A win ratio against the top 4 of 18% is shocking, time to ram the stats where it hurts.

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If we don’t, we can forget the title again for another season and thanks to rednose maybe several of our top players too.

First of all the new stats of the new top 4, it really is truly dreadful, you only need to see won 3, drawn 2 and lost 12 to realise that no matter how it’s spun, we just aren’t good enough and gone are the days when we can say, but we play good football, we can’t do can we? Unless good football is more important than winning, it isn’t for me, ever heard the saying winning ugly?

Take West Brom, we lost, and boy was that ugly, so I don’t buy the wonderful football stuff.

Thanks to rednose we will have some of our players demanding double their money next term, I find it incredulous, £800mil in debt and they are doubling the fat little turds salary, and according to the papers are about to make a £40mil bid for Wesley Sneijder from Milan.

Remember him boss? When we beat Ajax in the Amsterdam Cup, I said you should buy him? Go check the archives, he even had hair in those days, I think you signed Bischoff instead.

Anyway, the FA have to step in and say you are knowingly insolvent, it can’t be right that a club that is trading insolvently can de-stablise football in this way, they really are going to royally screw us over because our top players will feel they can earn double elsewhere, it’s wrong in so many ways and it wouldn’t be allowed in the real world.

Today is a massive game, today we need to win, Wenger has said he often plays two holding midfielders, that means Denilson and Song, but surprisingly it could also mean Diaby and Wilshere as the boss has finally admitted that Jack Wilshere can play as a defensive midfielder, and thats what I’ve been saying all season, Jack can be the defensive midfielder we’ve been looking for in a midfield that includes Cesc and Nasri.

Well today it can’t because he’s banned, so who will be the midfield? Will it be one or two holding midfielders?

Only Wenger will know the answer to that one and if we don’t win today then only Wenger can take the can, one thing is for sure, if we lose, then the order will change, if we don’t beat these guys, then we clearly aren’t good enough to do better than 3rd, and that will be a shame because a few players of the right calibre would have made the difference. Say no more.

Me I would go with a midfield of Nasri, Cesc and Diaby/Denilson and not go for two holding players, we will be too negative, allow the defenders we have to defend, and on that basis I would deploy Eboue and Gibbs, for me our best defenders and our best crossers, we have Chamakh now, feed him.

Arsene the time for sentiment has gone, the time for winning has arrived, beat this lot and you will have shown our team has arrived, lose and you would have shown than we just aren’t good enough, we are no longer kids, this is it, no more excuses.

Time for the gallant Gooners to ride into the Valley of death, time to show what you’re made of boys, time to show the tossers who wrote the big 4 stats, that they wrote them before we were ready, time to stand up and be counted, time to start winning.

We love you Arsenal, we do, we love you Arsenal we do, we love you Arsenal we do, Oooooh Arsenal we love you!

Have a great day grovers, and a safe journey to those of you going!

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  1. Marko

    Dutchman believe me not everyone here is saying Song and Denilson are bad and Djourou is a disaster. Djourou was caught once or twice for pace but then grow into the game and Song and particularly Denilson were composed and grew into the game. When you consider they had Barry, Yaya and De Jong (some people here would prefer one of them) Denilson and Song out performed them.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    I’m no racist at all, but Vela’s story with us sums up how most Mexican footballers have been, even in my sunday league, they piss me off, soooo much talent and they make light of playing to full potential, almost seems non-challant and play as if they can’t be arsed except you allow them to do what they want to do on the pitch. That’s how Vela seems now. Unless you allow him chip in a few goals, he refuses to show his full hard word and potential to be a world class striker. I have no doubt that Wellington Silva will out shine him when he comes in the first team.

  3. Kushagra India

    Cost of Bendtner and Chamakh combined: £0.
    Cost of Adebayor: £25m
    Seeing Citeh getting thrashed 3-0: Priceless

  4. DaleDaGooner

    It’s ok the slag our under performers off, but it should be done to light a fire under them, not continuos bashing like i see here, Song is rubbish, Song is shit, but yet the lad keeps adding some good things, yet some people still slag him off regardless. I know we wanted De Jong\Barry\Yaya Toure, but how did they do today? and they all cost more than Song and Denilson. Man City today, showed us that we need to be very careful when we criticize our team, i know they ef up when they shouldn’t, but we should also give credit when they perform well.

