Arsenal money grabbers after your wallet again / Weak management skills

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The more I watch the Spurs game back the more I’m convinced that under better management this team could go the whole hog this  year. Individually, we’re a match for anyone in the league. On our day, we can turnover the best and play keep ball like any of them. A few problems have crept into our game over the past few years that really seem to be coming home to roost at the moment.

The first major issue I have is the way we defend as a team. In 2006 Martin Keown worked with Arsenal during the second half of the season. He trained with the defence and drilled them for a few months while he was working towards his UEFA Badges. He helped Flamini, Senderos, Sol Campbell and Eboue create the one of the most solid backlines in Europe that year using his methods (They broke a clean sheet record).

For me, this year, it is clear that our defence don’t work on anything in particular. There is no coherence, there is no communication and there are so many individual errors it’s painful to watch. The simple fact is, if you’re not going to sign world-class defenders, you have to drill them into the ground and create a unit. The collective becomes better than the individual. Just like the old back four under George Graham. They weren’t the best individual players, but George drilled them hour, after hour, after hour until they became one of the greatest back lines of all time.

It’s not like Wenger would have to look far to bring in the expertise. Martin Keown is still sitting on the MoTD couch and Steve Bould is training the kids on a pitch not too far away.

Why not call on the advice you have to hand?

Our other main problem as far as I can see is this complicated formation Wenger is trying to adopt. Well, it’s not really complicated, it just involves Alex Song bombing forward and someone else dropping in for him. For me, Song doesn’t have the pace to deal with that role and it generally confuses everyone. Isn’t it telling that against Spurs, with two defensive midfielders on the pitch, we didn’t have the nous to nullify them in the second half?

The other gripe I have is the deep seated fear our players have of taking a shot on goal. I remember teams of yesteryear pummelling the opposition goal relentlessly for 90 minutes. Sometimes we’d have 30 attempts at goal in a half. Think of some of the spectacular goals we used to score? This team seem to fear the shot and they’ll do anything to pass the responsibility onto someone else.

Arsene Wenger needs to own up to himself. His players aren’t good enough or intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves on the pitch. Jose Mourinho  and Alex Ferguson provide their players with a pre-match dossier on what their jobs are going to be in the next game. They know exactly how their opponents are going to play, they know exactly what their role will be and that prepares them incredibly well.

That is how you squeeze an extra ten percent out of players. If someone in Jose’s team doesn’t follow the rule book for the game, they’re dropped and everyone knows why they’re dropped.

As brutal as it sounds, Wenger doesn’t have the players he had in 1998, he doesn’t have the talent he had in either of the other two championship winning years. He’s asking players to win games on their own when they don’t have the talent or experience to do so. Simply put, if Wenger doesn’t have the best tools at his disposal, he has to man manage and I’m not sure he’s the sort of coach who can do that particularly well.

Sadly, he doesn’t recognise this problem and I doubt anyone in his management team has the guts to speak out. If we’re to make the most out of this season, something needs to change in how we prepare for games, something needs to change in the dressing room at half time to make sure everyone is fired up and Wenger needs to start ruling with more of an iron fist.

Dropping your best defender before an important game doesn’t send out the right message to anyone, especially when one of the goals you concede is lost in the air and the other came from losing out to 5ft2in Defoe from a long aerial ball.

A lot of people asked me this weekend why Geoff mentioned the queue for beer in club level. To give that some context, we sit in the bar before the game. This weekend we went their and Arsenal had cordoned off our area for pre-match hospitality which is a massive irritation. As some sort of punishment they’d roped of 8 tills at the bar and given us just one, squeezing us all into the tiniest area possible. The other side of the bar was completely empty. The point here is that we pay a lot of money for a ticket, only to be cattled off because we didn’t pay more money for a meal.

It’s all about money at Arsenal. They’ve even brought in mobile shops to our area as well that takes up yet more space. I’m waiting for them to turn the round tables into roulette machines. I think Geoff’s point is when does the money grabbing stop? How many more pennies can you squeeze out of already skint fans?

