllaci are not top premiership standard by any stretch. I include Flaapy in this. Keepers like cech and Reina may, MAY have got to Kabouls header

    2. Our bloody high line….once two up, it should cease to be an option…how many have we conceded with that bloody ball over the top and everyone panics like a kid pissing in a swimming pool.

    3. Cesc……dont forget he is 23 years old….Wegner never should have made him captain. Dont forget he ran the first half for us. Is it always up to him to win it for us?? People saying that Cesc should have led, should look at the older players.They should know better. At 23 most people let emotion run their minds in the heat of the moment. Players like Rosicky, Squillaci, Ardshavin needed to speak up and stand up. They did’nt of course.

    4. Tactical changes – A bat could have seen Chamakh should have be replaced 15 minutes earlier. Walcott should have been put in that role at 2-1. Space in behind, all you needed was pace and finishing. An aside on Theo, in great form before his injury now not a first team choice. I dont get it. He gives us a threat. Denilson and Song should never play together.

    5. Pat Rice – seriously what is the point?

  15. Cloggs

    Top Post Pedro, splendid analysis.
    As for the ticket prizes.. Borussia and Schalke04 top the popularity scale in Germany, but they ain’t “World Brands” (with their websites in Japanese and Chinese…) as we have become 🙁
    There appear to be over 120000 red members nowadays (86000 in 2005) and another 40000 silver or so.

    Arsenal are the largest club membership in the world and the more members the higher the ticketprize.
    Arsenal have become their own tickets touts.

  16. patthegooner

    I think what sums the weekend up is that I have not seen one post on any blog sites that pass the game off as one of those freak results. That in parallel to the Chavs 3-0 loss at home to Sunderland that was just that, a freak result.

    We are so used to fucking up that we have become almost numb to it and fans seem to have a reluctant acceptance that we are always mins away from another calamity.

    As long as we have an unsackable manager that is bigger than the board and the club, this will continue.

    A do agree with A in that we could win it this year, but that in the most part is due to the financial restrictions at Man Ure and the in house fighting at Chavski rather than any progress we are making. We are in a financial position that should have seen us go out and buy the RIGHT players in the summer, Players that ooze quality and improve our squad. The PL is there for the taking and once again we seem reluctant to want to take it, preferring to massage Arsene’s ego to buy cheap and develop a player rather than buy in ready made. I honestly believe that he would take more satisfaction in Denilson coming good than Arsenal winning something.

    The £100 ticket is shocking. Sadly some muppets are prepared to pay it, so the trend will continue. Arsenal lost their soul when they moved. I cancelled my membership 3 seasons ago now, due to lack of ambition and looking at the prices, and given that I now live in S Wales, I am priced out of seeing them.

    Arsenal are like the ever decreasing Mars Bar which gets shorter every year but continues to go up in price. Like Mars Arsenal want us to pay more and more despite the product getting shitter and shitter.

  17. Hadley

    I’d like to hear all this moaning at the stadium insead of anonymously online. Get a sea with the Red Action boys and say all these things you do about are club, go on I dare you

  18. Cloggs

    Good idea, they still owe me a pint or two as I contributed 40 quid to them for their Ramsey banner last season.

  19. rico

    Top post Pedro…

    Someone mentioned Grimandi earlier in relation to wengers bad signings, i wouldn’t have minded a ‘Grimandi’ in the side on saturday, especially if he did to VdV what he did to Edgar Davids….

  20. Arsene Nose Best

    oi don’t fuck around with the red action barmy’s,your get done,there leader tony will set his goons on you


    @Incesc best squad??

    Please no more ‘better squad’ statements!

    Let me tell you something Mourinho is the best manager in the world he would not take 1 player from our team bar cesc maybe. ALL our defenders are shocking! how can you claim our squad is ok? kos6 is terrible, clichy terrible, goalkeepers and the rest are nothing to shout about. aa23 lazy, rvp always unfit, cesc dont want to be here, I dont see why all the hype about song. Dein wanted investment in squad wasn’t interested in staduim, where the rest off board was interested in stadium and investment into THEIR BACK POCKETS thats why he was ousted. I remember seeing him at youth and reserve games, no one from the board turns up to them now i assure you. WE GOT RID OFF SOMEONE WHO bled the club that was the point.

