Robin’s back today, and what separates Wenger from Wayne Rooney?

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The answer of course is although we know that Wenger tells lies (he said so) and he shags around, we look at morons like shrek and go tut, tut, so what the difference between the two of them? Well the difference is, Arsene didn’t pay for it. So he has the moral high ground, let’s leave it there.

Robin Van Persie is set for a shock early return, is this because he’s suddenly and mysteriously fit, or is this because he’s been fit for sometime and our manager has been his usual overly cautious self? I think because Robin has declared himself fit for Holland, Wenger has decided to play him ahead of his own overly cautious schedule. That’s my take anyway, otherwise why would he be suddenly playing with no notice.

We’ll find out today no doubt, either way it promises to be a fun day, we need to win to keep up with the lucky Mancs, so we can’t be doing anything other than going for the jugular from the off, we’ve seen what they can do if they get their noses in front, we should attack from the off.

I said yesterday I fully expect a big win, if Robin comes on I hope he scores a blinder, gets a slight knock and misses the Nederlands game, that would be poetic, by a knock, I mean gets a leg graze from his sock. That’ll be 2 weeks out for our super cautious manager.

Arsene it’s a shame you weren’t so cautious in Paris Arsene! You might be enjoying your kippers a bit more this morning if you were!


Sagna Djourou Squillaci Koscielny

Wilshere Cesc Nasri

Theo Chamakh Arshavin

Go on Arsene, try that midfield and drop Clichy. Have a great day Grovers, I think we’ll get a little closer to the chavs today and go back into second, at least we are putting daylight between us, the Northern chavs and the spuds.

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  1. pharo9ja

    interesting Geoff. But how do you know all the details about wenger shag-gate? QOS said that the Sun has been asked to retract the story for being false.

  2. Pedro

    Moring all!

    Great to see Robin back in the team, not sure why Wenger is overly cautious? Robin has been training for weeks.

    I’m not sure Newcastle know how to defend, so this could be a hammering if we’re on form!

    Sagna Djourou Squillaci Koscielny

    Wilshere Cesc Song

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin

  3. Kushagra India

    the first paragraph send me into laughter lolz availing free service puts you on high moral ground ha ha ha ha,apparently the sun had Jaguar as its source.
    No Song ,is he injured

  4. Telarse

    Another nailbiter or Song MoM performance – Hopefully neither… just a decent win with 5 early goals to settle the nerves!

  5. LadyGooner

    Morning all.
    @Geoff- the midfield you chose will get mauled by Nolan and that thug barton. Song will play with Cesc and JW. I wish Clichy would be dropped but without Gibbs or TV fit you have to play him unfortunately

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    Fine post Geoff.

    3-1. Nasri Cesc and Jackie gonna tear em open. Nasri’s gonna make Barton look the chump that he is.

    If he’s fit start the glassie in front of arshavin.

  7. ade

    you are funny to think wenger would drop clichy to play kozz on the left.

    top managers dont do that my friend.even wenger has not seen enough reasons to drop clichy for gibbs/while clichy has been messing up.

  8. kneelbeforewenger

    Don’t make me wait like this again Pedders, We are 1 hour ahead of you by 1 hour here, long enough without having to wait another 45 minutes

  9. Gooby


    i think wenger will field this team

    i still hope theo plays instead of arshavin because we’re at home and theo is looking good atm

  10. Geoff

    Pharo, who asked that, Bob Wilson? Pedro, because he sprained his ankle in August, that’s pretty cautious in my book.

    Kush, because he’s shit. I’m glad you like the post though!

  11. angeausarsenal

    Thats the backline we should play and put the Verminator in for Djourou when he’s fit again.
    Sabeel will be over the moon that you left Song out in case he gets two yellow, forgets hes a holding midfielder and accidentally scores when he should be defending.

  12. ade


    is it possible for you to post it could be automated posting cos u guys have moved from BST to GMT if am right..waiting for ages to get the day’s post could lead to high blood pressure.

