Tonight Arsenal must show darkside in Champions League Shaktar show down

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And by that I mean the side where we finish them off now they are on the floor, no West ham run-abouts, no domination with few goals, we need to play with our finishing boots on, a bit like we did in the first game, go for the kill, lets see the dark side again!

Tonight’s team will be interesting, we have a few players out such as Cesc, Song, Denilson and Arshavin so it will be an interesting line up. Jackie boy will be back tonight and don’t forget, he wasn’t injured, so he should pick up where he left off, on fire, he will also be wanting to show off his new £13 million deal, so I expect some footballing fireworks from him.

How will we line up? Hmmm although we have injuries the team won’t look so different, as all these guys have played already this season, so here is my take.


Eboue Kozzer Squillaci Clichy

Wilshere Nasri Rosicky

Chamakh Walcott Bendtner

The oppo are mobile but not so big, so I don’t expect to see us thinking about bulking up the midfield, I think he’ll go for a talented, quick passing team tonight with a couple of lumps up top to hurt them.

Wenger will want to win tonight, qualify early and piss on the spuds parade, Jesus you would think they won the trophy last night, they aren’t even top of their group! Watching Rafa screw up another team is somewhat amusing but the real deal is tonight.

I would like to see the boss stick Theo in between the two big boys and see where it takes us, will he? I doubt it, but you never know, we need to score tonight to win the group and I am supremely confident we will, don’t forget it’s an early kick off so Le grove are giving you all permission to leave early, tell your boss we said it was fair as there is a train strike, if you are overseas, same deal, train strike.

I read an interesting article yesterday that referred to our leader as being tighter than Cesc Fabregas’s hamstring! I thought that was funny, true, but fair, no offence boss!

This is the second time I have written this post, I pressed save on the other one but failed to notice the DESTROY THIS BASTARD POST button next to it, but don’t be surprised if a similar post rears it ugly head at some point, technology is a bitch!

I’m struggling to remember what I in fact wrote, so forgive me if I repeat myself, but then you wouldn’t know as the first one has buggered off into Cyber space.

I do however remember this, with Ramsey returning for the rub-a-dubs on Monday, it won’t be long before we have a full squad to choose from, Vermaelen and Robin are just around the corner so in theory we could have a full squad to choose from when we go to Old Trafford, a case of Peroni to the the Grover who can remember the last time we played a top 4 team with our best players available?

So we will soon be in footballing heaven, qualification from the group stages of the Champions league, in the quarter finals of the Carling Cup and second in the Premier league, it doesn’t get better than that! A top time to be an Arsenal fan!

Have a great day grovers, tonight it’s back to football, I won’t predict a score, I will predict a win though!

Ooh to, ooh to, ooh to be a, Gooner!

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  1. kenny smith

    Maksud90.. you dont want to watch it mate, its terrible…. its basically just eboue passing to eastmond.. eastmond passing it back to eboue, eboue passing it back to eastmond, and then eastmond losing the ball. When we get it back we play it up to bendtner… he miss controls and gives the ball away. Clichy forgot how to kick the ball out of play for a minute and it was 2-1… Thats a really accurate description of the first half

  2. Samir

    Bendtner is stopping every attack…Whenever he gets the ball he loses it 😐
    Clichy is shit.
    Eastmond should not be anywhere near the first team.
    We need Bale 😉

  3. Man

    Great goal by Theo but there were a couple of occasions where he could have done better with some link up play…all he seems to want to do is run, its OK runing when there is space but when you are surrounded by 3/4 players?…common

  4. simon mcmahon

    fucking clichy is fucking stupid its that simple how many times does he make the same mistake ,gibbs may be not the answer but i would play him before clichy if fit ..

