Tonight Arsenal must show darkside in Champions League Shaktar show down

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And by that I mean the side where we finish them off now they are on the floor, no West ham run-abouts, no domination with few goals, we need to play with our finishing boots on, a bit like we did in the first game, go for the kill, lets see the dark side again!

Tonight’s team will be interesting, we have a few players out such as Cesc, Song, Denilson and Arshavin so it will be an interesting line up. Jackie boy will be back tonight and don’t forget, he wasn’t injured, so he should pick up where he left off, on fire, he will also be wanting to show off his new £13 million deal, so I expect some footballing fireworks from him.

How will we line up? Hmmm although we have injuries the team won’t look so different, as all these guys have played already this season, so here is my take.


Eboue Kozzer Squillaci Clichy

Wilshere Nasri Rosicky

Chamakh Walcott Bendtner

The oppo are mobile but not so big, so I don’t expect to see us thinking about bulking up the midfield, I think he’ll go for a talented, quick passing team tonight with a couple of lumps up top to hurt them.

Wenger will want to win tonight, qualify early and piss on the spuds parade, Jesus you would think they won the trophy last night, they aren’t even top of their group! Watching Rafa screw up another team is somewhat amusing but the real deal is tonight.

I would like to see the boss stick Theo in between the two big boys and see where it takes us, will he? I doubt it, but you never know, we need to score tonight to win the group and I am supremely confident we will, don’t forget it’s an early kick off so Le grove are giving you all permission to leave early, tell your boss we said it was fair as there is a train strike, if you are overseas, same deal, train strike.

I read an interesting article yesterday that referred to our leader as being tighter than Cesc Fabregas’s hamstring! I thought that was funny, true, but fair, no offence boss!

This is the second time I have written this post, I pressed save on the other one but failed to notice the DESTROY THIS BASTARD POST button next to it, but don’t be surprised if a similar post rears it ugly head at some point, technology is a bitch!

I’m struggling to remember what I in fact wrote, so forgive me if I repeat myself, but then you wouldn’t know as the first one has buggered off into Cyber space.

I do however remember this, with Ramsey returning for the rub-a-dubs on Monday, it won’t be long before we have a full squad to choose from, Vermaelen and Robin are just around the corner so in theory we could have a full squad to choose from when we go to Old Trafford, a case of Peroni to the the Grover who can remember the last time we played a top 4 team with our best players available?

So we will soon be in footballing heaven, qualification from the group stages of the Champions league, in the quarter finals of the Carling Cup and second in the Premier league, it doesn’t get better than that! A top time to be an Arsenal fan!

Have a great day grovers, tonight it’s back to football, I won’t predict a score, I will predict a win though!

Ooh to, ooh to, ooh to be a, Gooner!

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  1. David


    If Theo’s goal wasnt curled in i dont know what you define as a curled in goal?

    Theo more than did his job tonight.

    It just wasnt enough,

    We’ll need help from an out and out striker.

  2. stonroy

    For me more than anything it was that we had no clear-cut passes that cut through there defense. I don’t care what you say, the step down from Cesc is too steep for a club like Arsenal.

  3. Dutchman

    And we can’t not qualify for the CL knock out, because when we lose to brage then we are 2nd on goal difference and we will win surely at home from partizan, so…. I know it is frustrating but if someone is get to blame for this lost then it is wenger, and i hoped that JET would play more minutes.

  4. Ben


    how was this a B team? quite a few first team players were on the pitch but we played very badly. Still i say better we lose this game now than the weekend. Not to say that we won’t play sh*t on saturday.

    We need RVP fit and ready sooon if we are to survive this november. still cant digest how poor we were tonight. We deserved nothing. I would like to think that we can learn from this but given that we have been here many times, I am not very optimist about it. 🙁

  5. kenny smith

    When you can say Fabianski was the best player in your team you know its bad,…. Although Fabianski did play quite well….. But once your keeper is sorted out shock you defenders fuck up.

  6. Rohan

    I mean curl the ball in when there are defenders in front of you. A goal Henry and even Arshavin scores on a regular basis.

  7. kenny smith


  8. Gooneroo

    One bad game and everybody’s calling for the managers head already???

    Fuken pissed with the result but after every loss we blame it on AW and criticize him, and if we win, little recognition is given to him. We can’t exactly win every game and thankfully it came in a game which doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully the boys learn from this mistake of a performance.

  9. LAzer

    The fullbacks were both shit today. Got found out defensively, crossing was total garbage and didn’t offer anything going forward.