  5. SUGA3

    has JET not gone out on loan yet?

    JET on the right it is then if he is still here 😉

    and we could start Lansbury too but have a strong bench:

    Fabianski, Koscielny, Song, TR7, Theo, AA, Chamakh

  6. DaleDaGooner

    Yeah, baring Chicharito, but that’s cause he has no choice, he plays for a ruthless manager who probably told him what was expected of him.

  7. Rohan

    Sabeel doesn’t rate Song coz Geoff doesn’t either.
    I jest.

    Either way, what a fucking finish by Nicklas Bendtner. LEGEND!
    MOM-Nasri. What a fucking player he’s turning out to be. 7 goals in 7 games. He should be our pen taker after RvP imo..Cesc just doesn’t give me that confidence.

  8. Kushagra India

    was waiting for u thanx for ur epiphany on “THE ROYAL PINKINESS” just hope he improves his first touch.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    And SUGA3, have they not proved you wrong? I mean Messi has frustrating times, and even if we debated that he is always perfect, he cost WAY more than anyone can afford.

  10. Dan

    Big Dave there was an article about Dave seaman talking about our keepers and what he see’s in training so I would guess so

  11. jacob

    Dale… Thank you very much! Some people just before this match were talking of a lot of the guys who actually kicked arse today as substandard!… Which must make you wonder what the freaking standard is if players who are mostly still improving (both the guys you mention are only 22 y/o !) but can still deliver on the biggest stage are below it! Barry cost 20 odd million and he wasn’t that great… Is Milner really worth 25m… if so how much is Nasri worth?

    What actually gets me is the sort of stupid moaning on here that presumes that beating a 10 man City team is easy. How many times have we all been told that playing against 10 men is tough… we actually played Barcelona with ten men and gave them a freaking fright at a neutral ground… City were at home and honestly 3-0 flatters them not us! Yet some on here pipe up with the nonsense that City were down to ten .. Eff that!

    We played a Guus Hiddink managed PSV with 9 men at Highbury and they couldn’t freaking win yet it is our manger who is tactically naive according to some. What load of old cobblers. Ten men my backside City were outplayed. End of.

  12. Gooby


    for the barcodes

  13. SomeRandomGunner

    Seaman helps/coaches reserve team goal keepers. I think he has been doing it for more than a few months. Except Fans and pundits every Arsenal great keepers said our keepers are good enough.

    We just mocked Sczesny a month back when he told Fabianski is the best keepr in the club.

  14. alex

    nah rest Nasri, put in Vela or JET


    Hahaha listen to the commentary 😆

  15. SUGA3


    as I have said, I am eating the humble pie today, now let’s build on this…

    but don’t anyone tell me that his/her mind was properly at ease until we went 3:0 up 😉

  16. eGypsyGooner

    That was great well played by The Arsenal….you should change Le Champ and Le Chump it’s way outdated lol : )…cheers

  17. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Arsene Wenger on the performance:
    “It is always difficult against 10 men but we have shown our intelligence, and we slowly took over the game. Sometimes we have played 11 against 10 and not won.

    “We were on a few yellow cards so we had to calm down and play in a positive way in the second half.”

    On Fabianski he said:
    “He was important as he did everything right. The first chance was for them and he saved it and I cannot fault him on anything.”

  18. GoonerT1m

    It’s a big step forward, we need to take that focus into every game, very pleased that the gk situation is improving, hope chez plays on Wednesday!

  19. zeus

    Cesc misses one pen and its time to demote him? Just kidding hehe.

    I know what you are saying on this. RVP is first choice no matter what. You don’t save his pens, he misses the ones that don’t score. No way you even get a finger to his spot kicks. The angles he finds are amazing.

    Nasri is sublime as well. You just don’t know where its gonna go.

    Cesc, to be fair to him is good, but he is well telegraphed when it comes to spot kicks. The majority of them go to the right. If he got the angle right with more power, he would’ve scored to day though. He has to learn to mix it up like Nasri though.

