Arsenal AGM… all the goss from Wenger, Gazidis and PHW

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I arrived at the AGM expecting a sanitised white wash and to be honest, my preconceived thoughts weren’t a million miles off. It was held just outside the new WM Club. The tea was handed out and the milk was balanced on a frisbee sized table. This cunning plan forced you to talk to whoever you were standing next to so a bit of Arsenal networking went off. I found myself chatting to an SSN roving reporter who seemed as shocked as anyone about the lack of funding on our backline. I listened to the Arsenal press officer tell him the rules about the AGM which was interesting.

I also heard and insight into the power of agents. There was a channel 4 documentary about Tiger wood and how his sports management company kept a whole bunch of things quiet for him because of the power his team wielded in the press. Put it this way, if the two reporters I spoke two know what they’re talking about, Rooney has been a naughty boy and Sir Alex has done him a favour leaking the story as he has…

Anyway, back onto the AGM… I took my seat next to @DarrenArsenal1 and began tweeting the news to  @Arsenal_Legrove

Arsenal had 45 members of the fanshare program in attendance. Every steward thought I was in with that rabble… cheeky buggers.

Net debt fell to £135million, the only payments we have to make now are debentures and out long term mortgage.

I thought there was a slight dig at Usmanov. Gazidis said that the shareholders not demanding a dividend had allowed Arsenal to pay back the debt quicker and function far better than its rivals.

Gazidis spoke about his now world-class commercial management team. Apparently they’re going to take our revenues to new levels over the next few years. Someone did ask how Arsenal would report such healthy profits once the property had all been sold, to which PHW said, ‘our new team of highly technical graduates from West Africa will take care of it’. He also said we can expect 2-3 years more worth revenues from property

Vic Akers had a shout out for putting together a world class ladies team and starching a football shirt with great care and ease. He also bagged himself and OBE. Arsenal Shorts will be pleased!

Someone asked why the cost of financing doubled, apparently it was because the Highbury Square loan was refinanced (I tend to switch off when I  hear numbers, apologies if I’ve got some of this wrong)

There were two pretty shameful questions, one was about the standard of the catering. Get a life sunshine, if you’re going to football for the food and you don’t like it, take a packed lunch. The second was about how loud the PA system was. The guy who asked that question was in his twenties, as punishment he should be put in an age machine and taken to 74, an age where that question would have been acceptable.

Some creep stood up and asked if Wenger would be offered a place on the board, because he clearly doesn’t wield enough power as it is! PHW said he wouldn’t have the time.

An interesting question was about whether Arsenal fans should be expected to pay for ATVO when they pay such extortionate prices for their tickets. Gazidis said his team had recognised this was pretty unfair and would look into it.

Maria stepped up and asked whether Arsenal would be able to play their reserve games at Underhill because they can’t watch them in Colney due to planning permission. Apparently Arsenal will play 4 games there, but Steve Bold and Liam Brady like playing on carpet like pitches in the winter, so unfortunately, no more reserve team football at Underhill.

Someone asked About Lady B’s shares and whether Stan was planning to buy them. Stan sat there sullen and silent. PHW bumbled through the question and said he didn’t know what she was going to do with her shares. The man asking the question said he thought Stan was one of the good guys… not sure why he’d think that, when someone takes the no comment approach on the Bill (Police soap), I normally think they’re guilty of something…

Arsenal appoint Mark Gonnella as Communications Director. He joins from previous role as Corporate Affairs Director at Barclaycard, something that wasn’t mentioned. Hopefully he’ll shake up our PR department!

A more mature gentleman stepped up and went on a mini tirade about the lack of defensive stability we have considering the funds available. He said the keepers were the worst since Jimmy Butterfingers… apparently a famous character from a Dick Tracy cartoon?

Something that angers me is the AKB groans you get when someone voices a question that might put the boss on the back foot. This happened a lot last year, but this year, the groans were quickly over powered by applause. It was a great question and a pertinent one at that. PHW took the question and pulled every AKB line in the book… Wenger knows more than us, there are only 3 players in the world with the technical proficiency to play for us, we don’t want to spend £80million on a player, think of the god damn CHILDREN!

