Arsenal AGM… all the goss from Wenger, Gazidis and PHW

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I arrived at the AGM expecting a sanitised white wash and to be honest, my preconceived thoughts weren’t a million miles off. It was held just outside the new WM Club. The tea was handed out and the milk was balanced on a frisbee sized table. This cunning plan forced you to talk to whoever you were standing next to so a bit of Arsenal networking went off. I found myself chatting to an SSN roving reporter who seemed as shocked as anyone about the lack of funding on our backline. I listened to the Arsenal press officer tell him the rules about the AGM which was interesting.

I also heard and insight into the power of agents. There was a channel 4 documentary about Tiger wood and how his sports management company kept a whole bunch of things quiet for him because of the power his team wielded in the press. Put it this way, if the two reporters I spoke two know what they’re talking about, Rooney has been a naughty boy and Sir Alex has done him a favour leaking the story as he has…

Anyway, back onto the AGM… I took my seat next to @DarrenArsenal1 and began tweeting the news to  @Arsenal_Legrove

Arsenal had 45 members of the fanshare program in attendance. Every steward thought I was in with that rabble… cheeky buggers.

Net debt fell to £135million, the only payments we have to make now are debentures and out long term mortgage.

I thought there was a slight dig at Usmanov. Gazidis said that the shareholders not demanding a dividend had allowed Arsenal to pay back the debt quicker and function far better than its rivals.

Gazidis spoke about his now world-class commercial management team. Apparently they’re going to take our revenues to new levels over the next few years. Someone did ask how Arsenal would report such healthy profits once the property had all been sold, to which PHW said, ‘our new team of highly technical graduates from West Africa will take care of it’. He also said we can expect 2-3 years more worth revenues from property

Vic Akers had a shout out for putting together a world class ladies team and starching a football shirt with great care and ease. He also bagged himself and OBE. Arsenal Shorts will be pleased!

Someone asked why the cost of financing doubled, apparently it was because the Highbury Square loan was refinanced (I tend to switch off when I  hear numbers, apologies if I’ve got some of this wrong)

There were two pretty shameful questions, one was about the standard of the catering. Get a life sunshine, if you’re going to football for the food and you don’t like it, take a packed lunch. The second was about how loud the PA system was. The guy who asked that question was in his twenties, as punishment he should be put in an age machine and taken to 74, an age where that question would have been acceptable.

Some creep stood up and asked if Wenger would be offered a place on the board, because he clearly doesn’t wield enough power as it is! PHW said he wouldn’t have the time.

An interesting question was about whether Arsenal fans should be expected to pay for ATVO when they pay such extortionate prices for their tickets. Gazidis said his team had recognised this was pretty unfair and would look into it.

Maria stepped up and asked whether Arsenal would be able to play their reserve games at Underhill because they can’t watch them in Colney due to planning permission. Apparently Arsenal will play 4 games there, but Steve Bold and Liam Brady like playing on carpet like pitches in the winter, so unfortunately, no more reserve team football at Underhill.

Someone asked About Lady B’s shares and whether Stan was planning to buy them. Stan sat there sullen and silent. PHW bumbled through the question and said he didn’t know what she was going to do with her shares. The man asking the question said he thought Stan was one of the good guys… not sure why he’d think that, when someone takes the no comment approach on the Bill (Police soap), I normally think they’re guilty of something…

Arsenal appoint Mark Gonnella as Communications Director. He joins from previous role as Corporate Affairs Director at Barclaycard, something that wasn’t mentioned. Hopefully he’ll shake up our PR department!

A more mature gentleman stepped up and went on a mini tirade about the lack of defensive stability we have considering the funds available. He said the keepers were the worst since Jimmy Butterfingers… apparently a famous character from a Dick Tracy cartoon?

Something that angers me is the AKB groans you get when someone voices a question that might put the boss on the back foot. This happened a lot last year, but this year, the groans were quickly over powered by applause. It was a great question and a pertinent one at that. PHW took the question and pulled every AKB line in the book… Wenger knows more than us, there are only 3 players in the world with the technical proficiency to play for us, we don’t want to spend £80million on a player, think of the god damn CHILDREN!

