Arsenal AGM… all the goss from Wenger, Gazidis and PHW

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I arrived at the AGM expecting a sanitised white wash and to be honest, my preconceived thoughts weren’t a million miles off. It was held just outside the new WM Club. The tea was handed out and the milk was balanced on a frisbee sized table. This cunning plan forced you to talk to whoever you were standing next to so a bit of Arsenal networking went off. I found myself chatting to an SSN roving reporter who seemed as shocked as anyone about the lack of funding on our backline. I listened to the Arsenal press officer tell him the rules about the AGM which was interesting.

I also heard and insight into the power of agents. There was a channel 4 documentary about Tiger wood and how his sports management company kept a whole bunch of things quiet for him because of the power his team wielded in the press. Put it this way, if the two reporters I spoke two know what they’re talking about, Rooney has been a naughty boy and Sir Alex has done him a favour leaking the story as he has…

Anyway, back onto the AGM… I took my seat next to @DarrenArsenal1 and began tweeting the news to  @Arsenal_Legrove

Arsenal had 45 members of the fanshare program in attendance. Every steward thought I was in with that rabble… cheeky buggers.

Net debt fell to £135million, the only payments we have to make now are debentures and out long term mortgage.

I thought there was a slight dig at Usmanov. Gazidis said that the shareholders not demanding a dividend had allowed Arsenal to pay back the debt quicker and function far better than its rivals.

Gazidis spoke about his now world-class commercial management team. Apparently they’re going to take our revenues to new levels over the next few years. Someone did ask how Arsenal would report such healthy profits once the property had all been sold, to which PHW said, ‘our new team of highly technical graduates from West Africa will take care of it’. He also said we can expect 2-3 years more worth revenues from property

Vic Akers had a shout out for putting together a world class ladies team and starching a football shirt with great care and ease. He also bagged himself and OBE. Arsenal Shorts will be pleased!

Someone asked why the cost of financing doubled, apparently it was because the Highbury Square loan was refinanced (I tend to switch off when I  hear numbers, apologies if I’ve got some of this wrong)

There were two pretty shameful questions, one was about the standard of the catering. Get a life sunshine, if you’re going to football for the food and you don’t like it, take a packed lunch. The second was about how loud the PA system was. The guy who asked that question was in his twenties, as punishment he should be put in an age machine and taken to 74, an age where that question would have been acceptable.

Some creep stood up and asked if Wenger would be offered a place on the board, because he clearly doesn’t wield enough power as it is! PHW said he wouldn’t have the time.

An interesting question was about whether Arsenal fans should be expected to pay for ATVO when they pay such extortionate prices for their tickets. Gazidis said his team had recognised this was pretty unfair and would look into it.

Maria stepped up and asked whether Arsenal would be able to play their reserve games at Underhill because they can’t watch them in Colney due to planning permission. Apparently Arsenal will play 4 games there, but Steve Bold and Liam Brady like playing on carpet like pitches in the winter, so unfortunately, no more reserve team football at Underhill.

Someone asked About Lady B’s shares and whether Stan was planning to buy them. Stan sat there sullen and silent. PHW bumbled through the question and said he didn’t know what she was going to do with her shares. The man asking the question said he thought Stan was one of the good guys… not sure why he’d think that, when someone takes the no comment approach on the Bill (Police soap), I normally think they’re guilty of something…

Arsenal appoint Mark Gonnella as Communications Director. He joins from previous role as Corporate Affairs Director at Barclaycard, something that wasn’t mentioned. Hopefully he’ll shake up our PR department!

A more mature gentleman stepped up and went on a mini tirade about the lack of defensive stability we have considering the funds available. He said the keepers were the worst since Jimmy Butterfingers… apparently a famous character from a Dick Tracy cartoon?

Something that angers me is the AKB groans you get when someone voices a question that might put the boss on the back foot. This happened a lot last year, but this year, the groans were quickly over powered by applause. It was a great question and a pertinent one at that. PHW took the question and pulled every AKB line in the book… Wenger knows more than us, there are only 3 players in the world with the technical proficiency to play for us, we don’t want to spend £80million on a player, think of the god damn CHILDREN!