  20. Ben

    awesome win today! had a tough time getting the beer down my throat for the first half but 2nd half was so much better, more like us. i thought Cesc looked bit rusty..but his worse is still better than most players best. hope he is not injured.

    Have to say that it was not the most pleasant of game with an old bugger scream obscenity at delinson and spitting all over the place! urgh!

  21. ritesh

    We played to win…we did not play football…thats a big difference.

    We never allowed them to up the tempo which would have been to their advantage

  22. Ben

    Fabianski always makes me nervous at best but fair play to him, he had a fantastic game and absolutely love the fact that fuck face adebeyor missed some good chances! Fabby MOM

  23. DaleDaGooner

    The only thing i’d admit could have gone wrong and be usual for us is if Cesc was absent from this game, his influence (even when poor) helped us win this game. Nasri didn’t need to carry the weight on his shoulder in the middle, and was allowed to do his usual while Cesc pulled the strings. the thing about Song is, HE PLAYS BETTER WHEN CESC is playing, he easily passes sublimely just to keep up with Cesc. A lot of balls came through Song and he did well to settle himself down in the second half. If Cesc was not in this game, i’m afraid we would have drawn, lost or won by 2-1. But most likely a loss. Cesc didn’t have to do much, he just had to influence the game, which is a lot to miss if we let him go. Wilshere will have to pull him to the side and ask him how he can influence the game like that.

  24. Rohan

    Everyone knows where the ball is going to end up when RvP hits them. You also know that no keeper is going to get close to touch that bullet. His inside foot accuracy with his left foot and power is out of this world.

  25. pawel

    haha, listen to Mancini, he says they’d have beaten us with 11 men, no credit to Arsenal whatsoever

    thats it with the chav teams: you can buy good players, but you cant buy class

  26. Gooby

    spot on Rohan, he’s got a very powerful shot on him.

    i find the first goal amazing, nasri’s “finesse” at the near post is legendary. only great players have this touch in the crucial moment.

  27. SurferX

    Thing is- we didn’t actually play very well today. We surrendered possession too easiy; we looked as shakey at the back as ever; and too many times did Song go walkabout and big gaps appeared in our back 5 as a consequence.

    That being said, we were clinical in front of goal- and you havent been able to say thtatoo many times. And LSN just gets better and better.

    Personally, though, after giving him so much stick- even thinking that AW’s flirtation with Schwatzer was becuase of him- Flappy’s performance was top drawer. Really couldn’t fault him- and indeed, the one-handed save when 1-0 kept as ahead. Brilliant- if he keeps it up I’ll happily eat my words.

    That’s the highlight of the day for me. Cesc MOTM? No chance- should of gone to Flappy…

  28. Gooby

    if we lose all big games:

    considering 4 big teams other than us in mancs, northern and southern chavs and spuds

    And if we win the rest of them

    we finish with 90 points and probably champions.

    On the other hand winning a big game gives the edge as we can drop few silly points on the road.

    So finally i think
    we’ll get
    6 points from city
    4 points from spuds
    0 points from chavski
    4 points form united

    we already drew with pool and sunderland and lost to west brom witch are silly points droped.

    if we get 14 points from big games the title is a realistic prospect imho

  29. Transylvanian Gunner

    Hello Guys!

    Good result over a good team. I’m only dissapointed with our three CMs in the 1st half. I was scared, bacause that red card comes early on the game, and I thought that the ref will give us a red too to equal the teams.
    I’m happy that we won with our “new” rivals. Ok, they play with 10 men but, that should be a goal.
    Come on!

  30. Gooby

    we already dropped 10 stupid points

    in order to get 90 points
    we are only allowed to lose vs chavski, draw once with spuds and united and draw another couple of games.

    tough road till may

  31. jacob

    Gambon… I never said they weren’t important I said that you and others on here were exaggerating their importance based on dumb stat by a witless journalist. No quite same thing is it? I also said that every damn win is crucial in a 20 team league… if we’d beaten West Brom and Sunderland where would we be and how much better would todays win feel?

  32. Pedro

    Surfer, winning ugly is winning ugly!