  10. Dutchman

    Don’t worry about when fabregas goes, ramsey, wilshere,nasri can all do the job and we will have millions from him. Those three players can give the final ball too. We missed :


    Look at that!!!
    Don’t worry!

  11. LAzer

    That’s the grove way gooneroo, unfortunately.

    It was a real shit performance no doubt but a loss ALWAYS brings out the “the manager is a cunt, this player is a total waste of space, I will change my clubs now” routine from the usual suspects.

  12. DaleDaGooner

    So can we give Song his props now? I mean, when Wenger was asked why Eastmond was starting, he simply replied “He is the only defensive midfielder we have right now”…So does this tell him he needs a couple ready\worldclass holding\def mid fielders??

  13. Big Dave

    NB52 can’t hold the ball up well enough, it was to much for Eastmond, we had our chances 2nd half, only have ourselfs to blaim

  14. Dutchman

    Ben, i would play this team :


    We missed 8!! of those players, is that not a B-team??

  15. kenny smith


  16. Man

    I thought the pitch looked nice Rohan. I think we put the ‘handbrake’ on for 30mins of the first half plus a Clicy giveaway…then they defended well in the second half, we just couldn’t break them down.

    JET needs to get more of a look in

  17. Danny

    Vela is having afters in the last chance saloon… Get rid. Poor poor performance. Even worse performance by Wenger.

  18. Supergunner07

    Lehman is spot on, make deep runs to make space for midfielders on the ball which is why Charmark has been very good winning pen and getting players sent off. Just keep Bendy to CC only starts unless MC is not fit

  19. skandibird

    Totally disappointing. What should have been 3 points turned into zero. The team didn’t play with any sense of urgency or commitment to win. Is this how ”champions”play? Chelsea beat S Moscow 3-0
    Tottenham beat Inter (with style I HATE to say), Man U beat Bursaspor and Arsenal?, well they LOST!!!! How can this be, 1 minute we beat teams 5-1 then we loose 2-1? Can someone please explain.

  20. gazzap

    I thought most of the team played pretty well against a tough opposition in a difficult atmosphere. The players that let themselves down were Clichy and Eboue. defensively and on crossing they were very very poor tonight.
    wenger should ban crossing from both of them.

  21. Bengali Gunner

    jheeze its just an off day people
    well bounce back like we always do, grrr why did gibbs have to get injured, he couldve played today instead of clichy,
    im a fan of clichy and have always thought that one day he would become world class, but wth madrid, swap clichyfor marcelo please

  22. LAzer

    You’re spot on about that Big Dave. We need another DM. Song is alright for me but the backups Denilson and Eastmond don’t quite cut the mustard.

  23. Zak

    Piss poor performance and a dreadful attitude, but hey we can learn from it !!! just like Clichy learns from making unforced errors at left back FFS how thick are some of our players.

    Does anyone on here know if they get a rollicking from the management team for making unforced errors ?? genuine question by the way. If they do and the mistakes keep happing then sack them, if no one says anything to them then sack the management team. That what happens at all other jobs.

  24. kenny smith


  25. kenny smith


  26. gazzap

    trouble is now, we need to put 100% into the final two games. had we drawn tonight we would have been virtually through.

  27. Ben

    I dont really blame the manager for this, other than he should not have played Eastmond. And its not an observation out of retrospection but just didnt get it from the moment the lineup was announced.

    but its really the players who i feel let down again and again. i know that we missed key players but our line up were good enough to beat Shaktar or atleast get a draw. We believe in our players ability and trust them time and again to win. Same does the manager. What’s different between us and the manager. So for this defeat, i think the players take the blame. I know that AW makes mistakes but he is better than this group of players are making him to be.

  28. Zak

    WENGER says ” it was to easy and we did’nt give 100% and got punished” how many fucking times do we have to suffer that piss poor attitude. WBA at home, anyone. Surely by now we should have learnt that every single game we have to give 100% total commitment. As ive said before thick, fucking footballers.

  29. kenny smith

    Colonel mustard sorry i didnt realise til had posted. Gazzap i agree and wenger admitted he couldnt get 100% from his players tonight… i find that infuriating.

  30. Bengali Gunner

    Yh wenger is to blame for chosing a bad team, but hes not entirely to blam you know, the PLAYERS went to sleep after walcotts goal, and our MANAGER was getting frustrated, its not like he can give them a HT tean talk during the game, people need to realise that.