At this point, Arsene took to the mic and freestyled his way through a rousing speech. He announced that he’d signed a new 3 year deal to rapturous applause (no trophy for 5 years and we’re still clapping like epileptic seals, that’s real class eh?). He said he took much ‘advices’ (<– I didn’t have the heart to pull him on a made up word) from Arsenal fans all over the country, but asked us to trust him. He admitted he’s made mistakes but he thinks this team can win this year becuase of team spirit and a maturing core.

He said he preferred to bring players through the ranks because they are educated here and the fit in quicker. I found this a bit of a contradiction. It took Song three years to fit in and it’s still being debated whether he has. It’s taken Chamakh a month! Interestingly he said that money hasn’t been a problem. He has assurances from the board that there are funds available in January if he wants to sign 1-2 players. PHW had earlier said Wenger has never been refused money, he just chooses not to spend it.

There were many questions around big games and why we couldn’t deal with them. Wenger said this wasn’t down to his kamikaze approach to defending, he said it was down to the fact we conceded first then chased the games and lost by more.

“At the top level the team that scores first will win 62 per cent of the time. 70 per cent of the time the first goal scored guarantees you a draw. That means 79 per cent of the time when you score first you will not lose in a ‘big’ game.”

It was a bit of a confusing curve ball. The Grovers (Gambon) got to work on those comments and came up with the following:

Barca 2010 (L)
Man Utd 2009 (L)
Spurs 2009 (W)
Chelsea FAC Semi (L)
Liverpool @ Anfield 2009 (D)
Liverpool @ Emirates 2008 (D)
Man Utd @ Emirates 2008 (W)
Liverpool in CL (L)
Liverpool in CL (D)
Old Trafford 2008 (L)
Stamford Bridge 2008 (L)

Won – 18%
Drew – 28%
Lost- 54%

I make it 15 times weve gone 1 down, and 1 time we’ve won… when we go down we tend to win 6.6% of the time, very embarrassing.

We have also kept 3 clean sheets in our last 26 big games (top 4 league games and bigcup games)

So, some strange comments indeed…

Wenger confirmed what I told you on Wednesday. Thomas Vermaelen is out indefinitely. I reported he could be out for the year, when I said that, I meant for the rest of 2010. Wenger blamed poor international pitches. It was the same for the Cesc injury as well. Just remember, LG is where you’ll get the best info!

Wenger said we’d go for ALL trophies this year and that he was confident Cesc loved the club enough to give us 3 additional season. I’m not so sure, Wenger used to be great at keeping players who wanted to leave, I’m unsure as to whether he’s persuasion powers are failing him these days… we’ll see!

He also said he criticises himself, possibly on LG, I couldnt’ get confirmation on that. Cesc will not play in the Carling Cup, but a strong team will be fielded. He will not entertain 2 holding midfielders.

Fair play to Arsene though, he took all the question and gave good answers. I doubt there are many managers in world football who’d do that. He asked us to be optimistic going forward and trust in him… what do you think?

Let us know in the comments!

Happy Birthday Arsene!

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  1. Dan

    Top post!

    Police disperse 20-30 Man United fans protesting outside Rooney’s house” Must have cost them a shit load of petrol money driving all the way from London

  2. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Wardo,You missed my last part.I said that despite playing alongside that dud Diaby,he has impressive stats.Imagine,how he would have fared if he had better players along with him.

  3. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Yes Pedro,I am like Arsene Wenger sometimes.Senile and hypocritical.Cant help it. 🙂

  4. McArseWengeofFabshere

    Liverpool have been refused a new stadium at stanley park. The council say it’s okay to have a fair once a year, but a circus every 2 weeks is just taking the piss.

  5. ZARgooner Realist

    Top post again by LeGrove!!!

    What would make my day is the mighty gunners pump Man City this weekend…. and AW runs the length of the pitch slides on his knees and celebrates in front Adeby-WHORE (c@nt, P*ss, d!ck)

  6. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Dont make yourself look a joke,SpudDNA.If I were a spud,I wouldnt be spending my valuable time on Arsenal blogs.

  7. Dan

    This morning on the way to work I drove into the back of a car, at some lights, whilst not really paying attention. The driver got out and he was a dwarf. He said, “I’m not happy. “I replied, “Well, which one are you then?”

