Ok, Football is back again, and Arsenal are back in town! + Booing Hleb

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After that same old same old England debacle last night, it’s easy to see why we shouldn’t have renewed Capello’s contract, he had a chance to put the Arsenal boy on to liven it up but he didn’t, England’s loss, Arsenal’s gain.

It looks like we’ll have Cesc, Theo and everybody’s enigma Nikki B back for the Brum game, we will also see Hleb back at the Grove too (no laughing), should be a fun match and one I expect to see us show our title credentials once more.


People like to have a pop at our Nikki but I think he could be the real surprise this season, he has a lot to prove and with the arrival of Chamakh, he has slipped down the pecking order a bit, Nikki, it’s time to deliver, I think he will, it’s his old club and he has something to prove. I tip him to feature and I tip him to score.

If Theo and Cesc are back, we have some team to pick from, with Diaby in the mix, we could have a very tall team too, and against the brummies, we’ll need it.

I would go with this team, he won’t, but he might.


Eboue Koscielny Squillaci Gibbs

Nasri Cesc Wilshere

Theo Bendtner Arshavin

That is a team full of pace and skill, he’ll have Chamakh, Rosicky and Diaby there too if we need to mix it up a bit, I really think it’s time to go with talent, we are at home and we can attack, I’ll be there and I’m fed up with seeing potential but no end product, this forward line has something to prove and if Theo isn’t playing, then Rosicky would be my first choice to go in there.

I have been starved of football for too long, you wouldn’t mind if England had won 5 nil and Jackie boy got a hat-trick, we didn’t and he didn’t play, let’s see if Arsenal for once can benefit from the internationals, so often the cause of much woe, apart from a friendly over Christmas, it’s all Arsenal until April, no more moody weekends, now it begins, Nikki and Theo need games with the ECL coming next week and then the games against the tough teams roll in.

Come on Arsene and come on Arsenal. I don’t do predictions, but I feel 4 goals coming and guess what, they won’t be from Birmingham, time to avenge Eduardo and our championship loss, time to stand up and be counted.


Have a great day grovers, 3 days and we are back in it!

P.S. We’ve got more stories to stoke up the Kick Campaign fire. Rocky Lives over at Arsenal Arsenal has put together a 2 part series on violence and what Journo’s can do to help combat this nonsense (part 1part 2). I’ve heard on the grapevine Wrighty7 is going to join the party. If you’ve got a blog, no matter how small or larger, please feel free to contribute (drop me a mail when you have). Oh, and check out the KICK video if you havent!

Finally, Pedro has written a piece in defence of Essex if you fancy something different.

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  1. Kushagra India

    Positive post Geoff,hoping the royal pinkiness as Rohan calls Bendy can prove his not so visible potential

  2. Moray

    In defence of David Essex?

    I wonder how Hleb is enjoying living in Birmingham? Lots of cheap drunken sluts there, as I imagine…but then that reads for any British town nowadays.

  3. DB10

    We owe these bastards, cuz we lost our title fights at their place TWICE, the one with Eduardo’s broken leg. We owe them big time, and the players owe us too after the WBA debacle. Geoff I don’t agree with Nikki B’s straight inclusion in the team, cuz he didn’t play a single minute this season, so he will be eased back in. The same goes for Theo. But I am with U with Afobe, it would be awesome for him and for us too if he is on the bench. I am glad Song is nowhere near your team, cuz he won’t be in mine. The guy needs to be benched.

  4. choy

    Morning all.

    Yep hleb played when they lost to Everton.

    He had a glorious chance to score but didn’t and pulled it back for nobody!

  5. chrisse greeno

    Jack should of being playing in the under 21s match in Romania….we just scraped through and were very lucky. England missed Jack big time !

    Why have him sitting on the bench at the seniors….stupid

  6. Socrates

    Mornign all,

    Same ol’ Geoff-still campaigning for a mid of Cesc,Jack and Nasri, don’t think Arsene has the balls to do it.

  7. charybdis1966

    Ice cream boy has actually scored for Brum – his next goal for them will be due in 2012 by past experience.

  8. Big Dave

    Actually am not, much prefer club footy to international, which I feel is dying.

