Tonight Arsenal must show darkside in Champions League Shaktar show down

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And by that I mean the side where we finish them off now they are on the floor, no West ham run-abouts, no domination with few goals, we need to play with our finishing boots on, a bit like we did in the first game, go for the kill, lets see the dark side again!

Tonight’s team will be interesting, we have a few players out such as Cesc, Song, Denilson and Arshavin so it will be an interesting line up. Jackie boy will be back tonight and don’t forget, he wasn’t injured, so he should pick up where he left off, on fire, he will also be wanting to show off his new £13 million deal, so I expect some footballing fireworks from him.

How will we line up? Hmmm although we have injuries the team won’t look so different, as all these guys have played already this season, so here is my take.


Eboue Kozzer Squillaci Clichy

Wilshere Nasri Rosicky

Chamakh Walcott Bendtner

The oppo are mobile but not so big, so I don’t expect to see us thinking about bulking up the midfield, I think he’ll go for a talented, quick passing team tonight with a couple of lumps up top to hurt them.

Wenger will want to win tonight, qualify early and piss on the spuds parade, Jesus you would think they won the trophy last night, they aren’t even top of their group! Watching Rafa screw up another team is somewhat amusing but the real deal is tonight.

I would like to see the boss stick Theo in between the two big boys and see where it takes us, will he? I doubt it, but you never know, we need to score tonight to win the group and I am supremely confident we will, don’t forget it’s an early kick off so Le grove are giving you all permission to leave early, tell your boss we said it was fair as there is a train strike, if you are overseas, same deal, train strike.

I read an interesting article yesterday that referred to our leader as being tighter than Cesc Fabregas’s hamstring! I thought that was funny, true, but fair, no offence boss!

This is the second time I have written this post, I pressed save on the other one but failed to notice the DESTROY THIS BASTARD POST button next to it, but don’t be surprised if a similar post rears it ugly head at some point, technology is a bitch!

I’m struggling to remember what I in fact wrote, so forgive me if I repeat myself, but then you wouldn’t know as the first one has buggered off into Cyber space.

I do however remember this, with Ramsey returning for the rub-a-dubs on Monday, it won’t be long before we have a full squad to choose from, Vermaelen and Robin are just around the corner so in theory we could have a full squad to choose from when we go to Old Trafford, a case of Peroni to the the Grover who can remember the last time we played a top 4 team with our best players available?

So we will soon be in footballing heaven, qualification from the group stages of the Champions league, in the quarter finals of the Carling Cup and second in the Premier league, it doesn’t get better than that! A top time to be an Arsenal fan!

Have a great day grovers, tonight it’s back to football, I won’t predict a score, I will predict a win though!

Ooh to, ooh to, ooh to be a, Gooner!

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  1. ben

    Just like benetiz to take a winning team and turn them into a team that loses to spurs! Now who is the priest sitting on top of the mountain of sugar??? (something along that line!)

  2. steve biko


    Nice optimistic post especially the conclusion.

    Yeah as you say we need to kill off the Ulkranians early

  3. gambon

    Fuck me that monkey Bale is unbelievable.

    Also we shouldve signed VDV, signing of the season.

    hate to see them fuckers doing well.

  4. Geoff

    Cashmoe I think you’re right, but he’ll rest Bendtner.

    Incesc, sorry mate, too late, I drunk it!

    Steve, I’ll take any win but you’re spot on, get in there early.

  5. steve biko

    The Spuds are well and truly over the moon from yesterday. I have gotta say Gareth Bale is really on form while Maicon is truly on the decline.

  6. A

    Theo’s a forward, but there isn’t a chance of him playing the central role for a good while yet, he can’t play the link man. He’s in the perfect position wide, giving him the time and the space to make the runs into the centre and in behind, as he has this season.

    I’m going for


    Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Clichy

    Rosicky Lansbury/Eastmond Wilshere

    Theo Bendtner Nasri

  7. Gary C

    I hate them with a passion. My old man used to spit to cleanse himself before he went into their ground when we used WHL as our home ground after WW2,but by God, Bale was good last night

  8. John A

    Geoff, are you sure it’s an early kick-off? are showing it as a 19:45 KO and the coverage on MUTV…sorry SKy doesn’t start until 19:30.