    It’s about time we got something out of a game when perhaps we didn’t deserve it.

    Even though we did deserve the win!

  33. Mayank

    I don’t think this was an ugly win. If they had 11 players on the pitch it would’ve been a huge result but just because they didn’t doesn’t mean it was an ugly win.

    I don’t think if we got a red such excuses would be made for us.

  34. Mayank

    We seem to really be drawing of reds from other teams.
    Any explanation for this besides coincidence. Chamakh I think has drawn most of them.

  35. leon

    i was very suprised by city aproach to this match in my view the best team is chelsea and they never play open game with arsenal they always get lots men behind the ball and counter attack and thought that would be aproach there very few teams that out play arsenal in open barc maybe 1-2 teams but thats it.for dj is worry at times but just for acse of numbers we do need another cb i think five cbs is needed,dispite fabianki resent for i still dont see him as top class if he has 1-2 bad games he will go back into shell he thats kind keeper confedence player once he loses he is done i dont know maybe iam being harsh and i still think a top striker is needed this must be clinical to many passes in this game and not enough shots on gaol

  36. SUGA3


    winning? I mean, come on, do you seriously think that any of the gloomy so and sos is happy for us to underperform? no, we are not…

    today, we have got a slice of good fortune with Fabianski playing a blinder, otherwise we would be 1:0 down in the first minute…

  37. zeus


    No more of those posts. You are looking way too far into the future. One game at a time.

    It reminds me of last season where by Feb we played Villa, United Chelsea and Liverppol on the trot, mixed result for that run and then every tom dick and harry said we would have an EASY RUN IN.

    Don’t need reminding of what happened next do you?

    My only concern is, whenever we go on a high, we put in a performance that just throws us off the rails again. We can’t throw away our chance in the CC this year. We have to shut up the ‘haven’t won a trophy for 5 years brigade.’

    Bendtner needs a game and so should feature, same with Koscielny, ditto Theo,Gibbs, Eboue, Rosicky and Vela.




  38. Mayank

    SUGA3, Fabianski playing a blinder?!
    He had a good game today but hardly played a blinder.
    Remember the chance we missed at Stamford? Do you think Chelsea fans were making excuses for their own team by saying ‘well we got lucky could’ve been 1:0 in the first 5 minutes’

    No one is insinuating that some bloggers want us to lose, but if we’d lost tonight there’d be a lot of people, not on here right now, saying ‘What’d I tell you, where are the AKB’s?’

  39. zeus

    Actually Silva could’ve scored seconds into the game with that cheeky backheel. Less than a minute if memory serves me correctly.

  40. Mayank

    God, you guys talk as if we don’t miss chances. As a matter of fact we’ve missed the most chances this season if I’m not mistaken.

  41. SUGA3


    well, two of his saves were absolutely superb – the one at the beginning of the game and another from Silva’s effort, he kept us in it, so credit where it’s due!

    the game would have been completely different, had they scored as early as that, simple as…

  42. chozzer

    It’s the unremitting negativity from some people I can’t abide.

    I actually thought we played better in the first half at the Bridge than we did in today’s first half.

  43. Matt

    I have never heard such a gutless bunch of moaning pussy supporters…

    Instead of crying on a blog and slagging players of for the sake of it, you should either go to the game, or pay more attention when watching the game on Tv and you might actually appreciate the performance, rather than making lazy derogatory comments about the same old players.

    Fucking embarrassment to all true arsenal fans

  44. Mayank

    Exactly Chozzer, negativity about certain things per se isn’t a bad thing, but the constant drone of complaints gets tedious.

    We have bloggers who blog more when we lose than when we win. Surely, you could say there are more talking points when we lose, but to me it seems at times as if they take pleasure in taking Arsenal apart when we lose.

    Suga3 I’d have been disappointed if the first goal had gone in. I’m sure he’d have been abused no end for it. His best save was the offside one. So again I don’t think Fabi played a blinder to keep us in the game. Perhaps we’re setting the bar too low for him.

  45. Rohan

    Exactly, Mayank. Sometimes, people let their personal pride get in the way of objectively dissecting a performance. They may be inclined for us to lose just so that they can bandy the “I told you so, you fucking AKB” tagline on here.