At this point, Arsene took to the mic and freestyled his way through a rousing speech. He announced that he’d signed a new 3 year deal to rapturous applause (no trophy for 5 years and we’re still clapping like epileptic seals, that’s real class eh?). He said he took much ‘advices’ (<– I didn’t have the heart to pull him on a made up word) from Arsenal fans all over the country, but asked us to trust him. He admitted he’s made mistakes but he thinks this team can win this year becuase of team spirit and a maturing core.

He said he preferred to bring players through the ranks because they are educated here and the fit in quicker. I found this a bit of a contradiction. It took Song three years to fit in and it’s still being debated whether he has. It’s taken Chamakh a month! Interestingly he said that money hasn’t been a problem. He has assurances from the board that there are funds available in January if he wants to sign 1-2 players. PHW had earlier said Wenger has never been refused money, he just chooses not to spend it.

There were many questions around big games and why we couldn’t deal with them. Wenger said this wasn’t down to his kamikaze approach to defending, he said it was down to the fact we conceded first then chased the games and lost by more.

“At the top level the team that scores first will win 62 per cent of the time. 70 per cent of the time the first goal scored guarantees you a draw. That means 79 per cent of the time when you score first you will not lose in a ‘big’ game.”

It was a bit of a confusing curve ball. The Grovers (Gambon) got to work on those comments and came up with the following:

Barca 2010 (L)
Man Utd 2009 (L)
Spurs 2009 (W)
Chelsea FAC Semi (L)
Liverpool @ Anfield 2009 (D)
Liverpool @ Emirates 2008 (D)
Man Utd @ Emirates 2008 (W)
Liverpool in CL (L)
Liverpool in CL (D)
Old Trafford 2008 (L)
Stamford Bridge 2008 (L)

Won – 18%
Drew – 28%
Lost- 54%

I make it 15 times weve gone 1 down, and 1 time we’ve won… when we go down we tend to win 6.6% of the time, very embarrassing.

We have also kept 3 clean sheets in our last 26 big games (top 4 league games and bigcup games)

So, some strange comments indeed…

Wenger confirmed what I told you on Wednesday. Thomas Vermaelen is out indefinitely. I reported he could be out for the year, when I said that, I meant for the rest of 2010. Wenger blamed poor international pitches. It was the same for the Cesc injury as well. Just remember, LG is where you’ll get the best info!

Wenger said we’d go for ALL trophies this year and that he was confident Cesc loved the club enough to give us 3 additional season. I’m not so sure, Wenger used to be great at keeping players who wanted to leave, I’m unsure as to whether he’s persuasion powers are failing him these days… we’ll see!

He also said he criticises himself, possibly on LG, I couldnt’ get confirmation on that. Cesc will not play in the Carling Cup, but a strong team will be fielded. He will not entertain 2 holding midfielders.

Fair play to Arsene though, he took all the question and gave good answers. I doubt there are many managers in world football who’d do that. He asked us to be optimistic going forward and trust in him… what do you think?

Let us know in the comments!

Happy Birthday Arsene!

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  1. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Wenger’s birthday.The best thing which can happen to Arsenal on his birthday is handing him the P45.

  2. gnarleygeorge9

    I’d say this Pedro

    I’d rather be an Arsenal supporter than a Scouser at present.

    I’ve had my fair share of criticism of the last 5 years. At my age, I know footy fans who have had their teams go bust, or merge. That would be horrid, but at least Arsenal will be up there and about indefinitely. Anyone who bags The present Arsenal set up is either ignorant or wet behind the ears.

    Jaguar you are no one. So in the tradition of Arsenal fans over the years. “Fuck off back to Spurs”

  3. Surferosa


    Nice write-up on the AGM Pedro.

    Don’t suppose anyone asked what we spent the £55m ‘other operating expenses’ was. Thats a hell of a big electricity bill…

  4. wardo

    Pedro, top top post today.