    Thought I would give it a go and watch them last night and what a load of tosh, Crouch ffs, Glen Johnson, wank. The only one who looked good was Adam J. Which I watched the Scotland match, will never get that 90min back again in my life

  9. Gooneroo

    Not too long before we can see the Arsenal again. Hoping to see Walcott and Arshavin exploit their fatcunt defenders.


  10. Moray

    fuckign prick! What international team would call up Kevin Davies? the whole thing is a joke. So much money and so little quality…

  11. Kushagra India

    after the international break I doubt we will have easy .It will be a close encounter scoring early is paramount and Flappy in btw stixks fingers crossed

  12. DB10

    He thought he would get away with it as he is allowed to do by English referees. EVERY time he receives the ball he has to commit a foul, and this Ref blew on him EVERY time!!!!

  13. afrogoon

    you got your groove back geoffrey……decent post you got there…lol…is gibbs not crocked?wish your fullbacks were our regulars….people tend to forget eboue looked like one of the best rb’s in the world until the champs league final.i loved his attacking verve and thought his defending was not at all bad…for all the talk about AW giving players a chance i dont think he did give eboue much of that after the champs league final.I was really suprised when he purchased sagna and made him first choice.his first season was justified but i would have chosen eboue after that especially with our system change where we need our fullbacks to give us proper width and whip in decent xrosses.i cant remember when our current fullbacks whipped in a cross and it resulted in a goal.

    With afobe i think JET should be given a chance before him.he is much more physically developed than him in the least and his technique is superior to afobe’s…i think it’s a myth we create a lot of chances.this current side is not as creative as the 2008 midfield of flam,hleb,ross,fab….those were the real creative days hence the reason Ade scored so many and yet was still criticised for being wasteful…having said all that am all for giving people a chance and would wish him the best if he got it.How come you never mention Aneke?is he not one of the players,along with jack, once mentioned by AW to be complete technically @ their tender age?

  14. Stevie

    Geoff could you ever really see a Wenger starting line up that did not include either Song or Diaby? it will be the same old same old. I’l be there on Sat, interestiung to see if Hleb is as shot shy as he was when he played for us.

  15. Geoff

    Stevie no, but I would hope common sense tells him the trio of Song, Diaby and Denilson are not in the same league as Wilshere, Nasri and Cesc.

    They are all Wenger’s players, he watches the same players as we do, what gives?

  16. FAHAD


  17. Jaguar reloaded

    Geoff,do you think that common sense would prevail from a senile mug,who has lost the plot.Take it or leave it.Song and Dudaby will be back to ‘rule’ our midfield.

  18. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ All

    Football has been boring in the last few days, and this culminated in that dismal England display! What made it worse was that I think only Rooney had a poor game, the rest were just tactically inept.

    Who actually thought that a midfield players role was to stand so deep, that you never come into contact with your opposite number, therefore letting them double up on the forward players, then hoping one of your “glory” balls – the 40 yard drilled passes to the wings – might reach it’s target then that’s your job done?

    Monte Negro never needed to pressure the ball as we were more than happy to just give it back to them. Where was the drive, the inventiveness, the nimble/quickfootedness? Oh yes, Wilshere was on the bench!

    Anyway, the first team is nearly back, but I just pray they are match fit, or close enough to it, none of the returners should be rushed, hence Bendtner to play the last 30 minutes if we are winning and Walcott to play the first hour.

    Roll on the weekend and back to the norm of winning easily.

  19. Geoff

    Jag, I don’t think he’s what you say but I do think he’s very blind when it comes to the 3 stooges, don’t know why though, everyone else can see it.

  20. Walking Wounded

    Diaby, Song and Denilson should only ever be a maximum of one of the midfield three, never should two of them play together, and all three would be a disaster. Strikes me that with Ramsay returning (hopefully fully fit) then we have a surplus of at least one, and if Barcelona are sniffing around Denilson, then it should be any reasonable offer will be accepted!

  21. gazzap

    Birmingham wont be easy to beat. They are one of the hardest teams to break down in the league. WBA are not as good as Brum. Any win would do me.

  22. gambon

    I would much rather have Song & Diaby behind Cesc than Nasri & Wilshere.

