Ok, Football is back again, and Arsenal are back in town! + Booing Hleb

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After that same old same old England debacle last night, it’s easy to see why we shouldn’t have renewed Capello’s contract, he had a chance to put the Arsenal boy on to liven it up but he didn’t, England’s loss, Arsenal’s gain.

It looks like we’ll have Cesc, Theo and everybody’s enigma Nikki B back for the Brum game, we will also see Hleb back at the Grove too (no laughing), should be a fun match and one I expect to see us show our title credentials once more.


People like to have a pop at our Nikki but I think he could be the real surprise this season, he has a lot to prove and with the arrival of Chamakh, he has slipped down the pecking order a bit, Nikki, it’s time to deliver, I think he will, it’s his old club and he has something to prove. I tip him to feature and I tip him to score.

If Theo and Cesc are back, we have some team to pick from, with Diaby in the mix, we could have a very tall team too, and against the brummies, we’ll need it.

I would go with this team, he won’t, but he might.


Eboue Koscielny Squillaci Gibbs

Nasri Cesc Wilshere

Theo Bendtner Arshavin

That is a team full of pace and skill, he’ll have Chamakh, Rosicky and Diaby there too if we need to mix it up a bit, I really think it’s time to go with talent, we are at home and we can attack, I’ll be there and I’m fed up with seeing potential but no end product, this forward line has something to prove and if Theo isn’t playing, then Rosicky would be my first choice to go in there.

I have been starved of football for too long, you wouldn’t mind if England had won 5 nil and Jackie boy got a hat-trick, we didn’t and he didn’t play, let’s see if Arsenal for once can benefit from the internationals, so often the cause of much woe, apart from a friendly over Christmas, it’s all Arsenal until April, no more moody weekends, now it begins, Nikki and Theo need games with the ECL coming next week and then the games against the tough teams roll in.

Come on Arsene and come on Arsenal. I don’t do predictions, but I feel 4 goals coming and guess what, they won’t be from Birmingham, time to avenge Eduardo and our championship loss, time to stand up and be counted.


Have a great day grovers, 3 days and we are back in it!

P.S. We’ve got more stories to stoke up the Kick Campaign fire. Rocky Lives over at Arsenal Arsenal has put together a 2 part series on violence and what Journo’s can do to help combat this nonsense (part 1part 2). I’ve heard on the grapevine Wrighty7 is going to join the party. If you’ve got a blog, no matter how small or larger, please feel free to contribute (drop me a mail when you have). Oh, and check out the KICK video if you havent!

Finally, Pedro has written a piece in defence of Essex if you fancy something different.

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  1. chozzer

    I was at the game at Stoke last season and can still remember that feeling of seeing Ramsey’s leg snapped like a twig even though we were 70-80 yards away.
    I still read the odd comment that his leg was broken an instant before Shawcross made contact! I still haven’t watched a reply of it. I’ve dislocated my knee and ankle really badly in the past and have a real phobia about things like that.

  2. SurferX

    Always liked Alan Davies- one of the few Arsenal people in medialand that is worth listening to. Not becuase he is more knowledge than most- simply because he is a fan (and a pretty funny one at that). That clip is awesome Luke- and quite right too. Start off with an eight month ban for Shawcross and let him prove how that tackle wasnt reckless and negligent in terms of a duty of care (to another player).

    In other news- as predicted, the Pool situation refuses to die. First, the high court judge gives them (Gillet and Hicks) a good legal-kicking;

    “The true position is that in order to ensure additional loans the owners have released absolute control of the sale process that they are now seeking to regain,”

    β€œWhen it became clear that the sale process was proceeding on a basis unpalatable to them they sought to renege on that agreement. There is no basis to find that what they did was justified.”

    However, they could still appeal to the High Court- something that the Judge did his best to put them off doing, telling them it would be ‘inappropriate’ and consequenetly refusing to grant any leave to do so (meaning an appeal, becuase of the time it would take, wouldn’t stop the sale or its legality- merely open the possibility of damages if it proved successful).

    So finally, the judge tells H&G to get the official papers ready by 8pm- effectively reinstating the 2 sacked Board Directors and meaning the potential sale can go through. Which they did. You’d be thinking it was game-set and match?

    H&G got busy- as well as the Director reinstatement they were mandated to produce, they ALSO managed to file a $1.6bn lawsuit at a Texas court for damages against all parties, calling it an ‘epic swindle’. Their basis for the case is evidence of a conspiracy that alledges that the Directors werent acting in the best intrests of the shareholders (in refusing to persue other offers made in excess of the NESV deal)- rather; they were acting as ‘pawns’ on behalf of RBS- and say they have proof that RBS would only approve a deal if it returned ‘no economic equity to H&G’.