  5. DaleDaGooner

    I’d have done better than Clichy, he does some shocking things, ball watching and all….the worst part is, Wenger won’t get in a proper left back at some point, since the Brum game, Clichy has been doing some pretty backward things

  6. izzo

    I don’t like Eastmond I’m sorry. Hes a poor player. Should’ve left him with the reserves. This is not his level. Rosicky is not starting material at this point in his career.That midfield combo is wrong rosicky and eastmond shouldn’t be in that midfield

  7. confidentgoner

    *Theo has been poor since his goal. Bent, Eboue, Eastmond and Clichy as well. Wenger disrespect the opposition when he is in no position to do so. Win this game and then you earn the right to play with weakened teams. Not easy typing from the HTC desire!

  8. incesc

    come on

    this is their cup final

    we have about 10 players out

    verm, fabregas, song, arshavin, rvp, bischoff

    its not that bad.

    we’ll score again i think 2-2 or mayber 3-2 if we are lucky

  9. dennisdamenace

    No presence up front, Sunday League errors at the back!

    Fucking hell, all the possession and tippy tappy passing in midfield is not gonna make up for the fundamental errors being performed by some of our players…….again!

  10. Geoff

    Why does anyone give it to Clichy? He only mad one cross in his career and that was last weekend.

    He’s French though, so he won’t get dropped.

  11. zeus

    Bendtner’s movement reminds me of a new born goat. He just can’t seem to handle his own weight. A decent player, but when Rohan has his love in on HRP, I have to assume that they are just having a laugh.

  12. Stu

    He can neither defend nor attack! What the fuck is clichy even at the club for ffs! His assist at the weekend was a fluke….it’ll probably be ages before he gets another.

  13. BillikenGooner

    I think it is about time this supposedly clinical/Henry-esque Walcott that Wenger keeps talking about shows up.

  14. BillikenGooner

    yeah…to start the game.

    I’d like to see one of those attempts put away now in crunch time when we need it.

  15. dennisdamenace

    What’s the fucking point Wenger? Putting a relative novice on to rescue this pitiful display with nine minutes to go…….

  16. zeus

    78′ PANIC AT THE BACK FOR ARSENAL! The ball is drilled across the face of goal by Shakhtar but there is nobody there to muster up a chance on goal. Squillaci is there, though, and almost makes a real mess of it by taking a heavy touch in the box Charlie Adam style, but Fabianski manages to collect the ball before a Shakhtar player can capitalise.
    PANIC AT THE BACK FOR ARSENAL!! Just a minute after a neat passing move by Shakhtar results in Jadson nodding against the post from close range, Chygrynskiy is found after a corner is swung over from the right. He controls the ball in the area and nobody closes him down before he fires low towards goal. Fabianski is equal to it, though, and manages to divert the ball away before Arsenal clear the danger.

    like de ja vu.

  17. dennisdamenace

    And, maybe if ‘Lord’ Wenger had done his job properly we wouldn’t still be waiting for uber crock RvP to come back from yet another injury, we’d have a proven FIT player on the bench….

  18. David

    We need to buy a CF,

    Im sorry,

    When you have a CF alone by himself through on goal and he cuts to pass it out to midfield then there is a BIG PROBLEM!

  19. gambon

    Dont forget guys, when you score the first goal in these big games you are 70% likely to win…..well unless youre Arsenal.

    Well, looks like another one we threw away.

  20. David


    Your first order of business is to buy a CF.

    Your next order of business is to sign Fabregas and give him Rooney wages.


  21. dennisdamenace

    This sort of woeful ‘effort’ is occurring more and more often with this group of players, and yet our management do not have the remedy or choose not to use one to rectify these sub standard performances…..

  22. simon mcmahon

    fucking wenger being clever with his team again and gets found out again ,
    why the fuck cant we start with a proper team then win the game and then make the changes
    fucking eastmond should go on loan in jan or start working his todger in soho,
    no way should he ever play in the first team,
    cant believe the finishing it’s fucking attrocious.
    Fucking think they are better than they are ,way to go boss .
    Fucking left back shit and the return of crab football.

