Arsenal money grabbers after your wallet again / Weak management skills

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The more I watch the Spurs game back the more I’m convinced that under better management this team could go the whole hog this  year. Individually, we’re a match for anyone in the league. On our day, we can turnover the best and play keep ball like any of them. A few problems have crept into our game over the past few years that really seem to be coming home to roost at the moment.

The first major issue I have is the way we defend as a team. In 2006 Martin Keown worked with Arsenal during the second half of the season. He trained with the defence and drilled them for a few months while he was working towards his UEFA Badges. He helped Flamini, Senderos, Sol Campbell and Eboue create the one of the most solid backlines in Europe that year using his methods (They broke a clean sheet record).

For me, this year, it is clear that our defence don’t work on anything in particular. There is no coherence, there is no communication and there are so many individual errors it’s painful to watch. The simple fact is, if you’re not going to sign world-class defenders, you have to drill them into the ground and create a unit. The collective becomes better than the individual. Just like the old back four under George Graham. They weren’t the best individual players, but George drilled them hour, after hour, after hour until they became one of the greatest back lines of all time.

It’s not like Wenger would have to look far to bring in the expertise. Martin Keown is still sitting on the MoTD couch and Steve Bould is training the kids on a pitch not too far away.

Why not call on the advice you have to hand?

Our other main problem as far as I can see is this complicated formation Wenger is trying to adopt. Well, it’s not really complicated, it just involves Alex Song bombing forward and someone else dropping in for him. For me, Song doesn’t have the pace to deal with that role and it generally confuses everyone. Isn’t it telling that against Spurs, with two defensive midfielders on the pitch, we didn’t have the nous to nullify them in the second half?

The other gripe I have is the deep seated fear our players have of taking a shot on goal. I remember teams of yesteryear pummelling the opposition goal relentlessly for 90 minutes. Sometimes we’d have 30 attempts at goal in a half. Think of some of the spectacular goals we used to score? This team seem to fear the shot and they’ll do anything to pass the responsibility onto someone else.

Arsene Wenger needs to own up to himself. His players aren’t good enough or intelligent enough to make decisions for themselves on the pitch. Jose Mourinho  and Alex Ferguson provide their players with a pre-match dossier on what their jobs are going to be in the next game. They know exactly how their opponents are going to play, they know exactly what their role will be and that prepares them incredibly well.

That is how you squeeze an extra ten percent out of players. If someone in Jose’s team doesn’t follow the rule book for the game, they’re dropped and everyone knows why they’re dropped.

As brutal as it sounds, Wenger doesn’t have the players he had in 1998, he doesn’t have the talent he had in either of the other two championship winning years. He’s asking players to win games on their own when they don’t have the talent or experience to do so. Simply put, if Wenger doesn’t have the best tools at his disposal, he has to man manage and I’m not sure he’s the sort of coach who can do that particularly well.

Sadly, he doesn’t recognise this problem and I doubt anyone in his management team has the guts to speak out. If we’re to make the most out of this season, something needs to change in how we prepare for games, something needs to change in the dressing room at half time to make sure everyone is fired up and Wenger needs to start ruling with more of an iron fist.

Dropping your best defender before an important game doesn’t send out the right message to anyone, especially when one of the goals you concede is lost in the air and the other came from losing out to 5ft2in Defoe from a long aerial ball.

A lot of people asked me this weekend why Geoff mentioned the queue for beer in club level. To give that some context, we sit in the bar before the game. This weekend we went their and Arsenal had cordoned off our area for pre-match hospitality which is a massive irritation. As some sort of punishment they’d roped of 8 tills at the bar and given us just one, squeezing us all into the tiniest area possible. The other side of the bar was completely empty. The point here is that we pay a lot of money for a ticket, only to be cattled off because we didn’t pay more money for a meal.

It’s all about money at Arsenal. They’ve even brought in mobile shops to our area as well that takes up yet more space. I’m waiting for them to turn the round tables into roulette machines. I think Geoff’s point is when does the money grabbing stop? How many more pennies can you squeeze out of already skint fans?

When do they give something back?

I only ask because Arsenal aren’t absorbing the VAT hike. They’re passing it onto the fan. So expect the most expensive non-hospitality ticket in World football to come your way this January. Yep, a £100 ticket! I’m staggered that a club as hugely wealthy as Arsenal couldn’t take that 5% on the chin for a year or so. They’re already coining it in with record amounts. It just goes to show you how out of touch they are with the fans. German league leaders Bourousia Dortmund charge £9 for their cheapest seat, what’s ours (plus booking fee)?

If Arsenal tickets were transfer targets, how many do you think Arsene would be signing each season?