    If you look above, when walcott scored people are commenting positive, saying that we would win the rest of the match… If it was such a bad team selection by wenger, why did you say we would win???

  31. Big Dave

    We all could see their goal coming, shame our manager missed it and didn’t tell his players to stop losing their shape and get stuck in

  32. Gooneroo

    Why are our shorts also yellow…isn’t it meant to be maroon???

    We look like a bunch of pansies in all yellow.

  33. dennisdamenace

    How many more times do we have to endure the same piss poor excuses/reasons for this type sodding performance, isn’t this indicative of players NOT having the right mental attitude, it doesn’t matter if you have all the skill/ability in the world (ie: Diaby) if you have a poor mental attitude…….

  34. kenny smith

    Ben, i agree eatmond shud not have started…. But why on earth is eastmond marking that massive centre half chiorginsky or whatever his name is at the free kick?? That to me is bad management and poor tactics… Eastmond is tiny compared to this guy

  35. Zak


    That what teams have a skipper for, to rowse the team, to lead, to motivate, to bollock when deserved, etc etc Would Adams or Viera have stood for such a lacklustre performance

  36. kenny smith

    Bengali, i wasnt saying that after walcott scored. Wenger cant give a team talk during a game but he can shut things like “keep your shape” “stop crossing the ball straight out of play” “wake up you bunch of cunts” etc etc can he not?

  37. Big Dave

    Apart from that little run Eastmond did, he did fuck all and gave the ball away, could had stayed on the plane along with Clichy and Eboue

  38. Bengali Gunner

    Yeah i noticed that during the game, not a single real leader was on the pitch tonight
    wheres vermaelen, rvp or fabregas when you need them eh?
    Ooooh i know…gettin bummed by the medic :/

  39. Ben


    RVP and Vermalaen had 3 games between the 2 of them this season and they are still out. As far as AW is concerned, gibbs is behind Clichy (on tonight’s performance u wonder why!) Anyway i was talking first team more in the sense of who were available and will make the first team and what we put out there was about half of it and we went kapput.

    Its not so much the lose that is disappointing but its the manner in which we lose that is hard to take.

    can we buy this in january:
    * mental strength
    * leadership

  40. Ben

    oh i forgot.. plus some video tapes, so that we can play these games before every match, so that they dont have to learn the same lessons again and again!!!

  41. Bengali Gunner

    My ratings:
    Fabianski – 7
    Clichy – 3
    Squillaci – 5
    Djourou – 6.5
    Eboue – 3

    Eastmond – 5
    Wilshere – 7
    Rosicky – 6

    Nasri – 6
    Walcott – 7

    Vela – 5.5
    Chamack and JET – N/A

  42. incesc

    the first goal was a good freekick and eastmond was unlucky.

    2nd granted was another error from clichy.

    it was their cup final, crowd was behind them and we were missing all of our top players all at once bar wilshere and nasri…

    im not fussed

  43. Lurch LeRouge

    Fuck me that performance was retarded. We gave up after theos strike.

    Kills me to watch clichys school boy errors, especially when we know what he used to be.

  44. kev

    maybe instead of shouting wenger and pat rice hold up boards telling the players what to do. eboue being illiterate cant read them

  45. DaleDaGooner

    It’s not even about clean sheets, what’s the obsession about clean sheets? Barca don’t keep clean undies, neither do Real Madrid, the problem is shit-out of space-dimwitted defending by Clichy in crucial times.

  46. Doublegooner

    Same old weak niave ‘schoolboy’ football. Makes me sick.

    When will some of you not realise you’re watching the same crap year in year out.

    Wenger will never win a title again or a CL.

    Nove 20th will be twitchy for us !

  47. simon mcmahon

    why dont we ever hear anything about proffesional fucking pride all of us in work have to adhere to that every fucking day or we loose our jobs.
    wenger rewards cunts like clichy and eboue who lets face it have played for years at senior level.
    it’s fucking digraceful that a senior proffesional can applay that kind of attitude without any reprisals from the manager

  48. chozzer

    You’re right, DoubleG. We’re completely and utterly fucked. The season’s over.

    I’ve not realised already.

  49. simon mcmahon

    someone has mentioned it already but since eduardogate at brum ,
    clichy has digressed into this mistake ridden footballer and has now become the teams new eboue, we all cross our fingers when he has to defend .
    he needs to have his arse kicked all the way home by the manager, I would make the twat watch that excuse for defending on a big screen at the training ground infront off every squad of playing staff we have got shame him .