At this point, Arsene took to the mic and freestyled his way through a rousing speech. He announced that he’d signed a new 3 year deal to rapturous applause (no trophy for 5 years and we’re still clapping like epileptic seals, that’s real class eh?). He said he took much ‘advices’ (<– I didn’t have the heart to pull him on a made up word) from Arsenal fans all over the country, but asked us to trust him. He admitted he’s made mistakes but he thinks this team can win this year becuase of team spirit and a maturing core.

He said he preferred to bring players through the ranks because they are educated here and the fit in quicker. I found this a bit of a contradiction. It took Song three years to fit in and it’s still being debated whether he has. It’s taken Chamakh a month! Interestingly he said that money hasn’t been a problem. He has assurances from the board that there are funds available in January if he wants to sign 1-2 players. PHW had earlier said Wenger has never been refused money, he just chooses not to spend it.

There were many questions around big games and why we couldn’t deal with them. Wenger said this wasn’t down to his kamikaze approach to defending, he said it was down to the fact we conceded first then chased the games and lost by more.

“At the top level the team that scores first will win 62 per cent of the time. 70 per cent of the time the first goal scored guarantees you a draw. That means 79 per cent of the time when you score first you will not lose in a ‘big’ game.”

It was a bit of a confusing curve ball. The Grovers (Gambon) got to work on those comments and came up with the following:

Barca 2010 (L)
Man Utd 2009 (L)
Spurs 2009 (W)
Chelsea FAC Semi (L)
Liverpool @ Anfield 2009 (D)
Liverpool @ Emirates 2008 (D)
Man Utd @ Emirates 2008 (W)
Liverpool in CL (L)
Liverpool in CL (D)
Old Trafford 2008 (L)
Stamford Bridge 2008 (L)

Won – 18%
Drew – 28%
Lost- 54%

I make it 15 times weve gone 1 down, and 1 time we’ve won… when we go down we tend to win 6.6% of the time, very embarrassing.

We have also kept 3 clean sheets in our last 26 big games (top 4 league games and bigcup games)

So, some strange comments indeed…

Wenger confirmed what I told you on Wednesday. Thomas Vermaelen is out indefinitely. I reported he could be out for the year, when I said that, I meant for the rest of 2010. Wenger blamed poor international pitches. It was the same for the Cesc injury as well. Just remember, LG is where you’ll get the best info!

Wenger said we’d go for ALL trophies this year and that he was confident Cesc loved the club enough to give us 3 additional season. I’m not so sure, Wenger used to be great at keeping players who wanted to leave, I’m unsure as to whether he’s persuasion powers are failing him these days… we’ll see!

He also said he criticises himself, possibly on LG, I couldnt’ get confirmation on that. Cesc will not play in the Carling Cup, but a strong team will be fielded. He will not entertain 2 holding midfielders.

Fair play to Arsene though, he took all the question and gave good answers. I doubt there are many managers in world football who’d do that. He asked us to be optimistic going forward and trust in him… what do you think?

Let us know in the comments!

Happy Birthday Arsene!

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  1. gambon

    So Wenger suggesting the PL may reject the UEFA rules, it seems everyones white knight is riding off into the sunset!

  2. Wenger the liar


    Re read what I said, I said average joes and people who you shouldnt rely upon as first teamers.

    I have said for a while now that counting on RVP as a first teamer is folly, only for people to say I am talking bollocks and for those same said people to then come out with

    “with a fit RVP”

    Year after fucking year.

  3. DaleDaGooner

    Can we at least see what Szczesny has to offer before January, otherwise we need to buy a keeper. I still think a token buy and statement buy is needed, a marquee player, preferably someone in the mold of Suarez/Dzeko and we need to dig within or look around for a proper holding midfielder, also, with Vermaelen’s injury woes, we need a plan b on CB options. We can’t thread bare on that position. Either Nordtveit is thrown in, with JD moving up, or we go to market for someone who can play as a RB, CB AND DMF. As we stand, we aren’t winning the league with what we have, 1 or 2 players in January, (that’s plus Wellington coming in) to shore up our leaky defense.

  4. chozzer

    You’re such a miserable twat, gambon.

    Why do you have to look for something negative in everything you see, read or hear?

  5. zeus


    Lets not forget Chygrinski for 25m. He played less than 10 games and got sold the next summer.