    I liked the following!! Personally, if I went to watch Arsenal smash Utd 6-0 at the grove but ended up with the shits from an Arsenal chicken balti pie, i’d still be happy……….fcuk the food.

    There were two pretty shameful questions, one was about the standard of the catering. Get a life sunshine, if you’re going to football for the food and you don’t like it, take a packed lunch. The second was about how loud the PA system was. The guy who asked that question was in his twenties, as punishment he should be put in an age machine and taken to 74, an age where that question would have been acceptable.

  5. Kushagra India

    Well done Pedro!! I think this is Arsene’s last chance. We need to win a big trophy otherwise there will be a huge mental block for our yougsters who haven’t win anything .Start with CC we can kick on from there.

  6. A

    Yeah I know Pedro, guessing people mis-interpretted his AGM comments though.

    When he said that it’s become a long term thing he must have meant in total, not long term from now.

  7. arsenalDK

    The carling cup should be taken seriously, if we win it, the boys will know how it feels like to hold a trophy, maybe that will kickstart our trophyhunt!

  8. Pedro

    A, that directly conflicts with what he said during the AGM.

    Like I said, its indefinite… so no one knows. Hopefully it will be 3 weeks.

  9. gambon

    Outstanding use of my analysis!

    I don’t overly care about the food, although the pork baps with roasties are immense, though they aren’t Hot Rods.

  10. Geoff

    Nice post Pedro, though a little late. Wenger has asked us to trust him for 4 of the last 5 years, remember the judge me in May comment?

    Good point about Song.

  11. A

    I dunno Pedro, what exactly did he say at the AGM?

    BBC has it as “First we thought it would be a question of days, now it looks to be long,” said Wenger.

    “At the moment I cannot say exactly when he will play again.”

    I’m interpretting that as talking in the past tense, long overall, but not long from now, and can’t say exactly because it could be two weeks, or it could be three weeks!

    Living in hope though….

  12. dennisdamenace

    Question – What is the point of the Yank being there, if the prick’s gonna just sit there and say fuck all?

  13. wardo

    surferosa…….quality aren’t they !! But, i’d be more than happy to get rid of the footlong dogs, balti’s pie’s etc etc etc if we could fcuking do chavski at home !!!!

  14. Pedro

    Surfer, I’m all about the salt beef sandwich, though £8, the quality of the beef is second to none and the technical proficiency of the chef is world class.

  15. Big Dave

    1. What’s the point in Kroenke being their and he keeps his mouth shut about the club ?

    2. I would had asked why we keep a player like Rvp year after year with his bad track record of injuries, we can’t rely on hm, so flog him

  16. Pedro

    A, you know my source is better than Heinz Spiced Ketchup… what I was told on Friday is what Wenger said in that last comment. He’ll be back when the pain stops, hopefully soon but there are no guarantees. I think worst case would be Decemeber…

  17. A

    Yeah I know pedro, and you did indeed pre-empt the AGM comments, i’m just holding out for hope that they’ve now worked out the pain will be gone in 2-3 weeks!

  18. wardo

    40 gypsies arrived at heaven’s gates. St. Peter says “we’ve only got room for 12, so decide amongst yourselves who’s in” Five minutes later Peter says to God “they’re gone!!!” God says, “what? all 40 of the pikey scum???” St. Peter says “No !! the fcuking gates”

  19. LAzer

    Good write up…thanks for being on the scene Pedro.

    So the WHORE is pushing for a start than at the weekend…bring the cunt on. I hope the boys haven’t forgotten the celebration in the kiddie cup last year. If hard man Jack were around he would have sent a message.

    I would love to see him get subbed in the 60th min for breaking the most offsides record. Scores three against some chump change in Europe and Mancini reckons he starts. Good for us, that will mean one less of those pesky three DMs in midfield to stop us. Not like the cunt tracks back.

  20. N21 TONE

    Morning all – thanks Pedro for giving us an insight into the AGM. Were the questions submitted before or were they off the cuff answers?