  13. Mayank

    I think Wenger was overly cautious with RvP because we didn’t have a string of matches where we didn’t really need him to win. RvP’s a big game player, and Wenger wants him available for them.

  14. Gooby

    songilinho will score again today, he’ll be given the number 9 before the end of the week and he’ll start making those nike commercials with messi and displacing RvP from the CF spot

  15. ritesh


    I would prefer Walcott and Nasri on the wings. And Kozzer in the middle… and regretably Clicy on the left.

    We should hammer them today.

  16. Blindleading the blind

    No doubt over-protecting his injury-prone player AW is cornered to make a first move,if RVP is really fit,club claim comes first,preferably scoring a brace today but out of sorts for another week or so with international call up then becomes unlikely. May be.

  17. Kushagra India

    agree with kneel on song issue why bother he will play and has played well in the last 2 matches
    with our heads nowadays pedro/geoff
    are having late nights and why is anyone’s guess

  18. ade

    did you see my question?

    you should have known by now that wenger wont drop song and clichy atleast for now.
    how and why on earth do you regard song as shit.

  19. Lurch LeRouge

    I want Nasri all over Barton. Playing around him, through him and putting his foot in as necessary.
    If JW plays hell get suckered and loose his rag and get double yellows or worse.

  20. ritesh

    I would rather Glasspersie gets injured playing for us than the Oranges.

    Play him the full 90 mins, let him get injured…and please …sell him earliest and buy a decent football player who will be available for selection when we need him!!!

  21. Geoff

    Kneelbefore I can’t understand why anyone would want Song in before a midfield of Nasri, Cesc and Wilshere, aside from Ramsey, it doesn’t get any better than that, as for Wenger, I wouldn’t trust his judgement any more would you?

  22. Gooby

    we’ll play on wdnesday and saturday so i hope RvP is fit and ready,

    he may stay fit even if he plays for holland, although that fucking friendly is meaningless

  23. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening Geoff/Pedro

    RVP is a disaster waiting to happen. I hope he proves me wrong, but I don’t see him lasting the season. He is too precious πŸ˜‰ for his own good.

  24. Gunner38

    Clichy was woeful against Shakhtar and must get the boot. That aside, I think we have enough to put the Geordies to bed. Kos looks like he could replace Gael. Best part of w’end? Watching the shit stains thumped at Bolton.

  25. ritesh

    I think we need Song in mathes like today. We will need to slow the tempo sometimes and he is well suited for that πŸ˜‰

    But who will do the job on Barton??? Wilshere, No…he’d get booked. I think Cesc should handle that bit. He should make sure the bastard gets the message

  26. gnarleygeorge9

    While on the subject of RVP & crystal. He is like your best crystal that you’d be too scared to get out when your rowdy mates pop round for a session. So why would Le Shaggsie play him against the Geordies?

  27. ben

    Good morning groovers!

    So geoff been getting some stick for the late post! Lol short but good post, geoff.

    Pedro, are u never writing a blog again? Its been geoff since he has been back. Not that I don’t like geoff’s πŸ˜‰

  28. kneelbeforewenger

    Thanks Lurch πŸ™‚
    Geoff, Admittedly I don’t trust the man as much as I used to but Song has been playing well for awhile now and although he sometimes frustrates us, we need a DM in our lineup.

    Regarding The midfield, we need someone to give us a little prescence, That’s about the only thing Diaby’s good for, and I doubt those three can withstand physical play for the whole of 90 mins.

  29. gnarleygeorge9


    cheers Apparently he’s been doing the wild thing @ away games, so I’ll give Le Credit when its due.

  30. BriganteGooner

    I have been a reader of LG for 8 months…….I have resisted the urge to comment for that long………..but I must say this is the first post that is purely on the game…………nice one

    NB: Don’t get me wrong previous post have been excellent at times and not so kind at other times……….but I think with all the criticism its always nice to support even the worst arsenal player dat way he might improve………..Cheers

  31. ade


    wont you rather have fools 5th than have those jealous bunch in there….they might drop really down cos i cant see them getting 6points off sunderland and blackburn in their next two….they could be trading places with liverfools.