  22. sixx pac

    So the kozzer is now a bad defender? I don’t think jd is anywhere near koscielny’s class and far from our ‘best’ defender lol.
    I’ve heard people saying he’s shite cause he gets a lot of bookings yet all last year people were wanting someone who wold get stuck in and get a few bookings for the cause.


    I cant believe we paid 8million+ for kols6 he is TERRIBLE,we take the biscuit with spuds and dean richards but this man is shocking hes 5,10 and about 10stone, he was meant to make it in the premiership?? ALL the money the club invests in the squad and thats what we get? wenger and the board are laughing. but when you think about it.
    silvestre left
    campbell left
    gallas left
    senderos left
    eduardo 7 million left
    jay simpson 2million+ left w
    we must have atleast balanced the money going out and coming in again this summer especially all that off wage bill.

  24. incesc

    our squad is better than man uniteds.

    i didnt say they are the best squad we have had as we once had vieira, bergkamp, pires, henry, ljungberg and campbell.

    I just think protesting now is going to make arsenal fans look like a bunch of cunts.

    we are all upset about spurs but protesting and putting up banners when we are in a position to win the league if we put a run together is counter productive.

    we need to get behind this team for now, they are fragile enough as it is!

  25. El tel


    We lose at home for the first time in 17 years to a team who I personally still don’t class as our biggest enemy and the world caves in.

    Yes we could be many points clear if if if but the Chavs are weaker too and the Mancs have Avery long way to go before they get to expected levels. They are or should be our big rivals not the giant killers from up the road.

    I agree with most points Geoff has made about getting shot of Wenger and the cash grabbing Club we have become but the truth is our team were knackered.

    Defoe didn’t make the difference as some suggest it was Harry switching the ape boy that made the difference plus tightening up the midfield second half.

    Let’s not forget they were getting free kicks for nothing challenges and our players were being booked for their first offence.

    fan the fart was doing whatever he wanted with that prick referee just smiling at him. Yet again nothing said about this.

    Clichy is now our biggest weakness since the waiter has been replaced and I am feeling like Geoff regarding the English boys not getting played which is totally wrong. Gibbs is much better than Clichy will ever be IMO.

    What exactly did that mouthy cunt Defoe do to make it work for them. They scored from an over the top ball that he luckily flicked on he was lucky because it was Clichy closest to him, they scored from a ridiculous penalty and a free kick. Apart from this they did not a lot. The referee was giving them many free kicks which helped them breaks up play and was their main weapon.

    To read idiots like the Arsenal hating Hansen say they have the best squad is crazy. That was not our first choice team no matter what anyone says, we were missing TV,RVP,Jack Willshere for starters.

    Harry out thought Wenger and that is my biggest concern. Those who say we should have tried to defend the lead surely know that this wouldn’t work,we can’t play that way. What should have happened is that Wenger should have moved Nasri back into the middle where he played the first half and put on Theo to give their shit full backs a doing over. I thought Arshavin had the measure on the other shit full back so he should have Been kept on. Replace Chamkh attack with RVP and replace Denilsson with Rosicky.

    But I am not Manager and what do I know.

    Keep the faith guys as it’s The Arsenal we support no mattress what and let’s hope Wenger grows some bollocks and drops the likes of Clichy. That alone would be a significant improvement.

    That little Club down e road beats us at home for the first time in many years that’s bound to happen. Let’s go on and win this League as it’s there for the taking.