When do they give something back?

I only ask because Arsenal aren’t absorbing the VAT hike. They’re passing it onto the fan. So expect the most expensive non-hospitality ticket in World football to come your way this January. Yep, a £100 ticket! I’m staggered that a club as hugely wealthy as Arsenal couldn’t take that 5% on the chin for a year or so. They’re already coining it in with record amounts. It just goes to show you how out of touch they are with the fans. German league leaders Bourousia Dortmund charge £9 for their cheapest seat, what’s ours (plus booking fee)?

If Arsenal tickets were transfer targets, how many do you think Arsene would be signing each season?

It’s Braga tomorrow night, I’ll give you more of a preview tomorrow. I hope the boys are fired up for that one because they need to get back on track and sharpish…

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  1. Mr B

    Cartman should’nt that be KABOOM BABE!

    Completely agree pedro, supporters need to give the management a piece of their mind and theirs fists if they fancy it. 😀

  2. solman

    On a positive side – I hear Wellington Silva is tearing it up in training, and will be drafted straight into the 1st team squad come January.

  3. galviniho

    I could not agree more. I nearly chucked my season ticket, I knew when Bale scored we’d creak again.

    They do not work on defending and Lee Dixon and Martin Keown has said that. Wenger needs to eat some humble pie and get Keown involved, get Seaman to help the goalkeepers and we should of brough Paddy Vieira back if only for the bottle he had.

    Song and Denilson were good first half, then came out in the second and totally forgot what they were doing.

    This team and squad lacks a captain when Vermelean is not there, he is a massive miss. If Verms and Djourou are at the back alongside Gibbs and Sagna I think we would be more solid. In fact I think Kozzer would be better in front of the back four given his lack of height.

    I love what Wenger has done for us and there are some great kids coming through, but for me either he wakes up and smells the coffee, win the Carling Cup and start defending or its goodbye at the end of season.

  4. Richaldo

    Still seething about Saturday… if anyone in my office mentions it i think something will be broken……

    2 Nil up at home to those C**ts….. worst result EVER

  5. Queen of suburbia

    I don’t get where you are going with the ticket prices thing really although I understand nobody likes to feel they aren’t getting value… But surely the answer is simple. When you are treated as a consumer, act like one.

    If it’s too much or you don’t feel you are getting value, then stop paying. Either someone will take your place and the club not care, or they won’t take your place and then the club will get the message.

  6. chozzer

    So that’s the answer. Geoff’s still too pissed off to post.
    I don’t blame him.

    Completely agree about the ‘defending as a team’ approach.
    The spuds have 2 strikers on the pitch second half, we must adjust and cover the imbalance. But no tactical adjustment was made.

    As for club level, I really think it has fucked up the Emirates. The heart of the ground is missing. Still must be a great view.

  7. Doublegooner


    Face facts..What you write is so damm obvious.

    Only Wenger is clueless, won’t change anything, buys 2nd rate players.


  8. Maverick

    Nothing less than the league would do after Saturday’s loss. We might win/draw at Braga and qualify. It seems this year no one wants to take control of the league. 3rd position and 2 points off the leader at this stage would have been taken at the start of the season. But, the manner in which it has been achieved leaves a lot to be desired.
    Also, Wenger seems to be reluctant to ask the team to defend deep in matches. Maybe the defence needs to be taught better. They are always closer to the half way line rather than the 18 yard box which allows anyone with pace to exploit.

  9. Queen of suburbia

    Is the keown thing true then? I always had it down as an urban myth.

    It just doesnt make any sense to have something working really well for us to ditch it entirely? ( I’m sure that’s an invitation fir lots of wengers ego type comments) but I wondered if anyone knows the facts?

  10. Geoff

    Good post Pedro, I would like to add to that signing a player from the French league who no one knew before last season for £10mil was nuts. He does it because he like the credit he gets if they work out, signing a top defender would have been sensible, we have the money.

    Then when you then have a young kid out there that does well and drop him for the average one, you have to carry the can if it goes wrong. Not him though, there’s always an excuse, this weeks? They were tired.