    I would also rather have Toulalan & Alonso than Song & Diaby.

  23. chippy

    The defence of Essex is a bit like Arsenals Not Watertight – I was at a wedding in said place the weekend just past and can safely say i was doing cartwheels when it was time to leave, What a Dump !!!

    Soz Pedro but it had to be said 🙂

  24. Jaguar reloaded

    Gambon,agree about Song,but that Diaby FFS?Are you taking the piss?An offcolour Nasri is any day better than that mug Diaby.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    i agree with youthat afobe should be snoiffing around the bench and used as a luxury if winning comfortably..

    i would think everyomne is eager to see him?

  26. Arsenal Tom

    cesc, song, wilshire

    but with song told not to play like a wannabee zidane and thats probably our best midfield

  27. Ashley

    Brilliant post as per usual, but Bendtner instead of Chamakh???Thats just ridiculous…never have been a Nikki fan ever since his clumsy block on the line against Liverpool in the champions league, in marouane we have a proven classy, hardworking footballer who plays for the team, if he gets dropped for the dane ill be upset, and i know 99.9% of arsenal fans alike will be.

  28. Jaguar reloaded

    Wonderboy,if thats the case,Wenger and Diaby have a whole class of eunuchs and forced them to join a group called AKB.

  29. Pedro

    Morning Geoff! Top posting… a very early match preview!

    Not sure we’re going to see Chezzer between the sticks… we’ll have to wait for another 3 Fabianski clangers first!

    Any injuries picked up last night?

  30. A

    Team for the weekend pretty much picks itself….


    Eboue Squillaci Koscielny Clichy

    Cesc Song Wilshere

    Nasri Chamakh Arshavin.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Vela given a run out if Arshavin’s knackered after playing twice.

  31. A

    In fact maybe Denilson rather than Song, assuming Song was off in Africa for internationals?

    Geoff I think he was taken off for Morocco with a spot of concussion, didn’t hear anything about 2 weeks though

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    even one of the chliean miners down below for 70 odd days would be fitter than RVP!

    he is too injury prone.. flog him!

  33. Kushagra India

    I read here in the comments that he was out for two weeks,anyways.I hope Arsene atleast tries this midfield of Cesc Nasri Wilshere for park the bus teams which I think Birmingham will do.

  34. Ashley

    Yeah i agree competition is good, but dont drop a player whos being playing well and is just starting to get comfortable and build a relationship with his team mates, i want to see him link up with cesc again, and dropping him now will make him disillusioned, hes happy, hes playing well, lets keep it going, and hes doesnt need rest, he hasnt played since last saturday, so thats 7 days rest…im sure he’ll be eager than most to get back playing, for a team he still believes he owes alot to, unlike Nikki who for some reason belives the opposite, hes going to be the best player in teh world remembber, funny to see how he treats us if ever a big gun comes in with an offer, which honestly will never happen.

  35. Kushagra India

    Arsenal Tom
    u may be right bro and I believe against Birmingham Sagna or Eboue ,won’t make much of a difference

  36. A

    Kush Wenger will never try those three as a midfield. Diaby in there with a couple of other ones is possible, but no way three essentially attacking midfielders. The reason we dominate teams isn’t just because of our ability on the ball, we do need to win it back too, which means a Song, Denilson, or just about Diaby will always be a necessity.

  37. Arsenal Tom

    agreed kush… eboue will give more attacking threat to, brum will probably just sit back and hoof it to jerome anyway

  38. gazzap

    Vito Mannone is the worst keeper Arsenal have ever had. Worse than Wurmz (was that his name?) Fabi and Manuel.
    He made another three errors last night to gift Belarus a 3-0 win.
    I still remember that schoolboy error fromt he free kick at West Ham that cost us the three points. Barnsley didn’t rate him either. wenger is shite with keepers.
    Chezzer is the future though so he got one thing right.

  39. chippy

    Somewhere very close to some bizarre town named Billy&Ricky, My hotel was straight out of fawlty towers and inhabited by people with web feet 🙂 Give me the south west anyday,

  40. Wonderboy

    Geoff what i meant that Jaguar is obsessed. No matter what the post is about he comes out with the same thing. I think that he’s doing you and Pedro a great disservice, you both put a lot of work in day after day for someone to ignore everything that you have written.

