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Arsenal finally made a long term signing I’m delighted with, although it’s a lot of money (not by Ashley Cole’s standards) he is worth every penny and it shows he won’t be going the way of a lot of Wenger’s English kids, good move, Jack Wilshere will be a real legend!

I read an interesting piece in the Metro this morning by Mark Bright, the colourful character that used to be Ian Wright’s partner at Palace, he said that in his day a lot of these so called stars wouldn’t have held a candle to the players of old, he mentioned new England boy Kevin Davies and compared him to Mark Hateley, Peter Beardsley and Gary Lineker.

It’s a conversation I have often had with Pedro, we are always at odds on this one, for me the players of old had to play on pitches with no grass, squads of 17 players and tough, hard fought games against teams with the likes of Bremner, Charlton, Webb and Story, we compare those with so called hard men like Joey Barton and Didier Drogba. Are we having a laugh!!!

We now have players like Cesc and Wilshere, but in years gone by we had the Brady’s of this world, not to mention the Maradona’s, the Pele’s and the Cruyff’s.

I think all eras have their top players and it’s difficult to compare but I remember playing in the days when the ball went over the top, you had to guess which way it would go when it landed on the bumpy cow pasture of a pitch, nowadays you know where it’s going, Theo’s last three goals wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago, but what I can’t understand is why they get injured so often, if they are fitter, better protected, playing on billiard tables with treatment rooms to rival top hospitals why do our stars get so much sick time?

I know in the old days the player would get a cortizone injection and told to man up, I also know many of them are now crippled as a result, but many aren’t, I also think that we play them too young, but I would like you all to tell me what you think, I am putting down my favourite Arsenal team stretching back to when I started supporting them, what’s your team?


Dixon Adams McLintock Sansom


Brady Cesc Overmars

Henry Bergkamp

Blimey, any idea how many times I re-wrote this? I could write another ten teams, I loved them all, I still think Theo and Jack will be greats, I left out Wright, George, Armstrong, Cole, Parlour and Pires, you try it, we all have our favourites, but if you tell me Wreh and Stepanovs I’ll know you’re having a tinny!

Have a great day, keep it light hearted, tomorrow we qualify for the knockout stages and we can relax for a while.

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  1. AA23

    is this Tottenham side the greatest team ever to play football? I say they are.
    And they have the best manager in the world.

  2. goonermichael

    Fuck knows Stu but the cafe next door is run by a family that supports Inter and he says they have a load of injuries.

  3. zeus

    I think you can get a copy of ‘THE GREATEST NIGHT IN EUROPEAN FOOTBALL HISTORY EVER……….FACT’ in about…..erm, right now actually.

  4. G STAR

    FC Barcelona’s Director of Sport Andoni Zubizarreta confirmed this Tuesday that his club was following the progress of Tottenham Hotspurs’ defender Gareth Bale.

    Bale shot to prominence in Europe with his hat-trick against Inter Milan in the Champions League a fortnight ago, although he was also excellent in the second half of last season.

    The 20 year-old Wales international only signed a new contract with his club in May, but speaking on Catalan Radio station, COM Radio, Zubizarreta admitted his club were keeping tabs on the left footed youngster.

    “He is an interesting footballer with a different style of play which could be positive in La Liga,” said the man who is in charge of making Barcelona’s new signings.

    “For the moment we have not spoken to anyone,” he added.

  5. goonermichael

    r0nneh on Twitter: “Quite possibly the biggest night in Tottenham history, amazing stuff. Gareth Bale is truly fantastic

    sad fucking spud cunts

  6. kev

    benitez ruined liverpool and now hes gonna ruin inter! hahahahahaha! lets hope chelsea realise they made a mistake getting ancelotti and go after benitez instead! maicon is absolutely rubbish

  7. goonermichael

    Why would anyone want that wanker guardiola manging us? He let etoo go plus 20 trillion to sign that tosser ibrahimabitch. (does it show I’ve been drinking?) 🙂

  8. kev

    is it just me or is bale just a lanky uglier version of theo? most of what he does is just knock the ball past a player and then run past. thats it – no particular skill involved

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Rafa has proven he isn’t up to scratch, he won’t win the Serie A, If Inter wins, it’s because Milan, Roma and co gave him the win.