  21. wardo

    bet they start reading le-grove now then (if they didn’t already)

    There were two fella’s that could have been you. Were you wearing a bright jumper under a black blazer type jacket ?? or just in all black………

  22. charybdis1966

    Thanks for the report on the AGM Pedders, some very useful and insightful bits of information there. I know it’s en vogue to moan about Wenger whatever he does but it was brave of him to attend – the commonly held view was that after the “Silvestre is geriatric” incident he would cry off any more Q & A’s.
    To my mind there should be as much pressure on Gazidis as Wenger -for example my wish would be for us to terminate the Shirts sponsorship deal with Emirates, till they do I’m only going to get retro shirts.
    I’m not having “Emirates” written on my chest on a matchday FFS.

  23. Big Dave

    Peter Andre’s applied for a job in a Chilean coal mine. He’s got 4 years
    experience humping slag and lifting a heavy spade

  24. Pedro

    N21, like Chary just said, Gazidis and co didn’t take questions from the floor unless they were presubmitted, Wenger took all his questions off the cuff.

  25. wardo

    i was smashed last night Pedders !! eating a half pounder in the kitchen whilst watching sky sports and avoiding the missus in the front room……..remember seeing a bright colour and thinking “bet that’s pedders”……..did you mention cesc leaving ??

  26. Big Dave

    Why don’t the club paint over the grey stone inside the stadium, it looks dull.

    Big flag waving with the club colour on and crest when we score a goal at each end of the stadium

  27. wardo

    surferosa – the chef has a short back lift also….

    i know nothing about these £8 salt beer sarnies……where do you get them ??

  28. Arsenal Tom

    pedro… any more details to share on rooney’s misbehaving?

    sounds like wenger did well and yet again PHW bumbled his way through questions which have nothing really to do with him.

  29. dennisdamenace

    My Chinese mate had a girlfriend named Lorraine. He was secretly cheating on her with another girl called Claire Lee. Unfortunately Lorraine died. After her funeral, my mate stood up and sang –

    “I can see Claire Lee now Lorraine has gone”……

  30. Red Arse


    One of the most illuminating write ups I have seen in quite a while. Ace!

    GG9, I totally agree with your comment, especially your advice for Jaguar. 🙂

  31. Pedro

    AT, I have no details about Rooney leaving.

    Apparently a player from a famous club got busted talking to a local rival club who may or may not be very rich. This has led to this famous players club withdrawing a contract offer.

    Wardo, I spoke about a bunch of things with them, I think Cesc was the topic they put out! I haven’t seen it though…

  32. wardo

    gambon….i love that joke.

    The Stevie Wonder one where the Chinese fella keeps saying “no! no! play A Jazz Chord”…..

  33. Big Dave


    Who is the biggest c*nt though Ade or Cole ?

    Harry hill would say, Their is only one way to find out fighhhhhhhtttttt

  34. Arsenal Tom

    ped… cheers mate, what naughty person that someone might have been! it would serve them right if true.

    the “a jazz chord” joke is the greatest joke ever.

  35. A

    Hasn’t Hazard been crap this year? Bad attitude, dropped for Lille and Belgium?

    I wouldn’t be totally against Arshavin going in the summer. Depends on whether Vela breaks through this season though, and whether Rosicky is still here after the summer.

    Two of Nasri/Theo/Bendtner/Chamakh/Vela/Rosicky on the flanks, and maybe add in JET to the mix depending on how his loan move goes over the second half of the season, not sure we’d want Hazard

  36. gambon


    Im pretty sure hes played 10-12 games this year, so not sure he was dropped.

    Id like to see Bastos replace Arsh.

  37. Arsenal Tom

    cole edges it in the cunt stakes because he came through the ranks here.

    ade though is still an epic cunt. bet he scores against us though!

  38. Young Guns Rule


    Thanks for keeping us informed yesterday, was entertaining. Sounds like Arsene may finally understand our pain.

    keep up the good work, great post!