  46. SUGA3


    surely, you would say the same thing had we lost – as they say, one swallow does not make the relationship and no one is criticising anyone just for the sake of it, but on the merit of previous performances, simple as that…

  47. Man

    That’s wrong Pedro. Song was not bad for 60mins!! Apart from 3 players – Cesc, Nasri and Fabianski – the rest of the team underperformed for the first 45mins. Second half ws much better

  48. Confidentgoner

    Tevez / Silva breaking free from Djorou @ 2times set my heart racing. Tevez is such a good player that you need to deny him space. Same with Silva. I think Clichy was guilty of over committing forward and Arsh also did not help. I wish that we can give Gibbs a run from here onwards!

  49. Big Dave

    Their are some on here who just want to see us lose due to their hate of our manager. Fine but at the end of the day this is Arsenal FC. And I for one love them it’s in my blood, win or lose I will still support them

  50. zeus

    I’m sorry but people are getting up in arms over what? Who exactly have people been slagging off?

    If you talking about comments made during the game, then chalk that up to adrenaline and being overcome with emotions during the game.

    But by games end everyone was happy at the result. Geoff was the only one deriding Song and maybe Denilson and he got a talking to about that.

    No one has been slagging off anyone. To come on here cloaked as some sort of defender and branding yourself ‘a true Arsenal fan’ while doing it is a bit pathetic.

  51. patthegooner

    Just watched the highlights back again.

    I have to say that 2nd half performance was very very professional.

    I think half time came at the right time for us. I think another 10 mins in that 1st half and we would probably have been down to 10 men.

    I wont lie, I had little faith that mssr’s Song and Denilson would keep their heads in the 2nd half. I would have put a months wages on us finishing with 10 men, but credit where it is due, they and the rest of the lads controlled the 2nd half and put the game beyond reach.

    MOTM was definately Nasri for us. Not sure why Sky gave it to Cesc (who was good but not as good as Samir). Also big shouts to Fabianski who is looking better by each game. Lets hope that injury to Almunia keeps him laid low. I would hate to see him get his place back. Fabianski deserves his place as it stands.

    Good to see Nic back, that was a clinical finish.

  52. kev

    great win today it was fucking fantastic seeing us keep a clean sheet. no complaints from me tonight im over the moon at the minute!

  53. Cartman

    What is up with some of you people? We won 3-0 against a strong team, away from home ffs. Enjoy the result and stop moaning at least until our next game.

  54. kev

    +1 cartman. there can be no complaints tonight really. normally id be a pessimist but not after the game today. we played well scored 3 and kept a clean sheet what more can you ask for

  55. Rohan

    Bendtner hat-trick against Newcastle. I thought Denilson was absolutely fantastic today. Very very impressed. Him and Wilshere should rotate depending on the opposition.
    Team against Newcastle
    Eboue Koz DJ ??

    Denilson Diaby Lansbury

    Theo Bendtner Rosicky

  56. BillikenGooner

    I admit I was slagging Song, especially the first half. He deserved it.
    I’m glad he turned it around in the second half.
    But it also has to be remembered that we turned it around versus a 10 man squad that after the second goal, packed it in.
    Coaches are the ones supposed to focus on the negatives in a win, not the fans, so I will hope they address the weaknesses with the players and I’ll enjoy the win.

  57. Pedro

    Rohan, so based on one good performance from Denilson, he should rotate with a Wilshere, arguably one of our best performers this year?

  58. kpomzi

    How come nobody is talking about how worrying djourou was? He was terrible and we were very lucky that fabianski was in top form unless the story would have been very different. He is slow, unimaginative and his tackles are mis timed. Hope we talk more about this because am very worried about how poor he was today. He could cost us valuable points if we are not careful. Apart from that, am so happy for fabianski. Glad all the criticisms he has had has made him a better keeper and i do hope he does even better to become a great goalie. He is our keeper and we must support our own. Today he won us this game and we should be very appreciative of it. Best save was the silva flick 2 minutes into the game. That would have altered the whole game completely

  59. incesc

    everyone seems to be loving man city when we smashed them 3 – 0.

    we played a bottom 3 team with 10 men and drew this season for fucks sake, today was easy, City are shit. barry is an embarrassment of a player.

