Robin’s back today, and what separates Wenger from Wayne Rooney?

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The answer of course is although we know that Wenger tells lies (he said so) and he shags around, we look at morons like shrek and go tut, tut, so what the difference between the two of them? Well the difference is, Arsene didn’t pay for it. So he has the moral high ground, let’s leave it there.

Robin Van Persie is set for a shock early return, is this because he’s suddenly and mysteriously fit, or is this because he’s been fit for sometime and our manager has been his usual overly cautious self? I think because Robin has declared himself fit for Holland, Wenger has decided to play him ahead of his own overly cautious schedule. That’s my take anyway, otherwise why would he be suddenly playing with no notice.

We’ll find out today no doubt, either way it promises to be a fun day, we need to win to keep up with the lucky Mancs, so we can’t be doing anything other than going for the jugular from the off, we’ve seen what they can do if they get their noses in front, we should attack from the off.

I said yesterday I fully expect a big win, if Robin comes on I hope he scores a blinder, gets a slight knock and misses the Nederlands game, that would be poetic, by a knock, I mean gets a leg graze from his sock. That’ll be 2 weeks out for our super cautious manager.

Arsene it’s a shame you weren’t so cautious in Paris Arsene! You might be enjoying your kippers a bit more this morning if you were!


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Koscielny

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Theo Chamakh Arshavin

Go on Arsene, try that midfield and drop Clichy. Have a great day Grovers, I think we’ll get a little closer to the chavs today and go back into second, at least we are putting daylight between us, the Northern chavs and the spuds.

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  1. zeus


    How do you go from making a top post early in the afternoon to this………………………’good manager with good record is big sam.. Too friendly with sir alex and no european experience counts against him but, being an english club, it’s a risk i’d consider..’

    Fuckry of the highest order. I see his ridiculous rant about if he was at Inter or Madrid he ‘would win the double everytime'(hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha) Went someway to convince you of his worth.

    At best I will admit he is a decent manager much to my chagrin. His accomplishments has come about through some rather basic organization of a side that is HEAVILY reliant on long balls and some get up ’em style of play.

    Put him in charge of a team that has some ACTUAL skill and his performance as manager suffers for no other reason other than he is a small time coach whose philosophy of the game is entrenched in ‘stop them from playing’ mentality.

    You suddenly put him in charge of the team that CAN play, this unthinking buffoon is lost.

  2. zeus

    Cuz it was unfounded bullshit Kush. When Wenger is not at home with his wife, he is at the training ground telling Valderrama he is the world’s best player, while telling Diaby he will stat to show his true potential (he is 25 now) and win the balon d’or.

  3. reggie 57

    You missed out the best manager in europe ?

    The one and only Arry Redknob with that i bid you farewll as work calls !!!!!!!

  4. Kushagra India

    Nopes sorry
    “Arsene Wenger’s secret affair. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everybody needs something to take the edge off. Particularly after yesterday.”

  5. Rohan

    I’m surprised no one has called Jaguar on his comment on Wenger being a “sex maniac”. Absolutely outrageous and disgraceful.

  6. LAzer

    How many points this season already dropped simply because of goalie error? Arsene is responsible for that. Simple as. No excuses.

  7. Jaguar reloaded

    Good one Socrates.AKBs (ret*rds) would soon find some reason to justify that cheating some one is alright.

  8. Doublegooner

    As its bad enough to lose to the Chavs, we’ve now lost to two of the promoted teams…..At Home !


  9. Rohan

    For one, you don’t know for sure that he has done anything at all. It is very telling that the more reputed news broadcasters like the BBC haven’t mentioned it at all and in the last 24 hours has gone very quiet. Even Sky FFS haven’t said anything.
    Secondly, apparently he may have been split from his wife for 2 years. He hasn’t broken any laws has he- a fan calling him something like that I find massively disrespectful and unacceptable.
    Thirdly, I find it very said that someone who calls himself an “Arsenal fan” would ever want this to be true just so as to justify your delusion.

    That’s all I’m going to say on the subject. You just stoop lower and lower every fucking day. Every fucking day.
    I’ll take my yellow card now. I’m sorry if I seem edextremely unfair or brutal, but it’s seriously starting to get to me now. I’m taking a hiatus.

    You, Jaguar can enjoy spouting your nonsense without an “AKB retard” around.

  10. Rohan

    I arrived 14 years ago and you know what happened and I promised myself I would never comment anymore, because for 14 years I have been insulted everywhere in England, and never with any truth.

    “I promised myself I would never speak about my private life anymore.

    Then again, I forgot you called him a paedophile once didn’t you. Shouldn’t be surprised really. Pity the people Wenger are referring to are supposedly one of our “own”.

  11. Jaguar reloaded

    Rohan,what do you mean to say?

    Wenger is afraid to speak about it,as there is some truth behind it.If there wasnt he would have denied it.

  12. angeausarsenal

    Jag I wish you would start a new blog called “That senile french cunt has stolen my team” that way you wouldn’t ruin this fantastic site for people from both sides of the argument.
    Look how many old regulars have pissed off because of you and your mindless drivel.

  13. Kushagra India

    KUDOS to u for taking a stand yellow for me as well,they are of the same breed who call Wenger Paedophile

    P.S. My last comment at 5:51 on Wenger was in jest.

  14. MickyDidIt89

    Rohan and AngeausArsenal,
    Well said. Results like yesterday are bad enough for all true fans, but the disgusting rantings of some gutter press spouting scuzzers on here is utterly unacceptable. Positively relishing the bullshit allegations of off-field activities of one of our own. Even mentioning the “P” word is unbelievable. You know who you all are. Go screw yourselves.

  15. Rohan

    As far as I’m concerned, Jaguar has had more than enough chances. I remember Pedro keep saying ‘one last chance’ and so on…..He is a major blot on this fine site-look at all the fine posters he has driven away.

  16. MickyDidIt89

    Last comment.
    Geoff and Pedro, two genuine fans, produce a great forum for discussion, thoughtful daily posts for people to debate, increasingly being hijacked by utter low life’s. Unsuprisingly, people who have probably never been to a game in their lives. Tragic.

  17. Socrates

    I would like to do the ratings today


    Not that I’m bashing the team for just one game, oh wait actually I am, was watching the game on tele with my nephew I’v forced to support Arsenal… had made proclamations of how we were going to give them a hiding….just made my work even harder

  18. Wenger the liar

    I havent slept a wink since last night, have you ever had some news that puts everything into perspective (retorical lol)

    Banning Jag is pointless and people like QOS, you were always a class above, should just ignore and move on.

    Trust me I am as humble as I can be and I like to think of myself as curtious, always.

    Its not worth it.