    I had a lot of wasters on here Saturday bitching about my outburst, why is it that Wenger is above criticism? Who is he God? If it were Liverpool, Chelsea or Newcastle, he would have been moved on years ago.

    When their fans complain they are the best in the world, if we do, it’s heresy!

    His job is to either survive in the EPL or win it, if you’re Wigan, you survive, if you are Arsenal, you at least try and win it.

    I’m not alone either, read this.

    Oh and for the record, I had a lot more new people on agreeing with me on Saturday than I had jokers willing to accept winning fuck all all and dissing me.

    Anyone who went to the game and witnessed what I did and are ok with it, can’t have their sights set very high in life. Me, I’m a winner.

  11. solman

    Choy – agreed, we clearly don’t defend in training, coz what we did was suicide on Saturday.
    If you look at the game, we are on a completely different planet to the Spus. So much better technically and physically.
    But fuck me we have some serious mental problems. And for Wenger who loves to use the expression ‘we were good/bad mentally’ you would think he would address this problem – because giving players confidence and resistence is his job.
    And if he is not capable of doing it, then he needs to employ the personnel who can. Or just fuck off.

    P.S how the fuck is Defoe winning that header in a position where we have 2 x DM’s twice his size!!

  12. John A

    Although I’m excited by Wellington’s imminent arrival, that will NOT solve our problems, which Wenger has always ignored – the defence !

    He’s so effing arrogant & annoying thinking that we will win by outscoring the opposition. I’ve been saying for 4 years now that we’ll never win anything again under Wenger and unfortunately it’s looking more & more that way.

    I think he’s well pass his sell by date and with Pat Rice as number 2 they should both bow out gracefully before it get’s any more embarassing.

    How can we lose at home to such crap as WBA, Toons and the Spuds ???? Absolutely shocking !!!

    I’ve been watching my beloved Arsenal for 40 years and can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so sick and embarassed at such a shockingly sh1te performance.

    Move over Wenger, your time is well & truly up !

    Arsenal till I die !

  13. embryo

    Great atmosphere on Saturday, there was even singing in the bar at half time. And then, never left the ground so, so depressed.

    i’m getting very worried that the Grove is becoming a place where our boy’s don’t want to play, it’s a very long way from a fortress any more. i know they have to take responsibility, but is it partly our job to help, we need to support our team more than ever now.

  14. A

    QOS it’s true that he was at the club doing his coaching badges, but it was more the club helping him out giving him experience, and he in turn did his bit primarily assisting the others coaches etc, but it’s often exagerated into “Keown was our defensive coach and therefore our defence was awesome”

  15. Mark C

    We have 90% of the players to be great.

    Wenger cant pick defenders.

    Djrouou is playing well and gets dropped – KOS has been shaky and is picked.

    Potentially a keeper, a big defender and a DM who JUST sits are required.

    You could agrue Chesney, Bartley and Frimpong could be those players but I think if we want to win something in the next two years we need to buy players in these positions.

    Not bargin basements but top draw players.

  16. galviniho

    My Liverpool mate said to me and he right “You still need Three top draw players, if you had Reina, Torres and Gerrard, you lot would win the league every year”.

    Ian Wright as much as we do not like his opinions actually cares about us in the derby. He said we need a top class keeper, striker and defender.

    There is no doubt that with at least a top level defender and goalkeeper we would win the league.

    That being said, we all know Shay Given is available in January, so lets get him. Dump Almunia.

    If we need a top level defender, then go back and get one – we need grit and all action defender, so go and get Johnson or Dann from Birmingham. They know how to defend.

  17. Samir Nasri Is Infact Andy McNab

    I wish to God we followed the German model of club infrastructure.

    First off, the ticket prices are extortionate as we all know. As Pedro rightly said, it’s peanuts to see Borussia Dortmund play in a stadium as magnificent as the Signal Iduna park and the football on show is pretty good too. Players like Subotic, Hummels, Kagawa, Barrios etc, fans’ heroes, all available for a couple of euros.

