3 points for Arsenal and we’re through, so let’s all cheer Eduardo!

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Superstar ex Gooner Eduardo returns tonight to the home of football, I hope we all give him a rousing reception, don’t forget we never got the chance to say goodbye, that guy took one for the team and probably ruined his career in the process, Eduardo we all love you, top man and thanks for the memories!

Cesc should be back tonight, I hope he comes on rather than starts so he doesn’t pick up another niggle in what will be a frenetic start. They will try and play football, they should come at us from the start and we should be ready, I expect Theo to come on as well as Bendtner, so three lively subs.

I reckon this will be be the starting line up tonight.


Eboue Squillaci Djourou Gibbs

Wilshere Denilson Song

Rosicky Chamakh Diaby

I think he’ll rest Arshavin and Nasri because Denilson hasn’t figured too much this season, didn’t say I wanted it, but I expect it and I think he’ll play Diaby further forward.

I also expect a win, and I think Jack to have a blinder, he’ll get a long rest after this one.

I have to say that Roy Keane has to be footballs biggest plank, to suggest that Rooney is a piece of meat on £120k a week is as insulting to the population as it is as mind numbingly stupid, what a twit. Save to say we are all enjoying watching Rooney and ManU implode in such spectacular fashion, well done shrek.

To all but qualify so early in the ECL will give the boss the chance to try out the fringees, give the first teamers a rest and give us all something to smile about, it also gives us a chance to play a stronger team in the Worthless cup, the one trophy we stand a real chance of winning this season.

Although Wenger didn’t say no to Rooney, we all know he won’t spend more than £10mil on a player, so we don’t have to worry about getting involved there and to be honest, I think he’s rubbish, I wouldn’t want him, I wouldn’t even swap him for Denilson or Song…

A good chance for Diaby to show what he can do, a good chance for him to unleash a few shots, we all know he can, but the days of promise are long gone, if he wants to win that Balloon door, he needs to start showing he can at least blow one up. So on that note I tip him to get a couple at least tonight.

I don’t think we’ll see JET, Vela or Lansbury but I do wonder why he is keeping Randall, not that I don’t like him, I just think it’s as odd as keeping Simpson, he’ll never feature, so let him go and get a chance somewhere else, we’ll also save some money.

A lot of people were debating cheating, conning and just penalties yesterday, I think the consensus of opinion is if we get away with it it’s okay! So today let’s talk about the game tonight. I’ll be there and will be cheering the team on, I’ll be cheering Eduardo, but I’ll be cheering Squillaci and Djourou louder for keeping him quiet!

A final note for Mannone, good luck at Hull boy, it seems that Wenger has decided to give Chezzer his head in the Worthless Cup, take your chance well son, we all believe and we all hope!

Have a great day grovers, tonight should be a great game.

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  1. Jaguar

    Geoff says:
    October 20, 2010 at 07:37
    Yeah but who was the only one to get the score right? Yes, quite right, me!
    No Geoff
    Jaguar says:
    October 19, 2010 at 19:10
    Diaby out.We should win by atleast four goals today.

    See how fluent was our play while that reta*d is not playing.Drop him against City as well.We will win for sure.

  2. incesc

    we usually get hammered up there goonert1m and adebayor no doubt will score…

    pretty worried, but mankini might go all defensive on us and give us a 0-0.

  3. Jaguar

    Whatever you say Geoff.That mug slows our play down,tries to dribble past five players as if he is Zidane eventually giving the ball away.And of all things,idiot doesnt even get substituted even if he is having a horrible game(which he always have).

  4. Geoff

    You know he has his 3 favourites Jag and nothing will stop him from playing them, frankly I can’t see how he favours Denilson over Lansbury or Eastmond.

  5. GoonerT1m

    Probably because doesn’t run around showing people his knob Geoff !…..let’s hope a midfield of nasri, cesc, aa23 and the dud will do the trick at shiteeh….

  6. Geoff

    I know people will say we won 5-1 so shut the fuck up, but I thought until the second went in it was tight, still we won and were fab.

    I think we’ll miss Jack, but when we get him and Ramsey back, with Lansbury knocking on the door we don’t need to see Denilson or Song again and Diaby shouldn’t come back until he learns how to shoot and give the ball to someone in a red shirt.

  7. GoonerT1m

    The team (minus the 3 amigos) are on the brink, Djourou starting to look like a defender, clichy had a better game and we just need to keep quiet about the goalie and pray!

  8. Goonerman

    Pedro / Geoff – Why is it taking my PC ages to open up this page? Other websites are ok.

    What a beautiful evening, 5-1!!

  9. Moray

    Jag – you called the play last night “fluent”

    Might it be suggested that your new found optimism has arrived at the right time in the season?

  10. gnarleygeorge9



    Seriously though, Jack Wilshire is fast becoming my fav Arsenal player. He is everywhere. & that goal was sublime.

  11. Geoff

    He is a box to box midfielder, used be to be called a defensive midfielder, this kid can play anywhere, he is Liam Brady reborn.

  12. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    – had dropped out for a discussion.

    luckily,I get Tenaction,hence i dont need to subscribe for it..

    actually our carling cup game against Newcastle next week is live on tenaction..better get that soon…

  13. A

    If he keeps improving at the rate he has this season we’ll have our cesc replacement by January!

    Lansbury Frimpong Wilshere

    Afobe JET Aneke

    That’s the future of the Engligh national team….

  14. bnsb

    Song, Clichy, Eboue – everyone was playing so ridiculously up the pitch, it looked something like 2-0-0-8 at times!

  15. bnsb

    Sabeel, thanks

    actually our carling cup game against Newcastle next week is live on tenaction..better get that soon…

    Slim chance since it is Tata Sky. Will have to switch to Dish TV, but I love TS clarity.