  8. gooner

    Dennis Da Menace, I have one for you

    Im going to hire a Chinese Journey tribute band to play at my funeral

    they are going to perform ‘dont stop bereaving’

  9. Pedro

    McArseWengeofFabshere, as long as it isn’t racist you can put what you want down… remember your audience though, classier than a bucket of beluga caviar!

  10. Mayank

    Valuable time eh? Yup you really make the most of your time here.
    TBH wouldn’t mind going as a Manc on to a Manc blog to wind them up. It’d get boring real quick though.

  11. Mayank

    Haha GM. Whatever I thought of Rooney I always thought he was a red through and through. His behaviour puts the Cesc saga in perspective. I’m actually quite positive of keeping Cesc for the next few seasons.

  12. Limestonegunner

    I agree Gazidis should be under the microscope. The big two wuestions are what are these 55 million I’m other expenses (we deserve a more specific breakdown and plan for reducing these) and how is he going to increase commercial revenues when the team hasn’t performed at the highest level recently.

    But what is wrong with the Emirates as sponsor on our shirts? My complaint is only that we are not getting fair market value for the sponsorship package and it is costing us 20 million a year, which wipes out much of the matchday revenue increase in moving from Highbury! Is your objection about more than the money?

  13. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Mayank.I dont think anyone would be patient enough to psot on a wind up on a rival blog for more than an year.

  14. Mayank

    True Jag, I don’t think we have any regulars here who are spurs. Just one Manc and he’s not around much these days.

  15. kev

    great post – sounds like the AGM was interesting but to be honest weve heard all of it before. trust him? the mans had 5 nearly 6 years to get it right and he wants more time?

    from what ive seen this season is gonna be just like every other – great going forward but dodgy defensively. well handle inferior opposition but when it comes to the big boys well fall down.

    im really looking forward to sunday because its gonna tell us a lot about where we are and where were headed. as for cesc? if barca can come up with the cash hell be gone in the summer. 3 years my ass

  16. charybdis1966

    Limestone, as you’ve guessed my objection to Emirates shirt sponsorship is more than jus tabout the poor commercial value. It’s a bit of a personal thing, not very rational I’ll admit, but the close links the company has with an arab royal family(the type who beat up/murder their servants, allegedly) make me unwilling to parade that on my chest.
    Oh for the days of JVC and O2.

  17. Pedro

    Chary, not allegedly anymore… he went to prison for 20 years yesterday.

    I believe the prince was also doing the servant as well.

  18. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    BOS,I saw you wearing a Spuds top the other day,sitting alongside twitchy,as you love having a cock on your chest and sitting alongside a cock as well.Dont accuse me of being profane,as you started it.

  19. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Apparently,Emirates Air is set to be taken over by another Arab airline.What would it do to the sponsorship deals?

  20. McArseWengeofFabshere

    Pedro, I’d have to disagree..if only to further your assertion. classier than a Nigella Lawson hand-job

  21. Queen of Suburbia

    I don’t need to accuse you of being profane Raquel.

    I’ll just make the point that whilst you think i like them on my chest and sitting next to them, you clearly like sitting ON them. 😉

  22. wardo

    charbids @ 12:11.Mate i am with you on that one……the case you just mentions was so bad !!

    QOS @ 12:12……very very funny indeed. LMFAO


    Pedro, excellent post on yesterday. I can barely remember what I had for brekkie let alone what happened yesterday.
    I am looking fwd to Sunday, I think we are due a little luck up there after last years league game.
    Jag – I do not think it would affect the deals at all if the company taking over want to keep them – they have to honour current deals. Howeverm if there was a conflict of interest or they wanted to pull out then it may be an opportunity for the club to get some proper money in.

  24. Mayank

    Looks like I was wrong about the Manc not being around much these days.
    Franchise how are you taking the betrayal? 🙂

  25. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Rooster,Etihad is the one who is rumoured to be after Emirates,and they already sponsor City,which means the jersey will have the Emirates name,till the deal run out.


    Jag – That’s another 5 years…. let’s hope we can get out of it and put someone else on the shirt with decent dough filling the coffers for the transfer market. AW has spent decent money before and I expect him to break the AFC transfer record this summer for Hazard.

  27. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Dont think UEFA would allow two teams from the same league to have the same shirt sponsor.A few years back,Hamburg played against us,without jersey sponsors name,due to some UEFA rules.And the stadium name wont be changed to Etihad.Having said that,even after the proposed take over Emirates and Etihad would remain as two different entities.