  10. AJG

    BBC Radio 5 live asking whether that money-faced cnut is the best player in the world.
    Has wheeler dealer ‘arry been handing out drugs to the media.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Lets dream for a second….. Bale on the Left, Van Persie in the middle, Walcott on the right…not to shabby…ok, puke it out….we don’t look at shit.

  12. stonroy

    The Italian league is just utter shit. If that is the best you have and you get roasted by Tottenham just proves how strong the PL really is.

  13. stonroy

    I wouldn’t put it past arry to do everything to keep this guy. I really don’t care we still have more quality in our fingertips to destroy these guys.

  14. stonroy

    Clichy has more than enough to keep up with him. The one thing he does have is that he’s an excellent crosser of the ball.

  15. kev

    spuds can keep him – cringeworthy how much shite the panel is talking on sky. gasps of astonishment – fuck sake youd swear he was after winning the CL or the world cup single handedly – be realistic inter were rubbish

  16. Gooby


    can’t wait for us to play the spuds with a fit cesc and a fit RvP , nasri on fire already!

    we’ll show them the real business

  17. Kreshnik

    Fucking Rafa, piece of shit manager … ruined my fuckin day. And also Sneider, if he doesn’t pull his act together he’ll kiss his “Player of the year” goodbye.

  18. TOMTOM

    My greatest Arsenal team. Lehmann,Dixon,Adams,Keown,Cole,Pires,Vieira,Fabregas,Overmars,Henry,Bergkamp. Thats the best team I can pick from my 20 years supporting Arsenal.

  19. TOMTOM

    Bale and Van Der Vaart will leave when a big club comes in for them. Raffa is a joke,Mourinho would have closed off the space that allowed Bale to rape Maicon

  20. DaleDaGooner

    Jaguar and gambon would like us to buy Lloris (conceding silly goals from Benefica today) and Maicon (for 40million)

  21. TOMTOM

    Bale will do nothing now for weeks,if he plays like that all season I will say he is very good but from what I’ve seen this season he only performs in one out of five games

  22. Gooby

    yep pedro dani alvez level is realistic for bale. comparing him to messi is over reacting imo!

    i think that dani alvez was far better back in his sevilla days though

  23. Supergunner07

    Also in Italy, direct push and run wingers are non-existent for fullback to practice defending 1v1 against, because their system tries to push thru tactically astute players thru the youth system rather than athletic players.

    Bale didn’t beat him with close-control or anything intelligent movement, he was just powerful with sheer speed combined with crossing ability and very good ball-striking.

  24. TOMTOM

    I think they will make the top four but they wont win anything and if a big club comes in I think VDV and Bale will leave as they know spurs can only reach a certain level.

  25. Pedro

    Supergunner, the best right back in the world should be able to deal with a speedy winger regardless of what league he plays in.

    It’s not like they didn’t know what was coming.

  26. Pedro

    … and I’d disagree about his close control, he certainly has that. He might have made most head way with his pace, but he’s good on the ball as well.

  27. Pedro

    Tom Tom, where would he go? No one in Italy could afford him, I doubt Spurs would sell him to a rival and Barca are out of the question…

  28. Supergunner07

    @ Pedro, What i am saying is Italian footie is more about covering than 1v1 defending, anyway i would have Sagna especially know that his crossing is getting better as his defending is very good.

    Anyway i have noticed raw speed tends to trouble teams from Spain and Italy as they don’t tend to come across such attribute in high quantity. Theo’s best performances and cameo tend to come against those type of teams. Tempo of play also takes effect which is why Coutinho should have played instead of Pandev just to keep the ball away from Spurs and turn their crowd and would also have limited the amount of balls Bale got

  29. zeus

    This is why Bale is getting a blowjob from everyone? A classic case of the English press and fans blowing a very good performance out of proportions.

    Messi?! He should wash the Argentine’s dirty feet and drink the water. I’ll watch the game tonight to see what the fuss is about, but it seems to me that this was just a case of a speed demon with a good cross on him, doing a very aging team, especially an aging defence.

  30. Stu

    Whats the online site that arsenal fans are boycotting because they had the paedo chants about Wenger for sale on it?

  31. AA23

    Inter were pony, Bale had so much space down that left hand side today it was a joke.
    He wont be able to do that against any decent side.
    Inter were diabolical.