It’s Braga tomorrow night, I’ll give you more of a preview tomorrow. I hope the boys are fired up for that one because they need to get back on track and sharpish…

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  1. Hitman

    No offence to any Irish here but Ireland got what it deserves for voting for Lisbon Treaty. Big fat zero. Never sell yourself to the devil

  2. ethangunner



  3. SUGA3


    yep, just looked more closely, you’re right…

    still, what the fuck was he doing there? how many Arsenal players were there, three, four? and VdV and Bale just pissed all over them!

  4. ethangunner

    hey suga hows asia ?

    HMMMMM i miss it so …..

    yeah ok just enduring the move back to the burbs ..
    the weather is more …mild 🙂

    ill give you the tip 🙂

  5. SUGA3

    back to back league wins, fuck me, this is not even funny!

    another one to motivate: show that the loss at the Shite Hart Lane was just a fluke and tear them a new one…

    still not enough? OK then, let’s cruise…

  6. ethangunner


    yes well id rather be in AU than Essex, although the weather ain’t much better …

    at least im only 6 hours away by plane …
    but having spent every cent on getting back here
    i might as well be in the UK ..


  7. ethangunner

    SHIFT IN POWER!!! ??

    what the fuck is that supposed to mean ?
    i think its more like status quo .

    top 4, no cups for 6 years ..

    id call it same old same old . on par …
    or same bollocks ..

    but i do agree with dan ..
    nothing will change until wenger fucks me off 🙂

  8. gnarleygeorge9

    ethan 😯

    Where the hell have you been?

    Yep, I’m taking Thursday off, & maybe Friday depending on how Thursday goes 🙂

  9. David

    sixx pac says:
    November 22, 2010 at 15:47
    Even Cesc said that Wenger always warns them about being complacent,yet they do it again and again. That shows a sign of not learning. Is that the teacher’s fault or the students? Its debateable.


    Great Point Sixx.

    Would like to know your angle on it as well.

    If its the players fault then we need new players?

    And if thats the case wouldnt that be Wenger’s fault as well?

  10. Ricky

    We’ve needed new players for years david.. But if the “teacher” keeps bringing in students that cant get it through there thick skulls then he’s to blame also.

  11. Confidentgoner

    Watched the goals again. The referee was taking the piss for that call against Song. I felt it was a tad bit unnecessary. The challenge by koscieny for the 3rd goal was an OK call. Clichy should have fouled Defoe rather than allow him to outjump him.

    AW did not react to the fact the Bale was playing more on the right in the second half

  12. A

    “there thick skulls”

    irony is such a great thing 🙂

    Big game tomorrow now, need to get back on track, although obviously much much bigger on Saturday. Huge game for Bendy too assuming he starts, and Theo. They both need to push for the first team. Gibbs too possibly I guess

  13. ethangunner

    A says:
    November 23, 2010 at 00:19

    “there thick skulls”

    irony is such a great thing 🙂
    fuckin hell the pot calling the kettle black …
    good to see some shit just doesnt change .

    just as well dudu was the top scorer last season 🙂

  14. A

    I know I know Lurch – it was just too easy….

    Lansbury on loan to Norwich, lets hope it does for him what it did for gibbs

  15. ethangunner


    in perth …

    yes working for a building company 5 days after i got back , but i also will be off on thursday and friday…

    come hell or high water ..

    ps : its fucking freezing here

  16. ethangunner

    SUGA3 says:
    November 22, 2010 at 23:16

    good to have you back dude 😉

    cheers bud…

    seeya when the sun is up in the UK ….

    if that ever happens 🙂 …..

  17. Rohan

    ahahahahahah look who’s back!

    All we need now is sixxpac and AA23 to get the late night show going. This time, since I’m this side of the world, I can join.

  18. JJ

    The teacher is obviously not teaching in a manner that is clear for the students. You can tell a player not to be complacent but is that better than telling them tactically how to play? I think not… Detailed instructions are what is needed.

    E.g. Song, sit the freak back and protect the back 4.
    E.g. Defenders, don’t go up for every set piece.
    E.g. Full-backs, no need to push into the final third.
    E.g. Don’t commit needless fouls in dangerous areas.
    E.g. Chamakh, when you are clear on goal keep going an shoot. Don’t look to pass.

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    He’ll yeah JJ. We wanna see OGL tear up the protocol. Enough of this politely waiting for shit to happen. I wanna see his throat clit in full swing!

  20. Lurch LeRouge


    You sure youre straight!? That’s the gayest shit ever. Well since bearforceone. Look it up you might like it.

  21. sixx pac

    Its return week. All we need now is Keyser and Stu and Sabeel. I see Sabeel on Facebook,don’t know why he’s not here

  22. sixx pac

    Great Point Sixx.
    Would like to know your angle on it as well.
    If its the players fault then we need new
    And if thats the case wouldnt that be Wenger’s
    fault as well?
    By David

    David I how about some good players who,when the manager tells you not to do something,they listen.
    I don’t buy this Arsene needs to be tougher thing. They aren’t kids ( well technically they are but they have vast experience). The coach shouldn’t have to spell out everything for ya. He tells you to do something and you fucking do it.