    Guardiola might be a good coach but he is shit with money. In many ways Wenger is the best and worst manager for Arsenal. Truely an intelligent forward thinking and charming man. A delight.

    Old age has made him too grumpy and rigid. Legacy in danger of being in tatters.


    pedro, I was chatting to a few guys and suggested a breakaway was imminent in europe. there’s bound to be a revolt, pretty sure france, germany and other euro countries can accept the rules. italy has not spent big for years in terms of players, they’ve mainly done the selling. It’ll be the EPL that’s left out to dry but the rules on ground building etc are not level across europe so that does not help either.

    WTL – I don’t disagree on selling RVP if the right money comes in and we have a replacement. No use being mustard if you’re on the treatment table…


    Zeus – he’s grumpy and rigid – are you blind…. he looks happy enough to me and he has balanced buying and youth this last 2 years…. when fabianki starts catching everything i’ll be happier though

  8. dennisdamenace

    Hey! Any of you Munglers in the Long Acre area of London?

    I’m in the Freemasons Arms drinking very good Guinness if you want a pint….

  9. Pedro

    Guys, lets play nicely…

    Rooster, I agree… I think the potential goldmine for the Prem clubs is the EU super league and the riches that go with it.

    TV deals… global reach… the best players week in week out…


    Gambon, I did not see your reply earlier, apologies. There’s a 3rd and 4th reason the players are not signed….3) what we have is better i.e. wilshere, gibbs 4) player does not want to come as he’ll get more money elsewhere.


    Pedro, the nightmare is the travelling for away games….. i quite like Palace away, it’s an easy trek for me….. not sure Gala away has the same attraction…

  12. Mayank

    The PL accepting the rules was never on the table anyway… People said it might happen but their not bound to.

    However catch 22 is the clubs guilty of breaching the UEFA rules would be the clubs who want to play in the CL. No big club can survive without it, so the rules will apply to them anyway.

    To sum up, Gambon, you should go back to saying the that the FFP rules will not effect the top clubs because the have dirty lawyers.

  13. GoonerDNA

    Mate I watched him play for us for years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he can join the list of players who if they are regular starters for us or counted upon as regular starters for us we will never win the league:

    HA HA who should replace all these losers – Messi, Villa , Xavi, C.Ronaldo… with what money? the 50 million couldn’t even buy Messi’s right leg. Have you had a look at other big clubs around England? unless you want a “Pimp my club millionaires” as owners I can’t see where any of this is going and please don’t start naming average English players as replacements for the “losers” that make up half our squad. We have a better squad than most. I don’t always agree with what Wenger does or says but I doubt he’s plotting to bring Arsenal to there knee’s like some yank owners have done to other clubs

  14. chippy

    This Rooney things fucking hillarious what a complete and utter mess 🙂 The manc forums are a blast they cunted him for two days now some are saying its all part of a great Fergie plan whilst others still say hes a cunt its going to be a blast!!#

    Wayne Rooney rooney he kisses the badge on his chest but hands in a transfer request Wayne Rooney Rooney didnt his scouse brother Gerrard do the same 🙂

  15. BillikenGooner

    I’m a bit late to the whole ‘what should have been asked at the AGM’ discussion, but I would like someone to have asked:
    1) How it can be manageable to continuously bring in teenagers that want/expect a shot at 1st team football while also serving the needs of the previous generation and letting them reach their prime.
    2) How long, in this modern era, can you realistically expect to hold onto players? Does he really think these teenagers will be with us until 30 y ears old?
    3) How long does he give players to finally ‘come good’? At what point do a few great performances get outshone by mediocre or poor play?

  16. zeus


    He didn’t look too happy when Cesc told him he wanted to leave though did he?

    As for his rigidity, thats not even up for debate. A single finger is needed to point to Almunia & Fabsianski.

    After their relentless pursuit of the ‘worst goalkeeper in history’ title last season, no other manger worth his salt would decide to stick with them and tell us they are world class and he can’t find anyone better than them.

    Balanced buying and youth? He did what, promote Wilshere…..(A masterstroke of course) and as for buying (while I’m glad he did buy) that was forced upon him.

    Gallas left, so did Sol, Senderos, Sylvestre, what was he gonna do, not buy anyone?