    Finally- making it highly improbable that any deal will go through before RBS administration deadline (Friday) they got the court to place an injunction on the sale going through. Oh- and the court hearing is set for 25th October. Not very handy when you could be wound-up this Friday.

    So- over to you RBS. Administration clears the problem once and for all (the court will appoint administrators to get the best possible return of equity to all investors- of which RBS will be preferential to H&G- meaning they get their money first).

    Equally, the risk remains that the PL will slap a 9 point deduction on them (I personally dont think they would)- which could adversely effect the potential sale price anyone if prepared to pay.

    Fun & games…

  3. SurferX

    A final point in all this to leave you with- is many people are questioning the validity of a Texas court having jurisdiction over proceedings in the UK. Clearly they don’t; but rather the key players are all registered to do business in Texas.. md, as such, they are being sued (in part) on the grounds that their conduct has done harm to Texas residents. From their lawyer (Stodghill);

    “Royal Bank of Scotland is registered to do business in the state of Texas; and, of course, New England Sports Ventures is U.S. based. Also being sued is Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton (who is Chairman of BA- also registered to do business in Texas)”.

    By that token, Im now worried. I’ve been to and worked in Dallas, and once went out with a girl that loved an album by the band of the same name. Maybe I shouldn’t be commenting at all…

    Good night grovers πŸ™‚

  4. Moray

    Interesting analysis as usual, SurferX. Muddy waters indeed.

    It surprises me that Hicks & Gillet don’t have more personal liability, considering it was they who took the loan out against the club in the first place. What are the “additional loans” mentioned which the court cites as the reason why they no longer have a controlling mandate? would these by any chance be dividend payments to themselves? And why would RBS sanction these bearing in mind the large debt already hanging over the club?

    I think we all know RBS wouldn’t dare to put Liverppol FC under Administration. Way too unpopular for an already unpopular bank. Look what happened to the Sun for (albet nasty) comments made twenty years ago.

  5. SurferX

    The additional loans were refinancing from 6 months ago (the last time the financing expired). RBS extended them, conditional on appointing its own MD (Broughton) who would sell the club- and was the only person who could remove another Director. It effectively gave RBS a 3-2 Board majority and control (hence why the judge has effectively ruled that just because you dont like the outcome didnt make the contract valid).

    Im not so sure about administration though- there is so much animosity for H&G on Merseyside- I think a lot of people would lay the blame squarely at them. Plus, as PL did with West Ham- I think the PL would rule that administration was caused by finaning difficulties of the parent co; rather than insolvency from (say) over spending and miss-management of the club.

  6. gnarleygeorge9


    Yeah good to see you,


    The news is, sachin, methusla, laxette & dravid are keen to play till they are 50 y o.

    …& India are getting hammered in the hockey πŸ˜†

  7. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Olympics Gold Medal tally in Hockey

    1) India – 8 golds
    2) Netherlands -4 golds
    3) Australia – 4 golds

    Overall, we are the Best in the number of golds we won in hockey….Australia cant boast what we can…End of Discussion

  8. angeausarsenal

    So long as the wicket is low and slow and helping the spinners those guys will keep playing
    Kush, congrats but in Australia that loss is already forgotten.

  9. Kushagra India

    let them enjoy their moment of glory their future looks bleak,we will thump them in every sport in 2-3 years

  10. Sabeel Indian Gunner

    Seems like australia still smarting in the THRASHING we gave them in test series….

    we are consistently the Test No.1 team,and they r like 5th or 6th place in rankings…right now in cricket…australia who?

    What a hiding we gave u gg9 in test series..

  11. Kushagra India

    there is no need for him to cry IPL will fill his coffers otherwise whatever the Aussies earn goes in punting..

  12. angeausarsenal

    sabeel, 6 of those 8 golds came before 1960 when only India and Pakistan were any good at hockey. You havent won a hockey Gold in more than 30 years!

  13. Moray

    I wasn’t aware people still played hockey any more.

    I can’t believe it’s a sport you can really play with a wife-beater t-shirt on?

    The aussie rules final was cracking though.

  14. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    we have been getting golds for at commonwealth..and the aussies think we can only play cricket…

    Manchester commonwealth we got 30+ golds
    and Again this time aorund we have 37+ golds

    That obviously Doesnot Mean we can only cricket..

    Some people just are in there own environment talking to themselves in the mirrors

  15. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    yeah u beat us in a dust bowl(with a help of a drug addict Warne) ..but we have beaten MANY more times there in dust bowl,

    Not to forget we have beaten You guys in ur home turf many times…

    Also,what warne did is same as what rooney,terry,gerrard are doing…Piece of disgracefull ditching to his wife

  16. Mayank

    Gnarley you do seem bitter. It’s just a game of cricket you know. So what if you haven’t won the last 8 tests against India and are below England in the test rankings.

