Afobe, is he our new star? England think so! And what about Pepé?

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So in this dire down time of the English game we may have a new star, Benik Afobe who was prolific for the academy team has scored a hatrick against european giants Cyprus, it doesn’t matter who the opposition is, it’s international and they all count, well done that man.

Maybe we should start giving some of our kids some playing time, especially if they know where the goal is, he was in good company, the Ipswich boy Wickham was on show, but it was our boy who got the hatrick.

I have always believed that if you’re good enough, you are ready, and if you aren’t, no amount of playing time will change that, sure we have had players over the years that have improved with game time, Parlour and Flamini are testament to that, but if we have kids like Wilshere and Ramsey that click from the off, I believe we should blood them, JET is another that may benefit.

I have only seen Afobe once or twice, but his record speaks for itself, I remember when we had two in the reserves under George Graham, Kevin Campbell and Andy Cole, George decided to go with Campbell, I understand there were issues with Cole so we shipped him out to Bristol City, but I also remember when I first saw him in the Charity Shield and he almost broke Schmeichel’s crossbar.

Would it hurt against teams that aren’t top 4? I would give it a go. In another month we’ll have Robin, Nikki B, Ramsey, Cesc and Theo back in contention, I would use this time to give the Afobe’s a chance, at least in between Robin, Nikki and Theo’s next bout of injuries anyway.

I also think if we don’t try out Chezzer or Mannone before January then we should stick an early enquiry in for Reina, he is what we need, young enough and it would please Cesc, Liverpool look like they are going under and if they lose 9 points then Reina won’t want to stay, they will also have to let him go as they will be run by administrators, and although it may not be a fire-sale, there aren’t too many teams out there that will be able to pay them what they would find acceptable.

With Sagna out, I’m thinking shove Eboue in there, he’s better in my book anyway. So if we get lucky with injuries and we make some cute signings, could this be our January team?



Sagna Koscielny Veramelen Gibbs


Ramsey Cesc Nasri

Robin Theo

With a bench of Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Diaby, Squillaci, Djourou, Clichy, Rosicky, Afobe, JET, Vela, Denilson, Song and Chezzer

Yes I know I probably have too many subs, but at least we’ll have a bunch to choose from. Now I think that mob would send a shiver down the premier league’s spine, and don’t forget if we are competing in 3 cups, we’ll need a big bench. And most of that bench will be injured anyway. Now with that little lot around, do we really need so many youngsters in the squad costing us money? I would keep Lansbury, Aneke, Freeman, Frimpong, Nordtveit, Bartley and Eastmond, but how many of the others in that age group do we really need?

Another week of nothing, but it will be fun watching the Liverpool saga unfold, I bet the Everton fans are enjoying it! We get a chance to see a few Arsenal players play for England, then we can start to think about the Birmingham game, boy it’s been for ever!

Have a great day Grovers, it will soon be upon us!


If you haven’t heard already, Arsenal have signed up to a deal with a firm called YES. They’ll be allowed to show delayed Arsenal games over the web. Here is the press release.

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  1. Chris G

    FIFa is unrealistic, way more realistic than PES. i’ve played both. They made a big fuss about making the passing system in FIFA 11 more realistic. YOu can’t just tap A/X and expect it to always go to your player as in fifa 10 or you can’t lb as easily as in fifa 10. Only Selected players can perform certain passes. I.E fabregas.

  2. Paulinho

    Arse& Nose – Agree. Diaby did things in the 08/09 season that I can’t see him doing now, such as those goals at Villa and Newcastle away from home. When people say he’s improved, it’s based on absolutely nothing but him being older, and supposedly having acquired some maturity as a result. Completely illusory.

  3. A

    Paulinho we had 65% possession against West Brom, yes we did dominate possession totally.

    Last season at home we won 15, drew 2 lost 2
    08/09 we won 11, drew 5, lost 3.

    Difference of 9 points.

    You just mentioned 3 matches that we won – no team in the world wins EVERY game convincingly, a win is a win. If those results show that we struggle at home against weaker opposition then so do Chelsea and Utd! In actual fact we only dropped 10 points altogether at home last season, and six of those were against Utd and Chelsea, 2 against Everton and City, both good sides. It’s incomparable to the season before when we dropped 19 points at home and failed to beat lesser sides, AS WELL as scraping some matches

  4. arsenal4ever

    Chris G says: you need to be accurate in PES 11, too. You cant put in a deadly “Wilshere/Fabregas” pass in Fifa. But thats my oppinion. But to note most prof footballers if playing on PS3 are playing PES. Even Messi and Cesc said it is the most realistic to date. Anyway they are on par this year imo. But no big changes for FIFA 11 to FIFA 10. And the graphics cant be compared. Fifa players looking like dead.