  28. Big Dave

    AA23 Needs to give us a good away preformance, not since L’pool away has he done it. He is the one player who I look to, to turn a game for us

  29. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Rooney has decided to stay after Sir fuckerson offered him an improved contract of two hundred grannies a week.

  30. wardo

    Rooney has changed his mind and wants to stay at manure……

    I said yesterday or the day before that Rooney would not leave utd

  31. gambon


    Theyll probably do an about turn in embarrassing fashion, much like a lot of AKBs did after we failed to sign Schwartzer.

  32. Mayank

    Fuck me Rooney’s staying, It makes the posters the fans held up look stupid. Fuck, it makes all of us look stupid.

  33. Wenger the liar

    LOL Gambon –

    What you mean Plan B Schwartzer the only keeper on the planet after Riena who is “the best keeping solution for us”

    That Schwartzer?

  34. Arsenal Tom

    dont forget ronaldo signed a deal 12 months before he left to…

    i reckon he’s been told he can go but to sign the deal so they get maximum money for him in the summer.

  35. ArsenalKenya

    Wayne Rooney has agreed a new five-year contract with Manchester United.
    The club confirmed the news on Friday lunchtime, ending an amazing week, which included Rooney insisting the Old Trafford outfit no longer matched his ambitions.

    Yet after a staggering 24-hour period, and demonstration by irate supporters at Rooney’s house in Prestbury, Rooney is now set to stay at Old Trafford.

    “Sometimes, when you’re in a club, it can be hard to realise just how big it is and it takes something like the events of the last few days to make you understand,” said Sir Alex Ferguson.

    “I think Wayne now understands what a great club Manchester United is.”

    The conciliatory nature of a holding statement from United on Thursday suggested rapprochement was in the offing.

    And, after consultation with the owners, who allayed his fears about the future direction of United, Rooney agreed to extend his contract, which will now expire in 2015.

    “It’s been a difficult week, but the intensity of the coverage is what we expect at Manchester United,” said Ferguson.

    “I said to the boy that the door is always open and I am delighted Wayne has agreed to stay. I am pleased he has accepted the challenge to guide the younger players and establish himself as one of United’s great players.

    “It shows character and belief in what we stand for. I am sure everyone involved with the club will now get behind Wayne and show him the support he needs to produce the performances we know he is capable of.”

    Read more:

  36. Pedro

    Mayank, the only person looking stupid out of this is Stretford and Rooney.

    I wonder if his rep will recover from this?

  37. gazzap

    Well IF man u have paid him what he wanted he wont want out. He’s only there for the money anyway, the greedy little cunt.
    I am sure that no one is going to overpay for Rooney now he is tied into a contract. City and the Chavs weren’t even interested when it looked like he could go at cut price! he probably realised that and backtracked pretty quickly.

  38. blazon

    in Oz every girl is called Shelagh
    every guy’s a kangaroo dealer
    and they’re all called Bruce
    and not that much use
    mixing Fosters and abo’ tequila.

  39. Mayank

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was booed, but most Man U fans would realise how average a team they are w/o him and support him. The rest will fall in line. He’ll never be a fan favourite though.

  40. Wenger the liar


    Arsene Nose Best –

    Arsene Knows!!!!

    In all seriousness I see the game against United as the day that our title “hopes” are ended. We have games against spurs everton and villa coming up, at the end of this run I would expect to be 15 points behind Chelsea.

    I could be wrong, it did happen once.

  41. Walking Wounded

    It’s sounds like that Team America love scene!

    “i would only make love to you if you promise you will never die”

    “i will never die”


    “i will sign a new contract if you can promise me that they will be huge investment in the squad”

    “There will be huge investment”

    Rooney is a mug, an ugly mug

  42. GoonerDNA

    Wenger the liar and Arsene nose best – very balanced comments there, you’re not Sam the fat Walrus Allardyce and Tony the Rugby tackler Pulis in disguise. If you can’t laugh at yourself there’s many others that will, sorry about the grammar I left it toilet with the rest of my lunch

  43. Walking Wounded

    Manure have lost out big style from this, as Rooney has just held them to ransom.