  32. kev

    you cant call a midfielder that bombs forward all the time defensive. hope none of our players get injured today this game could be a lot tougher than what some people think

  33. yangkamp10

    morning folks

    Nasri Chamakh Walcott
    cesc Song Wilshire
    clichy Kozzer JD Sagna

    I think JD played his best game in a while last game out so i’d go again with him. Theo’s form to be rewarded. Song’s is one of the first names on the sheet for me – in very good form…RVP off the bench…

  34. kneelbeforewenger

    Big Dave says:
    November 7, 2010 at 10:38
    1 training run out and he is fit ?

    Nolan/Barton will go for JW/Cesc

    And as such, we need Songinho’s muscle to hit back.

  35. Tunde

    Hope RVP gets a feel of the action today and start on wednesday,like it or not when he is fit he is still our best forward

  36. NiXKiX

    Indian cricket team never turned up today. Hopefully the gooners will give me some joy..


    sorry tat was uncalled for… but I love it

  37. NiXKiX

    “if Robin comes on I hope he scores a blinder, gets a slight knock and misses the Nederlands game, that would be poetic, by a knock, I mean gets a leg graze from his sock.”

    Classic πŸ™‚

  38. ade


    i really would love to have him against the spuds…lets pray he stays injury free with or without the int’l break..we need him with chamack…nikky b as the 3rd man.

  39. kneelbeforewenger

    reggie 57 says:
    November 7, 2010 at 10:56
    kev @ you dont look at the mantle piece when your poking the fire do you!!

    LMAO! Good one

  40. bafana gooner

    i dno why u guys are up in arms with clichy… Fair enough… The guy made a couple mistakes…. Everyone does… At the end of the day… He is a word class left back… His sheer pace cuts out soo much on the left… Attackers are weary to push the ball past him and use space on the wing to just beat him cos they know he’s blits… Another thing is his fit… And consisstantly fit…. Cummon guys… So what if he f’d up… We dnt miss cashley at all because of the lobside mouth…. Letss just cheer him on k… Cmon arsenal

  41. gambon

    No wonder Wengers eye has been off the ball, his been running off to france constantly, he probably doesnt even bother going to training anymore.

    He absolutely has to be sacked asap.

  42. Tunde

    My prediction is 4-1 to the arsenal… Fab4,walcot,arshavin and benthdner to all get on the scoresheet, chamark is just useless in front of goal,forgive me people

  43. Ben

    Happy birthday KBW!

    Really dont think there is much substance in the AW affair allegation. Now if the rumour was that she was AW’s love child then i will be more inclined to swallow that!! πŸ˜€

    I like ur lineup for today but think Clichy will play and squillaci will be on the bench and Song will play. So either of Theo or AA will be dropped.

    I will take 4-1 to the arsenal!

  44. Paulinho

    Wiseman – Apparently RVP was spotted being stretchered onto the bench last night in preparation for today. They don’t want anymore injuries so have to be cautious.

  45. wavy

    We lost one manager for taking a ‘bung’, let’s hope we don’t lose another one for ‘giving a bung’!!

    Nb All Frenchmen have a mistress, it’s their way to marital happiness!!

    Vive la France! Vive le Chef. Vive la bang!

  46. iamgooner




  47. TonyS

    Hookers/affairs/drink/drugs who gives a crap?

    When your health goes and you lie there thinking about all the shit you cant/didn’t do, everything will fall into perspective. Trust me on that people.

  48. Wenger the liar

    Geoff –

    You have been trying to sell that midfield for some time and I 100% agree with you. Some detractors suggest that we need a “ball winner” or a dm and put song forward as that man, the thing is if song is not even holding then he isnt really a dm anyway.

    I think that your midfield has three people in it that can mix it up even though they are all ballers.

    I would love to see this midfield play at some point but there is fucking nah chance pal.

  49. pantsR2long

    Wenger the old rascal, guess that supposed French charisma can take you along way even if you look like a dried up tampon.