  5. A

    I guess we just see things incredibly differently Paulinho!

    People have very short memories imo, before the start of last season I’d written Diaby off as someone who could never be a regular for us, but last season in my eyes he came on leaps and bounds, added consistency to his play, and was very important for us in the midfield. It was only the end of the season where he looked dead on his feet and his performances seemed to tail off because of that.

    Now he had a bad performance at the start of the season and last season’s MASSIVE improvement is totally forgotten….

  6. Geoff

    Just read the comments, thanks Pedro, I said he’d buy no one of note this summer and was right, I said we would get beaten by the big teams, so far I’m right on that one too.

    I said Song was average at best (for 3 years) and Diaby is not that bright, I said Denilson wasn’t good enough and I said Cesc will ask to go, I even said Theo would be the saviour of England and would come good.

    I was right about the lot, and what, I’m a doomer, hmmm.

    I also said Jack and Vermaelen would make great DM’s and we should sign Sackho, that remains to be seen though!

  7. arsenal4ever

    @ A says:
    October 11, 2010 at 16:07

    wouldnt say unrealistic but imo PES 11 is unique and FIFA 11 is just a warm up from FIFA 10 and I played both. Ball physics in PES is out of this world.

    I would say they both are on par this year but the goals have more variety in PES.

  8. Geoff

    A, saying he was good last season is like finding out your bird’s cheating on you and defending her by saying she used to be faithful.

  9. Rohan

    Pedro, how easy is wordpress as a publishing software to use? As in, does one need to have significant web design experience, or is it pretty easy to pick up?
    I’m thinking of using it as a back-end with which to update this site i’ve been put in charge of. Thanks a lot.

  10. A

    Geoff I’m not sure that analogy works when it comes to football!

    I’ll happily forgive a footballer for one bad performance.

    Same can’t be said if a girlfriend cheated….

  11. Paulinho

    A – There was no massive improvement. A few keep saying this and yet I fail to see in what aspect he improved.

    If you watch the Bolton game again in Jan you’ll see Diaby doing the exact same things he did against Wigan at the end of last season. Not tracking runners, being a second too slow to everything…basically just gassing big time both physically and mentally. Luckily for him in the Bolton game Fabregas was just out of this world, and so his atrocious display that day is forgotten.

    So, his performance level all season was underwhelming, especially when you consider he also basically stopped playing against West Ham at Upton Park as well. He’s basically dined off scoring a half-decent goal against Villa on boxing day and using his noggin to score against Liverpool.

    It was because he showed no improvement last season (in fact got worse), that it was pretty easy to predict he would be complete shite against West Brom a couple of weeks ago and carry on being a liability.

  12. A

    You need to say in your opinion Paulinho. In mine there has been an absolutely massive improvement. If you’d spoken to me 18 months ago I wouldn’t have believed for a second that Diaby could become a first team player for us whom I wouldn’t have a problem with.

    Last season he improved absolutely massively in my eyes, and won me over totally. He was totally unrecognisable from the player in previous years.

  13. gambon

    Diaby, Song & Denilson are all good players & good guys.

    Are any of them good enough for the Arsenal first XI?….no way, well not the old Arsenal, the new ‘lets finish 3rd or 4th Arsenal’…yes.

  14. Mayank

    Pedro that’s a scary article on the tea-party etc.

    Maybe you should change the motto to “7 out of 10 Gooners agree, LG is better than sex”

  15. Paulinho

    So when he was running the length of the pitch to score against Villa at St James Park, and scoring another great goal at St James Park, and when he set up RVP equaliser against Everton with a lofted pass, you couldn’t for the life of you see him being a first teamer?

    I just find it a little odd when you consider how little he’s produced since those occasions, and how his career seems to have stayed exactly the same in terms of inconsistency i.e – his performance against Wigan/West Brom being almost exactly the same against Chelsea in the F.A Cup semi-final a couple of years ago.

    So I guess I’m just baffled as to when exactly Diaby shifted ‘massively’ from no-hoper to first teamer, but each to their own.

  16. Jaguar reloaded have done the honours linking Barca with a 12m move for Denilson of all players,after I posted here today linking Denilson with a move to Madrid.

