The Premiership is like the Championship | Oh do shut up Nik… | Arsenal preview

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This post was written yesterday when life was far less hungover, so apologies if something has happened in the mean time that I’m unaware of!

First off, Nikki Big Bo*locks has well and truly landed again. He’s piped up in the media about his lack of playing time and how he might leave if his chances don’t improve. Now Nik, I’m pleased you think you’re good enough to merit a start, but lets get a bit of perspective here, you haven’t exactly set the world alight with the limited time you’ve had so far this season. If you’re going to whine and moan everytime you’re benched, maybe you shouldn’t get injured so much and maybe you should concentrated a little more when you’re on the pitch?

You’ve got no more or no less right to the first team than anyone else. Wind your neck in and concentrate on improving because you’re a long way off where you think you are as a footballer.

Everton is the game tomorrow, all the way up in the North West at a cold, wet and very scouse Goodison Park. The game is going to be a tough one. I watched Everton play against the Spuds and they’ve definitely got a solid team and a few players in there who can damage us. The main one to watch out for is going to be Tim Cahill, he’s incredible in the air for one so small and he’s got a good finish. Felliani isn’t playing, great news indeed!

There is no new injury news. Gibbs returns to the squad, hopefully to put a bit of pressure on Clichy. We let you know first via @Arsenal_Legrove that there was still no movement on the Vermaelen mystery. I think it’s a real shame he’s picked up this problem, he clearly loves being on the pitch more than most and now he’s stuck with a problem that has ruled him out indefinitely.

I’d imagine the team will line up in the same way it did against Wolves. Now, I didn’t catch the whole of that game, but here are a few observations…

1) Our defence looked incredibly weak considering the relatively meek attacking prowess Wolves have. We need to do better against Everton becuase they are far more likely to punish us especially if Saha lands a start.

2) Arshavin looked as though he found a bit of spark again. We need him making a nuisance of himself and we need him having a pop every now and then. He’s lethal when he has his head on the game and it’s about time he delivered a blistering 90minute performance. Football can be a bit like golf. Sometimes you’re out on the course and you forget how to play, but a couple of good shots later, you remember what a good swing feels like. I’m hoping that can happen to Arshavin can pump some feel back into his game.

3) Chamakh needs to get the right type of service… in the air. There’s no point signing a heading maestro and feeding him duff crosses. The Song ball against Wolves was early and pinpoint the other night and Chamakh nodded home. Our Morrocan is a top player in my opininon and he’s only going to improve. I’d like to see him show a bit more ambition with his goals tally… we’ve got too many selfless players in the team at the moment and that can sometimes lead to us firing blanks. It’s like being at the Christmas table when there’s one roast potato left and no one wants to take it… someone just needs to introduce some greed and wolf that bad boy down!

I’m confident that we can kick on from our disappointments so far this season. I’m confident because that’s what we do right? Sure Fabianski could cock up again, Clichy could slip over and JD could lose his man inside… but I’m not going to think about that. The Premier League has become like the Championship, no one it seems can guarantee a result against anyone and everyone seems to be dropping points. Did anyone notice relegation fodder Liverpool are now on the same points as Spurs in 6th?

As quick as you’re down, you’re straight back up in this league which is why beating the top 4 teams this year will probably have a massive impact in the final resting place for the 2010-11 Premiership trophy.

Let’s have a big game tomorrow boys, I’m predicting a 2-0 victory to the boys in red and white, with red socks of course.

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  1. Pedro

    I’m with you A… JD is always getting caught the wrong side of players, he’s always grappling with them and he’s clanger prone just like he was at Birmingham.

  2. David

    Im talking about areas where we are lacking and we have bundles of youth talent to step up to the plate

    Arshavin played CF last season.


    We had JET, Vela, Sunu Watt…

    You dont have to look even further than the Goal keeping situation to see if Youth gets their chances in clutch situations.

  3. A

    Yeah Pedro, I’d like to be proved wrong but I just can’t see JD ever being a top player, he’s just so clumsy, dopey, and at times really malcoordinated!

    Agree about Vermy playing alongside someone more experienced, and it was good for him to be with Gallas last season. One thing that’s made it much more difficult for Koscielny to settle is that he’s had different and inexperienced partners.