  50. peter

    Its a bad performance from our guys tonight but, dont blame them so much its a pretty bad condition to play football here in Ukraine, i mean its really awful temperature

  51. A

    simon mcmahon says:
    November 3, 2010 at 23:05
    why dont we ever hear anything about proffesional fucking pride all of us in work have to adhere to that every fucking day or we loose our jobs.
    wenger rewards cunts like clichy and eboue who lets face it have played for years at senior level.
    it’s fucking digraceful that a senior proffesional can applay that kind of attitude without any reprisals from the manager


    Well Simon, you see, that’s the thing. arsene isn’t interested in confrontations with players. arsene wants everything to be easy and fun. In the end, all that really matters to arsene is getting paid big dosh to spend everyday out on the training pitch doing quick one-touch pass-and-moves. total summer camp environment. That’s why you always hear the same tired excuses. when it comes down to it, he doesn’t really care. He pays lip sevice to it but to him, if we win anything it’s a bonus, a cherry on top. what matters most is arsene’s cushy little no-pressure high-paid summer camp work environment. that’s what this is all about. and of course ivan and the board are right in lock-step with arsene because the way arsene runs things means profit for the board, bonus for ivan and bonus for arsene. what an absolute racket these guys have going on. Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken and Bernie Madoff should be proud.

  52. reggie 57

    What can you say that wasnt said a hundred time’s before? we will win fuck all until there is a change at the top!! wenger can do as he please’s he has no-one to answer too? either we get a winner on board level or wenger will keep on doing the same fuck-ups as he has done for the last five year’s …………….

  53. simon mcmahon

    He will never leave , the same old press conference , the cherry on the cake is if we dont win on sunday the tiredness excuse will be used .
    it’s fucking digusting that those gooners who went are treated to
    That team selection
    That type of attitude
    No one can defend that.

  54. A

    lol the reaction on here to a loss like that is hilarious.

    Team with a fantastic home record, beaten alot of very good teams nullified primarily our B team in very difficult conditions.

    Annoying loss but nothing more than that, not a big deal, just means that we have to take a stronger side out to Braga than we would’ve done otherwise

  55. Robin's Choco Leg Special

    Not the greatest performance, but gave alot of experience to squad and young players in a really tough champions league away tie. We notoriously do poorly in the eastern bloc and when the starting XI was announced I for one was a bit twitchy.

    We started well, but that was due to their nervy start rather than our good play. Going a goal up too early was probably the catalyst for us dropping off and losing focus. Eastmond was out of his depth and Clichy, who is known as calamity clichy round my parts, served up another shocker that cost us points. It’s like a perenial slow illness with him constantly at left back. You hope it’ll get better but every now and then your reminded harshly of the reailty.


    Fabianski – 6 (Continues steady run and can not be faulted for either goal. Couple of good saves and handling probably played a part in keeping the scoreline within a respectable deficit. Looking solid at the minute and don’t think anyone would question his current no.1 status)

    Eboue – 5 (Cult hero usually is a good stand in at right back, wasn’t tonight. Lackadasical at times in possession and caught chasing the ball in field. Erratic!)

    Squillaci – 6 (Dealt well with eduardo when he came in field in the second half and efficiently went about his business. Organised the defensive shape well, but was let down by his full backs. Pace continues too look a worry, but looking a good addition)

    Djourou – 7 (Better from the Swiss international. Won alot in the air and made good timely interceptions when attackers from wide areas broke into the box. Taken a lot of stick as of late, but getting a run of games now and will be disappointed to come home on the losing side)

    Clichy – 4 (Terrorised so much by Srna in the 1st 44 mins his brain spazed out and forgot to kick the ball away. This goes down as another blot in the calamity clichy scrap book i’m afraid and he really should know better for a player with so much experience. It didn’t get much better after that with the crossing also reverting to type. When is Gibbs fit again?

    Eastmond – 5 (A big call by Arsene which, given our recent record in the east had the “what’s he doing here?” alarm bells sounding off. Gave the ball away and left chasing shadows at times. The own goal rocked his confidence and it went tits up for him shortly after that. A good prospect, but looking “loan to the championship” quality at current. Can only learn and grow from the experience, but would have done the boys confidence little good.