  17. afrogoon

    Here is the list of the indicators for doomers:

    1. Inability to think objectively. They think they know it all because they succeed in FM and watch or go to a lot of games conveniently forgetting there are constraints and unforseen circumstances in real life.In their mind,they qualify as expert tacticians and cant understand why their team selections were/are not used because in their world their mentioned team will rule the whole world…..

    2. Negative support for anything Arsene: Yes, when at the mere mention of arsene your loved one goes into a bout of rage and cannot put together a sentence about the club they claim to love without using insulting language,such as cunt,senile…..refer to jags dictionary, towards our most successful manager. This person tries to rewrite history and take any credit away form arsene…their hate for arsene basically is greater than their love for the club since they spend all the time berating arsene. The sad thing is, they can try to bring the big man down all they want but the man in all totallity has been a positive force for the arsenal…

    3. Not supporting your club in dire times: If all you do is whinge, bitch and moan at everything arsenal,evreyday when do you actually get to support the arsenal?If you went in for a mortgage and was paying from your salary, off course your purchasing power decreases….in order to make up the shortfall in income you might just grow a backyard garden to decrease your expenditure on some neccessary food will conserve electricity and cut down bills so as to get by….but no, the doomer cannot comprehend this fact ….common sense is replaced by arsene’s experiment…the average doomer expects nothing but the worst for ‘arsene fc’ and they pat each other on the back after the club they claim to love has been beaten…..never mind the mitigating factors…i want it now,now now… to them there is no tommorrow…sacrifice is an alien word.

    4. Hours spent writing hate on blog sites: If your loved one gets so worked by the mere mention of Arsene then you know, houston, you do have a problem….they start to analyse his every word and call him a liar at every chance they get.they cannot fathom why the man would not come out and criticise his player in public eventhough it could turnout counter productive,they cannot grasp why some players are still given a run even when they are ‘experiencing growing pains’. they want the said player out only to jump on the next kid if he suffers growing pains too.Of course the said player is cut some slack if he is a local.these are the same folks that criticse the club for having a small squad..

    5. Everything negative is down to Arsene. You’ll be led to believe it’s ‘Arsene united’ down at the Emirates. according to doomers, the man rules with an iron fist and every decision is down to arsene.he is responsible for the failures but not the successes.To them, arsene is the devil incarnate and can never see anything positive about supporting the arsenal whiles the man is in charge.they would rather wish failure for the man than the club have any success.

    folks if you know anyone who suffers from at least three of these traits, best to contact the nearest psychiatric institution……

  18. gambon

    Indicators for AKBs;

    1- Blindly agree with all Arsenes policies. If he signs a keeper he’s totally right, if he doesnt he was also totally right. In other words these guys have no opinion other than the opinion Arsene spoon feeds them. You may remember the pathetic climb down by numerous Arsene fans after he embarassingly failed to sign a keeper, telling everyone Almunia was as good if not better than Schwartzer one week after telling all how great said Aussie was.

    2- Constant excuse making, namely for Arsenes awful record of late. These guys will use a different excuse every season to shift the blame away from Arsene. Recentley used have been:

    ‘He hasnt been given any money’
    ‘The young players are improving’
    ‘Financial doping’
    ‘The refs are all against us’

    3- Hours spend vehemently defending a senile frenchman on various blogs, including using questionable tactics such as labelling certain blogs & posters ‘racist’ if they dont love Alex Song, one of wengers little pet projects.

    4- A distict lack of blogging after a defeat.

    & my favourite…

    5- Getting things wrong year after year after year, then reverting to the excuses mentioned in 2.

  19. Chris G

    To clear something up i never said LG is better than sex!!!!!

    I said FIFA was. lol Nah i’m joking.

    On a cmpletly different note Diaby hs improved tremendously last season. FACT!

  20. Queen of Suburbia

    Its laughable how anyone with a negative bent is now trying to be repackaged as a “realist”. Sorry, boys but wishing don’t make it so.

    The fan spectrum is really: nutcase (probably Spurs) – fairweather fans – true fans – nutcases.

    I think there are several (probably Spurs) types of nutcase on here. I know of one nutcase (non Spurs kind) posting on ACLF, the rest fall into the other two categories.

    Those trying to call themselves realists generally fall into the fairweather bracket.

    A true fan can be both negative and positive but once the negative starts to consume them and they believe every bullshit “Arsene could have signed Kaka for £12.75 story written”, they fall into fairweather territory. Its not realistic to believe every lie written down in the Sun or on Tribal.