    Then again,it is Arsene’s fault for not spending to get these players. And frankly I am starting to think that its criminal for the man to be making £6 million per year, and the club charging the highest ticket prices but won’t equip the team fully to challenge on all fronts.
    In short,David, I wouldn’t be against a managerial change.

  23. Lurch LeRouge

    We’ve been sold that there’s no budget.
    We’ve been sold that we only buy if there’s better players than we already have.
    We’ve been sold that our players are intelligent, I’d go a step further and say on average more intelligent….

    So AW, how the fuck can they not follow instructions!?

    Now we’ll get sold that instructions ‘kill’ their natural instincts.

  24. sixx pac

    Oh so u watch her show?

    Well she’s a lot more tolerable than Christine 0’donell. I hate that woman. That said I’d still bang her. I’ve got an older white woman fetish 😆

  25. Lurch LeRouge

    Her show? Never. I just read the telegraph. It’s our right wing paper in the UK. 😉

    O’donell!? Jeez. That’s kkkreepy. I’m more Michelle Obama if ye get me. 😉

  26. 5am

    Mentally scarred over that defeat.

    Some immature stuff’s doing the rounds about Gallas too.

    Just wanted to make the point about the psychological factor that’s missing – it’s the wanting to take advantage of a good position instead of just sitting back….that applies to being in games 2-0 up and also to situations where others slip up – whether it be Chelsea; Man U or Citeh.

    Arsene needs to take back his comments of ‘this is the best ever squad’ – What a load of dross that is!!!!

  27. ethangunner

    sixx pac says:
    November 23, 2010 at 02:06

    Ummm I’m puzzeled.

    yes that wouldn’t take much you bet feltcher …
    as for AA23 he’s locked up in some Canadian prison for butt raping a dwarf …

    last i heard ….

  28. Lurch LeRouge

    You freak! 🙂
    I lived in hope st in northbridge. And in mt lawley St Albans av. Used to squat in a warehouse in Murray st opp qv1.

    Grew up in cottesloe. Uni at curtin. Rest is a secret!

  29. charliegeorge

    This made me laugh:

    From the Daily Star.


    “Wenger’s outfit have been hugely inconsistent this season and the Frenchman admitted he was worried they could be becoming vulnerable following shock Emirates defeats by West Brom, Newcastle and Spurs and a loss in Europe to Shakhtar Donetsk.

    “That’s the danger – that mentally it can become an issue,” he added.

    “I want this team to win so much that I am giving every drop of my blood to make sure they do.”


    As for the first quote, what happened to this team’s “mentil stwengthh.”

    As for the second, so you can justify your daft signings and stupid philosophies.


  30. ethangunner


    consistency …

    wenger would rather create Stars , than buy them..
    and the problem being is he isnt that good at spotting them any more ….

    whilst the squad is admittedly better than last season, we still look light weight compared to the heavy hitters …

    quality not quantity …
    wenger seems to have it the other way around most times ..

  31. David

    I want to say that this will be the kick up the Arse that this team needs to go on and win the tittle but they have cock up inbred in them.

    And so does Arsene.

    Like Dropping JD for Kozzy but we can do with Vermy asap.

    A few difficult wins here and there and they’ll just slump back into relax mode.

  32. ethangunner

    David says:
    November 23, 2010 at 07:24

    I want to say that this will be the kick up the Arse that this team needs to go on and win the tittle
    heard that b4 ….

    6 years of BEFORE’S…

  33. Geoff

    Morning all, I am slowly coming out of my depression, I saw Arsene said he would give every drop of his blood to help Arsenal win trophies, it’s not blood we need, it’s cash!

    I saw Dein on the news this morning, boy how I miss him, we’ve won nothing since he left, that’s what we need, an Arsenal fan at the helm, not an Amerission.

    He should have fined the team a weeks salary and himself, I may have respected that. Still onto tonight, for him that’s what counts, I would sooner lose tonight that against the spuds. Fuck Europe, it’s just a cup.

  34. Geoff

    Anyway, fear not you doubting Thomas’s, we have signed Ryo Miyaichi a 17 year old and the new Ronaldo, we may have to wait 8 years until we let him go on a free to Fulham, but hey, if you are still alive, at least you’ll get to see it.

    Thank god for forward thinking, we should start seeing some talent coming through soon, it’s been 6 years in the making.

  35. Geoff

    It’s all right Wenger telling his team to stop being complacent and they will learn but they learned fuck all from the defeat of Wigan last season did they?