  60. Rohan

    Yes, I’ve always rated Denilson. Just feel he should be given more game time. We’re a lot more stable I feel when he’s playing. Not saying that he should start ahead of Wilshere, but he is always an option against big strong teams.

  61. zeus


    All that studying must be getting to your head.

    Without wanting to slag a player off, here’s a small list of this Denilson can’t do very well.
    1. Run
    2. Tackle
    3. Shoot
    4.Pass forward.

    As reckless as Valderrama can be, no way in hell he gets playing time over him or Wilshere for that matter.
    Of the bench EVERYTIME.

  62. zeus


    A long shot here and there, a couple went in vs Everton an (?) and one vs Stoke resulted in a parry that HRP bundled over the line last season.

    He is no Marcos Senna.

  63. ThaatArsenalguy

    zeus , i gotta disagree with you there, i think he does shoot pretty well and get a lot of shots on target. , fair play a few get blocked but it seems as though he is one of the players wenger had given free license to shoot outside the box!

  64. Jullsan

    Don’t exaggerate. Denilson is still shit. He missed a lot of passes today. His not a starter. Far from it. He should be like 4th or 5th in the pecking order imo. He’s to weak, very good @ losing possession and I’m still mad he didnt run down to the corner flag against Sunderland instead of a weak shot.

  65. Stu

    Fucking super result! Nasri and Fabianski were amazing, noone else really suprised with their performance imo. Bendtners goal and Ade missing an open goal were the icing on the cake..

    Song was annoying as fuck in the first half but what a goal eh!

  66. Rohan

    Nasri is becoming a hell of a player. Easily player of the season so far for me. Last season was just a mild case of second seasonitis which he has gotten over. He now looks ready to take on the world. Future Arsenal legend.

  67. Ja_Gunner

    My team for newcastle…..


    If everything goes according to plan….JET can come on at 65 mins or so..

    Bench: Nasri, etc etc…..

    Or then again Wenger might play a stroger team and if they are comfortable..make subs after…

  68. David

    I thot Denilson was poor.

    Song is an enigma but all you bastards that missed Diaby dont woorry he’ll be back for new castle

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    One word, IMO, describes the win, Delicious 😛

    At middle-eastlands The Arsenal wound the clock back. The sky blue mercenaries tried the bully tactics early, got what they deserved, a straight red, then the heavy tackles came from The Arsenal that sent a message.

    Everyone played their part, but none more than Cesc & Sami Nascar. Best game I’ve seen sheeps-head Song put in this year; Flappianski is getting better, & here I feel that continuity must prevail, i.e keep playing him so he can get more form.

    The icing was Little Nicky 😈 who I must say seems to have filled out a bit since I last saw him.

    Denilson actually looks better with the mini afro, AA23 & Chamakh were serviceable, & the back 4 were really quite good. Big Yo Yo 20’s yellow card challange on Tevez was gold. Have I missed anyone? Mozart cameo was quality.

    I loved this game, it was IMO the best performance I’ve seen from a Wenger team in years.

    So please Mon Ami, I want some more, coz the last serve was delicious 😛

  70. Ray in SF

    Totally agree gg9. Apart from some reluctance to shoot, it was an excellent performance. The not-being-bullied part is going to be very important as this season unfolds.

  71. OPG

    It was comfortable in the end but not nearly as comfortable as some might say especially in the first half and with a shaky back 4.
    However it’s nice to take 3 points from a team who spent millions who have a manager that is tactically negative and doesn’t know how to use his squad to it’s best use.

  72. ozrus

    zeus, 21:50…
    Actually you slagged Arsh off a few times since the game finished, and had rant at him at half-time. The guy had an assist and was involved in build up for the 2nd ffs! Matt has a point, some peeps here are sour winners no doubt. 0:3 to us and you are still bitching. err critisising constructively that is

  73. zeus


    As I said, anything posted during the game you can chalk up to being in the moment and being overcome with emotion.