  26. goonermichael

    Much as I hate to say it (because I hate the dirty fucking cunt) red nose would win the league with this tean. And a point by QOS earlier about being consumers. Going to see a football team is different to going to tesco. You can’t just stop going or change teams. I’ve boycotted the Emirates this season and although I don’t go much they lost £40 on the braga home game as it wasn’t sold out. If I had a season ticket though (like Geoff and Pedro) I wouldn’t give it up as I’d never get another one and If the chance came along now I’d buy one. Wenger has gone as far as he can and it is time for a chenge. We’ve had 1 really good result this season and that was against 10 man shitty. I’m still depressed from Saturday. Someone also pointed out that cesc should apologise (like he did for Spain’s performance) God I wish he’d fucking gone in the summer.

  27. Big Dave

    It might be their for the taking, but we allways choke at the wrong time it has allways been our failing for many years. No steal in the side what so ever and no leaders to roll up sleeves and fight and push us over that line at the end. Too many technical players

  28. goonermichael

    El Tel
    It is there for the taking unfortunately a team that lose at home to wba, newcastle and the pikeys won’t take it.

  29. gazzap

    Did anyone see the Sky coverage on saturday? At 89 minutes we were 3-2 down they showed about 5-10 seconds of Theirry Henry up in the stands somewhere smiling, laughing and joking with someone, looking really pleased with life.
    Any true gooner should have been devastated by what had just happened. My opinion of him as an Arsenal fan dropped by about 50% in one moment.

  30. gambon

    Well thanks a bunch Wenger.

    I went away for the weekend, managed to find an awesome pub to watch the game in at 5am on saturday morning then my weekend was somewhat ruined by a narrow minded, stubborn, senile old frenchman who cares about his £6m salary, not winning.

    Yet again Wenger said he would improve the defence and yet again he failed to do this, we are appaling, and yet again will play for 3rd/4th.

  31. Pedro

    GM, you’re right… I’d liken it to a Energy exec telling you not to buy petrol for you car if you don’t like the price.

  32. leon

    i feel wenger has to make choice either is going change style in which the team plays and make them more well drilled and organised team and more direct which i cant see happening or can keep with current style then he going have to get at least 1 box to box striker who will score at least 25 goals,this team creates by far the most chances in prem but they dont convert those chances.

  33. Dan,The Gooner.

    how anyone still thinks this lot can win the league is beyond belief,you are just as deluded as the manager…

  34. sixx pac

    We can still win the league without a. doubt. 2 points behind. Are u expecting the team to give up on that prospect?

  35. tahsein

    Pedro,you have an incredible power in hand.That’s le grove.One of your positive post can give a lot better feeling to a lot of people.So,until the end of the season completely get behind the team because they need us.Helpless crying of WENGER OUT dosen’t help anyone.I expect this defeat to be the last kick up the arse to the boys.This year we have a good chance because the race is wide open.I hope this to be our last defeat toward another unbeaten streak.So,be positive.Get behind the team,pray for us.Another 17 years of domination is on it’s way.CHIN UP GOONERS!!!GO BOYZ!!

  36. nishanth

    still incredibly depressed..I know we are still only 2 points behind..But what are the chances of us winning when it matters the most?

  37. incesc

    Well dan, this lot are capable of winning at home, we did last year, so if we can get that back, the league is shit this year so its possible…

  38. Sam

    not to be a doomer , but last season we were saying we are close to the top still repeatedly after some bad defeats (and we were). But we always knew the team wasnt good enough to win the league and it required chelsea and man u to screw up big time and they did not. Same this season , but I thought we had a slightly better team than last season. But now performances are raising doubts

  39. jay4741

    still gutted, wenger needs to sort this right out now, the abuse i have had to take this morning from them spud cunts!!! All down to his tactic unawareness, stupid average shit players ie: (Clichy hes is beyond a fucking joke the geezer is a crash waiting to happen nearly everygame), stupid team selections.

    Also I could not belive he did not start walcott on saturday, probably spurs have got currently one of the best/fastest left mids around at the momemt, its simple tactics walcott bombing down the right pushing spurs back making bale doulbe up on him, but no we leave it to 70mins 2-2.

    so pissed off, i’m grateful for what wenger done at our club but really do think his time is up, hes shows weakness and that is also rubbing off on the players.