    Wilshire – 7 (Was keen to put in a performance after sitting out the last 3 domestics and with the new contract sorted. Saw alot of the ball and used it well, but had to do a great deal more defensive work then he’d have liked. Good ball to set theo on his way for the opener. A good, tidy and disciplined display. Looking absolute star quality)

    Rosicky – 6 (Was captain and covered alot of ground with and without the ball in trying to get us going. Never quite went for him, but was let down on occasions by team mates not on the same wavelength. Doesn’t look any sort of a threat in the final 3rd though which, is starting to worry.

    Nasri – 6 (Been our best player so far this season and it looked like that form would continue early in the first half. Went back to his usual flare served up from last season where he flits in and out of games but lacks memorable penetration in the final 3rd)

    Bendtner – 5 (Poor today. Looks physically fit after the lay off, but also looked a player shy off any sort of match sharpness too. The ball didn’t stick, he ran into silly positions and the passing was safe and pedestrian. Ran his nuts off and it was a good call to give chamackh a breather. They’ll be better days for the lad)

    Walcott – 6 (Took the goal superbly and looks a player more confident with the ball at his feet. Looked a little too confident at times when the pass was on and opted to shoot, but the goals keep coming at the moment. Still doesn’t get involved enough, but the switch to the left bought about some good passages of play and wouldn’t mind seeing theo switch more often to keep the opposition constantly on the back foot.

    Not a great day at the office, but there are positive to take from the game and it’s a game which still leaves us just needing a point from the last 2 to qualify.

  56. Lurch LeRouge

    If we’re taking positives from this then squillacci had a strong game. He pretty much owned willian not with pace but great positioning. Djourou’s positioning was a lot better as well, but he’s gotta start working on his passing out of defense big time. We missed kozzer big time tonight. His distribution would have taken the pressure off eastmond.

  57. Jimbo

    Fuck me, Eastmond is shit.

    Poor performance, but there were positives – all kinda irrelevant really. Rosicky is a bust, Eboue is still lazy, Clichy WTF (New LB in the summer maybe)?

  58. Lurch LeRouge

    Nasri should have started in mid and Rosicky wide. It would have suited Bendtner more with Nasri playing inside.

  59. zeus

    Well Simon, you see, that’s the thing. arsene isn’t interested in confrontations with players. arsene wants everything to be easy and fun. In the end, all that really matters to arsene is getting paid big dosh to spend everyday out on the training pitch doing quick one-touch pass-and-moves. total summer camp environment.

    Hahahahahahahaha. If A really wrote that I’d eat my teethe.

  60. Lurch LeRouge

    Substitutions did have an impact rcls. The ball at least stuck to vela and he managed to link the ball back in when he came deep. But by that stage Theo had resorted to taking 20 yard cracks. I thought JET looked good. His first touch and poise for a player who doesn’t see a lot of first team action was spot on. If Vela, Jet and sagna had come on after HT and Nasri been central we’de have cleaned up. Alas pat rice shoved Arsene’s watch up his crack again.

  61. goonermichael

    I wonder if Wenger will grow some bollocks and tell the dutch to go fuck themselves about RVP. They’ll obviously get him injured

  62. timao

    szczesny would have kept a clean sheet tonight. we looked clueless in 2nd half, no cohesion, or real purpose. a very poor showing. it almost looked like some players didn’t believe we could win. shocking. i hope wenger makes some changes soon.

  63. Gooneroo

    We were pretty bad, certain individuals in particular, but we still had opportunities to get a decent result and our finishing is what couldve done that…unfortunately, it wasnt up to scratch today bar Walcotts cheeky finish.

  64. Kreshnik

    FFS looks like fuckin hell broke loose. It’s fuckin Ukraine ffs, not a fuckin joke. You got 2 players against you in support and conditions. We completely dominated the second half, just didn’t want to get in.
    Pull your self together, we got a much more fuckin important game to play on the weekend.
    Here’s the deal, I think this was actually very smart, ppl were saying let’s win this game, so we can gun weaker teams in the last 2 games and chill. BUT in fact if there is one month that we suffer injuries, this is the one, and also Ukraine being cold and all that, was quite a risk. So instead, we played not too strong a team here, and luckily got no injuries, and almost got something out of it.

    Now that said, Clichy really wtf, man wtf, why does he keep panicking, for fucks sake, that’s a joke of an error??? And fuckin Bubue, the pressure gets soo much into him, it’s a fuckin joke, and Bendtner, if anyone ever compares him to Chamattack has got no fuckin clue.

  65. Ja_Gunner

    Kreshnik….Clichy didnt panic this time…it was clearly a case of poor decision making…it shows some of the players dont think the game out….