    Likewise Bayern Munich, you get to see them for peanuts and I don’t even need to start with value for money their. They won the double last season and the fans paid bargain fees to watch them do that.

    Another good thing, is that every single Bundesliga match is televised live on the day.

    In relation to Pedro’s point on hospitality, in the club level version of FC St Pauli, model trains run on model railway tracks to the fans, carrying hot dogs and burgers and crates of beer are left under the seats.

    Arsenal are doing fuck all for the fans currently and it pisses me off. Where have the player apologies been for Saturday? Not been on Arsh’s website this morning, but a post-match interview is normally given with his thoughts on the game the day after. There was no such thing yesterday!

    Apologies, drastically reduced tickets for the next available home game should have been made over the weekend, yet we’ve all been made to stand in the dark.

    Thanks for breaking my fucking heart over the weekend, Arsenal.

  18. John A

    And how the hell can Wenger drop our best CB Djourou in place of headless chicken Koschielny is an absolute disgrace. How can he justify that one? What signal does that give to our players? Doesn’t matter how well you play, as I’m going to drop u the minute my favourite average players are eligible to play again. Total effing joke !

  19. solman

    Mark C, How long have we been saying we need a GK, a big world class defender and a disciplined beast of a DM.
    I’m guessing at 4 seasons now – possibly more.

    How comes everyone can see it, other than the man who counts.

    And if he thinks we have the correct personnel, then it has to be him accountable for what is clearly NOT HAPPENING on the training pitch

  20. A

    galvinho given is most certainly not a top keeper, and i’d much rather have fabianski provided he keeps on his current form.

    i really don’t believe we need individuals, our capitulation on Saturday we a mental thing, a group thing, nothing to do with the quality of the players

  21. Arsenal Tom

    arsenal are almost unrecognisible as a club these days.

    the fact that after the scum defeat they’ve wheeled out chamakh with “our home form must improve” quotes is ridiculous! we should have our manager, captain and other senior players apologising and begging for forgiveness but all we get is a blank wall, bullshit about if we’d rather have pires instead of him joining villa and they’ll be the usual AKB quotes from twitter.

    they should be giving anyone who attended the first FA cup game free as an apology after that shit

  22. Doublegooner

    Are Fans Scared of Change ??

    I think there are so many fans that are doubting Wenger & say they can’t see him winning anything – yet still don’t want him to go because they are scared what will happen without him.

    I have tried to back Wenger each season, but he just won;t make the changes.

    From the glaringly obvious mistakes I can’t see Wenger changing anything..He’s Flawed & Dated.


  23. Guy

    do some of our fans suffer from the same complacency as our team?…leaving 5 minutes before half time and returning 5 minutes after the start of the 2nd half,loaded up with burgers and coke isn’t exactly what I would call die hard support that some people refer to as “the 12th man”!..saying that I think this Arsenal team could lose concentration under any circumstances.

  24. A

    Double unless the Spurs capitulation happes every other game between now and the rest of the season Wenger shouldn’t go mid-season.

    His side and playing style is too unique to him, he’d need to go in the close season when he did leave, unless everything really did collapse.

    Obviously everyone has lost objectivity at the moment after the emotional turmoil of Saturday, but we’re currently 2 points off the top of the table, for Wenger to go now would just be ridiculous.

  25. Big Dave

    A game of 2 halves.

    Redknapp movtivate his team, Arsene can’t. We gifted them all the goals and made them look good even Jenas.
    I don’t care if you are 2 nil up v Braga or whoever you still don’t lose the game. Wenger fault.
    That is not the 1st time Cesc has raised his arm for a freekick.
    We lost because we have a weak back line, Clichy and Kos for sure, no bite in midfield, what is the point of Denilson? all the players are the same, technical like.

    And the main ingredent



    Henry, PV4 RP7 would not had let a lead slip like that.

    And I can’t even blame Silverstre for this one, how bloody annoying !