  40. Dan,The Gooner.

    incesc this lot can’t win at home,they have made that clear on a number of occasions now,i think there is a much deeper problem going on behind the scene’s for this to change.

  41. jay4741

    just like to add also its no concidence that when this team get in the postion of achieving something ie: top of the league the pressure is to much and they fail everytime, i think its happen so much there mental weak/shot something needs to change man management or new personel.

  42. Ojaimo

    Do we still believe Chamakh is better than Ade, considering how many chances he wastes? I don’t know how he allows defenders to get the ball off him when he was twice set on goal with the defenders behind him.
    I don’t blame Wenger entirely for the capitulation. Why were the two defenders strolling back after the freekick. Why must two of them always go out to score whenever there is a spot kick? Are they not experienced enough? The players especially, the defenders were to blame for the 1st and last goals. I don’t see the rational for some people blaming Song or Denilson for the loss.

  43. sixx pac

    I guess we can say this year that united and chelsea have depended on us screwing up to be where they are right now. Us screwing up is basically the reason they’re still in the title race.

  44. nishanth

    Djourou should definitely be first choice along with Squilacci till Vermaelen comes back.Still can’t understand why change a combination did really well away at wolves and everton.And no more Song and Denilson and midfield please.

  45. Dan,The Gooner.

    i know,but that is just plain taking the piss now,clichy needs to buck his ideas up,getting the run a round by wellington.

  46. jay4741

    exactly nishanth

    out the cunt hes a liability, cant even get in the french team also if you look back at recent big games (losses) clichy is involved everytime with a mistake.

  47. nishanth

    Agree jay.And he gives us absolutely nothing going forward.Has got around 2 assists in the last 3 seasons(Including this one).

  48. tahsein

    if we can stay concentradted at the home games,stay strong at the away ones and string 10-15 unbeaten record,we will win the title inshallah.pedro,QoS,geoff,incesc,sabeel,me(and every1) all these gooners deserve a lot of cups and trophies.Keep the faith.come may i want see happy tears in pedro’s eyes,i want to see geoff post an article stating how useful has wenger been to us.Come on Guys.COME ON YOU GUNNERZ!!!

  49. Master P

    “We had to retain possession better and control the game, but we didn’t and in the end, we paid for that.

    “The manager said the same after the game – once we were ahead, we took the game too easily.

    Really Cesc?

  50. El tel

    People saying the League has got stinger are the deluded ones. The top teams are getting worse more like.

    So we lost 3 at home, those saying the Chavs will win it by XMas knew what ey were talking about didn’t they.

    They lost to Sunderland at home well that’s equal to losing to WBA and Newcastle IMO.

    brume away too what a shitter of a result for them. The mancs will get turned over too when they play a decent team or when they get 3 games in a row that are hard games.

    I am not making excuses for our poor performances just stating the obvious that our team are in a decent position to take the League.

    Not trying to be clever, I just see a really poor Prem these past couple of years. It will get worse when the taxes increase again and no big players will want to come unless a team like Citeh pay over the top. I would rather see an overpaid Walcott than a indecently overpaid Adebayor and chums taking the piss. Teves excepted of course.

  51. gazzap

    With clichy, I was thinking, how can such an apparantly good left back be making so many mistakes. I think it could be down to lack of help from Arshavin. Clichy finds himself exposed quite a lot and then his focus goes and he ends up doing something stupid. since we went 4-3-3 he has been hopeless.
    Do we go 4-4-2 just for Gael or do we sell him asap?

  52. BigRed1

    As we fans become increasingly confused and dismayed by Wengers selections and substitutions, surely they must be having the same effect on the team. So was Saturdays performance the result of those?

  53. gazzap

    I’d rather have class players on the pitch having a bad game than shit ones having a good game.
    I’d rather see Wilshere back than have Denilson anywhere near the pitch (ever).

    And where the fuck are lansbury and JET? At least they’d have given a fuck on saturday when Arshavin, and Denilson were wandering around.