  9. bops

    Oye !! Thought the game was a 20:45 ?? as usual.. are you sure it is early kickoff ??

    Also sp*rs are top of the group.. watever..

  10. charybdis1966

    Good stuff Geoffers, I’m just waiting for when those sad-assed spuds put a DVD out of last nights win.
    We all now behgavoiour like that sneds up a desperate flare for all to see.

    Rafa has royally screwed Inter in the way he did with the dippers.

    Still, lets hope we get a late surge for FC Twente, who the Spuds have to travel to . A win for the dutch and the Spuds may not finish group lwinners.

  11. ZARgooner

    Lol Geoff, I too wish Theo would play in the centre birth (to see what he’s made of) BUT he will be placed where he has been (most effective) so far this season, on the wing.

    I think we should not underestimate the task at hand. Yes we rolled them over last time BUT away from home is a different kettle of fish. I would take ANY win… Qualification tonight is key as it would afford Wenger the opportunity to “blood” the “youngsters” and give them run outs in the next two games ala Vela, JET, Lansbury, Eastmond, Szcezny…

    Aaaah to be a gooner….

  12. bops

    And wats with the overflowing optimism. Lets not get ahead of ourselves here.. fit team to OT.. that will be a dream surely. And today is going to be tough.. but hope the guys can give their best !! COYRRG !!!

  13. A

    Steve why would that not be great news?

    There was talk yesterday that the comments weren’t true and he’s gonna sign on the dotted line soon, hope they’re true but I fear a Merida situation

  14. steve biko


    LOL sorry for that!

    What do you think of Szczesny stalling on his contract? Personally I rate him but I am getting a little tired of him.

  15. steve biko


    its not great news because while he is open for a celtic loan move he is refusing to sign a new deal until he gets certain assurances. Like you I am worried about a potential Merida situation.

  16. ZARgooner

    Dont think its an early game? This side of the world the game is being shown with all the other games and says its Live?

  17. Gooneroo

    Chezzer will stay, AW will guilt him into it…hopefully.

    That monkey Bale is pissing me off, but if Walcott can learn to control the ball like him, he’d be much better then that chimp. Walcotts faster and a better finisher IMO.

  18. gambon

    I can totally understand Szczesnys position.

    If i was being held back at work & 2 retards were doing the job I should be doing I would have to consider my future.

  19. A

    Yeah steve but I’d say that if he is open to the loan move it means that he’d be likely to be staying, because otherwise if the comments are true he’d be staying here and if he wasn’t number one by the end of the season he’d be off. Obviously if he’s up in Celtic he can’t be number one for us, so that would mean he’s just looking for first team experience

  20. steve biko

    The Shaktar Donestsk coach is a muppet and has started whining like Macleish and Pullis. He claims that the ref was biased against them at the Emirates and that in particular Wilshere should have been sent off.

    He goes on to say that his team have been waiting for revenge at home. In his words, “We have been waiting impatiently to play Arsenal at home. That final score [in London] was not fair.”

    I really hope we smash his team proper.

  21. Walking Wounded

    That Celtic story is an old one rehashed, and it was about a loan move.

    Tonights game will be tough, but then I expected the home tie to be tough and they handed us the win.

    We will score tonight and hopefully our defence maintains its decent form and restricts them to pot shots.

    The thing I have enjoyed is listening to the tripe coming out of their coaches gob about how the match was fixed, but I suppose he is doing “a Wenger” nad trying to get the upper hand with the ref before kick off, but I don’t necessarily think he has got an justification to take his viewpoint.

    I mean Jack’s tackle wasa booking at worst, the bloke did the typical Czech (Rosicky isn’t a typical Czech) response of rolling around until he gets the desired result and then getting up again!

    Hopefully they will come at us tonight and Theo can have the run of their left handside for a brace with Nikki B and Nasri on the scoresheet.

