So have we finally got one Song? 5 years and counting, was it worth the wait?

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So I’m back from my blog break with a post that talks about Alex Song and explains why I am for the first time praising him and his efforts. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m eating humble pie yet because he gets paid a lot to do a job, against West ham he earned his salary, so well done Alex, now that’s what I expect from every Arsenal player, not a big pat on the back every time he passes to a player in red and white or scores a goal, but he showed passion and grit and he threw himself at the Clichy pass to gain us a victory and keep us in the hunt, that’s all I ever asked for.

I will be a lot happier when we have Jack and Aaron Ramsey back, you see all I ever thought our DM’s needed was competition, and now they have it, so at last we have options, still not convinced with Denilson and Diaby though, but Fabianski is at last losing the howlers associated with his game, and that I’m sure is because Chezzer is breathing down his neck, same with Djourou, Squillaci and Kozzer, they all know there are players to replace them and that is good news indeed.

All we need now is someone to tell the boss that we don’t have to wait until the 67th minute to make changes, no one will turn into a Pumpkin if we change players when we need to.

West Ham came to defend, but they are like many who will do that, look at Bolton yesterday, we need to mix it up a bit earlier, the difference Theo and Nikki B made on Saturday was massive, we were keeping possession and giving it a rip but we only started to make inroads when we had a change up.

I like the look of this squad, I still think we needed a couple of players in the summer, but maybe the rivalry between Chezzer and Fabianski will shore us up at the back, Diaby has one great game, 2 crap ones and then gets injured, I’m not sure we can rely on that this season, I hope he comes good soon, because I think he has immense talent, but for me Denilson and Diaby are the weak points in this team. Yes I know I’ve said that about Song, but how long do we wait? Having a weak link in the side is okay, having 3 or 4 is not, look at how Jack has hit the ground running, that’s what we need.

Great to see Sagna and Clichy crossing the ball successfully and indeed the ball from Clichy clinched it against the Hammers. Bob Wilson alluded to the fact we bid for Reina in the summer, so another player we bid for but didn’t get, thanks Bob! I would like to see us going for Schweinsteiger, he would be a good signing, maybe a swap for Diaby and Denilson would be a good move?

Big game coming up this week, a point there would get us through, but 3 points should win the group, then we could field a Carling cup side and have a stronger side for that Cup. I expect Wilshere to be back for that one (ECL), but I wouldn’t want to see Eastmond, he didn’t do it for me, Denilson would be a better option or even Lansbury, it’s a shame with all our players we don’t seem to have too many DM’s

I believe our centrebacks are getting better and we still have Vermaelen to return so I feel comfortable there, I reckon we have seen the last of Almunia as I don’t believe he’s injured, and we all know we can’t believe the manager when it comes to injuries as he already admitted he tells porkies to protect players, I saw enough of Chezzer to want more though. He will be the chosen one.

So the area I would look to buy in is DM, or on the wing, or somewhere in between the two, and with the skillful German saying he wants to play in the EPL we should go forth and offer players, we have them and he wants out, could be what we need to slip over the line and win all 4 trophies this season, we have the squad, and they will only get better.

The last word should go to Song, Alex, you are starting to win me over, keep it up though, you aren’t there yet, but the pie is on the table and beginning to smell good, and I hope I end up eating it, I am after all an Arsenal fan, your call.

Have a great day grovers, we could win our group and close the gap to 2 points this weekend if the scousers do their job!

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  1. Pedro

    Nothing Dale, all out footballers are incredibly boring on twitter…

    I’ve read Jack Wilshere commentate on whether he likes starbucks or costa for three days.

    I love Gambon, so what?

  2. Pedro

    … you can all slag him off, but he always makes pretty good points and he always backs his comments.

    Can’t say fairer than that.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Some of you will get your wish of no Diaby, no Song in wednesday’s game. But you will have Denilson and JD in the line up.

  4. Honest Bill

    Gambon does talk a lot of rubbish, but at least he does so in an interesting and amusing way. LG definitely wouldn’t be as good without him.

  5. goonbubba

    Re: SKY studio at NE Derby yesterday. Peter Reid getting hard and nasty bout Wenger. Him and Fat Sam are twats. Anyone see. …

  6. Pedro

    HB, it’s the same with lots of people on here… if people didn’t make bold points, it would be a pretty boring place…

  7. Honest Bill


    agreed, but there are bold points, and then there are boring and repetitive one dimensional comments.

    I don’t actually think Gambon makes either of those, but he is quite funny

  8. Rohan

    Who was the one who came up with Gambonehead?

    gambon’s just a massive wind-up merchant but a quite amusing one at that. His analogies are usually quite priceless.
    He also likes his KFC so…

  9. DaleDaGooner

    gambon keeps displaying his slowness, chozzer was responding to you calling you and your side kick Mavprick & Goose-cooked…he thought Dumb & Dumber fit better based on your “colorful” objectives on this blog. Please be patient all, We have to chop it up for these two every time

  10. Ben

    Hahaha Spot on Pedro about Jack twitting about Costa and starbucks! For all his talent he is just a kid.

    was watching reruns of the match against pool 2 seasons ago and wish that i can exchange this arshavin for the one in the match 🙂 especial the one for the 4th goal, boy! did he run like his pants was on fire! i will take half of that enrgey right now!