  23. incesc

    really this result is meaningless

    we are through already, we had a whole team out injured.

    a few of the youngsters learnt some good lessons.

    we probably “matured” a little bit tonight.

    just sorry for the fans that travelled.

  24. Zorr0

    Quality second half, both sides just going for it and we had the chances to even it up.

    Clichy should pay the travel expenses for all the travelling Gooners, useless fucking prick. He has the concentration level of a goldfish! He always goes to pieces after an error like this too, so watch out on Sunday!

  25. stonroy

    No it’s not the end of the world but we are soft, we lack leadership and creativity when Cesc is out. It’s almost as if they rely on him to up their game.

  26. Dutchman

    WTF guys??!! We play a B-team and we lose against shaktar. It’s not the worlds end! It’s always the same facking thing with those arsenal fans, when we win a match then bendtner is the best and walcott is the best and nobody is bad, everyone is good. And then we lose one facking match and everyone is bad!!
    Please be realistic, we played a facking B-team, and don’t come with that fabregas excuse. We are no one-mans team, fabregas is not arsenal. Please, we will beat newcastle 4-0! The only thing i have to say is that eastmon is a facking useless player.

  27. kenny smith

    Thats te most tactically inept game ive ever seen!!! Wenger takes the blame im afraid… He fielded a weakened team and we got beat. I expect him to come out at the press conference and say that we played a weakened team and we deserved to get beat…..He knows eboue is shite, he knows eastmond is shite, he knows bendtner hasnt really played for 6 months… We have seen sooooo many of the same errors from clichy and he is still our first choice left back. Get qualification over and done with first and then play the shite when we are at home to partizan belgrade. Guarentee he lays the same shite away against braga and we will get beat again. Wenger complacent… shocking incompetence from our manager

  28. Zak

    Are pro footballers genuinely thick, one mistake like Clichys fair enough, you learn from it. Twice, maybe bad luck, but three times or more !!!

    Eboue in the last few minutes with the cross that went 30 yards over the forward line. these players are meant to be professionals who practise each and every day FFS. I would expect that from the dog and duck on a sun morn. Why is no one in the pitch taking control and giving out bollockings to players who dont perform ?? Tony Adams, Paddy V etc would’nt have stood for it.

    I can accept being beaten by a better team, but that was sooooooo poor.

  29. stonroy

    myself I have never said Bendtner is a good player. He’s too slow and clumsy and he has a horrible first touch. I will stand by that always.

  30. Bengali Gunner

    wtf eboue, clichy, eastmond and bendtner were awful today, disgraceful performance
    but yeah, missing a lot of key players and shakhtar at home are tough so isn’t that bad .. well still win the group hopefully but my dreams of resting first team players for the next two games and preventing some injuries is now over :@

  31. Rohan

    Fair enough, Theo but he isn’t clinical enough except on one v one situations. He still can’t get a shot off quicky enough or curl one in. He isn’t a goal poacher as such.
    He made countless shots in the second half but non of them were very threatening.
    Wilshere should have scored that chance of his. Also, I thought he sort of faded in the second half. vela was ok but seriously, Eboue wtf

  32. gambon


    I would say tonight shows why we cant win a trophy again under wenger.

    No matter how well we play, no matter what happens, we cannot defend….hence our pathetic record in tough games.

    Groundhog season as always.

  33. kenny smith

    Nothing to do with cesc not playing…. eastmond in holding midfield was a terrible terrible mistake… why play someone who hasnt ever played in the CL before who is so young and to b fair isnt that good away from home in the Ukraine??? Its brainless

  34. simon mcmahon

    you see thats the key, who really believes that some of the players left behind are injured , the fans that went their paid a fortune, and they get to have the manager take the piss with the selection and his use of substitutes,
    arrogance ,lack of respect to the fans some who will probabaly not get back till friday .
    jan we need a proper left back , and a real wide player ,
    Vela, should go to spain in jan either GIVE JET his squad place or wellington silva when he comes.