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    how is he an international keeper then? by fact that he is a arsenal alone?

    he must have soem skills that people see.

  42. samir masri


    I would pretty much like to see arsharvin bring dropped. cos the guy has’nt shown the confidence which he had in the beggining when he first joined us.

  43. Pedro

    RSPC, he was so bad at Barnsley I think he was sent back?

    I think he’s looked ok, but like Gazzap said, our only hope is Chezzer… which for me is a no go (Though right now, there’s not much choice!). We should buy Reina… that’s right choice.

  44. Ashley

    I kind of know what you mean, i dont think hes as exciting or as confident as he was when he joined up, but like big dave said, his stats recently speak for themselves, hes more efficient and hes even said it himself, he hasnt scored a spectacular goal for a long time…but i believe thats wengers influence, he doesnt believe in long shots or fancy skills??something that has puzzled me for years, but it will never change

  45. Geoff

    Yes Pedro, it is the country’s richest county.

    There is more to Essex than Romford and Basildon. Chippy Bill&Ricky is quite civilised, are you sure you weren’t in Basildon?

  46. Geoff

    I think Pearce should be the next England manager, he’s done it the proper way.

    Gone through the ranks, and he’s not crooked.

  47. samir masri


    last time I saw arshravin playing was the game which he plaed agaings Ireland. and I was watching on thinkingto my self that arsharvin needs to get back to the level which he was. and know I just can’t see getting back to that level. and don’t get me started about stats cos they don’t mean anything. and I would expect him to score next week againts the brums.

  48. Ashley

    I think anyone who saw him when he played at Zenit OR when he first moved to arsenal will tell you he doesnt try half of the things he used to now, and that because wengers coaching style has made him more disciplined, like rosicky who used to shoot from teh half way line, i personally like to see it every so often but, but my brother whos a chav watches weekly with me, and everytime wonders why people dont shoot, almost looks like they’ll get a bollocking if they do??

  49. A

    I agree about that Geoff, but not sure about his style of play – wilshere wouldn’t get a look in!

    He’d stick Barry, Huddlestone, and Karl Henry in the midfield three with Kevin Davies as loan forward, Shawcross in defence

  50. chippy

    Nope can safely say ive never been to Basildon 🙂
    I have Been to Romford tho and cor blimey Guv what a cesspit !!

    They may be a rich county but they could be even wealthier – Id have paid at least double to get back over the Dartford bridge 🙂 🙂

    They are basically wanna be EastEnders that have neither the wit or life skills to pull it of in fact they are a county desperatley searching an identity of its own !!

    Do you reckon i should apply for a job at the Essex tourism board?

  51. Ashley

    Unfortunately stats are the most important thing in the world of wenger, and aslong as his pass completion is high and hes scoring goals he’ll play, however ugly he does it…fact

  52. finestcuts

    Wow I read the Tatty nut nut post, until today I was completely unaware of vajazzling. Since I always look up every word or anything I don’t understand, I watched a 3 minute video about vajazzling! Now I know all about it!

  53. Chris Beef

    chippy the trouble with places like Romford is that it used to be a nice place until crappy nightclubs opened. Then all the crap from East London moved in when they were chucked out so more middle class idiots could move and pretend the areas are up and coming when reall they are still shit. That’s why there are those east end wannabes there.

  54. A

    and Rosicky’s shooting is retarded since his return from injury, he just can’t kick the ball anymore – he needs to snap out of it

  55. Pedro

    Chippy, Romford is such a nasty night out becuase people from Barking go there for trouble.

    Oh, and there is this place called Harold Hill…

    It’s pretty much an easily commutable area from any shit hole in East London or Essex.

    AT, I haven’t even heard that we’re interested in a keeper.

    The only thing I heard is that we kept Chesney with us to get him to sign a new deal. I wonder if we’d bother signing a new keeper if it meant he fucked off?

  56. samir masri

    Big Dave

    that goal againts united was fucking insane. plus those four goals which he scored againts liverpool.