  54. tahsein

    i hope the news of chelsea fucking big time up is true.their internal problem,our gain.

    hoping rooney will start to shag another pros. and get caught.another stint out in dubai.DIE YOU OGRE!!!

  55. tahsein

    looks like arshavin has become a scapegoat.assist 1,defended well apparently.last night we because there was lack of a leader.someone who would bark continiously to arsenal everyone depends on other,if someone fails all fails.that’s the problem of a young side.cesc is a good captain but we must not forget that he’s only 23.we could use a bastard ala vieira,adams.everyone should fear and follow the captain.

  56. zeus

    Goodplaya also asserted that the gap between the top and the bottom teams closing wasn’t a sign of the competitive league we play in, but more of the averageness of the league.

    I’m not sure where he is coming from. How else can the league be competitive unless the bottom sides win a few? La Liga champions will need about 100 points to secure the title this year, there is no competition over there.

    85 I would say could win the PL.

  57. gazzap

    The closeness of the league will help ‘sell’ it as a brand abroad. It will probably bring more income in. But the best players are not coming anymore because of our tax rules and the financial pressure at so many of the bigger clubs.

  58. Chris Beef

    That fat cunt of a ref had an absolute shocker. I’m starting to gradually calm down after that defeat so might be able to think about it for more than few minutes at a time!

    – How VDV was never sent off is a mystery?
    – Basic mistakes cost us that match – a match we should have finished off.
    – Our defensive unit as a whole is not up to scratch. We should get one of the old back four in to drill our players. And Seaman as gk coach
    – Song and Denilson shouldn’t play in the same team. Both don’t offer adequate protection to our defence.
    – Chamahk is good in the air, but affraid to shoot. We need a stiker who can shoot!
    – Players should be dropped when they don’t do as they have been instructed/play consistantly bad. Also players should be in there on merit not because they are one of AW’s favourites. No fear of failure in this team. Mediocrcy seems to be rewarded.

    Argh too annoying. We just didnt’ turn up for the sendond half. No one ont he coaching team seem to have any idea how to change it or what to do during the game. No leaders on the pitch to shout and gee out players up. Just total lack of ideas and effort in that second half.

  59. sixx pac

    Exactly El Tel. I’m guessing their crystal balls were way off. They said chelsea would rap up the league by christmas and that we’d drop out by october. Also said we’d be playing for 4th.

    Reality is if we hadn’t been playing so stupidly we would be running away with the league. So effectively, we have kept united and chelsea in the title race.

  60. nishanth

    I think Van Persie will start against villa.The fact that chamakh is a poor finisher is annoying enough but the way he avoids a shot on goal really pisses me off.

  61. goonermichael

    The standard of the “bigger” teams is shit this season. The spuds are fairly mediocre. It’s just that we truly fucked up.

  62. zeus

    Sixx pac

    To be fair, all the top 3 sides have been playing shit. Man Utd can point to the numerous times already thi season that they have drawn games that they should have won. The Everton 2-2 comes to mind.

    And the same way Sunderland took Chelsea apart, we have been taken apart by WBA as well. If you say ‘we should’ve won that game’ then Chelsea scumbags have the right to say so as well. If anything the top 3 should be much further ahead of the trailing pack separated by one or two points between them.

    Why in the world would you want RVP to start. He is a notorious slow starter when coming back from an injury. He is about 6-8 weeks away from reaching to the level he was at the start of last season, and thats if he can stay fit for that long. We are stuck with chamakh I feel.

  63. sixx pac

    And sorry, I’m not about to jump on the blame the manager bandwagon. I’ll admit that some of his subs and his lineups are ridiculous at times but I’ll put it on the players.

    Arsenal players play with such arrogance which is quite fucking surprising as they haven’t won fucking anything. Its like they just expect to show up, score 6 goals and collect the 3 points. They don’t play with any urgency at all until they are chasing the game by atleast two goals.

    They need to wake up and fucking realize that they haven’t won anything so they deserve no fcking respect from anybody. Go out and fucking earn it.