    The team now know that the board are weak, and no one will be happy with their salaries, there will be in fighting amongst the players and morale will be rock bottom and the fans will be quiet (nothing new there)

    Happy days

  44. Walking Wounded


    F*ck knows but at least are problems are all on the pitch and we are in a good position to challenge for trophies, though I am not confident that we will win anything this year, but I will confidently say that Utd, Liverpool and Tottenham will all finish beneath us.

    SO in conclusion we won’t get relegated


    Gambon, are you saying that you don’t expect us to sign hazard or don’t expect us to break the transfer record (not the ronaldo one) on any player.

    Wenger, like Barca and Madrid likes to be in a strong position in transfers, the scouts make the player aware he is being watched, there’s a leak to the press of interest, player wants to join, we pay less money. Going all the way back to Vieira wanting out of Milan that is the way it has worked right up to Arshavin and soon to be Wellington. Whether you like it or not it means we know the player wants to come and the selling club have to cave in at some point or lose them on a free as per Chamakh. It’s not like we don’t bid for players.

    It makes economical sense to do this although it does not always get the right result. Having said that, we are now in a stronger position financially than we were in 2006 and I expect the Manager to start using his clout in the market.

    I do not care what passport they have or language they speak as long as they are quality players. I remember people saying who’s that Patrick bloke we’ve signed, then witnessed his debut against Sheff W.

    Jaguar’s had to eat his words on Chamakh and I reckon there’s a very good chance you’ll be doing the same. Do you say the same thing about Cesc because he’s Spanish or is it just Almunia you slag off and conveniently point to his nationality.

    If anyone out there saw Diaby’s performance for France versus Bosnia then you’ll know has sufficient class to play for our club. Ballon D’or maybe not but there’s nothing wrong with ambition. Denilson also looks to have bulked up a bit and has been tidy this season…. if he can add pace / tracking back to his game he’ll be some player.

    We’re not far away from a trophy, the final leap is a mental one not an ability one and the senior pro’s need to bully them over the line the first time like TA, Dicko, Nutty and Keown did in 98. Chelsea away was a good barometer of how far we have come and while we lost in the manner predicted we did not get bullied for 90 mins although they carve us open a couple of time which you’ve got to expect them to do at the Bridge.

    I’m all for people having an opinion but keep it balanced, this is not talksport!

    Oh, and after speaking with an england player at the weekend, the view generally is that we are the best squad in the country. If you get past the banter about how many years we haven’t won a trphy for, you’ll find most fans would have us down as 2nd faves this year and that is only due to the fact we haven’t bagged a trophy for some time.

  46. charybdis1966

    Fran – you must be celebrating the news that Shrek is staying at the Theatre of Wet dreams, you old manc you.

  47. Franchise

    chary i cant blog now…. took the rest of the day off to drink my liver out as I heard some fascinating news 😀

  48. Wenger the liar

    Rooster –

    “Anyone who say Diabys performance for france will know that he has the ability to play for us”

    Mate I watched him play for us for years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that he can join the list of players who if they are regular starters for us or counted upon as regular starters for us we will never win the league:

    Eboue (rm)

    Bar RVP none of these guys will ever be an ever present in a championsip winning team, RVP may become a champion he will just never be an ever present.

    Basically theyre shit. As squad players they are decent, some more so in fact I will say that Diaby is a good aquad player. As first teamers you can forget about the league.

  49. choy

    It takes a good squad to win the league.

    Macheda may not be a great player, but would the Manc’s have won the league that year if not for his goal against Villa?


    WTL – agreed on Diaby with the form he has showed… he reminds me of Merse in that he’ll have a great game, a mediocre game and then a completely dire one. What I was trying to say was that if he could perform like that in 40 games a season he’d be one of the first 3 names on the teamsheet. He was as powerful as PV4 and more creative than PV4 ever was…. the ability is there, they just need to be dragged over the line to do that every week. It’s a mental thing.

  51. Wenger the liar


    Yeah fair enough. That just about sums up the way I see him too.

    He also has the best feet at the club, better than RVP IMHO.

    He can beat 3 players that have him boxed in an area the size of a square meter then the fucker usualy tries to beat the fourth!

  52. charybdis1966

    I see your celebrating in style Fran – have a treble for me, whiskey of course, in honour of ole bacon face for saving the day.

