Robin’s back today, and what separates Wenger from Wayne Rooney?

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The answer of course is although we know that Wenger tells lies (he said so) and he shags around, we look at morons like shrek and go tut, tut, so what the difference between the two of them? Well the difference is, Arsene didn’t pay for it. So he has the moral high ground, let’s leave it there.

Robin Van Persie is set for a shock early return, is this because he’s suddenly and mysteriously fit, or is this because he’s been fit for sometime and our manager has been his usual overly cautious self? I think because Robin has declared himself fit for Holland, Wenger has decided to play him ahead of his own overly cautious schedule. That’s my take anyway, otherwise why would he be suddenly playing with no notice.

We’ll find out today no doubt, either way it promises to be a fun day, we need to win to keep up with the lucky Mancs, so we can’t be doing anything other than going for the jugular from the off, we’ve seen what they can do if they get their noses in front, we should attack from the off.

I said yesterday I fully expect a big win, if Robin comes on I hope he scores a blinder, gets a slight knock and misses the Nederlands game, that would be poetic, by a knock, I mean gets a leg graze from his sock. That’ll be 2 weeks out for our super cautious manager.

Arsene it’s a shame you weren’t so cautious in Paris Arsene! You might be enjoying your kippers a bit more this morning if you were!


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Koscielny

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Theo Chamakh Arshavin

Go on Arsene, try that midfield and drop Clichy. Have a great day Grovers, I think we’ll get a little closer to the chavs today and go back into second, at least we are putting daylight between us, the Northern chavs and the spuds.

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  1. SUGA3

    From Opta today.

    2 – Arsenal are the first “Big Four” side to lose at home to two different newly-promoted teams in a Premier League season.

  2. Sam

    and to all the realists (so called doomers) , did you guys notice none of the people who wont accept the club and manager make mistakes are on here after a loss

  3. simon mcmahon

    The problem is that the manager and some of his darling palyers dont feel the same for this great club as we do .
    they dont feel shit for the rest of the weekend they get massives salary’s and fuck off in the sportscars and shag some wannabee wag in a club somewhere in essex,
    or if you r the boss fuck off to paris.
    I HATE US LOOSING TO LESSER TEAMS LIKE THE GEORDIES,Actually I hate us loosing full stop.

  4. zeus


    Wake up m8. Don’t set urself up for a fall. We aren’t equipped enough to win a major trophy. CC it is.

    Its best to just accept the things you can’t change and just hold on for the ride. We will have a say in who wins the title, its just we won’t be in with the chance to win it.

  5. Del

    What a crap display.Once again the Arsenal players thought they could just turn up and get a result.This attitude comes from the fans as well.How many on here were saying we should win by 4 or 5.For some reason our players and fans think that the team have a divine right to win games.We don’t we have to work damn hard and put some effort in

  6. Ja_Gunner

    Chamakh can never do what Torres just did……

    Bendtner only does it when we comfortable…..Vela is another one that only scores when the game is sown up…

    And RVP is never available……This shows we dont have 1 good striker at Arsenal……

    Its pathetic…Chamakh is crap….I dont care how hard he works….he only shoots when he is 100% sure…in the 6 yard box…..

  7. zeus

    Swedish gun

    They didn’t back off, they just never tracked the run AT ALL.

    I know its in fashion to rag on Fabianski, but him coming for that wasn’t the problem, him not being brave enough to get knackered by Carroll was.

    Damn we need a striker.


  8. Gooby

    i see the chavs struggling and cole playing shit but can’t really enjoy meself

    it’s going to be a tough month, wolves up next

  9. kev

    dont worry sam theyll be on later telling us arsene knows……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….fuck all

  10. Swedish Gun


    well i don’t agree

    the replay clearly shows that both chamakh and kozz stops their run when flappy comes barging out

    so for me it’s soley a fabianski howler

  11. Ricky

    Where’s geoff?

    Hate to say it but what did i say yesterday? It was never going to be a big win like you said in yesterdays post. should we have won by a big score line? most definetly but with this lot you can never be over confident.

    I expected a hard fought 2-0 1-0 win but todays score was just shocking!