    My prediction is 4-2

  22. chozzer

    “The Scottish Sun asked Chesney if he would be interested in moving to the Scottish giants, and he replied: He said: ‘I have always said that I want to play – I feel it’s very important for my development.'”

    …gets translated to ‘Szczesny keen on Celtic move’…what a load of bollocks!

  23. steve biko


    seriously, I think he wants both Almunia and Mannone to be sold. I think his target is to be the number 2 keeper at the club. I cant see him with his ambitions settling for third. In which case is it fair for Mannone?

  24. chozzer

    gambon, of course you “understand Szczesnys position”, you must get offered long-term dooming contracts at other clubs almost every day. 🙂

  25. cashmoe

    not at all but then mannone (hoppe dats rite) has neva put a foot wrong !!! and had it not been for the renaissance of flappy he wud be der !!! but this raises more questions dan it answers !

  26. melvyn

    I hate Arry redcrap but I cant remember the last time I saw a spuds team with three world class players.

    I am still not convinced by NB52 he is now saying he should be regular in 1st team – why – just look at our goal against the hammers he stuck out a foot and Song bravely through his head at the ball – I still think he is not brave enough doesnt track back like Chamakh and has crap control but time will tell.



  27. vinnyjones

    like your line up. but don`t think the boss would agree. big away win lads. top of the group awaits! predicting a big one from jack. come on arsenal!

  28. cashmoe

    but it is a nice selection headache to have !!! maybe flappy will go bk to being flappy !!! or he cud still be promoted to 2nd !!

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    what time is kick off tonight ? sky have the match from 18:00 yet the offical arsenal website says 19:45? what the truth?

  30. finestcuts

    I personally hope Szczesny will be chosen for this game.
    Also, Djourou in defence would be a good idea especially since Vermaelen is out, we need to avoid injuries to Central defenders and Djourou is more than capable of playing against Shakhtar, plus it will give him the added experience he needs, we need as many match fit players as possible.

    It’s interesting how are playing up the idea of Walcott switching to centre forward and Wenger is hinting at giving him a little time and he could get there.

    Also it would be a good idea to play Vela as a second striker to Bendtner, they work well as a partnership.

    So what I’m saying is, we should stick to the same team that thrashed Newcastle United + Jack Wilshere (I’d replace Eastmond with Wilshere, and of course Clichy for Gibbs), they are definitely good enough to beat Shakhtar.

  31. Gooneroo

    *EXCLUSIVE*-Tomorrows headline:

    “Chakh in the U.S.S.R”- Arsenal striker Maroune Chamakh terrorizes Skaktar Donetsk.

  32. wardo

    KO is 19:45 on the BBC website.

    Checked yesterday’s Ruben vs Pani KO on the same site and it says that ko was at 17:30

    Think the bbc is correct.

    Plus, its only fixtures in eastern Russia that ko early isn’t it ??

  33. gib

    I don’t think Shakhtar are usually as bad as they were against us last time out. I’d take a point right now.

    At the start of the season Szczesny said he expected Fabianski to be number one. Since, Lukasz has come in and done well, I can’t imagine that Szczesny expects to be anything more than 2nd choice and cup keeper.

  34. A

    agreed gambon, mannone is terrible, and i’d be shocked if he ever makes it.

    Shakhtar have a ridiculously good record at home, havn’t lost for two years, and might be wrong but i think their last loss at home was the season before last in the group stages against barca, where they were 1-0 up until the last couple of minutes when Messi scored 2 goals in 2 minutes to rob them 2-1.

    Tonight is NOT going to be a walk in the park

  35. A

    I take it back, they lost the following game too, so not since the game after the Barca game.