  17. Pedro

    DDM, if I was there I’d come and join you for a peroni!

    I had a pint of Estrella yesterday… £4.30 a pint!


  18. Wenger the liar


    What are banging on about mate?

    Do you think the players I mentioned, any of them, are good enough to play in a team that wins the league – 30 + games.

    Yes they are “better than most of the league” thats not really the point is it, they are not of suffient quality to be starters for a club like Arsenal, not in my eyes anyway – in Arsenes eyes I am sure that they are maturing and growing and learning and have the mental strength and focus and blah blah and I am sure that he wouldnt keep a shit player on the books for years and years even though he is being presented with the evidence that said player is fucking pony, otherwise why would we pay him £6m a years, right?

    How is Senderos these days?

  19. BillikenGooner

    Jack out now might be a blessing in disguise.

    Get Rosicky some more minutes to keep improving on his form and gets Jacky some rest.
    I think he will be called on a lot through the winter and spring if we stay alive in the cup competitions


    Zeus, would anyone look happy if cesc told them he wanted to leave? I don’t think so at all and that’s what contradicts the whole argument you put forward. If it was pure economics he’d have let cesc go, but he stood his ground and told barca to do one.

    As far as Almunia and Fabianski are concerned there are plenty worse goalies in the league than those two and Given is not the answer, neither is schwarzer….nor friedel or van der saar…. there are a few out there that fit the bill but we need someone to step in short term IF chezzer is the ticket – we also need him to sign a new contract if we want him to stay.

    In the last couple of years he’s balanced it – bringing through gibbs, bendtner, wilshire, eastmond, frimpong, coquelin, JET, Vela….. these have all played in varying degrees in the first team and are part of the squad, as is Henri Lansbury. Of course he’s bought centre backs, 2 good ones IMHO so I am not clear what you think is balanced then? What do you want from the manager then…. is anything good enough for you? Loads of great prospects coming through, some good squad players in the mid 20s, some world class talent on the pitch as well….. we are not in a bad position so why are you whingeing like a schoolgirl?

  21. goonermichael

    There aren’t “plenty” worse goalies in the league unless you mean all 92 clubs that make up the English league. Coco was ranked 19th last season.

  22. dennisdamenace

    Pedders, you should’ve told ’em you’ve got an expensive hair do to maintain, they might’ve given you a discount…..

  23. A

    oh ok gm, that’s a pretty irrelevant stat to be fair.

    almunia was far from the 19th worst keeper in the league, but far from the best as well

  24. goonermichael

    TBH though A. You don’t need to be an expert to realise he’s not good enough. We should at least have an international keeper as our number 1.

  25. A

    Save % means very little though, as it depends on how the defence plays, and favours teams who have their goals peppered.

    It does show JUST how bad Jensen is that he had the most shots on goals, and managed to have one of the worst save percentages.

  26. A

    gm what does an “international keeper” mean though?! the second and third choice spanish keepers are better than most “internationl keepers”.

    we do need a top top quality keeper though, or at least that would make a big big difference. just wish we’d gotten reina!

  27. Wenger the liar

    A –

    How the defense plays has nothing to do with conceeding a goal from the half way line:

    from a free kick by ronaldo at hios near post at waist height

    from a volley by Bentley.

    Hes a cunt.

  28. A

    yeah those two were both shockers wtl, as was the second against west brom, even if he was injured.

    doesn’t make him a cunt though, that’s just a stupid coment.

  29. goonermichael

    Coco is useless. I don’t really like slating our players but he’s not good enough. Fabianski may come good as he’s had less extended runs in the team.

  30. David

    was gonna commend rooney on his loyalty but then i just read they are opening a new old peoples home up the road from his house in manchester


  31. A

    agreed gm, i never rated almunia, and never thought he was ever a genuine first choice, just a stop gap whilst fabianski developed. unfortunately a mixture of wenger bottling it and fabianski getting untimely injuries really stopped him getting a proper chance and coming into the first team.

    whether he still has it in him now we’ll have to see, he was exceptional against brum

  32. GoonerDNA

    I hear you WTL but who’s going to come in and do anything different from the players mentioned, that was my point yes I would love Messi but right now the players we can afford wouldn’t be any better and I disagree about not good enough for Arsenal, we are no longer the best side in England FACT we have to be realistic about what we can win, I would be happy with the FA cup this year and I think the players we have can win it forget that I would be happy with the Mickey Mouse cup and not winning trophies is Wenger’s fault not the players he picks, see I think we have the players but Wenger has them trapped in some sort of protective bubble which isn’t breeding a winning mentality, that’s my personal belief knock it all you like

  33. zeus


    The reason I’m annoyed is because Wenger has not fixed the fixable. He has been hell bent on proving his detractors wrong and has invested blind faith in some these players.