  21. Chris G

    Afrogoon @ 17:17

    I’d love to see the reaction of DDM/Gambon/Jaguar if one day they met Arsene shoping in Asdas or something.

  22. gambon


    I cant speak for the others but i would just leave him to his business.

    I wouldnt want his autograph but im not gonna hassle a guy out looking for bargains in the economy section.

  23. Queen of Suburbia

    If a true fan believed Arsene Wenger was bad for the club. They don’t stop being a true fan for stating that.

    In fact, there are scenarios where Wenger could hurt the club and a true fan would first seek to protect the club.

    The difference between those type and the likes of one or two on here, is that they are able to articulate and evidence WHY he is hurting the club.

    Calling our manager Senile or retarded or francophobic just doesn’t cut it.

  24. afrogoon

    pedro, the article you mentioned should not suprise you……if you’d been watching fox news constantly you could have seen it coming… a way i always thought obama would be bad for america because he would bring out a lot of these pent up feelings……that country could be on the brink of diasaster and all the power brokers are thinking about is who is american,left,right….i feel sorry for them because i have always enjoyed being stateside and believed in their ideals…i guess those are being rewritten now.

    @ chris….they would probably ask for an autograph or a picture…

  25. Mayank

    Henry all the way. Much more to his game than goals or even assists


    Drogba over Ronaldo7.
    Same overall contribution sell showboating.

  26. Mayank

    Wait to make it easier.
    Pick 11 players in a 4-4-2 from,
    Lauren – Sol – Toure – Cole
    Ljunberg – Vieira – Gilberto – Pires
    Bergkamp – Henry

    Sagna – Kos – Verm – Gael
    Nasri – Song – Cesc – JW
    Arsh – RvP

  27. Geoff

    Definition of an AKB.

    A) Someone who doesn’t have a season ticket

    B) Someone that only started following Arsenal since 1996

    C) Someone that is easily pleased.

    D) Someone that lacks any sort ambition.

    E) Someone who doesn’t mind if his girlfriend cheats on him.

    F) Someone who says ‘oh well, it was only a game’

    G) Someone who will become a Chelsea fan when Arsene Wenger retires

  28. BillikenGooner

    This is cut n pasted from that fountain of truth: Wikipedia, but it was based on an actual article, so take it for what it’s worth….

    In April 2006, Simon Kuper wrote in the Financial Times:

    “One night last year some legends of Dutch football gathered for dinner in an Amsterdam house. Around midnight conversation turned to an old question: who was the best Dutch footballer ever? Dutchmen have been voted European Footballer of the Year seven times, more than any other nationality except Germans. Yet Jan Mulder, a great centre-forward turned writer, chose a player who had never even threatened to win the award nor, at the time, a Champions League: ‘Bergkamp. He had the finest technique’, said Mulder. Guus Hiddink, the great Dutch manager, nodded, and so the matter was settled.”

  29. Geoff

    H) Someone who prefers the company of men when it’s not matchday.

    I) Someone that sings ‘one Arsene Wenger’ when they are alone.

    J) Someone that has no fucking idea about football and has never played.

  30. kneelbeforewenger

    Bergkamp Pires Ljungberg…

    Bergkamp = Best Striker of his time. Dutch player with best technique according to dutch coaches… Fab is very good, but, come on, ITS BERGKAMP FFS

  31. BillikenGooner


    I don’t want to have to start liking musicals and drinking martini’s.

    Ohh.. wait.. you meant another kind of outing.

  32. kneelbeforewenger

    My Arsenal lineup in 5 yrs would be

    V D weil–Nordtveit-Bartley-Gibbs

    Bench: Aneke Lansbury Botelho(our next Eboue to play Fullback or Left Midfield) Freeman etc

  33. zeus

    Whats most annoying about the latest RVP injury is that I still don’t understand it. What the fuck happened.

    A forceful ‘tap’ on the bottom of his foot………….geese.

  34. afrogoon

    lol geoff……i know u got it in for me…..truth hurts….how does that great bob marley tune go…..yep…who the cap fits

    how can we ever mention fab in the same breadth as the great as db10?put it this way….db10 can walk into the current barca team

  35. kneelbeforewenger

    I forgot to add, my manager in 5 years would be Jaguar 😉

    Jaguar for future arsenal manager anyone??!!