    Shakhtar at home in Europe since 08/09

    2-0 Dinamo Zagreb
    1-2 Barca
    0-1 Sporting Lisbon
    5-0 Basel
    2-0 Spuds
    2-0 CSKA
    2-0 Marseille
    2-1 Dinamo Kiev
    2-2 Timisoara
    2-0 Sivasspor
    4-1 Partizan Belgrade
    4-0 Toulouse
    0-0 Club Brugge
    1-1 Fulham
    1-0 Partizan Belgrade

  36. tsion

    it is 6pm kick of i
    spuds luk good, bale bale bale he is great even though it hurts me to say it but he is a very good player this what iam looking forwad when he plays aginst england it would be intresting to see theo chasing him n bale chasing theo that would be intresting to watch
    theo is faster but bale is more effective and can he really contiue this for the whole season am not sure

  37. Gooby

    morning lads!

    even jaguar is optimistic, happy days!

    the team i think wenger will pick


  38. Toby

    Sky started all the confusion of the kick-off time. They advertised Arsenal’s game starting at 6 (after West Ham game) but that was actually for the Champions League Preview. The game does in fact start at 19:45 (Uk time). Not that Im bothered I finish at 20:20 anyway and have the games Plused!

  39. A

    Gooby there is a standardised time, which is 7.45pm in England, and 8.45pm CET.

    That is for ALL games, not just English games, it isn’t playing late for Ukraine, it’s the normal European game time for Ukraine/France/Italy/Everywhere.

    It’s only in special circumstances that they’re earlier, when they expect there to be adverse weather conditions the later the game is played

  40. pantsR2long

    2-1 win for us tonight.

    One goal in the first 20 min and two in the final 20 min, Walcott will score both for us and Wilshere will get both assists with two lovely through balls. Tech9 will play in goal and he will save a penalty in the second half. Shaktar will score late and it will be from a freekick which will take a heavy deflection.

    I like to test my psychic abilities from time to time 😛

  41. wardo

    A – dont think it factors in the weather mate.

    Games played in Russia are earlier ko as Moscow is 3 hours in front of us……even if it was a warm over there, not sure they would suit an 10:45 ko time !!

    the game would not finish til 12:30 if that was the case.

    I know Spain has late KO’s but, as Geoff always says, they are third world country and have a good sleep during the day the lazy shits !!

  42. tsion

    i just saw it on skysport website it says 19.45 so thank you, i thought i saw last night after spuds game the comentator saying its 6pm kick that is why anyways whatever time it is we all wante arsenal to do the busines toay n finsh in top of a group n give the like lansbury to play the rset of the games

  43. Goonerpower

    Do you know what, that looks a fucking quality line-up. Even with out Cesc it looks strong!! We should muller them 3-0!

  44. A

    Really wardo? I thought it was because of the weather/temperature that far out East, which is why they have kick off times two and a quarter hours earlier than everyone else, when they’re only one hour ahead of the likes of Cluj etc

  45. gambon

    Wenger is such a clown.

    He talks about Walcott being ‘near’ the striker role, which he has been saying for 3 years. Then says “you guys are so impatient over here, Thierry came to England at 23, give Theo time”.

    Well no Mr Wenger, Thierry came here at 21, stop lying to prove a point.

  46. steve biko


    Yes, Wardo is spot on. Moscow is on the same time zone as Nairobi. I really enjoy those early kickoffs here.

  47. ZARgooner

    gambon says:
    November 3, 2010 at 10:29
    TBF Hernandez probably deserves it

    What a cunt comment. Dont let his winner in the CARLING CUP come into account its EPL only. And Nasri has been playing the form of his life and you think its not enough to beat Chicharito?

    Agree its close… but fecking hell surely an ARSENAL SUPPORTER would want to give it to Samir…. but oh wait…

  48. A

    lol seriously, only an INCREDIBLY biased Utd or Spud fan could say that Hernandez deserves it over Nasri, that really is ridiculous

  49. steve biko


    I agree the guy is ou of order. Chicharito is overrated and to see a so called Arsenal fans praise him is bizzare. Can you imagine a manure fan repaying the compliment?

  50. ZARgooner

    TH14 arrived at Arsenal days away from his 22nd birthday Gambon. And to be honest Wenger was probably referring to the fact that TH started out as a winger similar to Theo and then moved into the striking role at 23?

    Stop being a doomer just to prove a point!