    And my AA23 rant still stands.Not sure about his role in the second goal but outside of tracking back once to my memory in the first half and actually setting up Nasri, he was quite anonymous YET AGAIN.

    That cannot be denied. Just because we win doesn’t mean that I will overlook a sub par performance from someone that has been sub-par for quite some time.

  74. SurferX

    My ratings having just watched a full rerun..

    Flappy 9
    Sagna 7.5
    Squid 7
    DJ 6.5
    Clichy 6.5
    Song 7 (first half dire, 2nd half excellent)
    Denilson 7 (Mr average was, again, average)
    Cesc 8
    AA 6.5 (would of been less but for that wonderful pass for the opener. Still, did more tracking back in this game than Ive seen before)
    Nasri 8.5
    Numchucks 8

  75. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker) says:
    October 23, 2010 at 16:17
    3-1 to us,if Diaby doesnt play

    3-0 to City if that retard plays/
    I said it before.See how well we play without that re***d Diaby.

  76. zeus


    You agree AA23 didn’t do enough then? Was he involved in the 2nd goal. People giving him credit for the 2nd somehow but all I can remember is a clearance that Valderrama Song was quickest to.

  77. SurferX

    Well, thing is- after bashing him all season long for not assisting Clichy and contributing to our play breaking up too often by losing possession- he actually did much better at both of those aspects.

    However, his input to our overall play was minimal. So damming with faint praise. If all I wanted AA to do was not lose possession and track back more, I would of rathered he started with someone else (Sicky). Which I would.

    But, the opening goal was superb. Maybe only Cesc and LJW of our current squad would of weighted that pass as well as he did.

  78. zeus


    Just saw the replay of the goal. Don’t get me wrong, I like Arshavin. So it hurts me that I hve to be ‘that guy’ in this situation.

    It was no peach of a pass. Upon reaching the oppo penalty area Nasri was free and it was a straightforward pass to a player under little pressure.

    Fabregas should get credit for Song’s goal. His passs was the telling one in the move that could’ve set Chamkh free and had the Man City defence shitting themselves and scrambling.

    Their last ditch defending from that pass was pounced upon first by Song and thats how we scored. Like I said, I like Arshavin, but I can’t give him credit beyond making a simple pass for that goal.

  79. gnarleygeorge9

    Anyone who is still trying to pick faults in such a delicious win is in need of help.

    As zeusy says, comments on here in the heat of battle is just cause people want the Gooners to win, etc. But in the wash up, it was a team effort IMO. Its time to feast on the spoils/on the City carcass. Tomorrow doesn’t matter yet 😛

  80. zeus


    I believe he has fitness issues for sure. He’s never been one to enjoy the training side of things. But he’s had a proper pre season this time round. Can’t understand whats the problem.

  81. Kushagra India

    I want to profess that we should give him a bit of leeway he looked exhausted by 60 mins ,Russians like winter as well 🙂

  82. bnsb

    bnsb says:
    October 23, 2010 at 09:40
    The jinx has to break sometime, hope it is tomorrow, and glory days thereafter

    God grants wishes, fact!

    Gooooood Morning all!

  83. AA23

    Great win and people are still slating our players and picking holes in it?
    Just enjoy a decent win for once!
    They were meant to batter us, everyone said it, all of the pundits, most of our fans and every neutral I’ve spoken to were convinced we’d get done.
    But we won…three nil away from home against half a billion quids worth of players?
    I love it.

  84. LAzer

    So Mancini comes out and says they would have won the game if they didn’t get a red card. Well shit man, that’s like me saying I would be banging Salma Hayek if she were my maid. Both totally implausible and requiring some suspension of disbelief.

    Anyways Roberto you know if Wenger were to say that he would be buried in the press for whinging etc. Lucky for you you have some of the overpriced/underperforming monetarily ambitious English team in your squad. Its a shame about Shrek, he really does fit in with the culture on the blue/Arab side of Manchester now. All they have to do is add Cashley and JT and they would all be screwing each others wives and walking out to get 250k salaries.

    Game thoughts:

    Song and Nasri were my MotMs if the award could be shared.