  12. Man

    I said it a week ago how I thought this chelsea team isn’t all that…they may yet win the league tho.

    That’s what is so frustrating about our display this season, we should be taking advantage…the stupid fuckers!

  13. gambon

    Torres is in a different league to RVP, Chamakh & Bendy.

    Im really hoping Wenger resigns over this french rapper stuff, hes such a fucking loser.

  14. simon mcmahon

    sam ,sorry mate these wankers dont care ,le boss has took this tippy tappy bollocks to a new level of under achieving

  15. Nasri Eats Bale For Dinner

    Now my mates should get an idea of why I’ve been depressed for half a decade or so.

    What an incredibly shitty day. I can guarantee Wolves will do us.

  16. simon mcmahon

    The bottom line is wolves will do what all teams do to us pack the midfield and when they get a chance ,score, then we panic…

  17. ade

    the best liverfools can get is the 9th spot..their win will only give us a lifeline as chelsea wont be 8th ahead of us…dont forget its the manchester derby midweek..someone or both dropping points..only if we can pick ourselves up from here…..

  18. ade

    the best liverfools can get is the 9th spot..their win will only give us a lifeline as chelsea wont be 8 points ahead of us…dont forget its the manchester derby midweek..someone or both dropping points..only if we can pick ourselves up from here…..

  19. kev

    we have to aim for the cups now. the CC and the FA cup. were not consistent enough to win the league and well be outclassed in the latter stages of the CL so just concentrate on the cups.

  20. Jaguar reloaded

    I’ve told you guys
    Chamakh is a poor finisher,who can do his tippy tappy stuff against shit teams,but is a poor finisher
    Wenger has lost the plot
    And you were accusing me of being a Spud.At best this team will finish third.

  21. Doublegooner




  22. BillikenGooner

    It’s beyond frustrating that we are in our 6th year of hoping for and rooting for other teams to keep us in the hunt as opposed to doing what a championship squad should do, and that is beat promoted teams at home and win the championship on our own.

    I know teams lose games here and there. I know every champ has a slip up here or there, but the fact is we have had too many the last few years to just write them off as ‘it happens to everyone’.
    We need to fix it happening to us.
    Twice at home to promoted teams, and it is only November, isn’t acceptable for a club that claims to want to challenge for all trophies every year.

  23. David

    Liverpool are shite.

    They have 1 world class striker and Keeper and a playmaker in Gerrald and their beating the Champions.

  24. Queen of suburbia

    Sam some of us had a 250 mile round trip to watch that shit unlike the never go to games doomers you fucking twat.

  25. simon mcmahon

    some players played midweek some just coming back from injury , these are supposed to be proffessional athletes ffs,
    Paid a kings ransom and pampered , not one of these cunts will go into a job tommorow feel crap get a shit full of abuse from other football fans some of who have never been to a game .
    It all stems from the top wenger need to go asap ,time for some hungry new blood.

  26. Arindam@KOL

    We wont win the league .Period.

    Watching Pool today and esp Torres. A top class striker is a must in a league winning side. By that its not the no. of goals I am referring to.
    Chamakh may well end up with 20 league goals. But he hasnt / will not do what a Torres , Drogba or even a Rooney can do – produce that magic given only a single chance.

    The lack of such a striker explains our woeful form against the big sides.
    Its all good and well putting 3/4 past hapless european sides , but in tight games (esp , the big matches) chances dont come gift-wrapped. You just take what you get.
    We have been missing that player since Thierry.
    RvP could have been that player , yes, but he’s just a luxury. Time for Wenger to admit that now.

    Its that player we are badly in need of.

  27. Jaguar reloaded

    Some re*ards(AKB a.k.a Spuds fans) need to find a new club after the reta*d Wenger is kicked out after this season.

  28. Doublegooner


    I’ve been accused this week of being a spud.

    If those cunts to beat us in 2 weeks which on todays viewing is very possible, lets see how many keep backing Wenger.

    He’s a has been. His policy & tactics do nothing to disprove that.

  29. gambon

    Wenger is an absolute joke.

    His post match comments;

    “Newcastle didnt have a shot on goal” – Well funny that Arsene, cos i remember them scoring!

    “We dealt well with Carroll” – Erm, the guy that scored Arsene?