  26. arsenal4ever

    I said it for years WEnger needs to go but no he got a pay rise and the fans needs to pay more for their tickets. For what? We dont win anything under WEngers regime!!! WEnger clearly lost it. He even said this is his best Arsenal side ever!!! What? Wenger constantly on drugs? Does he have a twin? Is the real one on vacation?

  27. Doublegooner


    I’m not calling for him to go now.

    However, even though we are two points off the top I truly do not believe we’ll ever win the title with him because his sytem is so flawed.

    I cannot fail to see how anything will change unless there is a massive change of plan & he signs two big fuck off players ( CH & DCM) in january & replaces flappy with Chesney.

    He’s failed to accept change for 4 seasons, why will he change now after he’s already bought 2 CH’s this summer & both are ordinary at best to cope in the PL.

  28. Arsenal Tom

    theres some great stuff on arseblog about our constantly not learning our lessons dating back to when hull beat us at the grove.

    “if we cant learn our lessons, maybe we need new teachers”

    couldn’t agree more

  29. Willie

    If wenger wasn’t soooø stubborn,this,n last seasons titles woulda been ours.last season we were challengin with a poor crock-filled team.this season we coulda been runaways by now(9 pts at home plus 2 at sunderland),9 pts clear!enough to even buffer loses to the chavs n mancs!

  30. bnsb

    but we’re currently 2 points off the top of the table,

    .. and city only a point behind breathing hard on our neck.

  31. Confidentgoner

    Pedro, top post. The coordination of the defense is always lacking in this team. It is always attack , attack and more attack, committing men forward and when the opposition lob the long ball out, our defense goes to tatters. This has been going on for at least 5 years, same coach.

    This is the only job in the world where you are allowed to make the same type of mistakes year in year out without any consequences. And it shows in the players.

    Watch Real Madrid now and you see a difference in attitude. Watch Inter Milan, and you see a drop in attitude and strength. Same team, different managers. The manager does matter!

  32. arsenal4ever

    @ John A says:
    November 22, 2010 at 09:43

    once Alm is fit he will play again. Wenger is so fukking stubborn and should be fired right away!! No clue about tactics just beautiful football is important.

  33. arsenal4ever

    @ Arsenal Tom says:
    November 22, 2010 at 10:05

    I think the “real” Wenger is already in RM to help Mou, hahahahahah

  34. A

    Double I don’t think the current team are close to previous title winning teams, but I do believe that we could win the title this year.

    Up to now all three of us, utd and chelsea have been really pretty poor, and I expect one of us to put a run together and pull away from the rest. With VP back and Cesc returning to form there’s no reason why that team couldn’t be us.

    It’s been a very weird season up to now, and with the Ancelotti rumours it could get even weirder!

  35. A

    Also regarding two big players I just don’t believe that would make much difference at all. It’s a unified psychological problem that the team has, it isn’t the quality of the players by any means, it’s a team thing, and no individuals are going to change that.

  36. Confidentgoner

    Its really easy to play against Wenger. Stuff the Defense and mid, do not let give space to Arsenal, then kill them on the counter.

    When Spurs got their first goal, they started choking us just outside the 18yard box and took counter attack opportunities. We were mainly very wasteful and unwise to their game.

    Its painful that most of the ;losses we have even as a mediocre team could actually have been wins with a more tactically aware manager.

  37. arsenal4ever

    the only excusses we hear each year are we tried but the price was to high!! FFS we could have had Alonso for 18-20 mill which is a bargain. But no we are still have the likes of Denilson in the ranks who wont make it in the selecao for years to come. If you failed Wenger admit it. We need trophies no fukking excusses anymore!!! Yes we are just 2 points behind but we cant take advantage from looses of the chavs cause we lost to the spuds and this will happen this year again against another team!!

  38. Arsenal Tom

    there’s no chance of us winning the league this year, we’ll loose at least 3 more games this year (chavs, spurs, either of the mancs) which is will be far too many.

    i dont think we’ll ever win the league under wenger again unfortunately.