  64. nishanth

    Zeus-I didn’t say i want him to start.But i think Wenger might start him against Villa.Either against Villa or against Wigan in the carling cup.Will definitely start in one of these games.

  65. choy

    Just saw the first half again.

    How we let them win the second half is amazing!

    Arsh and Nasri were fantastic in the first half!

    Why cesc raised his hand, I will never know and how can Defoe beat Clichy in the air!!

  66. 1979gooner

    couldn’t agree more

    the problem is a collective defensive one and has been for a while

    the squad balance is still wrong

    allowing our one midfielder who can defend to play so far forward is not clever

  67. leon

    i feelmight me good idea to off load players like vela and bretna get 1-2 25 goal a season fishishers because somehow i cant see wenger changing style of the team and if this team are continue with this style of play then they going have to be alot more clinical than they are now

  68. Walking Wounded

    Karma is a wonderful thing, but it needs honing….

    Karl Henry has been ruled out for 2 months with knee ligament injury, couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke, but it should have been a leg break and a season out.

  69. zeus


    Typical propaganda from Maybe I’m too cynical, but Ramsey has been training for a few weeks now, and Arsenal are trying to get some goodwill feelings going by putting him in almsot every picture.

    Maybe I’m overthinking things though.

    So you lot are saying that the PL product is not up to the level of previous seasons.

  70. sixx pac

    Cloggs someone mentioned earlier that if the student isn’t learning then the teacher needs to be changed,but, at some point ur gonna have to accept that the student is just thick.

  71. Dutchman

    Absolutely unbelievable why fabregas put his hand in the air. Unbelievable!!! And i know for sure that we would have won this match so easily with djourou leading the line!

  72. Louis

    sixx pac i couldn’t agree more.
    This group of players overhype themselves, believing the high praise constantly reinforced to them in every Wenger press conference. They percieve their ability higher than it actually is, knowing poor performances will be glossed over by Wenger who backs them far too much. I’m fed up of hearing about potential and i think we place too much emphasis on developing the techincal side of our players games, lthough it is important. We disregard the need to instill grit, determination and a winners attitude which is a skill in itself and a fundamental ingredient in any successful team. Wenger is a great talent spotter. FACT. He develops players in a way no other manager can. FACT. But where he falls flat is in his ability to motivate this team, in his tactical nous and his inability to become ruthless when players are not performing. In my opinion we missed a trick not keeping hold of Sol. The man was a natural born winner, an invincible, invaluable in the dressing room and as a commander to the back line. His huddles at the end of last season helped to instill focus and i believe Wenger should have offered him a player coach role. Wenger needs a new number 2. Someone to challenge him, to add grit and determination to Wengerball. I love Rice but he is stale.

  73. steve biko


    I also dont rate Pat Rice. I mean everyone can see the mistakes we make but all Rice seems to do is keep quiet.

  74. Dutchman

    Can someone tell me, what does JET not have???
    He is absolutely amazing, look at his goals with doncaster. This guy is realy class and is much better then chamakh and bendtner. Unbelievable!

  75. nuudles

    Chamakh really needs to learn how to shoot, I know it will be a bit of an embarrassment for him but I think he should get a run in the reserve team, put Bendy up front or RVP if hes up for it, can also take a gamble and play JET, he scores a lot (I know its a whole different level, but he looks willing to shoot).

    I agree, never ever play Denilson & Song in the same team, and someone please shoot Song if he goes over the halfway line! Nasri/Cesc/Wilshere/Diaby all are much better than him going forward so he should leave it to them.

    Was Djourou tired from playing a whole game on the international brake? If he was not why in the world would we not play him, he was perfect against Everton?!

  76. sixx pac

    Chamakh in the reserves? That’s just laughable now,come on. I know the guy is a bad finisher but he has eight goals for us. I don’t care if he scores with his foot,head or tongue as long as it finds the back of the net

  77. Ricky

    Was anybody really supprised by what happend on sat? I’ve saved myself from commenting all weekend because i probably would have had a sentence with nothing but the f word in it but the worst thing for me about saturdays result was that i didnt care as much as i would have in the past. It’s like i’ve grown to except performances like this from these lot of bottlers.