  53. Wenger the liar

    Choy –

    Yeah 100% but these are not squad players:

    One of the two wankers will feature in goal and you can bet your bottom dollar that 2 out of Diaby Song Eboue Denilson (how could I forget) Bendy will start. A squad player is one that starts 10 and maybe comes on for 10 games not like Diaby who comes back into the team every time he is fit and doesnt get dropped regardless of form.


    Talking of squad players – looking at the invincibles, the centre backs were Sol and Toure (converted from midfield) with an ageing Keown, Cygan and Senderos (18 yrs old) as back up. I reckon we’re better off now than we were then. It’s only one example but looking at others, Pires never tackled or tracked back, Bergkamp was either 100% fit and rolling or injured…. we tend to look back fondly on these old squads and rightly so as they gave us all marvellous moments but let’s not kid ourselves we had 30 mid 20’s international players all worth 25 million each in the market.
    Barring Lehmann we had Shabaan, Taylor and Graham Stack as cover – thank gooness he was ever present eh?

  55. Wenger the liar

    Choy –

    The way Denilson has been used thus far this year is my idea of a squad player and to be fair his most effective position – on the bench.


    WTL – you cannot always drop a player who is off form or getting fit, some of them need games to get fitter and some need to play games to get their form back

  57. Arsene Nose Best

    Wenger the liar says:
    October 22, 2010 at 14:33
    Choy –

    The way Denilson has been used thus far this year is my idea of a squad player and to be fair his most effective position – on the bench.


  58. Wenger the liar

    Rooster –

    Thats fair enough if you are talking about TH or PV or Dennis. For the last couple of years Diaby has been a first name on the team sheet, then the moment he is coming back from injury (frequently) he is back in the starting eleven. Now as I mentioned above if you are getting your teams Maradona back into shape its critical he plays but this is Abou we are talking about.

    Whats really annoying though is all the time this guy gets whilst he is shit and yet you have someone like Vela who has started a grand total of about 1 league game in his career for us, even with all our injuries.

    Favorites Arsene? not much!

  59. gambon


    We clearly arent better off than in the invincibles season, youre just telling yourself that.

    As for your earlier rant, that was just weird.


    Taking Vela as an example he was injured most of last year and clearly has some growing up to do if the hotel thing is anything to go by, plus he’s never done any serious damage unless we’re 3 or 4 up when he comes on. Diaby conversely has won us games in the past and is one of our only tall players. He can be very frustrating to watch but he’s clearly better than Vela.

  61. Wenger the liar

    Rooster –

    Vela and Diaby are apples and pears, my point is that whilst Diaby is first name on the team sheet as soon as he is back from whatever the latest injury is, Vela cannot get a game when 5 forward players ahead of him are injured.

    If I had played for us as much as Diaby has I would have won some games for us!

    You too!

    Maybe my gran even!


  62. DaleDaGooner

    Well, i didn’t think Rooney’s situation would be that easy, no way he’d just leave like that. Man U will definitely profit off of any sale, and they keep hold of their best player currently.

    On the post, Pedro, goo write up, but the whole AGM thing …to me, same ol same ol, why do we bother? Although it may appear Arsene has finally acknowledged, in some way, that he needs to listen to the fans, just a tad bit.

    I’m getting bored of people who moan about Arshavin…the man is off form, but still adding goals and assist? Whose’ fault that Clichy, or Gibbs aren’t as good as Cuntley Hole or Pat-rice NEvra? How much defending does Cescy do in the team? Compared to LJW?

    Jag, change your tune, (and your name properly), Wenger bashing is soooooo yesterday!! We get it, we all have our gripes with him, but you sir, are always out of order. I like your banter with QoS though, looks like she handles you proper! Cock….ha ha, but seriously, your rants sometimes look like you are a cock supporter.

    I’d still like Hazard in the team, but how many attacking players? Wellington Silva is replacing AA23 when he is done.

    Is Adebayor running his gob yet again? I don’t pay attention to cunts these days. We should be able to handle them, really.

    Carling Cup, we must take serious.