  11. Stu

    Fuck thats a bit much aint it. 40k for an 18 year old? Regardless of his quality thats quite high imo.Whats gonna happen when he’s 26 and reigning world player of the year? 300k a week?


  12. Stu

    Wilshere could be on a 20 year contract and it wouldnt make a difference. He will sign a new one again next summer regardless.

  13. alex

    Doubt he is on 50k to be honest, in a interview bendy said he wasn’t on 50k so doubt jack is

    Watching jacks interview, our english youngsters like him, jet, lansbury comes across as quite intelligent unlike pennant, bentley, cashley. Think they’ll be at the club for a long time.

  14. zeus

    Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby calls for more pressure from fans to drive club onto success
    Midfielder believes something is missing.

    After going five years without a trophy Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby has called on the club’s fans to put the players under more pressure and drive them to success.

    Despite the long period without a trophy the Gunners have not turned against manager Arsene Wenger and his players and Diaby believes that this might be a underlying reason for their lack of success.

    “That’s maybe what we are missing. The supporters of the club don’t put us under enormous pressure,” the midfielder told Onze Mondial magazine.

    “Maybe this could be explained by the fact our record isn’t catastrophic. Sure, we haven’t won a trophy since 2005, but we’re always in the top three and because of this the club is in the Champions League every season.

    “We’ve always done well, we reached the final in 2006 and we’re regularly in the quarter-finals. So there is still a consistency to our performances. But it’s imperative that we are able to take the next step to finally win trophies.”

    And the Frenchman also admitted that there are frustrations emerging amongst the players at the lack of victories in big games in both the league and in europe.

    “We’ve got into this bad habit for a little while now. Unfortunately, when it comes to the big games we have trouble playing our game the way we should,” he added.

    “Yet, we have a good team. All the ingredients are there for us to have lots of success. But it’s true that there’s something missing to take the next step.”

    I’m sorry, WE need to put you under more pressure? Where the fuck were you when Eboue was booed off the pitch? Where the hell were you when Wenger got ripped into at the A&N? Where were you when Sylvestre was called a Geriatric?

    Has Wenger got them in such a bubble that they have remained impervious to the bitching of the fans the last few years. Either way be careful what you ask for.

  15. Jaguar reloaded

    Diaby has proved once again that he is a ret*rd.Why dont you string a few passes together than coming up with such ridiculous statements.If many of the fans werent forgiving,you would have been shipped off long back.Fucking mug.

  16. Shagx

    I always knew Song has it in him! I always believe he can deliever for us ever since I saw him play for Charlton! He made a huge improvement from his previous season with us!

    The boss said it over and over again, he believe Song will be a big player for us and he is being proven right for the million-th time!

    Song was awesome last season, but this season, there is just that little bit more from him! He plays the box to box roll now, so Diaby is not missed too much and with our defense looking pretty solid recently, he can afford to push up a bit more!

    He’s definetly on song right now! Last month belongs to Sammy, this month could be Song’s!

  17. KenyaGunner

    Song says…
    “My family help me a lot. I have to say thank you to my wife and children because that is where my inspiration comes from.”…

    How many kids does dude have?, Could it be the rumours about his age are true?

    Wife & “children”….at 23years?

  18. steve biko


    I think he has three. Song had his first child if I remember correctly when hewas 19. He said he had kids early because he wanted a family of his own soon because his Father had died when he was very young.

  19. KenyaGunner

    ..Lassana Diarra wants out or Real Madrid…..Xabi Alonso and Sami Khedira are already ahead of him, and Fernando Gago is also about to return from Injury!!

    The Arsenal curse continues….

  20. Geoff

    I’d still like to know if it’s taken Song 5 years to be okay, how on earth was he signed as an exception talent when he was clearly shit?

    Was the home office bloke bribed?

  21. SurferX

    Morning munglers

    That video beautifully illustrates what Ive been banging on about for some time. The midfield 3 are rotational. Song starts out DM, Denilson MC, Cesc AMC. But from there- the key thing is movement vertically up and down the pitch. To create space for the playmaker (Cesc); to pull the opposition defence around; and to give them a problem of a deep running midfeilder (Song).

    By the way, read Geoff’s post yesterday and assumed I had woke up in a parallel universe. Today its still here- therefore I presume Geoff’s holiday was actually to a Song brainwashing centre.

    Good to have you back Geoff 🙂

  22. Geoff

    Morning Surfer, yesterday I was praising him for his recent efforts, today I was wondering how we got him on talent, when it’s taken 5 years to see anything resembling ordinary.

    Just a question.

  23. Geoff

    Surfer, if that video beautifully illustrates all that, how come we only beat the team that’s bottom 1 nil 3 minutes from time?

    Again, just a question!

  24. SurferX

    TO be honest, the whole system (I think) is flawed in that regard. How can a player who plays for a minor nation- but has international caps- be allowed a VISA yet someone from Brazil who may be on the fringes of the team be not? And as for the ‘special talent’ clause- what exactly does that mean? Seems completely aritrary as you say.

    Back on Song (see what I did there), aside from Saturday, I dont think he has been playing that well to be honest. However, the tactical shift has allowed the playmaker much more room (was espically useful to LJW)- Song was (in effect) creating an additional outlet.

    The question mark I have over the system is how is will cope away to Chelsea / Man U / Citeh / Spuds / etc when we will undoubedly be under more defemsive pressure than usual. The jury’s still out for me..