  39. A

    gambon he was their main man last season and this season he’s only played 90 minutes three times, been left on the bench three and subbed off three times.

    I dunno about Bastos, quality player but he’s essentially an attacking full back, would be good in 4-4-2 but not as one of the three forwards. Like a better version of Eboue. If he improved his defending he’d be an amazing left back though

  40. gambon

    A, for me he could do a very good job on the left.

    He is lightning quick, scores a lot of goals, and is basically a better version of Bale. He would also offer good protection on the left that Arsh doesn’t, he also seems to really be peaking right now, as is expected at his age.

  41. finestcuts

    Great post Pedro, thanks for the coverage from the AGM. I have no doubt that Rooney, Manyoo et al have string pullers in the media, if you want the latest the hacks must report it the way the influential ones approve of, otherwise their competitor’s will get the latest scoop, and in today’s day and age, a few hours makes a major difference.

    I am a little curious about what news has been withheld about Rooney, I feel slightly guilty about it since the furor this chap is causing in the media and the heartfelt opinions pouring out over his career decisions overshadow some very important news
    and issues. It’s so easy to get people focused on Rooney’s life but so difficult to get people interested and even angry about things which are of great relevance. I mean FFS, there was a protest outside Rooney’s house (Manyoo sponsored?) and when really important things need to be protested about people feel too overwhelmed to take action. The controllers of the mass media have nothing at all to be concerned about, you can report on some serious issues that affect everyone…….but when it comes to Wayne Rooney people are up in arms. History has warned us that such events would happen, that we’d be so pacified by entertainment that we’d start confusing it with real life while ignoring real life issues. Yes I know it may be annoying that I’m bringing this up but I am not concerned about challenging people to think, even if their conclusions differ from mine.

    Anyway…good news that Arsene is confident about Cesc staying, that’s all we’re really asking for, that we put team performance in front of gargantuan profits although the two can go hand in hand. We’re not a small club that curtsey to anyone with a suitcase of cash, we make decision on our terms and not on those of our suitors.

    I particularly like your point about Chamakh, that we don’t necessarily need to rely on the academy to achieve a great team and that the process of intergration into our first time is lengthy in some cases, there has to be a good balance of purchased world class players, and homegrown players…….and being homegrown should not necessarily give a player an advantage. Once a player is schooled at Arsenal and needs some experience, the Jack Wilshere model should be followed, only play players in the first team on merit, not on the premise that they might be world class one day because if it doesn’t happen the negative consequences are not worth the risk. Fabregas was ready, Wilshere is ready……..and that’s the model that should be followed.

    However, the academy approach has been very successful, we’ve developed Fabregas and Wilshere to name two of the superstars who are proof of the pudding that the academy approach is well worth pursuing, you have to sift through a lot of earth to find diamonds, and if we get 1 coming through every couple of years or so, that’s well worth the effort.
    How many other clubs have brought World Class players through the ranks? Not many. Barcelona is a prime example and it just goes to show how worthwhile it is pursuing this approach. if you have a core element within the team who have been developed at Arsenal in their key years, it makes integration of purchased world class players into the team so much easier.

  42. Pharo9ja

    DDM more of that please. Geoff meant to say yesterday’s post. I also agree with ur assesment of Djouru. I hope he keeps it up and stays fit.

  43. A

    Far from certain whether Vela will make it Big Dave, there have to be issues there and he certainly hasn’t stepped it up as we would’ve hoped, but he’s got more than enough talent to make it.

    I agree about freshening it up, especially with Arshavin’s poor form. Wellington Silva and JET along with Vela will do that though, with Nasri/Theo/Bendtner/Chamakh as first choices

  44. Arsenal Tom

    wardo… another classic mate!!!

    i agree with dave… dont think vela’s gonna make it, doesn’t look like he’s got what it takes when things arent going our way

  45. A

    gambon I agree about being similar to Bale, but imo Bale wouldn’t be that effective in our system, they aren’t the sort of player who would fit. He’d cost a bomb, I’d rather we splashed out on someone like Ribery if we were spending big on an Arshavin replacement

  46. Stevie

    The £8 a go wok station in Club level is great. Pedro splii the beans more on the Rooney stuff. I’ll do you deal you tell me what Rooney ahs done and I’ll let you know how much AFC pay for the pies they sell for £5

  47. Kushagra India

    Bastos is a poor version of Bale was average in the world cup goes missing in big games ,we won’t sign him.If Arshavin needs to be replaced only Marin looks capable.