    No doubt we have one of the most talented reserves system in the country, but how much of them will make it through.

    Wilshere and Gibbs are a shoe in, but you mention the like of Bendtner (the injury still very much out on whether he is good enough despite last season’s exploits), and the rest, while they have played maybe 10 games between them? That doesn’t really count as ‘coming through does it?

  34. Marko

    Also I would not be surprised at all if we signed Affelley in Jan as the natural successor to Rosicky/Arshavin. He has Arsenal player written all over him and like NAsri and Arshavin in the past we’ve been linked with him in the past quite a bit, throw in the fact you could probably get him for 5-8 million and bob’s your uncle.

  35. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Afellay is a great player.But would he join Wenger ahead of Barca,Manures or the Chavs.Madrid wouldnt want him?

  36. Limestonegunner

    Dale, agree with you. Tech9 needs some games–CC and our two remaining CL group games (assuming a point or better away in Ukraine) to determine whether we need to buy one in January. Fabianski has been good, but we have to see how he rebounds after an error.

    Rooster, most of us are just asking as Zeus is for the obvious issues to be remedied. For example, we were after Chamakh last summer. We didn’t get him for a few million. With him we have a real replacement for RvP, which we can see has been valuable to us this year. We shouldn’t be in a position like that, really.

  37. David

    Afellay doesnt make much sense,

    There is literary no more room for attacking players except a strong CF.

    I would rather have Elia than Afellay any day.

  38. zeus


    Agreed. Skeptical on Afellay. He reminds me Moutinho. All the talent with weak mental strength and even weaker bones. Another RVP if you ask me.

    Keeper, a DM and a CF should do.

  39. finestcuts

    I suspect Rooney’s change of heart was influenced by yesterday’s protest. See what a bit of well organised civil disobedience can achieve? Power to the people!

  40. David


    Wilshere playing DM?

    Maybe against the likes of a team from Ukraine but not against th Drogba’s of this world.

    Jack has done remarkably well. But he’s no DM.

    RVP is always injured.

    And Nicklass is shite

  41. finestcuts

    David, he’s a ball winner, great positioning, fearless, he’s good enough to play DM for us without a doubt. I’d rather Jack played as DM and got experience (while doing a very good job there) than be left out.

  42. David

    I prefer we got one,

    Someone with defensive discipline that will constantly pick up the slack and cover up for the likes of the over adventurous clichy or when Kozzer/Squidy make the odd clanger.

  43. David


    I feel that Jack is a player that is way too intelligent for that role.

    That would be limiting his creativity abit.

    He is also a player that likes to go forward a lot thats just natural for him as is with Diaby id prefer someone whose more worried about keeping a clean sheet imho.

    Not to say he cant do the job but it will be limiting his potential imo.

    Would you rather a Fabregas? Or a Scholes?

  44. finestcuts

    Whenever RVP gets a run in the team our performance skyrockets, he’s a major catalyst for improving our form. RVP’s periods of fitness coincide with us achieving consistently good results.

  45. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Mate,please dont mention your idea anywhere near Wenger 🙂
    The tinkerman might as well push Wilshere into the DM position,to draft Diaby into the team.

  46. David


    Please try not to confuse me with the womanism. You know you ladies have a way of saying something but confusing the fuk out of us.

    Like when you say you’re not angry…

    Like when you say you dont really need to talk watch the game.

    Like when you say the sex was good :mrgreen:

    RVP is injured alot = Always injrued 😀

    Bendy is not shite = Bendy is shite. 😉

  47. Queen of Suburbia

    In fact on form this season – there are probably three players that i’d be inclined to include that i wouldn’t have at the start of the season.

    Chamckh, Walcott and Jack – that has to be a good thing right?