  51. steve biko


    Spot on. Sometimes one wonders if this guys we discuss with on so many occasions are infact really Arsenal fans. Face it the hatred of Wenger is soo strong that it unites them with fans of manure and the Spuds.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    cheers wardo & isi…

    thats good then, normal ko time , a draw would be a good result, the best result of the night though will be no injuries!!
    dont think eastmond will play, he seems to have got weaker and thinner than when he came on last season? nwould rather see lansbury there next to jack

  53. Pedro

    Top post Geoff, but apparently it’s not an early kick off… I made the same assumption earlier!

    I reckon we’ll see Eastmond in the middle tonight.

  54. steve biko


    I would like to believe so but some people here go overboard. Wishing that a calamity befalls our manager even if we disagree with him on occasion is not a sign of being a fan wouldn’t you agree?

  55. A

    Overall top quality performances gambon, goal and assist against City, goal against Brum, played every minute of every game

    I reckon we’ll see that too Pedro.

  56. gambon

    Penalties dont count A.

    Anyhow, I think Hernandez deserves it. Nasri certainly on course for a player of the year dealio.

    Or maybe Kevin Nolan!

  57. A

    to be fair Mourinho’s inter did pretty poorly in the group stages last season – only scaped through on the last matchday after drawing with both Kiev and Rubin.

    Couldn’t imagine them being embarrassed in quite the same way as last night though – what’s happened to Maicon?!

  58. Paulinho

    Nasri has scored one good significant goal this season, and that’s all really. Hopefully he can build on that and actually show he can be on Cesc’s level consistently from this point on.

  59. charybdis1966

    Henry joined us on the 3rd of August 1999, as he was born on 17 August 1977 he would have been about to turn 22 a fortnight later.
    So I would say he was all but 22 when he joined,

  60. steve biko


    I think Maicon peaked late and his career and we are now seing a player who is aged. Although the conventional wisdom here is that Mourinho would have done brilliantly with Inter perhaps he realized that the team was full of older players such Zanetti and others and decided it was time to move on.

    Furthermore, the criticism against Benitez here is really silly. This is a guy who despite his last year at Liverpool has a reasonable good resume. I will not forget the Instanbul final against AC-Milan. I seriously doubt that if Mourinho was coaching Liverpool then and his team was 3-0 against an Anceloti led AC-Milan anything would have changed. Benitez who some of you insist is crap masterminded a brilliant comeback.

  61. gambon

    Whoa there Chary…

    I said that Wenger lied to make a point about Theo, by saying Henry was 23 when he joined, yet Theo is 21.

    So 2 questions.

    Was Wenger wrong when he said Henry was 23 when he joined?

    Was I right when i said Henry was 21 when he joined?

  62. A

    steve Maicon is only 29, he can’t be THAT much on the wane just yet – he was superb just a few months ago in the world cup. I’m guessing that he must be carrying an injury that’s really impairing him – he’s a very quick player usually and looked Silvestre slow last night.

  63. gib


    did he lie or was he mistaken? Either way, it hardly seems to detract from his point that people expect Walcott to be the finished article at twenty-one.

  64. gib


    Maicon has been in reasonably poor form all season. The bizarre part of it last night was that Benitez didn’t seem to have taken Bale into consideration when setting his side out defensively. On Tottenham’s second goal, Lucio (I think) shaped to block a ball pulled back to the edge of the box rather than cover more dangerous areas; I’ve never seen Bale hit any kind of cross other than whipped in across the six yard box.
    Also, Biabiany and the central midfield offered him Maicon no support at all. Credit to Bale for a great performance but Inter didn’t do anywhere near enough to make it difficult for him.

  65. Queen of Suburbia

    The point Wenger was making was that Henry wasn’t the finished article when he joined us and Theo isn’t yet either, but he’s young, he’s doing well and he’s got time.

    Only the most churlish of Spuds could argue with that.

  66. Gooby

    henry stayed for 8 years

    joined in 1999
    left in 2007 (sad day)
    born 17 august 1977

    when if he joined before the 17 august 1999 he was 21 when he joined
    if he joined after 17 august 1999 he was 22 when he joined

    it isn’t rocket science 😆