    See, there is the problem, the senile cheat doesnt understand football. He feels the team that plays pretty passes should be awarded the 3 points, not the team that scores the goals and wins the game.

  30. Jaguar reloaded

    Agreed DG.I’ve told it many times before.This man is a loser,who is satisfied with our fourth place and his bonuses.We wouldnt ever win a title under him.

  31. Doublegooner


    Its not just a striker we need.

    Wenger’s bought 2 defenders plus he has Djourou & they’re all ordinary.

    He needed a DCM, yet refused to buy one.

    He needed a keeper, yet refused to buy one.

    Wenger is to blame – period.

  32. Arindam@KOL

    Wenger’s subs were bemusing at best today.

    Take off the best player of the season so far – Nasri. Was he injured ?

    Take off the best player so far in the game – Jack .

    Wtf !!!

    Newcastle were defending narrow. We should have looked to stretch the play. But all we did was play through the middle.

    Sometimes you wonder how Wenger got so much success in the initial years. The guy is worse tactically than me. Fucking me !

  33. Queen of suburbia

    Cesc got wound up because they wouldn’t let him do what he wanted.

    Wilshere was the only one worth anything today and Theo the only one who looked like he might nick a goal.

  34. David


    Wenger’s been singing the praises of his young side…and there’s no pressure to perform now. We’re forever a team for the future.

    Only one person to blame.

  35. Arindam@KOL

    Qos , the effort was abysmal , agreed.
    But the tactics (esp. the subs) were shockers.

    Wenger has no clue about reacting to opposition strategies.

  36. Wenger the liar

    Trust Wenger,

    Just typical, he doesnt go out and bang Lil kim, no instead he chooses some unknown French second rate rapper with a face like a slapped babies arse.

    Good to see that his low standards extends to his choice of women and dont stop at his choice of transfer targets.

  37. David


    They worked their asses off except in the final third.

    You cant win if you dont score.

    You cant score if you dont shoot.

  38. Arindam@KOL

    Trust Wenger,

    Just typical, he doesnt go out and bang Lil kim, no instead he chooses some unknown French second rate rapper with a face like a slapped babies arse.

    Good to see that his low standards extends to his choice of women and dont stop at his choice of transfer targets.”


  39. Queen of suburbia

    Not seen it on tv yet but the sending off looked like dive to me, there didn’t appear to be a foul and I was sat pretty close.

    No surprise when Dean got the card out though, he’d been dying to send an arsenal player off all afternoon.

  40. Chris beef

    To be fair the players need a long hard look at their performance. It was average at best. Cesc was awful. At least aw actually brought 2 subs on before 57 mins today.

    We played shit today and didnt get away with it.

  41. Queen of suburbia

    Arindam, I don’t agree on the subs. Nasri came off because he was holding his hamstring from 15mins onwards, jack wS the deepest lying player most of the fame so he replaced him with a striker when chasing the game.

    At least he didn’t wait till 67mins!!

  42. leon

    for the most damming thing in this game is that we at home and the newcastlekeeper hardly had to make a save this team is far to predicteable at times and lack of preneration and directness is another concern,i have said this for long time we need a real powerful striker i would off load vela who has some skills but we dont need him and get 20 srason striker

  43. kev

    its just the same thing over and over again. we got rid of a few players in the summer who werent up to it and brought in replacements but we havent really improved? looks like chelsea will get nothing from this game – fucking delighted

  44. simon mcmahon

    apart from nasri and jack they all looked like they dont care.
    This team is more predictable than wimbledon, the manger who we pay a fucking fortune to run our club cannot come up with anything new,
    we have had no real wide players since freddie and bobby.
    all our wide players are really playmakers, who come inside the play and we all know theo is not a winger still the great french manager continues to play tippy tappy narrow football which enables so called lesser teams to shut us down.
    Its Really heartbreaking to see a toothless spineless display like that saddens me.

  45. Wenger the liar


    That was the first time I can remember him making a sub so soon that wasnt directly caused by an injury.

    What was the feeling in the ground after the game? After the WBA game the talk was of Wenger fucking up not buying a keeper.