  4. Pedro

    David, it’s a fine balance… you could stick JET in when everything is going to shit… he bombs, then he’s getting ripped for being shite left right and centre… which destroys his career.

    Same on the keeper front. Chesney makes sense now, but putting him in the firing line with a poor defence is no good if he is real talent.

  5. David


    Its incredible you would say that About JD,

    I mean he out muscles attackers, always wins challenges and has marginally out performed squidy in these games.

    Yes he is guilty of being caught on the wrong side of the defender and drops clangers but so does Kozzy?

    JD is stronger and better in the air so he wins it for me.

  6. A

    Come on now David as if you could class Sunu and Watt as viable options, and Wenger tried with JET against Stoke – I quite liked it but others didn’t and obviously Wenger didn’t.

    Until halfway through last season, ie after Arshavin had been having to fill in, JET hadn’t even ever played as the centre forward before.

    Watt and Sunu couldn’t possibly play the central role, and are unlikely to EVER be able to. I don’t see Watt making it, and if Sunu did he’d be a wide man

  7. Stu

    I hope Vermaelen turns out a lot better than Vidic. I know he has a great reputation but i just dont rate Vidic. He constantly gets caught out by pace and is really only at his best against physical teams because he is only really very good at heading, nothing much else.

  8. incesc

    for me vermalaen adds presence

    this team has loads of talent but its needs players like verm and fabregas who will step up.

    vermalaen may get caught out of position but hes desperate to win and that rubs off.

    adams wasnt technically great but he was a winner.

  9. Pedro

    David… he doesn’t have the pace Kozzer has or the general positional sense of the Frenchman.

    He’ll do a job, but he’s got a long way to go before I’d consider him anything other than 4th choice.

  10. A

    I don’t agree though David, I’ve not rated JD’s performances as on par with let alone better than Squillaci nor Koscielny. He’s been less terrible than when he first returned from injury but still fills me with dread when I see him in the starting line up

  11. Pedro

    Stu, it’s ridiculous to say you don’t rate one of the best defenders in the world.

    His trophy haul tells you all you need to know.

  12. incesc


    theo isnt reserve level.

    he changes games.

    it must be hard being a pacey winger in a team where the opposition always sits back, he doesnt always get the space to exploit his best attributes.

  13. Pedro

    Laters David!

    Incesc, he’s not reserve level this season… but he has been.

    Even this year his alround play hasn’t been up to much.

    Fucking hell, Elmander is doing well!

  14. Rohan

    I agree with what Pedro said earlier.
    Koscielny is more of a classical “defender” if you know what i mean. He loves what he’s doing and it’s almost like artistry watching him play. He oozes class. Maybe I’m exaggerating but he does excite me.

  15. incesc

    we need a few of these guys to just step up in spring and do it till the end of the season.

    we are in the same position as always, nearly there

    we need a push from more than just fabregas.

    rvp, arsh, verm, nasri

    if they all find form and fitness and can do it every week.

    big IF tho

  16. iamgooner

    squillini and kosleiny and djouro are good footballers

    but we need GREAT footballers..

    look at chelseas back line, its speaks for its self when the league table shows they have only let in like 5

  17. Rohan

    JD is very dodgy imo. Yes, he’s performed admirably well, but you get the feeling that a massive clanger is around the corner. I nor the team I feel is very confident or stable defensively when he’s in there.

  18. incesc

    rohan i do like koz

    him getting sent off last week actally pleased me.

    it was a stupid decision but to sacrifice yourself for the cause shows the spirit we need.

    I’ll never forget denilson collapsing vs everton last year and them hitting us on the counter, weak play. He should have stopped play at all costs.

  19. Rohan

    Agreed, keep the core of the team in Arshavin, Cesc, van Persie, Nasri Koscielny/Verm fit and have atleast 3 of them top of their game at all times, and we’ll be going places.
    Mark my words.

  20. Stu

    I know it sounds insane Pedro but its just how i feel. He is slow and always makes up for it by fouling the attacker and getting away with it for whatever reason.

    His teams are defensive ones. United won trophies because of the set up being to absorb the pressure and have a fantastic counter attack through Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo.

    Also, has anyone just seen Elmanders goal? What a fucking beauty!!