  48. woody

    I need to no more about what those two reporters told you about Scruffy bollocks,has he smacked Alex,” surely not ?”
    “Has he pinched Alex’s Scotch supply,i need “ADVICES”-:)”

  49. N21 TONE

    Pedro says:
    October 22, 2010 at 10:09
    AT, I have no details about Rooney leaving.

    Apparently a player from a famous club got busted talking to a local rival club who may or may not be very rich. This has led to this famous players club withdrawing a contract offer……

  50. herbert

    At least we got rid of Gallas – now he says the reason he got 4 goals against Inter is because he is so tired.

    Imagine how we would be seething!!!

    Tottenham defender William Gallas blames sloppy San Siro display on fatigue
    By SPORTSMAIL on 22nd October 2010

    William Gallas has blamed his poor performance in the defeat by Inter Milan on being ‘burnt out’.
    The Tottenham defender said: ‘People in France say that I am burnt out. Maybe I am because I had a bad time at the World Cup. I was not up to standard, but I was not the only one. I only began training on August 20 and didn’t play for two months.’

  51. Kushagra India

    I think we need players like Bale to fully utilize our system ,Ribery has been so-so for the last 2 years he won’t come to us

  52. steven


    How big was the loan for the HB project? If they said they refi’d it u cud say the cost was around 1 or 2 percent of that. that is prob a chunck of the ” other op cost”.

  53. A

    Bale wouldn’t fit into our system though Kush, it would be a case of having to change it to accomodate someone like Bale, rather than his being beneficial to the system….

    We need a firing Arshavin on the left to fully utilize our system, with a fit and sharp theo on the right, and VP in the middle, although not sure where that leaves Nasri

  54. A

    I agree about Ribery being iffy for the last couple of years, but I’d love to see him here, reckon Wenger could get the best out of him.

  55. finestcuts

    Leave Arsene alone about “advices”! It’s an uncountable noun….so what (ee iz French don’t you know)? I see “patriotic” English people butchering their own language writing for eg. could of, or their instead of they’re…..I see this on a daily basis!.And some of this is on EDL websites and forums, the least these “patriots” could do is learn and defend their own language, they’re an absolute disgrace to England.
    Arsene’s English (he is a foreigner don’t forget) is far better than some of those who speak English as their native language!
    Some foreigners who have been learning English for two or three years speak better English than some English people who have lived in England all their lives….now that’s pathetic!

  56. Kushagra India

    fully agree with u on a f it and firy arshavin which seems a rarity this season but I think Bale can do the job for us infact it will bring the best out of Bale.In future we may see spuds employing same system as ours.Anyways Marine is the other replacement but Hazard looks more probable to me.

  57. charybdis1966

    Well said Finest, Shrek being a case in point, as someone here said yesterday: “there’s no way he’d leave for Spain as he’d have to learn another language – he can barely speak english as it is.”

  58. dennisdamenace

    Arsenal Tom says:
    October 22, 2010 at 10:18

    ped… cheers mate, what naughty person that someone might have been! it would serve them right if true.

    the “a jazz chord” joke is the greatest joke ever.


    THE greatest joke ever was……

    Tommy Cooper, “Doctor, it hurts when i do this”
    Doctor, “Well don’t do it then”……..!!

  59. goonermichael

    Well said finest. You only have to read todays comment on here.


    (no trophy for 5 years and we’re still clapping like epileptic seals, that’s real class eh?).