  46. Queen of suburbia

    My take on the sub was that he gave nasri 10mins to run off his hammie after half time. I was surprised to see Samir out for the 2nd half tbh.

    I didn’t hang around the post mortem but lots of rumbles about keepers and cesc was getting pelters all through the game.

  47. zeus

    What did I say? A Liverpool win just so Lady hope can tease us some more. Bitch. Its the hope that kills you.

    Can’t believe these wankers are now only 5 points behind us when they were in a relegation scrap.

  48. Queen of suburbia

    The crowd was rubbish today though. No pressure on that wanker Dean at all, he get falling for all the diving and we should have been rioting at all the time krull was wasting! He’d have never been able to do that at afield at oldtrafford.

  49. pharo9ja

    twats QOS that’s what they are. shame u had to witness that crap performance. It’s easy for arm chair twats to go” I know we would never win the league”,”I know this and that”. they should go to a negative blog where win or loose it’s all doom. they don’t belong here.
    I’m all for criticism but not blind hate for a personality.

  50. Swedish Gun

    the problem i have with the subs is when we chase a game the opposition always parks the bus and play with 1 up why do we need 4 defenders??

    it’s not like our fullbacks are sensational going forward so why not take one of them off and play a striker or an attacking midfielder that will give us more edge

  51. Queen of suburbia

    Pharo9ja I don’t actually mind people moaning if it’s a way of venting frustration because it was a pretty frustrating game.

    It’s the ones thT come on just to have a pop at the so called AKB’s. For me, they are the lowest of the Low and should just fuck off back to their spuds sites.

  52. Wenger the liar


    Who are you mate?

    She is more than capable of speaking for herself.

    No fuck off you stupid cunt.

  53. SUGA3

    as far as I am concerned, the team went out in the ‘fuck it, this is gonna be easy’ mode and paid the price, as always!

    AW after WBA game:

    ‘we have learnt a lesson’

    the fuck we have!

  54. Jaguar reloaded

    QOS,I agree with you.The people who lick Arsene’s balls,and love that sex maniac above the club,should fuck off back to the Spuds sites.

  55. Kushagra India

    The biggest problem was not tactics even not effort if we had a genuine Torresesque Drogbaesque Rooneyesque
    Henryesque Suarezesque Dzekoesque striker and a
    Givenesque Reinaesque Casillasesque GK we would have got atleat 6 points from WBA CHELSEA and NUFC.Nuff said.

  56. David

    Everyone has a pop at everyone,

    Especially after a loss.

    Same ol same ol.

    people slate Wenger, and the apologists slate the people slating Wenger.

    Never ending cycle.

    I will say tho that we are sluggish and for those who say we looked tired that is just rubbish.

    We have changed massively from last season for the worse.

    We used to score against teams in the first 10 minutes and set Theo or Arshavin running right from the off.

    Now you cant tell the body language at kick off the first thing we do is pass it all the way back to Fabianski.


    What is Wenger smocking.

  57. pharo9ja

    sweedish we had one that was ready to turn the game. these bunch really aren’t cutting it on this level consistently.

  58. Kushagra India

    forever in our shadows Spuds are due for a win I hope they dont get their confidence back playing against brace urself for the worst

  59. kev

    how about this pharo9ja – that was a FANTASTIC game the lads really put in LOADS of EFFORT! i just know judging by that performance that were gonna be CHAMPIONS! we lost again man against a promoted team. what do you want – people doing cartwheels and screaming were the best? whatever way you look at it a team that continually gets beaten by inferior teams wont be within an asses roar of any title be it league or cup

  60. yangkamp10

    my biggest concern is that our underlying problems are not being addressed.
    – 8 or so corners. Not one head on any of them
    – over passing. Even in the box. Strikers passing to “better placed” players in the box?!?!
    – arrogant lack of urgency as if we will score at some point. No need to rush it or take a half chance. Typically we get punished for said arrogance by the oppositions first attempt on goal.
    – no plan B

    diabolical performance today. less heart than a tin man.

  61. pharo9ja

    I aint ur mate get that right. She’s been speaking for herself pretty well. I guess it’s easy for u to spout abuse over the Internet. like to see u call me cunt to my face.