  48. finestcuts

    David, he’s perfect for the role because like Keane and Viera, he’s a total midfielder, he can break up attacks and create attacks. He’s what Wenger always hoped Denilson would be.
    He’s perfect alongside Song and Fabregas in midfield.

  49. David

    If that is the case then what would be the need for Song?

    My vision for Jack, shamefully was a playmaker behind the striker.

    Im not going to complain too much because Cesc started out in the Vieira position as well.


    I always had walcott in my starting XI!

    Glad you caught on!

  50. David

    Id prefer a proper box to box defensively minded player though.

    These days you will find Song more up the final third than you would infront of the back line.

    Chamakh has been a revelation.

    Words cant desribe how good he is.

    Surely he has to start when RVP is fit.

    Id just put RVP on the right.

  51. finestcuts

    Exactly David, and I also think his best position is as a playmaker.We need 3 players in midfield…..Fabregas, Song and Wilshere are our best 3.

  52. Queen of Suburbia

    Start of the season David, if fit, i’d have had Rosicky over Theo although i am a Theo fan.
    Now i’d have Theo.

    Mine would probably be:

    Sagna Verm Squiller Clichy (just but debateable)
    Wilshere, Song/Denilson, Fabregas
    Theo, RVP, Arshavin

    Which looking at it is incredibly harsh on Chamakh and Nasri.

  53. finestcuts

    Maybe 4-4-2 David?







  54. David


    Chamakh has to start.

    Ive watched the Shaktar game about 3 times now.

    And his movement on the Wilshere goal to draw out that defender was absolutely world class.

    The only reason why i think he should be benched is if hes wearing Bendtners finishing boots on.

  55. finestcuts

    Oh in a 4-3-3…..Nasri on the left….Theo on the right.






  56. David

    ————-“GOD SAVE THE QUEEN”————–






  57. David

    At this point

    For the sake of RVP im willing to sacrifice Walcott (unbelievable i know but this shows you how much i love the Arsenal) on the right.

    IF we are going with the traditional 4-3-3

    Id have a front three of


    So thats

    ———————Back 5—–


    –The joy of Cesc——–Nasri——-

    -Robin Van P—-Chamakh—–Arshavin—

  58. luke

    with everyone fit:


    With RVP and Chamakh interchanging periodically. I have to say, I think Nasri is very close to replacing Arsh as a starter. Depends though on the opposition

  59. Queen of Suburbia

    If you were not having an out and out DM David, i’d probably swap Nasri and Jack over in my team but i must say looking at it, we clearly do have a fantastic squad now.

    Nb. Without Diaby in the first team and with the addition of a keeper although Fabianski has performed better for having a few games.

  60. DaleDaGooner

    Why this talk of Sicky and Arshavin’s replacement, when Wellington Silva and a host others like JET are waiting?

  61. David


    im afraid your right…on current form youd have to pick Nasri on the left over Arshavin.

    But the thing about the russian is he’s just like Ade.

    Lazy as shite. But he will come up with a goal or an assist to remind you that hes still on the pitch

  62. David

    Yeah QOS

    Wenger has a proper headache in selection now that almost everyone is fit.

    I hope he solves the problem Nasri posses to our formation. Because its clear he’s a traditional no 10.

    Denilson is more defensively stable than Song, and he’s a better passer (although i wont admit it often) but….hes just Denilson.

  63. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    David,your team has virtually no width on the right.Van Persie tends to stay central all the time.

  64. DaleDaGooner

    David, Wilshere is too small to protect the back 5, plus i can’t understand why a lot of you want to waste his talent in a holding role…. SMH

  65. Mayank

    Jeez, looks like we really can’t agree on a first team when everyone is fit. Ain’t I glad that’s never going to happen.

  66. David


    Cesc started out in the holding role as well.

    I dont think it wasted his talent.


    Van P can play on the wings, he started out that way.

  67. Mayank

    Also is anyone else a bit confused as to why Rosicky doesn’t get any playing time. He brightens up our play whenever he’s comes from the bench. I’d have him on the left flank against City to be honest. Arsh on as an impact sub. Might be the kick up the ass he needs.