    You am a genus sir

  60. charybdis1966

    DDM – “I phoned the receptionist at the swimming pool and asked “Is this a local pool?”, she said “It depends on where you live.”

  61. Walking Wounded

    DO you think Gazidis and Wenger cringe in embarrassment when Hill Wood opens his mouth. He seems to get carried away and I bet in the bar afterwards he goes to the other two and says “Doh! I’ve done it again!”

    Anyway nothing unsurprising there/their/they’re (just for you Finest) from the AGM and despite what everyone else thinks, it is good news that Wenger has signed for another three years, that maybe why he is so confident that Cesc will remain, you never know.

    Anyway it’s Friday!!!!!

    What’s Blue and fucks old ladies?

    Wayne Rooney in his Man City top!

  62. Walking Wounded

    I set my Sky+ to record “An Idiot Abroad”, and I got the first half of the Spuds Champions League match

  63. Big Dave

    My wife said to me last night in our argument

    “You will drive me to my grave”

    I said “I will get the keys”

  64. N21 TONE

    Chilean miner making love to his wife for first time since release:
    Miner: ‘Can we switch the lights off?’ . . . Wife: ‘Of course honey’ . . .
    Miner: ‘Can I have you from behind?’ . . . Wife: ‘Anything you want my brave boy’ . . .
    Miner: ‘Can I call you Juan? . . . . . ‘

  65. Walking Wounded

    The grim reaper came for me last night, but I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner.

    Talk about Dyson with Death!

  66. gambon

    Our ice cream man was found lying on the floor of his van covered with hundreds and thousands. Police say that he topped himself.

  67. gambon

    Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly; but when they lit a fire in the craft, it sank, proving once and for all that you can’t have your kayak and heat it too.

  68. dennisdamenace

    Someone’s just thrown a fucking massive lump of cheese at me. I thought to myself “that’s not very mature”!!

  69. wardo

    ddm…..find tommy c jokes have had their day tbh !! you know the punch line to all of them so not that funny………BUT, the mature one just then did make me laugh !!

  70. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Arshavin is a case of Wenger’s poor man management.We have one of the best players in the world,whose career is destroyed only because,Wenger doesnt want to play him in his natural position.

  71. wardo

    thats not the case at all jag…….AA23 can be a lazy sod.

    He is quality so can get away with not breaking his back for the team at times……..nothing to do with AW

  72. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Its joke Friday,here comes the best joke of the decade

    Arsene Wenger was voted as the best manager of the decade.

  73. amit

    typo boss:

    Put it this way, if the two reporters I spoke <> know what they’re talking about, Rooney has been a naughty boy and Sir Alex has done him a favour leaking the story as he has…


  74. Jaguar(Chamakh is a decent striker)

    Wardo,4 goals and 5 assists in 10 matches.What else do you want from that man?He is even more lethal than Fabregas and Van Persie,would say if Wenger had recruited more quality players to play along side him rather than duds like Diaby,he would have been setting the Premier league alight.

  75. A

    I thought that the fact that Arshavin has been even worse for Russia than us, whilst playing in “his best position”, would stop the ridiculous excuses that that’s why he’s been pants….

    He’s just very off form, for whatever reason

  76. Walking Wounded

    We should put up with a little laziness, because he is a match winner and has the X factor.

    It doesn’t matter that sometimes he is frustrating, he will gain us more points then we realise!

  77. wardo

    Jag… are so stupid sometimes.

    You said Arshavin’s a case of wengers poor management and that his career is being destroyed at Arsenal un AW !!!

    I said its nothing to do with AW AA23 is a little lazy but can get away with it cause he is class.

    You then say 4 goals and 5 assists in 10 games and that he is more lethal than CF4 or RVP !!! so, if he is doing so well why did you say he suffering from Wenger’s poor management. FFS man……have a think before you write

  78. Raif

    Great post about the AGM pedro, as it’s always hard to get the more fuller story of these things as SSN only come out with one little statement,

    But did someone ask Wenger why this time he was faster in signing his contract compared to before were he would wait all season to sign a deal?