  50. enibee

    Happy birthday kbw. i predict 5-1 to the arsenal, with fab and nasri getting braces and a chamak icing. robin glass ankles will come on 85 minutes and get sidelined 4 2weeks with d sock graze!

  51. incesc

    hahahaha just read in the paper hargreaves lasted 6 minutes and got fucked.


    brilliant stuff, hate that canadian, german wanker

  52. A

    It’s a ridiculous notion to play with those three in midfield without any DM of any description, no professional manager would EVER start a game like that, because to dominate possession you have to actually win it in the first place, and that simply wouldn’t and couldn’t happen!

  53. incesc

    wilshere and cesc can both win possession A

    song seems to think he is maradonna this season too.

    i’d play

    wilsher, cesc, nasri

    rvp, chamakh, walcott

    we’d score at least 5

  54. A

    No They can’t incesc, occasionally, but that isn’t and will never be their role.

    When we’ve got the ball Song does go forwards, and lets Cesc/Wilshere dictate the play and come in from deep, but when the opposition have got the ball Song wins it back and does much more work than either of those can defensively.

    It just wouldn’t ever happen, under any manager.

    We wouldn’t score at least 5 because we’d be bullied, and wouldn’t have enough possession to score that many

  55. incesc


    who is going to bully a midfield with samir “nutcase” nasri in there.

    rvp is a nasty bastard, cesc can mix it up and wilshere fights people outside nightclubs.

    the only nice guy is walcott and he has a beard now

  56. kneelbeforewenger

    nutcases incesc but would they be handy in a fight?

    I’d rather Song had my back in a fight than wilshere or the glassman

  57. kev

    song is so slow by the time he threw a punch the fight would be over and youd be in hospital. song is grand – if he sits. hes not messi. him bombing forward is grand against weak opposition but against the likes of chelsea its suicide

  58. SouthCoastGooner

    do we reckon Wenger has a little rap with his bird after their litle liasons. can imagine him just flipping from a french rap to a german rap.i bet he would be a good rapper.

  59. Wenger the liar

    A –

    you do chat some fucking breeze mate.

    Fistly it isnt a “ridculous notion”, its far fetched or highly unlikely Arsene would start with the three, other teams and manager do not come into the equation as there are very few teams that have three players of the same caliber on the ball full stop, and even fewer teams that have three players of the same caliber who are not affriad to mix it.

    “To dominate possesion, you have to win it in the first place”

    Why dont you do this today mate, why dont you count how many times we win possesion of the ball when our goalkeeper gets the ball, when our defenders get the ball, when the ball goes out for GKs, throw ins, opposition offsides etc etc etc.

    When you add it up you will see that the total will be around 150 compared to, maximum on a day when the sun is hitting his arsehole from the perfect angle, 5 times Song tackles to win back the ball.

    Seriously, its bad enough that you talk to everyone like youre the wisden of football but you also act like your the guy handing out the coaching badges to all the managers around the world.


  60. A

    lol WTL, I don’t act like I’m the wisden of football, but you’d be VERY hard pushed to find anyone with any sort of understanding of football to agree with you.

    I don’t get how some people can watch football and not understand or appreciate at all the work that players have to do off the ball, and the different roles in the side, balance etc.

    Fuck it whilst we’re at it let’s just stick Theo right back and Vela left back, oh and when Ramsey’s back he can slot in ahead of Squillaci too

  61. gambon

    I agree with A.

    To set our team up without a DM would be madness, if anything in a lot of games we need some extra defensive cover in MF. Sure it can work against shit teams at home, but thats not a reason to do it.

    I definately dont get the obsession with having 3 attacking, short playmakers in the middle.

  62. Wenger the liar

    LOL A

    Didnt I say its unlikely to we would ever see that midfield?

    I think the fact that all three tackle can compensate for the lack of a true DM and going forward the advantages would be great.

    One day when we are losing and chasing a game we may see that trio play as the midfield three and arsene being predictable as fuck will make the changes on 75 mins giving them at least 15 minutes together.