    Gambon, don’t confuse weird with intelligent and balanced…. that’ll be the number of freddo the frog bars you consume playing tricks on your brain


    Dale – it’s an unfortunate nickname to have as a gooner and you’re not the first to ask the question but thankfully I fell the red side of the tree and not the horrible awful twitch ridden hell that is the spuds side

  65. gambon


    No, more like a typical AKB delusional post that highlights an IQ in the 60-75 range.

    Keep trying though friend.

  66. gambon


    Its not really a question of who ‘IS’ better, as Toure isn’t the player he was. Its also a question of the partnership, which is far more important. Sol circa 2002/3/4 is so, so, so far ahead of any of our CB’s its untrue.

  67. Geoff

    Rooster, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Wenger buy that shit cover that was Shabaan? And Almunia and Fabianski? And Diaby, Song and Denilson?

    He didn’t buy Keown, Bergkamp, Dixon, Parlour, Cole or Seaman though did he?

    And in those days we used to win doubles.


    Gambon – I do not understand the AKB vs everyone else thing. There is a middle ground but this does not conform to your need to put everyone in one camp or the other.
    Yes I back the manager, as I did Rioch, GG, Terry Neil, Don Howe etc…. they all made mistakes, if they never made mistakes and had unlimited squads we’d win the quadruple every year and everyone else would just bugger off. That’s not reality though.

    All managers make mistakes, have blind spots and the odd faulty call. A change in manager would harm the club in my opinion and given what he’s delivered so far he deserves respect and time to bring the final third of his reign to a natural end by winning the league / ecl with this squad and maybe another couple of players.

  69. DaleDaGooner

    Geoff is right though, when we won doubles, our spine wasn’t Wenger creation, now that he has had a chance to work his magic fully with his own signings, we haven’t won much. But we gotta give it to him, Henry, Vieira, Campbell, Pires are his 50/50 there!


    Dale / Geoff – that spine was created by GG but they were all meant to be finished as players when Wenger got here. What happened? They all started to throw off the shackles and play a bit culminating in possibly the finest / most special goal in recent history…. Bould to Adams v Everton 98. Can you believe it…..
    Also the Invincibles defence was completely constructed by Wenger. Another nonsense view that he cannot buy a defender to save his life.

  71. DaleDaGooner

    Roost (as i cannot bring myself to call you by your full name) Maybe you aren an AKB (as the doomers will call you) But do you seriously think Wenger has the recipe to win the UEFA CL????? Maybe if Shitty and KGB Fulham slips multiple times we may be lucky enough to win, it seems what Wenger relies on these days….but lets keep it simple and win the Beer cup first, right?

  72. goonermichael

    I think the granny shagger will go next summer. The mancs will get more for him. He’ll have a chance to show potential buyers that he’s not a useless cunt after all. Didn’t Henry sign a new deal as well as ronaldo (who AT mentioned earlier). It does make a lot ok their scouse hating fans look a bit stupid.

  73. zeus

    What a master strooke by the wily sage of a cunt Fergie. His press conference completely backed Rooney into a corner and now all this rubbish could lead to them getting a new lease on life with a me against the world attitude.


  74. zeus

    “Certainly now Rooney has got the guarantees he wanted, you can translate that like you want.”

    Just reading Wengers reaction to the story. Interesting point that.

  75. gambon


    I agree that no manager is perfect, however the mistakes we are making are so blindingly obvious it makes you wonder if Wenger has lost his marbles.

    The only reason teams don’t go and buy players are; 1) they cant find anyone better, or 2) they don’t have the money. The one thing you never do is leave money in the bank & shit players on the pitch.

    99% of clubs in the world don’t have the money to sign requisite players to improve, we are one of the very very few clubs that do, and we are the only ones that decide not to bother.


    Dale – I’m not blind to wengers faults and don’t agree with everything he does but there’s no-one else who could have done what he’s done in my opinion. I’d be happy with any trophy to kick on from and do think we missed a trick in 2007 CC Final, 2008 semi v chelsea when AA23 was on the bench – FFS WHY??? AW has got to spend big this summer on one player at least just so we know he’s not being tight for the hell of it. GG did the same thing and then splashed on Helder, Kiwomya and Hartson last minute – disater!

  77. goonermichael

    If you use the “wenger didn’t sign so and so argument” then you have to say guardiola is a bit shit. he’s only signed ibrahimavic (brilliant bit of business) and villa (a no brainer)