  21. Rohan

    It was a harsh red imo. A professional foul when he’s not the last man is a yellow at most.

    Not a stupid decision at all. I was willing him to do it.

  22. A

    Laters David.

    Pedro Theo hasn’t been reserve level for a long long time! There’s a big big gulf between the reserves and first team, people really shouldn’t get too carried away about JET, he’s got a fair way to go!

  23. incesc

    yeah i meant stupid decision by the ref.

    to score from there the wolves guy would have had to have been thierry or song

  24. A

    Has anyone attacked Wenger for letting Bothroyd go yet?

    Not giving English youngsters a chance, better than Bendtner etc etc?

  25. incesc

    mancini is a huge huge coward

    all that money and “talent”

    remember when we were on the rocks last season and they were going for 4th and he set out for 0-0.

    master of a goaless draw…

  26. Rohan

    Yeah, I heard of that Stu. He really is mental. It’s amazing how he’s still has a job.
    I bet those above him are scouring the lands for a viable replacement. Hiddink anyone?

  27. Stu

    Citys owners are probably going to wait til the end of the season and go for Mourinho..

    If any cunt can guarentee a team success when given unlimited funds its Mourinho.

  28. A

    “noone is that stupid”, really Stu?!

    I’ve heard people complain about Wenger letting Jay Simpson go, and claiming that he’s better than Bendtner.

    Sadly people really ARE that stupid, and a few of said people post on here!

    Mancini isn’t doing as bad a job as people make out – he’s got City in the top four, and although he hasn’t had the best of times of late they need to keep faith with him, at least for a while longer

  29. Stu

    Maybe there are some that stupid so A but i think most realise that to criticise Wenger for allowing Bothroyd to leave and he get an england call up however many years later would be thick. He isnt even in the prem. A few goals in the championship isnt anything to get over excited about.

    I havent a clue what capello is thinking with this.

  30. A

    kinda shows the lack of depth when it comes to english strikers stu!

    of course that’d be thick, but so is/was jay simpson talk, and going on about other players we missed out on who’ve made it big now

  31. Stu

    As for Mancini. Sure he isnt doing that badly but he really needs a different approach. He sets up almost every game the same way. 4-5-1 with 3 DMs may be fine against the big teams but Birmingham at home? Its just ludacris! Brum are shit away, it wasnt likely that they would outscore city. Playing defensively against them only made them more likely to get a result..0-0 away to city is a good result.

  32. A

    With Bothroyd though he always had talent, he was just a complete and utter bellend!! who knows, maybe he’ll do a zamora, he does have a bit of zamora about him, style of play etc….

    Smalling is just a plain ridiculous pick though

  33. A

    Yeah Stu, the three DMs at home is just outrageous, and very weird. Barry shouldn’t be near that team, but I guess it’s a lack of actual quality centre mids. As they have noone who can pass the ball in terms of centre mids they stick yaya in that more advanced role, when in actual fact he should be playing the deeper role alongside de jong, and they should sign a playmaking centre mid, cesc-equivalent to play where yaya is at the moment. Silva doesn’t quite have it in him to play as a centre mid in the way cesc does, certainly not against the big sides.

    Not sure who they’d sign tho.

    Alot of Dzeko chat at the moment, not sure where he’d fit in though, unless they are actually willing to let Tevez go home? Or I guess if they decided that Silva could play that central role then they could go

    —-De Jong–Yaya—-




  34. zeus


    What a classy goal from Elmander. Brought a smile to my face.

    Anyone else notice that Messi has scored 19 goals already so far this season.

  35. jonnaay

    morning lads and possibly lasses.

    from my point of view i agree with what is being said
    no point putting in crappy crosses..we need someone who can constantly provide..someone like Joaquin of valencia..sure he may be getting on but he is still a quality player, and Arshavin played awful last match in all honesty, i just hope he improves and fast, thing is with the top teams even when they play awful they still win/draw..we need to become like that and take our chances on the pitch by being selfless yet sometimes selfish and see how that pans out for us.

    peace out girl scout.

  36. gnarleygeorge9

    This goes out to chippy

    I am taking my medicine as per rugby. England were too good, & I have egg on my face. Well done, well played.