  39. chozzer

    To go with the ‘Ancelloti resigning’ rumour, there’s a ‘Wilkins was consoling Mrs Terry a little too much’ rumour now……hahaha, don’t you just love the internet.

  40. BigRed1

    For the few remaining AKB members I would like to submit the following team of Wenger`s signings

    Tavlaridis Stepanovs Cygan Grondin
    Vivas Inamoto Mendez Malz
    Wreh Jeffers

    Subs: Richard Wright, Grimandi, Caballero, Diawara,Suker, Danilevicius

    I`m sure I`ve missed some other gems, any ideas?

  41. Big Dave

    We will beat villa (cause were away)

    Arsenal has allways been “2-3 top players away from winning the league”

    These players like Kos/ MC29 should had been sat down by Rice and shown videos of London derbys and what it means to us, Littlewood cup victory ,Brady goal etc, Henry scoring against them, Pires.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    wenger is tactically inept… he should walk…he is cancer in my team, i have had enough of his pitiful excuses, he picks the squad, he should fall on his sword!
    Out . Frenchman out!

  43. woody

    Time for you to go Mr Sulk,and leave that coat,it’s obviously not yours,as its a size bigger than you.

    And im afraid your not big enough to fit in to it anymore.?
    Dated tactics,and poor tactical decisions again,& again & again by you,and no Spunk to go out and buy quality,and to sell some of the rubbish we have.

  44. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    chamkah is toilet…he should stick to delivering food in his brothers restaurant!
    bendtttner is a better option!

    AA23 has got to go iin January, worst player to have worn the red shirt in 50 years.

  45. Big Dave

    Wenger can’t sign big players only French players from the “o so strong French league”

    We as fans are not strong enough, we should do what the Italians do when Inter lost the derby and voice our opinion outside the club, to lose to them is just not on

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    Its curious really. The away fans seem to bring out the best in the team. Those wins @ Wolves, man city & everton were gutsy efforts 😉

  47. A

    Win at Villa and we are indeed top gnarley, pretty crazy that! It really shows just how badly ourselves and Chelsea have been been that Utd are up there with us

  48. gnarleygeorge9


    Another bottle job? Sort of 🙂 Smash the thing then point the broken part @ that wimp Robin van Glassankles & demand his heart makes an appearance 😆

  49. Matt

    How many of us actually felt comfortable at half time with a 2-0 lead? I know I didnt and once they went level I just knew they would go on to win it.

    Wenger going on about mentality is just insulting. If you ask me, most of our players clearly lack the winning mentality and how he has teh nerve to come out and say any different is ridiculous. I’m not calling for his head, no point because it wont happen. Just dont come out with stupid fucking comments after a game like that because all it serves to do is wind the fans up who are already gutted.

  50. Big Dave

    How as a footballer do you become nervous in a London derby? Don’t get it and you make yourselves look stupid by writing that on your very own website

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    the frenchman should walk out of the club i love… go and take your mistress with you. your not welcome any more…

  52. Arsenal Tom

    gnarley… thats always an option lol!!

    arsenal… i almost pity him now mate, he’s clearly not good enough and that must be as frustrating for him as it is us as he clearly doesn’t understand why his team keep fucking things up.

  53. Rob The Goon


    definately AKB’s or from wenger himself.

    “we became nervous in the second half”

    Don’t fu*king insult us!

  54. DOP


  55. Arsenal Tom

    the twitter comments are just the 10 most positive ones going… probably the top 10 posters on a-cultured-left-foot or some shit.

    more arsenal blinkered propaganda

  56. arsenal4ever

    @ Rob. He did already cause saying this is the best team he ever had is the worst joke ever made!!! Arsenal FC and staff doesnt care on fans desire. You can see it with new higher ticket prices. This is just unbelieveable. If fans needs to pay 100 pounds per game they should see the likes of Messi etc.!!!

  57. gnarleygeorge9

    I’ve got to admit this. Song going forward is similar to trying to cut butter with a spoon. He just doesn’t have the quickness of mind & then more often the attack just gets turned over.