    Some said Song was lucky with the first yellow but it is a nonsense argument since he got a yellow later and was careful not to get another one. He had some Songalihino dribbles on him, played his position well, contributed further up the pitch and scored a terrific poachers goal. Can’t ask for more from a DM.

    Nasri was fantastic, the numbers did the talking for Wenger with an assist and an opening goal but he did a lot more then that for me. He tracked back, made lung busting charges up the pitch, linked up play and looked threatening with the dribble nearly every time he touched the ball.

    Cesc is still finding his way back to fitness and it showed at times. But he is world class and you can’t ever take that away from a world class player when they are on the pitch. City’s back line was dodgy from the start and his red card inducing through ball showed that.

    Denilson was a bit behind the 8-ball most of the game but grew in stature in the 2nd half. The game seemed to go by past him early and he didn’t really do much. I think he might have scored if it wasn’t for de Jong’s block but that means Salma may be over later tonight as well, right Roberto?

    Good on Bendtner for putting it away, he may be a better finisher than Chamakh but I don’t think his link up play, so vital in this Arsenal team, is up to par with the Moroccan. It is terrific to have a battle of the Bigs on our hands though, a problem we have never really had before.

    Theo looked great with the cameo, he scares the pants off a tired back line.

    Rosicky did what he has done all season, come off the bench and keep the ball ticking over. He is versatile and energetic in that role and usually doesn’t get stuck with the ball at his feet. An asset for sure.

    Johan didn’t do himself too many favors early on, Tevez ran by him and he lost Richards as well. Still I can’t deny a clean sheet albeit vs. 10 but am glad Koscielny is nearing a return. We have just about hung on without Vermaelen and credit has to go to Squillachi and JD for that.

    A lot of criticism of the Russian recently but I have always said he will change a game in an instant. Alright his pass wasn’t some highlight reel material but you can’t deny him an assist. I do worry for his fitness though, what the hell is Yulia feeding him at home. Also he looked like he lacked pace in the first 15 yds for once, usually a good strength of his. But credit to him where it is due, we all mention not tracking back but twice after Clichy had bombed forward or lost his man the little Russian went up against man-beast Richards and twice he came good. Maybe that is why he was exhausted and walking around the pitch late on. I think he just moved too late in his career and still has not quite gotten acclimated to our pace and amount of games in the PL.

    And finally Fabianski. He had a faultless game and two terrific saves, three if you count the Whore’s offside point blank header. He has grown in stature obviously and has quicker reactions than Almunia. His problem is in the head and chasing balls that should not be chased though, we would all like to see him keeping it going with the recent elimination of errors.

    So Andy Carroll and the Magpies up next in the kiddie cup. Arsene you told us your would go for silverware in every competition, lets see a side that is good enough to win but safe enough to protect some of the players that need a rest.

    JET and Wilshere should get a shout and Theo and Bendtner can play to get up to par on fitness. Diaby has a go as well and why not give young Woijiech a start in goal. Rosicky and Denilson to make up the numbers with Gibbs and Eboue as fullbacks. Koscielny to get up his fitness as well. Did I chop and change too much? What do you all think?

    And finally as a reward for getting through the post….some bonus Salma footage:

  85. bnsb

    Squillachi has not yet adopted to the pace of EPL. But he has good positional awareness. One reason (other one is he is thick headed mug) why Micah did not shoot on target is Squill had the angle on goal blocked.

  86. angeausarsenal

    Could of been more as well, Nasri should be first choice for penos.
    Geoff has every right to call it as he sees it, its his blog and his opinion, but the extent that some on here go to, to agree with him are nauseating.The term sycophant comes to mind.
    Does the Carling cup count for Wilshere’s suspensions?

  87. LAzer

    Didn’t know that bnsb…than Rosicky gets a start am thinking and one of either Nasri or Cesc play a bit part. Does Vela still exist anymore? Looks like he has taken a step backwards this year. JET should get a look I think, even if off the bench.

  88. A

    Yeah Lazer I agree, Rosicky to start in the midfield three. I’m going for


    Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Gibbs

    Lansbury Denilson Rosicky

    Theo Bendtner Vela