  32. Rohan

    Fuck me, they’re absolutely creaming themselves over that lad Bale.

    What the fuck about Nasri? He’s been the player of the season so far for me. Bale isn’t even English! 😀

  33. Tariq


    Stu…I heard that it was some fans from Manchester United, that came out with an album with their chants and posted on Amazon and other websites. That’s all I really know though.

  34. Rohan

    Yeah, but I’m underage so don’t really have a say. But either way, the exit polls don’t look too good for those hoping it will go through.

    I for one, would have voted yes, just because I do think it would be a huge boost to the economy and a much less burden on the govt. which I hope will lead to more money pumped into the education/UC system. So yeah, there’s my take.

  35. Rohan

    I do think it’ll go through though just because the majority of the youth will vote later in the day and those haven’t been counted yet.

  36. Maksud90

    Berkeley huh? Ye I was there about a month ago, loved the place. Really different from Los Angeles. Either way, the prop didn’t pass. It was the only thing both parties agreed to oppose, and who knows how the fed would have reacted. Pretty interesting though because last I saw, around 45% were still for it. Still a lot of support for a pass out there.

  37. zeus


    Why did I get the impression that you were a Brit? Always thought you were English.

    I’m Jamaican so I guess you could say that this is the weed capital of the world. But if the herb causes cancer would that not put an extra burden on the government to provide health services to deal with all the smokers and potential smokers?

    Don’t think its a good idea. I don’t smoke BTW. Tried everything (Cigars, cigs, puff of a old English pipe) except weed (the first time Fooks u up I heard) but its not for me. They had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.

  38. Rohan

    Well, I’m not American for one. Just go to university here.

    Your argument goes back to the public healthcare system argument which was a focal point of the elections 2 years ago. Anyway, the legalization of marijuana will lead to it being less readily available to youngsters as far as I’m concerned because of the practical elimination of the underground/black market.
    Marijuana is Cali’s biggest cash crop, also police don’t have to waste resources and govt. can tax it to get huge revenues. Also, huge amounts of money will be saved as far as jails go I’m led to believe. With the budget screwed here as it is, I’m pro anything that pumps money into the UC system.
    Marijuana I don’t think is more harmful than nicotine/tobacco as far as cancer goes. Nicotine has far more carcinogens.
    Either way, my argument is irrelevant as the prop has almost no chance of getting passed now.

  39. Rohan

    Also, I don’t really support the government’s ability to control your personal decisions when they harm nobody else although the last part is debatable I guess.
    I’m a rebel like that.

  40. Maksud90

    Double Major BAM! Was told about a friend about an article they read recently. Was something about how in the not so distant future, out of the 25 most demanded jobs, a ridiculously high amount (something like 20) have to do with engineering.

  41. Rohan

    haha yeah, I have it all planned out and it honestly doesn’t look too bad in terms of courseload.
    All I need to do is take around 5 extra classes ( this is because I can overlap some economics upper division classes with industrial engineering courses which count toward my engineering units)
    I can take summer classes for a summer or perhaps 2 and be done really. It also keeps my options open.

  42. Rohan

    That’s because the ratio of engineers required by the private sectors to the actual number of engineering graduates is ridiculously high.

  43. Maksud90

    Sounds like you have it all planned out, good for you man. Am planning on transferring from community college soon, maybe to Berkeley, UCSD, Northwestern or NYU. We’ll see what the GPA looks like by next Fall. Good to know there’s some fellow Californians on here though. Next time I’m in Berkeley, we’ll watch a game or something.

  44. Rohan

    Right, are you a sophomore then? So you’re in SoCal then..haha that should be fun..hit me up whenever you come up here.

  45. Maksud90

    I’m a junior already, should have applied last year and transferred already. But I’ve been fucking up so I’m still here. And ye SoCal haha, alright I’m off have a good one.

  46. Gooby

    lol inter showing interest in bale!

    this will b very funny, him and vanderfart will be off, watch the spuds downfall

  47. Sean Welch

    This is the greatest Arsenal team since the 1970 season until presnt day.Jennings (GK) back four Armstrong,Adams,Mclintock,Cole.Mid field would be Pires,Viera,Brady.Forwards Wright,Bergkamp,Henry.Subs Seaman,Samson,Bold,Cesc,Kennedy,Merson Radford. A truly Invincible Team.End of story