    Cesc’s passing doesn’t seem to find the mark like it used to, &

    Johan keeps getting dropped 👿

  58. Arsenal Tom

    £100 for a seat is disgusting for the way we’ve played at home this year.

    like paying michelin star prices for a wimpy veggie burger

  59. Rob The Goon

    I agree@ messi comment.

    It pains me to read this post when geoff/pedro mentioned they had to queue for ages for drinks becausethey closed another area for hospitallity, when all we do is pump money into the club every week.

    I could understand a little better if we had players of messi’s calibre but instead we’re treated to the likes of denilson who cant even get into the brazil national squad!!!

  60. Matt

    I like Chamakh, but he wasted so many opportunities. He just isnt good enough on the ball. Not just his missed opportunities when he got into the box but his general play outside of it as well. In the second half we could have had a great break on down the left hand side of the pitch. Cesc played it to him and then made the run inside. All Chamakh had to do was play a simple ball round the outside of the defneder into space for Cesc to run onto and he kicks it straight at the defender. Not to mention some of the one-two’s he tries playing that are never going to find the player.

  61. arsenal4ever

    WEnker has the safest job in the world. Unbelieveable. The Mirror ran a story in which he and Moyes said both still scared of loosing their job but Wenger doesnt need to fear. PHW still likes to f… Wenkers a.. so we are fukked until we will have a take over.

  62. A

    AT the twitter ones aren’t the ten most positive at all, they’re just ten dumbed down ones, nothing of any interest whatsoever, i don’t really get the point of it. Just like the transfer linked stuff, pandering to silly people

  63. gnarleygeorge9

    With respect to Chamakh, i really don’t think he was mean’t be getting the starts he’s been getting. If RVWimp & NB52 weren’t always injured, they’d be starting more & Chamakh would be coming off the bench more.

  64. arsenal4ever

    @ A: Yeah just to show the fans to whom we linked and Wenger is going for a french unknown idiot. They are playing with us so we should start a revolte.

  65. A

    no arsenal4ever, to pander to people obsessed with gossip columns and the media making crap up. we should steer well clear of that side of things, the official website should only have official news, not made up bollocks regardless of whether they explain that all they’re doing is repeating what the press have said

  66. GoonerT1m

    i think there is a good chance he will bring in a couple more experienced players in jan, we clearly have the money, we need 2 or 3 big time players, im sure he wont want to be remembered for that pile of shiite in the 2nd half on sat, time for him to do the business in the transfer market, enough is enough.

  67. Rob The Goon

    “GoonerT1m says:
    November 22, 2010 at 10:42

    villa are shiite at the moment, we should win that one comfortably, top of the league then!”

    its that sort of attitude that has put us here in the first place! lol

  68. Big Dave

    Without vdv they would be midtable, Hr got a good deal their, cunt.

    Also heard weekend that it really does not look good at all with TV5 and that the injury is career threatining

  69. arsenal4ever

    @ GoonerT1m says:
    November 22, 2010 at 10:46 :

    you know it is Wenger who is in charge so I lost already my faith into this. Their will be more frenchies into it. Wouldnt mind Sakho or M`Vila but thats it. Also sell Diaby, Denilson, Almunia immediately.

  70. Master P

    …the fact is not one of our boys turned up from minute 46 to 95.
    …I propose the following…none of us turn up to the next home game…actions speak louder than words…


  71. Joppa

    Money is destroying the game and Arsenal are just the best example of it. Paying to go on waiting lists, fleeced from Sky, no bond with players, being able to go being taken away from the average working man. Makes me sick really. £100 non corperate tickets. All leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  72. Dave

    I’ve been harping for a long time. But thanks Le Grove for reinforcing that Wenger does not know how to train a defense.

    You can give him the top defenders in the world. Sign a 100m pounds defense. Buy Buffon, etc.

    And there will be NO f***ing difference.

    The fundamentals are problematic and it has shown for seasons.

  73. incesc

    take that tickets arent even £100 🙂

    but to see your football team lose to the likes of west brom, newcastle, hull and spuds its what we are gonna charge

    fucking hilarious.