  68. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Why would you want to waste him on the wings,when he is one of the most lethal finishers around.Chamakh is shit at finishing,and shouldnt be playing central ahead of Van Persie.

  69. DaleDaGooner

    No, Mayank, bad boy, bad boy, Arsha should always start!, Rosicky livens things up when he comes off the bench. his shots are becoming errant, while Arsha’s at list hit the target. You guys bang on about AA23 being lazy, but fail to see the quality and attention he brings in our attack. If we could play them both, i’d be glad, against Shitty…Nasri, Cescy, Sicky, Arsha should all play.

  70. DaleDaGooner

    As said before, Jaguar is senile and a hypocrite. Calling Chamakh shit, after he was forced to eat his words.

  71. DaleDaGooner

    Chamug’s finishing may not be as good as Van Plexi, but his ankles aren’t made of glass. I love Van Persie though. 😉

  72. DaleDaGooner

    Worryig news about Portsmouth folding, I wish Spuds would fold instead of Portsmouth, …but seriously, this is sad if they go out of business. Can’t someone pony up enough money to buy them? The money Al Mansour waste around, can’t one of his brothers or cousin buy Pompey and pay the debt s off?

  73. DaleDaGooner

    Did anyone realize that RvP playing outside of Chamakh means he’d get a decent cross and pass?? I mean they can work the way Drogba and Anelka interchange…

  74. goonermichael

    Chamakh was a great bit of business. The big mistake was not getting him in the January transfer window when our other strikers were injured. He may have made a diffeernce

  75. Rohan

    Niclas Bendtner did a great job when he came in after January. Doubt buying Chamakh would have made the end result any different.

  76. A

    Nah he wasn’t gm, he was in the summer, in January he wasn’t prepared to go anywhere, and Bordeaux weren’t prepared to sell sadly.

  77. goonermichael

    All the reports at the time (that may have been bollocks) suggested they were reluctant to sell but they’d listen to offers as he was going anyway.

  78. A

    nah they didn’t gm.

    all the reports at the time, and the official statements by both chamakh and bordeaux said that he was going nowhere whatever happened….

    bordeaux said they wouldn’t see whatever happened because it was better for them to get as far in the champs league, wouldn’t be able to get in a replacement etc, would be cup tied if did, and so on.

    chamakh said he wasn’t willing to go anywhere mid season too. hence our interest in saha

  79. chozzer

    A few tweets from Darren who sat next to Pedro at the`AGM. Read in reverse order.

    If there was so much discontentment at lack of silverware then WHY does AFC have a renewal rate loss on season tickets at less than 2%

    If there was so much discontentment at lack of silver then WHY has AFC sold out of every game for last 3+ years

    If here was so much discontentment at lack of silverware then WHY does AFC have over 30,000 Junior Gunners

    If there was so much discontentment at lack of silverware then WHY does AFC have a season ticket waiting list of 38,000

    There was so much discontentment at lack of silver then WHY does AFC have biggest membership in the world at 230,000

    Yes we all want to win something, but we are not stupid or fickle to know we are competing in a playing field that wasn’t level…if …

    A few left over things to mention…what “some” of the media and certain radio presenters don’t understand on AFC fans is that……

  80. A

    where’s that from choy? was always going to be a formality but nice to see things becoming closer to being absolutely confirmed

  81. DaleDaGooner

    I didn’t even realize the cunt, Adebayor is wearing a number 9 shirt. He had decent goals though, lets hope he falls flat against us

  82. Dutchman

    Guys, this guy ( JET), is absolutely fantastic!
    He has everything!! I want to see him at the wing against newcastle, at the wing he is more effective then as a striker. What a player!!! He has to play in the CC.


  83. choy

    Arshavin says he deserves criticism

    Ahead of Arsenal’s Champions League game against Ukrainian outfit Shakhtar Donetsk, the playmaker spoke in the official Arsenal match day programme.
    “At the moment I think people have been criticising me personally more than the team. I think I deserve it, to be honest, because I haven’t been my best,” he said.
    “They say that when I play for Arsenal I’m running, I want to win and am fighting, whereas in Russia I’m just standing in the same spot!
    “It’s a suggestion that I don’t want to play for Russia, and of course it’s untrue. Their expectation is that I should be putting in my best performance every time and I understand that, obviously, and try to do it.”