  62. Jaguar reloaded

    It was alright BOS.I didnt realise why you love Wenger so much before I read that story about him yesterday.Do you live in Paris by any means?

  63. Kushagra India

    Wenger the liar
    yep we have to live with glimpses of esque in the final
    third no genuine quality since Henry left

  64. Kushagra India

    Wenger was left to reflect on a 1-0 defeat by Newcastle at the end of a weekend in which he had featured on the front pages of the newspapers.

    However, the Frenchman would not be drawn.

    He said: “I arrived 14 years ago and you know what happened and I promised myself I would never comment anymore, because for 14 years I have been insulted everywhere in England, and never with any truth.

    “I promised myself I would never speak about my private life anymore.”

  65. pharo9ja

    sweedish meant to say we had no one that could turn the game.
    Kev, I hated the performance,there’s no where in my comments did I suggest otherwise.
    ur right David it’s an unending loop!

  66. Wenger the liar


    Re read my conversation with her, youll notice that I wasnt slagging her off, youll also notice that I was trying to make her laugh.

    You started the abuse my friend.

    If you look at whats been said you will realize that you jumped in where it wasnt needed and maybe if youre as big a man as you are making out over the internet you may even say sorry.

  67. reggie 57

    What a shit display against a very average team no heart,no passion,no drive,no urgency,no leadership,and that was just wenger! dont ask about the team…………

  68. yangkamp10

    A few years ago i made a prediction that Arsenal would not win a championship with toure and gallas at centre half.
    I am now prepared to go on record to say that we wont win another title until we do away with the ambition of playing tippy tappy football. The premiership has never been won by a side who could not mix it physically and play quick and direct football.
    ironically it’s no longer our our defence (song included) that is the problem – it is our slow laboured one dimentional attacking game

  69. zeus

    Don’t worry guys Arsene nows plus RVP s back. hehe.

    Agrred about the striker situation too. We are fucked on that front. We have about 6 strikers and not one of them is capable of giving us 15 goals all on theirown over a season.

    RVP scored 20 a couple a seasons ago, his best, Bendtner played in every competition and scored about 13 (Correct me if I’m wrong please) AA23 has never reached 15 in his career to my knowlegde nor has Walcott and certainly not Chamakh.

    Doesn’t really matter that goalscoring is shared and we will have many scorers over the course of a season, we need someone who will come up trumps always.

    Our strikers range from decent to very good players but none display consistent match-wining WC talent on a regular basis.
    And the fact that we have so many of them no means Wenger would have to ship one out in order to bring a new one in, which he won’t.

    Oh well…………..

  70. Kushagra India

    There is no truth in Wenger’s rumors not a grain of truth we dont have to stoop at that level ,sorry I won’t

  71. Queen of Suburbia

    Walcott wasn’t at his best today but he looks like there are goals in him all the time, you fancy that if someone can feed him the right ball, he’ll finish it. There is a clinical edge to him that wasn’t there previously.

  72. pharo9ja

    If u also read thru the comment I made u may just realise that I wasn’t butting in to insult u,I was trying to emphasise the point that she atleast goes to games like pedro, Geoff and some others…
    u’re right I’m a big man so, sorry!Apologies if taken the wrong way.

  73. Jaguar reloaded

    Why dont you speak about football(which you have no knowledge of) than abusing me?Answer me first,when Wenger the w**er is kicked out of Arsenal,who would you support?

    Spuds or the Chavs?Or some French team?

  74. Metal Gear

    This is just typical I’ve been hoping Wenger fucks off ever since that diabolical display against Wigan last season. It was in that game where I was convinced Wenger had completely lost it.

  75. Wenger the liar

    LOL Pharo9ja

    Youve suprised me, I kid you not.

    I am sorry too!



    Even when we play shit and lose its good to have a crack, better than slagging off Song for no reason.

    I am waiting on someone to blame it on Denilson!

  76. Kushagra India

    No team in the history of football has been successful without a genuine striker Italy 2006 is an exception to that rule .FACT

  77. Kushagra India

    yep but when Arshavin gave a magic ball to him he couldn’t beat his man or cross that happens all the time no crossing or dribbling skills if he is played as a winger that’s his primary job