  57. Arsenal Tom

    chris… nowadays id say more west ham… there’s allot of the overspill from nam there now everyone from there is west ham

  58. Arsenal Tom

    ilford is one of the biggest shitholes going now… total disgrace whats happened to that place in the last 10 years

  59. Arsenal Tom

    pedro… jumping jacks! “the best party in town”

    did you ever go when it was venue!? it wernt bad back in those days! pound a drink on a thursday night!

  60. steven

    that was one of the worst matches i have ever seen a keeper have last night for vito. i have a feeling the under 21 team who didn’t qualify for the euro u21 because of it will not be selecting vito ever again. wow what was he thinking on the sideline?

  61. Pedro

    AT, we used to have a Jumping Jacks in Romo that we’d go to when we were 15… all you could drink for a tenner!

    It closed down, so we tried to rekindle the magic in Ilford… it wasn’t so magical…

  62. ZARgooner

    Pedro says:
    October 13, 2010 at 11:37
    I still love Arshavin… I think he’d do better just behind the striker.
    Could not agree more. Some days he just gets lost out on the flanks…
    He is still a quality player that can change games….

  63. Arsenal Tom

    the all you can drinks were awesome… they did that at country club for £12 as well, ridiculous now let alone when you first start boozing!

    you a romford boy then pedro??

  64. Chris Beef

    chippy and AT completely agree. I think everywhere is getting worse these days.

    where are people from on this blog anyway?

    Ilford is a disgrace now – i consider it East London these days.

    haha eduardo – you’ve obviously not been to Chatham where Chavs come from?

  65. eduardo

    ChrisB: NOPE! just Sandwich,Tenterden and Rye, lovely stuff! but yes the chav is a virus that spreads around the country..
    I have lived in Parsons Green for years now and its always been the “posh” part of Fulham…the Chav is infiltrating now though… I guess they have all left wealthy Essex eh Pedders?

  66. wardo

    A Tom…..i enjoyed a good few nights out at Epping Forest cntry club (Jungle, Atlantis etc etc etc) but I always left the actual cntry club fcuked out my face when i went on the all you can drink (thought it was £15 tho)

  67. Chris Beef

    Every county has some levoely parts and some horrible parts.

    Thanks for the link Eduardo – Vito had a shocker…

  68. Big Dave

    A23 Is told the way he plays via the manager, he should and could play the Bergkamp role.

    Does he play any different for the Russain’s ?

  69. Arsenal Tom

    Wardo… might have been £15 actually think venue was £12 and £1 a drink after.

    country club was quality though… and the warm tins of fosters for £3 in atlantis!!

    got a bit ropey with all the pikies going there when they decided to sell it but still special.

  70. eduardo

    BD: I thought he played centrally and yes the DB10 role (at least at Euro08).. but according to fifa hes out wide!

    Vito, gotta love him, chat, chat, chat and oh fuck me…terrible!

  71. eduardo

    pedders I felt fucking ILLLLLLLLL watching that…WTF! What the hell is he doing for the first? or second for that matter…
    so chezzers is the only one who hasnt fucked up….dare I say…yet!

  72. samir masri

    big dave

    actually A23 does’nt play any diffrent for his country. and that is exactly the similar thing to what he does with arsenal.


    where have you been?

  73. choy

    Arshavin’s always played this way.

    Though he does get lost in the wide role.

    He is the league’s highest goal scoring chance creator at 3 per game though, this season.

  74. samir masri

    big dave

    As I said before that arsharvin needss his confidence back.cos if he does’nt then I think it’s time to start thinking whether we should offload him or not.

  75. Big Dave

    We have heard from NB52 about his fitness, and we know Cesc is returning, but we haven’t heard from Theo but yet other blogs think he is back for sat is this true ?

    Rvp nov ?

    Tv5 ???????????

  76. Arsene Nose Best

    instead of booing hleb everyone should just laugh when he recieves the ball,he would think why the fuck are they laughing at me,we will know otherwise.

  77. Kushagra India

    and we need to sign Affelay he has remained injury for the last 2 years can ride tackles can play on both the wings and when Cesc leaves we’ll need a change in the system.Most importantly for Wenger he is in last year of his contract.