  74. incesc

    “I believe today some players could not maintain the pace of the game because they played Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday,” he said. “It’s too much.”

    thought you had the best and deepest squad ever you mug!

    “But,” he went on. “I don’t believe that [their mentality is a problem]. They have the mentality, they want to win.”

    Everyone wants to win, he doesnt really have a clue what instilling a winning mentality is from these comments.

  75. Big Dave

    AA23 great player he is and has the most assist, he is defo not the same player in his game, who has changed him and why? Theo the same thing. Rvp looked lost as well when he came on, he showed more passion on his return at WHL last year then saturday

  76. incesc

    this is the worst thing of all.

    how in any way is this winning mentality.

    a free kick against spurs and look at these fucking pussies.

    tony adams would have fucking killed this lot if he had been on the pitch.

  77. Matt

    Has Wenger ever done a post match press conference without mentioning the word mentality?? It’s fucking football not mastermind!

  78. Rob The Goon

    if they cant maintain the pace, they are not good enough. wenger should be identifying players who can!

    other teams had the same problem, why use that as an excuse.

  79. arsenal4ever

    @ incesc says:
    November 22, 2010 at 11:01

    jsut excusses like always. He should admit he needs to resign and go.

    Footballers are sometimes just cry babies. Look at NHL they are playing 2 games in a row and dont complain. These fukking international games excusses doesnt count anymore.

    I believe, you Wenker not a good manager anymore!!!

  80. incesc

    credit to song there, and maybe arshavin but then whats a midget doing in our wall?

    3 players with their arms up covering their faces. We didnt do that when i played footie. You cover your balls and take the hit anywhere else…

  81. A

    Not sure I’d agree about Theo Big Dave, Theo has looked this season the best he’s ever been, and VP is clearly still unfit etc.

    Arshavin is a very weird one though, he just seems to have gone to shit, crap attitude etc. It does make me laugh that Russians claim he only tries when he plays for us, I do wonder how little effort he’d need to put in for the national team for them to belief that in contrast

  82. incesc

    if those players are our wall in huge games he should line them up in training today and get rvp to fire freekicks at them for 5 hours so they can practice keeping their arms down


  83. Walking Wounded

    Mugabe Media Lockdown in force.

    The way I felt on Saturday, I can only relate to a feeling I think I would feel if my wife had an affair with my dad!

    Have the Spuds released it on DVD yet?

  84. Wellington

    The only constant in life/football is change.And nobody is indispensable in this world or at Arsenal/. Wenger has been carrying in the same old way these last five years.It has been proven some of his policies aint working and yet he refuses to change.
    I strongly diasgree with Romford Pele it’s not Wenger’s fault the gunners lost. The manager sets the tone for the club.Previously the players will embark on a god knows 1000 yes 1000 pass procession before unleashing a shot. Lately this has been cut down.
    Any manager worth his salt will instruct his players to play defensive with a two goal cushion.Our beloved FM would not entertain this. His is the beautiful soccer with fast flowing attacks and hence the high defence line.This played into HR’s hands when he introduced Defoe, a fast nippy and mobile striker.
    Wenger is to be blamed 100% no if s and buts.Let’s see how he he plays against MU and Chelsea. If it’s more of the same, then I will say good night Wenger. Your time’s up. Let someon who knows the basics of soccer take over.

  85. roman punansky

    do not look at the keown spell for only the champions league. we lost quite a lot of games in the EPL with him in charge.



  87. Big Dave

    AA23 had the most assist tho A.

    If AW thought Theo was any good why has he not played him (starting) since his return from injury, great start to the season but has taken a back step since



  89. Socrates

    Good post Pedro but ‘The more I watch the Spurs game back the more I’m convinced…’ you actually tortured yourself over and over again? I cant even bring myself to reading scrolls on news channels!

  90. incesc


    whats the oint protesting the fact we are pissed off at losing to spurs?

    we are still 2nd and in with a shout, i think more than anything we need to get behind the team. the premier league is so weak this year we have a huge chance.