  36. Kushagra India

    ur 4th point is true but similarly when we win most of the bashers reduce blogging so its not a logical or justifiable statement

  37. Chris G

    People forget wat arshavin is all about sometimes.


  38. reggie 57

    Any one remember when DB10 first signed had plenty of chances to score and fluffed every single one of em!! cry’s “of he’s a dud” started to ring out from all quarter’s! when he scored two cracker’s against southampton all doubts were dispelled, still the greatest foreigner ever to grace our shore’s ……

  39. TOM TOM

    Why is Wenger so loyal to so many average players at Arsenal? If I was the boss and it was obvious that some players were not up to it and made me look bad as a manager then I’d get them out but Wenger persists with so many shit players and its been going on for years and seems to be getting worse. We are going backwards under Wenger and he is loosing the respect he once had and I’m sick of the old French cunt. Jaguar for manager I say

  40. TOM TOM

    Bergkamp is a legend but its close between him and Henry for greatest ever foreign player followed in third by the great Igor Stepanovs

  41. Kushagra India

    Paul Cygan leads the way followed by Igor Stepanovs they were instrumental in so many goals legendss both of them!!

  42. TOM TOM

    Cygan was good but Stepanovs was great. The Estonian rock as he was known to so many Arsenal fans. If only we had him now

  43. gambon


    I wouldnt be so sure.

    Firstly DB couldnt fit into Barcas formation, secondly they have Messi as the closest player to DB10, and as much as i love DB10 Messi is a vastly better player.

  44. Kushagra India

    Cygan Stepanov and Flappy in btw sticks bring it on!!
    Likes of Anelka Drogba Rooney will sh*t in their pants

  45. kingsley

    according to wikipedia bitchslap has played 10 games in the last 5 years…… the hell did he get to spend a year at our club? is it the biggest mystery in modern football?

  46. Ricky

    How anybody puts rvp in a predicted line-up is laughable.

    I know its a bit late to be talking about the read but im sure we all know we can never rely on the guy.

  47. zeus

    How spoiled were we when we had Henry, DB10, Bobby and Ljunberg in our team?

    The curve the ball to the far corner style that Henry pefected and Bobby and Freddie did with precision was a joy to watch indeed.

    We almost never see a player score those for us now, how many times has AA23 messed that up, especially in a few segments in the video above.

  48. kneelbeforewenger

    you guys shouldn’t diss those old wonderful players (stepanovs, cygan, jeffers). The Wenger of today would still persist with them, calling them top class and playing them, no matter whatever rubbish they gave on the pitch


  49. kneelbeforewenger

    Zey have great mental strengz
    Cygan eez a fighterr
    Stepanovs eez top top claass


  50. OPG

    International break has been great time to chill from all this stress over the team.
    I wish there was a winter break though, looking at the fixture list in December/January it looks badly scheduled.

  51. OPG

    Also it’s okay to step back and reflect on things but don’t lose your mind over it, you should be used to it after all these years!

    Meanwhile I’ve be playing Fifa/PES doing stuff our team and players would dream to do and bought a top class keeper for us!

  52. Rohan

    Busquets is not that much better than Denilson to be honest. I still think he’ll make it, just probably not with us or in the premiership.

  53. SurferX

    I beg to differ on that one Rohan. This is the player, after all, that effectively ended Yaya’s career at Barca- as well as marking Sneider out of the World Cup final for Spain.

    His mobility and work-rate is what sets him apart from Toure; his passing is good enough to perform a continuity role in midfield (which is all he needs to do alongside Xavi & Iniesta)- but it is his defensive discipline which impresses most. There are times when Barca are pushing everyone forward that they resemble a ‘back 3’ (ie between Puyol & Pique).

    Think I said the other day that there is a piece to be done on the tactical evolution of this AFC side; and how it shapes up to that of Barca (with whom they are so frequentely compared). The comparison between Song & Busquets (or rather, the difference in how they are being asked to play their respective role’s)- is one of the big differences in the sides tactically.

    Song is being asked to contribute to attacking build up to the point that he will frequentely run to the point of most advanced MC (as LJW / Cesc / ano drops back into DMC). For Barca- this happens rarely.

  54. chozzer

    Funny how some don’t like to be pigeon-holed as a ‘doomer’ but are quite happy to do the same to the opposite end of the supporter spectrum with all that Arsene FC bollocks.

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    The Arsenal Training Centre covers an area of 143 acres, there are ten full-size pitches at the site, two of which have undersoil heating.

    Yet the players are dropping like flies.