    And do you know the money any of out other athletes (besides cricket) make compared to Australians. It’s a surprise we have as many sportspersons as we do.

    Jeez you guys take sports too seriously.

    Following Arsenal and playing footie is all the sport I need.

  17. Kushagra India

    dey r illiterate not many newspapers ,that’s why they need Indian students aussie embassy begging for them,and when they realise this they resort to beating those students,same is sport they resort to cheating when they find they are not good enough eg Aussie cyclist in Cwg and numerous cricket incidents the most hatred cricket team of all time

  18. Kushagra India

    they show throw there behaviour,there is only one convict ,
    there is only one convict,there is only one convict..
    Aussie Aussie Aussie Hoy Hoy Hoy here come the convicts

  19. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Before 1960 these are the teams who were playing hockey..
    1) Spain
    2) Great britain
    3) Netherlands
    5) Belgium
    6) Denmark
    7) USA
    8) France

    so u see it was not just india and pakistan who were playing hockey before 1960

  20. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    U urself brought it up…do we need to…australia is unfortunately popular for that too…

    My cousin got banged in australia…but we move on in life…we know majority in australia may not be like dat…we live with it..

  21. Mayank

    That’s a pretty stupid statement GG9. Why aren’t Australia good at Basketball or Baseball, cause not many people play it perhaps. Even a top level footballer for India would make lesser than a championship player. You do need incentive to take up a sport.

    All the years Aussies were battering everyone else in cricket no took a loss so badly and called Australians name. You need to learn to take a loss as well you take a win.

  22. Sabeel Indian Gunner


    Australia is a great sporting nation,so is India…

    we just dont win in Cricket,look at the golds we win 30+ in manchester CWG, Delhi CWG and other sports,where we are No.1

    Hence stop giving that bullshit we can only play cricket…

  23. Mayank

    God! A ‘well played’ would’ve sufficed you know… Instead of the usual… Curry munchers… can only play one sport… Woman called Dikshit… Cricket is only important when we win… I mean when we play England …

    Get a grip man.

  24. Kushagra India

    and dont’ worry by 2020 australia will be left in our wake they only rely on gold and nuclear energy no skilled man power..

  25. gnarleygeorge9

    You are digging a bigger hole mayank. Just take the loss on the chin. You are all fancy when you win with the smart arse calls, but go to pieces when you lose.

  26. Geoff

    Blimey, what been going on here? I thought we stuffed the Aussies at cricket.didn’t we?

    And we won the 4×100 relay at the games, didn’t we?

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  27. Mayank

    Dude I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Olympics or the CWG. I think it’s weak that were boasting about the medals won there when most of the sports people in the country live in a poor state. The government doesn’t care about sports and sportspersons until someone wins something.

  28. Kushagra India

    u r a cricket buff but for me there is much more to sports than cricket .We will dominate in other “Global Sports” as well, after getting independence we worked very hard and for middle class studies were paramount but now we are getting many sporting heroes just like Deepika Kumari 16 yr old daughter of a rickshaw driver but some cricket fans r like AKB’s

  29. Kushagra India

    we need to give them publicity and media needs to support them instead of whoring themselves to cricket

  30. Mayank

    GG9 I don’t care about cricket, I didn’t see either of the tests. Neither did I see the Hockey. Yeah I’m happy when I read that we won but if we lose I don’t come on here calling you convicts or whatnot. People had been losing to Australia for years and they all gave them the due respect, you lose and can’t help but degrade the nation that beat you.

  31. Geoff

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the Aussies are quite good at rugby as well, though they can’t act, Neighbours is really shit.

    And F1 is now getting boring, oh and their PM is a rugmuncher.

  32. Kushagra India

    I follow Indian sports thick and thin ,bro and I apologise for and wrong term to describe the aussies

  33. Geoff

    And when they become cowboys, they are gay ones, now there’s nowt wrong with being bent, but you can’t be a cowboy and queer, that’s just not on, that’s like having a poof in the changing rooms.

    Can’t happen.

  34. Mayank

    Kush, there’s no need to get wound up by stupid statements by dump and run merchants.
    I personally don’t consider sports outside of Arsenal anything more than a distraction. I wish we paid more attention to sports here, but we don’,t and that’s all the same. Sports are secondary for a country like ours.

  35. chippy

    Isnt the PM some Welsh inbred? About right for those convicts, I can imagine prisoner cell block h is right up her alley πŸ˜‰

    Any country that has a kangaroo as an emblem is not very far forward is it!!

  36. angeausarsenal

    Ahh Geoff, thank god for your words of wisdom, Gnarley really knows how to wind some people up, you guys fall for it every time.