  63. A

    Yeah gambon – whenever you look at matches we’ve struggled it’s because we don’t have enough cover in the midfield, we don’t work well enough in terms of winning the ball back, nor have enough steel.

    To sacrifice ANY sort of defensive minded player in there when that’s where we’re already lacking is just ridiculous imo.

  64. A

    Yeah WTL, if we’re losing a game but dominating possession still that could happen, but never from the start of any game.

    Wenger has said that he wouldn’t even play Cesc and Nasri together with Song, because with both Cesc and Nasri we’re too unbalanced, let alone those two with Wilshere! I’d consider Cesc and Nasri together though, but only with a proper DM, and not in the current system. I’d much prefer Wilshere in there

  65. Pedro

    I’m not sure how anyone would expect us to beat a physical team with the shortest / lightest midfield in the Premiership.

    Song isn’t the best in the world, but he’s worked in our system this year and we’re second in the league.

    WTL, I don’t think there is a team in the world that plays without a defensive player in the middle. Don’t mistake Nasri tracking back as being a good ball winner.

  66. Wenger the liar

    You say never at the start of a game, from my own personal point of view if it was a case of picking those three or having someone like Eastmond in the team I would pick the three, especially if it was a big game.

    Obviously Eastmond and the various other youth players have to play to learn but if youre in a final say and Eastmond was the only option I would go with the three. I dont see the benifits of playing eastmond out weighing the benifits of playing the three.

  67. BriganteGooner

    if u think u are good enough to manage arsenal apply for the job…………..otherwise let ur critic be moderate

  68. A

    Yep Pedro, and it isn’t just a case of needing ball winners in there, it’s the positions that the players take up when the opposition have the ball, the pressure they put on the oppo and space they fill, as well as the times that they actually make the tackle or interception.

    Teams can manage it with proper CMs as such, two players who are neither overly attacking nor overly defensive, but All three of Cesc, Nasri, and Wilshere are essetially offensive players.

    That’s before going into their physical statures

  69. RayGooner

    I know it’s VERY VERY early, but i took the liberty to create a final Premier League Table:

    This is how it will end up in May 2011:
    (Feel free to copy and save this table cause i will be back in may and say; “i told you so”)

    So here it is:

    1. Arsenal 38 28 7 3 93-32 91
    2. Chelsea 38 28 6 4 87-23 90
    3. Man Utd 38 23 12 3 80-41 81
    4. Tottenham 38 24 7 7 72-42 79
    5. Man City 38 21 13 4 63-33 76
    6. Everton 38 16 15 7 56-38 63
    7. Liverpool 38 17 10 11 51-45 61
    8. Aston Villa 38 15 10 13 48-52 55
    9. Sunderland 38 14 12 12 53-54 54
    10. Bolton 38 12 15 11 57-57 51
    11. Newcastle 38 11 14 13 65-59 47
    12. Fulham 38 10 12 16 41-52 42
    13. Stoke 38 10 10 18 41-58 40
    14. West Brom 38 8 10 20 47-67 34
    15. West Ham 38 7 11 20 48-73 32
    16. Wolves 38 8 8 22 42-67 32
    17. Birmingham 38 6 12 20 36-63 30
    18. Blackpool 38 8 6 24 54-94 30
    19. Blackburn 38 6 10 22 40-68 28
    20. Wigan 38 3 10 25 25-82 19

  70. Pedro

    A, that’s why signing someone like Bastian Schweinsteiger would be a good move for us… a well rounded centre midfielder.

  71. A

    Yeah Pedro, but he wouldn’t be able to play the DM role, he’d have to play rather than Wilshere really….

    I’d love him, but I’d rather we signed another actual DM, if only we’d gotten Yaya….

  72. Teez

    Totally agreed with you Pedro, that Geoff team is a joke thats the lightest team anyone could ever imagine and playing Kosielny as a left back? Geoff what are you smoking son?

  73. Wenger the liar

    G star –

    Wengers gone with Cesc Nasri and Wilshere in midfield, Theo right back and AA left back just to prove a point to A.


  74. G STAR

  75. G STAR


  76. Gooby