    I heard alot of ppl blaming wenger for no motivational half time team talk but why the fuck do you need to be motivated against your biggest enemy in football? Players should be rushing with blood from the min they wake up to the sec they nod off that night on match days like these! We’ve had the same problem with this team for way to long now. The lack of leadership in this team is killing us! Imo cesc is no leader. He’s a great player but that does not mean he’s a leader. the only player in this side that has leadership qualities is TV everyone else are a bunch of followers that all have similar qualities. theres no variety in this squad, kinda like the england team.

    The only reason were in the position we are in the legaue is because the other 2 are playing shite (pure luck) but dont be supprised when they start to pick up form & go on a long run & leave us back were we always have been for the last few yrs.

  78. Dutchman

    choy, so what. This guy is something special. Look how big he is and with that brilliant technique. Even vidic can’t easily take the ball from JET, he is too big for that.

  79. choy

    Its not chamakh’s fault we lost the game.

    2-0 is a respectable score. We needed to shut up shop not put everyone forward to score another goal!


    Bendtner was in the championship years ago and he ripped it up too!

  80. Cloggs

    sixx pac,
    Well, generally a teacher doesn’t choose his students.
    Wenger is in full charge of picking the players he wants (OK, within a certain budget)
    He can make or brake players, put them into the right frame of mind, improve their skills etc…
    A player can have an offday, cannot be in shape for some period of time but if he appears to be simply not good enough then it’s the manager’s choice whether to offload him or not right?

  81. sixx pac

    Agree with most of that Ricky but the coin can be flipped both ways now, don’t cha think. I would say the only reason the other two teams are in the position they are is because we have been playing shite ( pure luck)

  82. Arsene Nose Best

    hear the latest one

    hahostolze I have it on solid authority that Kakuta will NOT sign on at Chelsea and Wenger will take him on, letting Sunu and maybe even Watt leave…

    from twitter…

  83. sixx pac

    Skill didn’t lose us the game though Cloggs. I doubt spurs know how they actually won the match. The fact is we gave them that game. We stopped playing with urgency in the 2nd half. Even Cesc said that Wenger always warns them about being complacent,yet they do it again and again. That shows a sign of not learning. Is that the teacher’s fault or the students? Its debateable

  84. Walking Wounded

    I can tell you what is wrong with the Arsenal side at the moment….

    Mental Weakness!

    They all seem knackered, and none of the the players coming through are the sort to help us resolve this. RvP isn’t fit yet, Denilson doesn’t add anything to the team, he is our Jermaine Jenas, Gibbs doesn’t last 90 minutes without being off for 4 weeks. Eboue is just Eboue. Bendtner is on a personal crusade.

    We need energy in the team, what Flamini gave us in spades

  85. Big Dave

    Wenger says Braga ‘great opportunity to bounce back and qualify. After what happened on Sat, everyone will be focused’

    Blah Blah Blah….

  86. Ricky

    Sixx pac, agree with u also but 4 defeats at this stage of the season & your title chances are usually far away.

    It’s rare chelsea play this badly & utd have a weak squad. We should be taking advantage but it seems like these players are just happy to be thereabouts instead of growing some balls & killing teams off. These lot can’t handle that pressure it seems.

  87. zeus

    Arsene is a little bit like Theo. Wlways running mouth in the press. I know they have to answer questions when asked , but seriously, if I read any statement where Theo goes ‘I just want to show what I can do and kick on’ or Wenger saying ‘We will learn this lesson’ or ‘You will see a different Arsenal next time’, or ‘We have Matures’ I’m gonna throw something.

    Just get the fuck on with it. That rhetoric holds no weight with me anymore. Seriously, just STFU and get on with it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if there was no pre or opost press conferences anymore, just have the games and go home.