    Somehow Clichy decided that he wanted to keep the ball in play and play out from the back….but why when its like 1 min to halftime…just boot the ball out and get to halftime 1-1…..

    I mean its clear..Clichy won the ball….then he decided that he was so clever that he would keep posession in a dangerous area….there was no one there for him to pass to..he should booted the ball for a throw simple as…..I dont know what the fuck CLichy was thinking there….

    Clichy was playing as if we really needed posession with less 1 min to halftime…..I know its good to play from the back but sometimes you need to just get rid of the ball…I see our players do this over and over….most of them except for Cesc hold the ball way too long…and they get caught in posession…

  66. Kushagra India

    Another howler by Clichy was ,yep we know Arshavin didn’t cover him and by the way Chelsea’s B team defeated Spartak at their home on artificial pitch

  67. AA23

    dont post linksabout that cunt bale mate.
    all we have heard all day in the english media is how that cunt is better than messi.
    fucking joke
    Bolton will do them at the weekend. Mark my words.

  68. Kushagra India

    I just want Walcott to go hammer and tongs he has got more pace than Bale and is a better finisher we need to exploit his talents more just like spuds do for Bale.

  69. Kushagra India

    Bendtner and Vela are running out of time for me .
    Bendtner first touch is…never was, he makes fans by dropping his pants good supersub or a CC player but not a top 4 player rite now maybe in future .

  70. Socrates

    Terrible morning, match ratings:

    Fabianski: Did ok for me, couldn’t stop the two gaols-7.5
    Eboue: Poor, looked like he was carrying an injury, got easily beaten.4

    Squillaci: looked shaky with high balls, let Eduardo in and his passing was terrible-6

    JD: Tried hard, 7.5

    Clichy: why did you have to do it…3.5

    Eastmond: Passing was poor, I got nervous every time he got the ball, should have defended better with Chigrinsky, he is not ready for the first team-5

    Jack: Surrounded by average players, best man on the pitch-8

    Rosicky: Tried a few through balls, but otherwise average-6.5

    Nasri: Did nothing special-6.5

    Bendtner: For all his talk he was poor, couldn’t hold up the ball, looked tired while pressing-5

    Theo: The goal gets him 6.5, a finish TH14 would have been proud of, otherwise it would have been 5

  71. gnarleygeorge9

    Evening all

    There is no way Big Johan 20 should get less than an 8 rating. There is no way any blame can be put on the big Swiss geezer.

    On the other hand, Clichy did another Brum 3 years ago. Also he may as well not cross balls into the box, he never hits the target.

    Arsene must be livid with him & Ebay. Both were terrible, as was that big sook Little Nicky 😈

    Rant over, I guess now is the time to have a brain lapse for some players, but they should never make the same mistake twice. Clichy has dilly dallied like that 2 too many times now.

  72. chozzer

    So, we lost away to Shakhtar in the group stages of the Champions League. Big deal.

    As long as it doesn’t become a habit, it’s not a problem.

    Mugabe media lockdown for me today, as the knives’ll be out big-style.

  73. Geoff

    Morning all, its not the fact we lost, shit happens, its the manner in which we lost and shit team selection.

    Eastmond may be good when he’s 23, the age Wenger says players start getting good. Great, so what, 4 more years of this shit.

    We had this with Song, Flamini and Denilson, what are we, a nursery?

    It’s time to have players in the squad that are ready now, Eastmond isn’t.

    We need to go out and buy 2 DM’s, because if we are rueing the fact that Denilson and Song weren’t there, our standards have dropped lower than I thought.

    As for Bendtner, 2 weeks ago he was raring to go and never felt sharper, now he’s shit because he’s only 70% fit, what the fuck have we come to?

    Vela should be sold, he’ll never make it unless he gets a run, and Wenger won’t do that.

    No wonder Cesc wants out. Massive disappointment, Wenger award yourself a big fat zero.

  74. dennisdamenace

    People have tried to belittle this game as unimportant!!

    WTF is wrong with some people? Qualification from last night’s game eases the next few weeks. Not to mention the manner in which we lost (again) is evidence that nothing has changed, the same failings, bad attitude and seriously bad defending!

    Also, winning and playing well is a good habit, just to dismiss this as unimportant is pathetic, and excuse mode in the extreme!

    Try telling those travelling Gooners that the game was unimportant.

  75. reggie 57

    well put ddm sick and tired of people saying it wasnt important every time we come up against half decent oppo we fold quicker than that fucker who used to do origami!!!